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"The Documentarian: MVLA's Local History and Genealogy Web Site"
Mohawk Valley Library Association is a public library system serving 14 member libraries in the four counties of Fulton, Montgomery, Schenectady and Schoharie, New York. "The Documentarian" is an exhibition of representative images, designed for the World Wide Web. Using text based and digitized electronic content, the site highlights historical and genealogical materials from the collections of our fourteen member libraries. The focus of these collections are the historical persons and places in the libraries’ service area. The wealth of information available at these 14 public libraries can only be hinted at through an exhibition such as this one. Individuals interested in local history and genealogy are encouraged to contact the libraries and arrange an on-site visit.
148th Pennsylvania Vol. Inf. Co. C Reenactment Group
Civil War Regiments: The 148th PVI CO. C Civil War Reenactment Group of Central Pa. Information, history and pictures of the 148th PVI.
A Few Pieces of the Sherrill Family Puzzle
Here are some tidbits for those interested in Sherrill genealogy. This site has information primarily about one Sherrill line beginning with William Sherrill, the Conestoga Trader of Pennsylvania and Maryland. You will find maps and pictures of Sherrill's Ford, North Carolina and selected pictures from this line of the Sherrill family.
A Glimpse of the Past in Lubec, Maine
A glimpse of the past in the coastal town of Lubec, Maine at the beginning of the 20th century.
A Little Vanderburgh County, IN History
Miscellaneous history of Vanderburgh County, Indiana
A Man from Karlshamn
The story of a Swedish seaman, Jons Jakobsson aka John Olson. who emigrated to Hong Kong and his family history there and in Sweden.
Ahnenforschung der Familie Schlender
Schlender, Wolpers, Lerle, Litke, Loerle, Polen, Mips, Ahnenforschung, genealogy, Genealogie, Nachkommen, Ahnen, Rehl, Berndt, Birk, Haertel, Hertel, Salin, Szewe, Frejer, Hofmann
Alamo Station
Alamo Station was created as a public service.
Alexanders of Shelby County, Alabama
Alexanders of Shelby County, Alabama, Montevallo / Calera Area
Alfred & Mary Patterson Campbell
The family of Aflred Sidney Campbell's migration from Lenoir, NC to Carroll Co., MS, to Cross Co., AR. in 1887.
all the clans of Scotland
a Scottish based resource site with free Scottish genealogy look ups,clan and family homepages with family trees,chat,messageboard,shopping and much more!
All Things Kansas
Ghost Towns in Anderson County & Stevens Kansas, Znojmo, GAR lists for Anderson County Kansas. Wagon Train, Lawrence Kansas. Genealogy links.
American Civil War
It´s about the American Civil War 1861-1865 and the slavery history and it´s greatly with information. It´s includes the history of the slaves in america
American Civil War
It´s about the American Civil War 1861-1865 and the slavery history and it´s greatly with information. It´s includes the history of the slaves in america
Ancestors of Clarence Robert Longcor
Longcor, Langhaar, Longcor, Longcoy family.
Ancestors of Nedabiah Lincoln Sr.
This site is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Harry Martin Lincoln, great grandson of Nedabiah Lincoln Sr. May 12, 1858 - September 24, 1937. My name is Albert Clarke II and currently reside in the home of Dr. Lincoln in Wilton, New York. I have written two books regarding Dr. Lincoln and his family history. I am of no relation to Dr. Lincoln but have been compelled to write his story and the history of his ancestors. Please visit my site for more information on the Nedabiah Lincoln Sr. family line.
Ancestory and History - Quill Spirit & Creativity
Native American- Stand WATIE civil war regiment listings, as well as patriot Robert MORRIS line, CONNER, MAKINSON, WHITE, NESS, and more surnames to search, History, Recipes, Poetry, and More!
andrew rabatin
genealogy documents for george rabatin family from Crastne, Slovakia.
Antietam on the Web
An extensive, searchable resource on the 1862 Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg featuring all 280+ of the published Official Reports, a large database of more than 1000 individual participants and over 300 military units present, a series of detailed battle maps, eyewitness letters, and in-depth articles written by site members.
Archaeology, Art and Culture National Foundation
An interesting site revealing the history of Dutch colony an China in Indonesia. This organization have found many ancient heritage and antique from Dutch and Chine.
Arkansas Band of western Cherokee
This site is comprised of actual records from the cherokee Indian agency's in the states of Tennessee and Arkansas. The narratives on these pages give conclusive evidence of historical accounts.
Armadale West Lothian
Armadale West Lothian A community and heritage website
Austin web site
John Austin came from England and landed in what was New Amsterdam then, his 3 brothers William, Sanford and Joseph came over, these names were carried on down through the family. John Lester moved to Geneva, Ohio from New York, their nearest neighbor was 20 miles away. also the White Family which fo back to 1695.
Avalos...Te Recuerdo
In 1905, the Guggenheim family persuaded Porfirio Diaz to allow them to build the American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO) town of Avalos, Chihuahua. La Fundición de Avalos was operational from 1908-1993 and was at one time the world’s largest lead smelter. This blog explores the history and people of Avalos.
Avery and Sherburne family history pages from the Pittsfield, Ohio area
A history of the Avery family that settled in the Pittsfield, Ohio area and a collection of over 400 letters written to and from the Gardner Sherburne family 1860-1870
Aztec history and culture
Historic aspects of Aztec daily life before Spanish conquest. Character of Aztec religion, culture, magic and traditions.
Bailey & Treloggen Families of St Helens Tasmania
History of the Bailey and Treloggen Families of St Helens Tasmania Australia. Includes photographs of cemetery memorial headstones and churches in Tasmania
A web site for people interested in Shakespeare, The Renaissance and British History and the internet home to Bard TV and Bard Radio.
Bartlesville History Books
Biographies of Bartlesville Oklahoma residents, living and deceased
Bedford County Historical Society
The Bedford County Historical Society website provides a brief history of both Bedford County, Tennessee and of the historical society itself. Meeting dates and locations can be found on the site as well a list of books and publications offered for sale by the Bedford County Historical Society.
Benzie County MIGENWEB Site
This site is a resource for Benzie County research in the areas of history, genealogy, govt resources, cemeteries, census, vital statistics, surnames, obituaries and newspapers. A county coordinator is available to answer questions and aid your research.
Bethel College, North Newton, KS - Harvey County
Bixby Historical Society
History related to Bixby and southern Tulsa Co. OK.
Peter Gottfredsons INDIAN DEPREDATIONS IN UTAH oldest history of the Black Hawk War.
Oklahoma history and events website. Includes a forum with developing genealogy information.
Blue Mound, Missouri History
The Blue Mound History site is a compilation of early settlers, businesses, schools, churches and cemeteries in the area.
Bodmin Moor
The 'Bodmin Moor site' is intended to help Family and Local Historians doing research on the villages around the Moor
Bowen origins
Researching the Welsh and English origins of the Bowen name : ap owen, ab owen, ap owain, ab owain.
Brobst Family Historical Registry
The history of the Brobst and Probst families in America. From their Swiss origins in the 1500s, through Germany, their immigration in 1732, and their spread through the US. How the name Probst became Brobst. Their difficulties in their Penna settlements. Their families.
Brockville & District Historical Society
This is the official site of the Brockville & District Historical Society. It offers society and local heritage news, information about the society and how to join, brief historical sketches, an archive of past newsletters, photos of Brockville past and present, some historical fun and links to other heritage sites.
Bucks County History and Genealogy
Township history of Bucks County PA one of the three original counties. Founding families family histories.
bulwell hall estate web site
This site is dedicated to Bulwell Hall Estate, Nottingham , England andcontains my memoirs from 1930 and family photos. There are sections on scooldays, holidays, starting work and wartime memories,census and other information on Bulwell hall itselfic included as historical information on Nottingham City Golf Clubhouses in the estate
Bulwell Hall Estate Website
This site is dedicated to Bulwell Hall Estate, Nottingham, England and contains my memoirs from 1930s and family history photos. The are sections on schooldays, holidays, starting work and wartime memories. Census and other information on Bulwell Hall itself is included as is historical information on the Nottingham City Golf Club housed in the Estate.
Burke's Peerage and Gentry
Burke's Peerage & Gentry contains over 5,000 records from Britain's hereditary and titled families. The lineages go back hundreds of years, showing how individuals contributed to the nation's history and heritage throughout the centuries.
Burnt Corn, Alabama
Burnt Corn, Alabama Web Site
Butte County, SD Historical Society
This is the new website for Butte County SD Historical Society -- lists old pictures, project, 2004 calendar and yearly tour.
Bygone Days of Forest Hall & Longbenton
Bygone Days of Longbenton, Benton, Forest Hall, Westmoor, Killingworth, Palmersville and Benton Square. Please come and join me on a journey down memory lane to many places in the Newcastle area which are vanishing with time, my hope is to preserve a little of our heritage on this site.
Cameron Site
The results of my search for Scottish forebears are displayed on the site - together with the great events they witnessed or in which they were participants
Camp Hearne Collection
This site contains a great deal of information about the Camp Hearne, Robertson County, TX World War II German POW Camp. Among the items are a burial list of POWs interred at the Fort Sam Houston Cemetery in San Antonio, an in-depth website produced by a Texas A&M University professor who is studying the Hearne camp, a master’s thesis written about Camp Hearne & surrounding POW camps, & other interesting materials.
Camp Zachary Taylor Historical Society
This World War 1 training camp, Located in Louisville, Ky, Camp Zachary Taylor was the largest built in the United States. Our Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of items, written and photographic record of the cantonment, and the general history of Camp Zachary Taylor.
CANADA, Ontario: Clifford & District Historical Society
Historical Photos, information , and assistance for people who wish to have a web resource for the history of Clifford and area. It covers parts of Carrick, Howick, Normanby,Minto Townships located in SW Ontario, Canada.
Canadian History a Distinct Viewpoint
Metis historical genealogy 1600 to 1900, genealogy focus is pre 1800's. History and genealogy is time lined.
Canvey History
A site containing a discussion page for ex pats and locals. Plus a picture gallery and memories of years gone by
True history of Slovenia.
An indepth look into the history of the Cardno family lines.
See what cars your ancestors drove. Photos of all cars in history.
CARTER's Family History via New Zealand
Local History, Onehunga, New Zealand. Early settlers, passenger lists, New Zealand Fencibles, 58th and 55th Regiment's of Foot. Family history.
Cavaliers & Cossacks
A site of images containing, photgraphs, wills, census records, family lines, links for research both in America & Europe. Histroy of the Vikings, Carpathian areas and Cossacks. Many surnames including Manley/Manly, Sokol/Sockol, Fredmosnki/Fredmosky, McHugh, Ford, Syng, Rudulph, Brown, Weis/Weise/Weiss, Haywood, Owen, Shaw, Lisenby.
Centro de Estudios Históricos del Ferrocarril Español.
Institución dedicada a la investigación de la historia del ferrocarril en España
Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association
Site for research of the history of the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association and the genealogy of it's memebrs.
Cherry Tree
A history of the community of Cherry Tree located in Logan County, WV. Accounts from the early 1900s of Cherry Tree Grade School (pictures included), the Pilgrim Holiness Church and early beginings related by 90 year old Helen Piros.
Chester Township History & Genealogy
Chester Township history, including genealogies of the early settlers (a different genealogy is listed every other month - a surname list is included).
Chronicles of our Munroe, Orpen, Srigley and Wood families, Ontario.
Our site offers data, information and chronicles of many families and communities we are descended from, originating in Scotland, England and Ireland. These families are distributed around the world. "There can be no imagination without History".
Chronology of the BENDELL Family
I guess you might say this site is a Historical Overview. This site is about my BENDELL family line from the late 1700's to the present. Many other surnames are mentioned,i.e., ADAMS, ANDREWS, HAYNES, BOZZI, MALLOCH, MALLOCK, WHITTAKER, McGEE, BAILEY, RINK, ROBINSON, HAMILTON, FOWLER, WARZECHA and many more. This is a "Work in Progress" site and factual input to this site is requested. Information contributors will be listed on this site if they wish.
Churches in the Olden Days of NY
Civil War Memories
American Civil War site with photographs, letters, newspapers articles, commentary on the American Civil War, Chat, Message Board, etc.
Civil War St. Louis
Civil War St. Louis looks at both sides of the conflict in St. Louis and throughout Missouri. Included are prisoner lists from Gratiot Street Prison, the Union prison in St. Louis. Also historical and genealogical information on members of the James-Younger gang.
Clark County, Indiana Genealogy and History
Clark County, Indiana has a lot of online cemetery information, histories on families and communities and all general info needed for your researching!
Clearwater Historical Society
Clearwater Historical Society deals with all available historical data pertaining to the City of Clearwater in the state of Florida.
Clunette: Crossroads on the Prairie
A historical and genealogical overview of the crossroads town of Clunette in Kosciusko County Indiana.
Coalmining Research Services
Research service for those interested in the UK coalmining industry, including family history research. Service includes information on miners killed after 1850.
Cockfield and Woodland History
Cockfield & Woodland, SW County Durham UK. A site for genealogists and others interested in these villages- with some surname lists, census information, details of publications, links and guestbook.
Colonial Gazette
Explore the life, loves, laws, and shortcomings of our early New England Ancestors. Witches, Folklore, History and more to enjoy!
Confederate Soldier in Poe's Battalion
Memorial to Joel Henry Brazeal, Sgt, Poe's Battalion. He joined the Confederate Army, Nov 7, 1861 and served with 11th Arkansas Infantry, 11th/17th Arkansas Infantry, and Poe's Battalion until he was captured and hanged by damn Yanks while going home on leave, September, 1864.
Convict Female Factories
Convict Female Factories site shares information about convict women who went through one of the 13 facotires in early Colonial Australia. If you have a convict woman in your background you may have a connection to these women. These women and the places are an important part of Australia's early story.
Coverstone Family Heritage
Family History for the Coverstone Family and other surnames
Cracker Barrel
The Peace River Valley of Florida is the primary focus of my site, "Cracker Barrel;" however, I also have researched other regions, including Lee and Jackson counties.
Crystal Daniels Genealogy Website
Family history and genealogy.
CT-Waterbury-L the homepage for the genealogy and local history of Waterbury Connecticut.
Cumberland County NJ History - ALHN
History, Historical Organizations & Sites of Cumberland County and throughout South Jersey
Cunnison: The Cunnison Family of Scotland 1500 - present day
From Baron John Cunnison of Edradour, Perthshire, through Covenanter Minister Cunnison to weavers and workers, the website follows the Cunnison family of Scotland from the 1500s to the present-day. Research done by academic author, Isobel Williams (decendant of John Cunnison)and genealogist, Gordon MacGregor.
Dade County Missouri: History and Heritage Come Together
Misc. records include an old high school yearbook and an early bank statement. Each contain names for genealogy and historical work.
Delaware Ohio 43015
Deals with the history of Delaware, Ohio, mostly city goverment and police. Also all cemetery records.
Descendants of Capt. Henry Connelly and Jenny Wiley
Information about the Conley, Jenkins, Wiley, McGregor, Layne, Caudill, Craft, Castle surnames.
Dethick, Lea & Hollway, in the County of Derbyshire, U.K.
Dethick, Lea & Holloway, an historic parish in the County of Derbyshire, U.K. Read about the fascinating history of this parish and it's people, the humble as well as the more well-known. Transcriptions of Parish Registers, containing information on Marriages, Baptisms and Burials will also feature.
Donna's Doorways
History of the locale around Ponca City, Oklahoma. There is a variety, writings, art, history, more writing on Electric Scotland, antique photographs of lines, Hunter, Brewer, Collins, Jones, and a great more.
Families from Western Maryland and Westward.
Dutch and English in New Netherland
Eastern Borderlands of the II Polish Republic
This site is dedicated to the old Polish Borderlands. Kresy is a site that remembers those Polish Lands
Ebenezer Lutheran & Fall Creek Cemetery
The History of the Church, the Cemetery & the People
The website of the James J Eldred House, and the accounts of the Eldred Family of Greene County Illinois
Electric Scotland
Scottish community site with loads of information on the history of Scotland and its clans. Popular public message and live chat service and a real sense of community.
Elystan Glodrydd
Details on Elystan Glodrydd, his son Cadwgan (or Cadogan) and some of his descendants: Lloyd, Cadogan, Powell, Evans, Morris, Beddoes, Beamond and many more.
Enigma Galgano
La spada nella roccia e tutto quello che cercate sul Medioevo
Essays on ancient ideas
Essays on ancient ideas, laws, myths, petroglyphs, time-symbols in rock-carvings, monuments and figurative arts. Covers the cultural development in the Old World including en tire Europe
Essex Country Life
Essex Country Life paints a picture of the life of people living in the Eastern Essex area of the UK during Victorian and Edwardian Times. Visitors can get an insight into the lives of their ancestors.
Fairbank Historical Society
The Fairbank Historical Society is a public charity, nonprofit educational organization, formally organized February 10, 2009, dedicated to perpetuating the history of the Fairbank area.
Family Genealogy - A Passage In Time
This website is almost 4 years old and finally has a permanent home at RootsWeb! This site covers many different topics regarding Genealogy. With thousands of surnames and links to help you research your family tree. My main Surname is Wannamaker and All Allied Families covering all of North America and parts of Europe.
Family Zimmermann
Family Zimmermann deals with a N.E. Wisconsin family of immigrants who originated in Prussia and Switzerland. They immigrated in the late 1850's and settled in Kewaunee County Wisconsin.
Family-Images.Com Old Time Images of Days Gone By
A collection of 1,000s of vintage images with many from PA, OH, WV, NJ, NY, IN, and all over the US and even a few hundred from foreign countries. Schools, churches, businesses, town and street views, groups, etc.
Fannie Collom Myers of Lubec, Maine
Memories of growing up in Lubec, Maine at the beginning of the 20th century.
Farmingdale Historical Society
The purpose of the Society is to study the history of Farmingdale; gather and preserve information, artifacts, and materials regarding the Town’s history, people, places and structures; to present and make available such information, to stimulate local and regional interest in Farmingdale; and to promote and assist in the preservation of Farmingdale’s historic sites and structures when ever possible and practicable.
Federal Point Florida Families and History
Dedicated to all of those before and after us who have felt the magnetic attractions of tranquility and peacefulness of Federal Point on the St Johns River in Florida
Ferguson Family History in Wisconsin
This site has been created to share, find and document the history of the Ferguson family that came to settle in Wisconsin.
Findlay History
Website devoted to the history of Findlay, Illinois, in Shelby County. Includes SCHOOLS, BUILDINGS, PEOPLE, MOVIES, PHOTOS, YEARBOOKS, ETC.
Flom, Minnesota
Lots of genealogical information on all webpages associated with this site.
Footprints...a step back in time!
A virtual and historical tour of towns and villages in the beautiful County of Devon in England. This site also contains transcriptions of baptisms, marriages, burials, monumental inscriptions for Devon, to name but a few.
Ford County Historical Society
Website of the Ford County (IL) Historical Society.
Frankston Historical Society Inc
Frankston Historical Society Inc is based at Ballam Park Homestead, Cranbourne Rd Frankston Vic 3199 The society members are responsible for the museum, the historic homestead (c1855), the resource centre and the cafe. We take group bookings and conduct guided tours. School groups and new members welcome.
Fredericktown Historical Museum
The Fredericktown Historical Museum contains many excellent displays of items since our community was founded in 1807.
Freeborn Family History, Alstonville NSW
A site dedicated to the descendants of Andrew and Ellinor Freeborn, Alstonville, NSW
Freetown Historic Districts Online Database
Explore the historic resources of Freetown, Massachusetts and learn about the rich cultural history that makes Freetown unique!
French-Canadian History
17th century French-Canadian History. Interesting events and family history of the very early settlers and coureurs-de-bois.
Frenchtown NJ History
History of Frenchtown and Alexandria Township, NJ with biographies of Thomas Lowrey, William Alexander, Paul Henri Mallet-Prevost and others important in local history.
Friendship History Group
History of the Friendship Community in Jackson County, Oklahoma from the time of the Comanches and Kiowas until the 1960s. Information about the Western Cattle Trail; Old Greer County, Texas; and early communities, schools, and churches. A book, "The Early Day Friendship Area," may be ordered.
Frozen Reality
A page about the harsh realities of life and crimes against humanity.
Galgoczy Family History
information for 700 Galgoczy family members, family history and family tree
Frances Lysaighth Gallery and Johanna McGrath and their Iowa descendants
Garland County Historical Society
GCHS collects, maintains, preserves historical information related to Garland County, Arkansas, Hot Springs being the county seat. Site include pictures, publications, indexes, information about the archives overseen by GCHS.
Genealogy and history of the högermann family of Helpup in Lippe
Högermann,Hoegermann,Family,Genealogy,Lippe, Germany,Oerlinghausen,Waehrentrup,Währentrup,Mackenbruch,Wellentrup,Wellenbruch,Niederbarkhausen,History,Stueckemann,Stückemann,Wind,Büker,Bueker,Schneider,Hoeger,Höger,Hoeger,Koring,Korte(n),Koring,Thoren,Thorensmeier,Poelkers,Pölkers,Poelkemann,Pölkemann,Hofmeister,Oberkrome,Ober(n),Weeke,Wecke,de Weeke,Althof,Althoff,
Genoa Historical Association
The website for the Genoa Historical Association and Rural Life Museum in Southern Cayuga County, NY. History of the one-room schoolhouse, threshing barn, events, and other related matters.
Ghosts Of North Dakota
Ghosts of North Dakota is a site dedicated to North Dakota ghost towns and near ghost towns with thousands of family information and names in the form of user comments.
Gothams Family Inn
Gothams Family Inn is managed by living Gothams as a meeting place of access to Gotham genealogical records, and library of historical documents pertaining to Gotham family members descendants and their cousins worldwide.
Grafton Massachusetts History, Photos and Info.
Old pictures and family names from Grafton,MA
Granville Chapter DAR "Daughters of the American Revolution"
Fostering lineage memberships of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution through many chapters throughout the state of OHIO. History, Education, Preservation.
Grass Fed Beef
a little blurb on history.
Grass Fed Beef
a little blurb on history.
Grismore Family Tribal Pages
It is a Family Genealogy of the Grismore Family,and other Familes that was Married into the Grismore Family
Hall County Georgia American History and Genealogy Project
Hall County families, histories and general interest. Genealogy including Wills,Obituaries,Bible records,Cemeteries,Church information,schools,and any other historical event.History of pre-1895 cities and towns in Hall CountyAnd will have pre Lake Lanier records very soon.
Hamby Bones.GED
Henry Hamby and Sara Cross of Tennessee and their descendants
Hamilton County Historical Museum Society
Our main objective is to acquire and preserve historical landmarks within our county. One of our main objectives being the preservation of the "Old County Jail" . This is an ever on-going project, plus other acquisitions we plan the establishment of a Heritage Village depicting the various stages of our county.
Hanks for the Memories
Hanks for the Memories is family surname newsletter published January, May & Sept. Contains articles, charts, copies of original documents, photos, etc. Also, info re books in progress. Free queries. $12.00 yr. Back issues available. Free question/queries. Barbara & Bob Baber Editors/publishers email P.O. Box 191, Monroe, OH 45050
Hanson Historical Society
Hanson Massachusetts local history
Harrod/ Herrod Family
Early Oral History of the Harrod / Herrod Family as has been handed-down by word of mouth
Harry's Letters (1924 World Trip)
Contains the letters, postcards and photographs sent by Harry Gordon Gracie, aged 24, to his parents and family from a 5½ month world trip in 1924/5.
Heatons of Deane
Summary of the book "The Heatons of Deane", being the history of the Heaton family of Lancashire from the 12th century to the present day, including branches in Wales, Yorkshire and the USA..
Heritage of Old Mecklenburg County North Carolina
Promoting the preservation of family heritage and historical places and the history of Early Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
Heuer Family Website
The Heuer Family immigrated from Prussia in 1857 and settled in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin in the town of Ahnaphee later renamed to Algoma. This website contains many maps, descriptions of Prussia and has a link to a 1054 page book that was published by the Heuer family on behalf of the Heuer Family.
Hinkletown Community History Project
The families and businesses of Hinkletown, Iowa, founded by Harmon Hinkle(Henkle), son of George Washington Henkle of Fayette, Ohio. Site features maps, class pictures, biographies, and other interests about this Iowa/Keokuk Counties border community in Southeast Iowa.
Historic Columbus Indiana An Online Historical Reference Library
The Historic Columbus Indiana website offers Columbus High School yearbooks from 1916 through 1970 with name searching capabilities, and the pictorial section of the 1903-1904 Bartholomew County Directory
Historic Upshur Museum
The museum is dedicated to obtaining and maintaining the history of Upshur County. We are in the process of scanning 27000 glass negatives to the computer (1893-1940)of people, places and activities in Upshur County. When project is completed the photos will be available to the public, and they can print out a photo of a relative or building if we have it, for a small fee.
Historical Notes on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Features an interactive map to histories of each of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan's fifteen counties.
Historical Oregon Informations Services
Historical Oregon Information Services is a non-profit group that provides information on Oregon. Free services we provide to the public include a newsletter, Oregon places lookup and links pages. We also have books on Oregon and history. Visit us and we can help on your search for Oregon information.
Histories, Families and the COHEN and CASSIRER descendants
History (1523-2004) of relatives of the CASSIRER and COHEN families. Original documents, photos and family-tree. Includes family tree and historical overview. Includes philosophers Ernst CASSIRER and Werner David Falk, art dealer Paul CASSIRER, publisher Bruno CASSIRER, Tilla DURIEUX, General Harold Cohen, amongst 2,300 others.
History & Legacy of Jacob & Thedesia Menzak
History Of Cave Spring Georgia
We have info on thr history of Cave Spring Georgia
History of Colfax, Illinois
The History of Colfax, Illinois.
History of Friendship, Oklahoma
History of Friendship, Oklahoma, tells how the area was settled, the early schools, churches, Western Cattle Trail and the Native Americans from the late 1800's to about 1962.
History of Friendship, Oklahoma
This is a history of Old Greer County, Texas, later Jackson County, OK. The cattle drives, homesteading of Friendship and schools in the area beginning in the late 1800's through the 1960's
History of Kelleys Island Ohio
A comprehensive history of Kelleys Island OH taken from the first hand accounts of the settling families.
History of Marlborough Massachusetts
Has vital records, genealogies, cemetery inscriptions, Revolutionary, Civil War Soldier lists, early records, documents and more. These surnames are included: AMSDEN, ARNOLD, AXTELL, BANISTER, BARNARD, BARNES, BENT, BENDER, BIGELOW, BRIGHAM, EAGER, EAMES, FAY, FELTON, GLEASON, GOODALE, GOODENOW, HAGER, HAPGOOD, HOWE, HUDSON, JOHNSON, MAYNARD, MORSE, NEWTON, RICE, STOW, WARD and WOOD.
History of Port Aransas Texas
An online version of a very interesting book published in 1949 that gives the history of Port Aransas Texas.
Home page of Peter&Anne Tameris
Home page
Homepage von Mira Unkelbach
Diese Seite ist noch im Aufbau. Sie beschäftigt sich mit der Genealogie der Familien von Jordans, Unkelbach, Heuser, Körfgen, von Wrede und deren Vorfahren.
Hornsby Bend
The year was 1830. Reuben and Sarah Morrison Hornsby landed in Texas from the steamship Pocahontas. At Stephen F. Austin's colony at San Felipe, Reuben was joined with Austin and five other men: Webber, Walters, Duty, Barker, and Wilbarger. Together these men surveyed the land around Austin's Upper Colony. When Reuben saw a large horse-shoe shaped bend in the Colorado River just 9 miles east of present day Austin, he told Austin that this was the land he wanted as his "headright." Stephen F. Austin granted Reuben Hornsby 4500 acres on October 16, 1832. That land since has been named "Hornsby Bend" and, in the early days of the Republic of Texas, it stood at the most northern, remote tip of Austin's Colony. The purpose of this site to commemorate the first 100 years of Hornsby Bend through photos and written documents dating from the early days of the Republic of Texas.
Hot Spring County Historical Society
The website is a place for information pertaining to the history of Hot Spring County, Arkansas and about her people. The Heritage, a annual book, is published each year and is available for purchase.
Humboldt Iowa History
The web site describes the buildings and resources available at the Humboldt Iowa County Museum.
International Heraldry
aspects of Heraldry from its early development in Medieval Europe. Heraldic practices in battle, mêlées and jousts. Examples from armorial rolls, grants, castles, manor houses and other buildings and artefacts. Includes an explanation of terminology and how to blazon arms.
InterWorld Partners Inc.
We study the relationship between humans and their biological, social and political environments.
Irish Heredity,an Irish genealogy research service
Irish Heredity,a Irish genealogy research guide to help you trace your Irish ancestors.
Irish migration to Newcastle on Tyne and Weetslade Northumberland.
Irish migration to the north east of England 1861. Also Family migration to Dudley colliery village in 1861 many surnames listed on page also census information on site.
J.K. Street Civil War Letters - 9th Texas Infantry
Letters from J.K. Street (My Great Great Grandfather) to his wife Ninnie, (Melinda Elizabeth Pace Street) during the Civil War. His letters are written in diary style and tell of his day to day life in the 9th Texas Infantry, Co A. from Paris, Lamar Co., Texas
Jans Genealogy Gems - History of a Southern Family
My site deals with family history and Civil War connections. Historical family photos of people and records will be added.
Jefferson Park Historical Society
As the Jefferson Park Historical Society, our mission is to educate others about the history of Jefferson Park and the surrounding areas of Chicago. We will accomplish this through discussion at meetings, public tours and events, and dissemination of historical documents and photos though publications. Additionally, we desire to collaborate with others in the community to continue to maintain and preserve the history of our neighborhood. By linking the past with the present and the future, we will provide an awareness and create an appreciation for our place in Chicago's and Illinois' history.
Jemima Wilkinson, Notable Woman Ancestor
Resource dedicated to women's history provides a biography of the first American woman to create a religious group.
Jim Graham's Site
My site primarily encompases my Autobiography. It includes some portions of such and my family tree. I have not yet posted a GEDcom of my family tree but may do so in the near future. GEDcom's for Graham and Lichty (Lichtley) are being worked on but some areas still need verification.
JOHNSON - House of McIan of McShane of the Clan McShane
The Sept McIan of McShane (Johnson) is an official sept of the Irish Clan McShane with strong roots from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England, as well as early Colonial America.
Johnson Family Cleburne County, Alabama
History of Johnson and related family groups with roots in Cleburne County, Alabama
Kammer, Lola (Kammer) Zimmerman's Trip to Brule Nebraska
Lola (Kammer) Zimmerman, daughter of Katherine and George Kammer, returned to Brule Nebraska, her place of birth. Pictures, descriptions of life & times in Brule.
Kane County, IL - Community Links Page
Historical infomation on: Acasto Almora Algonquin Aurora Aurora Township Avon Banner Batavia Batavia Township Beeler's Mound (see Johnson's Mound) Berkshire Big Woods (Batavia & South) Big Rock Big Rock Township Big Springs Blackberry Blackberry Township Briar Hill (northern Kane County) Burlington Burlington Township Campton Township Canada Corners Carpentersville (Carpenters Grove) Catsville Chicken Grove Clybournville (one mile south of Batavia) Charlestown Coleman Collamer Dundee Township East Burlington P.O. East Dundee Elburn Elgin Eola Fairfield Fayville Franklin Freeman (Northern Kane County) Geneva (Herrington's Ford) Geneva Township Gilberts Gray Town (Montgomery) Gray Willow P.O. Grouse P.O. Hammond Station Hampshire Hampshire Center Hampshire Township Hen Peck Herrington's Ford Holstein Homer Jackson Jefferson (Big Rock) Jericho P.O. Johnson's Mound (Beeler's Mound) Kaneville Kaneville Township Kings Mill LaFox (in Blackberry Twp) LaFox P.O. (Geneva) Lily Lake - Lilly Lake Little Woods (Wayne, Dupage Co. or St. Charles Twp) Lodi Lone Grove Malloy P.O. Maple Grove Maple Park McCarthy Settlement (Aurora area), also known as McCarty's Mill McQueen Station Milo Montgomery Mooseheart North Plato P.O. North Aurora Old Hampshire Padel (Spring Valley) Patterson Lake Pidgeon Woods Township (I haven't located this but it is mentioned at this site.) Pingree Grove Plato Center Plato Corners Plato Township Pleasant Grove Rees Richardson Rockville Rutlandville Rutland Township St. Charles (Charlestown) St. Charles Township Schneider's Mill (North Aurora) Silver Glen Sleepy Hollow Spring Valley (Almora) South Elgin (aka Clinton or Clintonville) Starks Sugar Grove Sugar Grove Township Sunset (Northern Kane County) Swinton Troxel Udina Underwood Virgil Virgil Township Waterville (St. Charles) Wasco Wayne West Dundee Weston (Fermi Lab) Winthrop Youngsdale
An extensive index for kansas links online
Kingsclere Heritage and Genealogy
A site devoted to the village of Kingsclere in Hampshire, England making itts history and genealogy availbale to distant researchers
Kuyahoora Valley Historical Society
Local history of the towns of Herkimer County towns of Fairfield, Newport, Norway and Russia, New York
Lady Elgin Shipwreck
The USM Lady Elgin shipwreck of 1860 created 1000 orphans for Saint John Cathedral in Milwaukee Wisconsin in this reflection on Old and Modern Milwaukee by some descendants. Numerous deaths occured among music, militia, police, and fire companies.
Larkins of Galway
The story of the origins of the Larkin families of County Galway, Ireland.
Lawrence In Ashes
A historical event in Lawrence, Kansas. Quantrill Raiders. Included is a list of people killed in this raid.
Lerwill Family History
This site provides substantial detail about the history of the name. More information can be obtained from the site owner.
Les Cahiers d'Elise
(In french) Paper books held daily by my grandmother Elise, during World War 1.
Lethbridge Family History Center
Southern Alberta History; Alberta Pioneer Histories; Canadian Genealogical Resources and Links; Surname Registry; Canadian History and Military links; Alberta Ghost Towns; Alberta Native History and Links; Databases; Top Websites; Immigration and Ship lists; Family History Center Resources; LDS Links; Ethnic Links;
Lexington Historical Society, Inc. (Indiana)
We are a small historical society for Lexington Township, Scott County, Indiana.
Licking Valley Heritage Society
We are a Historical society with a museum, We are accepting memberships and collecting historical photos and artifacts, and stories of our early settlers into the Licking Valley area of Hanover township, Mary Ann Township, Perry Township, Madison Township. in Licking County Ohio
Life in the Early Middle Colonies
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Delaware
Lloydminster History - Official Centennial Site
Devoted to the history of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan / Alberta Canada - contains sketches of individuals, businesses and organizations along with photos.
Luppitt, England: Local History contains information relating to the Parish of Luppitt, Devon, England. Includes Census records, Family trees, birth, marriage and burual records, monumental inscriptions etc
Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society
The Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society is a nonprofit organization promoting the gathering and dissemination of information on the history and archaeology of the Blackwater Valley area in North Cork through field trips, lectures, and the publication of an annual journal.
March days of 1848
Overview of the 1848 revolutions in Germany
Marcie's Alaskaweb
My site traces family history and ancestors back to 1638. Family surnames Campbell, Cowden, Ferril, Folsom, Hampton, McClure, McCracken, Rhea, Rogers, Taliaferro, Thornton, Washington and Choctaw Indian information and genealogy
Marley Ancestry
There is over 300 years of Marley Ancestry. Some surnames include: Marley, York, Allred, Smithson, Russell, Nicely, Baldwin, Holloway, Kivett, Underwood, etc... Check out the site to see if your surname is on here. It also contains Bible Records, Obituaries, Marriage & Death Certificates, plus much more.
Marsland Family History
The Australian site of the Marsland Family History.
Martin Ulvestad Translations
Nordmændene i Amerika 1907 Translations by Olaf Kringhaug
McCornack's Genealogy-8 - Tom Lions
The earliest mention of Tom Lions dates back to Sept. 19 and 20, l757, when the horrible massacre of the Jacob Hochstetler family occurred at their home in Berks County, Pa.
MCCUTCHEN Family Northwest
History of James Monroe McCutchen (1834-1922) and Mary Landon McCutchen (1855-1924) and their eight children, William, George, Edgar, Avaline (Fisher) Walter, Alson, Charlana (Hooper) and John Calvin. Stories, genealogy and photos record their experiences from Missouri and Vermont to Elko, Nevada, to Yacolt, Washington to Eastern Oregon.
McKean's Genealogy
Iain Sprangaich (The Bold) is honored here, the MacIain's ancient family of Ardnamurchan, of the Highlands of Scotland, many spellings-McCain, McCane, McEan, MacIan, McIan, McKean,MacKane, McKane, McKeehan, McKeen, McKeon, Etc.
Mckenty Foot Prints
The site gives an overview of the Mckenty/McKinty families in Antrim.It describes various families that settled in Quebec and Ontario and many of their descendants. Attempts are made to find connections between these families and their ancestors in Northern Ireland
My website contains a story of the McVichie emigration from Scotland to Canada, and information of where the name might have originated.I can be contacted by searchers of this name at for family tree information.
Memories of Bristol England
Memories of the historic city of Bristol over the last 100 years plus over 3,000 old photographs of the city and its districts
Memory Hill
Memory Hill dedicated to the memory of Wardie Craft and the descendants of Daniel Williams
Migration of the Victorian Family to Dudley, Northumberland, 1861.
Family migration to Dudley colliery village in 1861 many surnames listed on page also census information on site. Also a page on Irish family migration to the north east of England.
Milan Area Historical Society
The Milan Area Historical Society (MAHS) covers the history of the Milan, Michigan area. It includes the communites of Milan, Mooreville, Oakville, Cone, Azalia.
Mlejnek Family History
Description of the descendents of Frantisek Mlejnek of Ratiskovice, Moravia. Describes family origins in Praha-zapad including the towns of Dolni Jircany, Liber, Psary, and Vestec Bohemia from 1700 to 1930.
Mojave Desert History
History of Victorville, Apple Valley, Victor Valley and the High Desert on the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County, California. Currently offering histories on Sagebrush Annie and the Sagebrush Inn of Route 66, Elmore and Harriet Corwin, and the Joseph Brown Ranch, Predecessor to the Verde - Kemper Campbell Ranch.
Monroe County, Ga., Historical Society
Monroe County, Georgia, Historical Data
Montana.Memoies: Hein Family
Montana Memories Early Years of Montana Territory to 1942 through the eyes of the Hein Family and others. Short stories, photographs, genealogy included. Plus old recipes of this American-German-Russian family.
Morningside, Indiana : A History
History and Guide to Morningside Indiana. Morningside is located in Delaware County 65 miles north east of Indianapolis Indiana.
Morrison Family Album
Website dedicated to the to family history and information for the descendants of John Raymond Morrison and Nellie Luella Morrison.
Mount Laffee
Early settlers and history of Mt Laffee, an anthracite coal mining community, in Schuylkill Co, PA.
Mountain Men Home Page
Mountain Men Web page contains history of some of the Mountain men that settled in the Tualitin Plains area in Oregon. In addition, it contains a book for sale (Question and Answer) about a Large percentage of the Mountain Men. A map of the Oregon Territory is for Sale that has great details about the Rendezvous and Winter Holes, wonderful drawings and all the necessary information to "follow" a book about the mountain men. There are also Prints for sale, these prints demonstrate the dangers and the profession of the time of the 1800's
Mudsock: an Early Ames Village
This site reports the author's research on the evolution of an early pioneer Ohio village. It evolved over time with the arrival of families in Ames township in 1803 until it became a small village with meachants, a church, a school, and several families. It ceased to exist around 1840.
Muncie Indiana History and Research Guide
Muncie Indiana : My Hometown is a several page guide with history of Muncie, Delaware County and east-central Indiana. This is the largest such site on the Internet and features carefully selected links providing the researcher with a massive treasure trove of information resources.
Murray County, OK
Murray County, OK - history, schools, churches, cemeteries, communities
Musquodoboit Vallet
Historical information about the communities in the Musquodoboit Valley
My Family History
Written Histories for several families from the Polk Co., MN and Grand Forks Co., ND area. Includes Database Family maps as well as a local history for the Grand Forks Area. Families included: VOISS, STYRLUND, BUSHEE, GENEREAU, ENRIGHT, O'CONNOR.
My Family History
Family histories for the Voiss, Styrlund, Bushee, Genereau, Enright, & O'Connor families of Grand Forks Co., ND and Polk Co., MN.
My Family History Website
Mormon pioneer ancestors-Utah. Surnames: John ABBOTT, Albert CLEMENTS, James COTRILL, Mary DEFORREST, Elizabeth DONLEY, Amores DRONFIELD, Ephraim GREEN, Martha HENDRIX, HORTON, ICELANDIC JOHNSONS, William KIRBY, John LEMMON, Richard LOWE, Maria MEADS, Elijah MALIN, James MCGUCKIN, Isaac SAMPSON, Alice Melissa SMITH, William STEVENS, Frances VERNON, Oscar WILKINS AND Ada WINCHELL.Histories of my ancesters mostly Mormon pioneers to Utah. Surnames: John ABBOTT, Miriam CALKINS, Albert CLEMENTS, James COTRILL, Mary DEFORREST, Elizabeth DONLEY, James DURRAGH, Amores DRONFIELD, Ephraim GREEN, Martha HENDRIX, HORTON, ICELANDIC JOHNSONS, William KIRBY, John LEMMON, Richard LOWE, Maria MEADS, Abigail RICHARDSON, Elijah MALIN, James MCGUCKIN, Isaac SAMPSON, Alice Melissa SMITH, William STEVENS, Frances VERNON, Oscar WILKINS AND Ada WINCHELL.
My Irish Heritage
Genealogical website providing information on Irish families surnames include: Blood, Clibborn, Nicholson, Pike, Scott, Hamilton, Jellett, FitzGerald, Burton, Barclay, Barcroft, Ffrench, Stoney, Bindon, Walkinshaw, Newton, Morton, Morgan, Whitsitt, Strettlell, Rogers, Poole, Townsend and many more...
My Irish Heritage
Site covering all of my Irish ancestors. Surnames include: Blood, Jellett, Nicholson, FitzGerald, Scott, Brownlow, Poole, Morgan, Morris, Boyle, and many, many more!
My Sankey Ancestors
A history of the Irish Sankey branch back to Peter Sankey of Wem Shropshire ca.1550-14MAR1605 Also, notes on the origin of our name near today's Warrington Lancashire prior to the Norman Conquest.
Nardello/Nardiello Family Site
This site traces the history of families surnamed Nardello, Nardiello, Fox, and Zeimetz. If you think you may be related, drop us a line and let's talk.
National Friends & Society of the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route
The National Society & Friends Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail (NS&F W3RNHT) was founded in 2005 and formed as a national organization in 2010 to promote, preserve, and commemorate the march of the French and allied expeditionary forces along the W3R National Historic Trail between Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.
National Haunted Places Registry
One of the most complete listings of America's haunted places. Come visit if you dare!
Neil Elvick's Family History Web Site
The web site has a full length family history book (from 1600-1945), a gedcom with over 4.000 names, and photograph albums. The main surnames are ELVICK, ONA, LANGSETH, WISE, BICKEL, BROWN/BRAUN, CHAPPELL, and BARNES.
New Orleans History--Lake Pontchartrain
Historical information pertaining to the New Orleans Lakefront area. Postcards, articles, etc.
Newcastle to Berwick Railway, 1845
Tyneside Family History the development of railways in the north east of England with map and photographs of bridges and stations on site.
Newton, Alabama - A Pictorial History
This is a pictorial history of the Town of Newton, Alabama and it's immediate surrounding area.
Niagara Area Historical Society
The Niagara Area Historical Society is sharing the history of Niagara Wisconsin and surrounding areas. It also has a museum of Niagara History
North Tonawanda's Roots
This website has established a goal to collect and document genealogical, family and historic data from residents and former residents of North Tonawanda, New York and share the information with those doing family research.
Northern Ontario History/Nostalgia Photo Album
This website has hundreds of old Classroom photos with names, photos of old buildings and photos of Groups of People from Communities throughout Northern Ontario, Canada.
Notable Characters
These are the stories of pioneer individuals who shaped their times and our future and come about from endless hours of trudging through pioneer cemeteries, reading old newspapers, researching archival documents, countless interviews delving into family lore and local history.
Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation
This is the official web site for Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation. Ohlone/Costanoan-Esselen Nation (OCEN) is the legal successor of the Previously Federally Recognized Tribe, historically identified by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as the San Carlos Mission Band (Helen Hunt Jackson Special Indian Agent for California—1882-1885 and later as the Monterey Band of Monterey County (recognized under Congressional Acts of 1906, 1908 and later years, and Charles Kelsey, Special Indian Agent—1905-1913, and later BIA Superintendents). Approximately 600 Costanoan and Esselen Indians are enrolled with OCEN who are either living members or direct descendants of members of the Previously Federally Recognized tribal entities, the San Carlos Band of Mission Indians, and the Monterey Band of Monterey County.
Old Brick House Foundation
The OBHF exists to manage, protect, and promote the "Old Brick House" (which includes the site of an ancient native village) as a historical landmark and educational resource. The house was originally built by Richard Kennon in the late 1600's, following his purchase of the land in 1677.
Old Chester, PA
This intent of this web site is to provide historical pictures and information about the city of Chester, located in Delaware County, PA. While the visitor will find some earlier history, the focus is primarily on the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. Also included are some of the neighboring towns of southeastern Delaware County (Aston, Boothwyn, Brookhaven, Crum Lynne, Eddystone, Marcus Hook, Media, Ridley Park, Swarthmore, Trainer, Wallingford, etc.) which are all within the general metropolitan area.
Old Letters of Robert & Margaret Morrison McCorkle & Progeny.Dyer-Gibson TN
MCCORKLE CORRESPONDENCE. Centered around, first, Yorkville in Gibson County, Tennessee, then, after the advent of the railroads and the Civil War, the new town of Newbern, Dyer County. Scots-Irish Immigrants from Northern Ireland to: Lancaster County & Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; down the Great Wagon Road of the 18th century to Rockbridge County, Virginia; to Rowan County and other sites in the Piedmont of North Carolina near Salisbury and Statesville, particularly around Thyatira Presbyterian Church; to Sumner County, Tennessee, near Lebanon and Gallatin; with escape by some from Indian Hostilities up to Cane Ridge and Paris, Bourbon & Logan Counties, KY; with some moving on to Preble County, Ohio, to “New Paris" but others back southward to the area of Gallatin and Lebanon; some back to Rowan/Iredell County, NC, to marry; thence brothers Robert & William McCorkle to Middle Tennessee for father Alexander McCorkles Revolutionary War land grant; then Robert McCorkle further west to Dyer County, Tennessee, before dying in 1828. Letters begin with his widow Margaret Morrison.
Olive Tree Genealogy: Palatines to USA (PA & NY)
Search Free databases for Palatines to Pennsylvania and New York
Omar, Seneca County, Ohio
Complete texts of historical booklet and manuscripts dealing with Omar, Reed Township, Seneca County, Ohio
Orange Brewery; Orange, New Jersey
Hisory of the Orange Brewery in Orange, New Jersey and the Winter family that built and first ooperated it.
Origins and migrations of Sugg families in England
A one name study of Sugg families in England tracing the use of the name from Saxon beginnings to the 20th century
The origins of the name Orme (and its variations), including translations from Scandinavian Runestones and the full text of some relevant Icelandic Sagas (in English).
Oshawa Journal
A Step Back in Time to the Village of Oshawa - historical family timelines, news clippings, birth/marriage/death/grave records, photos and stories of the people I am researching, as well as the history of streets and houses in the village of Oshawa.
Otisfield, ME GenWeb
Prominent people and history of our town
Ouachita County Historical Society
history of Camden, Ouachita County, historical homes, sites and events.
Our Shaker Heritage
Our Shaker Heritage describes three generations of the Runyon family living as Shakers at the Pleasant Hill, Mercer County, Kentucky community from 1809 to 1913.
Owyhee County Historic Markers
Includes photographs and text of historic markers found in the county.
Paper Trail is the website created by OCTA based on a searchable index of wagon train journeys, with names, places and a survey of the text. This database includes a list of libraries where the original historic documents may be found.
Pattillo Family Tree
Pattillo Family History
Pawlet, Vermont in the Revolutionary War
Pawlet, Vermont and its citizens in the Revolutionary War
Pelham Community History Museum
The Pelham Community History Museum (PCHM) is a not-for-profit history institution dedicated to preserving, conserving and accurately interpreting the contributions of its past and present community members. Located in historic Pelham of Western Navarro County. The Pelham Community History Museum is a unique and vital resource in this part of Navarro County. It is the only museum in the county devoted primarily to African American Community Heritage.
Penn Street Library
History of the Rise and Progress of the Alton Riots, culminating in the Death of Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy. November 7th, 1837 by Henry Tanner, 1878 New book transcription pertaining to Rev. Lovejoy, an Abolitionist Editor.
People and Places, Gazetteer of Hamilton County, TX
The purpose of this document is FIRST, to preserve to honor the memory of the brave pioneers who ventured into a new county to create our heritage; SECOND, to accumulate historical, genealogical, religious, social, geographical, political, and miscellaneous trivial information; and THIRD, to become THE DEFINITIVE encyclopedia of Hamilton County, Texas
Picture Gallery of Canadian History 1763-1830: Saskatchewan
Historical drawings of the province of Saskatchewan from the book "Picture Gallery of Canadian History" 1763-1830 by C.W. Jefferys. Pictures of agricultural and pioneer implements, voyageur exploration, fur trading, maps, canoe routes, etc.
Pioneer Heritage Society
The Pioneer Heritage Society is a historical, educational society that is non-political and non-sectarian. It is dedicated to remembering the names and achievements of the pioneers who settled in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area from 1846-1866. Members record their material in written form and post it on the Society's website.
Pointe Coupée at the Millennium
Pointe Coupée at the Millennium is a website dedicated to documenting Pointe Coupée Parish at the turn of the 21st century.
The Poorhouse Story is a clearinghouse for information about 19th century American poorhouses. Poorhouse records can include birth and death information as well as other valuable genealogical information otherwise not available on ancestors whose poverty or illness may have made it hard to learn much about them.
Postcards From the Past, A Brief History of Elgin, Illinois
In the Spring of 1835 James Gifford founded Elgin, Illinois. Throughout the next 150 years, his town would become the leading milk producer, Christian literature publisher and quality watch producer of the nation. This site will give you a brief overview of that city through my collection of antique postcards.
Since 1811 the name Posthumus came to stay as surname in The Netherlands and in countries whereto Dutchmen emigrated. All those families fall back on a Frisian ancestor, because only in the province Friesland they registred themselves at the registration service under the name Posthumus or Postumus, by Decree of 18 july 1811 of emperor Napoleon.
Potterspury Village
The village of Potterspury in Northamptonshire UK, Sub District for Passenham, Yardley Gobion, Cosgrove
Program Source International
To preserve early Michigan town histories and Events in Michigan's history, PSI developed the Visual History Preservation series in 1994. 23 VHS & DVD Documentaries on Michigan have been completed: Orphan Train in Michigan, Commercial Fishing, Lubmering in Michigan, Mackinac Island and more
Public transport and tramways at Rome (Italy)
History and development of the public transport at Rome. Trams, buses, trolleybuses, interurbans; lines, rolling stock, technical details.
Putnam County Historical Society
With connections to Benjamin Lundy, Jonathan Baldwin Turner and the Buell Institute, to name just a few; the Putnam County Historical Society provides a source for historical and genealogical research. Our goal is to facilitate the Preservation, Restoration and Genealogy for a county with an overwhelming wealth of history.
Q150 Brisbane History Pictorial and Narratives - Statehood to Federation
Website has many hyperlinks to the State Library Queensland pictorial database as well as articles written at the time by Brisbane residents. Contains panoramas of early Brisbane as well stories of prominent people, reminiscences, newspaper articles, districts, buildings, infrastructure.
Railroad Historical Museum of Springfield Missouri
Historical documents, articals and information on the St. Louis San Francisco Railroad and the employees that worked for this railroad.
Randt Family Web Site
A general family history web site providing insight into the various surnames being researched that are anscestors to our daughter. The ethnic areas include: Polish, French Canadian,Italian and Irish.
Ray County Museum
Our mission is to collect, preserve and present the history and culture of the people of Ray County, Misouri and the families who pioneered the area. Through our exhibits, research facilities and many other services and events, the museum seeks to inspire visitors in matters of local history.
Remember Cliffside: History and Memories of a Bygone Town
Dedicated to preserving the history and memories of Cliffside, a mill village in Rutherford County, North Carolina, built at the turn of the 20th century. Although the mill and a few buildings still stand today, the town as it existed for almost 80 years is virtually gone.
Renfrewshire and Paisley Scotland - historical info of all locations
HappyHaggis brings you the largest website for the Scottish county of Renfrewshire. Every town and village is covered, offering links to past and present maps, local photos and historical information. A must when checking local history.
This is a developing historical overview of the Revels-Kiesow-Fredenburg convergence in North America. It links epic journeys from several continents and time periods to multiple sources, sites and publications today. Its a forum, a source, and a mirror image of our nation.
Reynoldston, Franklin County, New york
This site documents the history of an Adlirondack Mill & Logging Community 1870-1970 with oral history interviews, over 350 historical photos and genealogical information about the families that settled the community of about 350 people at its peak/
Richmond River Historical Society Inc. (New South Wales)
We are a regional archives for Northern New South Wales known as Richmond River Historical Society, attached also is a Museum. We hold maps, Obituaries, School Lists, Localitiy files, People files, Local Photographs, Aboriginal Files and resources, cemetery listings. We have several indexes on our site, and these are being added to regularly.
Roquemore Ancestry Web Site
Dedicated to the preservation of the memories of the original Roquemore families, who left France in 1763 and all that was familiar to them.
Rosenort Church of God in Christ Manitoba
Short article on the Holdeman people of Rosenort, Manitoba. The Church of God in Christ Mennonite website lists pastors and deacons and has several links to pertinent information.
Rosenort Evangelical Mennonite Church
Rosenort Church near Morris, Manitoba. Site links to cemetery, church membership and various historical figures.
Rosenort Fellowship Chapel
The Rosenort Fellowship website contains information on ministers, church practice, founding members. It is located in Rosenort, near Morris, Manitoba. It is a member of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference of Canada.
Rossiter's Where did you come from
ROSSITER FAMILIES FROM WESTHAY MOOR IN SOMERSET ,ENGLAND. Will reply to emails regarding diffrent families. Some interesting pictures , help required. Hope to hear from you soon
history of Rowley Regis and Rowley Village, west midlands UK, previously in Staffordshire, Historical data from Domesday to present with emphasis on Trades, people, geograpghy and devellopment from Rural Manor of the King to indusrialised community via the industrial revolution.
Russian Parish from Ivan III to Ekatherina II
Forming of North West Russian parish clergy in 16-18 cc. Progect for support
Saint Clair, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
Background information on this small town in eastern PA. It's rich history of lumbering, railroads, and coal mining.
Saint Dennis Catholic Church
First Catholic Church in Kent County, Md. Pastor is Rev. Thomas Peterman, author of "Catholics in Colonial Delmarva" Site contains excerpts of Delmarva history from the book as well as an index with earliest names in Delmarva. Also contains biographies of every priest who ever served at Saint Dennis.
In a search for historical records for Sakala family name
Salem & New England Witch Trial Genealogy
Witch Trial ancestors and family lines in Salem, MA and throughout New England. Database, library, images. Contributions welcome!
Samuel Lafayette Doyle Family
History of Samuel Lafayette Doyle Family
Sand Lake Historical Society
THE Web site for the Sand Lake Historical Society, Town of Sand Lake, Rensselaer County, NY, founded 1974, absolute charter granted 1979.
Schoharie County Historical Review
Semi-annual Schoharie County history magazine established in 1937. Current issue on line, partial contents and indexes of back issues.
Scottish Genealogy Research
A Family Tree can be more than just a collection of names and dates. How much more interesting to find out how your ancestors lived. How historic events may have shaped their lives.
Scottish West Coast, Clanns, Families, Areas through Oral History
A service to augment the paper genealogical research: Scottish Seanachaidh (oral historian or Clann Storyteller) keeper of certain family and clann Tales from 1300-1900
Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
civilan and military history of wisconsin during the american civil war
Serena's Family Tree
A personal genealogy site dedicated to preserving family history & helping others in their search for family. Surnames include Harrelson, Heffington, Farmer, Smith, Cooper, McBride & many more! Site includes research helps, photos, stories, Native American Content. Site also offers a message forum, submit your site link, guestmap, banner exchange, and I also give out several different awards! Come visit today!
Shankleville Roots
Shankleville Roots was designed to be informative for all who visit the site. It presents encapsulated snipets of Texas, Newton County and Shankleville history. There is some biographical information of the first settlers and community men of Shankleville. Also provided are books and CDs for sale.
Sheldon Historical Society
Official website of the Sheldon Historical Society and school house museum.
Shelton Research
The Shelton Research Project originated because of the webmasters determination to level a few brick walls. With very little documentation available,emphasis has evolved mainly into American American History. Cousins are exchanging info now. Together we will break down the walls! Great! (Stephen Shelton, b. 1809 ties to Chief John Brown) ~~Sheila Gibson
Shemwell Family Website
A place you can learn all about the Shemwell Family
Sheridan County MT.
GenWeb site for Sheridan County, MT. Gives genealogical information, historical information, links to places that researchers can search their heritage.
Silver Spring (Maryland) Historical Society
The mission of the all volunteer Silver Spring Historical Society is to create and promote awareness and appreciation of Silver Spring, Maryland's heritage through sponsorship of educational activities and the preservation and protection of historical sites, structures, artifacts and archives.
Siskiyou County Historical Society
Siskiyou County Historical Society has access to an extensive obit index, 25,000 + photos, and detailed historical information about people, places, events, etc. in Siskiyou County. Research Serivices Offered.
Sligo Heritage
Sligo’s unique domain for history, folklore and attractions of Co. Sligo
Society for the Preservation of West Calaveras History
Dedicated to the history of Valley Springs, Wallace, Burson, Jenny Lind, Paloma and other communities in West Calaveras, this nonprofit organization is an educational resource for everyone from residents and students to historians and government agencies.
Society of Mayflower Descendants - Missouri
A educational study guide for instruction on the Mayflower, Pilgrims, Plymouth Colony, Native Americans and much more. Contains original artwork. Written by Duane A. Cline, former Education Chairman of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.
South Portland Shipyards of World War II
Information and photographs of the World War II shipyards in South Portland, Maine, makers of the much-maligned "Liberty Ships". Maps, photos, data, links are also included.
Sprinkle & Related Families of Western North Carolina
German immigrant Peter Sprenckel is the known forefather of our treasured heritage. His grandson William Sprinkle married Isabella Palmer, daughter of wealthy land surveyor Edmond Palmer. Their families began in the lower Gabriel's Creek area known as Palmer Ford, the Ivy creek crossing named in his honor. William & Isabella had 13 children. I have an accurate account of their lives in "Old Buncombe/Madison County" NC. POC: Ellen Whitsel, Sprinkle Historian.
St. Charles, Illinois - History and Links
Links and historical info on St. Charles, Illinois
Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA
The journal of John W. Lynch from 1898 to 1925 detailing activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways. This site is of interest to those researching the Lynch surname, Elizabeth, PA and Riverbuffs.
Stevens, Drummond, Haas, Hendricks Families
My website includes genealogy, history, and photos of the following families: David Stevens (Scotland 1819), John Haas (PA 1820?) Daniel Drummond (Scotland, 18th Century) among others. All of these families had descendants who were pioneers who arrived in California (and Oregon)around the Gold Rush and before the end of the 19th Century.
Stiles-Akin SCV Camp #670
Historical Preservation Society
Strolling Along the Youghiogheny and Monongahela Rivers
A website dealing with the historical and genealogical sites in western Pennsylvania along the two rivers including Elizabeth Township, McKeesport and surrounding communities. Especially useful for persons tracing family roots with information on local cemeteries and links to local resources such as the Elizabeth Township Historical Society.
Survivors of the wreck of HMS Birkenhead 50 years later
A large troopship, HMS Birkenhead, with about 638 men women and children on board, was sailing off the coast of Africa on a clear night on 26th February 1852 carrying reinforcements for the troops engaged in the Kaffir War. As Captain Salmond was anxious to shorten the voyage and the sea was calm he kept at near as possible to the shore. Off Cape Danger the vessel suddenly struck a sunken rock with such force that within 20 minutes she was a wreck. The actual number of personnel aboard is in some doubt but, according to the Times newspaper of the day `as accurately as can be ascertained` is put at 638. The survivors comprised 113 Army personnel (all ranks), 6 Royal Marines, 54 seamen (all ranks), 7 women and 13 children. These figures may not be completely accurate as muster rolls and books were lost with the ship.
Tahoe Heritage Foundation
The Tahoe Heritage Foundation was formed in 1996 to preserve and interpret the area's historic and natural resources. Created to augment funds caused by government cut-backs, the Foundations goals are being achieved by developing and maintaining an endowment through diversified funding.
Terrace Park Historical Society
The site provides historical information on every house and building in Terrace Park, Ohio including current and past residents with census and genealogical information.
Terry Family of South Carolina, Georgia and Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
The Terry family migrated from the Pendelton district in South Carolina and settled in Georgia to become farmers. After the Civil War they moved to Indian Territory in what is now Oklahoma to start a new life. With the help of family members all over the country I'm trying to put together their story.
Teune Family History Home Page
The history of the Teune family from Switzerland, through the Netherlands to the United States. Covering over 500 years of Teunes with many pictures of American Teunes.
Texas Family History Research: Timeline for Genealogy
This is a chronology of events that has been designed for you to study WHERE one of your disappearing ancestors may have gone (did he go look for gold? to work on a canal? free land was offered? a new mining adventure?) as this would supply the missing motive for you to know why he suddenly vanished.
Texas online magazine
Texas online magazine with feature articles and columns on Texas history, architecture, humor, satire, and small town sagas.
The 1820 Settlers to South Africa
The story of the 1820 Settlers to South Africa, with pârticular emphasis on the Wedderburn family.
The Army Children Archive (TACA)
The Army Children Archive (TACA) collects, records and preserves details of the unique aspects of growing up as the child of a soldier serving in the British Army, whether that growing up was done during the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth or twenty-first century.
The Battle of Port Hudson
Description of the Battle of Port Hudson, fought during the Civil War. Special focus is on the defense of "Fort Desperate" by the Fifteenth Arkansas Infantry Regiment, and includes the unit's history and a roster of participants in the battle.
The Brynmawr, Wales History - Genealogy Project
A site dedicated to the history and genealogy of Brynmawr, Wales. Historical essays, maps, church, census and cemetery records and photographs, are all featured from this comprehensive site.
The Buffalo Barracks Historical Web Site
Tribute to the pre-Civil War history of the Niagara Frontier during the Patriots' War era. An extensive compilation of rare data valuable to genealogists and historians worldwide.
The Chatfield Story
The Chatfield Story: The Civil War Letters and Diaries of Private Edward L. Chatfield of the 113th Illinois Volunteers, a bold, telling, and generous new resource of American war history. The story of Edward Chatfield, on whose land the Chatfield Dam and State Park would come to be built in Littleton, Colorado, begins in the farm country of the Middlefield Township in Ohio in 1842.
The Colson Chronicles
History of Wilmington, NC during the civil war. Includes social and economic history, as well as a list of dead from the Wilmington yellow fever epidemic, 1862.
The Dead Town of Hamburg, South Carolina
Hamburg SC, located across the Savannah River from Augusta GA, was a thriving marketplace from its founding by Henry Shultz in 1821 to about 1860. This site describes the town, its history, and lists many of its inhabitants.
The Dickey Clan
Dickey family geneology including family tree and history, pictures, stories, music, current events, etc.
The Dorland and Van Dorland genealogical website
A Dutch Genealogical page about the Dorland and Van Dorland family. The family book and its presentation. Contains both dutch and american genealogy. Site is in English as well as in Dutch.
The Early Modern Discussion Board
Discussion board dealing with the Tudor and Stuart historical period in England. Covers the English Civil War. Includes a section for genealogy queries relating to that period.
The Eaton Families Association
Eaton Families Association, a not-for-profit genealogy association tracing Eaton, Eyton, de Eyton ancestry/ descendants from 11th century Shropshire/Cheshire co., England and Wales through worldwide migrations and more...
The Ensell / Encell Family Site
Information on the Ensell and Encell Family , from Birmingham, England to Pittsburgh, PA. Notes and Historical information is made available for your reading enjoyment. A complete listing of the Family members from 1700 to 1999. Please Email your questions or if you can provide aditional information.
The Family Groat
A history of the Palatine Groat family originating in Columbia County, NY, in 1710.
The Fillmore Historical Society
Fillmore Historical Society, FILLMORE, MONTGOMERY CO., FILLMORE, ILLINOIS. We have pages of The Fillmore Record, a newspaper published in Fillmore in 1891. Pictures of graduating classes.Two chairs from the opera house. Fillmore servicemen's pictures and even some uniforms from those who served in WWII are there.
The First Settlement of Pawlet, Vermont
History of the first settlement of the town of Pawlet Vermont
The Friedrich Family
This the Friedrich Family pictorial and written overview
The Haggin Histories
The Haggin Histories is an historical overview of the Haggin family including photographs, writings, legends and recollections.
The Hearst Family: Originating from Greenwood, South Carolina
The site is a genealogy project that provides history about my Great Great Grandparents George (b. 1860 in Virginia, d. 1928)) and Melissa Lifford Hearst and their nine children. The site includes photos of their children and a copy of the 1910 U.S. Census.
The History of Veterans Day (Armistice Day)
A look at how Veterans Days came to be, and how today's traditions have evolved.
The International Cemetery of Tomari, Okinawa, Japan
Paul Truesdell describes the history of this famous cemetery in Okinawa, Japan, and his efforts to record its burials.
The Lives, Times, and Occupations of my Past Relatives
Colenso, Foster, Drummond and Leeman. Looking at my past relatives within their historical contexts through events and/or their occupations.
The Marlborough, NY Home Page
Town of Marlborough, NY Home Page is set up to give a brief description of our town as well as links to other information - Marlboro, Milton, Lattingtown
The Marlborough, NY Home Page
Brief history of town of Marlborough, NY which includes hamlets of Marlboro, Milton and Lattingtown - government officers, schools, old houses, libraries, census 1790
The McArdle Notebooks
Hundreds of letters from famous Texans and ordinary people who participated or were descended from participants in the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto.
A history of the Montfort/Monfoort family of Nieuw Amsterdam arriving in 1624, with the Dutch West Indies Company and their migration to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Kentucky, and their association with the Low Dutch Company of Pennsylvania and Kentucky and early membership in the Shaker Colony of Kentucky.
The Nirdlinger Archives
Most likely, all NIRDLINGERS living in the United States today are ULTIMATELY descended from the same NÖRDLINGER family that originated in Nördlingen under the family name of SAMUEL prior to the forced expulsion of the Jewish population from that Bavarian city in the 16th Century (1507).
The Odebolt History Pages
Odebolt, Sac Co., Iowa - History of the town and area, biographies, historic photos, excerpts from early newspapers and more.
The Saga of Legendary Casey Tibbs
The Greatest American Cowboy and friend to the Sioux Indians in the Sioux Nation of South Dakota
The Scots to Canada web site
This site is dedicated to Canada's early Scottish pioneers. People visiting this site will find information about the reasons their ancestors left Scotland; why they emigrated when they did; where in Scotland their ancestors may have come from; the reasons why they settled in a particualr part of Canada and, possibly, which ships their ancestors sailed on.
The Shenandoah Valley In the Civil War
Comprehensive site for people, places, and events that took place in the Shenandoah Valley during the War Between the States
The Vaden Family Research Center
The purpose of this website is to provide a centralized location for collecting and storing Vaden family history
The WPA (Works Project Progress Administration) Historical Recoreds Survey
A history of the WPA, and specifically the Historical Records Survey, and what effect it had on genealogy.
Tider som flytt
var i från kommer mina anqesterys Kapten Olof Petter Pettersson från Väster Norrland
Torphichen - Scotland
Torphichen - Scotland
Town of Belcher, Kentucky
History of the Town of Belcher, Kentucky; maps of Belcher, Kentucky; the meaning of the Belcher place name; and information about Revolutionary War soldier George Belcher, William Kerry Belcher, and Josephine Bingham Belcher.
Travels thru History
Describes guided history tours I offer in northeastern NY with specialization in the Underground Railroad
Trefzger Families in North America
All traceable Trefzger immigrants came from Wehr, Baden
True Southerns
True Southerns is dedicated to the research of the families of WHETSTONE, WEBSTER, GILLESPIE/GILESPIE, JONES, RILEY, PERRY, ROLEN, CLEMMONS, WILEY, SINGLETON, and allied families from TN., TX., OK., AR., and other southern states and possibly Indiana.
Tunaley Tree and Historical Origins
Tunaley Family Tree with particular emphasis on the historical origin of the name and family.
Two Quaker Cemeteries - Old Facts In a New Light
Book republished to the Web - An up-to-date research study of two Quaker cemeteries in Freeport Township, Harrison County, Ohio. This book by D. Small Gilligan, published in 2005, has been revised and republished to the Internet. It is enhanced with land records, maps and charts.
Union Historical Society
Provides historical information about Union, Maine. Also provides a calender of the monthly Meeting with a variety of speakers concerning historical events from New England.
US Legacies: History, Genealogy, Old Photographs and Recipes
Preserving Legacies by Sharing Memories, History, Family Traditions, Stories, Old Diaries, Photos, Family Recipes, and Genealogy Information
USA - French Colonials on the Gulf Coast
Historical background of the French colonization on the coast of Gulf of Mexico-- mainly Alabama and Mississippi. Pictures and stories.
USA - IN, Martin County; Historical Society & Museum
Features the Historical Society Museum, historical areas and interest, phone numbers for requesting local genealogical records and assistance for Martin County located in Indiana.
USA - NY, Chenango, Delaware, Otsego; Tri-County NY Homepage
Tri-County covers the counties of Chenango, Delaware, and Otsego Counties. The most comprehensive website available of the Tri-County Region.
USA - OH - Mansfield, Ohio Almanac, 1923
Mansfield, Ohio Almanac, 1923
USFS Foresters & Rangers between 1900-1919
Photographs of members of the USFS, Northern Region (Region1) between 1900 and 1919 and in the 1930's/40's
Vintage Photography - Daguerreotypes,Ambrotypes
Voices From the Western Frontier
History of the Western frontier - western states during the Indian Wars of the mid to late 1800's. Includes information about people, places, forts, battles, Native nations, and much more.
Voyaging with Henry
T.I.H.Davies 1927-2002 researched his Greatgrandfather Henry Hagedorn 1837-1905,who settled in South Wales,Britain.He put to paper some facts and memories.
WAANYARRA REVISITED documents much of the history of this once famous and fabulously rich gold mining area of Victoria Australia. The historic cemetery records are included, as is information on many of the pioneering families who settled there in the early 1800's
Waldo County Gen Web [Maine, USA]
The Waldo County Web Site [of Maine] is commandeered by Tom Elliott, who does an excellent job. If you have interest in Waldo County, Maine, USA, look it up. God bless. Isabel Morse Maresh
Waller County Historical Commission/Society
This site has historical information about Waller Co, TX that includes historical pictures, documents, newspapers, publications, cemeteries, and military information.
Wallowa County Heritage & Genealogy
Wallowa County Oregon heritage & genealogy with historical overviews of our county.
Warren County, IL, Genealogy & History
Genealogical Community for Warren County,IL,Genealogy Family Research, Cemetery listings, Tombstones Photos,Look ups,Surnames,Biographies,Family Photos,search engine
Wars and Conflicts before 1867
Wars and Conflicts before 1867
Washington County Historical Society
The Washington County Historical Society [Utah] website contains historical information about Washington County, Utah. Includes people, places, buildings, organizations, documents, photos, etc.
Washington County Historical Society
Information and discussions about the Washington County Historical Society and the history of Washington County Utah. The website identifies old photographs, documents, web links, and history-oriented organizations.
Washington County, Indiana Genealogy & History
Washington County, IN site contains historical and genealogical information for researchers.
Watertown Historical Society [Watertown, WI]
Website of the Watertown, Wisconsin, Historical Society
Chronicles from the British Isles with keyword search making it easy to find your ancesters names in the Anglo Saxon Chronicles, Bede and the Welsh Chronicles and Nennius and the British Chronicles
Welcome to Tiverton Museum
Tiverton Museum contains one of the largest Social History collection in the South West of England, in addition to numerous other including Agriculture, Industry and Transport The Museum Education service provides lots of enjoyable and informative activities for all children and adults.
The Wetherills were responsible for the discovery of the Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings and the Basketmakers. Several of the allied families began their history about the time of the 1598 arrival of Juan de Onate in New Mexico.
As you browse through this website, you will find many interesting stories and fascinating people. The Wetherills were responsible for the discovery of the Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, Rainbow Natural Bridge and the "Basketmakers". You will find families of considerable wealth and prestige or those that were contributors to the development of this country.
Wigton, Scotland to Green County, Kentucky
John Walker of Wigton, Scotland came to America 1728. This is some of his children's Children's Children!
William Waite and his link to James Drummond, 6th Earl of Perth
William Waite and his Link to James Drummond, 6th Earl of Perth. This website has been designed to demonstrate the link between my grandfather William Waite of New Herrington in Durham, and his ancestor James Drummond, 6th Earl of Perth. Finding the link between William Waite and James Drummond of Biddick was straightforward enough but establishing whether James Drummond of Biddick was the same James Drummond, the 6th Earl of Perth took a lot more research
Winter Brothers Brewing Company of Pittsburgh
Historical overview of the M. Winter Bros. Brewing Company of Pittsburgh, and the WINTER families which owned and operated it.
Wise County (VA) Historical Society
Wise County Historical Society Website is a help source for researchers in local history and genealogy. It also gives a list of books of local and regional authors for sale and events pertaining to Appalachian culture.
Wood Surname History and Family Tree UK
Wood Surname History and Family Tree UK.We are Anglo-Saxons.
Woodward County Pioneer Families Before 1915
A history of Woodward Co., Oklahoma families who resided in the county before 1915, the stories of courage and perserverance of the pioneer settlers.
Worlingworth Local History Group
An introduction to the history of a small Suffolk rural parish with articles on the church, the major houses in the parish and some of the influential people, who lived in the parish and, in their own way, shaped its history.
Wrightsborough Georgia
The Wrightsborough Project is composed of genealogical information of the early Quakers and non-Quakers who settled in Wrightsborough, Georgia. You will find records of births, marriages and deaths of those early pioneers in the Wrightsborough Township.
wyseman, wiseman, wyse, wise, name origin and family history
Yarram & District Historical Society Inc
The records of the Yarram Historical Society includes the towns of Yarram, Alberton, Tarraville, Port Albert, Woodside, Won Wron, Tarra Valley, and surrounding districts.
Yreka History
At you will find a series of articles on historical buildings (home & business) with photos and stories of owners from Yreka, California. There are links to local genealogy sites and cemeteries.
Yreka Preservation
At (Calif.)you can find not only preservation information, but both historical and current photos of historic houses and buildings. There is a detailed listing of the names of original owners of homes and date built.
Znojmo in Stevens County, Kansas. A Kansas Ghost Town