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A Guide to Free Pennsylvania Biographies
A FREE genealogy database of Pennsylvania biographies, biographical sketches and multi-generational family histories.
American Biographies
Includes AGBI (American Genealogical-Biographical Index), BGMI (Biography & Genealogy Master Index), and many other historical sketches. Search databases collectively or individually.
"FAILTE" To The Wallace and Wallis Families Tree
The genealogy of the Wallace family of Scotland, relating to Sir William (Braveheart) Wallace. Also other names that are in our family tree from Scotland and England, include DUNBAR, KENNEDY, CAMPBELL, STEWART, BRUCE, DRAFFEN, and CRAWFORD. The family name of Wallace has so far had 21 different spellings. General Lew Wallace who wrote "Ben-Hur" is in our family as well as William Alexander Anderson (Bigfoot) Wallace, a famous Texas Ranger.
"Fullers of Coshocton & Guernsey Cos. Ohio"
Descendants of James & Catherine Fuller and Thomas Fuller & Lydia Hayes. four generations of descendants and their families
A Coventry Kid
Autobiographical and genealogical site, with links to my Familytreemaker site that has my family tree on it.
A. Bion Carter
Carter, A. Bion, banker; born in Great Bend, N.Y., June 23, 1857;
A. Overbaugh
A. Overbaugh, who lives in a beautiful residence in San Diego at the corner of Sixth and Beech streets, overlooking the city, bay and the Pacific ocean, was born in Charlestown, New York.
Aaron B. Porter Sr. and Rebecca Margaret Poole Family
Histories, photos, sites and links for the Aaron Benjamin Porter and Rebecca Margaret Poole families and descendants!
Aaron B. Porter Sr. and Rebecca Margaret Poole Family Site
Photos, histories, sites and links to Porters, Pooles, Nichols, Jensens, Picketts
Abner Pride Biglow
Members of the Dartmouth Class of 1827, and links to sketches about the class members.
Abner Pride Biglow
Sketch of Abner Pride Biglow from the booklet meeting held July 28, 1852 for the Dartmouth Class of 1827.
Ahrenkiel Slaegten Toldsted, Denmark
Ahrenkiel family from Denmark, it is a very old family, form year 900, Gorm Den Gamle.
Alaska Garnet Mining & Manufacturing Co.
Information on ten women who formed the Alaksa Garnet Mining & Manufacturing Co., in 1906 in Minneapolis, MN
Albany Men Biographies and Photos
Photo/Biographies, Men from Albany, New York, born or living there about 1905
Albany, NY - Mayors 1686-1790 with biographical sketches
Albert P. Charles
Biography of Albert P. Charles member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Albert Weston Moore
Biography of Albert W. Moore member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Album of Genealogy and Biography, Cook County, Illinois (1895)
This site contains the Preface (Introduction) and the index to the "Album of Genealogy and Biography, Cook County, Illinois with Portraits" 3rd ed. revised and extended (Chicago: Calumet Book & Engraving Co., 1895). The biographies are transcribed and submitted to the IL Biographies Project hosted by Rootsweb.
Alex Haley Tribute Site
The mission of this website is to spread Alex Haley’s vision for all to know their heritage.
Alexander Mee
New Zealand Immigrant Alexander MEE, 1833-1902, from County Cavan Ireland; his life in NZ as policeman, publican, farmer, in Dunedin, Hokitika and Pleasant Point.
Alfred Greenleaf
Sketch of Alfred Greenleaf from the booklet meeting held July 28, 1852 for the Dartmouth Class of 1827
Alfred O. Hitchcock
Biography of Alfred O. Hitchcock member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Alfred Sidney Campbell
1887 Migration from Duck Hill, MS to Cross County, AR as written by Benjamin B. Campbell the son of Alfred S. and Mary Jane Campbell.
All Biographies Online Biographies
Biographies of famous and not-so-famous people.
Alonzo Jenkins
Biography of Alonzo Jenkins member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Alpheus Crosby
Alpheus Crosby was born in Sandwich, N. H., October 13, 1810. His father Asa Crosby, M. D., died at Hanover, N. H. in 1836.
Alvin W. and Eve Susannah Jensen Nichols Family
Photos, Histories and family sites and links for the Alvin W. Nichols and Eve Susannah Jensen Families.
Alvispat's Weblog
The site has documentation and notes on how I identified my ancestors, including these surnames: Alvis, Armstrong, Pedigo, Light, Eyster, Turner, Atwell, Dorsey, Brooks, Morris, Gossett, Prather, Ramp, Parker, Huff, Shultz, Pulliam, Gossett, Dickinson, Webster, Willoughby, Craighead, Veach, Hilton, Erwin, Forbis, Bryan, McClendon, Phifer, Gilbert, Joy and others.
Alvord, James Church
Sketch of James Church Alvord from the booklet meeting held July 28, 1852 for the Dartmouth Class of 1827.
Andrew Jackson Whitehead & Drusilla Hobson Wade
Andrew J Whitehead & Drusilla Hobson Wade Family of Pittsylvania County Virginia.
Ann and Farris Womack Homepage
A comprehensive genealogy site focued on Womack, Brandon, Johnson, Talbot, Brawner, Stanfield, Gray, and many other families.
Ann Orchard (1827 - 1882)
Ann DINHAM (nee ORCHARD) was exiled from England to Tasmania in 1852, leaving behind two small children. Her husband fled to the USA and became a farmer in Iowa. Ann remarried, twice, finally returning as Ann Foster, a wealthy widow, to England, where she is buried at Kensal Green, London.
Arthur C. Newell
Biography of Arthur C. Newell member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Arthur Phinney
Biography of Arthur Phinney member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Arthur Ropes
Biography of Arthur Ropes member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Arvin Biographical Sketches
Interesting biographical sketches of Arvin family members, from their immigration to America down to the twentieth century.
As I Have been Told
This site, created over 15 years ago for Rootsweb, relates the ancestory of my two children, Thomas Nash Green, Jr. and his sister Martha Ann. We have complete records of the eight grandparents families back to the Revolutionary era of our American history and various records back to Jamestowns earliest settlers, the Ancient Planters.
Augustus B. Breed
Biography of Augustus B. Breed member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Aurin P. Somes
Biography of Aurin P. Somes member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Baldwin, Benjamin Gordon
Sketch of Benjamin Gordon Baldwin from the booklet meeting held July 28, 1852 for the Dartmouth Class of 1827.
Baptist History Biographies
Biographies of prominent Texas Baptists. Primary Source material concerning the earliest Baptists of Texas. You cannot find this information any place else.
Bartlett Hardy Weston
Biography of Bartlett H. Weston member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Histories and Biographies of Pioneers that settled in Bay City, Michican area.
Benjamin & Elizabeth (Swepson) Whitehead of Mecklenburg, VA
An account of the lives of Benjamin & Elizabeth (Swepson) Whitehead of late 18th century Mecklenburg, VA through deed records, court minutes, guardianship records, etc. Includes notes on their children, with details re. those who settled in Sumter Dist., SC (Wm. Whitehead, Nancy Whitehead Gayle, & Mary Whitehead Greening)
Benjamin Hull of North Carolina
The geneology of Benjamin Hull of North Carolina
Betty's Trails
Biographical histories on early settlers of Austin County Texas including Austin, Barrett, Bell, Cloyd, Cummings, Grimes, Granville, Maxwell, Reames, Stephenson, Travis, Young
Biographical sketches of those pioneers that came to Sauk Co., Wisconsin in the 1800s
Biographies Gathered From Various Sources
Biographies with New York and Wisconsin Origins, Links to Related Biographies
Biographies Research
This website is a compilation of various research books with indexes that may contain either/or family sketches or biographies. Look-Ups are available from any of the books listed.
Biography Index from 1908 History of Kane County, Illinois
Bio index from Joslyn's History of Kane County, Illinois published in 1908. Also includes links to some transcribed bios. (NOTE: I am no longer able to transcribe bios on request.)
Biography Links for early residents of Kane County, IL
Links to bios of local residents in Kane County, Illinois. NOTE: I am no longer able to transcribe bios on request as indicated in the web pages.
Boots Family Homepage
This site includes biographies, documentation and picures of key ancestors of my family.
Bostock Family
Story of Bostock/Wilkinson/Blease/Barker families of Cheshire/Lancashire from c.1600 U.K. to Australia. From Tarvin to Ironmongery business in Chester before slave trade on Riv.Mersey. Merchants to Sydney 1815 and in 1821 settled at V.D.L. Extensive family stories. Thelma at Maroochydore 2002.
Brian Dana Akers / Autobiography
The autobiography of Brian Dana Akers—publisher, translator, and author.
BROWN - Dale Brown's Family History Page
A genealogy and family history site for surnames including Brown, Jones, Reed, Dorner, Jaqua, Boswell, Watkins, George, Prass, Huffman.
Bullock Genealogy
Bulo Briggs and Susie Gentry family web site
Histories, photos, sites and links for the Bulo Lee Briggs and Susie Gentry families and descendants!
If you know something about the Burns's or Weinsheimer, Please let me know?
California Biographies Project
A resource guide for individuals researching biographies in California counties.
Calvin N. Kendall, A.M.
Calvin N. Kendall one of the educators' brief biographies listed in the 1907 Brewers School Superintendent's Directory
Calvin W. Fitch
Biography of Calvin W. Fitch member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Captain Augustine Heard
Biography of Captain Augustine Heard, an early seaman of Boston.
Captain Charles Porter Low
Biography of Captain Charles Porter Low, an early seaman of Boston.
Captain James Dalton
Biography of Captain James Dalton , an early seaman of Boston.
Captain John Avery of Colonial Delaware and his wife Sarah Browne
A biographical and ancestral study of the colonist Captain John Avery from his English origins to his settlement in Maryland and Delaware in the 17th century.
Captain Oscar G. Eaton
Biography of Captain Oscar G. Eaton, an early seaman of Boston.
Captain Philip Dumaresq
Biography of Captain Philip Dumaresq, an early seaman of Boston.
Captain William Dane Phelps
Biography of Captain William Dane Phelps, Captain, an early seaman of Boston.
Captain William Sturgis
Biography of Captain William Sturgis, Captain, an early seaman of Boston.
Carroll Co., Indiana Biographies
Biographies of Carroll Co, Indiana's pioneer families. This is in conjunction with the US Biographies Project.
Cass County MN Biographies Project
Part of the US and Minnesota Biographies Projects. Biographies of residents of Cass County MN
Biographies of Chariton County, MO citizens
Charles A. Merrill
Biography of Charles A. Merrill member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Charles Albert Bunker
Biography of Charles A. Bunker member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Charles Albert Manson
Biography of Charles A. Manson member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Charles Augustus Towle
Biography of Charles A. Towle member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Charles C. Talbot
Biography of Charles C. Talbot member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Charles Caldwell
Biography of Charles Caldwell member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Charles D. Harvey
Biography of Charles D. Harvey member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Charles Dana Barrows
Biography of Charles D. Barrows member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Charles Dexter Cleveland
Charles Dexter Cleveland a son of Rev. Charles Cleveland, of Boston, Mass., was born in Salem, Mass., Dec. 3, 1802
Charles Eben Swett
Biography of Charles E. Swett member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Charles Henry Patterson
Biography of Charles H. Patterson member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Charles Hopkins
Sketch of Charles Hopkins from the booklet meeting held July 28, 1852 for the Dartmouth Class of 1827
Charles J. Fox
Charles J. Fox, C. E., San Diego. No man has been more closely identified with San Diego County during the past eighteen years.
Charles P. Allen
Biography of Charles P. Allen member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Charles W. Kimball
Biography of Charles W. Kimball member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Chesnut Family
History of the Chesnut family of KY, MO and Illinois.
Chester D. Pratt
Biography of Chester D. Pratt member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Chisholm Family Slide Presentation
Chisholm Family gives our family Pedigree chart filled out by my father Lloyd Walter Chisholm. It includes family stories he told me that I have personally researched for accuracy. They include Hugh Chisholm who I was told laid the corner stone of the University of Virginia, Napoleon Boneparte Chisholm who was said to have won by applause the Best Fiddler of the Country, Anthony Gianniny whom he said made wine for Thomas Jefferson, and the Anthony Mullins who came on the same boat with Anthony Giannini from Italy.
Clara Shortridge Foltz
Clara Shortridge Foltz, known as the Portia of the Pacific, was born in Henry County, Indiana
Clark County, Ohio Biographies
Clark County, Ohio Biographies - In conjunction with the US Biographies Project.
Clark County, Ohio Biographies
Greene County, Ohio Biographies - In conjunction with the US Biographies Project.
Codman Biographies
Find biographies of Captain John Codman, William D. Codman, John and Richard Codman.
Collins Family Tree
This is a site created for the collins family orginating in Alabama from Jeff and Phyliss Collins.
Connecting Family Dots
Corcellus H. Hackett
Biography of Corcellus H. Hackett member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Crenshaw, Bolinger, Kiser, Roberts et al Genealogy
Family genealogy web site describing ancestors; Crenshaw KYtoMOtoFLtoGAtoPA, Roberts SCtoAL, True MO, Bolinger-Kiser-Stroup Lincoln County, NC & vicinity
Cyrus Richardson
Biography of Cyrus Richardson member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Daniel Austin
Biography of Daniel Austin member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Daniel Blaisdell
Sketch of Daniel Blaisdell from the booklet meeting held July 28, 1852 for the Dartmouth Class of 1827
Daniel Crosby Greene
Biography of Daniel C. Greene member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Daniel M. Elliot
Biography of Daniel M. Elliot member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Darci's Biography Section Index of Names
New York biographies including Counties of Schenectady, Schoharie, Montgomery, Fulton, Herkimer and Oneida
Darius Starr
Biography of Darius Starr member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Dartmouth College Class of 1864 Biographies
Biographies from the book commemorating the 20th anniversary of the class.
Dave Barker Texas Lawman
Dave Barker was a lawman from the mid 1870's to the mid 1880's starting in Fort Griffin, Texas and ending in Tascosa, Texas. This is a well documented and exciting account of his life. Hundreds of surnames included with lots of source documents cited. A must read.
Davies Frysig Watters Geddes Genealogy
Biographies of individuals in related family lines.
Decendants of James Renne
Renne Families of Dutchess Co., Greene Co., & Essex Co., New York beginning with James Renne born abt 1687 in Newtown, Long Island, NY
Decendants of James Renne
Renne Families of Dutchess Co., Greene Co., & Essex Co., NY containing Bios, Wills, genealogy information
Deloris' North Carolina Roots
Biographies & histories of Warren County families including Source records
Denton/Herndon Guestbook
Descendant of Johan Marckus Neidhoeffer
A never ending true American story. This research has been compiled by the descendants of Jacob and George sons of Johann Marckus Neythoffer. Spelling of this name are, Neideffer, Neidhoeffer, Nidever, Nidiffer, Neidefer, Neidiffer. This story begins as the vessel Friendship ports in PA. Oct. 1754.
Descendants & Ancestors of Louis Robert dit Lafontaine (1638 - 1711)
Genealogy and biographies of ancestors and descendants of Louis Robert dit Lafontaine who emigrated to North America in 1665
Downer Dispatch
My site features the "Life Story of James Riley Quinn and the Life of His Family and Himself as Pioneers". This biography begins in 1842, New York City, and ends in 1946, Beaver, Oklahoma. It faithfully records the family's vital statistics and lists many friends they made in Indiana and Oklahoma.
Dr. Edward Lindsley
Obit for Dr. Edward Lindsley - part of the US Biography project for St Johns County Florida
Dr. Samuel P. & Elizabeth (Greening) DuBois of DeSoto Parish, LA
An overview of the life of Dr. Samuel Patton DuBois, practicing physician of Texas & Louisiana, apothecary, veteran of the Mexican War & the War for Southern Independence, including notes on his marriage to Elizabeth Greening and their children.
Dream Sign Of Last Journey
"Dream Sign of Last Journey" published by Las Vegas Sun Newspaper on February 20, 1996, written by: Ed Koch. Hoover Dam worker and Nevada Test Site, Area 51 Firefighter Dies, Lawrence Edward Clutters. Contributed by: Kimberly Smith Rutledge, oldest grand daughter of Lawrence Edward Clutters.
Duanes World
My site shows my life, my Naval career, Our travels, and Greeks and their Heritage.
Families from Western Maryland and Westward.
Early Rowlett Family History
Biographical essays, document transcriptions, and other resources related to the Rowlett family of Virginia
Ebenezer Lutheran & Fall Creek Cemetery
The History of the Church, the Cemetery & the People
Edward De Forest
Biography of Edward De Forest member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Edward Francis Johnson
Biography of Edward F. Johnson member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Edward H. Sanders
Biography of Edward H. Sanders member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Edwin F. Ambrose
Biography of Edwin F. Ambrose member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Edwin L. Hovey
Biography of Edwin L. Hovey member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Eira's Rubidge pages
The site describes some of the early RUBIDGE ancestry, that is before 1820, and also includes some of the families who are connected to the RUBIDGEs of London.
El Comandante Che Guevara
Biography, politics, texts, pictures and video of the Latin American guerillero El Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara (English, espańol, Nederlands)
Elderkin Family History & Genealogy
Story of the family of David Troop Elderkin and Mary Jane Finity covering David's upbringing in Nova Scotia and Illinois, his service in the Union army and aftermath, and their seven children: William W., Silas, Louisa Rose, Charles, Lily, Belle and Amos.
Eli French
Sketch of Eli French from the booklet meeting held July 28, 1852 for the Dartmouth Class of 1827.
Eli H. Murray
Eli H. Murray, of San Diego, the subject of this sketch, has all the warrant of hereditary antecedents for the stability and integrity that in his career he has manifested
Elias W. Howe
Biography of Elias W. Howe member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Elliot Whipple
Biography of Elliot Whipple member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Ellis - Captain Daniel Ellis
The web site for Capt. Dan Ellis, the East Tennessee Unionist who led thousands of refugees through the mountains to the Union lines during the Civil War.
Elmore F. Brackett
Biography of Elmore F. Brackett member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Elsie Stafford Harris
Since 1948,on the first Sunday in May, a family reunion has been held in honor of Elsie R. Stafford Harris in (Wynne) Cross County, AR. Modest biographies of her, Jordan V. Stafford, Rosetta Sanders, and Bennie Harris.
emigrants from Borg prussia nach US Wisconsin
Borg, borg, eft, hellendorf, prussia, west, germany, emigrants migrants, auswanderer, familienforschung, familysearch, ahnenforschung, ahnen, vorfahren, video, movie, picture, emigration, ancestor, Biewer, Biwer, Biver, Biewen, Thoedor, John, Herber, Fellerig, Fellerich, Fox, Fuchs, orscholz, Orscholz, saar, mosel, perl
Eros Ramazzotti em portuguęs!
Page about this italian singer. Only in portughese.
Eugene Lewis
Biography of Eugene Lewis member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Evans Blog: Snippets of My Ancestors and Family Friends
Covers the James M. Evans family: Evans; Miller; Bumgardner; Kirk; Sayles; Adair; Wearn; Donald. Also covers citizens of Auburn, CA. circa 1940-1950
Excerpts from Coryell County, Texas Families, 1854-1985
Biographies and photos from the book by the Historical Society of Fentress County Tennessee. Includes surnames: Arrowood, Beaty, Graham, Lamb, Manning, Powell.
Excerpts from The History of Fentress County Tennessee
Biographies and photos from the book by the Historical Society of Fentress County Tennessee. Includes surnames: Beaty, Alred, Boles, Choate, Conatser, Crabtree, Crockett, Delk, Greer, Hinds, King, Mullinix, Pultz, Reynolds, Stephens, Smith Wright, Wood, York.
Families and forefather list of the family G. Staudt
A private homepage from the family G. Staudt. A forefather list of the family G. Staudt
Familles Huguenin et Baldou: généalogie et histoire
Past and recent history of the Huguenin and Baldou families, their parents and relatives.
Family Histories of the Snell and Christiansen Families
Every family history of my ancestors that I can get, including my own research will be here with sources.
Family History Data Base
Data Base of stories and photos for HILLMAN, CAMPBELL, SIMMONS, ANDRUS, and HARKER families along with many other surnames.
Family History House
Features research papers relating to ancestors of Bill Linder,information about Linder's annual group visit to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, books available for purchase, and a special feature collection of research papers relating to early eastern North Carolina Taylor families
Family History Stories
Share your family history stories and photos. Get tips on researching and preserving your family tree.
Family Porter
Porter family history traced through Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Illniois, Oklahoma.
Family Tree Weppelman(n)
Finding My Tree
Comments, Stories and foibles about my searches for members of my Family Tree including: BLIVEN, VINCENT, GARDNER, GERALD, NICHOLLS, HOUGHTALING, BROWN, (FITZ)GERALD
Follett Freesite at Rootsweb
This site will display information on the Follett Clan and relations and will invite supporting information from others. It will be a host for info on Folletts of the past and present.
Footsteps Through Time
These pages honor the ancestors of John Moran and Gail O'Brien Moran. They came from Ireland, the Azores, England and Scotland. Later generations settled in New England.
Forney, Texas Archives - Biographies
Biographies from the Forney, Kaufman County, Texas area.
Francis Bacon
Biography of Francis Bacon member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon was born November 3, 1841, at Oxford, Massachusetts
Francis C. Ewins
Biography of Francis C. Ewins member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Francis Fowler
Francis Fowler
Francis R. Delano
Biography of Francis R. Delano member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Frank A. Fowler
Biography of Frank A. Fowler member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Frank Family History
Read biographies and journals of pioneers that crossed the plains during the mid 1800s. You can also search through thousands of pioneer ancestors!
Franklin County, Indiana Biographies
Franklin County, Indiana Biographies is part of the Indiana and US Biographies projects. The site contains biographies submitted by volunteers that have a connection to Franklin County, Indiana.
Franklin WEAVER - A Timeline 1828-1884
Franklin Weaver, son of Edward and Martha Raymer Weaver was born in New York state in 1828. As a young man, he and his brother, Miles, joined the Mormon Batallion. For full documentation on his life see "Franklin Weaver, 1828-1884, a Timeline" at
Freeh, John Geiselberg Germany to Brown Co. Ohio
A biography of John Freeh of Geiselberg Germany to Brown Co. Ohio
Frances Lysaighth Gallery and Johanna McGrath from Ireland and their Iowa descendants.
Gardner-Gardiner Home
Information about Gardners in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Utah; mostly descendants and ancestors of Elias Gardner and his wives. Includes photos, biographies, historical and cemetery information.
Biographies posted by visitors and links to other online biographies
Portuguese Genealogy
Genealogy of Flender Family
Genealogy of Flender, Flenner and other lines who growed from Flender, back until the year 1425.
George B. Nichols
Biography of George B. Nichols member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
George H. M. Rowe
Biography of George H. M. Rowe member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
George Haskell
Sketch of George Haskell from the booklet meeting held July 28, 1852 for the Dartmouth Class of 1827.
George J. Barker
Hon. George J. Barker, who became a resident of Lawrence in 1867 and was identified with that city and the state until his death on October 12, 1912
George R. Fowler
Biography of George R. Fowler member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Governor Jonathan Belcher
Historical and biographical information about Colonial Governor Jonathan Belcher (1682-1757), Governor of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Jersey, and the Founder of Princeton University.
Granny's Journal
This site was constructed as a home place for my grandmother's personal journal. Her name is Donia Lea Handley Jeans. She was born July 18, 1900 and left this world in 1997. She tells of her family and the trials and tresures of her life.
Grayson Family of Alabama
The Grayson Family of Alabama, maintained by Jeff and Joy Coker.
Grenola Kansas Genealogical Society
This is the Official Site for the Grenola Kansas Genealogical Society Webpage. This shows the History of Grenola and Many of its Founding Families!
Grimsrud , Christian Norway to North Dakota
A biography of Christian Johannessen Grimsrud Ostfold Norway to North Dakota.
A collection of family photographs, old home movies, artifacts, recollections and biographical material of my Perry family line of descendents. This website starts as far back in history that is currently available for the 7-brothers of North Carolina in the 18th Century, along with an abbreviated genealogy. ENJOY
Habgood versus Habgood in Chancery
The dramatic story of the Habgood family of Latton (Wiltshire) and London, 1750-1888. Three orphan children were left a large fortune in 1803, with terrible consequences.
Henry Hamby and Sara Cross of Tennessee and their descendants
Haworth, Isabell Frazier; The Life & Times
Isabell FRAZIER was born in Warren County, Iowa on Dec 4, 1858. She was the oldest child of Quakers, Joseph & Clarissa (JOHNSON) FRAZIER. Her father, Joseph, was a Private in the Iowa 34th Volunteer Inf during the Civil War. Isabell married Jacob HAWORTH & after five children, Jacob & Isabell moved with their children & Isabell's parents to Los Angeles County, CA where they remained. Locality associated with the web site are: Whittier, Los Angeles Co, CA; Carlisle, Warren Co, IA; Buck Creek, Tippecanoe Co, IN; Alba, Jasper Co, MO; Cassville, Berry Co, MO; McDonald Co, MO; Toronto, Woodson Co, KS. Surnames associated with the web site include: HAWORTH, FRAZIER, JOHNSON, GROOMS, COLE, HARPIN, PLUMB, HOLLINGSWORTH, WRIGHT, CLOSE.
Hennepin County Biography Project
Biographical and Historical Sketches of early settlers and past residents of Hennepin county. Biographies taken from local county history books, newspapers obituaries and user submitted.
Henri, George, & Jules Rochat
Three Rochat brothers immigrated to St. Paul from l'Abbaye. Henri's story predominates. See other Rochat google sites.
Henrietta Geisenberg Bauer
Biography of Henrietta Geisenberg Bauer (Bowers) born Bibergau, Bavaria, immigrated to Vicksburg, MS
Henry County Ohio Biographies
Share your Henry County Ohio Ancestors biographies!
Henry G. Ayers
Biography of Henry Clinton Ayers member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Henry JENKINS and the WASTELL family
Details re Henry JENKINS, aged 169, buried Bolton on Swale, Yorkshire, 1670. His association with WASTELL family, paricularly with Anne SAVILE, sister of Mrs Elizabeth WASTELL.
Henry M. Rogers
Biography of Henry M. Rogers member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Herbert Clark Hoover
Mining eng'r; b. West Branch, Iowa, 1874; s. Jesse Theodore and Hulda (Minthorn) Hoover
Historical Account of John Muir the Settler
John Muir (1800 - 1883), & wife Ann Miller (1804 - 1875). Collier by trade. They had 5 sons, John (1825 - 1825), John (1830 - 1909), Michael (1835 - 1888), Robert (1832 - 1901) & Andrew (1828 - 1859) and 1 daughter Marion (1826 - ?). John Sr. had 2 nephews that travelled with him and they were: Archibald Muir & John McGregor (with wife Mary and 3 children).
Histories of Highland Cemetery Families
Family histories for the early settlers of St. Joseph's parish, Dakota County Minnesota.
History of Giustiniani family from Genova to Rome (in Italian)
History of the great family Giustiniani from Genova to Rome by dodecaneso (Greece) and Roccapassa. Other complete view about Giustiniani's collection (the site is in Italian)
History of the Low(e) Family in England and America
The Low(e) Family in England and America of Durham County, England; of Suffolk County, England; of Ipswich and Boxford, Massachusetts; of Clinton, Fairfield and Brighton, Maine; of Newburg township and Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois
Hodson of Hodson's Horse ~ W.S.R. Hodson : 1821-58,
Hodson of Hodson's Horse ~ William Stephen Raikes Hodson 1821-1858 ~ distinguished Victorian cavalry commander; riased Hodson's Horse in 1857; commanded (and helped raise)the Corps of Guides and first introduced Khaki uniform in 1848
Hodson of Hodson's Horse, William Hodson 1821-1858
Hodson of Hodson's Horse, William S.R. Hodson 1821-58, distinguished Victorian cavalry commander; raised Hodson's Horse in 1857; also commanded (Queens Own) Corps of Guides; and first introduced Khaki uniform in 1848
Hoffman, August of Alsace to Brown Co. Ohio
A biography of August Hoffman of Mulhouse Alsace to Ohio
holocaust means shoah
the only survivor of his family, ordinary people victims of world war II, just because they were jews.
Home Page for Donald and Caroln Engstrom
Histories of the ancestors of Donald and Carolyn Engstrom
Home Page of Diane Hitchcock-Owens: Stories My Mother Never Told Me
History of my Hitchcock-Hansell families from 1600's.
Home Page of Patricia Craig Johnson
The home of stories about the ancestors and other people known by Patricia Craig Johnson
Homer Taylor Fuller
Biography of Homer T. Fuller member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Hosea Ausbrooks Peden
This site is dedicated to Hosea Ausbrooks Peden, his daughter Georgia Estella (Peden) Churchill and her daughter Wenona Billee (Churchill) Clark.
Hosea Kingman
Biography of Hosea Kingman member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Howard Rand
Biography of Howard Rand member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Huntington County, Indiana Biographies
Huntington County, Indiana Biographies - In conjunction with the US Biographies Project.
Hutton Family of Marsk Hall
HUTTON family of Marske Hall, near Richmond, Yorkshire. Sir Timothy HUTTON, his son Matthew HUTTON, Royalist. Will of Sir Timothy, 1606.
Ichabod Goodwin Hobbs
Biography of I. Goodwin Hobbs member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Illinois Biographies
Biographies with Illinois ties.
INMAN Family of Nidderdale
INMAN family of Nidderdale, Yorkshire - particularly, Michael INMAN, 1716-1784, his life, marriage to Deborah BAYLES, sons, Christopher INMAN and Whaley Charles INMAN. Family papers.
Jacob Osborne Sanborn
Biography of Jacob O. Sanborn member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
James and Thomas Lamb
Biography of James and Thomas Lamb, an early seaman of Boston.
James and Thomas Lamb
Biographies of Captain Joseph Lee and Hon. George Cabot, an early seaman of Boston.
James Baird weaver 1833-1912
Raspberry Ridge Farm in Iowa houses memorabilia, books, and documents concerning James Baird Weaver and his wife Clara Vinson Weaver. James was a candidate for President of the United States from the Greenback and Populist parties in 1880 and 1892. Requests for information are welcomed.
James County = Hamilton County, TN
This site contains biographical and genealogical information on the pioneer families that settled primarily James County, but includes Hamilton County.
James I. Tucker
Biography of James I. Tucker member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
James M. Chase
Biography of James M. Chase member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
James Maginnis - 1798-1883
I have put online the preface, chapter on the first generation, and index of names to a book by Judith Maginnis Kuster and Betty Styer on The descendants of James Milton Maginnis - 1798-1883. Family names in the first and second generation: Maginnis, McGinnis, Barns, Everhard, McFarlin, Jerome, Graham, Morrill.
James Morris Chase
James Morris Chase, a son of Moody Chase, was born in Cornish, N. H., April 4,1800.
James R. Graves
Biography of James R. Graves member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
James Spencer Fitzhugh
lawyer; born, near Waco, Texas, July 14, 1863.
Jasper Golden
This is a story about Jasper Golden who sailed from Ireland in 1850. It tells about his journey and as I gather the information it will describe his life in Ontario.
Joann's Genealogy Page
Stories, documents & photos of Reynolds and associated families.
John & Paula Stevenson
Homepage for John and Paula Stevenson of Hollywood, Florida.
John Alexander Cameron and Margaret Fairgrieve
Genealogy of the ancestors of Catherine Cameron, including the Cameron, MacCallum, MacLean and McViccar families of Argyllshire, and the Fairgrieve family of Peebleshire.
JOHN ALEXANDER Forgotten Financier of Roupes Valley Iron Works "Tannehill"
JOHN ALEXANDER [March 03, 1809 -- April 29, 1883] Forgotten Financier of Roupes Valley Iron Works "Tannehill", Lear more about JOHN ALEXANDER in the book, TANNEHILL and the Growth of the Alabama Iron Industry, Tannehill Iron Works Historical State McCalla, Alabama Park
John B. Le Bosquet
Biography of John B. Le Bosquet member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
John Batchelder
Sketch of John Batchelder from the booklet meeting held July 28, 1852 for the Dartmouth Class of 1827
John Calvin Webster
Biography of John C. Webster member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
John Carroll Proctor
Biography of John Carroll Proctor member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
John Edwards
obit for John Edwards, St. Augustine Florida for US Biography Project - St Johns County
John Ellerton Lodge
Biography of John Ellerton Lodge, an early seaman of Boston.
John F. Scott
Biography of John F. Scott member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
John H. Albin
Biography of John H. Albin member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
John H. Berry
Biography of John H. Berry member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
John H. Blodgett
Biography of John H. Blodgett member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
John H. Heisel
Biography of John H. Heisel member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
John Henry Albin
John Henry Albin, son of John and Emily (White) Albin, was born October 17, 1843, at West Randolph, Vermont.
John Henry Argabright
The Story of John Henry Argabright and his descendant. He was born 1843, Virginia, was a 10th VA CAV Civil War Veteran, moved to Texas and married Josephine Elizabeth Hobbs, buried Oglesby, TX
John Jay Tracy
Biography of John J. Tracy member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
John Kendrick Converse
John Kendrick Converse a son of Joel Converse, was born in Lyme, N. H., June 15, 1801.
John L. Gleason
Biography of John L. Gleason member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
John L. Hildreth
Biography of John L. Hildreth member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
John Luther Foster
Biography of John L. Foster member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
John P. Bartlett
Biography of John P. Bartlett member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
John Perkins Cushing
Biography of John Perkins Cushing, an early seaman of Boston.
John R. Hunt
Biography of John R. Hunt member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
John Thomas Axtell, M. D.
In thirty-six years of practice in Kansas, most of which time had been spent in Newton
John Tyler Gibson
Biography of John T. Gibson member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
John W. Scribner
Biography of John W. Scribner member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
John Wastell died 1659
Biographical details on Colonel John WASTELL of Scorton, Yorkshire, England; his two sons, Leonard Wastell and John Wastell, and the Scorton Arrow. Links to further information.
Jose Sanchez
Biography of Jose Sanches (Sanchez) on the St. Johns County Biography Site
Joseph Addison Eastman
Joseph Addison Eastman was born in Paris, N. Y., January 1, 1806. His father, Rev. John Eastman, a graduate of Dartmouth in 1795
Joseph Cleaveland
Biography of Joseph Cleaveland member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Joseph K. Jenness
Biography of Joseph K. Jenness member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Josiah WOOLFORD - Biography
Josiah Woolford was born in Bedford County Pennsylvania in 1837.
Julie's Genealogy Page
A family descendant website primarily researching Harris, Baker, Black, Tyler and Rainey. Site includes pictures, cemetery information and records. The site also includes some valuable links and how to information.
Katherines Home Page
I have family reunion pictures, miltitary records, deeds, court documents, family group sheets, marriage records, obituaries, probate records, & wills. More are being added every day.
Katy Pettit's Kith & Kin
A study of the descendants of Katy Pettit, Cherokee Old Settler. Katy emigrated to the new Cherokee Nation in 1832.
Kemps Family Website
Biographies of members of the following families: McClurken, McClurkin, Kemps, Eggebrecht and others. All reference files are included.
Kennedy & Malone Vaudeville Comedians
James Joseph Kennedy and Thomas Malone did various comedy routines on the Philadelphia/New York Vaudeville circuit. Includes many promotional photos from the turn of the century.
Kiesewetter, Vesser, Grimsrud, Fischer, Adams, Freeh biographies
Biographies of Kiesewetter, Freeh,and Schneider living in Browns County Ohio, Vogel and Hoffman of Franklin County, Ohio, Fischer and Adam of Toms River New Jersey, Grimsrud of Breckenridge North Dakota, Vesser of Minnesota
Kimball F. Blaisdell
Biography of Kimball F. Blaisdell. member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Kositch, Kosic, Ignacz, Ignatko, Calowits, Vukalovits
Family Search for Family names of those left behind: 1902-1904 in Baranya megye, Hungary (Pecs, Funfkirchen, Erdősmecske) specifically, Serbian forefathers. Also hope to learn about the murder of my aunt Elizabeth ‘Lee’ Kositch in 1926-1937 Yorkville, NYC, who was a Ziegfield Follies dancer. Who was Elsie Stockton ?
kostbade ostseeflucht
Die wahre Geschichte der Flucht einer Familie aus der DDR über die Ostsee in den Westen.
Kylie's Genes
South Australian social history, my ancestor's stories and research tips.
Ladies First
Mainly concerned with women who were a First and also contains information on 18th,19th,and 20th century women who were not. Information also available on other matters
Lancaster Davis Cook Dixon Family Homepage
Joseph Thomas Cook, Sr. Ireland, Texas Pioneer, Colonist and Founder Cook's Fort. Biography of early travel in American. Last 11 years, resident of Texas. Contact for further information on Family History Book
Lawyer Bios from early Kane County, Illinois
Biographical info on many early attorneys who practiced in Kane County, Illinois.
Leander Van Ness Peck
Biography of Leander V. N. Peck member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Leonard S. Kimball
Biography of Leonard S. Kimball member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Lethbridge Family History Center - Alberta Genealogy Library
Histories of Pioneers who came to Alberta before 1920
Leum Family History
This site contains links to biographies of the Leum family, who settled in North Dakota in the 1880s.
Levi Bartlett
Sketch of Levi Bartlett from the booklet meeting held July 28, 1852 for the Dartmouth Class of 1827.
Life Stories Of Others Discussion Group
A discussion group on the process of writing or otherwise memorializing the life stories and/or memoirs of other people, or helping others to memorialize their own stories. The list is for family historians; life-writing teachers; genealogists chronicling their ancestors' lives; legacy creators; those preserving organizational, corporate, or community history; therapists and gerontologists who work with their clients' life stories; and anyone else involved with this kind of process.
Lifestory of Justina Tubbe
Justina Tubbe emigrated from Prussia(Germany)to Nacogdoches,Texas in 1855, with her son August Tubbe and Ludwig Tubbe, in the age of 60.This is her true lifestory.
lily Burnand
Lily Burnand, my Great Aunt, was a Music Hall Artist from the 1880s to the 1920s but then slipped from view. Someone out there must know what happened to her
Linus A. Gould
Biography of Linus A. Gould member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Listing Page of St. Johns County Biographies
Listing page of all St. Johns County Florida Biographies available.
LONGHI Family Website
Specific Genealogical Information regarding a branch of the Longhi family which originated from Mortara, Pavia, Italy.
Family tree (Loosli, Losli, Loosle...) from 1570 to today...
Louisiana Biographies Project
Louisiana Biographies Project is part of US Biographies. Search growing archives, submit your family biographies. Volunteers staff state and county sites. Assistance needed to preserve and provide biographies online free to public.
Lowman/Lauman and related Families
This is a history of my family from 1495 until today. it contains people with names like Larman, Lowman, Lauman, Mayer, Stone, Thurmond, Turner, halbert, Hambrick and others
Lucas County Ohio Biographies Project
Visit , Read and post your Lucas County Ohio Biographies!
Lydia Mantel Fox - Eighty Plus
Description: Lydia Mantle Fox's biography of life in New York State, Washington, DC and the Phillipines from 1880 - 1945
Magowan Family History
This site has information regarding the Magowan, Banks and Williams families of Montgomery Co. Kentucky.
Major John J. & Sarah (Warren) Greening of Dallas cty., AL & DeSoto Par.,LA
A brief sketch of events in the lives of Maj. John J. Greening & wife Sarah Warren (d/of Hinchey Warren of Sparta, AL), including notes on their children of DeSoto Parish, LA.
Maria Louisa Pickett, Tolman, Read family web site
Histories, photos, sites and links for the descendants of Maria Louisa Pickett, Priscilla Clark Pickett Wilford, William Gill Mills, and George Pickett!
Martin Van Buren Home Page
The web site is devoted to President Martin van Buren and his life. Includes photos, documents and other historical information .
Mary Mead Richardson
A short story about the Richardson's native American ties.
Mason Greening of colonial Sumter District, SC
A summary of the life of South Carolina patriot Mason Greening, who d. 1776, through land & probate records; with notes on his children & marriage to Margaret Haynsworth.
Masters Family In Lancashire England
MASTERS family in Lancashire England. Related surnames: THOMAS, LIVERSAGE, LAMBERT, EARDLEY
Matthew HUTTON of Marske, Yorkshire, Royalist
Biographical details of Matthew HUTTON of Marske, born 1597, son of Sir Timothy Hutton, and grandson of Matthew Hutton, Archbishop of York. Includes details of Matthew Hutton's Royalist activities in English Civil War.
Maximilian J. Averbeck
Diamond importer, manufacturing jeweler; b. Marietta, Ohio
McCornack's Genealogy-10 - Scottish Clans
Alexander Milroy was born on the 5 Nov 1831 in the Minnigaff Parish in Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland. Alexander Milroy married Janet Clark Scott on the 24 Nov 1857 in Knox County, Illinois. Janet was born on the 12 Jan 1837 at Ballaghinvamur, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of William Scott and Jane McDowell. Limited records indicate Janet immigrated to Knox County, Illinois with her parents in 1854. Janet died on the 27 Feb 1918 at Thedford, Nebraska. Alexander died on the 18 Feb 1912 at Thedford, Nebraska. Birth dates of children are derived from the 1880 census
McCornack's Genealogy-11 - Jirah McCornack - Margaret Collville
Jirah Samuel McCornack was born on the 17 Mar 1862 in Knox County, Illinois. He was the first child of William McCornack (b. 22 Mar 1832 in Creetown, Scotland; d. 1 Jul 1912 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) and Angeline Bacon ( b. 17 Mar 1834 at Hume, New York; d. 22 Jul 1880). William and Angeline were married on the 4 Mar 1861 at Monmouth, Illinois.
McCornack's Genealogy-12 - Alexander McCornack - Marie Eakin
Alexander McCornack was born on the 11 Nov 1811 on a farm called Annabaglish near Kirkcowan, Scotland. He died on 1 Feb 1888 at the age of 76 and was buried in the Washington Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery located near Elgin. Illinois. Alexander was the third child of Andrew McCornack and Helen McGeough.
McCornack's Genealogy-13 - Barbara Hochstetler - Peter Stutzman
To all mankind: The following is a true story of a widow who died in the beginning of July, 1888. Her name was Barbara Stutzman (Mother of John Peter Stutzman) and she was the widow of Peter Stutzman, deceased. She was about 42 years old and had four children, three of whom survived her. She resided about four miles east of Goshen, Clinton Township, Elkhart County, Indiana. She was a sister in an Amish Congregation, and she had been a widow for years.
McCornack's Genealogy-14 - Stewart Eakin - Catherine McEldowney
Stewart Bates Eakin. b. 1 Jan 1816; d. 12 Mar 1896 at 76. He was born at Letterlogher, County Derry, Ireland. He immigrated with his parents to Kane County, Illinois in April 1840 at the age of 24. Four years later he married Catherine McEldowney on the 20 Jun 1844. Catherine was born on the 14 Jun 1824 at Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland. Catherine was the daughter of John McEldowney (b. 1784; d. 1875) and Martha Caldwell (b. 1786; d. 1861).
McCornack's Genealogy-15 - John Fraser - Mary MacDonald
John Fraser, Sr. was born in December 1764 at Muirton, Scotland. The earliest history of the Fraser family is recorded in the memoirs of John Fraser as dictated to and recorded by his son, Simon Fraser. According to these records John Fraser was born in Muirton, which is located one mile west from the city of Inverness, Scotland. His father was named John Fraser and his grandfather was named John Fraser. His great, grandfather was named Alexander Fraser. The Fraser family lived at Muirton, Scotland in a full view of the cities of Inverness, Fort George, and Red Castle.
McCornack's Genealogy-16 - Agnes McCornack - Edward Geary
Agnes Margaret McCornack was born on the 26 May 1859 at Camp Creek, Oregon. She was the daughter of Andrew McCornack and Marie Eakin. Agnes married Edward Payson Geary on the 30 Oct 1884 at Eugene, Oregon. Edward was born on the 24 Apr 1859 at Brownsville, Oregon. He attended the University of Oregon and the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia.
McCornack's Genealogy-17 - Herbert McCornack - Emma Miller
Herbert Harold McCornack. b. 3 Mar 1860; d. 31 Aug 1944. Daughter Alice provides the following information on her father: "My father, Herbert McCornack, was an exceedingly interesting and talented man. From what I have heard, his family considered him to be different from the rest -- he was a "dreamer". It even shows in his pale blue eyes in the family portrait taken when he was twelve. On the 23 Jun 1897, he was united in marriage to Miss Emma Miller and lived in Little Falls, New York. They came to West Chester, Pennsylvania.
McCornack's Genealogy-18 - Joel McCornack - Hattie Collier
Joel McCornack. b. 13 Oct 1848; d. 17 Jan 1918 at 69. Joel was the fourth child of Alexander McCornack and Margaret A. Eakin. He was born on the family farm on the 13 Oct 1848 located in Kane County northwest of Elgin, Illinois. Joel married Hattie Lula Collier 22 Oct 1882.
McCornack's Genealogy-19 - John McNatt - Sarah Bensen
John (Jonathan) MacNatt was born in 1750. John is the great, great, great, grandfather of James Olus McNatt. Some records indicate he was born in 1740 but these records are incorrect. He was born in the William Penn Colony on the shore of the Delaware River. Legend passed on in some records include: "John was a man of great stature. He was 6' 8" in his stocking feet and weighed 248 lbs"
McCornack's Genealogy-20 - Richard McNatt
It was in the year of 1734 that a young Scot by the name of Richard MacNatt landed at Philadelphia, the capital of William Penn's Colony of Pennsylvania. He was entitled to be called a Scotsman of the best lineage for he was not only a Highlander, but he was also a "Covenanter". To us of a latter day that word "Covenanter" means but little, but it is written in letters of blood and fire over Scottish history for scores of bloody years
McCornack's Genealogy-21 - The Other McNatts
Limited records indicate that Richard MacNatt had a brother named James MacNatt. He is reported to have been born in 1709. Some records indicate he came to America from Scotland in 1734. Continuing with sketchy information, James McNatt had one son named John MacNatt who was born on the 23 Oct 1734 in Robeson County, North Carolina. John died in 1793. This John MacNatt was married to person named Mary.
McCornack's Genealogy-22 - George McQueen-Margaret McCornack
George McQueen was the 10th child and was born on the 10 May 1805 at Wigtown, Scotland. He was educated for the ministry but, feeling no call for clerical life, he became an ironmonger and farmer. George McQueen married Margaret McCornack 27 Oct 1829 in the Old Luce Parish Church in Scotland.. They sold their property in Wigtownshire and went to America in 1836, settling at Croton Point, New York. In 1839 they moved to Kane County, Illinois.
McCornack's Genealogy-23 - ELizabeth Fraser - William McCornack
William McCornack was born on the 15 Mar 1813 in the Galloway area of Scotland on a farm named Annabaglish southwest of Kirkcowan. He immigrated to America in 1836. William married Elizabeth Fraser on the 10 Nov 1841. She was born on the 7 May 1813 in Invernesshire, Scotland. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Fraser and Isabella McLean. Elizabeth was the younger sister of William Fraser who married William McCornack's older sister Janet.
McCornack's Genealogy-9 - Western Tales
Tales from the early day settlements in Oregon after traveling the Oregon Trail from Kane County, Illinois. The following pages were edited by Elwin Andrew McCornack and sent to Walter E. McCornack of Chicago, Illinois for the Centennial Celebration of the arrival of Andrew McCornack and Helen McGeough in America
McLEAN - In Loving Memory
Share the memories of those you love. Visit online memorials, free obituaries, and genealogy help. Use the funeral directory to find florists, charities and cemeteries. Read about the life and family of Olive McLean (nee Street).
Meissner Family
Descendants of immigrant FA Meissner(b 1804) and related families: Meissner (from Saxony, 1845), Haskins, Kleeberger, Reed (from Cornwall, 1865), Pritchard or Prichard, Atkins, Beebe (Vermont branch desc. from Rev Asa Beebe), Ruth (Pennsylvania Dutch)
Memory Catchers
Professional historians, how-to's and memoir writing tips, books, ghostwriting, short-run publishing, family, community, company, and personal histories, and photo restoration.
Michael Harry De Young
De Young, Michael Harry, newspaper proprietor; born in St. Louis, Oct. 1, 1849
Michael K. Bartalos
MICHEL BERNARD: Louisiana Militia
Biography of Acadian immigrant Michel Bernard who fought with Galvez' militia.
Mike Ainscough's website
Ainscoughs from Lancashire, and Broughtons and Pomfreys from East Anglia are the main families covered in this web site.
Mmeory Hill
Memory Hill is a historical musuem that was built by Wardie and Hazel Craft, this musuem is located at Caney, Ky. In Eastern Morgan Co. This web site is dedicated to Wardie Craft.
Mojave Desert History
History of Pioneers on the Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California, including Apple Valley, Victorville, Oro Grande, Bryman. Cajon Pass, Mining, and Mormon History is included. Discusses the Early History of Trappers, Indians, Mines, Civil War, Pioneers, Politicians, Lawmen, Outlaws, and Civic Development of the High Desert.
Montgomery County, Indiana Biographies
Montgomery County, Indiana Biographies - In conjunction with the US Biographies Project.
Moore/Moore from Scotland, OH, GA, TX to OK
Moore/Moore ancestry of Eursley Jane Moore with CSA biography, personal notes, photos, sources and links for researchers of these two separate lines of MOORE that became 3 lines of MOORE as my grandfather Moore married a Moore. His wife had a brother who married into another line of Moore.
Moseley Family Va>Tx>Ok and beyond
surnames:mosely/moseley/mosley ; o'neal, mc ham, williams, cupp, grimmetts, redwine va 1821 >tx>ca>or>
Moses C. Eaton
Biography of Moses C. Eaton member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Mrs. Joshau A. Patten, Captain
Biography of Mrs. Joshau A. Patten, Captain, an early seaman of Boston.
Munk: My Century and My Many Lives
Autobiography of Frank Munk. Pages include personal reminiscences from throughout the 20th Century on the evolution of Eastern European politics and his role in certain activities. There are also features on historical research of the Munk family's emigration from Czechoslovakia to the US in 1939.
Contains a detailed research paper relating to Daniel Murphree of early Bertie County, North Carolina, and papers on each of his sons; daughters to be added later
My ancestry
My mother is from Romania. Her ancestors are from southern Germany. My father is from Scotland. Some or all of his ancestors are from Ireland. For more information, come and check out my web site.
My Corner
A site dedicated to the descendants and families of George Henry Brown & Hariett Eliza Sedgwick
My Grandfather's Home Page
Pascal DiFlorio's life as constructed from 90 years of history woven together from bits and pieces preserved and gathered from his professional and private life by his family.
Nancy Hart
Confederate Spy of The Blue and Gray Family, Stephen and Mary Hart of Roane County West Virginia.
NATELA NICOLI - Mezzosoprano
Nathan C. Brackett
Biography of Nathan C. Brackett member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Nathan Tanner Porter and Rebecca Cherry Family Site
Histories, Photos, sites and links for the Nathan Tanner Porter and Rebecca Cherry families!
Nathaniel Goddard
Biography of Nathaniel Goddard, an early seaman of Boston.
Nathaniel L. Hanson
Biography of Nathaniel L. Hanson member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Nelson Wilbur
Biography of Nelson Wilbur member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Netherlands / Holland Biographies
Enter the text of biographies here
Nettgen, Henry and Catherine
Biography of Henry and Catherine Nettgen 1843 - 1939
New York State Men Biographies
Photo/biographies from New York State Men: Biographic Studies and Character Portraits.
Newberry County Biographies
A branch of SC and US Biographies Project. Biographies extracted from printed sources must be prior to 1922 for copyright law or self written may be submitted. Volunteers welcomed.
Nicolaevsky Family in Brazil and Israel
Nicolaevsky Family, Julio Nicolaevsky, Miguel Nicolaevsky, Guilherme Nicolaevsky, Bertha Nicolaevsky, Ana Riva Nicolaevsky, M.Cristina F.Nicolaevsky. Maria V.Nicolaevsky.
Norton Ancestry
The goal of Norton Ancestry is to introduce family members in not just a vital records format but to make the characters come alive.
Okefenokee Press
Okefenokee Press offers 3 books about the history of the Okefenokee Swamp of south Georgia. All are excellent genealogical resources, indexed and x-referenced. A searchable index of "Queen of the Okefenokee" is on our website.
Olga Korbut
Welcome to the official website Four Time Olympic Gold Medallist, gymnastics Olga Korbut!
Oliver B. Burleigh
Biography of Oliver B. Burleigh member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
ORTON Archive
Biographical details of Reginald ORTON, 1810-1862, and his British ancestors - surnames ORTON, INMAN, BAYLES, PEIRSE, WASTELL, HUTTON, ROBINSON etc ..mostly in Yorkshire, England.
ORTON Archive
A Biography of Reginald ORTON (1810-1862), of Sunderland, County Durham, England, published 1894, in William Brockie's "Sunderland Notables".
Our Family Tree
"Our Family Tree" provides naratives and descendant charts of the ancestors of Donald Roddy. Main family lines: RODDY, BENJESTORF, ENGLAND, CHEESMAN, FRANKLIN, DROCK, BURNS, OSBORN, GELLENBECK.
Over The Mountain
The Life of Ruth Marie Ballew-Pennington
Painting and Mosaic
Emilio Matera: oilpainter, mosaicist, webmaster; lives and works to Monreale and to Palermo(Sicily- Italy); artistic studies completed near Palermos Academy of Fine Arts ; from 1960 it has prepared artshow in Italys town greater and to foreign country, everywhere receiving wide consents of critic and public . Its painting and mosaics work are near Public Organizations and in many private collections Emilio Matera is Teacher of Arts Painting Discipline, Mosaic and Connection s Art near Arts State Institute of Palermo-Sicily. Arts Curriculum:
Pamela Sandilands Lady Torphichen
Pamela Sandilands, Lady Torphichen - and 14th Lord Torphichen
Pankowski, John and Veronica
Biography of John and Veronica Pankowski 1877 - 1947
Parrett Family History
Describes the family history of five generations of the Parrett family, beginning in the 1730s with Frederick Parrett, the immigrant ancestor and continuing through his descendants, John, Joseph J., David, and Joseph.
This is a Diary of George Mesnard Parsons living in Wellingbourgh
Pathway: A Family History
A hundred illustrated family stories, now available in paperback... tales of martyrs and tricksters; stowaways, castaways, runaways; barons and bookkeepers; Puritans and poets... including Edmund McGinnis, Polly Hoagland, Christopher O'Bryan, Thomas Berwick, Robert Perry, Rebecca Nurse, Hiram Langdon Nourse, Christoph Ashorn, Carl Findeisen, and James Harvey Kidd.
Patrick Henry McGuire
Patrick Henry MCGUIRE/MAGUIRE b.1844 in Derrylahan, Cavan Ireland and d.1924 in Wasatch County, Utah. Compiling all available history about him and his family. The website is also dedicated to his ancestors and descendants.
Personal Collection of Virginia Martin Brown
This site is based geneological documents my grandmother kept. It contains family histories, journal from 1828, recipes from 1844, photos, and much more.
Personal Family Biographies, and Memorials on DVD
I recently had my Grandmothers Biography created by a company working in NY and NJ creating DVD biographies and tributes, to celebrate family and special events, and preserving memories, family photos and is an important keepsake to preserve your family memories on a format such as DVD that will last for a hundred years, and at a VERY affordable them at Discount for referrals, contact them!
Personal Oral History
Socratic Productions offers the invaluable opportunity for you and your family to create a family history or personal biography video. This intimate documentary captures selected family members on video, sharing memories and experiences in their own words.
Peter Clark
Peter Clark entered the class, in 1823, from Orford, N. H.; remained until the close of the Junior year, and then entered Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., where he graduated, in 1827.
Phil Mosier
This is my personal biography for anyone who is interested.
Phioneer Ancestors Histories & Genealogy
Pioneer Histories and Genealogy. Main Surnames: Gordon, Park, Meikle, Peacock and others
Pinkston Willis Clark Britt Homepage
Family History of Pinkston Willis Clark Britt of Gwinnett County GA, includes photos, Civil War letters, Primitive Baptist Church info and Shaped note singing.
Pioneer Ancestors - Gordon, Park, Meikle, Peacock
Histories of Pioneer Ancestors: Main Surnames: Gordon, Park, Meikle, Peacock. Includes GEDCOM files.
Pop Troy's Anthology - History & Life Growing Up in Early WV by T.R.. Brady
Stories, History and Life Growing up in the early 1900's in West Virginia as told by Rev. Troy Robert Brady. An educational as well as cultural experience, containing historical references, photos. Published as a memorial by his grandson, Robert M Brady.
Personal website of Homan Potterton, Author, Genealogist and Art Historian. Containing details of books by HP, his family history and genealogy.
Das offizielle biografische Lexikon der Prignitz.
Pugmire and Spackman Family History
The genealogy and family history of Mary and Brigham Pugmire, Eva and Harold Spackman, and their ancestors. Surnames include Pugmire, Hall, Spackman, Housmann (Hausmann), Young, Clark, Waeffler, Pitkin, Chase, Bauer and others.
Queens, Empresses, and Princesses through history
Throughout history there have been a number of fascinating Queens, Empresses, and Princesses. This site holds biographies of these reigning women from all over the world.
R. C. Mackay and J. S. Coolidge
Biography of R. C. Mackay and J. S. Coolidge, an early seaman of Boston.
RACHAEL TAYLOR DEANES AND WILLIAM DEANES OF THE COUNTY OF CHOWAN STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA AND THEIR DESCENDANTS A Family Biography by E. Preston Grissom descendant of Issac Taylor Sr. with updates by James Elliott Deans Jr. descendant of William/Rachel Taylor Deanes.
Randolph Caldecott Society UK
About Randolph Caldecott (1846-1886), Victorian illustrator and artist. Includes Caldecott Family Tree from ~1300 to 1985.
Ray Cooley's memories of life in Chinook, Alberta, Canada in the 1930's.
Personal recollections and photographs of Ray Cooley's boyhood in Chinook, Alberta, Canada in the 1930's. Includes reminiscences of pranks at school, first gun, Jolly Time popcorn, Philco radio, coal furnace, gophers, hoboes pennies and the Canadian National Railway, outdoor toilets and many other memories.
Reclaimed Memories - History & Life Growing Up in Early WV by E. Brady
Stories, History and Life Growing up in the early 1900's in West Virginia as told by Elizabeth Thrash Brady. An educational as well as cultural experience, containing historical references, photos. Published as a memorial by her grandson, Robert M Brady.
Relative Memory
Significant information related to the Towslee/Towsley/Tousley surname as well as associated family surnames
Reminiscences of Bygone Days
Memories of C19 Sussex farmer's son who became a surgeon, also sport, travel and way of life
Rev. George Washington Nolley
He was born of pious parents, in the county of Mecklenburg, Virginia, on the 25th of December, 1803
Rev. James Jamieson
He is the son of Andrew and Elizabeth Jamieson; was born in Augusta county, Virginia, April 4th, 1802.
Rev. James McAden
James McAden was born on the 15th August, 1795.
Rev. John Ellis Edwards
Rev. John E. Edwards, son of Thomas and Susannah Edwards, was born in Guilford county, North Carolina, August 1st, 1814.
Rev. Joseph Lear
Mr. Lear was born in Fredericksburg, Sunday, February 10, 1810.
Rev. LeRoy Madison Lee, D. D.
Biography of Rev. LeRoy Madison Lee, D. D
Rev. Samuel Tucker Moorman
He is a native of Campbell county, born April 15, 1803
Richard Swepson of Mecklenburg, VA
Incidents & events from the life of Richard Swepson, who d. 1787, Mecklenburg, VA, including deed records, court minutes, guardianship records, etc., with notes on his children by wives Jane MNU and Mrs. Mary (Mallory) Tabb.
Richland County Biographies Project
Sauk County Biographies Project attempts to breathe life into the lives of those men and women who pioneered this county during the 19th and 20th Centuries with biographical sketches and documentations of how they lived.
Robertson Register of Historical Photographs
Searchable database of identified persons in vintage photographs found in repositories and private collections located in the United States.
Root Cellar - Families in the Kulesza and Gies families
Records and photos of the Kulesza and Gies families in Ohio. Other surnames include; Rohr, Konieczny, Schmolkowski, Schultz, Kamrowski, Crotty, Ernst, Garvey, Kubiak, Rowinski, Wolf, Zamrowski, Zybura.
Roots, 5 Early Iowa Familys
13 gen. HORTONS..11GEN.BROCKWAYS..11 gen. LETTS..OGILVIES AND CUMMINS. Early Came to Iowa 1836..1850s. Color pictures of family civil war flags not seen for 107 years. Early U. of Iowa football and basketball.Pictures of tractors 1911 and 1917 and much more. Lots of civil war information. JHB WWW.BROCKWAYFAMILY.COM
Russon, Henry and Thomasine Jane
Biography of Henry and Thomasine Jane Russon 1840 - 1928
S. G. Havermale
S. G. Havermale, a man of great versatility, successful in both church and State, who now occupies the most beautiful residence in San Diego
Salmon Fletcher Dutton
Salmon Fletcher Dutton A son of Salmon Dutton, was born in Cavendish, Vt., August 12, 1803.
Samuel N. Bartlett
Biography of Samuel N. Bartlett member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Sanford, White, Mattoon, Scott, Hook, Gordon Ancestry
Info on Sanford, White, Mattoon, Scott, Hook, Gordon ancestry 1600 to present. Transcribed documents, biographical info and photos, esp Charles Abiathar White
Scarboro, Lashley and Henle, Hoehl Family Lineage
The family lineage of Scarbor, LAshley families of Georgia and Florida. Henle and Hoehl surnames of NYC, New York. Circa 1890.
Schizophrenia Bipolar Roots
Schizophrenics and Bipolars in history.
Sciotoville Man Handcrafts Paony Carts
James Lee Smith, Anne Fuhrmann, Sciotoville, Ohio, Horse, Carts, Antiques, John deere, Excelsior Shoe Co., Shonkwiler, New Boston, Wellston, Minitiature ponies, coal mines
Shamrocks, Thistles and The Odd English Rose
A family history telling the story of the Todd,Bleakly and Warburton families.
Silas W. Holcomb
Biography of Silas W. Holcomb member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Silas Wright Davis
Biography of Silas W. Davis member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Sillye Gábor weboldala
I am Gabor Sillye.I am a programmer of mathematician. My three sons: Gabor, Mark, Martin and my daughter: Anetta. My wife, Erika is also a programmer of mathematician. My great-grandfather, the last Government Commissioner of Hajdúság. A short autobiography and the book of the historian Dr. Miklos Nyakas : The activity of the government commissioner Gábor Sillye.
Smothers Genealogy
Smothers Genealogy and Family History
history of family Sobanski,Toczak,Niespodzinski in Poland and USA
Soeder, Henry and Theresia
Biography of Henry and Theresia Soeder 1859 - 1939
Solon Bancroft
Biography of Solon Bancroft member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
Southern Families: Kith and Kin
This site covers 46 family histories of families from the Carolinas to Alabama and beyond. Also includes histories of area churches, cemeteries and community histories.
Spackman Family of Utah and England - HOME -
Family Histories of Spackman, Stephens, Orton, Briggs, Barnett, Beesley, Hibbert, Clark, Bowlby, Caswell, Perkins, Evens, Berrett, Mathews, Ward, Brown, Dailey, Taylor, Barker,
Spencer / Kogge Family History
Potted history and database of families from Birmingham, E. London and Berlin. Names include SPENCER, DULEY, KATZENELLENBOGEN, BAUDOUIN, MACLEAN, KOGGE, HOLT, SWANNOCK, WATKINS. Historical links of Birmingham interest and maps.
St. Johns County Florida Biography Homepage
entry page for St. Johns County Florida Biography Page
Stammbaum der Familie Blotenberg
Blotenberg and other families from Werther, Bielefeld, Westfalen, Germany. Blotenberg und andere Familien aus der Umgebung von Werther in der Nähe von Bielefeld, Westfalen, Germany Blotenberg and other families from Werther, Bielefeld, Westfalen, Germany.
Sutton Family of South Carolina
This Sutton family of South Carolina originated in New Jersey but was established in SC by Jonathan Sutton and his two wives, Mary Irvin and Mary Campbell.
Sykes Family History
This site documents my search for my biological father, Quintin Swallow Sykes, and his ancestors. I have Sykes and other surnames information; links, photos, documents, certificates and other helpful genealogy links.
Tagariello?Massaro Family from Pulia,Italia to Boston
Immigration from the small town of Cassano delle Murge (Bari)in the Province of Apulia in the Country of Italia to the United States of America in the years 1900 to 1920.
Tampico Historical Society
Over 1700 pages of FREE historical & genealogical information, biographies, family histories and photos. The Tampico Area Historical Society encompasses the townships of Tampico, Hume, Hahnaman & Deer Grove in Whiteside, IL and surrounding areas of Thomas, Fairfield, Yorktown in Bureau County and a small part of Henry County.
Tampico Historical Society
Goal is to provide as much historical, genealogical and local information to those with an interest or roots in the Tampico, Yorktown, Thomas, Hume, and Deer Grove areas of Whiteside & Bureau Counties in Illinois.
A huge repository of information about convict and settler families of Tasmania, including photographs, poetry, stories, family group pages, memoirs and other items of social history
Templeton Family
This site is a place to collect and share information on one branch of the Templeton family. We're tracing Streator, Thorne, Niece and Butterworth, too. I hope that you will help by hitting the "Submit Info" button to add to a biography (especially your own!) or correct info in the Family Tree.
Terry and Nancy Smith Family
This site is dedicated to the acquisition, distribution, and preservation of documents relating to the progeny of the Terry C. and Nancy H. Smith family.
Texas Transportation Archive - Railroad and Forestry Biographies
Biographies of individuals who had a role in the transportation development of Texas, Louisiana and the surrounding region. Also covered are prominent figures in the area's early lumber industry. The bulk of the material is drawn from period publications and early newspapers.
The Ashleaze
My personal Genealogy site concentrating on pedigrees and stories of the Green,Paterson, Gardner, Knibbs, & Brain family trees.
The Blair's of Medford Wisconsin
Its a listing of Blair descendants from John Blair 1800 of Pike County Alabama and about inter related surnames for genealogical information that could be helpful to others in search of their ancestors
The Book of Days
The searchable version of Robert Chamber's 1864 collection of miscellany of popular antiquities in connection with the Calender. Thousands of names and antidotes about people, hundreds of biographies
The Brady Trilogy - Three Books about the Brady Family History
The works, writings, stories and history of the Brady Family which were researched, compiled, written, edited & published in hardback by my grandparents for us, their descendants. Works are titled, "Kinfolk", "Reclaimed Memories" & "Pop Troy's Anthology".
The Cashman's of Cork and Florence, Massachusetts
The Cashman's of Cork and Florence, Massachusetts. A site for the ancestors of Cornelius Cashman and Bridget McGrath, who arrived via Cobh in 1882.
The Celtic Tree
Appanoose County history site, including MILBURN, MORLAN, AWALT, OCKERMAN, KAUZLARICH. Specifically, Mystic, Iowa.
The Chancellor Family
This site deals with the Chancellor Family of South Carolina and Georgia. It also has pages dealing with Lyons, Noble, Jennings, Ferrell, Vaughn, and Ryder lines.
The Civil War Diaries of Lydia Richards
The transcribed diary of Lydia Brooks Richards of Upton, Maine, that she kept from 1864 to 1865 while her husband was away at the Civil War.
The Clark Family History Includes...
This brand of the Clarks comes from Illinois and New York. Other families include Bradford, Cook, Davis, Glen, Groot, Heemstraat, Leach, Pardee, Root, Scott, Truax, Vivell, Vedder, Van Der Bogart, Van Petten, and Yale
The Descendants of Reuben Newton and Eunice Manley
A study of the descendants of Reuben Newton and his wife, Eunice Manley Newton, who started in Vermont eventually settled in Cattaraugus County, NY. These descendants spread throughout the United States. Hundreds of individuals, many with biographies, and old photographs are included.
The Dorland and Van Dorland genealogical website
A Dutch Genealogical page about the Dorland and Van Dorland family. The family book and its presentation. Contains both dutch and american genealogy. Site is in English as well as in Dutch.
The Family of John & Mary (Whitehead) Greening of Sumter District, SC
John & Mary (Whitehead) Greening of Sumter Disctrict, SC, including notes on their children who lived in Conecuh & Dallas ctys., AL
The Family of John & Nancy (Whitehead) Gayle
An overview of the lives of John & Nancy (Whitehead) Gayle marr 1793 Mecklenburg, VA, who resided Sumter Dist. & Edgefield, SC, with notes on their children who relocated w/ their father to territorial Alabama after their mother's death.
The Family of William & Elizabeth (Harvin) Whitehead
An overview of the life of William Whitehead of Mecklenburg, VA, Sumter & Edgfield, SC, & Miss. Terr; b. 1770 Mecklenburg, VA; d. 1841 Monroe cty., AL; including deed, probate et al., records pertinent to Whitehead, Gayle, & Harvin families.
The Genealogy Homepage of Thomas Lester McKibbin
This site contains links to biographical sketches of original settlers in America. Included are Ralph Eddowes, the first Unitarian Minister in America and political reformer as well as William McKibbin, seacaptain of Philadelphia heavily involved in the China Trade.
The Greens of Bradley County, AR. An African American Family
A short history of my African American 'Green' family of Bradley County, AR., Township of 'Clay'.
The House Of Reuben Cash
Reuben Cash and Elizabeth Buffington Family. Family information on the children of Reuben and Elizabeth Cash
The Indian Territory, Its Chiefs, Legislators and Leading Men
This is one section of a growing collection of pieces for the genealogists and historian. This page specifically has over 200 biographies of men (and some women) living in the Indian Territory up to 1892.
The Lamp
This site covers the life and time of Florence Nightingale, her family and people who were prominent in her life.
The Lamp
This site covers the life of Florence Nightingale, her work,friends and family.
The Malone Family Directory
The Malone Family Directory has information on my family from Ventry, County Kerry, Ireland and related families of Irish, French, and Italian ancestry.
The McAninch Family
This is the McAninch Family website. We have the DeGriselles listing and Biography here from 1771 to the present. We are updating the information almost daily as we find new information.
McQuagge family information and pictures from the 1800's to the early 1900's.
The Rinebarger Family
A history of the Rinebarger family starting with Micheal Rinebarger 1803-1887 of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania married Susan Millerabt 1808-1869 and settled in Wayne County, Ohio before 1830. I have researched all 11 of their children and 7 generations and descendants up to the present time.
These are the stories of the WOODS, WALLACE, MC DOWELL (MAC DOWELL) families that immigrated from Ulster in the 1720s, and settled on the Pennsylvania frontier. In 1734, these families immigrated to Virginia. Then they spearhead the opening of the American frontier going to Tennessee and Kentucky, and on to Missouri.
They Came to Armidale
Pioneer Settlers in NSW.Blake,Burke families from Galway Ireland. William Colburn Mayne from Ireland. Snape & Davies from Chester& Wales. Richardson & Russell from Fifeshire Scotland. Slades from Wiltshire. In Armidale Dorothea Harden(Colburn-Mayne, James Snape, Charlotte Snape, John Richardson,Janet Russell, Joseph Slade. Keith Robert Slade
This is the official site of Reverend James Onell Wallace
Thomas Andrew Gillespie
gen. contractor, of 50 Church st., New York City, was born, Pittsburgh, Pa., July 1, 1852
Thomas Bellows
Sketch of Thomas Bellows from the booklet meeting held July 28, 1852 for the Dartmouth Class of 1827.
Thomas Child Hale
Sketch of Thomas Child Hale from the booklet meeting held July 28, 1852 for the Dartmouth Class of 1827.
Thomas Parnell and Agnes Shales
Thomas Parnell and Agnes Shales. The stories of their families, including Samuel Thorley, Jonathan Griffiths. Descendants and Ancestor charts with many photographs.
Thornton and Nelson Family History
A narrative that traces the Thornton and Nelson families from Virginia in 17th century to Missouri in the 20th century.
Through Her Eyes, from N.Y.S. TO THE MIDDLE EAST
Read biography and author bio summaries, table of contents, index and list of historical references including Hill homestead built in 1740 , photos and e-mail to order book supplements.
New Jersey genealogy information, New Jersey local history, NJ cemetery information, Personal History Biographies, genealogical research in New Jersey
Tirrill's Castle
A description of three or more generations of five branches on my family tree.
Top Biography Resource Portal
Provides online above 350 full biography on world famous personalities with pictorial presentation.
Top Psychology Portal
Biography Collection of World Famous Psychologist including his Works, Quotations & Theory & Sketches.
Top Religious Biography
Pictorial Biography Collection of World Famous Religious Personality.
Troiani Family
A site in memory of my grandpa.
Trospers of Missouri
Trosper geneological web site dealing with family in missouri
Turtle Bunbury - Irish Family Historian
Award-winning writer Turtle Bunbury addresses the history of Ireland's landed gentry families as well as his own Bunbury and McClintock ancestors, and overseas families such as Whishaw and Benson. Visit website to see full list of families covered.
Tye, Klingaman and Berger Connections
Biographies and relationships of members of the Tye, Klingaman and Berger families from England, Germany and Poland to Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois and Oklahoma. Known origins, ancestors and descendents given.
United States Schlag Family
Damian Schlag was born September 15th 1826 in Buchenberg, (West) Germany in County Fulda. Damian imagrated from Germany to the United States. He settled in Wheeling Virginia (Now West Virginia)It was there that this branch of Schlags began. His son John P. Schlag Married Mary Agnes Roth
USA- PA - History of Columbia and Montour Counties, Pennsylvania
851 biographies from Columbia and Montour Co., PA
Utah Biographies Project
Utah Biographies Project is part of US Biographies Project. Search growing archives, submit your family biographies. Volunteers staff state and county sites. Assistance needed to preserve and provide biographies online free to public.
Vanderwyst Genealogy Page
This is a growing biographical database dealing primarily with the Vanderwyst family of Cleveland, Ohio. Information on other Vanderwyst branches may be available. Other branches include Thomas, Kleiman, Thill.
Vermont Legislative Directory Biographies
The 1902 Vermont Legislative Directory contained biographical information about a large number of people who held positions in the state. These included Federal Officers, Congressional Delegates, Judges, Members of the Executive Department, State Senate and House of Representatives.
Vesser, Hans Larsen Norway to Minnesota
Biography of Hans Larsen Vesser Hvesser of Trogstad Norway to Minnesota
Vogel, George Alsace to Dayton Ohio
Biography of George Vogel born in 1842 who was born in Alsace and settled in Ohio
W. J. Haslam
W. J. Haslam, son of William Haslam, one of the wide-awake, industrious farmers of Pleasant Valley.
W. P. Morgan
W. P. Morgan one of the educators' brief biographies listed in the 1907 Brewers School Superintendent's Directory
Wallace Generation
Warnstams Hemsida
Family in Sweden and USA. Four of my Grandfather's brother emigrated to Muskegon, MI.
WARREN - A Letter Home from Pvt. Warren
Letter of a Civil War soldier from Western New York. Warren genealogy.
Warren County, IL, Genealogy & History
Genealogical Community for Warren County,IL,Genealogy Family Research, Cemetery listings, Tombstones Photos,Look ups,Surnames,Biographies,Family Photos,search engine
Warren McClintock
Biography of Warren McClintock member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
Life stories and genealogical information about Easton, Barton, Jensen and Levi families and their ancestors.
Wendell P. Hood
Biography of Wendell P. Hood member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
west texas childrens aid and welfare association
From 1921 until 1945 a Reverend W. A. Nicholas operated a child placement orphan's home in Abilene, Texas, this site is dedicated to the more than 1500 children placed by Rev. Nicholas.
Whalen Family History
Whalen/Sinnott Family History.
WIBiographies - Green County
Biographies of Green County, Wisconsin; a member of the U.S. Biographies Project.
Wiley Family History Project
Explores the Scots-Irish history, heraldry and origins of the Wylie/Wiley families. Features articles, biographies, discussion groups, e-books and genealogy reference information.
Willard W. Freeman
Biography of Willard W. Freeman member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
William Appleton & Company
Biography of William Appleton, born in North Brookfleld, Mass., in 1786, for genealogy research.
William Augustine Beach
son of William A. Beach, Esq., of Troy, New York, was born August 25, 1841.
William B. Clark
Biography of William B. Clark member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
William Boyden
William Boyden, a son of Asa Boyden, was born in Dummerston, Vt., March 27, 1808.
William Francis Harvey
Biography of William F. Harvey member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
William H. Cutler
Biography of William H. Cutler member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
William H. Eadon
the Coroner of San Diego County, was born at Sheffield England, February 11,1840
William H. Holcomb
William H. Holcomb, Deputy-Sheriff and member of the Board of Education, was born in Washington County, Iowa
William H.H. Wilcox & Family Stories
William Haslam
William Haslam, of Pleasant Valley, was born December 17,1828, in Manchester, England
William John Burns
Burns, William John. Pres. Wm. J. Burns Internat. Detective Agency, Inc.; b. Baltimore, Md., Oct. 19, 1861
William Richardson
Biography of William Richardson member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College.
William Sargeant Burnham
Biography of William S. Burnham member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
William T. Gage
Biography of William T. Gage member of the Class of 1864 at Dartmouth College
William Wedgbury Elizabeth Wheatland
Descendants of William Wedgbury and Elizabeth Wheatland, both of England to Illinois. Includes biographies of these two and their children.
Williams Genealogy, Essex County Williams Family History
Web site contains complete history of Essex County, New Jersey Williams family beginning with Matthew Williams in early 1600s and includes surnames of Cole, Wheeler, Harrison, Squire, Wade, Perry, Townley, Heick, Tindale, Phelps and Maclennan
Winker - Lux Family
History of the Winker family, beginning with John Winker, born in Wurttemberg, Germany, who settled in Wisconsin in 1855. Associated families: Lux, Borgmann, Calhoun, Feuerstein, Goerger, and Richter. is an online magazine profiling Central Ohio residents, some from 19th century. Feb2000 issue profiles Mary Monnett Bain of Delaware, Ohio Wesleyan University.
The “Bolender Family Archives” is located at It includes photographs of family members (living and deceased) as well as photographs of the Bolender farm located in Felicity, Ohio. There are monographs about the history of the Bolender family.
Wylie/Wiley Family Biographies Project
Explores the Scots-Irish history, heraldry and origins of the Wylie/Wiley families. Features articles, biographies, discussion groups, e-books and genealogy reference information.