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ABCgenealogy - Irish
Directory of Irish genealogy resources
ABCgenealogy - Jewish
Directory of Jewish genealogy resources
ABCgenealogy - Native American
Directory of Native American genealogy resources
Awesome Genealogy: German Vital Records
German genealogy and vital records. Includes ships lists, census transcriptions, research aids, german translations, german pioneer information, Pennsylvania Dutch genealogy and links.
Search UK & Ireland databases
Trace your family history back to the United Kingdom or Ireland. Free Family Tree Software.
"German Immigrant Ancestors in Syracuse & Onondaga County, NY"
History & genealogy of the German community 1825-1945, including Timeline, churches, newspapers, English translations of 1897 German text, biographies, and more.
"The SWEDISH Connection in Kansas"
This site is dedicated to providing links, lookups, etc. for genealogy research relative to the Swedish emigrants who migrated and settled/developed the state of Kansas.
1838 St. Augustine Free Black and Guardian
1838 St. Augustine/St. Johns County Florida Free Blacks and Guardians
1858 St. Augustine Slave and Free Black Permission Slips
1858 St. Augustine/St. Johns County Florida Slave and Free Black Permission slips issued by St. Augustine City Government
A Bibliography of the Cultural History of the German-Speaking Community in
This Bibliography documents the cultural history of the German-speaking cultural group in Alberta from its beginnings in the 1880s to the present by assembling in one place references to the thousands of primary and secondary materials available in libraries and archives across Alberta and elsewhere. The objective of this project is to facilitate research in German-Albertan history by scholars, teachers, students, and anyone else interested in the subject. The site consists of three parts: 1. The searchable bibliography containing ca. 6,500 entries from newspapers, books, journals, maps, sound recordings, archival records, etc. 2. An hierarchically organized list of the keywords used to index the bibliography, which is indispensable for efficient, focussed searches. 3. An interactive map of the Province of Alberta and a list of the place names occurring in the bibliography. There are also regional overview maps and maps of East European regions from which many settlers came.
A Creek Indian Bibliography, by Anne Gometz.
Creek Indians: Sources for History, Biography and Genealogy; Print and Internet Links, plus a list of Creek Indians who served in WW II.
ABCgenealogy - African American
Directory of African American genealogy resources
ABCgenealogy - French
Directory of French, French Canadian, Acadian/Cajun genealogy resources
ABCgenealogy - German
Directory of German genealogy resources
Aboriginal Artwork at Natives
Established to provide a place for First Nation Artists in Manitoba to showcase and sell their authentic arts and crafts.
Aeolian Genealogy
Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi, Vulcano, Stromboli and Panarea (Isole Eolie - Italy)
African American Coal Miner Info Center
This site deals with accumulating and displaying information related to African American coal miners in the United States through the early part of the 20th century.
African American Griots
African American Griots is dedicated to the preservation of African American history and genealogical records. Its goal is to serve as a research tool for researchers of African American history and genealogical records.
African Americans Link to the Internet
African-American Genealogical Society of Cleveland, Ohio
African-American Genealogical Society of Cleveland, Ohio President: Sandra Web-Site Overview: Charles
African-American Phifer's from Arkansas, Ohio & Michigan
This site is a work in progress of my research of my African-American Paternal PHIFER, PaternalCARTER, Maternal COLEMAN and Maternal HALL families. If you might be related or have knowledge of the families or other related families, please contact me.
African-American Resources
This is a place where we share valuable resources and tips for researching African-American ancestry and ways to collaborate with family. I have been researching for 24 years, and I will be sharing much here. I hope that as you find success you will share that success with us here as well. Invite all your friends to join this social group and to subscribe to the RSS feeds for the discussions that interest you. Visit often! If you have ancestors who lived in South Carolina, visit the page at FamilySearch Wiki:
Africana Heritage Project
Rediscovering records that document the names and lives of slaves, freedpersons and their descendants, and making that information available on a free, public access Internet site. A joint project of the Africana Studies and Anthropology departments at the University of South Florida.
Al's Genealogy
The Genealogy Alford W. Davis
Alemanes del Volga - Argentina - Germans from Russia Genealogia de los Alemanes del Volga Germans from Russia Genealogy
Alpha Roster of Individuals in Earle Report: Mass. Indians 1861
Until 1869, Massachusetts Natives were "wards of the Commonwealth." Between 1859 and 1861, John Milton Earle was the Bay State's Indian Commissioner. In 1861, he issued his Report to the Governor and Council Concerning the Indians of the Commonwealth…. At the end of the document Earle included an appendix listing roughly 1400 Indians, plus their non-Indian spouses. The original lacks any index or method for finding individuals enumerated. All individuals listed are here in an index
Als Hispanic Genealogy Page
Als Hispanic Genealogy has how to articles for beginners and advanced researchers, plus a discussion forum, research center and download library. The site also has a Spanish Heraldry section with some beautiful examples of Spanish Heraldry plus instructional articles.
American Indian Genealogy Help Center
Native American Indian & First Nations Genealogical Help; How to; Message Board; Cherokee and Guion Miller Roll Records; Books and Bibliographies; Accredited Genealogist
Americanmade Family Tree
Mexican & Native American Family
Among The Creeks
Major project to recover/record history of the Creeks of the Southeast. Cultural information + lookup/advice offers + discussion list /GenConnect board + genealogies + old history texts and document transcriptions. Pictures/biographies/vocabulary/bibilography / Rootsweb search engine. Much much more.
Anbu Thamil - Tamil Names
Names from the Tamil (aka Thamil) langauge provided with meanings
Anglo Indian Family Trees
Anglo Indian Family Trees with links to families from India or having connections to families in India
Are you Jewish ?Converted Jewish
Web on sephardic surnames,meaning,origin,heraldry,Spanish,Pardo families,fotocopies,other guides for the visitor personally handled by owner of the web.
Association of the Belarusian Nobility - Zhurtavannie Belaruskaj Sliachty - HOMEPAGE - START HERE
This is the official website of the Association of the Belarusian Nobility.
Awesome Genealogy: Palatine Vital Records
Palatine vital records including ships lists, links, message boards, census transcriptions and historical information.
Baltic Lodge, Vasa Order of America
The Vasa Order of America is an organization for people of Scandinavian (Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish) descent. Baltic Lodge in Riverside, California, is one of about 300 Vasa Lodges in the US, Sweden and Canada. The website contains information about Lodge programs and activities.
Banater Seite
The Home-Page from over 15 Banater Villages
Barbodhan History Website
Barbodhan is a village near the city of Surat, Western Gujarat, India. This website is aimed at the Muslim community from the village and for those who have settled in other parts of the world (E.g. UK, Canada, USA, etc).
bidayuh dotcom
This site offer a complete electronic resources and information about the Bidayuh community.
Bienvenue sur le site du PRDH
PRDH: Programme de recherche en demographie historique. The comprehensive site of Quebec French-Canadian genealogy before 1800
Blood and Frogs: Jewish Genealogy and More
A discussion of general genealogical techniques, with a focus on applying them to Jewish genealogy.
Books from: Jacob Steigerwald, Translation & Interpretation Services
Bilingual (German/English) history of Banatska Topola, Yugoslavia, includes names of German and Hungarian residents prior to the expulsion of the former in 1945. Autobiography indicates how Danube Swabian immigrants became productive members of American society, upon having had their existence in tradional European settings cut short under Communism.
Boschee Family History
Boschee Family Association promotes interest in researching and recording the history and genealogy of Boschee and related families (Germans from Russia). We collect and publish information relating to all Boschee families including histories, genealogies, biographies, photographs, journals, newspaper clippings, articles, and other materials relating to our family’s unique history.
Burnt Corn, Alabama
Butler-Dodd-Douglas-Wilson Clan
A genealogy site devoted to detailing the family history of Butler-Dodd-Douglas-Wilson Clan. This site covers several generations and both African-American and Native American origins.
Carolyne's Native American Genealogy Helper
Focus on Native American Genealogy, native census data, how-to articles, tribal-specific NARA microfilm numbers, links to online native census records.
Castellorizo Genealogy Pages
Genealogy Family Trees for the Greek Island of Castellorizo (Kastellorizo or Kastelorizo)
These articles were taken from various sources and are individually referenced if known. Many are from articles in the Choctaw Nation newspaper called the Bishinik or from its predecessor Hello Choctaw. Much of their info was taken in part from older texts and books; many that are long out of print. I have attempted to gather this information for my children and grandchildren so that they may appreciate the Choctaw part of their heritage. I hope that others may also benefit from reading about their ancestors and begin to see the Choctaw Nation's part in the history of America.
Christine's African American Genealogy Website
African American genealogy website featuring manumission records, fugitive slave cases, emigrants to Liberia, census records and more.
Creek Indian Researcher
A collection of records and links for those researching their Creek - Muskogee Indian ancestors.
Croatian Genealogy - Curkovic, Cikojevic, Skojo, Ljubicic
Croatian genealogy and family history page dedicated to researching my family's roots in Dalmatia (Croatia), Bosnia, and Hercegovina.
darden african american tuskegee alabama texas
Researching the surname Darden an afro-american family of Tuskegee, Macon Co, Alabama and Texas. Also the Whittaker and Motley families (afro-american) of Tuskegee, Macon Co, Alabama
History and data regarding the village of Deutsch-Zerne, Hungary n/k/a Srpska Crnja, Serbia, its Donauschwaben settlers and their descendants, including local history translations, maps, photographs, and genealogy of Donauschwaben families from Torontal County, Vojvodina in an area of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire called the Banat.
Doukhobor Genealogy Website
Primary web resource connecting researchers of Russian Doukhobor genealogy.
Emms Family Tree
Emms Family Group is for all to come out and take a look or post family pictures or see others who have posted Family Pictures and other stuff as well
FamilyHart Online Pennsylvania Dutch Genealogy Database
Over 405,000 linked names online
Filipino Migration fr. the Philippines to Hawaii
genealogical research in honor of the Filipino migration before & after the fifteen original sakadas(contract workers)arrival in Hawaii in Dec 1906.
Find British, Scottish, Welch, & Irish Genealogy
Search your British and Irish Genealogy, as well as other UK vital records! Take an online Irish or UK genealogy classes and get a month’s FREE access to the #1 Source for genealogy online, including UK/Ireland databases.
Franklin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dutch and German settlements--St.Martins, Franklin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Muskego, Waukesha, Wisconsin Early Dutch group arriving 1849-1851, with the Germans following in larger groups around 1854. The main religion of the two groups seems to be Catholic. Family names: Bosch, Foellings, Rynders, Schaefer, Van Houte, Van Heisterman, Verhalen, Veenendaal, Vandenboom, Vesbach, Webber, Weinhoff, Woelfel, Wolf, Wollman AND HUNDREDS MORE still remain in this area today.
From Russia to China and Beyond
This site includes links for Harbiners of Lutheran, Mennonite and ethnic Russian heritage who went "From Russai to China and Beyond." It is meant as a contact point for related groups in different countries and of different languages, but with related pasts and genealogical needs.
García de Taos
I am in search of García descendants, or I may be able to help you find your Garcia ancestor. Check out my pages.
Genealogy Central
Genealogy Central features mailing lists, a surname list, the On-Line Store, weekly articles, help, links to free Vital Records and much much more!!!
Genealogy Italian Style
Specializing in the Campania Region of Italy.
Genealogy Quest - French Refugees in Virginia
List of the French "Refugiez" arrived with the Marquis de la Muce in Virginia.
Gens De Couleur Libre-The Free People of Color in 19th Century New Orleans
The Creoles of color were a unique people who contributed to the rich New Orleans history. Read more about the Gens de Couleur Libre,their culture and history in New Orleans.Surname data bases for decendant researchers
German-Bohemian Heritage Society
German-speaking people who live in or emigrated from what is now the Czech Republic. Information on surnames, research resources and culture.
An extensive collection of German-Russian maps, pictures, and genealogy research information.
Germans from Russia in Portland, Oregon
A site dedicated to ethnic German emigrants from Russia that settled in Portland, Oregon Irish Genealogy Search Service
For those that would like more information on their family surname, try GoIreland's searchable database of Irish family names. For those that seek an ancestor, provides a unique online service that allows you to search the records of Genealogical services nationwide
Golden and Related Family Tree from Texas Counties and La Parishes
African American family research of the GOLDEN, DUNN, JONES, THOMAS, PIPKINS, ELLISON families from Harrison and Panola County, Texas and Caddo and Desoto Parish, La.
Great Basin, California, Plateau: FORAGERS AND GATHERERS
A genealogy research group for those who are looking for their Native American ancestors among the tribes of the Great Basin, California & Plateau.
Guide to Catholic-Related Native American Records in Midwest Repositories
Lists archival holdings in 12 Midwest states, which document Native American heritage and relationships with the Catholic Church. Institutional chronologies are included, which note events pertinent to the creation and disposition of the records.
Hadeland Lag of America
The Hadeland Lag is an organization of descendants of immigrants to Canada and the United States from the Hadeland area of Norway and others interested in maintaining cultural ties with Hadeland and assisting members with family genealogical research both in North America and Norway.
Historical Melungeons
Collection of articles from 1848 to present on the historical Melungeons of Newman's Ridge.
Holey Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church
A celebration of Ukrainian heritage, culture, religion and ethnicity, past, present and future generations, by Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church, Staten Island, N.Y.
House of Boyd Society Official Web Site
This is the Official Web Site for the House of Boyd Society. We are a Scottish Clan organization with members worldwide. For membership information, please contact the President, Donald Boyd Mellen Join the Boyd-L for discussion of Boyd genealogy, history and interests.
Hungarian Jewish Roots
All kinds of Jewish ancestral research on the territory of the former Hungarian Kingdom. A searchable database will be added, too.
HUNGARY - 1902-1905 immigrants: KOSITCH - IGNATKO
GEORGE KOSITCH and ELSIE IGNATKO lived in NYC (Yorkville section) 1912-1937. Searching for SCRANTON, PA relatives: his blind sister: AMELIA (nee: KOSITCH), her son: ALEX CALOWITS, daughter: JOLAN LESNIAK ... hopefully, who can tell me where in Hungary my grandparents were born. Thank you.
The first homepage uniting all Italians.
Irish in New York City
Dedicated to the Irish of New York City throughout history. Site includes newspaper transcriptions, surname database and a series on the 1863 Draft Riots.
Irish Migration Resource Center
Featuring more than 1,000 Queries about Irish Emigrants and Immigrants to any destination, world-wide. Submit Queries about your ancestors. Search Queries by surname, ship name, immigration year, places of origin or destination. Also see extensive Links and order Books about Irish migration, genealogy, ships and passenger lists.
Irish Migration Resource Center - Submit Genealogy Queries |
Submit Queries seeking emigrants who left Ireland, any time period, destination world-wide. Submissions can be any length, any language, no limit on the number of entries.
Irish: Editor's Choice | Top Five Queries at Irish Migration Resource Center
Review interesting examples of Irish Immigrant Queries representing various Counties and Townlands, different time periods and world-wide destinations. Updated monthly with the latest selections.
Italian Genealogy Online and All things Italian
Hand-picked Italian genealogy links, surname boards, links to Italian and Italian American sites, plus plenty of general interest items on Italy.
Italian Genealogy? Start Here!
Reseach your ancestry among thousands of surname queries, passenger ship arrivals, cemeteries, recommended web sites, articles on Italian culture, plus locate record archives in Italy.
Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation of Puerto Rico
This is the official tribal Government web site of the Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation of Puerto Rico. It provides some historical and genealogical resources on the central mountain regional tribe and its Jatibonicu Taino people of Puerto Rico.
Jewish Historical Society
The main functions of the Jewish Historical Soceity of Central Jersey are to promote, research, and publish, when possible all facets of the Central NJ Jewish Experience. We maintain an Archival Collection which is available to researchers.The archives include organizational documents, congregational artifacts, historical records, photographs, tapes of oral histories, unusual memorabilia concerning our Jewish area, and several area Jewish newspapers. We are also affiliated with the Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies. We have an extensive collection of significant genalogical books and microfiche data bases. We also have national and international reports and journals to assist with research. We hold many special meetings and lectures throughout the year devoted to this subject.
Kansas Kickapoo Indians
Kansas Kickapoo in Kansas 1837 to 1940. Rolls. census, maps
Katy Pettit's Kith & Kin
A study of the descendants of Katy Pettit, Cherokee Old Settler. Katy emigrated to the new Cherokee Nation in 1832.
KY African American Griot's - Historical & Genealogical Data
This site is dedicated to assisting all of those in pursuit of their African American ancestry in KY by being a central depository for African American records thru out the state of KY.
LaBGarrett Genealogy
African American Garrett's with roots in the upstate of South Carolina
Historical and genealogical source material, focused on Red Lake but including information relating to Ahnishinahbæótjibway, Ojibwe, and Métis people in northern Minnesota and surrounding region.
Mariental & Louis, Russia
I am a Village Coordinator for the AMERICAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF GERMANS FROM RUSSIA Association, I, as a Village Coordinator, try to help "searchers" find their ancestors from Mariental and Louis Russia. My reference material deals mostly with Census' taken in Russia.
Mass. Indian 1861: Individuals in Earle Report by Tribal Group
Until 1869, Massachusetts Natives were "wards of the Commonwealth." Between 1859 and 1861, John Milton Earle was the Bay State's Indian Commissioner. In 1861, he issued his Report to the Governor and Council Concerning the Indians of the Commonwealth…. At the end of the document Earle included an appendix listing roughly 1400 Indians, plus their non-Indian spouses. The original lacks any index or method for finding individuals enumerated. All individuals in appendix listed are here by tribal group with name, age, tribe, occupation and residence in 1861
Mayflower - Holland Passengers
McLellan Family Tree
For all to come out and enjoy, the McLellan Family group has Family Photos and much more in it, Hope ot see you there.
Melungeon Heritage Page
The Melungeon Resource contains information on Melungeon history, culture, and genealogy.
"The Melungeon "movement" is intent on not defining, or even further refining, racial boundaries, but instead on blurring them. We believe in one human "race" and that by being permitted to embrace our full multi-cultural heritage, we can more quickly make this dream a reality. We also recognize that some few will always miss the point. We can live with that, as we now have for a long, long time. He also wrote "...we live by our creed of "One People" All Colors." Brent Kennedy update about the Melungeon Movement.
Mexican Roots
Mexican Roots will help your learn how to trace your Mexican heritage on the web. Also featuring family histories and genealogies of famous Mexican-Americans and articles on Mexican ancestoral history.
Michigan Polonia
Ceil Jensen's site devoted to helping genealogists find their Michigan and Polish heritage. Highlights traditional and electronic research methods. Also,workshop and seminar calendar.
Minorcan Family
The story of Florida's' Minorcans began in 1768 with 1400 people and by 1777 only 419 remained. From this start Minorcans have spread across America. This site can help you find your ancestors. The site has a Minorcan database, research sites, books, cemeteries and folklore stories.
My African Roots
My AFrican Roots features genealogies of important African-Americans of the present and past. Also featuring information on how to research your Black family history.
My Cuban Heritage
Canales, Diaz and decendants from Cuba
Native American Lineage Group
This group is for people of any ethnic background whose ancestors were of any of the Indigenous Native American peoples and confirmed through Genetic testing and/or reasearch belonging to haplogroup A. Any decendants of Indigenous Native people who are not affiliated with any tribal nation also belonging to any haplotype associated with indigenous Native Americans and/or confirmed geneaology. Any members belonging to a tribal nation who wish to offer knowlege, support, and cultural input to our group. We also welcome individuals who are seeking to prove their Native American Ancestry through DNA testing and/or Geneaological reasearch.
Native American Links
This page is meant as a starting point for those interested in Native American genealogy. From here you can find links to a variety of information and records, including, archives, libraries, biographies, cemeteries, census, court, directories, gazetteers, land, property, maps, military, tribes, newspaper, periodical, probate, surname, taxation, vital, and voting.
Native Press
New Native American genealogy site. Native American Bulletin Board and Links. How-to-search Native ancestry being added ASAP. Books and CD's for sale as well.
Native American and Civil War books, county genealogical books from different states, as well as family histories to enhance your genealogical studies.
Your Home for Accurate Historical & Genealogical Information Concerning the Wabanaki People of Interior New England
New England Indian Genealogy and History
History and genealogy of Massasoit and other New England Indian Chiefs, account of the King Philip War, Indian vital records found in New England, early descriptions, online book and more.
Nicolaevsky Family in Brazil and Israel
Nicolaevsky Family, Julio Nicolaevsky, Miguel Nicolaevsky, Guilherme Nicolaevsky, Bertha Nicolaevsky, Ana Riva Nicolaevsky, M.Cristina F.Nicolaevsky. Maria V.Nicolaevsky.
Nipmuc Indians 1861: Individuals & Families in Earle Report
Until 1869, Massachusetts Natives were "wards of the Commonwealth." Between 1859 and 1861, John Milton Earle was the Bay State's Indian Commissioner. In 1861, he issued his Report to the Governor and Council Concerning the Indians of the Commonwealth…. At the end of the document Earle included an appendix listing roughly 1400 Indians, plus their non-Indian spouses. The original lacks any index or method for finding individuals enumerated. All individuals in appendix listed are here by tribal group with name, age, tribe, occupation and residence in 1861
Norma Jeanne's List
An African-American Genealogy Site
NY Holland Society Member List 1898
Off The Beaten Track offers customized budget tours and camel safaris throughout Rajasthan, India.
Off the Beaten Track offers intelligent travelers the unique opportunity to engage with the local people of Rajasthan, India. India holds a wealth of information to take in and we can get you closer to the spirit of the country then a tour of the Taj Mahal. - focusing on Ahnishinahbæótjibway, Ojibwe, and Métis genealogy focuses on the genealogy of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway, Ojibwe, and Métis people, especially at Red Lake and White Earth Indian Reservation. The site includes extensive databases, and links to genealogical and historical information at (including treaties, 'negotiation transcripts,' Red Lake and Pembina annuity payrolls, and some tribal enrollment records).
Olive Tree Genealogy: Palatines to USA (PA & NY)
Search Free databases for Palatines to Pennsylvania and New York
Orang Ulu National Association
This site offer a complete electronic resources and information about the Orang Ulu community.
Our Black Ancestry
An online resource for people interested in African American family history. News, tutorials, research links, stories and recommendations for relevant books, music, films and software.
Our Family Album
Slovenian Families of Bela Kraijna and Serbian Families of the Banat.
Our Family Tree
Famil tree history of the burris,odkins,atkins,williams, batiste,merrick,macke family tree.
Pacific Northwest Cornish Society
This site is for the benefit of individuals interested in their Cornish ancestry. The site lists meetings, newsletters, surname lists, helpful research links.
Pearis Family Branch
Descendants of Loyalist Colonel Richard Pearis and his Indian wife Rhoda, daughter Sarah. Includes Teater/Teter/Dieter, Ross, Felkins, Dean and Tullos families, and Choctaw ancestry.
Pennsylvania Dutch Family History and Genealogy
History and genealogy of those who came from german speaking areas before 1800 (Switzerland, Swiss; Germany,German; France, French)
Pennsylvania Dutch Family History and Genealogy
History and genealogy of those who came from german speaking areas before 1800 (Switzerland, Swiss; Germany,German; France, French)
Pennsylvania Dutch Family History and Genealogy
All you wanted to know about the Pennsylvania Dutch with emphasis on Genealogy
Plantations of Jefferson County, Mississippi
Identification of Slaves and their families from land sales and deeds in Mississippi. Deeds of plantations of Jefferson County, Mississippi selling, trading, gifting, exchanging of Slaves and their families. Also links to military records, resources on genealogy, historical information on the area.
Pocola - Kith & Kin
A brief history of Pocola and some of my early family that settled Pocola, LeFlore County, Oklahoma.
Polish translator: 20M Sadowska Translations
Specializing in fast, professional Russian - English - Polish translator services at an affordable price.
PolishRoots(TM) is dedicated to the collection, preservation and dissemination of materials to help you trace your Polish heritage.
Portuguese Genealogy Page
This is a site to help people find their Portuguese ancestors around the world.
Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy and Heritage
This site features articles, indexes, and links exploring Portuguese Hawaiian heritage through genealogy. Includes the Portuguese Hawaiian Memories indexes and more!
Puerto Rico's 65th Infantry Regiment U.S. Army
Puerto Rico's 65th Infantry Regiment U.S Army.History, photographs, newspaper articles, listings of their many award recipients,some archival film footage.
Rare Book Reprints
Rare and historical on-line indexes and books dealing with Native American genealogy, Civil War, Western, and Family Genealogies.
Researching your Dutch ancestors
Guidance for foreigners about research in the Netherlands. Series include civil registration, church registers, basics of the language, Dutch surnames, first names, online resources, population registration.
Robert and Emiline Brewer...One Amazing African American Family
Hi! Please add our We are an unusal African American family because 99% are college graduates. One generation out of slavery, there were doctors and a pharmacist. The recent generation includes engineers, lawyers, television producer of Disney's Proud Family, actress and host of television show, author, architects, computer programmers,etc. Many thanks! Beatryce Nivens
Rooted in Eastern Europe
My blog deals with immigrants to the USA from Eastern Europe. Subjects:family history/genealogy/genealogy problems and questions. Ukraine, Poland, Russia.
Roots for Real
Roots for Real enables people to retrace the geographic origins of their motherline using DNA.
Rosenort Evangelical Mennonite Church
Rosenort Church near Morris, Manitoba. Sight links to cemetery, church membership and various historical figures.
Royster's Genealogy Archives
Royster Geneaolgy Archives
Russia - AHSGR
An international organization dedicated to the discovery, collection, preservation, and dissemination of information related to the history, cultural heritage and genealogy of Germanic Settlers in the Russian Empire and their descendants.
Rusyn Genealogy Mailing List
Mailing List for persons researching their Rusyn genealogy.
Sami Genealogy
The Sami Siida of North America is a network of regional communities and individuals who share the heritage of the Sami culture of Northern Scandinavia, Finland and the Kola Peninsula.
Scotch-Irish and Scots-Irish Family History
This webpage provides resources for genealogical research of the Scotch-Irish around the world.
Scottish clans and names
Scottish clans and surname web directory
Sean Carter family history, inc. CARTER, FUNNELL, SPURWAY, etc
Sean Carter family tree, featuring CARTER from Watchfield, FUNNELL from Maresfield, SPURWAY from Barnstaple and many more...
Visit page to find meaning of sephardic surnames and askenazis,Spanish heraldry,meaning and origin surnames, test DNA to find lost relatives,To know if your surnames are Jewish.
A research tool for Sephardic/Hispanic/Jewish genealogy. The site contains thousands of Sephardic names with points of reference for each name. Also Sephardic heraldry, history and links.
Serena's Family Tree
A personal genealogy site dedicated to preserving family history & helping others in their search for family. Surnames include Harrelson, Heffington, Farmer, Smith, Cooper, McBride & many more! Site includes research helps, photos, stories, Native American Content. Site also offers a message forum, submit your site link, guestmap, banner exchange, and I also give out several different awards! Come visit today!
ShtetLinks -- Humenne
Humenne, Slovakia - Jewish Genealogy-History and links to others researching this town and links to online resources.
ShtetLinks Page -- Dvorets
Dvorets, Belarus-History and links to others researching this town and links to online resources
ShtetLinks Page -- Pavoloch
Pavoloch, Ukraine Shtetlinks Website-History and links to others researching this town and links to online research sources.
Sisson Web Site
SISSON families descending from Richard and Mary Sisson of 17th century Rhode Island and from Robert and Amye Sisson of 17th century Virginia.
Some Creek Families & Friends
Genealogies of some southeastern Creek families-- many mixed blood. Stories, document transcriptions. Some of the families: Sehoys of the Wind Clan, McGillivray, Durant, Tate, Weatherford, Moniac, Stiggins, Sizemore, Cornells, Hollinger, McQueen, Hightower, Tarvin, Semoice, Randon, Hales, Big Warrior, Roland, Ehlert, Yargee, Mad Dog, McIntosh, plus many more.
Southern New England Irish
Our goal is to identify and preserve the Genealogy and History of Irish families in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Site includes transcriptions of vital records, city directories, cemeteries, census and other records, old photographs, obituaries, family info, newspaper clippings, general regional info, message board, etc.
Spain & Portugal Genealogy Research
Genealgical research done in Spanish and Portugues countries, including Latin American the Phillippines, and the Caribean islands. Translations from Spanish or Portugues to English. Coat of Amrs searched and designed. Family History books compiled.
Stano Family Tree (Genealogy Site)
This site is dedicated to Frank (Francis) Stano, my grandfather. Who came from Poland. We are trying to locate all relatives and fiends of the family.
Swedish Ancestry Research Association
The SARA home page includes meeting announcements, a list of helpful publications for Swedish Research, membership information and links.
A genealogy research group for those whose ancestors were among the Inuit (aka Eskimo) tribes.
The Carpathian Connection
Genealogy and historical reference for those researching ancestors from the Carpathian Mountain regions of Eastern Europe. Site has focus on Ruthenian and Slovak heritages but all who resided within these territories are explored.
The Creek War
A study of the Creek War of 1813-1814. Battle accounts. Pictures and stories with as many persons named as possible.
The Cuban Genealogical Society
The Cuban Genealogical Society has been functioning since 1988. We publish a magazine for the members, and also have other publications to assist them in their research.
The Dakota Icelanders Project
The Dakota Icelanders Project is dedicated to the compilation and preservation of the history of the pioneer Icelandic settlers in North Dakota in the last quarter of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century.
The Falzini's of Contigliano and Castelnuevo di Porto, Italy
My site is dedicated to The Falzini family, and will include some of their alied ancestors as well.
The Fountoukakis Family
Greeks from Galimi, Island of Marmara, Sea of Marmara, Turkey The Fountoukakis family
The Freedmen's Bureau Online
Transcriptions of the records and reports of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands (Freedmen's Bureau) including freedmen's marriage certificates and reports of outrages committed against newly freed slaves.
This group is for those who are researching their ancestors among the Native American Tribes of The Great Plains.
The Highland Clearances
A rapidly-growing digital archive on Scotland's Highland Clearances. Concentrating on first-hand accounts it tells the stories of where people came from and the places to which they went. Photographs, articles, statistics, people and passenger searches, maps and much more.
The Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARA)
A non-profit member organization for the study and exchange of ideas among people and organizations interested in Irish genealogical and historical research and education.
The Northeast & Great Lakes: WOODLAND WARRIORS
This group is for those people who are researching their Native American ancestors among the tribes of the Northeast & Great Lakes.
This group is for those people who are researching their Native American ancestors among the tribes of the Northwest Coast.
The Portuguese of the West Indies
This site is dedicated to the study of Portuguese genealogy in the West Indies / Caribbean region. It includes a surname registry, archives, and research tips.
The SCOTTISH Connection in Kansas
Dedicated to those emigrants who settled in Kansas. Information on Clans and Links to Search Sites in Scotland and other areas.
This group is for those people who are researching their Native American ancestors among the tribes of the Southeast.
This group is for those researching their Native American ancestors among the tribes of The Southwest.
This group is for those who are researching their ancestors among the Native American Tribes of The Subarctic.
The Theisen Family Originating From Urmersbach and Dungenheim
Researching the Theisen family originating from Urmersbach and Dungenheim, Prussia, Rheinland/Germany..The family emigrated to Michigan in the 1840's and settled in the Springwells/Dearborn/Detroit/Wayne County area.Interested in hearing from others researching the family.
Three Centuries of Seguljas
A History of the Segulja and related families from Novi Vinodolski Croatia
tokelau geneology groups
Tom Stryhn's Genealogical-Database
The "Genealogical-Database" at present contains 34058 people from 10730 families with 2576 surnames. From Denmark
Transkarpathia Genealogi

Turning Stone Genealogy
We aid in research of Fr.Canadian/Acadian as well as DAR research
turning stone genealogy
french canadian/ Acadian surnames indian links and more
The first french speaking website about Ukraine with genealogical section.
Upstate New York Welsh
Upstate New York Welsh website celebrates Welsh heritage in Western, Central, & Eastern New York State. All content relates to immigrants from Wales and their descendants. The site contains church and cemetery records, information about Welsh settlements, articles on Welsh-American culture, directory of organizations, and more.
USA - GA, Hancock County; A Collection of African-American Records from Hancock County, Georgia
A collection of slave and free people of color geneaology records from Hancock County,Georgia.
Walker Family Group
For all to come out and enjoy, the Walker Family group has Family Photos and much more in it, Hope ot see you there.
Walls/Williams Family
This Webb site is the tale of many familes seaching for our family history Please feel free to look at the web page. There is a password Walls.
Washington African American Griots
welcome to the marcus garvey library
Provide research awareness about work/philosophy of Dr. Marcus Mosiah Garvey/UNIA...special reference to: History of Modern Medicine; Universal African Black Cross Nurses; Surgery; Eugenics and Public Health. The site may be of value in providing information regarding missing or deceased relatives owing to lack of or inappropriate medical care particularly amongst African-Americans. This may also apply to African-Americans in the military during World Wars I and II.
Wisconsin History and Genealogy
Crivitz, Marinette, Wisconsin "The Poles Are Coming", Polish settlement, newpaper articles. Catholic church influence, Stump land sales, Early town board records, Witt family
Wood Surname History
Wood Surname History
Wrens Stone Family
Informative African American Genealogy Family Website. Historical Documents, 19th & 20th Century Black& White Vintage Photographs. Resources, High Quality Products & Services for Family Members & Guests Visitore.
Your Grandmother Really Was a Cherokee Princess
A discussion of possible reasons why all historical Cherokee women are perceived as being princesses. Includes sources and fairy tale.
Zabludow Poland Memorial Website
This website is a memorial to my family and it's ancestoral town of Zabludow Poland. It contains my family history, history of the town, and a detailed holocaust history of Zabludow. It has a highly graphical but simple interface