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Name: carrie allen <&#10...@>
Date: 2003-12-09
like the site and am a constant visitor fail in some searches but find wealth of info on others appreciate your time and efforts to keep up the work thank you carrie allen searching josiah palmer/parmer my dead end, brick wall.....


Name: Susan Dianne Pittman (Bunn) <&#97...@>
Date: 2003-07-07
I do like what I see here. I was adopted back in 1954.
My birthday was around 5-28-54. I was two days old.
I was adopted by Glen Richard and Mary Francis Pittman.
I have no idea who my bio-parents are and don't know any-
thing about them. The hospital that they adopted me from
is around Morrow County, but not sure where. They said it
was about 13 miles away, but not the direction. I just thought that since you were in Morrow County that you would know someone that might remember what happened. Oh,
by the way the doctor's name was Kubbs or I'm not sure how
it was spelled. I only lived in Mount Gilead until I was 4. Then we moved to California. My grandma's last named
was Likens but that was her second marriage. Thanks again
Susan Pittman (Bunn)


Name: HAL COOPER <&#99...@>
Date: 2003-07-03
Dear RootsWeb,

Interesting to start with.
I want to locate someone in Mt.Gilead (Morrow County)Ohio, that does Geneological research.
P.O. Box 662, West Plains, MO. 65775 (417-255-1535)


Name: kp
Date: 2002-02-23


Name: Betty Meier <&#98...@>
Date: 2002-02-09
Site Looks great, Pat. Haven't looked at it for a few months.

Could we put this notice about our Redd Reunion on somewhere.

Redd Family Reunion - August 3, 2002 at 12:00 (Noon)
Lincoln Park, Marion, Ohio
Bring covered dish and table service.
Contact: Betty (Gamble) Meier


Name: George Wilson <&#10...@>
Date: 2002-02-07
Your site is o.k. Just wanted to put a corrected return address on this from a previously signed registration r.e. Harold Wilson; b. around 1900. I think his wife was named Dortha. Thanks!


Name: george b wilson <&#10...@>
Date: 2002-01-25
very informitive, except for trying to post a query about Harold Wilson, a farmer in Morrow county born around 1900. Twenty-one Wilson's in a township cemetery with no given name?


Name: Kenneth E, Jones <&#75...@>
Date: 2002-01-25
Kenneth E Jones mY family came from iberia so thats where my search

is starting. i will soon be contacting help for my research


Name: R. J. Watson <&#11...@>
Date: 2002-01-14
Can't figure out how to post query re: LINSCOTT ministers out of Morrow Co. OH - Samuel, Eli, Francis &/o Thomas. They may have studied at Mt. Gilead Seminary, which may have been for training of minister (or not). Thomas pastored in Michigan; Eli in KS? and Francis in ElPaso TX in 1911. All probably in Christian Church denomination. Thomas 1850 joined group headed to CA gold rush. Thanks, ruthwatson18@yahoo.com


Name: KG <&#71...@>
Date: 2001-10-26
How do you post a question on one of the mailing lists?


Name: Vernal Lawnick <&#11...@>
Date: 2001-10-10
Would like any info that can be had on Mary Pittman that was born in Morrow Cty, Ohio. I do not know her birth date but is would be in about 1800. Vernal Lawnick


Name: Patricia LeBeau <&#10...@>
Date: 2001-08-19
Seeking information on parents of Raymond Walter Swigert, born 6 Dec 1883 Morrow County OH to George Swigert (mother's maiden name Dunn). He died 8 Dec 1942 in Los Angeles County CA. Was married in Roswell, Canyon County ID 3 Oct 1913 to Elizabeth Fehlmann.


Name: John Knouse <&#10...@>
Date: 2001-07-20
At all these county GenWeb sites, the records links are all pointing to
the central query board site. What happened to all the records? I can't
find any anymore at all these sites. I don't want queries,
I want deeds, bible records, marriage records, etc. What the
hell is the idea?


Name: Charles Leon Doty <&#10...@>
Date: 2001-07-12
A very well-organized site. I would like to obtain a birth record for my Grandfather, William Marshall Doty, born 28 April 1870 in Mt. Gilead, Morrow County, OH. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks for having the site.


Name: ROBERT T GERMAIN <&#84...@>
Date: 2001-07-11


Name: phyllis bush <&#11...@>
Date: 2001-06-26
just getting started on this part of my family....pb


Name: Jane Ratterman <&#10...@>
Date: 2001-05-29
A very nice web site you have. Good luck with what you are doing to improve it. Searching for Adams, Cline, Claypool families


Name: Shelly Ann Thomas Hogan <&#10...@>
Date: 2001-05-06


Name: richard d. james <&#11...@>
Date: 2001-04-29
wish to trace migration of james families into morrow county and dates of said. would apreciate any assistance in tracing family trees. thank you much.


Name: Stephanie D <&#11...@>
Date: 2001-04-10
Thanks for everyone's help with info on Grogg and Dill families. Very much appreciated.


Name: Janet Moll-Chrisman <&#10...@>
Date: 2001-03-09
Have enjoyed viewing the messages and hope to receive some responses. Keep up the great work!!!!


Name: Edson Ellsworth Campbell <&#97...@>
Date: 2001-02-22
Looks great! I'm looking for descendants of William Tietsworth Campbell, who lived in Pulaskiville, Morrow Co.


Name: Alverda Boyce <&#97...@>
Date: 2001-02-01
Looking for any information on Maria HYLER, born 1822 married John Corwin 1839, died 1892 buried Yankee Presbyterian Cemetery. Also searching for will of James HYLER or Anne JACKSON HYLER. Any help greatly appreciated.


Name: Alverda Ball Boyce <&#97...@>
Date: 2000-12-28
I am searching for proof that Maria (Martha or Mariah)HYLER CORWIN (b. 1822, m. 1838, d. 1892) was the daughter of James Hyler and Anne JACKSON Hyler. Any help greatly appreciated.


Name: Sharon Redick <&#11...@>
Date: 2000-09-14
Very useful and interesting information. Sharon Redick ssredick@aol.com


Name: Sharon Redick <&#11...@>
Date: 2000-08-14


Name: J. Davis <&#10...@>
Date: 2000-08-10

8/10/00 Davis Lineage in Morrow Co, Ohio

I wanted to post a query on the Morrow Co Web page in hopes of perhaps finding some information about my Davis
Lineage in Ohio. In view of the possibiliy that someone might have some info. regarding parents of George W. Davis bd 6/23/1834 in Knox Co, Ohio, I wanted to sent the information listed below.

> DAVIS - KNOX CO., OHIO 1832-4
> Looking for information on the - Parents - Sisters or Brothers of GEORGE W. DAVIS who is my Great Grandad. George W. Davis Birth Date is JUN 23, 1834, -Birth Place -Liberty, Knox County, Ohio Death Date OCT 2, 1915, his PARENTS are UNKNOWN at this time.
> GEORGE W. DAVIS was a CIVIL WAR VET and recorded in the VFW in Paulding Co, Ohio.

> George married his wife Elizabeth (BD 12/6/1832) Wertz or Wirt on > 8/19/1858. George & Elizabeth are both buried in Live Oak Cemetery, > in Paulding County, Ohio. Elizabeth Wertz/Wirt Mother was a Weaver from Germany.
> We have come across another missing Davis in Knox County in about the time frame as George W. Davis than moved to Paulding Co. Ohio. His names is Peter Davis who married Mary Brakebill abt. 1850 probably Knox Co. At least one child, Ellen J. Davis, b. June 16, > 1853, ???
, died December 16, 1936, Latty Twp., Paulding Co.,
> Ohio. She married Amos Washington Fruchey, June 13, 1873, Allen Co., Ohio
> We theorize that there might be a connection with a Thomas Davis Born in 1790 - Married in State of Maryland to Joanna (Davis) both died in Knox County, Ohio. In reviewing the dates is appears that we might be missing a generation between George W. Davis and Thomas Davis. Thomas Davis - father was Samuel Davis born in Wales in 1768. To date we have been unable to make a connection of any type with this Davis Line.
"Additional misc. information".
Its hard for me to understand why George W. Davis bd 1834 is so elusive, especially with fact that so many of the Davis researcher have all reviewed most if not all of the genealogy information in and around Knox Co. and near by Counties in Ohio. Its like George W. never had any parents or the parents even existed.

My George W. Davis bd June 23, 1834 Knox Co, Ohio and Death Oct. 2, 1915 in Paulding Co, Ohio I was thinking if it would have been a possibility that a couple or a single women was passing thru the Knox Co. Ohio area and a child was born and they were unable to care for the baby, and someone took the baby to raise. Secondly, why wasn't the parent names put on his Birth Cert. or Death Cert. on the copies we received? To-date I have not found anyway to check on this possibility.

Another fact - in thinking about my George W. Davis going to Paulding Co, Ohio - and was wondering if by chance he had a relative from Knox Co. that had moved to that County earlier. Perhaps that was the reason for his relocating to Paulding Co. I don't know why he would move to Paulding Co since his wife was living in Allen County, Ohio with
her family (Sapp) while he was in the Civil War. If he had a relative in Latty, Ohio then this might had been the reason for relocating to Paulding Co, Ohio. The more I think about some of this information, the more I wonder and feel there is probably a family (Knox Co. Ohio) connection in all of this data somewhere. To-date we have no record of any land grants, etc. for George W. Davis
in Paulding Co., Ohio

My other Surnames are:

> Ashbaugh, Ford, Miller, Sherrick, Sapp, Weller, Wertz/Wirt
I would greatly appreciate any and all information thay you should come across plus any additional info in your researching on my Davis Line that you could send my way.

Again, Thanks John Davis


Name: Alverda Boyce <&#97...@>
Date: 2000-08-04
I am glad to find your site. I am searching for help in locating father of John Corwin approx. 1813. He was married to Maria Hyler in Knox County. Any help would be appreciated.


Name: Peggy Long <&#11...@>
Date: 2000-03-19
Good so far!


Name: Evin Kimmel <&#10...@>
Date: 2000-03-18
I'm very impressed with this site. Someone has done a lot of hard work and it's organized very well. How do we post queries about ancestors, though?


Name: ROBERT T GERMAIN <&#84...@>
Date: 2000-03-08


Name: ROBERT T GERMAIN <&#84...@>
Date: 2000-03-08


Name: John D. Barnhart <&#10...@>
Date: 2000-02-09
Lookin' pretty good. Will respond with more and some suggestions a little later.


Name: Peter Freeland <&#65...@>
Date: 1999-08-31
FREE search: Morrow Co.