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CensusDiggins Newsletter
Genealogy newsletter with helpful tips, genealogy humor, updates to census files at our site and the RootsWeb site are included in each issue. Get the help you need to climb your family tree.
Easy Google Genealogy Searcher
Use the Easy Google Genealogy Searcher to take advantage of all Google's capabilities in your genealogy searches. Each Google specialized search has "how is this useful" suggestions and keyword examples for more effective genealogy searches. Learn the many possibilities that Google offers for genealogy searching.
*FREE NEWSLETTER* from the Web's #1 Source for Online Genealogy
Ancestry's free newsletter gives expert help in finding your family history. You can recieve FREE each day or week the most up-to-date news from the growing online genealogy community. These search tips are a must for anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge of family history!
Ancestor Search - An Interactive Directory of Genealogy Search Engines
An interactive directory of the top 400 genealogy search engines, including RootsWeb, Ellis Island and the Mormon library. Search from one site. Use the "QuickSearch" - enter your surname once to search 20 genealogy search engines. Search tips.
Census Tips and Information
Tips, articles and information on searching and understanding census records. Free Family Tree Softward.
GenHelp: Genealogy Help at your Fingertips
Find your ancestors with this free genealogy collection of interactive articles, tips, lessons, tutorials and other educational resources from experienced genealogists. Includes census, cemetery, church, immigration, military, native american, obituary, search engine and surname help.
"Between Hello and Good Bye"
The Family line of Private William Lackey, from Ireland and who fought in the war of 1812-1814 with the 100th R3egiment of foot and later to th 99th Regiment of Foot. Information on how to read a genealogy chart, and other information. The story of Lackey/Lackie
"Free Genealogy Search Engines Page"
Search the largest genealogy collections online from one single page! Search Mormon Church records, Common Threads, Jewish Gen, Olive Tree, Kindred Konnections, I Found It and more! A full section devoted to FREE genealogy searches.
Genealogy tips and tools to help you discover your heritage. 1835 Federal Pensions. 1890 Census Facts. 1930 Census Facts. Abbreviations found in Census Schedules. Census Images Online. Census Record Tips. Census Data - What information is found on each census? Civil War Record Tips. Epidemics throughout time. Family Discovery - BEWARE. Genealogy Societies Information. Land Records Help. Library of Congress Holdings. Nicknames often found in old documents and records. Old Document Abbreviations: What do those initials mean?? Old Occupations List. Revolutionary War Land Grants. Surname Distribution
*40,000* Genealogy Links, Sites & More
Featured are genealogy links to everything the beginning or advanced family researcher needs for online research. Included are: Coats of Arms & Family Crests, Major Links & Surname Sites, Genealogy Tools & Services, New & Used Books, Search Engines, Web Rings & much more!
*Coats of Arms* and *Family Crests
Offering lots of Coats of Arms and Family Crests for ALL your surnames. If you can't pick the info off our site we offer links to over 1,000,000 possible surnames!
*Free Search* Genealogy Surnames Ancestry Roots Research Engines for your
*Free Search* Genealogy Surnames Ancestry Roots Research Engines for your family tree
1 - Steve Lacy's Guide To Internet Genealogy
Your ticket to an expertly guided trip on the internet. The Internet can be a genealogist's paradise; however, to the beginner it may seem more like an impenetrable jungle than a well-paved information highway. This book is a road map to successfully navigating the Internet to discover where where your ancestors are waiting. Steve Lacy's Guide To Internet Genealogy is the essential on-line passport to your family's past!
101+ Fun Family History Activities for Kids (new URL)
A list of over 200 interesting and enjoyable family history related activities for kids and everyone else.
25 Great Tips for Beginning Research on your Family Tree
Offering great tips, links and guidelines on how to research your family tree.
A Free E-book Entitled "Cyber Genealogy"
Offers a free e-book entitled "Cyber Genealogy: A beginners guide to online genealogy research".
A Guide to Irish family History and genealogy
This guide to Irish family history offers those persons who are researching their Irish Ancestors what is possible, Before 1864 and after.
A guide to researching your Irish ancestors
A guide to help those persons researching their Irish ancestors, including Wills & Probate, Schools registers Births,Deaths & marriages
A Surname Site
Search Ancestor Archive submitted by visitors, post and view queries, and find links to 100's of sites with names.
A Tombstone in your Palm - Recording cemeteries with a handheld computer
Learn how to use a handheld computer to record tombstone inscriptions.
ABC's of Genealogical How-To's
Help for your general research questions for the beginner to the advanced researcher. Tips on where to go and what to do to get to your roots. Genealogy How-To Chats Genealogy hosts two weekly how-to genealogy chats on a wide variety of topics. Everyone is welcome! Genealogy How-to Index Guide to Genealogy offers a wide variety of helpful how-tos and articles on both simple and more advanced topics. The site is also fully searchable.
Acadian Genealogy Homepage
The FIRST and still the BEST Acadian-Cajun genealogy resource site on the Net, featuring details of available Acadin-Cajun Genealogy CD's and links to thousands of genealogy-related sites.
African-American Genealogical Society of Cleveland, Ohio
African-American Genealogical Society of Cleveland, Ohio President: Sandra Web-Site Overview: Charles
All About Family Trees
This site will show you important genealogy information to get you started researching your name, useful software that you can use to trace your roots, a wide variety of websites that provide valuable search tools for your name and information on your ancestry, and provide useful tips and tricks.
All Things Italiane
The Genealogy category of All Things Italiane shows you how to minimize your computer research time and maximize your genealogy results.
Ancestor Hunt
Comprehensive global genealogy search engines take you to the largest collections of genealogy data to be found online. Genealogy links and resources! was founded in 2007 by John Hamrock, Irish Genealogist and Writer. John is the author of 'Tracing Your Roscommon Ancestors', Flyleaf Press, Dublin, 2007. He holds a first class honours Diploma and a first class Certificate in Genealogy from the National University of Ireland, University College Dublin. John provides research services for people tracing their ancestral roots in Ireland.
AncestorNews a Free Genealogy Newsletter
AncestorNews is a free, e-mail based newsletter for Internet genealogists. The latest news in great genealogy sites is delivered directly to your e-mail box.
Ancestors of Harvey Theodore Jones Jr. - Family History - Coats Of Arms - Take A Look
... Need a quote? Try out our great new interactive family tree section, to provide us with some information about how we can help you find your ancestors. ... Description: Professional genealogists and family historians also producers and suppliers of heraldic and historic...
Ancestral Trails
Genealogy of ancestors of Walker and Palmer families in eastern Canada, New England and the British Isles.
ancesTree connection
I've written a workbook strictly for beginners. A step-by-step process, easy to understand, and fun. With over 25 yrs experience, my aim is to help you start your journey. Visit my website and learn a bit of history while you're there.
Ancestry101 Beginners or Experienced Researchers Ancestry101 has the sites you need.
Ancestry Province
A genealogical resource site featuring articles, research tools, events, books, archives, tips and more.
Ancestry101 Genealogy Surnames FamilySearch
Contains links to all Michael's writings for the Ancestry Daily News. Articles are on a wide variety of genealogical research topics, including general how-to, methodology, use of online search sites and more.
Anderson, Gille, Schoepke,Buchanan and Wheeler genealogy
Anderson,Gille,Schoepke,Buchanan,Wheeler and Gist genealogy work
Anita Talks Genealogy - Blog Talk Radio
Anita Talks Genealogy, is Radio Talk Show hosted by Author Anita Wills. Ms. Wills shares tips on Research during the show. She is a speaker and Author of two books on Family History. The show Airs Fridays' 8:00-8:45 pm (pst).
Archive of Surnames
free genealogy database of transcribed documents with surnames from the past. Many submitted by visitors to help find your ancestors and surnames. Others were found in antique stores and flea markets, or on eBay!
Avellino Salerno genealogy researcher
local Avellino researcher provides pre and post 1865 research through civl, church, notary and military records. Results within 2 weeks max.
Axtell Family History UK
AXTELL. Family History, Archves, Genealogy & Family History Service, for family members. AXTELL. AXTILL.
Ayrshire Online
Addresses and contact details of the FHS and libraries within Ayrshire Scotland plus a guide on "how to" begin your resarch.
Baby Steps
This is your starting point to tracking your tree. This page explains how to start and the things you will find at your disposaal in the genealogy world.
Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos
Photographs of identified portraits from Baltimore City photo studios. Search a growing list of surnames for lost photos of your ancestors.
The BEAL SURNAME DNA PROJECT, consists of BEAL,BEALL,BEALE,BEALS,BELL and other SOUNDEX B-400 surnames and how to enhance your ancestor records using genetics and DNA testing. Results are posted regularly.
The Beal Surname DNA Project enhances conventional recorded genealogy by proving surname descent by the use of Y-Chromosome DNA testing as passed down through each male generation of a surname for BEAL/BEALE/BEALS/BEALL/BELL and otherB400 Soundex names. It also proves or disproves family and individual relationships.
BellaOnline Genealogy
Offers weekly articles, categorized links and a discussion forum for genealogists.
Best Free Genealogy or geneology for all at heaven4me
Free genealogy, links, find where your family name comes from, or your linage, all names welcome
BioSyn: DNA Testing, Paternity Testing, Paternity Tests, DNA Tests, DNA Pat
The DNA testing laboratory of, a division of Bio-Synthesis Inc. is a leading provider of paternity tests and many other familial relationship DNA testing services. We provide private and legal DNA tests and other familial relationship DNA analyses nationwide
Birthdate Calculator
This will calculate the date of birth from using the date of death, plus the exact age at the time of death. Example, died on 6-4-1913 at the age of 64 years, 7 months, and 11 days. Plug in these numbers and it will compute the date of birth for you.
British Genealogical Guide and Bookstore
Provides a guide for researching your ancestors in England. Also contains a list of books and software which may prove useful in your research.
British Genealogy
British Genealogy is one of the uk's busiest genealogy forums with thousands of posts and members on site every day to help you break down those brick walls.
Broken Branches
This site is for people who are researching their Family Tree and have lost a branch - unable to find that certain member of the the family. Its for anyone who would like to use it, just email the details regarding your lost member(s) and we will include them on the site.
brown research is a full service genealogical research firm
If you know something about the Burns's or Weinsheimer, Please let me know?
Buursink genealogy
Site contains full decription of Buursink genealogy 1550 - 2000 and instructions for use
Miller/Elschner family site created to share the connections of family and the skills and information needed to connect history with our genealogy. Includes free resources, gallery. Family stories, documents, and resources to aid in family history research.
CALU, OLARU, NINU, RACU Family Genealogy
CALU, OLARU, NINU, RACU Family Genealogy
An indepth look into the history of the Cardno family lines.
Carlin and Carlin, Genealogical Researchers and Oral Historians
Carlin and Carlin, Genealogical Researchers and Oral Historians offer a wide range of services including but not limited to researching, preserving, documenting, translating, and Educational products pertaining to Genealogy.
Carolyne's Native American Genealogy Helper
Articles on how-to do Native American Indian genealogy research. History and culture information includes historical maps. Links to Native American census data online.
Cartographic Crusader
Using Maps in Genealogical Research. Contains general information for beginning and advanced researchers. Links and examples are specific to using maps in genealogy research in Eastern Europe: Galicia Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.
Circus, Music Hall and Theatre family resources page
Pages of resources for those researching entertainer families; mainly English and Victorian
Cleaning Headstones Memorials & Mausoleums
The safe and proper way to clean headstones, memorials, mausoleums. Different types of stones identified, and what to avoid.
Cornelia's genealogy blog
Genealogy blog of professional Genealogist Cornelia Wendell Bush, FSA Scot.
Cyber Genealogy
Offers a free e-book entitled "Cyber Genealogy: A beginners guide to online genealogy research".
DearMYRTLE's Chats
Check the schedule and join in a real-time genealogy chat. Directions for accessing the chat room are included.
DearMYRTLE's Daily Genealogy Column
You've got a friend in genealogy! Myrt provides down-to-earth, practical advice for family historians!
DearMYRTLE's Daily Genealogy Column
Practical, down-to-earth advice for family historians! You've got a friend in genealogy!
DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Articles by Topic
Topical Index and every-word search engine.
DearMYRTLE: 1790 Census Images Online at
"Thought you might like to check it out. Note the census images are part of a paid subscription area at"
DearMYRTLE: 1900 Census Images Searchable Online at
"Here is the full announcement, from Family Tree Maker's periodic e-mail newsletter. Definitely a "Best of the Internet for Genealogists" award winning site!"
DearMYRTLE: A Challenge to the Recent Copyright Law
"This act, sponsored by the late singer- songwriter and congressman, extended protection by 20 years for cultural works copyrighted after January 1, 1923."
DearMYRTLE: Ancestry's Red Book: American State, County & Town Papers
"NEED TO KNOW -- WHEN a county was created? WHERE the probate records are kept? WHAT the migration patterns were? IF there are surviving church records of christening, marriage and burial? HOW the county boundaries changed over the years? Ancestry's Red Book has the answers!"
DearMYRTLE: Baptism & Christenings as Substitute Birth Records
"I have talked with several Irish historians and have been told that as the general rule, Irish babies are baptized within ten days of their birth."
DearMYRTLE: Beginning Genealogy #1 - Birth Records as Primary Evidence
"YES, "competent" is a word we will use to describe your family tree climbing abilities."
DearMYRTLE: Beginning Genealogy #2 Choosing a Genealogy Software Program
"The first advantage of using a genealogy management program, is that you are able to type in the name, dates, localities on each ancestor 1 time."
DearMYRTLE: Beginning Genealogy #3: Relationship Terms
"MY SON'S NOW WIFE didn't imply a previous marriage. It was used to protect the estate from being diluted from claims by subsequent wives should this one die and the son remarry. "
DearMYRTLE: Beginning Genealogy #4: Home Sources
"When times were rough, people used whatever precious book they had on hand to record names and dates of births, marriages & deaths."
DearMYRTLE: Beginning Genealogy Lesson #10 County Boundary Changes
"The hard and fast rule for genealogy researchers is record the place or locality as it was at the time of the event. "
DearMYRTLE: Beginning Genealogy Lesson #11 - Local Histories
"As you continue your family history research, you'll need to move from finding the original documents of birth, marriage and death to reading contemporary diaries and printed local histories."
DearMYRTLE: Beginning Genealogy Lesson #11a - Local Histories: Books
"We need help with pre-1900 research. Many significant county histories were printed in the crucial post-Civil War time period of 1890-1910."
DearMYRTLE: Beginning Genealogy Lesson #5 Calendars & Dates
"Naturally because we're living in an imperfect world, different countries adopted the newer calendar at different times! For instance, the Gregorian calendar began on October 5, 1582, but was not adopted by Great Britain and the American colonies until September 14, 1752."
DearMYRTLE: Beginning Genealogy Lesson #7 - Public Library Sources
"Despite being in a Florida library, we found information on his ancestors who are from Florida: Manatee, Sarasota, Hillsborough &Leon counties, Louisiana , North Carolina and early Baltimore County Maryland."
DearMYRTLE: Beginning Genealogy Lesson #8 - Previously Compiled Genealogies
"Just remember, when using previously compiled genealogy, its better to question than to perpetuate the myth."
DearMYRTLE: Beginning Lesson #6 - Government Records
"...we look to other sources for original documents that were created at the time our ancestors lived."
DearMYRTLE: Best of the Internet for Genealogists
"'s Guide to Using FHL/FHCs."
DearMYRTLE: Cheshire BMD - Online!
"Within a few weeks we will adding around 245,000 birth index records."
DearMYRTLE: Citing Sources in Previously Compiled Genealogies: Out of Print
"You are QUITE WISE not to take the compiled genealogy at face value -- its best to personally check all the documents to see if the researcher has drawn the best conclusions from the source."
DearMYRTLE: Coincidence?
"This morning, attempting to wake myself out of the usual early morning "fog", I turned on the TV again..."
DearMYRTLE: Fountain Green Cemetery, SanPete County, Utah
"LaVon now lives in a nursing home, and has graciously given her written permission to publish her record on the Web."
DearMYRTLE: Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania - Virtual Lecture
"The program consists of a prominent genealogist who posts a lecture summary on the Internet, followed a week later by an "event chat" in which the Virtual Lecturer takes questions one at a time from individuals logged-on across the world. "
DearMYRTLE: Getting Around Using
"This would work equally well for anyone going to an unfamiliar place such as a cemetery, courthouse or old church in an adjoining state."
DearMYRTLE: Guest Author, Eagle - Cemetery Experience
" He has been coming to refurbish and restore for 3 years -- every day. Not a rich man by any means, but this is his mission and he manages."
DearMYRTLE: Hoax?
"At a more "open minded" time than in decades past, people are attempting to find their birth parents. We therefore are likely to be startled by e-mails such as the one your received. "
DearMYRTLE: Mail List Manners - Unsubscribing
"The computer robot that runs a RootsWeb mail list such as ours, will automatically QUIT sending e-mails to an address that returns (in our case) 3 "not found" error messages."
DearMYRTLE: Nauvoo Legion (Utah Militia)
"A curious, romantic family tradition! It will be interesting to see if the story is confirmed by original documents."
DearMYRTLE: Neat Things I've Read Lately - 16 Sept 2000
Ancient Face, Cemeteries Keep Obits?, 19th Century British Maps Online, 11 Year Old Wife?, Photo Found: HAYES family, Richmond,IN, What NOT to Include Or Rednecks, Rumors, and Family Shame, Spam - (Word-A-Day, Guide to African American Resources at the Pennsylvania Archives, Mormon Suffragists Played Important Role, Permission? Thanks!
DearMYRTLE: Neat Things I've Read Lately: 24 Sept 2000
"Obtaining Obits, History Channel IQ Game, $10,000 Ancestral Trip, Was Your Ancestor in the British Army?, And one not so neat thing: St. Louis, Missouri Cemetery Being Moved."
DearMYRTLE: New GenExchange National Coordinator
"Keith has taken an active role in the growth of the GenExchange, the third largest non-profit genealogy project on the Internet, working tirelessly to transcribe records for the online genealogical community..."
DearMYRTLE: open letter to members of the MANASOTA PAF Users Group
"ManasotaPAFCam, Getting Back to Basics, October Meeting Highlights, Planned schedule of topics FY 2000-2001, Map to meeting place & calendar."
DearMYRTLE: Overseas Research
"Genealogical research overseas is facilitated by the records of the LDS Family History Library (FHL) right here in the good ol' US of A. Its "FamilySearch" web site contains the following resources that should be exhausted before ever attempting to travel or write for records from the "fatherland."
DearMYRTLE: Plymouth Colony Book
"This just in from Juliana Szucs Smith, the editor of the Ancestry Daily News, after reading the 'Beginning Genealogy Lesson #11a - Local Histories: Books' yesterday."
DearMYRTLE: RE: Tribute to my Dad
"Nice tribute to your father and Happy Birthday to him. Did he patent all the ideas and is now a very wealthy man?"
DearMYRTLE: Reader's Feedback: Regarding Lesson #9
"Even vital records can be wrong. My daughter's death certificate has incorrect information on it and I was the one that supplied the info. I don't know if it is incorrect because of transcription errors or because of the severe emotional distress that I was in at the time!"
DearMYRTLE: September Organization Checklist
"Well, the kids are in school and most of us have finished our traveling and sleuthing (not necessarily in that order!)"
DearMYRTLE: Spelling Challenges
"There are five of us and the spelling on our birth certificates varies from one to the other."
DearMYRTLE: Swedish Genealogical Research
"She need not despair, there are numerous resources available for finding documents about her ancestors both here in the US and back in the homeland."
DearMYRTLE: View 1911 Canadian Census in 2003?
"That, in the opinion of this House, the government should take all necessary steps to release the 1911 census records once they have been deposited in the National Archives in 2003."
DearMYRTLE: Weiser Family Papers at the Pennsylvania Archives
"Holdings of local records, county deeds and wills, census records, military service and pension files, maps and photographs are part of a treasure trove of 165 million government documents and personal papers used by historians, genealogists/Family Historians and the just plain curious!"
DearMYRTLE: Western Europe Vital Records Index 12.5 Million Names
21 CD set just released by the LDS Church includes information extracted from birth, christening and marriage records from the Alpine, Benelux, French, German, Italian, and Spanish regions."
Dig Up Your Roots and Find Your Branches
Genealogy site dedicated to providing helpful family history resources and tools, including, ethnic research tips, war information, famous pedigrees, a kids page, and more!
Dutch Naming of Children
Easy Family Genealogy Tips
This site is for those new to genealogy/family tree research, but who don't know where to start. This site will help you with easy format and large print for easy viewing.
English Ancestors
What's new in Genealogy today. An up-to-date view. The best free and paid sites. Tips for your family tree. Links to English and Irish sites.
Resources for researchers of entertainer families of all kinds.
Everything's Relative
Learn Genealogy in three steps.
Explore Genealogy
ExploreGenealogy is a comprehensive collection of informative articles written by experts to help you learn more about tracing your family history. The site includes details of how to research birth, marriage and death records, historical events, cenus records, other resources, how to organise your data and more…
Family Connections
Family Connections is a site containing more than 1000 surnames and where to find more information on those surnames, as well as general genealogy how-to's and help
Family Genealogy
Free articles on how to research your family genealogy.
Family History 4 Beginners
A group of service-oriented, like-minded people from the History and Genealogy communities. Our aim is to open the worlds of History and Genealogy to you, and allow you to use our free resources as well as to help other members. Our service is totally free with experts on hand to guide you through your family history endeavours. We aim to offer an environment where you, and other members, can feel safe and welcome whoever or wherever they may be.
Family History Alive!
A site to help you find various resources in the UK, US, and Canada, so you can turn your list of dates for your ancestors into real life stories. Resources covered include government records, parish records, military, immigration, and many more.
Family Jerphanion
Searching for members of this family all over the world
Family Media Lab
Family Media Lab is a site dedicated to assisting those interested developing novel ways to present family history for use at reunions, weddings and anniversary celebrations. We use browser-based technologies for CD/DVDs, public webs, private webs, web TV, etc.. We offer examples of output from most HTML-generating software available today.
Family Osinski in USA,Poland,Brasil.Felix Osinski,Helena,Josefa Osinska,Lucian Osinski.
Family Research
Lineages is a genealogical magazine website dealing with all aspects of Scottish, English and Irish Genealogy. including a free inquiry page and many weblinks to Scottish interest websites.
Family Research E-zine :: British Genealogy News, reviews and articles
Online Genealogy magazine covering England, scotland Ireland and wales. Features free genealogy forums, extensive genealogical links database, and frequently updated articles on everything to do with British ancestral research
Family Research Ireland
Family Research Ireland helps people to trace their Irish Ancestry through a collection of different research tools for free.
Family Research Tips
A complete list of research tips and guides to assist you in gathering your family roots. Also included on list are links and research services
Family Researcher
This site helps beginners with genealogy by teaching historical facts, migration patterns, and links to many great sources for research. A partial database for Hampshire England and New York marriages is available. New data is being added all the time.
Family Timeline UK
Family Timeline UK- Get your ancestry search off to the perfect start. A guide to what is possible as you begin your genealogical journey.
Family Tree (7 generations): Klymenko, Hlebanov, Lubynskiy, Kalynovich...
Surnames: Klymenko (Klimenko), Khlibanov (Hlebanov), Lubynski (Lubynskiy), Kalynovich, Korotkov, Solyanyk, Zhulakov, Naumenko, Fesun. All of them have lived in territory of former Russian empire; mostly in Ukraine.
Family Tree Finder Info
Providing genealogy research information, useful tips and resources for researching your family history.
Family tree research - History of the Bardossy families
Family Tree Resources in England and Wales
Site offering help to people researching their family trees in England and Wales. It is useful for both beginners and more experienced researchers.'
Family Trees and Software Reviews!
Providing genealogy family tree downloads and reviews to narrow down which ancestry search is the right choice.
Family Worldwide
Search/register genealogical & personal websites
Site généalogique, contenant une généalogie personnelle de plusieurs milliers de personnes apparentées, aides pour les utilisateurs du Paf4 et 5, etc...
a site which is designed to help people start doing their family tree with hints and tips. Stories from people doing their trees and links to sites to help - Genealogy Web Site Design and Hosting
Genealogy web site design and hosting. Affordable services for Genealogists. We convert your family tree file into an easy-to-use web site.
Fianna Guide to Irish Genealogy
Transcriptions, how-to's, information and links for folks seeking Irish Ancestors. Includes surname lists, add yours!
Find Your Ancestor with Genetic Research
This site offers information about DNA testing and research amd sells books and software that deals with family research and history.
Finding Your Waldensian Ancestors
This web site is sponsored by the Piedmont Families Organization. It provides instructions on researching Waldensian which lived in the area currently located within Piedmont, Italy during the 1600s.
findmyscotsroots is dedicated to helping you trace your Scottish ancestors. We provide help and advice if you want to carry out your own research, but also offer a comprehensive genealogy service. We are based in Edinburgh and so are ideally situated to access all Scottish records. Give us a visit!
First Louisiana Company, Jamestowne Society
The First Louisiana Company, Jamestowne Society, domiciled in Metairie, Louisiana.
Free Family Tree Research
Free Family Tree Research, charts, forms, message boards, free searches
Free Genealogy Advice
Free genealogy research guides designed to help beginners develop solid research skills. Areas of interest include how to start a family tree, citing sources, using vital records and genealogy software tips and tricks.
Free Genealogy Resources
Genealogy site that includes tutorials, links, some searches, information on United States and Foreign countries. Also, there are some free forms that can be printed for personal use.
Free Genealogy Stuff Online - Charts, Forms, Online Records, Software
A directory of free online genealogy records, databases, software, and charts & forms.
Free Online Tools for Your Genealogy Research
Find online resources such as downloadable forms, calendars, look ups, software, clip art, and translators to assist with your genealogy research on the internet.
A site that is dedicated to helping people find genealogical information - for free. Check out the huge selection of genealogy sites listed and build your family tree today
Galasso family web site
Il sito e le pagine dedicate alla storia e alla genealogia della famiglia Galasso. Partendo dal Molise il nostro intento è quello di rintracciare, ovunque nel mondo, le diramazioni della nostra famiglia.
Gareth's Help Page
A genealogy help page biased towards Wales. Has existed since 1998.
GénéaLand - Portail de généalogie
Recherche de patronymes, multi-critères, forum de discussion, liens, ajout de site, traductions, genealogies celebres
GeneaLinks Directory
A categorized directory of well-known and not-so-well-known genealogy and history sites to help visitors find genealogy information on the internet. Here you will also find marriage records submitted by our visitors.
Genealogia da familia Clemente Pinto
Important family from Portugal.
Genealogia da familia Saldanha
Family Saldanha from Portugal to Recife, Pernambuco since 1815. Now descendants live in Recife and Rio de Janeiro.
Genealogia.Tk - Directorio de Genealogía
Directorio de sitios de genealogia organizados por categorias
Genealogical & Grant Research at Vintage Products
For over 20 years Joan has collected records, published books of records, conducted professional research and lectured throughout Kansas and Missouri on Research Methodology. Now you can take advantage of the records Joan has collected for over 20 years with available research services.
Genealogical Numbering System by Lacy
The Genealogical Numbering System by Lacy (GNSL)is the simplest numbering system devised. The GNSL starts with the genealogist's generation and uses Arabic numbers and the alphabet to identify all family members. Anyone can quickly identify the relationship between family members with ease.
Genealogie Zeeman
This is the website off the Zeeman family who start in Frisian, some off them imigrated to USA in the early 1900
Genealogieseiten von Manfred Jehnen
Genealogie und Wappen der Familie Jehnen, Genealogy and Heraldry of the family Jehnen
My site is hopefully to help beginners research their family tree.
Genealogy & Family Reseach UK
Details of how you can obtain a personal and unique family history presented in a beautiful folder that you will treasure for years to come. Also makes a beautiful wedding gift.
Genealogy - searching for ancestors and digging up the past
Genealogy researching, beginners tips, recording family stories, free graphics, printable forms and family tree resources.
Genealogy -
Weekly how-to articles, with suggested sites. Also, provides a categorized, list of the best genealogy sites on the web.
Genealogy 101
This e-group is for those just beginning their genealogy quest. If you're a beginner, and stuck on the ground under your tree, or are stuck somewhere in the middle your family tree, this group can help. Come join us today!
Genealogy and Family Search Links
Genealogy should be for free. Links and help to find your Ancestry for free!
Genealogy and the Internet
Articles and links about how to use the Internet for genealogical research plus a special section about digital cameras and genealogy (how to properly archive digital images and how to digitally shoot old family photos)
Genealogy Beginners Guide
A beginner's guide to tracing your ancestors and compiling a family tree, including a step-by-step guide on how to begin researching your family history, tips and resources to get you off to a flying start.
Genealogy Blog of HGN
This is a genealogy blog. The blog postings look to explore various genealogy resources and record types.
Genealogy by DNA: Can it Deliver?
Genealogy by DNA: Can it Deliver?; exaimines new DNA testing tools and their worth to Genealogy research. Y chromosome, mtDNA, and other testing tools are discussed. Many valuable links to information. An unbiased report designed to help individuals derive the most benefit from this new technology.
Genealogy Familie De Grauw
Genalogy Familie De Grauw
Genealogy for You!
Trace your family tree and history today and find out where you came from and who you really are! Your life and the life of your fanmily will never be the same.
Genealogy Forum
Discussion forum open to genealogy researchers from all regions for general discussion topics related to genealogy research.
Genealogy Heaven
This site has basic information how-to for new researchers. There are also links and searches can be ordered.
An excellant guide for beginners and experienced researchers with many links and tips to resources
Genealogy research: Introduction for beginners and a selection of Internet links and tips for advanced researchers. Genealogy research in general and with special emphasis on immigrant Americans tracing their roots in Finland and Scandinavia. Research in Finland, the Ellis Island project and the Wall of Honor. Written by June Pelo.
Genealogy Research Guides - Online Tips & Records
The basics of online genealogy research for beginners and beyond. Frequently posted individually to the Roots-L and Gen-Newbie mailing lists, this directory of guides and records has been given a home here.
Genealogy Research Tips & Guides
Topics include census, military, Native American, naturalization and passenger records.
Genealogy Resources
Links to many great research sites and to our family research pages: The Tie That Binds
Genealogy Reviews Online
Provides news, reviews and other interesting items related to genealogy and history.
Genealogy Roots Blog
for finding online genealogy databases, records and resources
Genealogy Tips From Vickie
This new website has tips for those new to genealogy. It is presented in an easy to understand format. It has lots of links and tips for beginners.
Genealogy, family tree, and Archival supplies
Genealogy Supplies for the family tree researcher. Books, software, forms, and archival supplies.
Trace your family tree and history today and find out where you came from and who you really are! Get helpful information about how to "Begin Your Genealogy" and look every month for the presentation of one important aspect of genealogy. This month we'll be talking about "Where Do I Begin?"
Genealogy: Advice for Effective Searches
Answer a series of simple questions and get free, customized advice on the most effective next steps in your genealogy search. If you are not sure how to use certain records, this site also provide hints on how to use the records recommended for your search plan.
GenealogyForum Chats
Free online genealogy chats from beginners to advanced. Chats cover a variety of topics and geographical regions. All chats are hosted by experienced researchers. Website also includes genealogy resources and more. - A guide to genealogy on the internet
A guide to using the internet for genealogy research. Free listings of books and other materials for sale, look ups, tips for utilizing the internet, resources for beginners, links to 100's of sites. Genealogy Resources, Forms and Tips
Genealogy site offering how-to tips and free genealogy forms plus reference to the best free websites and paid web sites. Extensive library of genealogy and family tree forms and charts.
The musings of an amateur Australian genealogist excited by Web2.0 applications.This blog records an individual's progress, highlights news and resources and provides tips for genealogists in Australia. features a weekly publication including several helpful articles as well as genealogy news.
Georgia Genealogy Blog
Tips on Georgia Research; send us your blog, or family story.
German Genealogy
Exhaustive genealogical How-To's for research in Germany from 1400s to present.
Getting Started
Getting Started is a How-To for begining researchers.
Getting Started in Genealogy
Tips and useful techniques for both the beginner and experienced genealogists; including searching, preservation, family history writing, and many others.
Ginnever Family Community
Website for the Ginnever Family. Who we are , where we live, and where we came from. Meet other Ginnevers and build our community for the new Millenium.
Glamorgan Mailing List
A website for the Glamorgan Mailing List both hosted by Rootsweb. The site aims to help those interested in pursuing their Welsh genealogy, and particularly in the county of Glamorgan. The website is grwoing weekly.
The premier site to plan and book your holiday to Ireland. 11,000 Places to Stay & 10,000 Things to do! Also research your family name and history in our Genealogical section or ask your queries on our community bulletin board at
Gorter Genealogie
Gorter Genealogy. Genealogic search for the surname GORTER and relative surnames.
Gortzak homepage
My site is in Duth,Swedys änd some Englisch. Whith family trees, historical overvieuws, pictures and poem in Swedys.
HALL Genealogy Website
Hall Family Genealogy Website, linking to Genealogy Documents and Applications for researching UK Ancestors
Helping Hand Brick Walls
This page will help you get started in breaking down those brick walls.
Find extended family members with Memorial Family Finder, a new & unique genealogy innovation that transforms a cemetery headstone or grave marker into a communication tool! Memorial Family Finder an attractive, unobtrusive container which affixes to a headstone or marker. The unit comes with pre-printed cards on which you can write your contact information, alerting others that you are searching for family information.
Homepage__ Aviation Adventures, Genealogy,
"Whoever heard of Evening Shade", an experiance in a search for my Roots.
How to Record a Cemetery
A tutorial on how to record a cemetery
How to Record a Cemetery with Digital Cameras
Digital cameras are excellent tools for recording cemeteries. Learn how it can help you.
How to Start & Run a Family Association
Help on organizing an association, sending and writing family newsletters, planning reunions, creating and marketing a family website, performing genealogy research, and much more.
How to Write a Productive Genealogy Query
Genealogy queries are an effective way to locate others who are researching the same family names you are and to share information with them. Creating a productive query is a simple process if you keep a few specific requirements in mind.
In Loving Memory
Share the memories of those you love. Visit online memorials, free obituaries, and genealogy help. Use the funeral directory to find florists, charities and cemeteries. Read about the life and family of Olive McLean (nee Street).
Instant Cash Empires
Here you will learn how to start making money in 29 min. or less guarunteed. You will not find another rock solid guarantee like this anywhere else on the web.
Ireland Genealogy Projects
Ireland Genealogy Projects provide free genealogical databases to researchers over the internet.
Italian Genealogy Online and All Things Italian
Easiest Italian genealogy help and free research tips online to find your Italian surnames, Italy Roots Ancestral Heritage and Immigrant Family Ties as you trace your emigrant history back to Italy.
Italian Genealogy Online and All Things Italian
Easiest Italian genealogy help and free research tips online to find your Italian surnames, Italy Roots Ancestral Heritage and Immigrant Family Ties as you trace your emigrant history back to Italy.
Italian Genealogy Online and All Things Italian
Easiest Italian genealogy help and free research tips online to find your Italian surnames, Italy Roots Ancestral Heritage and Immigrant Family Ties as you trace your emigrant history back to Italy.
Italian Genealogy Online and All Things Italian
Easiest Italian genealogy help and free research tips online to find your Italian surnames, Italy Roots Ancestral Heritage and Immigrant Family Ties as you trace your emigrant history back to Italy.
Italian Genealogy Online and All Things Italian
Easiest Italian genealogy help and free research tips online to find your Italian surnames, Italy Roots Ancestral Heritage and Immigrant Family Ties as you trace your emigrant history back to Italy.
Jamaica Genealogy
This blog is a resource for those researching their Jamaican (West Indies) Family History.
Jansen Genealogy is devoted to anyone conducting Jones Genealogy research, whether just starting out or more experienced. This site will contain valuable information, advice, tools, stories to share and much, much more.
jr's hodgepodge of links
Genealogy page presents some of the most useful and lucrative sites I've found when digging for my "roots". I've also included a little advice for those just starting out. Page also includes link to my family file indexes.
KC Genealogy
KC relates to the genealogical community in the greater Kansas City area. The site contains how-to information, schedules of local speakers, and some database information.
Kincaid's Page
Kincaid Genealogy: Scotland, PA, WV, OH -- my writings -- Meigs County Ohio -- many pictures
Largest Polish Genealogy Service
Polish genealogy databases.
Free research library. Genealogy is listed in the Research Center. Find books at public libraries through the database search or buy at the best price by using the book shopping comparison feature.
Marie's Genealogy Pages
This site provides information for new and experienced researchers of family history.
mattousch ancestral history
the Mattousch family name is very uncommon.I would like to find out more about its ancestral history
I provide a free service in tracing family connections, specializing in pre-1900s in Ireland,England,Scotland & Wales. I will also do USA.
Meet The Family
Free collaboration with persons researching the names Dowie, Dowey and others, plus Ancestor Research in England Scotland & Wales
Minnesota Genealogy Research
Help in finding and using resources for Minnesota and upper midwest ancestors.
Mormon Genealogy
A researchers guide to finding genealogical data using LDS resources on the internet and in Family History Centers.
NEOCAG - The NorthEast Ohio Computer-Aided Genealogy Society
The NEOCAG Society is an educational organization for people interested in doing genealogical research using electronic means. NEOCAG assists with and sponsors programs concerning electronic genealogy for the general public. We also maintain a web site with surnames that are currently being researched by our members. A quarterly journal is published online for the general public and a monthly update is published for the members.
Newfoundland Genealogy
A collection of Newfoundland pictures, family histories, and individual wills. This site can be very useful in helping you trace your family tree and discover your roots. It is maintained by a Certified Genealogist (Canada).
Nicolaevsky Family in Brazil and Israel
Nicolaevsky Family, Julio Nicolaevsky, Miguel Nicolaevsky, Guilherme Nicolaevsky, Bertha Nicolaevsky, Ana Riva Nicolaevsky, M.Cristina F.Nicolaevsky. Maria V.Nicolaevsky.
Norfolk ancestors offers genealogical services for the Norfolk area. We also have a reminiscence page for stories over 40/50 years old which we are endeavouring to build up over time. We have many old photographs seen as thumbnails of many Norfok towns on the Norfolk Towns page and also have many links to intersting websites in Norfolk
Old Photographs of African Americans 2
A site to Identify Old Unknown Photographs of African Americans for the Reseachers and Family Historians. Photographs can be posted here.
On the Qui Vive for Family History
It's easy to set up automatic alerts that will scan news stories, blogs, forums and web pages for new mentions of your family name anywhere on the internet. Receive an email message every time a new bit of family history is revealed.
Online California Records
The most desired way to get California,(CA)genealogy records.
Online Genealogy
Online genealogy is a UK based website for both the novice family history researcher to the expert genealogist. It focuses on records available on the internet.
Online - The Information You Need, Online
Online Information offers free tips and resources on numerous topics including genealogy and family history.
Paravano Family
Pelgrim & PIlgram Family
I'm looking for more Pelgrim & Pilgram family members. My original family came from the Harz, Germany. Have a look at my site and you know it.
Pettibone Cousins
Pilgrims, Pioneers & Aliens
The monthly how-to column to help genealogists new or experienced find a way around those "road-blocks" that confront us all. Explanations, tips and additional sources.
Pitstra.NL : Genealogy website tips and links, genealogical links and tips of how to get genealogy information. Need help??
Plymouth Historical Society, Inc.
The Plymouth Historical Society has the largest CD genealogical collection in the northeast; census, cemetery, ship records, local data. We present educational and historical programs to the public.
Poland Norway Genealogy Research
Polish Norwegian Genealogy research help. Emphasis in 'Posen' Poland and Opppand Norway. Family names Slominski Ciesielski Konetsco, Jerzak, Bakken, Brendum, Moen, Andreassen, Aasen, Ljoshhaugen, Lerbakken and more!
Polish Genealogy
Add Your family's tree
Publish Your Family History
When your research is complete, let us put our years of experience to work for your years of research.
Publish Your History, Diaries, or Stories
Self publishing help in either electronic or print formats. Family histories, diaries, family stories - or even a novel.
Rainbowconnection of Daniel Thompson
I started the site to share information on my family,but it also shows links to surnames how-to and other sites were you can invaluable information.
Records of UK Seamen & Shipping
This site deals with researching UK seamen & shipping and associated occupations eg coastguards, customs & excise, port pilotage, master mariners etc. It also provides access to my indexes to Cardiff, Wales, ships and their crews in the 19th century.
Rome (NY) Genealogy Society
The Rome Genealogy Society was founded in 2003 as a nonprofit organization to provide instructional and educational programs to aid its members as they build their family trees. The Society firmly believes that its members are its most valuable resource. The Society encourages members to share programs and family research techniques that have been beneficial to the individual. We try to provide information for beginners and experienced researchers.
Roosevelt County Montana Genealogy
Richland County Montana Family History, Treasured Years Index, Wolf Point, Poplar, Culbertson, Brockton, Bainville, Froid, Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Assiniboine and Sioux, Cemetery Names and Post Offices.
Basic research tips for beginners and upcoming genealogical events.
Roots Hebrides
This site helps anyone with Hebridean roots to research their family history and discover the history and culture of the Outer Hebrides.
Roots Hebrides
Roots Hebrides is the definitive directory and guide to genealogy and family research in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, home of the Clans and hearland of the Gaels!
RootsChat.Com - Index - British and Irish Genealogy UK Family
British and Irish Genealogy Messaging Forum for England Wales Scotland Ireland. Online 1881 1901 Census lookups of your ancestors, instant messaging and more. Fun and easy to use. Recommended
Ruhi's Garden
Ruhi's Garden: A place for seekers of family history and research. You'll also find information for our Carey and McDaniel ancestors in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee and the Carolinas.
Rule Family Genealogy Site by Jeff Rule
Site covering the Rule family descended from Captain John Rule b. 1732, mainly in NJ, CA, KY and VA
Russian genealogy, genealogical search, travel to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
Genealogical search in Russia, and other countries of the former Soviet Union, custom made pictures of your ancestral town, customized travel
Sandercott / Sandercock Genealogy
Genealogy site for the SANDERCOTT families with trees for all major connected families.
Scotland-the Clans,Families,History and more
Free Scottish genealogy look ups,beginner's guide,Scottish clan and family homepages with family trees,clan and genealogy messageboard and chat - trace your Scots ancestors online!
Search and Find Ancestors in the World
My site helps people find their ancestors in the world. My expertise includes research in countries like canada, usa, france,belgium, switzerland, etc. For clients testimonials see: search and find your ancestors. Highlights: Finding ancestors in usa, canada (quebec) and europe. I am a published writer of articles on genealogy and history in three countries, and two languagues (English and French). I can often trace ancestry as far back as the 15th century. I put together bilingual CD-ROMS on Acadians and Cajuns and Americans, Canadians and Europeans. Marielle A. Bourgeois, M.A., C.F.A.
Slovensko to New Mexico
Chronicles the long but successful search by Pete Semanick for his ancestral heritage in eastern Slovakia. Photos, tips, towns, places to stay.
Genealogy help. I need all the learning tools I can get. Hope people visit and email if they need help.
Some notes on medieval English genealogy
Resources for medieval English genealogy, including a brief guide to sources, links to online source material and family histories, and a hyper-linked medieval calendar. Also notes on some specific families, including Alington of Horseheath, Argentein of Great Wymondley and Skipwith of St Albans.
Soylar - Turkish Genealogy Research
STALZER Family Web Site
The STALZER Family Web Site - John & Anna Westendorf STALZER
Sweden Genealogy Genline Workbook
Sweden Roots presents material to identify Swedish ancestors. Guidelines from US Census to Swedish church records with Genline are provided. Support is for Sweden Genealogy Genline Workbook.
Swedish Genealogical Dictionary
The Swedish Genealogical Dictionary is an important aid for non-fluent Swedish speakers using genealogical documents in Swedish in research. The old Swedish found in the old church records is different from modern Swedish, so this resource is more helpful than a modern Swedish-English dictionary. By Phyllis J. Pladsen.
Teapot Geanies
Teapot Geanies is a program on how to do your family history while having fun. We have covered the basics in the first episodes but plan to get into convicts, immigration , cemetary searches , searching overseas and more.
teapot geanies
A light hearted look at all aspects of genealogy which is updated regularly. This is an internet television site.
Ted Pack's Web Site
Hints and links for beginners, among them "What is a GEDCOM?" and questions for a(n) (auto)biography
Terry's Family History Research Links
A link page to excellent genealogical research sites
The Armchair Genealogist
A guide to researching and writing your family history. This site's focus is internet genealogy, writing a family history book,and learning genealogy online.
The Cemetery Shop
The Cemetery Shop provides an educational resource for those people seeking information about Genealogy and other death related topics.
The Consulate General of Sweden in NY: Internet Resources for Tracing You
The Consulate General of Sweden in New York offers the publication "Tracing Your Swedish Ancestry" free of charge for orders less than 5 copies. The website also gives helpful guidance and recommends links.
The Crookses of Jamaica
A family historical case study with sources of infomation for tracing African and Carribean/West Indian ancestory. Paul Crooks has traced his African ancestory back 200 years across three continents: from the UK to South East Ghana. He was told this was impossible to do.
The familie "von der Ehe"
genealogical informations about our ancestors
The Folk Historian
Helps for the beginning and experienced genealogist.
The Genealogy Experience
A genealogy website containing helpful information on searching for your ancestors along with various links intended to help you on your way to finding your ancestors.
The Genealogy Journey
A blog that covers my own genealogical search, as well as information for the genealogical newbie.
The Genealogy Mom
Family history research tips and how to's from The Genealogy Mom. During the past 20 years The Genealogy Mom has helped people from all across the United States connect with their past. This site dedicated to helping others uncover their history and form an appreciation for those who came before.
The Genealogy-site from the DUCHMANN-family-Germany
The DUCHMANN-family beginning off the year 1403 in Germany
The Heritage Project : an oral history kit
The Heritage Project is an easy-to-use guide that leads the user through recording an oral history interview. Included in the padded storage album are two one-hour tapes and a 70-page guidebook with information, instructions, and over 300 sample questions.
The History Slice - Articles
This site features: Getting Started, Getting Organized, Protecting Privacy, Types of Early Photography, What People Collect, Choosing Formats and Storage Methods, Building Your Genealogy Website, and more.
The O'Neill - March Family History
A Blog dedicated to my Family History and to give others resources on how to trace their own Family hisory
The Scrapbook School
The Scrapbook School teaches African Americans how to create keepsakes that can be passed down and enjoyed by future generations. Our workshops, kits and publications show how to preserve family histories through the art of scrapbooking.
The Stockton dna project
We are undertaking the use of Genetic Analysis to further the genealogical study of our Stockton ancestors and family lines.
The Tuskey's Family Genealogy/Adoption Page
The Tuskey's Family Genealogy/Adoption resources for the genealogy or adoption search.
the worldwide genie
a site for familyhistorians/genealogist all over the world. Providing links & information in an easily searched format. Church, cemetery & census information are just part of this comprehensive & expanding site.
The Family Tree Guru! is a central portal for information, tips, techniques, and resources to help you research your genealogy and build your family tree.
Thomas' Legion 69 Regiment N.C. (Cherokee)
Thomas' Legion (69th Regiment) Parker's of Western North Carolina in the Civil War, emphasis; Cherokee
Tomkins Family Website
Family website with hundreds of surnames but interested mostly in TOMKINS, PIPER, WOLL, BOCK, FEATHERSTON, RAMSEY, and DINSDALE.
Trace your Dutch roots
A guide to finding your Dutch ancestors. is a free, online community for Family and Local History in the UK and Ireland! Includes Forums, Projects, Transcriptions, Links, Downloads, Reviews & More.
Unsolved Ancestry
Solve your unsolvable ancestry. Post an award and find the answer to your specific genealogical question. Find the answer to someone else's question and collect the reward.
Hints and tips from basic to advanced for researchers in Upstate New York. NY Genealogy.
National Society, USAncestors (NSUSA) A National Heritage Foundation, is an historical genealogical charitable foundation established for the edification purposes of those who, by history through research and other community activities, seek ways in which they might honor and perpetuate the memory of their United States ancesto(s). To this end, NSUSA hopes to provide a way for individuals to achieve a sense of belonging, and in so doing encourage them to find a new quality in their lives, as well as in the lives of those with whom they come in contact through our association. -- Free Genealogy Links has collected online databases that are FREE for you to search for your ancestors. There is a collection of links for resources across the country as well as an emphasis on Arkansas and surrounding states.
We Make Books
Full service genealogy and family history book publishing in print and electronic form
Welkom in mijn geboortedorp Sint Amands
Dutch genealogycal databank.Contains circa 150.000 names of people from my place of birdt Sint Amands (Antwerpen-Belgium),with all data whom the priest wrote in the registers.
West Riding Yorkshire Census
Census West Riding Yorkshire
Westerbergs genealogical researching
Swedish genealogical researching, mostly in the county of Uppland and some surnames are, Myrberg, Gimström, Söderblom and Åkerblad.
What's New in Genealogy...Today!
Thousands of links to genealogy sites and published family trees, along with news highlights, software reviews, reunion tips, search engines, referrals to researchers, plus more.
Yesterday Genealogy
A step-by -step guide for beginners in finding your family tree. Full of practical examples, FAQ, hints and tips, country specific websites and more
Your Family Legacy
Genealogy books, forms, software, and archival supplies. Featuring products from Generations by Hazel.
Your Family Legacy
Family history related articles to help discover, preserve, and display one's heritage.