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Name: dave canoy <>
Date: 2017-08-06
Where are you from? roxboro
What surnames are you researching? BULLBOY
Please correct your WWI Casualty data for:
BULLBOY, ROY Greensboro NC Killed Oct 11, 1918.
His correct last name is BULLYBOY. His mother's name was
LUCY BULLYBOY, 605 Martin St, Greensboro NC

Dave Canoy


Name: James L. Pate <>
Date: 2017-07-10
Where are you from? (family/lower Cumberland Co) residence, Fairmont
I have approx 200 letters written by my paternal grandfather (Marion B. Pate), a veteran of the 81st Division's sanitary train. These letters are to my grandmother, whom he was unable to marry until his return from France, so fast was his induction process in early 1918; and to his parents. His father was a Civil War veteran (Fayetteville Homeguard) and he mentions long marches to his dad, who no doubt endured the same during the defense of Fort Fisher. I have transcribed these letter and am interested in sharing them with your project, but I would want to meet in person before I commit. And I can show you the original letters, still in their envelopes with postmarked stamps. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Name: Pastor Jeffrey Clemens <>
Date: 2017-01-04
Where are you from? Roanoke, Virginia
What surnames are you researching? Journey
I am looking for the lost soul of 1st LT James Britt Journey. He entered service in Charlotte in 1917. LT Journey would be Killed In Action on 10 August 1918 in France. It is time to give our Doughboy Soldiers their full dues of honor and respect. For God & Country, Pastor Jeff Clemens

Name: Bruce <>
Date: 2016-03-16
Where are you from? Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC
What surnames are you researching? Bruce
I am trying to assemble a complete listing of those who served during WWI from Rowan County.

Name: Cindy Summers Heafy <>
Date: 2015-08-26
Where are you from? Garner, NC
What surnames are you researching? Summers
What would you like to see add to this site? information on grandfather member of NC Waggoners WW1
Recently while researching my family I had found information on on my grandfather Lacy W Summers who was a member of the NC Waggoners during WW1 serving in France. On an application for his military grave stone someone had written Purple Heart honoree. I checked and found through the military that he had never received his medals. I received his Purple Heart, WW1 Victory Medal with clasp showing his service for Aisne Marne Battle, Champaigne-Marne Battle, Defensive Sector Battle, Meuse- Argonne Battle clasp, and St. Mihiel Battle clasp and his WW1 victory button. He lived for many years in NC in Greensboro area and later in the Portsmouth Va area. He went on to work for the Norfolk Southern Railroad as a railroad police officer. He is laid to rest in the Portsmouth Olive Branch city cemetery. He was married to Margaret Louise Patton from the Patton family in Ashville NC area. I know from family history he was injured during one of the battles from a shrapnel wound and was exposed to some type of gas agent. Evidently, that was the reason for the Purple Heart. Thank you for your work to preserve the military history of NC.

Name: Gerry Vrancken <>
Date: 2014-05-01
Where are you from? Belgium
What surnames are you researching? Roscoe
today i adopted the grave off Joseph E Roscoe from Osborne North Carolina
at the Flanders field cemetery in Waregem (Belgium), and now i am searching the internet to find out if there are any relative's i could get in to contact whit. or possible picture's of this soldier.


Name: Shasta Seagle <>
Date: 2014-03-09
Where are you from? Kannapolis, NC
What surnames are you researching? Cook, Jones
This is a fantastic site. Thanks for all that you do.

I have two great-great grandfathers who enlisted in WWI and they were Alvin Everette Cook of Guilford County, NC and James M Jones of Buncombe County, NC. I have a bit of info I found on their registration cards, but no photos or anything else about them. I hope some day I will be able to find more about their time in service.


Name: Richard Boisvert <>
Date: 2013-12-27
Where are you from? Townsville NC
What surnames are you researching? Norwood, twisdale
Originally from Chicago, my wife is the daughter of the late Robert (Ray) Norwood, a former Bailif of Vance county. Across the way my wifes cousin a Twisdale had a grandfather wo fought in the G/W. At this time I have somewhere a scrapbook of a young women (I think) she was from Warren county who pasted pictures in it while waiting for her (") fiance' to return. At the time of the GW my family lived in Quebec.

Name: Lloyd Gowin <>
Date: 2010-04-15
Where are you from? Nebraska
What surnames are you researching? Baugh, Gowin, McDaniel,
What would you like to see add to this site? Not much history for my lines in NC, More Kentucky
Christmas Carol goes around but it is told diffently each time. Enjoyed this tale and its detail. Knew a gassed WWI in Wyoming. My aunt married a WW1 vet who also was gassed. There is a brass monument to Lincoln NE men who died in WW1 just 5 blocks from my home. I like your effort. Cheers from the Cornhusker state. LOL (Lloyd of Lincoln).

Name: LTC (Ret.) Sion H. Harrington III <>
Date: 2008-01-14
Where are you from? North Carolina
What surnames are you researching? NC WWI Veterans
Tried to contact you, but the email would not go thorugh. I head the Military Collection for the State Archives of North Carolina, and would be interested in corresponding with you regarding your wonderful website. Am particularlyinterested in making contact with the donors of the Caro Everett Freeman and Robie Howard Baker images for permission to place copies of them in our Military Collection, as well as any others who might have photographs or papers related to the WWI service of a Tar Heel.

With best wishes,

LTC (Ret.) Sion H. Harrington III
Military Collection Archivist
Department of Cultural Resources
NC Div. of Historical Resources
4614 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-4614
(919) 807-7314 (Voice)
(919) 733-1354 (Fax)


Name: Max Grigg <>
Date: 2007-10-25
Where are you from? Gastonia, NC
What surnames are you researching? Ford, Groves, Grigg, Hoffman, Burns
I am currently researching my dad's life b. 1899 and will do a timeline which will include his adventures of The Great War starting with his joining the NC National Guard which was called to fight against Poncho Villa on the Mexican Border. He was called again to fight against the Germans at Ypres-Lys Battle and Somme, Offensive.