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Name: Napoli <&#78...@>
Date: 2006-06-26
Luogo abbastanza intersting ed utile. Buon


Name: Easy jet <&#69...@>
Date: 2006-06-23
Interessare, molto interessante:)


Name: Dizionario <&#68...@>
Date: 2006-06-12
ché luogo piacevole avete! l\'identificazione realmente gode essere qui!


Name: Wanda Losee <&#11...@>
Date: 2005-05-25
I want to thank everyone who has put cemetery information and other information that has been copied from military lists, census info., etc. on this site. It is a lot of hard work. Thank you.


Name: darrell dietrich conwell <&#10...@>
Date: 2005-04-16
Interesting webpage. I am interested in genealogy connections from w.h.conwill born 1861 in Itawamba county Mississippi - death 1913 in Texas.He lived a while in oklahoma - indian terr. / J.c.conwill 1834 - abt. 1909 He died in Itawamba county Mississippi. He was married to Amanda jane Lentz born abt 1840 possibly from alabama. She died 1910 in Mississippi / george Washington king Conwill abt.1805 - death 1882 in Itawamba county Mississippi.His father may have come from South Carolina.W.h.conwill had at least ten children One was Lloyd Newton conwill born in Texas 1899. Lloyd died 1951 in Mckinney Texas and was buried in tahoka Texas.Lloyd had a brother Floyd clifton conwill born 1897 in Texas. He died 1960 in corpuschristi texas.He was also buried in Tahoka Texas.Lloyd was married twice.His first marriage was with carrie Limerick also known as carrie conwill .She died 1939 in virginia.One of the children from this marriage was John Newton Conwill born 1925 in Fredericksburg virginia.John was known as John Newton conwell most of his life.John died as John Newton Conwell 1999 in ohio.He lived a long time in corpuschristi texas.John was married twice.His second marriage was 1959 in corpuschristi texas with brigitte Kleinert from germany.From his first marriage john has a daughter , from his second marriage a son born 1961 in corpuschristi texas named darrell dietrich conwell.He also has a daughter from his second marriage.I am not liable for information .DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.Comments email : .W.h.conwill and J,.c.conwill were possibly baptist Reverands / Ministers .When doing research look under conwill and conwell.I am listing possibities.


Name: Lynn Horrigan <&#10...@>
Date: 2003-07-11
I love to brouse this web site. It is very informative. I found out more about my family thatn some knew themselves


Name: Billy Nutt <&#66...@>
Date: 2003-06-25
How do I get in touch with the Historic Society in Orangeburg County? Preference order would be phone number, e-mail/internet, or mailing address. Or how do I find it on the internet?



Name: bob <&#10...@>
Date: 2003-04-03
Comments: showed me in visions the iraq war will be nuclear(1) I saw the nation of Iraqand it said Iraq on it and it had a circle around it with a slash thru the circle.(2) In the second vision, I saw a bomber plane bombing a nation that said Iraq(it was all by itself and it as like an illuminated drawing) on it and U.S. flashed by the plane and I was high above the earth and then i am suudenly on the ground and I am running yelling, Iraq is about to get nuked, Iraq is about to get nuked and one of the girls that I was talking to warning, i was telling her while in this vison about another vison i had i believed was about to be fullfilled where I saw a speedway gasoline sign and the price for gas was4.03.(3)I saw an Indianapolis newpaper in a vision and it said, Indianapolis reacts to Iraq decision to use nuclear weapons against Israel. while praying in my car back in june of 2002, I saw an arab man who said, Israel is about to nuke us


Name: Tammy Davis <&#11...@>
Date: 2003-03-18
I am trying to locate a free on line look-up for the 1920 or 1930 census for Chesterfield Co. SC (Charlie Wilkerson)


Name: Carol Blodgett <&#98...@>
Date: 2000-02-03
Just starting...


Name: Dane Bowen <&#68...@>
Date: 1999-12-01
I've just started but impressed thus far.


Name: B. V. Clark <&#98...@>
Date: 1999-11-19
Great site, keep up the good work...B.V.Clark