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Name: Yoshaka R. Love <&#89...@>
Date: 2004-01-21
I hope I can find my maternal grandmother's family. They are from St. Mary's Parish. There were 10 living children. The Oldest was Dorothy. Then there was Lucille, Katie Mae,John Charles, Leotha, Catherine, Christine, Betty, Frank and Judy. Their last name was Willis. Their parents are John and Odelia Willis. They were life-long residences. They were both born there and had all of their children at home. I dont remember exactly the name of the street but I remember being in my great-grandma's back yard where there is a bayou. Please help me or refer someone to me.


Name: Debbie Smith <&#10...@>
Date: 2003-10-22
Found many many relatives.Thanks.


Name: Herman Russell <&#72...@>
Date: 2003-04-01
Canada Conection


Name: Debra Dupuy <&#10...@>
Date: 2002-08-14
I would like to see more of st. mary parish and it's towns.


Name: Gil <&#10...@>
Date: 2002-06-18
What is the phone number of the St. Mary Parish Clerk?


Name: Linda Davidson <&#76...@>
Date: 2002-05-18
I was told by several people that this was a great source for genealogy,but everything I try to use I am expected to either join for at least a month or buy and individual CD. I go the the free sites and list a name and then I get the same thing, go to a pay site or buy a CD.

I bought a Family Tree Maker and so far have used it for nothing except the Family Pages which the informationI have put on them I have had to get from cousins or the Father Hebert Books, because once again I have to buy additional CD's for what I need. I feel that I have wasted $85.00 and if asked if I am happy with my Family Tree Maker,I'll say not really. If you sell a FTM in the south chances are we do not need anything from New England. I need information on Louisiana not Naruralization Records Philadelphia 1789/1886 or Virginia Land, Marriage and Probate Records 1639-1850. You need to generalize your CD's for the area you are selling them .


Name: Debbie Patrick <&#10...@>
Date: 2001-01-04
Looking for information on Thomas R. (Ruben) Patrick. Died July 7, 1947 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, La. Supposedly buried at Kilburn or Kilgore Cemetery or Town. Not sure which. He is buried in an unmarked grave. This is all the information I have.
I would appreciate any help.


Name: Beryl <&#10...@>
Date: 1999-12-03
What a great feeling to see so many familiar names, and started rec. help just after my first query.
Keep up the good work!