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Name: Marilyn Sprague McCoy <marilynmccoy1@yahoo.com>
Date: 2017-08-09
How did you find this page Researching the SPRAGUE
I thoroughly enjoyed your search for the working model of the SPRAGUE, and the happy ending. I am the great-great niece of Captain Peter Sprague. I am from the Pittsburgh area and when I was young we visited the SPRAGUE model at the Carnegie Museum. It was situated in a dark corner. My father, George Sprague, asked the security guard to show us the "working" model. He then placed a key in the wall to turn it on. The paddle turned and the lights came on. Years later I learned it had been removed from the display and I assumed it was in the basement of the museum. Thank you for your 18 year search!

Name: Terry Miller <tmhightide@comcast.net>
Date: 2017-06-27
How did you find this page Doing research for my bio.
Are you connected to Lynch surname No, not that I know.
Congratulations on a very nice website!

My father, Harry Miller, worked at the Marine Ways as an operating engineer between 1930 and 1941. I was born in 1934, and lived with my parents along with my grandmother, Effie Piper, in Elrama.

My folks moved to Maryland in 1941, where my Dad worked with Bethlehem Steel Corp helping to build Liberty ships in the Baltimore harbor.(I was only six years old at the time.)
He later became the chief operating engineer for the large cranes used to build the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, as well as other major East Coast bridges. He also worked on skyscraper projects in Manhatten.
He operated his pleasure boat on the Chesapeake, and obtained his Coast Guard captain's license during WWII. During that time he rescued the crew of the Hawaii Mars when it crashed in the Bay.
Any info you might have concerning operating engineers at the Marine Ways during the 1930s would be appreciated.
Many thanks,
Terry Miller


Name: Susan M. Bowers <roy1103@comcast.net>
Date: 2017-06-13
Jay... hope you get this message. The Elizabeth item we discussed at the Mark Twain Presentation is being returned to Elizabeth Township Historical Society tomorrow. If you send me your address, I can send you the attached letter that will accompany it. Glad it has found its home finally!

Name: Yosef Sa'ar <elat42@gmail.com>
Date: 2015-10-03
How did you find this page Outstanding.
Looking for more photos of the various metal fare tokens used on the West Elizabeth Bridge. There are quite a few different types known.

Name: Emily Vasquez <emilyv2011@gmail.com>
Date: 2015-08-18
How did you find this page internet search for my ancestor Frank Gay Lynch
Are you connected to Lynch surname Frank Gay Lynch was my 2nd great grandfather
Amazing web page, so glad to find it and read the history about my 3rd great uncle John William Lynch

Name: Kelly Fetherlin <bfetherlin@att.net>
Date: 2015-06-18
How did you find this page Searching for information on Elizabeth, PA and riverboats.
Are you connected to Lynch surname I am doing genealogical research on my husband's families. Margaret Lynch, sister to JW Lynch, is his 2nd great grandmother alo
Wonderful and interesting history of the Elizabeth area, and the people who lived there.

Name: A. Strohschein <strohs_MI@comcast.net>
Date: 2015-06-17
How did you find this page Elizabeth Boro site
Are you connected to Lynch surname Not sure
Hello from Michigan, I have many relatives who lived and worked in Elizabeth (Pollack family), and also have a newspaper article from 1911 describing the death of one of my ancestors (He was 5 years old and hit by a car), and I also have a photo of my great grandfather in his shop on Market St. in 1924. I would love to make them part of the page if possible, and I am also looking for more info on Eliz. history. Thank you!

Name: Lisa LaRose <tomato5821@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 2015-01-19
How did you find this page Google search

I was interested on any information regarding the copyrights of the pictures of the Goldenrod Showboat. Such beautiful pictures!



Name: Deb Kirby <dkirby@federatedinv.com>
Date: 2014-10-02
How did you find this page Referred by the Heinz History Center
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
I have an interest in the Boaz. It's my husband's family. I loved the photos and would love to find any additional information or other contacts with info would be greatly appreciated.

I enjoyed reading the journal entries. They provide some interesting insight to the times.
Thank you for posting!


Name: Warren Price <warren.price@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 2014-08-07
How did you find this page surfing for info on steamboats
Are you connected to Lynch surname NO
I was raised on the Mon River at Stockdale when there were mostly steam sternwheelers. I enjoy looking thru you site periodically to see what is new. I especially enjoyed the first time I played the steamboat whistle sound track. Brought back a lot of memories of my youth. I have often toyed with the idea of building a model of one of the single stack boats like Pittsburgh Coal. One time at Montgomery Locks fishing with my dad, the cooks tossed us some apples. Do you have any information where I might find or purchase drawings of these boats? Thank you and keep up the good work.

Warren Price, Livermore, CA ex. Charleroi Cougar.


Name: Frank Jacobs <fjacobs3d@comcast.net>
Date: 2014-04-03
How did you find this page Internet
Video link J&L Steel ship passing Allenport late 60's


Name: Theresa Turnquist <treeturnquist@wowway.com>
Date: 2014-03-21
How did you find this page please read the article below that's how I found you. I am the 3x great granddaughter of Daniel Sarver and related to whole grou
Are you connected to Lynch surname unsure
Elizabeth Herald November 4, 1887
Copied from Elizabeth Herald November 4, 1887
Local History In Bits.
The first charter for a ferry at Elizabeth was granted by the Pennsylvania Legislature in the 1796, and it was owned and operated for many years by Major John Walker. A skiff for passengers and a shallow flat, pushed by long poles, for teams, sufficed to meet the wants of the place until about the year 1870, when an old steam ferryboat was bought by Theo. S. Tower and put on the trade by him and Daniel Sarver, who owned the franchise. The Boyd brothers and James McKown bought it soon after, and in 1873 built the fine ferryboat Sam Roberts, which is still running.


Name: jaf <15012>
Date: 2013-12-19
How did you find this page search burning mines along PA 71 "the tracks" belle vernon
nice photos of all three BV bridges thanks

Name: Don Havlock <kze1472ataoldotcom>
Date: 2013-10-24
How did you find this page past writings
Just passing thru Jay, just wanted to check your updates, As always, interesting.

Name: Don Havlock <kze1472 at frontierdot com>
Date: 2013-05-28
How did you find this page Past visitor
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
Hi Jay, Just me snooping around again, haven't been here since I got the new computer. I see that you are still doing great work, and keeping up on things. Still a great site, and one of my favorites. Keep up the good work. Very nice that you got the font changed, much more easier to navigate,


Name: Dee <landmobile@msn.com>
Date: 2013-05-11
How did you find this page searching on flat boats & canals
Are you connected to Lynch surname No, don't think so
I'm interested in the name Harry Brown listed, I cannot find my grandfather.

Name: Bob Davis <bobdaviscfi@earthlink.net>
Date: 2013-02-25
How did you find this page internet search on steamboats
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
I have local newspapers about the use of the steamer "Mary McKinney" which was built at Elizabeth, PA in 1849 and ran on the Holston River in East Tennessee. Any information you may have would be of interest to me, such as dimensions, engine size, etc.

Name: Bil Troy <bill.troy@comcast.net>
Date: 2013-02-22
How did you find this page My cousin found it.
VERY cool site. My great-grandfather was William Hodgson, noted in the Men of Marine Ways photos.

Name: Don Havlock <kze1472 at aol dot com>
Date: 2012-12-15
How did you find this page Been here before
Hi Jay, See that you are still at it and continuing to add great material and photos. Think that I may have asked this question before, but do you or any of your readers know what the riverboat whistle signals mean? Sure would like to know. The only times that I remember hearing them was when approching the locks,(Long and two shorts) and when leaving the locks,(Three shorts) They are not the same as the Railroad uses, because three shorts on the RR mean backing up. Just curious, keep up the good work,If I get back to Brownsville again next year, would be glad to buy you a hotdog at Fiddle's.

Name: C.R.Fuller <cfuller_1@hotmail.com>
Date: 2012-10-01
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
Have photo I would like to see if you could identify. Monitor sinking in Mon river 1925

Name: Ed Laughlin <laughedj@gmail.com>
Date: 2012-06-20
How did you find this page Google search for the Henry A. Laughlin boat
Are you connected to Lynch surname Not sure??
Very interested in the Henry A. Laughlin boat and who was Henry A. Laughlin.

Name: Donald R Havlock <kze1472 at aol dot com>
Date: 2012-05-12
How did you find this page Researching for information on "The Roberts Steamboat Trophy"
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
Hey Jay, there's that ring again buddy.I guess that I didn't tell you in our personel correspondance how huch that I really enjoy your site,man you have a lifetime of work and wonder here. Kinda like a Time Warp. I have been away from the Rivers(Monongahela) for over 53 years, but still miss it. Love hearing those old steam whistles, used to lay in bed at night as a kid, and watch the spotlights, and listen to the whistles as the boats approched lock #5 in Brownsville. Two longs, two shorts approching, Three shorts leaving. When these boats came upriver from Brownsville past Vesta#7 in the daytime, we used to row our rowboats out and catch the first "Whitecap" from the paddlewheel, and let it pull us up river. The deckhands used to come out and holler at us and shake their fists at us cause they thought that we were getting too close, They used to say, "Your Going To Get Sucked Under Boy" but then the ole cook would appear, and usually throw us some nice naval oranges, or peaches. what a treat.
Now that I have basically found the trophy "The Greater Pittsburgh" I am just waiting for some futher details to make it official, and I will gladly share the information with everyone. I would like to thank yourself,Bill Reynolds from "The Sons & Daughters of Riverman" in Marietta, Ohio, and Russ Morehouse for all of your help and guidance in finding this trophy. Couldn't have done it without your help, thanks guy's. Hoping you will keep the site, and continue to upgrade it, as I plan on visiting it more often, It's just a great place to visit,I can only imagine the countless hours of your life that you have invested. Keep up the good work, and If I get back to Pennsylvania this year like I plan to, I will surely look you up and compare some notes with you. Thanks again, Don


Name: Debbie Bruce <daab90@yahoo.com>
Date: 2011-10-16
The picture of Wylie class of 1910 is my grandmothers. I recognize her handwriting and my grandfather Amose Elmer Meyers is in the photo. Thoroughly enjoy your website! What a great collection of information.

Name: Patty Gray <raegray@gmail.com>
Date: 2011-10-06
How did you find this page looking for the boat "Sunbeam"
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
Thank you for a wonderful website. My family is from the Monongahela area. Kennedy, Curry, Hagerty, Blaney, to name a few. Some of them worked to build boats.

Name: Nancy Mallory Archer <nanarcher2003 at yahoo dot com>
Date: 2011-05-21
How did you find this page researching the Sprague
Are you connected to Lynch surname Maybe. My grandfather was James Guy Mallory b. Racine Ohio - Capt. of the Sprague. Lived in Cairo Ill where he married Birdie Cl
Thrilled to find this site. My grandfather was a riverboat pilot on the Sprague. Had no idea there was a model of it. I have lots of pics - who can I share them with?

Name: Carol A Metzger <carolannemetz@gmail.com>
Date: 2011-03-15
How did you find this page Researching the Nellie walton. My gr-grandfather , William Ridgway Sterling was possibly an engineer on this boat..or something.
Are you connected to Lynch surname Not sure. My gr-grandfather worked on the Nellie Walton steamer..my grandmother Nellie Walton Sterling. Perhaps some how we mi
We have researced for years and finally came across all this last night. We are hoping to compile more information for our heritage information. We do know the Sterling family moved here to N. Falls in 1900. William Ridgway Sterling was married to Maggie (Barber). Hope you can help us in some way to check this info.

Name: Carl Jones <cjonesrr@yahoo.com>
Date: 2010-11-15
How did you find this page just wondered in. My specialty is the genealogy of all river men. I have access to over 50,000 names of captains to Deckhand
Are you connected to Lynch surname doubt if I connect to the Lynch surname.
Somewhere in my wonderings I picked up a reprint of The three Towns, a sketch 9of Brownsville, Bridge port and West Brownsville. first published in 1883.

Name: George Kobil <gkobil@earthlink.net>
Date: 2010-11-14
How did you find this page My brother's friend attended a recent event at the Strand Theater in Elizabeth and posted it on Facebook. I started googling Eli
Patty and Julie, my two sisters, Karl, my brother and I grew up in Elizabeth, as did Helen Kobil my mother, her four brothers and my grandmother. Helen Kobil's maiden name was Pavilino and she went to school with Orrie Rockwell. John, Charles, Frank, and Steve Mackinack were her brothers. We literally lived on the riverside of the railroad tracks (502-504 First & Bayard Street). Everyone in the family had some connection with the steel, coal or river.
My Uncle Steve was a riverman and a great affecionado of the rear paddlewheel steamboats that plied the Mon, Allegheny and Ohio. He knew the history of each and collected hundreds of photgraphs. He would stay up into the night listening to riverboat traffic on his ham radio. He also built many steamboat models from scratch. If I'm not mistaken, I believe he had something to do with the building the model of the Sprauge.


Name: Robert M. Sumrall <sumrall72830@yahoo.com>
Date: 2010-11-05
How did you find this page I was looking for pictures of the Sprague.
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
I was born in 1951 in Vicksburg, Ms, and grew up playing on and around the Sprague. I have been on board several hundred times from stem to stern, and everywhere in between. There was a large photo display of old Miss. river steamboats on the bottom level. I was there the night that she burned and shed a few tears for her. There was a movement to restore her after the fire, but the money never was made available. At one point in the 1960's, during high water, she broke loose from her mooring and drifted down below the river bridge before being caught. She was used a a prop in a movie
in the early 1960's, being pushed by a towboat down the Mississippi river.


Name: Frank Jacobs <fjacobs3d@comcast.net>
Date: 2010-10-29
How did you find this page looking about
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
The new link to the Allenport / Fayette City site is http://www.hopealiveclinic.org/index1.html

Newly posted is a newspaper page from 1960 featuring the Allenport ferry and also the the Newell /Coal Center flat. Enjoy.


Name: Herb Harrison <herb-harrison@dslextreme.com>
Date: 2010-10-23
How did you find this page Was looking for images of train stations & happened on the page of Elizabeth's train depot... then more & more pictures.
I was born in Elizabeth, then the family moved away. On Jan. 1st, 1957, two of my brothers and I moved back when our mother died. We lived on Oak Hill, next to the Cavanaugh houses.
Later I lived in an apartment on the 3rd floor of the Pittsburgh National Bank building until 1981.
I used to fish in the Mon nearly every night in the summer; when I was fishing one night (1961?)I saw a sternwheel towboat churning south on the river. I think that was the last run of the last sternwheel boat on the Mon.
We used to fish from the 'butments south of the Marine Ways, until they burned down; all that was left was a huge stack of driftwood.
I went to Wylie School for the 7th grade, then to 8th grade at Elizabeth-Forward Junior High on Town Hill.
I remember the 1st time we went to the Grand Theater. As a 13-year old "adult", I had to pay 30 cents for my ticket; I was shocked!
In the winter the County paid me $1.25 per hour to shovel cinders in the mornings on the steep snow-covered road from Route 51 to the top of Oak Hill. I used some of that cash to buy plastic airplane models at the G.C. Murphy 5&10; they cost $.99 & $1.99.
I worked for six years at Bargain Corner on Rte. 51, which was owned by Joe & Abe Horowitz - fine bosses.
~~~ Enough for now ~~~


Name: Bob Haller <h4ller@verizon.net>
Date: 2010-09-06
How did you find this page Web search - Lock 3 Elizabeth PA
Am researching the ancestry of my father-in-law, records indicate
his place of birth as Lock 3 Elizabeth PA? in approx 1913 or 1914.
Any idea if there was a residence at that location, perhaps the lock

Bob Haller


Name: Geoff Barrance <gbarrance@juno.com>
Date: 2010-08-01
How did you find this page Google Search for "Sprague Riverboat"
Are you connected to Lynch surname No connection.
Yesterday I visited the Mississippi Museum in Dubuque and was very impressed by the model of the Sprague. I noticed that there are a large number of longitudinal tension bracing cables. They looked as if maybe they were to maintain the curvature of the hull of the boat. Does anyone have any information on how these cables contributed to the structure of the boat?



Name: Householder, Allen Lee <alsmini@yahoo.com>
Date: 2010-08-01
How did you find this page Friend
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
I grew up on Cemetary Hill in the 40's & 50's. When everyone had a nickname,(puggy,Reba, Weiser, Archie ball,Gut,Percy, Jap, Homer, etc.) What a great town to grow up in. My friends & I used to pick junk down at the Marine Ways an fish for carp & catfish at the mouth of the creek. My friend Carl Heble built a kaiak and we would put it in at the creek and go out into the river. If we got in the first wave behind the steam boat we could just coast along. Thank You for a great Web site and a trip down memory lane.
Hanging out at the "Huddle" and shooting pool at Joe Tomko's pool hall. Going to Elizabeth High School. Great friendly Policemen like John Jenkins, Ben Ware, Charley Sickles
We learned how to swim by jumping off of the Lock 3 wall, it was either swim or drown. When the steamers came into the locks they would give us food and the guys shoveling coal into the boilers would throw us salt candy.
I remember going down to the river to the Steamboat, Showboat.


Name: Todd Michael Turner <turner324@comcast.net>
Date: 2010-05-31
Are you connected to Lynch surname J Will Lynch is my great-greatgrandfather,Jack lynch is my greatgrandfather and Phyllis Turner is my grandmother
Great web site if you have any more info on the Lynch's would love to see it.

Name: Mark G. Gillen <markg.gillen@comcast.net>
Date: 2010-03-15
How did you find this page Google
Are you connected to Lynch surname Yes, John William's is my GGF. My grandmom on my dad's side was Hilda B. Lynch and my granddad was Michael E. Gillen.
I've never been to Elizabeth but I believe my older brother John did go there once upon a time. I can't tell you how thrilling it is to reconnect with my ancestors. Great work, terrific site!

Name: Paul Robb <probsolvr@gmail.com>
Date: 2010-02-27
How did you find this page By accident
Outstanding. My Grandfather, Bunk Robb, worked at the Marine Ways in Elizabeth in the early part of the last century. Later, he worked in Pittsburgh for Harry Zubik. It's great to view this river history. This brings back many childhood memories growing up in Elizabeth.

Name: Edward M Crawford <ecraw917@yahoo.com>
Date: 2010-02-10
How did you find this page Google search
Are you connected to Lynch surname No.
This is a great accomplishment! On this site I found photos of the sternwheeler Raymond Horner. My great Uncle, Howard Crawford, was piloting this boat near Parkersburg WV circa 1904 when the pilot house was swept off by a cable strung across the river. At one time there was a model of the Horner in the River Museum in Wellsville Ohio. Does anyone know its whereabouts?

Also, looking for photos of the remnants of the old ferry operations around Brownsville, Pa. Onde was opened by my direct ancestor in 1768. Thanks.


Name: Nancy Walker <nawalker@comcast.net>
Date: 2010-01-09
How did you find this page Searching for Elizabeth History on the Web
Are you connected to Lynch surname I don't know--I am related to the Walker family of Elizabeth. I would be interested to read the entries re to the Walkers espe
What a wonderful site, thanks for sharing the opportunity to learn more about the boat-building industry at Elizabeth.

Name: gary a.lynch <gal608@msn.com>
Date: 2009-11-20
How did you find this page my brother,don and his son mark.
Are you connected to Lynch surname my father,james w.lynch just passed on11-9-09
i was six months old when our family left pittsburgh area so my father could work at the new u.s.steel plant at fairless.you did a great thing and great presentation of the lynch clan.i will follow this journal as time permits.

Name: carole and angel johnson <faithisinme@hotmail.com>
Date: 2009-11-15
How did you find this page looking up dravesoburg,pa.we came to visit david and kathy scott.with his brother and my sister.we had such a wonderfull time..w
Are you connected to Lynch surname no we are not,so sorry but would love to be...such great history you have.
we took many pictures of the water ways and all the bridges...just everything there...colecting old clippings....anything..all the information that david scott gave us....well we are hooked on all the history....we have pigfords history and picture and newspaper clippings thanks to the keeper at the cemetary there...ohhhhhhhh i can't say enough about all the history we have collected from your nice place of dravesoburg,pa...would love to visit again and again..thank you all for the help and all the sites...carole johnson

Date: 2009-08-03
How did you find this page FROM INFO. ON STEAMBOATS.ORG
Are you connected to Lynch surname NO


Name: Francis Grimm <fgrimm72atinsightbbdotbb>
Date: 2009-07-31
I just wanted to thank you for presenting the tapes of the Steamboat Parade at Elizabeth Pa. in 1934. I was especially thrilled to see the many shots of the Wm. LARIMER JONES. My Dad worked at Howards when she was built, and worked as a steamfitter installing her engines and boilers. Also worked on her sister the TITAN. My uncle Bill Grimm also worked for the Howards, and was dating Ruth Howard at the time of her tragic death. He retired from Jeff Boat after 30 yrs. service. My uncle Walter Grimm was a pilot & captain on the river for some 25/30 years. Was long time captain of the Mv. SOHIOAN, towing oil products for Standard Oil Co. I remember seeing the Jones & the Titan when my Dad took me and my brother there when I was 5yrs. old. I will be 84 yrs. old on July 23 2009.
I would also like to add, that my Dad got permission to take me and my brother Richard, on an initial trial trip of the TITAN. We were on the top deck and had gone only a few miles up the river, when she developed an over heated wheel shaft bearing journal, and had to be shut down. We drifted with the current until a Howard work boat came out and towed us back to the yards. This event could probably still be found in some of the old Howard records. I can also remember my dad taking us up in the pilot house of the Howard built towboat, MARK TWAIN. I once had a picture of us, taken on her fantail next to her wheel. If I can ever find it I will post it for all to see. I can still see the beautiful lettering of her name, shaded in gold leaf.


Name: Grace McWhirter <gracemcw@woh.rr.com>
Date: 2009-06-23
How did you find this page Looking for Capt. A. J. McKean info
Very great web site. I am a grand daughter of Capt. A. J. McKean and your web site about the steam ships and His boat the John Wood are great. Can't add too much to the history. I am just trying to learn everything I can about the Capt and his times on the rivers.
Thank you for putting together a fantastic site. Grace


Name: Nikki Sheppick <nacs333@yahoo.com>
Date: 2009-05-28
How did you find this page Search engine - googled.
Are you connected to Lynch surname No.
I am the Secretary for the Charleroi Area Historical Society, Inc.
We have the original copies of the 65 years collection of "Old Man River", C. B. Copeland who was a consultant to Mark Twain. In this collection there are multitudes of photos and information. If you are ever in the area and would like to research these items, please contact me via this e-mail: nacs333@yahoo.com .


Name: Denzil Austin <DHA1237@aol.com>
Date: 2009-04-07
How did you find this page by accident, searching for ancester history in Wv. and Pa.
Amazing... I am speachless!

Name: Rose Marie Ryan Venanzi <irishgma12@hotmail.com>
Date: 2009-03-12
How did you find this page by accident
Are you connected to Lynch surname no, but knew Miss Lynch and Tetta Lynch
I lived in the Hunt Building on Market Street from 1937 until it was torn down. Remember all the old stores. Worked in the 5 & 10 from 1946 to 1951. Elizabeth was a great place to grow up - you didn't have to lock your doors at night and everyone knew everyone else. People looked out for each other.

Name: Janice Bennett Stevens <jan6148@comcast.net>
Date: 2009-03-01
How did you find this page searching for my Bennett family connections
Love anything that has to do with Elizabeth. My great Aunt was Effie Bennett. My Bennett family, Gersham, his son George Sr. and his son Westley all built boats. Any additional info about the Bennett's would be great!

Name: Kimberly Hunt Carnahan <tdcsix@comcast.net>
Date: 2009-02-07
How did you find this page My brother, Greg Hunt, sent me this link.
Are you connected to Lynch surname Not connected.
This web site brought back a vast number of memories. I grew up in Elizabeth from 1956 until we moved to "the country" (Forward Twp.) in 1967. Because much of my childhood was spent walking around Elizabeth for many reasons, the street scenes are especially poignant, and I have a lot of highly specific memories of being in certain spots that are depicted here. My grandfather and grandmother were Mr. and Mrs. John David Cox, and until Granddaddy's death in 1962, I spent a huge amount of time in the funeral home. Following the sale of the funeral home to Granddaddy's associate, Walt Bierman, Grandma lived with my Nonna, Marianna Favro, in the little house next to the funeral home until her death in 2002. Our family still owns that house. It has an interesting history, having been partially constructed from pallets that were scavenged from the shipping yard. Nonna was one of the early co-owners of Marraccini's markets, originating in Clairton. She sold out her interest in the market in perhaps the 1930s. My grandma talked often about working at the Clairton market as a child (she was born in 1908). My brother Greg and I worked at Marraccini's until we left town, I in 1978 and Greg soon afterward. It was a wonderful place to work, with a great boss (Ray Marraccini), fun and friendly co-workers, and a clientele of sweet older people who lived within walking distance of the store. The PAT bus stop was right by Marraccini's parking lot and afforded us a way to attend Penguins games when I was in high school in the early 1970s. All in all, I have MANY wonderful, HAPPY memories of Elizabeth. Thank you for posting all these photos.

Name: Greg Hunt <scbmwrider@gmail.com>
Date: 2009-01-27
How did you find this page google
It's nice to see my heritage listed on the web. Thanks for the remembrance of my Grand Father John D Cox. and also Marricinies

Name: Harry E. Zubik <h.zubik@att.net>
Date: 2008-12-09
How did you find this page By chance
Are you connected to Lynch surname Not connected
I'm Trying to get in touch with Lawerence Robb Jr. his e-mail, from this site at The So. Carolina National Guard Bureau is not current. I have some photos of his Grandfather that he may want when he worked for my Grandfather on the Northside of Pittsburgh in the 40's. or 50's. It shows the sternwheel of the"Mary Alice" and Bunk Robb discussing some type of a repair with my Grandfather. If anyone has a contact for Larry please pass it along. Merry Christmas, 12/18/08. Harry E. Zubik

Name: barbara luderowski <bluderowski@gmail.com>
Date: 2008-11-16
How did you find this page ancient history
Are you connected to Lynch surname no only 2 ships passing in the night
i havent talked to lynch in a while so dont know if you are aware that i sold tdhe sprague model to the mississippi river museum about 2 years ago they were going to rstore it dont know what the progress is.curious i would like to see it done guess i will contact them and find out barbara luderowski

Name: Elizabeth Moorman <cmoorman1@nc.rr.com>
Date: 2008-03-01
How did you find this page www.clusty-- internet search engine
Are you connected to Lynch surname Nope
What a gem of a site. I look forward to spending more time looking through all of the sections. My original search was for my grandfather's boat A.R.Budd (Albert Robinson Budd b.1879 Cincinnati, d.1965 Pittsburgh) and was thrilled to see so many wonderful images of boats and of early Pittsburgh. You might also want to look at the online photograph collection of riverboats from the Cincinnati Library. MANY thanks for all of your efforts to record and share river history.

Name: Tom Denny <ddenny31@cox.net>
Date: 2008-02-10
How did you find this page Looking for info on the Sprague.
My grandfather, Charles Denny recieved his First Mates License while working on the Sprague in 1914. He was out of New Albany, Indiana (across the river from Louisville).I have his License framed and it states that he was the First Mate on the Sprague. Is there anything remaining from the Sprague since the fire in the 1980's in Vicksburg?

Name: Brenda Rittenhouse <gmagpar@yahoo.com>
Date: 2008-02-06
How did you find this page internet search for Elizabeth, Pa.
Are you connected to Lynch surname not that I know
My mother-in-law was born and raised in Elizabeth. She is a Wilson prior to Marriage. Her family includes Wilson, Lloyd,Farrell,Shank, Haigh/Haige, McGowen. It is still a lot of the family living around the area. Any help finding family is greatly appreciated. This is a great site. Thanks for your hard work.

Name: Janet Ferguson nee Grenfell <Hadafe@aol.com>
Date: 2008-01-28
How did you find this page Forwarded to me by an old friend, also a river rat.
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
I thoroughly enjoyed this site! Having been born and raised in Elizabeth, the pictures especially brought back so many memories. I am fortunate to own a couple of Dick (R.T.)Wiley's books, "Elizabeth and Her Neighbors" and "Monongahela:The River and It's Region" and a copy of the sheet music "Strew Blossoms on Their Graves". Mr. Wiley lived on Walker's Heights just down the street from my grandparents. And Capt. Howder's house was just across the street. In his back yard was a pilot wheel from a river boat that we kids played on while watching the river. Two of my uncles worked on the river while in school and, at one time, I could identify the boats by the sound of their whistles. I spent many summer hours on the lock walls waiting for boats to lock through and get treats of fruit and candy from the crew. And while swimming at the Water Works
going out to catch the waves of boats angleing in for the locks. Keep up the good work!!


Name: Harry Ferguson <hadafe@aol.com>
Date: 2008-01-26
How did you find this page My wife is from Elizabeth. Her best friend E-mailed her a couple of pictures of the marine ways. I saw them and hve spent the la
I was raised in Clairton. U S Steel had their marine ways within the Clairton Works. Many residents in our neighborhood were "on" the river. The life blood of the Clairton works was provided by the river and the boats - COAL. The U S Steel navy was always of interest. More so the era of steam. I have pictures (8x10 black & white) of the following U S Steel steam boats Clairton, Homestead, B F Fairless, Charles Cox, and J L Perry. If you have any interest.
I also have some very poor quality film (on disc) of the 1953 steam boat race in Pittsburgh between U S Steel's Homestead and J&L's Wm Larimer Jones. It is roughly 4 minutes in length, with lots of boiler smoke. Again if you have any interest.
My wife's family was from Elizabeth. Her 90 year old uncle, living in Florida will enjoy looking at this web site. He should be in a position to perhaps know some of these people mentioned. He too was "on" the river while going to school.
Again many thanks for your great work. It is most interesting
Harry Ferguson


Name: Frank Jacobs <fjacobs3d@comcast.net>
Date: 2008-01-22
How did you find this page Browsing Allenport Pa
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
Nice site.
My family owned and operated the Allenport-Fayette City Ferry.
The site is http://www.geocities.com/allenportferry/


Name: Laura King <lauraking@mchsi.com>
Date: 2008-01-20
How did you find this page My mother told me my great-grandfather worked at Marine Ways and I looked it up on the internet.
I was thrilled to see pictures of my Great-Grandfather, William Hodgson. These are the only pictures I have ever seen of him at work. Thank you so much for doing this site...it made my day!!!!!

Name: David T Reid <DTRison@aol.com>
Date: 2008-01-16
How did you find this page Looking for the Sprague
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
In the last entry that I entered I made a mistake My Grandfather had pasted away and it was my Grandmother Lillian Murdock Spellman who our family took to see the Sprague when it was in Pittsburgh


Name: David T Reid <DTRison@aol.com>
Date: 2008-01-16
How did you find this page Looking for the Sprague
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
My Grandfather was the Engineer of the Sprague for some years His name was George F. Spellman In the early seventys when the Sprague was in Pittsburgh our family took my Grandfather to see the Sprague He was so excited He showed us the drive arm for the paddlewheel where it had broken He cut out the bad section and repaired the drive arm. The repair was still their. He took the broken section and made my Grandmother a rolling pin which we have in our family

Name: Ben Black <bencarol@windstream.net>
Date: 2007-12-12
How did you find this page googled coal city
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
A few years ago I acquired an antique item from a riverboat. I am not sure what it is, but it looks to be a type of hand crank wench for maybe pulling a boat to dock or possibly pulling an anchor. It sits approximately 3' tall, 18" around, and probably weighs 500 lbs. It has a baseball bat looking handle with four holes around the top that this wooden handle fits into. On the bottom there is a type of clog that can be reversed for obviously going in or out. Painted on the side is S.S. Coal City. If anyone has any information on this please let me know what it is, year, and any other related info. Thanks, Ben

Name: Paul Brezny Jr. <ppbjr39@gmail.com>
Date: 2007-05-19
How did you find this page Saw Elizabeth, PA in a one volume encyclopedia. Went to google to learn more as I grew up near Pittsburgh.
Absolutely wonderful site! I grew up 40 miles NE of Pittsburgh in Westmoreland Co. My mother would take us to Pittsburgh to the zoo, Phipps Conservatory, County Fair, museums, etc. I am lover of obsolete forms of transportation - canals, steam & sailboats, steam trains, trolleys, interurban electric trains, - so this site sends me half way to heaven. Thanks for all your work. I've passed the site on to everyone I know from Pittsburgh.

Paul Brezny

Asheville, NC


Name: Scott Young <syoung88@insightbb.com>
Date: 2007-04-18
How did you find this page searching for information about the Charles F. Richardson boat and photos. One of the photos you have does not go to a larger s
great site

Name: ken haddix <khaddix@zoominternet.net>
Date: 2007-04-18
How did you find this page my cousin has connected web site
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
my grandfather Robert Hanna was pilot of the Homestead

Name: Polly Lynn <pkljdl@msn.com>
Date: 2007-04-13
How did you find this page I googled Monongahela Bridge.
Are you connected to Lynch surname No, but my great grandfather was some type of foreman on building the Monongahela. His name was William Henry Knight.
My great grandfather, William Henry Knight, helped build the Monongahela Bridge. He was a supervisor of some sort. My dad says he was "general contractor," but dad exagerrates. All I know is that he had some men under him; one summer he allowed his son, Bill Knight (Nicholas William Knight) to keep track of what time men clocked in and out. On his last day, the men cheered for Bill (because of his honesty in keeping the records). Can you suggest where I can look for information on the building of the bridge? --pkljdl@msn.com and plynn@bethalto.org Thank you!

Name: Frank Gessel <alicegessel@bellsouth.net>
Date: 2007-03-25
How did you find this page Looking for info on the Steamer, Stella Moren and her crew + any other info regarding accident and sinking.
Are you connected to Lynch surname NO
Like your site! Do you have or have access to any in-depth info on the Stella Moren, the accident and sinking,crew list etc. My Grandfather,Frank Schampel was a survivor but was traumatized so much that he would never talk about it. Sure would like to know more. Respectfully,
Frank Gessel


Name: Sharon Hammond Cords <familytreech:&quot;at&quot; roadrunner.com>
Date: 2007-03-17
How did you find this page Visited many times over the years
Are you connected to Lynch surname My great-uncle was Richard T. Wiley, a good friend of J.W. Lynch.
Your site just gets better and better! Thank you for all your hard work!

Name: Dennis Griffith <dsg4063@comcast.net>
Date: 2007-01-01
How did you find this page Thru my brother Bill
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
This is a great site, especially for one so closely allied with the Elizabeth Marine Ways. My father, Bill Griffith, worked there on both Steamers and later Diesel Powered towboats. I was born just across the Railroad tracks from the Marine Ways on Church Street.

My brother Bill mentioned that you may be interested in some photos we have. I have them digitally stored so if will be very easy to provide you with copies.

I have the Mongah, the Ranger, the Cresent as well as photos of both MV Humphries and MV Arkwright. You are more than welcome to any or all of these. Just let me know what you want and where to send them.

Again thank you for a great site.


Name: Joe W. Hotkewicz <JWHot@Bellsouth.net>
Date: 2006-12-04
How did you find this page Luck!
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
I was born in Mon City with my twin brother John in March of 1955. I also have a sister, Carol Ware who still lives in Elizabeth.My dad was from Elizabeth and worked at the Marine Ways for 35 years. He retired in 1983. My mom, Lillian Godlesky/Hotkewicz was born and raised in Bunola. I grew up in Elizabeth and lived there till my early twentys. While working my way through flight school, I worked myself at the Marine Ways from early '75 through early '80.I enjoyed working there with all the "old timers". They had lot's of great stories to share with us. My dad Joe Sr., Tom Brown Sr. & Jr.,Red Watson (Little Red), Nick (Palooch)Monich, Harry (Cat) Sowa, Johnny Opher,Ray Hammadock, Grover Plants, Bill Griffith, George Douglas, Dave Kreutzer and many more that I really miss. It was a great learning experience working there. I learned values that I still use today. And I learned to be a kind gentleman by emulating the MEN that worked there.

Name: Robert P. Smith (ne Supernovich) <rsmith@bcpl.net>
Date: 2006-11-30
How did you find this page I was born in Elizabeth. My father, Alfred Supernovich,had a Sunoco service station where the Dollar Store is now.I am a retired
Are you connected to Lynch surname No, but I remember that there was a Ms.Lynch who was either a teacher or secretary at the Elizabeth Elementary School. Dr. Stor
See note above.

Name: Bill Griffith <wkgriff@comcast.net>
Date: 2006-11-29
How did you find this page Surfing
Are you connected to Lynch surname NO
My father, Bill Griffith, worked on river all his life and worked at the ways until he retired. I worked at the ways on and off for appox 5 yrs in the '70's.

Great site.


Name: jason m thorne <thornes@windstream.net>
Date: 2006-11-20
How did you find this page browsing
your site is the greatest.i am the captain of the jesse b. guttman soon to be renamed the mongah.I really enjoy looking at all the old pictures of way back when.I always wanted to know what it was like then.Thanks again jason

Name: pauline douglas <ghettomedic13@hotmail.com>
Date: 2006-11-14
How did you find this page by accident. I am researching my grandfather's riverboat history in pittsburgh. He was a riverboat captain and superintendent on
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
very interesting. I am doing research and my grandfather spoke about the Elizabeth docks so I read your site carefully. Thanks for the information.

Name: marta burns <marta434343@yahoo.com>
Date: 2006-11-11
How did you find this page google search for Elizabeth Herald
Are you connected to Lynch surname Great uncle, John Gibson Caufield, was subbing as paymaster, sleeping near the boiler, killed 2 FEB 1902. Any suggestions on w
Great site!!!

Name: marta burns <marta434343@yahoo.com>
Date: 2006-11-11
How did you find this page google search for Elizabeth Herald
Are you connected to Lynch surname Looking for info on a packet boat, which would have left Tenmile/Millsborough area and sunk in Cairo, Illinois. Great uncle, Joh
Great site!!!

Name: Wallace Venable <wallace.venable@mail.wvu.edu>
Date: 2006-09-11
How did you find this page Google search
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
I am working on a Morgantown, WV picture book. I would like to get copies of your pictures - columbia_02-1902.jpg - and - columbia-1910.jpg - can you direct me to your sourse?

Name: Mark A. Lynch <marktina@adelphia.net>
Date: 2006-08-07
How did you find this page Searched after my father showed me a newspaper clipping mentioning my great granddad.
Are you connected to Lynch surname J.W's great grandson. The son of Jack Lynch and grandson of Jack Lynch.
I'm looking forward to reading all his journals and in the past my granddad Jack has showed me pictures of my great granddad like the one you have next to his obituary.
Keep up the good work!


Name: Ross Brightwell <rossbrightwell@verizon.net>
Date: 2006-04-14
How did you find this page Looking for Sprague info. I saw the Sprague when it was in Pittsburgh for the Bicentennial and was just browsing for more info
Are you connected to Lynch surname Maybe. My great grandmother(I am 59)was Minerva Lynch, married to Jefferson Bradley. They lived at 302 Pacific Ave. in 10th
This is a tremendous site. I came across it several months ago. I had just got broadband and had been doing a lot of browsing. I grew up in Fayette City (I now live in a suburb of Phila.) and just on a whim I typed in "Allenport Ferry". I was greatly suprised when up poppped the entry with a picture of the "ferry flat" which was built at the Elizabeth Marine Ways.

My relatives who lived in Allenport but worked in Fayette City rode it every day. When the river got to high the ferry man would row them across in the dinghy. They were both widowed business women and it was quite a site with them in their finery in the row boat.

Thanks again for your hard work.


Name: Elmer Meyers <dot2elmo@juno.com>
Date: 2006-04-12
Jay, just a note about the photo of Cox funeral home. This funeral home was owned by J. Will Martin and Mr. Cox took it over when J.W. died. Several of my kin were laid to rest by Mr. Martin in the 30s and 40s.

Name: Thomas Early <earlytom@yahoo.com>
Date: 2006-04-08
How did you find this page Web Search
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
Wonderful Web Page! Elizabeth was the first town we broke bread in Pennsylvania. We still visit it.

Name: Yvonne Farnsworth <yfarnsworth@mountcalvarybaptist.org>
Date: 2006-04-04
How did you find this page need to find information and pictures on steamboats and paddle wheelers, search the internet
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
This is a wonderful site to acquire visual information regarding steamboats. Our church is holding a teen camp this summer during the week of June 12-17. Would it be possible for us to use some of the pictures from your site to print and hang on the walls of the meeting room. We would like to use these pictures to educate our teens on the history of steam boating. If you would know where we might be able to acquire posters of steamboats, we would love to have these as well. Thank you for your consideration to this request.

Name: Ned R. Smith <rodkeys@gilanet.com>
Date: 2006-03-17
How did you find this page From a friend who lived in Charleroi.
Are you connected to Lynch surname not to my knowledge
I lived in a subdivion above Lock Three.!960-1966 My neighbor was an engineer on a Cnsoladated Coal Tug and based in West Elizibeth. I have enjoyed this site.

Name: Wally Venable <wallace.venable@mail.wvu.edu>
Date: 2006-02-20
How did you find this page Web search for "harry p. jones" steamboat
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
On Saturday 18 Feb 06 Mark Clemens, RR2 Box 544R, Greensburg, PA 15601 mdcgbg@cs.com wass offering a "real photo" post card of the Harry P. Jones for sale in his display in Morgantown, WV

Name: Phyllis Nusser <PhylN@comcast.net>
Date: 2006-02-05
How did you find this page Browsing online for information about my old hometown.
I grew up on Fifth Street,Townhill of Elizabeth Boro. I have fond memories of the Indian Rocks,the playground,and the old cemetary on Bayard street where I often played. I'll never forget Volps store where I bought loads of penny candy,Popsicles, and Mr.Freeze's. It seems so strange not to see Maraccini's store or the Five-and-Ten,and Rexall's drug store when I'm in town. I have so many other memories;they're too numerous to count. God bless all residents of Elizabeth. Phyllis

Name: Chris Contakos <spyderweb1@yahoo.com>
Date: 2006-02-05
How did you find this page researching riverboats
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
I just recently located a photo of my Great-grandfather Joe Waltower's steamship the Nellie England. It ran the Mon. in McKeesport, and was the last packet to run on the Youghiogheny River between McKeesport and Boston Pa. Let me know if you'd like to add a photo to your site. As A McKeesport/Elizabeth native, I enjoyed seeing all the photos on your site.

Name: Gene Rubino <grubino395@enter.net>
Date: 2006-01-18
How did you find this page searching elizabeth, pa
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
I have been to this site many times. It is like walking into a time machine. I have used the info and site when teaching Huck Finn in class. I have read many of the postings in the guest book and have to admit that it is very difficult to explain to people just what it was like. I think Dewey is right when he thanked our parents. We didn't have a clue and they created something special for us. I lived in town from the early 50's and left for the Lehigh Valley in 76. With the family dwindling, home is one of those places you never get back to often enough, and when you do you leave too soon. Thanks for the memories.

Name: Pam Lucas Cook <pjcook512002@yahoo.com>
Date: 2006-01-15
How did you find this page searhh for info regarding Elizabeth, PA
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
What a delight reading about Elizabeth's boatbuilding history. I didn't move into town until 1965 but it was a wonderful place to be. Climbing the steel steps up to the junior high was always a treat, especially when snow was falling! Murphy's 5 and 10 provided THE spot to get the latest 45's and newest nail colors. After school stopping into the Crystal or Cochenour and Miller's Drug store for a 10 cent Coke was a great way to gossip after high school. Thanks so much for such a fine job.

Name: Norman Crawford Jr. <ncrawfordjr@comcast.net>
Date: 2005-12-29
How did you find this page Google search for Charleroi, PA
Are you connected to Lynch surname Not to my knowledge although I have relatives who lived in Rice's Landing.
I was happy to find this site. My grandfather, W.W. Fisher, worked at the U. S. Boatyard in Charleroi until 1947. His brother Ben and brother-in-law Seth Bane worked on Lock 4, both old and new. I grew up in Fallowfield Twp. outside of Charleroi. I remember some of the stern wheelers working the river during my childhood, but the only one I can remember the name of was the Homestead. I collect postcards of Charleroi, PA and have about 160. I visit Charleroi at least once a year.

Name: John L. Hannah <jhannah_workforce@hotmail.com>
Date: 2005-12-14
How did you find this page I love boats and search the web continuously for articles on river travel.
I love this page. I could spend hours listening to the sound of the old boats.

Name: Rick Axton <axtonfive@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 2005-11-10
How did you find this page Searching for Axton.
Are you connected to Lynch surname No.
Am curious about the names of the vessels. Were they real people? Inparticular the steamer, Andrew Axton. Love American history and will study old photos for hours and wonder about the people, places, and events contained therein. Thanks for this site, will return again.
Rick Axton


Name: nathan robb <njrobb@uncc.edu>
Date: 2005-10-22
How did you find this page google
Are you connected to Lynch surname I don't know
Last year, before my Grandfather, William Robb died, he gave me a few pictures of steamboats that my Great Grandfather worked on. One picture is of the Vulcan, Fallie and two other boats under repair at the Elizabeth Marine. I wish I knew more information, I can't remember my GG Fathers name. I do know he raised a lot of steamboats on the Monog. and on the MIssisippi.

Name: William J. LaFrankie <billnfrances@aol.com>
Date: 2005-07-11
How did you find this page AOL Search under the name LaFrankie
Are you connected to Lynch surname No.
I sent you an email from my work email. The above is my personal email. You may use either or both to reply. Great job on this site. My folks (both native Elizabethans) who are approaching their eighties, will enjoy it thoroughly.
Thanks again,
Bill LaFrankie


Name: John L. Fryant <jnoboat @aol.com>
Date: 2005-07-04
How did you find this page Through a friend, Gary Imwalle
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
Great site!

Name: Chick Winship <chickwinship@msn.com>
Date: 2005-04-26
How did you find this page OUTSTANDING. I was impressed with the history recorded.
My Father in law was Capt.John Hysmith. He led the parade with the "R.J. HESLOP" on the 100th anniversary steamboat parade of Elizabeth, Pa. I was impressed with all the information/photo's available. I wish our current generation could understand more of our history and our standards and work ethics of years gone by.

Name: Warren P. McQuiggan Jr. <dlmrnc@qwestinternet.net>
Date: 2005-03-22
How did you find this page Looking for information about Warren Elsey
I am the Gr Gr Nephew of Warren Elsey who married Malinda McQuiggan, The Niece of Sam Craig. I am the Gr Gr Gr Grandson of Robert and Katie Craig the parents of Sam Craig. Any info on the Elsey and Craig families would be welcome.
Thanks Much


Date: 2005-02-21
I have some boat pictures which you may want. I have tried to forward on jwmohoney@comcast.dot.net - but address is not valid.
Please provide current e-mail address.


Name: Ronald C. Andre <rcandre@cox.net>
Date: 2005-02-12
How did you find this page Searching the web for river history in the Pittsburgh, PA area.
Are you connected to Lynch surname No.
My dad and grandfather and uncles worked and owned towboats.

Name: Janet Sprague Hastings <jan_hastings@ccps.k12.fl.us>
Date: 2005-02-08
How did you find this page forwarded from relative
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
I am a decendent of Peter Sprague, riverboat captain of the Sprague Sternwheeler of Pittsburgh. I am interested in any and all photos, information, and general history of the "Big Mama" along with any items of interest pertaining to the Sprague.

Name: Joseph Manno <Mezzanotte66@msn.com>
Date: 2005-01-19
How did you find this page Searched for Pittsburgh bridges
Incredible pictures of Pittsburgh long forgotten about bridges.

Name: adam cavalier <ajcavalier@hotmail.com>
Date: 2004-12-29
How did you find this page did a search on the marine ways
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
I am looking for old photos or memorabilia from when my grandfather, Reynold Hamadock or "Ham" worked there. He started there in 1940 and retired in 1989/90. He used to take me to the office when i was young and let me watch the boats. I remeber taking rides down to Maxwell Dam / Locks with him. He worked there for approx. 40 years. I don't think he has any old photos or anything, but the stories he still tells are great.

This is wonderful site and I enjoyed reading everything and seeing those old photos. It is interesting to see some a town's history as well as the history of the company that my grandfather spent 40 years working for. I thank you!


Name: Andy & Dan Kline <sprucepinehollow@yahoo.com>
Date: 2004-11-03
How did you find this page Google, researching the Sprague.
My son and I found the remains of the Sprague on the Yazoo river in Mississippi. Dan, my son makes and sells pens from a variety of tropical and domestic woods. The Sprague burned a number of years ago, and we hoped to find her remains & salvage some wood from her. We found the paddle wheel & found remains of wooden beams bolted to the paddle wheel. We have some photos if you are interested. Andy

Name: Jeff Reed <steelersfan@aol.com>
Date: 2004-09-23
How did you find this page search
Can you find more pictures of the locks and dams

Name: Larry Robb, Jr <lawrence.robb@sc.ngb.army.mil>
Date: 2004-08-19
How did you find this page By accident
My Granddad, Wm.A (Bunk) Robb and father, Lawrence Robb as well as the Sheplar family on my mother's side were all early rivermen.

Name: shari <sharilc83@aol.com>
Date: 2004-08-06
How did you find this page DRAVOSBURG HISTORY
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
I seen a photo on your site called deck hands but the man was unknown. The man is Theodore Foster, Captain Ellis Foster's brother. I know this because Ellis was my grandfather. I thought you may want to relable the photo. I really enjoy your site, I no longer live in the area and your site keeps the home sickness at bay. Thank You!

Name: Jacob Spencer <jmscase>
Date: 2004-08-05
How did you find this page search the webing
I was wondering if could find any pictures of both old locks & dams 7 on the monongahela river between Grays Landing and Greensboro
or any other locks and dams located on the 3 rivers.


Name: Joseph DeChicchis <dechicchis@yahoo.com>
Date: 2004-08-03
How did you find this page I stumbled across it when I was researching the steamboat New Orleans.
Your site is a real tribute to JW and the generations connected to the Marine Ways. Great work!

Name: Sharon Hammond Cords <scords@adelphia.net>
Date: 2004-07-22
How did you find this page I've had it on my "Favorites" for a long, long time and I don't remember exactly how I found it.
Are you connected to Lynch surname No ... just that Mr. Lynch was a friend to my Great Uncle Richard T. Wiley.
Your site becomes more and more interesting. I haven't been on line for quite some time, and you site is one of the first that I wanted to see again. It just gets better! Thank you for sharing this wonderful journal and all the great photos with all of us. You wouldn't have found a photo of Richard T. Wiley in Mr. Lynch's "stuff" would you?? Keep up the great job you are doing. I just love seeing the photos and reading the journal. Sharon

Name: Neil Johnson <highlander@supernet.com>
Date: 2004-07-07
How did you find this page Google
Are you connected to Lynch surname No.
Liked the page. The William Fergus mentioned is my great-grandfather. The O'Neils married into the Fergus's. William D.
O'Neil married Martha Fergus - William's niece.


Name: Jake Spencer <jmscase@aol.com>
Date: 2004-07-02
Love this website where do you find all these pictures? I was wondering if you find pictures of lock & dam 7 Greensboro on the Monongahela River

Name: Jon Tschiggfrie <tschiggers@hotmail.com>
Date: 2004-07-01
How did you find this page Google Search for WP Snyder
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
Beautiful site, the font works well with the subject matter. The photos of the boats are breathtaking... so glad that you documented this for the world to see!

Name: Jake Spencer <jmscase@aol.com>
Date: 2004-06-22
How did you find this page searching the web
I really like your website about the all the locks that I coudn't
find. I was wondering if you can find pictures of Lock & dam 6 at Rices Landing on the Monongahela River.


Name: Michael Boegner <michael.boegner@t-online.de>
Date: 2004-06-07
How did you find this page I am searching the internet for informations concerning steamtowboats for many years, I don't remember the link.
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
I am building a working model of the OMAR and Gary Imwalle provided me with a lot of pictures, drawings, hints and tips.

This is one of the best steamboat sites I ever viewed, good organized and very well to handle, please hold on.
Greatings from Michael Boegner, Marburg, Germany.


Name: Joyce (Sprague) Anderson <tadpoles2frogs2000@yahoo.com>
Date: 2004-05-30
How did you find this page Put Sprague in search at yahoo.
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
I thought your site was great,and I learned something I did`t know about the Sprague. The model. Peter was a relative of mine and I`m just gathering information.
Thanks again for the great site.



Name: Kevin Weigel <kevinweigel@comcast.net>
Date: 2004-05-04
How did you find this page Yahoo search for Elizabeth PA
Are you connected to Lynch surname George Wiegel, one of the Wiegel brothers that built the Elizabeth Marine Ways, was my Great Great Grandfather.
I'm searching for information about my family and came upon your site. (George Wiegel, one of the Wiegel brothers that built the Elizabeth Marine Ways, was my Great Great Grandfather. Thanks for all the wonderful information! Please let me know if you have any more materials or links to other sites regarding the Marine Ways. Thank you.

Name: Kathleen Kleinmann <kathleen@tripil.com>
Date: 2004-05-01
How did you find this page search google photos only for elizabeth pa
I live in the south hills of pittsburgh and want to live near the rivers because I love to watch the water. Considering moving out to Elizabeth or maybe Monongehala. Really loved your photos. I was in Elizabeth today and the town does not look too different than 75 years ago. I think I even saw a few of those old cars!

Name: Robert J. Shogan <rshogan@pennswoods.net>
Date: 2004-04-19
How did you find this page Just Browsing
I,m a Steam boat ensuthusest, I found your web site really enjoyable and spent a lot of time looking at all the pictures. I grew up near the Yough, but now live in Bedford. GREAT SITE.

Name: frank <miller>
Date: 2004-04-14
How did you find this page searching
wonderful web site!!!! Have built a model of the Marion. Stacks smoke,lites light up paddle turns, etc.

Name: Greg Hamadock <ghamadock@hcea.dom>
Date: 2004-04-06
How did you find this page Elizabeth search
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
I signed your guestbook the first time withoput really looking at the site. This is really great stuff. I have lived out of the area for over 30 years now, but nowhere else could ever be home. My dad worked his entire adult life at the ways, with a few years off for WWII and still lives on Blaine Hill.

As a kid, we used to hop the trains in town and ride up to the "beach" at the water works, change behind the pipes, and swim all day. The first place I ever lived was between the tracks and the river. I used to lie in bed at night and watch the lights from the boats. And the riverbank was all the excitement we needed as kids. It's nice to see the Mon cleaned up, but those old days were really special.

It is also great to read some of your guests' comments, and it's also reassuring to know that I'm not the only one with great memories of growing up in Elizabeth. Those steps to the junior high beside Tomko's pool hall, the band palying after football games at the Huddle, sitting "upstairs" at the movie. Herrons, Jaskols, and Householders; the 5 and 10, where you could get a 5 cent bag of fresh chips or pretzels (or even mixed). The firemen's fairs, "old-fashioned" days and decorating bikes for the Decoration Day parade. Basketball at Town Hill (or "away" games at Blaine Hill), football at Wylie field.

When I was older, there were dances at Central, listening to Porky Chedwick, Colonial Lanes and sneaking off to the "rib joint".

I never seem to get back as often as I'd like, and never can stay as long as I should, and I can seldom explain how cool it was growing up here.

Thaks for a great site and helping to preserve great memories.


Name: Greg Hamadock <ghamadock@hcea.com>
Date: 2004-04-06
How did you find this page Searching "Elizabeth, PA"
My father worked at the Ways for 40 years until he retired around 1990 or so.

Name: Amos Elmer Meyers <dot2elmo@juno.com>
Date: 2004-04-05
How did you find this page Typed Elizabeth, Pa. on web
Are you connected to Lynch surname Just as friend of Tetta Lynch Stracelsky Hall & her family
Such great memories of my hometown. Lived on Tanner's Alley then to Wylie in 1935. Went to the river all summer for swimming and picking rivet scrap from the Ways. Many 1942 grads trained and worked at the Ways. The Union RR boat was repaired there in early 70s which I photographed. My grandfather Amos was a carpenter and uncle Steve Clancy, both worked the Ways. My uncle John Griffiths was a lockman at #3. I knew most of the boat whistles in the 30s and worked myself at USS, Clairton ways in 1943. The rivermen were
very friendly and waved to us while swimming at Wylie. All interested should vist the river museum at Marietta, Ohio where the
steamboat SNYDER is exhibited. The future of Elizabeth is secure by way of this site. Thank you Jay!


Name: Amos Elmer Meyers,Jr. <dot2elmo@juno.com>
Date: 2004-04-05
How did you find this page Typed Elizabeth,Pa on web
Are you connected to Lynch surname Friend of Tetta Lynch Stracelsky Hall since school days in Eliabeth - Grad of 1942
O:ur family moved to Wylie in 1935. My brother Glenn & I spent summers at the river and the Ways. We picked scrap bolts from under the barges & sold to junk man. A few of fellow classmates worked at the Ways after 1942. Working as photographer for Union RR I had opportunity to photo our boat at the ways in the early 70s. My grandfather, Amos E. worked the Ways and is shown on a photo; also uncle Steve Clancy.

Name: John F. McMahon <jckma@pghmail.com>
Date: 2004-03-06
How did you find this page regular viewer I notice much interest
I notice much interest in the Sprague model. I remember seeing it at the Carnegie Museum around 1939or40. Also a nice model of the I.C.Woodward. Wonder what became of it? Keepp the good work.

Name: Bill Shoaf <shoafw0521@aol.com>
Date: 2004-02-24
How did you find this page By accident
Are you connected to Lynch surname Not connected but I was a neighbor of your parents when they lived on Church St.I can remember you as a small boy. Ilater worked
I knew both your father & mother. They lived 2doors from my parents.I went to work as a fireman on the Donora in 1939. I then worked in the Engineroom & got my Engineers license when I was 21.I served in the Merchant Marine during WW2 as an Engineer & got my Chief Engineers license for the Steamboats at the end of the war.I worked for US Steel until 1947 when I took a job as a State Boiler Inspector.Thanks for this web site & the disc on the Steamboat Parade which I got from Alonzo Howell my Brother-in law.You have put

Name: David & Annette Wiegel <adwiegel@earthlink.net>
Date: 2004-02-09
How did you find this page Referred to elizabethboro.com from RSR computers.
Dave's great-grandfather was John Wiegel, his grandfather was Eugene Wiegel, his father is Eugene Wiegel (who is alive and well at age 85). Dad's older sisters, Thelma Wiegel and Helen Allen are also alive and mentally sharp! Dave's father gave him a picture from 1904 of the Elizabeth Marine Ways workers, about 58 men and boys, most with their names jotted on the back of the picture. Once I get my scanner working, I'd love to add it to your website.

Name: pam moriearty <pmoriearty@lincolncollege.com>
Date: 2004-02-07
How did you find this page searching for steamer sprague info
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
I just bought a beautiful steel engraving +/- 8 x 10" plus border, entitled "steamer sprague and tow" and signed Menzo Van Esveldt. I can find no info on the web about the artist or the engraving. anyone have a clue?

Name: F. Dewey Poskon <p5674@msn.com>
Date: 2004-02-06
How did you find this page accidently
Are you connected to Lynch surname No.
Wow is about all that I can say. There appears to be a lot of work and genuine care in the creation of your site. It immediately brought back a multitude of memories for me....memories that most often were filled with good friends as kids, good neighbors and kind business owners in Elizabeth. I don't know if those who grew up in Elizabeth know it or not, but being someone born in 1948, life was very secure, consistent and safe during those formative years. As kids, I mean young kids, we could roam all over Walkers Heights, Town Hill, downtown all the way down to the Dairy Queen without any fear of anything (other than the kids from Blaine Hill!!!). I could go thru each picture and give a personal story related to each, but there wouldn't be enought time. I'll close with the following, that hopefully will kickstart your memories.... the fund raisers underneath the Elizabeth bridge every summer, the Memorial Day parade (that my dad, Frank Poskon would lead), the Halloween parade with all the costumes and the high school band, Tony Rubino's barber shop, the two week bible school at the Methodist church, diving off the wall at Lock 3, swimming on rafts in the Monon and getting caught and spanked! (I could never figure out how my Dad knew I was down there until I figured out that I smelled like the river!), street football between the telephone pools of 3rd Street and Tanner Avenue on Walker Heights, sled riding on Town Hill and 2nd Town Hill, swinging on monkey vines over the creek behind Jimmy Turner's house, Bunny Richards, Art Turner, Doc Monheim, Judy Jones (who could always beat us at any and everything), duck pin bowling below the Jr. High, the steel steps to Walker Heights, the Town Hill playground, the cowpasture, Marricinni's, Payday's, the hamburger shop between 2nd and 3rd avenue downtown that was always crowded after an Elizabeth High football game, Coach Rubino, John Lollie's paper store, Shafer's back yard, the Elizabeth Theatre where 14 cents got you in to see "B" rated horror or sci fi films, my mom's beauty shop over the bank on 2nd Avenue....I could go on and on. But I'll conclude by saying "Thank you" to all the men and women from the WWII era of Elizabeth who, probably without overtly knowing it, created a pretty good family atmosphere in all aspects for most of us raised there... I'm also quite pleased that my nephew, Lane Zabelsky, (my sister Vonnie's son) purchased my parent's house on Walker Heights which keeps me connected to my past.

Name: Gene Burger <SkinSide@aol.com>
Date: 2004-01-26
How did you find this page Looking for my ggGrandfather's boat
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
I am lookling for information about the J.D. Barnhill. My gggrandfather was a Richard Muse of Elizabeth Township a little town called Buena Vista. He took coal from the Youghiougheny River at a town called Stringtown to New Orleans. During the Civil War he trandported troups to the Cumberland and the Tenn Rivers. He was also a Methodist minister in a church founded by his wife's relitive aDravo in Stringtown. The Barnhill may have been a Dravo ship but I think not. Richard was in direct competation with his father-in-law on of the foubders of the Dravo Steamship lines.

I wopuld also like to know where I canfond either his captain's or pilot's papers. I have know clue where to look.


Name: Gary C. Lynch <Gary.C.Lynch@erdc.usace.army.mil>
Date: 2004-01-21
How did you find this page yahoo - search for Sprague
Are you connected to Lynch surname I am one
This is really neat. I live in Vicksburg, MS, site of the last dock for the Sprague before she burned to the waterline. When I first moved here in 1973, We went onboard several times to see the play "Gold in the Hills". Now, I work here as an Engineer at the Engineer Research and Development Center Ship/Tow Simulator.

Name: Sam Spence <sspence900@aol.com>
Date: 2004-01-12
How did you find this page GOOGLE SEARCH

Name: Susan Gray <susangraygofish@bellsouth.net>
Date: 2004-01-11
How did you find this page looking for info about the Sprague
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
I am looking for anyone who may know about what was on the Sprague. I have a wood burning iron furnace(coles hot blast #196)and i would like to know if that was indeed the type of heating source used on the Sprague. Can anyone help me? PS this is a GREAT website!


Name: SUSAN GRAY <susangraygofish@bellsouth.net>
Date: 2004-01-10
How did you find this page looking on the web to get info about the Sprague.
Are you connected to Lynch surname no-i am not related. but>>>>i have a wood burning furnace/heater that may be from the Sprague. it is a cole's hot bl
I think this site is great. I appreciatte all the hard work that has gone into your research.
Susan Gray


Name: steve burke <oldboatstuff@hotmail.com>
Date: 2003-12-25
How did you find this page by chance
Are you connected to Lynch surname nope
most enjoyable and intreguing (sp?) Thanks......Are these boats viewable these days?.......Steve Burke 508-878-4021

Date: 2003-12-03
How did you find this page google
IT IS NICE MEN KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Shipyard Sam <ShipyardSam@yahoo.com>
Date: 2003-11-19
How did you find this page River Link
Are you connected to Lynch surname NO
Excellent website. Very enjoyable.

Name: scott robertson <scotto6469@adelphia.net>
Date: 2003-10-31
How did you find this page my friend dean rands sent it to me via e-mail he's a capt. at consol
Are you connected to Lynch surname no
i am a capt. at mon river towing and it's nice to see someone doing a website like this,i've been on the river since 1987 and i think it's interesting to see what the river looked like in days of old! keep up the good work!

Name: Richard P. Kacin <richkacin@artistagraphics.com>
Date: 2003-09-23
How did you find this page quite by accident , while doing research on Herr's Island
Are you connected to Lynch surname no, I am not
I am sending an e-mail to jwmohney on my comments seperately.
Tried to send last night, but got returned to me. ( used click address)


Name: John McMahon <jckma@pghmail.com>
Date: 2003-09-10
How did you find this page Browsing
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
Wonderful site... My grandfather and great grandfather were ship carpenters. My grandfather was born at Shousetown in 1852 where his father was employed at the boat yard there. My grandfather worked in many of the boat yards in the Pittsburgh district. His name was Alfred D. McMahon/ He died in 1929. Perhaps he may have worked at Elizabeth at one time. I have his caulking irons and mallets and many of his other tools. As a retired river man I enjoy your collection of boat pictures. I have a Collection I have taken over the past 60 years. Keep up the good work and thanks.

Name: dana <danah@one.net>
Date: 2003-09-07
How did you find this page searching for "Sprague"
Are you connected to Lynch surname No.
I have a picture of the Sprague and if you would like me to eMail it to you, please let me know. Put SPRAGUE (in caps) in the subject line so I will be sure to see it. I'm on the Board of Directors at the local Historical Society and came across the photo when I was doing a River Heritage PowerPoint presentation.

Thanks for your time..........dana


Name: H arley Ray <bud-ray@juno.com>
Date: 2003-08-28
How did you find this page A friend sent the link
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
I have not viewed the entire site yet,but am sure to be somewhat interested.

Name: kathy graham <tnkgraham@attbi.com>
Date: 2003-08-27
Are you connected to Lynch surname my mother is james william lynch's sister in law. he is married to my mom's only sister. marge lynch shaw is my godmother .i li

Name: Barry Opfer JR. <b.opfer@comcast.com>
Date: 2003-08-23
How did you find this page i use google and typed in west newton,and you guys popped up.
My grandpap worked for marine ways his whole life.He just had just pasted away a few weeks ago.It was very nice to see this website come up.His name was john opfer.If anyone know him and or has any storys or any picture I would love to hear or have them.My name Barry Opfer Jr..My e-mail is. b.opfer@comcast.com ps. ur pictures are great.you need more older ones

Name: Ed Stirling <stirli@jvlnet.com>
Date: 2003-07-11
How did you find this page Just browsing
Are you connected to Lynch surname no, sorry.
Your web page has brought a flood of childhood memories back to me. I was born and raised in Elizabeth and still visit relatives there occasionally. The "Butments" as we called them were just up stream from the Marine Ways and were erected to protect the Ways from driftwood. Massive amounts of driftwood collected on these huge wooden structures and it was a great fishing spot for catfish and carp. It was also a fun , though dangerous place for adventurous boys to explore. Some of the flotsam that collected there along with the driftwood was fun to see. From old bottles and cans to tires and even clothes. I suppose a body or two was found there from time to time, though I don't remember any. At least once a year the Elizabeth Volunteer Fire Department was called to put out a fire in the abutments, started no doubt by some mischievous child either accidentally or on purpose.

Near the Marine Ways, along Fallen Timber Run was a depository for the scrap sawdust from the boat building operations. We played football and other games on the soft surface and there was a swing hung in a very large tree that one could use to swing from one side of the creek to the other and jump into the sawdust.

The pictures of the old Elizabeth Bridge also were great to see. I clearly remember sitting on the riverbank watching the workmen cut the last girders of the old bridge to drop the whole thing into the river. What a splash!

My name is Ed Stirling and I was born in Elizabeth in 1938, now live in Byron, Illinois.

Thank you for these wonderful memories.


Name: Albert J Vangura <bigalvan@libcom.com>
Date: 2003-07-05
How did you find this page google-looking for info on building a live steam launch
I live across the river in Clairton and was a very good friend of Doc Benack. He told me alot about the history of Elizabeth. Also on church st I worked for a company called Chernicky Machine and Dolf Caukett had a wood shop across from our shop. I am now retired and in the process of building a steam egine.

Name: Erin Zebroski <emz7276@attbi.com>
Date: 2003-05-05
How did you find this page I was looking for the address for Lock #3.
Are you connected to Lynch surname I don't believe I am connected to the Lynch name, but my uncle, Ed Hysmith is Lock Master for Lock #3.
I have found this web sute very interesting. Thanks for building it!!

Name: Mary L. Lynch <Mary_merry_89445@Yahoo.com>
Date: 2003-04-29
How did you find this page Looking for Lynch relitives-through roots web
Are you connected to Lynch surname G Father Thomas Lynch 1888/1969 Sayre Pa father Thomas B Lynch 1917/1981 Sayre Pa
loved your site. It was easily navigatable and attractive.

Name: Sue Molnar <suemarina2@attbi.com>
Date: 2003-03-30
How did you find this page Rich R. from RSR Treh in Elizabeth.
Since I am a River Rat, I love this web site!!!!

Name: Edward Dewey Gibson <edg@monriver.com>
Date: 2003-03-13
How did you find this page Little River Books [online]
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
I am a marine surveyor from Elizabeth Pa. My grandfather was a Captain for Carnegie Steel Corp. on the Homestead and other Carnegie boats. His name was Roland Dewey.
Nice site!


Name: Cathy Hill <rayclady@texoma.net>
Date: 2003-02-18
How did you find this page Emailed to me from a friend/co-worker.
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
Totally Awesome!!!

Name: amanda miller <millerak@washjeff.edu>
Date: 2003-01-17
How did you find this page Google searched "R.T. Wiley"
Are you connected to Lynch surname No.
I grew up in Elizabeth, on Blaine Hill, and was given a book by R.T. Wiley about the history of the town. It sparked my interest so much that ever since then I've become something of a local history buff, and I really enjoy reading about the history of the town I grew up in.

My family is originally from Connellsville, but we moved to Elizabeth when I was very young. I remember when I was in elementary school we put on a play about the steamboats; I also remember that the graphic on your front page was a huge painting that hung in the school by the office. I always thought how silly it was that the river water was bright green.

Now I'm a history major at Washington & Jefferson College and plan on going into historic preservation and curatorial work.

Thanks for the great info and the well-designed page!
Take care


Name: Richard Rodgers <manofmoderation@yahoo.com>
Date: 2003-01-01
How did you find this page I was searching for "Pennsylvania Steamboats"
Are you connected to Lynch surname No
I am delighted to have found your site. I grew up in Bellevue. My father, Capt. Jack Rodgers and his father, W.B.Rodgers were in the sand and gravel dredging business. The company was called the "McReady - Rodgers Sand And Gravel Company"(or something close to that). The landing was down in the NorthSide and it consisted primarily of an ancient steamer named the "Mac-Rod" which I'm pretty sure just sat in the mud. I was just a little kid (born 1942) when my dad would take me to the landing and when I was lucky give me a ride on the river to re-fuel the diesel towboat that the company operated.

I can remember as a very young kid watching the paddlewheel races in the summer. The two boats that I still clearly remember were the Titan and the Homestead. It was a really big deal. All my father's friends and river people would gather on the top deck of the Mac-Rod and have a picnic on race day. Memories I will never forget. Your clip with the steam whistle damn near brought a tear to my eye. I almost expected to hear a caliope.Thank you for all the work you have put into the site. I'll be back often. Richard Rodgers in San Francisco, Calif.


Name: jake spencer <jmscase@aol.com>
Date: 2002-12-31
I really like your site its the 1st site I've seen with old pictures of the locks & dams. Right next to Elizabeth marine ways is now the Elizabeth boatclub. Im a houseboater I've been a boater all my life and I will always be one I hopefully plan on opening my own boatclub down the future. I tried to find pictures before but never could find anything not even the Army Corps of Engineers had stuff. Is it possible for you to add ariel views of elizabeth and peharps other towns. How about some pictures between 1950's to 1990's. also some ariel's of lock 3 and some others in that same time period if you can. thanks!

Name: Linda Croushore <lcroushore@mvec.org>
Date: 2002-11-20
How did you find this page Sue
Are you connected to Lynch surname No, I'm not but I do know some Lynch's in White Oak. You've done a wonderful job, Jay. I also know of a great painting that ha
Linda CroushoreMVEC

Name: Sharon Hammond Cords <sharonhammond@myrealbox.com>
Date: 2002-11-08
How did you find this page Google search
Are you connected to Lynch surname No, only as a family member of a friend of your great-grandfather by the name of Richard Taylor Wiley.
Your hard work and love of Elizabeth just grows and grows . . the site is better than ever and I thank you for sharing all of this with us.



Name: Phil Bryson <PHdashill@aol.com>
Date: 2002-10-06
How did you find this page Was looking up "Ben Avon" on the web. I grew up in that small burough. The picture on your site I can almost place whe
I grew up in Ben Avon, outside Pgh. I'd go down to the locks and dam all the time as a kid. I went fishing there. The picture on your site looks like it was right about where I'd cross the tracks! Although the picture looks like it is dated from the early years of the century. No locks are in place, or the tunnels we used to go under the train tracks to get to the locks. I left there in 1978. And all the other places you mention on your site...AWESOME! I know many. My grandmother grew up in Kitaning. THANKS!!

Name: D.J. Spargo <flaspargo@aol.com>
Date: 2002-09-09
How did you find this page Great!
Are you connected to Lynch surname No.
I'm searching for more Applegate surnames who were involved in building boats at Elizabeth, PA. They were living there in the early 1800's. Would you know where I could find more info on earlier boat building and river men than your site covers?
Would appreciate any help whatsoever!


Name: Lane Zabelsky <Brdman865@cs.com>
Date: 2002-07-29
How did you find this page surfing
My Grandfather, Frank Poskon, used the old rail station for his shop and after he passed my Grandmother sold it. If anyone has an old picture of the station I'd love a copy to hang in his old house that I recently purchased. The one on this site would be ideal.

Thank You


Name: L.A. Rack Boylstein <randylee1@adelphia.net>
Date: 2002-07-14
How did you find this page Google search
Are you connected to Lynch surname not connected to Lynch,
I was born and raised in Elizabeth Twp - getting interested in the history of Elizabeth during the boatmaking times. Nice site, enjoyed the postcards posted.
Thank you for sharing


Name: JoAnn Gabriel <finwiz228@softcom.net>
Date: 2002-07-10
How did you find this page Google.com, searching for info on the Tom Dodsworth
Very well done and informative. Quite a piece of history saved.

Name: Mark A. Lynch <acesim@comcast.net>
Date: 2002-06-22
How did you find this page internet seach of Lynch PA
Are you connected to Lynch surname Yes, related through James S. Lynch of Pittsburgh area, second marriage to Ruhama I. Kightlinger Diamond, Venango Co. PA buried
Interested in the Lynch connection and genealogy, if related to me.
I visit Pittsburgh occasionally and would like to visit museum to view the journals of JW


Name: frank andrisko <frankjr37@aol.com>
Date: 2002-06-21
How did you find this page by coincedence
Are you connected to Lynch surname yes, my grandfather was jack lynch, j.w. lynch's son
This is one of the greatest websites I have ever seen, great job Jay, you have put a lot of work into this, any help I can be please feel free to contact me.

Name: JAMES L. SACCO <sac65@erols.com>
Date: 2002-06-12
How did you find this page Using Yahoo to search for Riverboats of Pa.
I am originally from Fredericktown and have been interested in obtaining pictures and plans to build a model of a Pa. "PaddleWheeler", as we called them. Your efforts have provided some valuable views to aid my undertaking. I have also recently found plans for a Riverboat but have not recieved them as yet.

Name: Robert Earl Howell <bobnbel@att.net>
Date: 2002-06-11
How did you find this page search for "steamboat+Sprague"
I have been a student of the Sprague for about twenty years. I worked at Avondale Shipyards in New Orleans back in the early seventies (I think it was) when they brought the Sprague down from Vicksburg to do some work on the hull. At the time, it was still intact.

On later visits to Vicksburg, it was docked, then lost to high water and went somewhere downriver a mile or two, but not accessible. Then, they brought it back up to the landing, fixed it up some, and I guess had some play performances on board. Then, a fire, I think, and all that was left was the hull

Next time we went to Vicksburg, some contractor was smoothing off the face of the cliff in Vicksburg, and was to somehow drag the Sprague hull UP THE HILL, place in on a pedestal, and open it for viewing.

I started visiting kind of regular, to see the action. Well, there was none. Seems the hull would not move. Not from pulling, pushing, dragging, not nohow. Finally, they seemed to have pulled it to pieces.

Next trip, I found the engines and paddle wheel spiders laying in tall grass half-way up the cliffside, in ruins. Later, a chain link fence was erected that did little good to keep out anyone or anything.

Last I saw, the machinery pieces had been moved onto a nearby piece of property, and will be (hopefully) put into some exhibit.

By the way, I know of at least one more model that might interest you. When leaving Vicksgurg heading south on Hwy 61, but before getting to the interstate highway bridge, there is a pawn shop, on the west side of the street, in a cinder block building. And, on the roof on a pedestal, there was a model of the Sprague, probably 6 feet long. I turned the corner, went back, and walked into the building. I said to the lady behind the counter, "Do you know that's a model of the Sprague on the roof?".

Yes, she said, it was built by the man who owns this place. I asked if he were around, and met him a few minutes later. Turns out he was a pilot on the Sprague for many years. He built the model himself.

After we talked for a while, he asked me for the year in which I was born. I said 1938. He then reached into a display case, and pulled out some old Waterways journals from 1938, and gave me several copies. He had stacks and stacks of them.

I need to visit Vicksburg again and see if everything is still there.

Best regards, and I like your site.

Robert Howell


Name: Maggie Morrison Thompson <mthom@rcn.com>
Date: 2002-06-01
How did you find this page I was searching for info on storm damage in the Elizabeth area, where I was raised.
Are you connected to Lynch surname Not that I know of.
I spent many nights when I was a child listening to the steamboat whistles signaling Lock 3 and waiting for the lock to signal back. I played around the Marine Ways area also. I hope to visit your website again.

Name: Dale J. Zubik <dalez2@juno.com>
Date: 2002-05-22
How did you find this page through the S & D Reflector
Are you connected to Lynch surname I come from a river boat family. I am also a riverboat pilot and I hold a current riverboat licence for uninspected vessels o
I can be contacted at 412-766-1639. I would be happy to help in any way I can. Thank you Dale Zubik

Name: Debbie Bruce <bruced@stargate.net>
Date: 2002-04-25
How did you find this page referral by relative
Are you connected to Lynch surname I grew up in Elizabeth and am now in the process of purchasing and remodeling the house my great grandfather (Amos Meyers) built
I thoroughly enjoy your web page. It is very interesting and informational. I may have some pictures and information I can give you in the future.

Name: George Churchwell <gchurchwel@centurytel.net>
Date: 2002-04-18
How did you find this page Looking for steamboats
Are you connected to Lynch surname As a young man I worked on the Swickley, Dravo 41. Pioneer, Keystone and many other boats owned by Capt. John Hysmith & Dra
No. I cmae from Capt. John Hysmith Family. He owned the swickley, Sarha, Mary Alice and alllllso the R.J. Heslop. He was my uncl
I lived in the State of California (my wife was from Donora) for many years. Just moved to Tennessee last year! My father was a river pilot. 98 years old and still alive. He worked on the Wineford that was owned by Keystne Sand & Gravel (Dravo Corp.

Name: Edward Faircloth <jetfaircloth@attbi.com>
Date: 2002-03-24
How did you find this page I was searching for information on the history of my house.
Great site!! I live in the home that Captain Edgar(Ed) Robison formerly lived in between 1870 and 1882.

Name: jerry nacey <jermad@surferie.net>
Date: 2002-03-24
How did you find this page browsing
Are you connected to Lynch surname I'm from the West Elizabeth area,lived above W Eliz. My uncle worked on the river for Uss He was everything from deck hand to a
Really enjoyed your web pages. I definitely willreturn. Hope to hear from you. Happy Easter

Name: Capt. Aug Phillip and Sarah Duncan Shultz <augdogland@aol.com>
Date: 2002-03-04
How did you find this page Lookin' around for information on the Steamer Sprague. Amazing what you can find out on the net! Spookey!
Are you connected to Lynch surname We have no knowledge of the Elizabeth Marine Works. We just thought about the Spraque the other day and we wanted to know where
It's me Sarah Duncan, former PR-type with the DQSC. I was lucky enough to marry Capt. Aug Phillip Shultz, pilot, DQ & MQ. Anyway, we just got this computer and now we want to know everything about EVERYTHING! Idle hands..... I'm Phillip's secretary, among other things, he's been a bit under-the-weather for a while. If anyone out there would like to send him a message, boy, he'd like it, and I'll get it to him.

Name: Janice Means <rangergranny@msn.com>
Date: 2002-01-24
How did you find this page from Richard Pollard
Are you connected to Lynch surname I have no knowledge of Elizabeth, but I too have a greatgrandfather who was a Captain on the Ohio River. He piloted a boat name
What a wonderful web page you have put together. I thank you!

Name: Glenn Meyers <sgemgramp@sunline.net>
Date: 2002-01-10
How did you find this page My sister Marilyn who lives on Blaine Hill, k35effie@aol.com.
Are you connected to Lynch surname Born in Elizabeth, 1927. Lived there or in Wylie until 1948. Spent lots of time down near the ways, playing. llGot my first ha
The only connection I remember was my third grade teacher, named Lynch. They lived in the house very near the Wylie school.
Three of my siblings now or still live in Elizabeth, Walter and wife Peg, Marilyn Kalanonvich,
Vera Brown, and brother Elmeer in North Huntington Twp nearby.

Thanks for doing all this work! It is a fantastic work of love!


Name: Mark Wetzig <markwetzig@aol.com>
Date: 2001-11-27
How did you find this page web meta search
Are you connected to Lynch surname Grandfather's riverboat built in Elizabeth, PA in 1899. Operated as the W. L. McKinney from 193 to 1935.
Would like more information on history of riverboat and Elizabeth Marine Ways.

Name: Cap Capozzoli <wcapozz@erols.com>
Date: 2001-11-07
How did you find this page Linked to it from Another site
I lived on the Monongahela while I was growing up and have listened to the sounds of the River Boats as they passed the Isabella Coal Mine area. We use to swim out to the boats and try to get into the second to third buster to ride the waves. As we swam out, the boat attendands screamed at us to get back. They feared that we would be hurt. Fortunately none of our gang ever did.

Name: Frank Harold Evans <fevans@globalmedtech.net>
Date: 2001-11-02
How did you find this page Searching for Pittsburgh Coal, Consolidation Coal
Are you connected to Lynch surname My Father was an employee of the company and worked at the office building in downtown Pittsburgh and latter in Elizabeth at the
I have many photographs of riverboats my father had. After his passing I obtained these for preservation. I was intending to develope a web site around the company and the boats with scanned photos I have. Many opf the Sprague, Beacon, Voyager, Pittsburgh Coal, Champion, RL Ireland, Arkwright and others. I would be thrilled to hear from you

Name: Drifter Smith <RealDriftr@aol.com>
Date: 2001-10-21
How did you find this page Glen Tunney mentioned your site in his History of Brownsville series
When I lived in Brownsville ('55-'61) I was fascinated by the sound of the boats...a couple paddlewheeled steamers were still pushing coal barges, and on one of my first outings on the Mon in a kayak I built, I passed one on the river. Riding the tailwaves kicked up by the paddlewheel was a lot of fun.

I've been guiding whitewater trips for the past three decades...23 years in the Grand Canyon alone. Sure was neat to be able to hear the steam whistles again after all these year...Rubber rafting is pretty cool, but it doesn't have anything to compare to steam whistles...Thanks! - Drifter Smith


Name: Dan Jenkins <dan@a-o.net>
Date: 2001-10-18
How did you find this page google search for pictures of Elizabeth PA
Are you connected to Lynch surname Not much. I've lived in West Elizabeth PA for 10 years, and just opened a used book shop at 101 Second Avenue in Elizabeth.
I have several new copies of the book "Elizabeth and her Neighbors" by Robert T. Wiley. You can visit my webpage at www.danjenkins.com for more information on this and my used book store.

Name: PaulJoseph Vick " Newman <songofthebow@earthlink.net>
Date: 2001-09-22
How did you find this page I have been searching for information about my grandfather who worked on the boats in Elizabeth, PA. His name was Joseph Vick...
Are you connected to Lynch surname I have studied as much as I can on Elizabeth because of my family roots there.
I do not know.
This web site is very informative and interesting. I would love to see the whole video of 1934! It has given me a desire to come and visit. I have roots there and I would like to see the river also.
I am a sailor...I have grown up on the Great Lakes.


Name: sandy <sandra41067@yahoo.com>
Date: 2001-09-10
How did you find this page friend
Your site is great.I was very interested in the town scenes I grew up in west elizabeth my great grandfather was part of the Ullrich bakery shop, do have any photos or info on it.?

Name: Shirley Neece <neece@ecis.com>
Date: 2001-08-12
How did you find this page Glenn A Tunney column 144
Dear Mike, I have enjoyed your site on steamboats, I am looking for a David Laughlin who was a pilot or captain from Fayette Co. PA. His father Hugh Laughlin and James Breading built two ships, both were called the Enterprise, (built about 1814) first one sunk on its trip to New Orleans, second one built about 1816, I believe in Brownsville PA.
Hope you might be able to provide some information or direct me in the right direction.
Thank you very much,


Name: Thom Stapleton <tstabby@yahoo.com>
Date: 2001-08-12
How did you find this page Glenn Tunney column
Are you connected to Lynch surname More familiar with the Hillman Ways at Alicia
Spent my early years(1930's & 40's)in W Brownsville so I love your site, brings back lots of memories. Have quite a few riverboat pics,including steamboat races at Pittsburgh if you are interested

Name: Sharon Hammond Cords <RSCords@compuserve.com>
Date: 2001-07-14
How did you find this page Goggle Search
Are you connected to Lynch surname My ancestors were in Elizabeth for many, many years. Richard Taylor WILEY is my Great Uncle. I descend from his sister, Anne C
If we are connected I do not know where at this time.
I just love this site! I have sent notices about it to other Elizabeth, PA researchers. Your love of the past and of your family shows in the hours and hours of work that has gone into this site. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! It is a treasure!! Sheer delight!



Name: Marion V. Couvillion <perdidos@texas.net>
Date: 2001-07-11
How did you find this page looking for names of boats mentioned in web site.
Are you connected to Lynch surname Have very little knowledge of Elizabeth but have done much reading on Bridgeport.
A fine job on a most interesting site. Please keep up the good work it is much appreciated. I have a couple of pictures of the J. C. Risher and Jim Brown which I did not see on the web page. If you would like a copy please send your direct address to me at perdidos@texas.net

Thanks for what must be an act love of family.

M. V. Couvillion


Name: Greg Manns <gamesq@aol.com>
Date: 2001-04-21
How did you find this page Western Pa history.
As a child I used to sit atop the hill overlooking the Mckeesport-Duquesne bridge and watch the boats go up and down the river pushing their barges. Wish I had a camera at that time.