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Mount Tabor Indian Community of Texas - Family Ties
Data from a variety of sources, in particular the Thompson-Choctaw Descendants Association & the Mt. Tabor Indian Community in Rusk County, Texas. Other sources include, Oklahoma Historical Society, Brian Tompsett at the University of Hull, and many other sources
"Caylor Chronicles"
Topical index to past issues of the "Caylor Chronicles" Newsletter. Newsletter is devoted to the furthering research for the surnames Caylor/Kaylor/Koehler and the varied spellings.
"Diggin' for Davises" Family Surname Newsletter
The award-winning Davis family surname newsletter specializes in printing previously unpublished information about the Davis surname from contributors, subscribers, and a variety of sources. Also publishes genealogy tips, tricks, and "how-to's".
"Dunn Diggers"
Topical index to the past issues of the "Dunn Diggers" newsletter devoted entirely to the research of the Dunn surname
This is a site for a family reunion. A place where family members can let me know if they are coming and we can pass on information.
20th Century Plastics & Century Photo Albums and Scrapbooks
20th Century Plastics (FREE catalog) For 45 years, we have been helping people just like you preserve their heritage with our archival photo and scrapbook pages, available in an unmatched variety of page formats. Great for storing all of your scrapbooking, genealogy, wedding and baby pictures.
A Marple Family Website to Encourage Oral History Interviews and Written Family Histories
Encourages Oral History Interviews and Written Family Histories. Includes info on Marple, Hart, Folsom, Tracy, Cotton, Thayer, Webber, Bentley, and Ambler Families. Specific focus on Civil War letters and the 34th USCT; Civil War black regiment.
A Pictorial Genealogy
Includes names and pictures of German immigrants and their descendants that settled in the Cappeln, MO
A Turberville Clan
A relection on my family and our family's past; from my perpective and the perspectives offered by friends and relatives. Some points of fact reflect on research by dedicated individuals.
Abernathy Legacy Project
The project describes how the Ralphs, Rays and Abernathys have worked and lived to build a lasting legacy of service, industry and achievement. Fourteen generations, and counting...
ADLD - Association des Descendants Lejay Demaison
Website of LEJAY DEMAISON family,originated from Aiglemont (East of France).
Akehurster Web Site
This site is dedicated to the promotion of Genealogical research of the A(c)(k)(e)hurst family name which has spread to the four corners of the World.
Akehurster Web Site
This site is dedicated to the promotion of Genealogical research of the A(c)(k)(e)hurst family name which has spread to the four corners of the World.
Aldinger family homepage
The ALDINGER FAMILY HOMEPAGE, established in Fellbach, Germany is a complete, thorough, extensive search of the Aldinger family, both in Germany and the USA. Includes the family coat-of-arms, family genealogical book, historical stories, e-mail list, and family connections. Please sign the guestbook when visiting the ALDINGER FAMILY HOMEPAGE!
Alexander and Batson family Genealogy
alkhoury family from kartaba
paul saad al khoury from kartaba living in south africa since 1989.
Allred Family Organization
Our goal is to provide a place where Allred researchers can find, share and swap documented Allred genealogy information while sharing Allred Family Organization news.
Allred Family Organization
The official web site for the Allred Family Organization. 500 members in the USA, Canada, Mexico and England.
Almashy Family Web Site
Almashy Family web page has pictures andinfo about Andrew & Elizabeth Andrews Almashy from Hungary to Perry Co.,Ohio.1884. Also you'll find info about Almashy's up to the present time. This site will be updated weekly by the owner,Dan Almashy. Any additions should be E-Mailed to (Kozsonom!)
Arbuthnott Family Association
Arbuthnott and Arbuthnot Family Association. Scottish genealogy.
ASA CALKINS KETCHUM (1821-1881) was a 7th generation descendant from Cortland Co., NY who became an attorney and migrated to IN, MO, TN, AR & KS. He married 3 times, the last to LILLIAS J. BURTON (1851-1924). The web site includes data on Ketchum descendants.
Asociation of Pasteur families
Objective: establish contact between and unite in an association any person bearing the patronymic Pasteur or who is related to a Pasteur family in the world or who is interested in such a family.
Association des Bilodeau
Over 65000 names in our Bilodeau genealogy database, it is used as a common reference point for all Bilodeau, Biledo, Billaudeau, Billaudaux families. The site is available in English and French and questions on forums will be answered right away. Jean-Claude Bilodeau Archivist-Genealogist Association des Bilodeau
Association des familles Rodrigue inc. / Rodrigue Families Association
Web site of the Rodrigue Families Association. Deals with descendants of Rodrigue ancestors who came to Quebec and New France in the XVIIth-XIXth centuries. Descendants now living in Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, the US (New England, Louisiana, etc) and France. History, genealogy, etc.
Association des familles Soucy Inc.
L'association des familles Soucy Inc. est une corporation sans but lucratif qui a obtenu ses Lettres Patentes auprès de la Direction des entreprises du gouvernement du Québec, le 24 février 2000. L'Assemblée générale de fondation a été tenue à La Pocatière (Québec), le 4 juin 2000.
Austin Families Association of America ( AFAOA )
We gather and preserve Austin family histories, primarily on our Website which publishes Austin Family descendancies with a Master Name Index, and features a Text search of those descendancies, as well as other research materials, vital records, newletters, etc...
Baffer/Skonieczny family gathering
This is a rare family gathering, mounted on the occasion of my mother's 80th birthday. It provides a chance to see how everyone is doing these days.
Balfour Reunion each year
We have a family reunion each year. Most of us go back to Col.Andrew Balfour III, killed in Rev. War His brother John and sister Margaret lived in Ashebore, North Carolina.
Ballew Family Association of America
Ballew Descendants in America supporting all spellings of our name
A web site for anyone interested in Bankier the surname or place of that name in Scotland
Barnes Family Reunion
We are the proud We are the proud descendants of Arthur Barnes And Lucy Pittman Barnes of Marianna, Jackson County, Florida.
Barney Family Historical Association
Barney families world-wide
Barnhardt family history
Barnhardt or Barnharts starting in Eau Claire Wisconsin and including all relations married into or previously related. Including Perkins, Johnson, Acres, Mardueno, Richardson, Kalvig, Donnelly, Garnett, Beebe, Rud, Tubbs, Freid, Ettreim, Mulvaney and many more included and to come. Please join us to see if you are related.
Bartels Family Web Page
This is a site where family members can view pictures and information about the Ron Bartels Family.
BARTLETT, WOOD, DINGMAN: Ancestors and Descendants of Helen Jean
My site is for sharing the history and genealogy of the BARTLETT, WOOD and DINGMAN families, along with related families, to post information, to provide gedcom, pictures, and contacts; to locate cousins and ancestors as well as honoring the memory of those who have gone on before us. These are family stories which need to be publicly recorded for those coming after us.
Bates Family of Old Virginia
Bates Family of Old Virginia, information on association, how to join and receive "Bates Booster" paper quarterly newsletter.
Bechthold Genealogy
All Bechthold Families in North America
Belnap Family Organization
The Belnap Family Organization web site includes information on all known ancestors and descendants of Utah Pioneer Gilbert Belnap (1821-1899) and wives Adaline Knight and Henrietta McBride. Surnames covered include Belnap, Belknap, Beltoft, Richmond, Knight, McBride, Mead.
Benedict Family History News
Back issues of the newsletter BENEDICT FAMILY NEWS and BENEDICT FAMILY HISTORY NEWS published from 1993 to 1998. Indexes and links to family history pages for the editors maternal and paternal ancestors are included.
Historical background of the Berrier family and related information.
Berry Family DNA Project
The purpose of this DNA project is to create a data bank of Berry DNA which can be cross referenced to help Berry genealogy researchers connect with genetic cousins. Our goal is to make information available through which the various Berry lines can determine whether further research is likely to include other lines or whether a relationship with other lines is genetically excluded.
Bienvenidos a la Pagina de los Llamas/Welcome to the Family Llamas Homepage
La Pagina de los Llamas tiene como proposito el de reunir a todas las personas con este apellido o sean descendientes de algun Llamas y se sientan Orgullosamente LLamas para nuestro Encuentro Anual en la Cd. de Zacatecas. The purpose of our Family Llamas Homepage is to invite all those that have the Llamas Surname or are descendents to meet in Zacatecas for our annual reunion.
Bigelow Society
The members of the Bigelow Society have throughout many years invested in research. We hope by publishing this information on the internet, and answering any and all requests for further information, to attract more members to our society and gather more complete information about Bigelows and other familys that we haven't heard from yet.
My Bische family info and pictures
Blackburn Researchers And Their Brickwalls
Blackburn Researchers, anywhere, anytime, and their brick walls.
Blanshan Family website
We like to keep up with each other, so this site offers free pages to all branches of the Blanshan family. New branches welcome!
Bondurant Family Association
Jean-Pierre Bondurant was a French Huguenot who immigrated to Virginia in 1700. Anyone interested in the Bondurant name is welcome!
Boschee Family Association
Boschee Family Association promotes interest in researching and recording the history and genealogy of Boschee and related families. We collect and publish information relating to all Boschee families including histories, genealogies, biographies, photographs, journals, newspaper clippings, articles, and other materials relating to our family’s unique history.
Boschee Family Association
Boschee Family Association promotes interest in researching and recording the history and genealogy of Boschee and related families. We collect and publish information relating to all Boschee families including histories, genealogies, biographies, photographs, journals, and other materials relating to our family’s unique history.
Bottorff Family Page
Official website of the Bottorff Family Association
Bottorff/Batdorf Family Website
Official website of the Bottorff Family Association. Links to Bottorff/Batdorf family members and websites. Reunion information
Bottorff/Batdorf Family Website
Official website of the Bottorff Family Association. Links to Bottorff/Batdorf family members and websites. Reunion information
Boyersmith, Krause, Witt, Parker, Davenport, Hooper, Mills
My web site came about due to the fact my mother never knew her father. His name was Richard Witt. While searching I added other family names
Brabazon Archive
The Brabazon Archive website is the central Brabazon website for research, exchange of information and making Family contacts. The Editor actively seeks new data for the site - both individual genealogies and general family history.
Brady Whitright Family
This is an account of the family history of The Brady and Whitright ancestors and descendants.
Brainleap Genealogy
We offer resources , publishing services , message boards, family books, and more.
bram's homepage
Brantley Association
The Brantley Association was created to establish ties back to our Common ancestor Brantly immigrant to Virginia in 1638. We will identify your Brantley ancestor with preliminary information
Brantley Association of America
The Brantley Association of America was established in 1987 and is the foremost source of Brantley genealogy. Nearly all of the white American Brantleys of America, descend from Edward Brantly who came to Va in 1638. We have connected approxmately 80% of the 1900 persons surnamed Brantley/ly to him. Please visit and help keep the effort alive to connect the entire Brantley family to Edward. Membership procedures are displayed on the sight as well as the many publications available.
Brantley Family Website
The Brantley family website has contributed family information and content as a meaningful resource for nearly 10 years. "Oikos: It's a Household word." (tm)
Brassett Family Web-site
The Brassett Family Web-site is for all Brassett family members all over the world to comunicate with each other and have a record of their family history
Braswell-Genealogy Library
Contains genealogy records pertaining to the Braswell Family. Records include: DNA, census, court records, military records and other links.
Breese USA
Ppages are dedicated to those interested in genealogy and the Breese surname. No matter how you spell it (Breese, Brees, Breeze, etc.) or no matter where your family is from.
Brig, Brigs, Brigg, Briggs DNA Test Site
This site posts the DNA Tests for the surnames Brig, Brigs, Brigg, and Briggs. It also includes links to the genealogies of the participant, and color codes matching tests.
Brockway, Horton, Letts, Ogilvie and Cummins Family
11 generations Brockways, 13 generations Horton, 11 generations Letts, 2 generations of Ogilvie and Cummins. Family early America history and Iowa.
Brooks/Patterson/Hester Family Home
HesterConnections is host site for our Family Tree. We accept photos, personal experiences, any and all items of interest. Family origins are in Buckingham and Louisa Counties, VA, Fayette County, WV, and Morrisville, NC, among others.
Broudo Family Web Site
Visit the Broudo family website on
Brown/Fisher Association
Brown/Fisher Association, Salisbury, NC.
Bruce International
Bruce International, U.S.A. Branch is a non-profit organization established to create and promote kinship amongst its family members and to encourage interest in the Family of Bruce and its history. Membership is open to persons who qualify by surname, by descent, or by recognized septs: Carlysle, Carruthers, Crosbie, Randolph, and Stenhouse. It is the only such organization recognized by the hereditary chief of the Name of Bruce, The Right Honorable the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine.
Bruner Reunions
Bruner/Brunner family events (reunions especially) plus activities, news, etc. of the many Bruner/Brunner family descendants and ancestors
BUCKMAN,KNUTSON 1800-Present Europe>Mn and more
I am researching the following surnames in Mn,Belgium,Norway,Ireland,Denmark and more... BUCKMAN,KNUTSON,CLAESSEN(S),HANSON,MILLER,NELSON,HESS,WINDISCH,MCDERMOTT,DECKER, OP DE LOCHT,HARRIS,SCHULTE Mn Counties include, but not limited to RENVILLE, WRIGHT, HENNIPEN,CARVER,MEEKER,REDWOOD,RAMSEY
Bullitschek Family Association
The family association for the Bolejack, Bolerjack families, and all descendants of Joseph Ferdinand Bullitschek, a Moravian immigrant, born in 1729 in Bohemia, who came to America in 1754 and lived in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.
Bunyans of Melrose
Family history and descendent tree of the Bunyan's of Melrose, Roxburhgshire, SCOTLAND
Burdick Family Association
The Burdick family has a long and rich history in the United States dating from Robert Burdick arriving in Newport, RI in 1651. This site is the home for the Burdick family on the Internet.
Burketts in Georgia and Tennessee
A site to try and connect Burketts in Georgia and Tennessee prior to the Civil War with the information we already have post war.
Burns / Weinsheimer
First try, and more will happen in the future!
Burntwood Family History Group
Research your Family History in Burntwood, Staffordshire and the surrounding area
Calkins Family Assocation
This is a collection of information about the Calkins Family Assocation Reunions and Newletter, "Calkins World".
CALU, OLARU, NINU, RACU Family Genealogy
CALU, OLARU, NINU, RACU Family Genealogy. ROMANIA Country
Camelot Genealogical Services/ The Mahlmeisters, Garcias, & Bustos
Camp's Genealogy
The history and genealogy of the Propst family, from Germany and France in the 1600s, Penna and West Virginia in the 1700s, and WV, NC, WI in the 1800s and 1900s. Over 12,000 names and relationships, stories, reunions, newsletters, photos.
Can you help me find Rebecca Crowley of upstate NY?
I am looking for my biological sister. Please check my site out for more info. Thanks.
CANADA - 17th century Canadian History
Various articles dealing with early Canadian history and the Leduc family. Main sources are genealogical data and notary documents.
Cantrell Cousins Project
The Cantrell Cousins Project is a database of shared family research. In combining our efforts Cantrell descendants are locating 'close cousins' and completing our family tree. Submit inquieries to Cantrell Cousins Project at []
Cantrell Family Tree
An American Family Cantrell/JONES/Heath/Cloud/Connelly/Blanton/Webb/Burchett/Napier/Dale/Nelson/ Helmerich.The Cantrell Family Tree.
Cardno Genealogy is a site dedicated to the history and research of the Cardno surname - which originated in the Aberdeenshire area of Scotland.
Carnrike Family Association
The Carnrike Family Association has genealogical information on the Carnrike, Carnrite, Canright, Carnright, Conright, Carnrick, Carnwright surnames. Cemetery, Court, Deeds, Obituaries and more.
Carnrike-Canright-Carnright Family Association Page
Over 3500 names association with the surnames Carnrike-Carnrite-Carnright-Canright-Carnwright-Carnrick-Conright
Cassity/Cassidy Family Association
The C.C.F.A. is dedicated to researching the genealogy of the Cassity/Cassidy family and their allied lines and preserving that heritage. We maintain an ever-growing database that is the compilation of our member's research using the most reliable documentation we have.
Chapman Family Association
The Chapman Family Association web site includes membership information, annual conventions, searchable databases and more.
Charms and Jewelry
Italian charm bracelets allow you to show off your individuality and interests by linking together Italian charms of your choice to create your own Italian Charm Bracelet.
Chastain, Pierre Family Association
Chicago Slota's Home Page
Chicago Slota's looking for family and friends through our web site. We hope also to keep in touch with family spread around the world. Our USA tree starts with Stanley and Wanda Slota
Chreitzberg / Chrietzberg Descendants
To meet and exchange information or post questions related to the Chreitzberg / Chrietzberg family that originated in Charleston, South Carolina
Christians hemsida allt från spela online, länkar, frågesport, javascript
sökmotorer, släktforskning, javascript, länkar, frågesport, spel, gästbok, cheats, tv, tvkanaler, Kontaktanonnser
Claflin Family Association
The web site for the Claflin Family Association, descendants of Robert Macklothlan in the United States.
Clan Forsyth Society New Zealand
The official web site of the Clan Forsyth Society New Zealand has been created to promote an interest in the genealogy and history of the Forsyth Clan and families.
Clan Forsyth Society New Zealand
This web site has been created to promote an interest in the genealogy of the Forsyth clan.
Clan Gilliland
The official site of Clan Gilliland.
Clan Hope of Craighall Society
A society for all of the lineage and septs of HOPE. New site as of 10/29. Will ultimately contain news of Clan Hope and contacts for those working on geneological search.
Clan Leslie Society International
A meeting place for a world full of Leslie's regardless of how the name is spelt.
Clan Leslie Society of Australia and New Zealand
A website for all Leslie's and Septs of Clan Leslie who live in Australia and New Zealand. We have an extensive database of all Leslie families as well as those in Australia and New Zealand
Clan MacSporran Association
A site of interest for anyone with the name MacSporran, McSporran, MacSparran, McSparran, McSparren, McSparrin, McSparron, McSparen, McSparin, McSpurren, MacSpurren or Purcell.
Clan Pluinceid/Plunket/Plunkett Association
The Association is a perpetual hereditary association of people bearing the same surname, or having descended from an ancestor with that surname, or any of the variant spellings of the name Plunket (Plunkett, Plonket, Plunkitt, Plunkit, Plunked, Plunkidd, Plunkid, Planchet, Blanchet) [the Gaelic form of Plunket is Pluincéid], and other fine families. The association is a non-profit organization, open to any and all individuals as set out in these Articles of Association, without regard to, race, color, creed, religious affiliation, age or gender.
Clan Ramsay Association of North America
Official site of the Clan Ramsay Association of North America. Includes info on membership and genealogy resources.
Clan Rattray Society
Clan Rattray Society was formed in Perthshire in 1993 and help the first World Gathering in 1996 followed by the second in 2000. The third will be held in 2004, details will be found on the website. Members and non members of the Clan Rattray Society are encouraged to attend. A Clan Rattray database is also maintained with over 30,000 entries, a valuable research tool! Slainte!
Clan Stewart - From Skye to Australia
This is a meeting place for the Stewart Clan descended from John Stewart (born Skye, 1838). With the members of our family scattered around the World and with increasingly busy lives, it is often hard for everyone to keep in touch. We hope that all family members will enjoy using the site.
CLOUD Family Association
The Cloud Family Association -- serving the interests of family members exploring their Cloud family history.
Cloud Family Association
The home page of the Cloud Family Association
Clyburn Family News - Online
Newsletter of the Clyburn and Knight Families of the Klamath River of Northern California.
Coalmining Research Services
Research service for those interested in the UK coalmining industry, including family history research. Service includes information on miners killed after 1850.
Coppage-Coppedge Family Association
The Coppage-Coppedge Family Association was formed as a non-profit organization in 1948 to perpetuate the traditions, history and records of the Coppage-Coppedge family. The family consists of descendents of Edward and William Coppage, who came to the United States from England between 1648 and 1652.
Corson / Colson Family History Association
Family research and communication for CORSON and many variants are listed on our site. Quarterly newsletter - "Corson Cousins".
The family trees, history and pictures of the Corujo, Reyes and Baumann families. The Baumann tree containing data to the 17th century.
Crismond Family
Looking for information on the Crismond Family? Try, I have created a website dedicated to the Crismond Family research that Raymond Crismond started more than 20 years ago. I have collected what I believe to be the most comprehesive list of information, both current and historical, pertaining to the Crismond Family.
Cuddeback Family, Inc.
Dedicated to the ancestors of Jacques Caudebec.
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities. Our database contains 30,000+ names. Those with more than 50 records include: Adams, Alkire, Allison, Anderson, Arthur, Ashley, Bailey, Baker, Ball, Barnett, Bellar, Bennett, Bleigh, Boggs, Boone, Branham, Bright, Brown, Browning, Burkhammer, Carr, Clark, Cochran, Cogar, Cool, Cox, Cunningham, Cutlip, Davis, Dennison, Dodrill, Eblin, Fisher, Fowler, Fox, Frame, Gray, Green, Gregory, Hall, Hamrick, Hinkle, Hughes, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Kinnison, Knight, Lewis, Long, Martin, McCoy, Miller, Mollohan, Moore, Morgan, Neff, Perkins, Perrine, Perry, Pritt, Riffle, Robinson, Rollyson, Rose, Russell, Scott, Singleton, Skidmore, Smith, Spencer, Stiltner, Tanner, Taylor, Utt, Walkup, Ward, White, Williams, Wilson
Dalarna Roots
Dalarna Roots is a Web site where family members that are descendants of emigrants from Dalarna Sweden can learn about Dalarna and one another.
Dalzell Family Association of North America (DFANA)
Dedicated to connecting families of Dalzell, Delzell, Dazell, Dezell, Dalziel, Dalzill, Dalyell, Deyell and other spellings of this old Scottish surname.
dance course on video 2 for $5
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Darnell Family Association
David Ackerman Descendants 1662
Dellinger, Knecht, Pfeffer, Silar and allied families
A family-history newsletter published quarterly. In addition to a feature article about an ancestor it has links to updates at our Rootsweb World Connect database, and website at Rootsweb freepages are also provided. Submissions of articles, photos, documents, etc., are strongly encouraged.
Derkacz Derkatz Derkatch Derkitt Family Forum
bringing family a little closer...
Derschow Family of Franz, son of Gustav Adolf Derschow and Maria Louise Elisabethe Reinhard, born Frankfurt am Main 1880.
Descendants and Relatives of Bentick, John and Tuckness Sancho
This site displays evidence of the foot prints of Bentick John,and Tuckness Sancho. Thereby seeks to locate relatives of Sancho whereever and whomever they are, including Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780) as a number of believe is an ancestor of Sancho of Guyana and the Caribbean.
Descendants of Caspar Engels I
This web page traces the descendants of Caspar Engels c.1646 Germany down through two brothers who immigrated to the US in 1754 through biographies and ancestry charts. Over 100 living US descendants have been identified with the surname Engle/Engels/Ingle/Engles.
Descendants of Dennis Springer and Ann Prickett
We are preparing a book on the Descendants of Dennis Springer and Ann Prickett. Kathleen Rizer is in charge of this effort.
Descendants of John Jacob Link
A site designed for the benefit of the descendants of John Jacob Link who immigrated to America from Germany in 1733.
Descendants of John Thornton
I am inviting all to come and apply to join for free, "The Descendants of John Thornton" Groupsite. Come and check us out to see if you can find your correct John Thornton. Let's all work together to find which John we come from. If you think you may be in connection or with any of his family line, Please apply to join this groupsite. Thank You Debra McBride Darnell Manager
Descendants of Martin Rizer of Maryland and (West) Virginia
The Rizer Research group, headed by Kathleen Rizer, is preparing a book on the descendants of Martin Rizer of Maryland and (West) Virginia
Descendants of William Nowland (Noland) of Goochland Co. VA, 1740
Nolen family history from VA, NC, TN, AL, AR, to TX
Descendents of Johannes Phillip Liebrich
Leebrick/Liebrich family history from 1754.
Dhayfule, a family of Artisans and Technicians. This family has been dedicated to the field of Clothing and Textile industry from the past. In fact there’s a textile industry named after Dhayfule in a city called as Solapur located in Maharashtra, a State in India. As such there are various small and big firms named after this family, but all from the same Industry, i.e. Clothing and Textiles. There are Dhayfule Tailors, and many other such Business.
Dickerson Family
This site is about our dickerson family and all that is know about them.
Dickinson Family Association
This site gives information about the Dickinson Family Association, an organization for descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson. It includes names of board members, information about publications, scholarships, the annual reunions, and news and photos of interest to members of the DFA and others.
Diggin Up Roots
My website has over 6,000 names and is full of documents and pictures.It's a great place to meet new cousins.My family names include Erlacher,Baker,Bracha,Burgess,Fleck,Ford,Mapes,Miller,Reynolds,Taylor,Traynor,Thompson,Warnke.
Dimmett/Dimmitt/Demmitt Family Site
On this site, I'm putting the many different Dimmett/Dimmitt/Demmitt family lines here. If you'd like your family line included, just send it to me!
Diverio Family from Brazil Home Page
Dobberstein Digest On-Line Homepage
Homepage of the Dobberstein Family Reunion Association. We strive to collect, preserve, publish and share our family history among family members and others, and invite other Dobberstein namesakes to share their family statistics and genealogies in the hope of making further connections in generations past.
Dollys Barn
Meeting place for Gerbinos
Site oficial da Diocese de Itabuna. Bispo: Dom Ceslau Stanula CSsR. Leia, mensalmente, o boletim diocesano VOZ QUE CLAMA. Esteja com Deus até na Internet.

Dougherty Clan Genealogical Association
The official Worldwide O'Dochartaigh (Dougherty, Doherty, Daugherty, Darity, Docherty, etc) Clan Association Website. Have you checked to see what your clan has been up to? Come in and discover, learn, join, share and come face-to-face with your future and past.
Dowden Family Reunion in 2000
This page has links to over 60 photographs taken at the Dowden Family Reunion in Port Neches, Texas in August 2000.
Dragoo - Carr Clan Family Album
An on-line newsletter of John Ewing Carr (1889-1953)and Nancy Luetta Dragoo (1897-1985) and their ancestors and collateral families in the United States, England and France. The site includes photos, documents and stories.
Drane Family
This has the most extensive searchable Drane Family database available of the descendants of Anthony Drane b.1656 and died in Prince Georges County, Maryland.
Dreisbach Family Association
Official website for Dreisbach, Dresbach, Dresback, Driesbach, Driesbaugh, Treisbach, Tricebock and related surnames.
Drewa and Wren Family Research
Family names included are: Amis,Gale, Tucker,Rogers, Shropshire, Phipps, Drewa, Rush, Gordon, Mercer Howell, Bewley, Arnold and others
DUMAIS , Famille
Site web de la famille DUMAIS. 3,000 descendant de Pierre Dumais, Photos, Histoire,
Early Leighs of Wales
The genealogies of the Leigh line in Wales of haplogroup I1 back to 1590.
EAST Family History Society
Our Society's aim is to bring together those researching EAST, ESTE and all variants worldwide.
Echevarria Family from Spain to Puerto Rico
A history of the Echevarria family started by Luis del Carmen Echevarria Murillo in Caguas, Puerto Rico in 1808. Additional Spanish/Puerto Rican names being researched are also included.
Edmund Chandler Family Association
Our purpose is to research and accurately document Edmund Chandler of Duxbury, Massachusetts, his origins, and descendants. We wish to collect photographs, letters, maps, and histories that pertain to Edmund and his descendants.
Eller Family Association
Official Eller Family Association website to assist Eller family members perform research, communicate and announce special events.
Elliott Ancestry in the USA, Canada & Ireland
Elliott family tree and surname links.
Elsberry Family Organization
Provides information on Lydia Elsberry's descendants
this website is made for tracing the genealogy of the fadrigalan family.
Fagan Clans Association
Fagan, Fegan, Feagen, Fagin, Fagen and all other spellings of the name. Please join the forums and share, or enquire!
Famiglia Lamagni ecCollegate
Lamagna Lamagni Lamanon France Italy Argentina a family ang it's parents
Famiglia Santurbano
This page was established to share the history of Santurbano Family, italian immigration and genealogy.
familie in den boogaertman
dit is de homepage van de nederlandse famlie bogert van boogaertman, bogaert,bogaart,boogaard,boogert,bogerd,bogaard tot bogert
Familie Janzik
Genealogical Information about Familie Janzik in Europe (predominantly Germany)
Familie von Freymann a.d.H. Nursie
History and News about the origin baltic family "von Freymann" from the House of Nursie, started with Johann Neumann, titled "von Freymann" 1666 in Sweden.
Familienverband Hoffmann
Der Familienverband der Hoffmann aus Sangerhausen mit Sitz in Verden/Aller pflegt die Kontakte unter den weit verstreuten Mitgliedern der Hoffmann- Familie. Jeder Nachkomme von Philipp Hoffmann (gest. 1610) aus Sangerhausen gehört zu uns. Alle zwei Jahre verbringen wir ein gemeinsames Wochenende auf Schloß Höhnscheid bei Kassel. Der Familienverband hat sich auch die Erforschung der Geschichte unserer Familie zur Aufgabe gesetzt. Die Daten der jüngeren Familienmitglieder können leider nicht im Internet veröffentlicht werden. Eine Liste der Wohnorte der dz. Familienverbandsmitglieder gibt Dir aber eine erste Orientierung. Weitere Informationen kannst Du über unsere Vorsitzende erhalten: Adressen- oder Familienstandsänderungen bitte an Birgit Gerhard, Postfach 1308, Poststraße 22a, 21250 Tostedt, 04182-6879 geben, damit unser Familien-Adressenregister immer auf dem neuesten Stand ist.
Familienverband Hoffmann
Info on a German-Baltic family (Estonia) Hopefully, we´ll find some of our "lost sheep" via Internet
Familienverband Hoffmann
Info on a German-Baltic family (Estonia) Hopefully, we´ll find some of our "lost sheep" via Internet
Familienverband Hoffmann
Info on a German-Baltic family (Estonia) Hopefully, we´ll find some of our "lost sheep" via Internet
Family (William John Olson & Hannah Sophia Anderson)
Family Association Berith Salom / Spanjaard family
Information w.r.t. the family Association Berith Salom. Founded in Borne. 'Spanjaard' family
Family Feasts
A View Of Our Family Through The Recipes, Photos, and Annecdotes Of The Women Who Made Our Homes And Formed Our Traditions
Family History Association of North Queesland Inc.
The Family History Association of North Queensland is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote the research and study of family and local history.
Family News
A place where researchers can post information on their family newsletters, reunions, information, or anything related to your surname that might be of interest to others
Family Newsletter News
Perk up your family newsletter by learning from other family newsletter publishers' experiences and ideas. This newsletter, for and about family newsletters (and their publishers) was established to encourage family connections through the family newsletter. It is for genealogists, family historians, and folks who want to keep their families in touch. We share publishing pointers and highlight actual family newsletters as examples. It's great for people who are just beginning their publishing efforts. Jump in and join the fun!
Family Tree
A site dedicated to helping people build there Family Tree's with up to date genealogy information
A content management site with over 200 old letters, journal entries, documents and more from the Endsley, Theller, Brough, King and Baker families of California.
FamilyWeb Cafe - Online Genealogy Community
Free online community to share ethnic and traditional family recipes, family history and family-oriented links.
Finison Family Ancestry has info about the Finison, Wenzler, Schlee, Bennett, Furrow, Finton, Van Aken, Van Benschoten, Newman surnames with a family tree.
Flannery Clan / Clann Fhlannabhra
Genealogical and historical information relating to the Flannery and Flannelly surnames
Flatt Footings
Quarterly (paper) newsletter for Flatt surname. Info and index to past issues at or send SASE to P.O. Box 2640, Glen Rose, TX 76043. Queries welcome.
Florida Firecracker Pageants and Hometown Holiday Pageants
Florida Firecracker Pageants of DeSoto County will be celebrating its 3rd year in 2006. We are also a sister pageant to Hometown Holiday Pageants. Both Pageants are organized and ran in DeSoto County, Florida. Every contestant participating in this local pageant receives a tiara or crown. Like Always..."where everyone is a winner" See us ONLINE for more information and pictures of DeSoto County moments and events.
Floyd Folks
Floyd Folks quarterly (paper) newsletter for Floyd surname in US. Info and index at URL above, or email me. Queries welcome.
Footprints of the Exiled
Footprints of the Exiled is an attempt to find the stories of other exiled Acadians and to share them with "family." Where did your family end up after the "exile?" What happened to them? Genealogies are best left to the experts at the University of Moncton's Acadian Studies Center.
Forker Family Association Germany
URL is changed from to
FORSYTH - Clan Forsyth Society of Canada
the clan forsyth society WEB PAGe is for the use of Descendents of Forsyths of Canada and others who may be related. Information and Clan connections, email addresses for membership or the historian of the society.
Francis Cooke Society
The Francis Cooke Society honors the memory of Mayflower passenger Francis Cooke and serves as a means for descendants to exchange information. Site features member lineages, history, famous descendants, quarterly newsletter, look up offers.
Franklin Family Researchers United
Any Franklin, everywhere and "everywhen". Many backissues and other documents are available for free on the website. Please send me your queries and locales!
Frederick National Heritage Program
The purpose of the Frederick National Heritage Program is to explore on a nationwide basis the heritage of those who share the Frederick surname and variations thereof (such as, but not limited to, Fedric, Fedrick, Federick, Fredrick, and Frederic). Many with the Frederick surname have common ancestors. We probably will find several (possibly many) Frederick family ancestral lines, some connected and some very separate. Some will find their ancestors are German, some English, some Scots-Irish, some French, and some from other countries. We all will find, however, family that we did not know existed.
Freeburn - Freeborn
Arrival found: Francis Freeburn was a very respected Captain of trading ships in the South Pacific and NSW Coast, Francis died 1879 in the coastal town of Yamba, NSW.
Freer - Low Family of Huguenot Historical Society
Freer - Low Family of the Huguenot Historical Society Decendents of Hugo Freer (Frier)(Frear)
Friend Finders
Find old classmates.
Furey / Fury Family
Web Portal for the family of Furey and Ó Fiodhabhra, it's derivatives Fury, Feery, Fleury, Feury, Fuery, Fuere, Ó Fuere, Ó Fiobha, Ó Fiura, Ó Fidabra, Ó Furreidh, Ó Foirréidh and other possible associatied names of Fureigh, Furrie and Furay.
Gable Reunion
A website dedicated to the descendants of Solomon and Elizabeth (Pe[a]rson) Gable of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Includes family tree, history, photos, biographies, annual Reunion information and minutes from those meetings.
Galey & Miller Genealogy Website
This is the Home Page for the Galey & Miller families of western Nebraska. It is intended primarily as a resource site for those family members and others who have an interest in the families that are included.
Gallo World Family Foundation
We promote and protect the global Gallo surname.
Gallo World Family Foundation
Promote and protect the Gallo surname throughout the world.
Game of Lifes
The Game of Lifes, home of the heycuz newsgroup includes the gedcoms of anyone who can link to our family tree. More than 50,000 names, in all states are included. Some surnames include Sullivan, Lampley, Rennie, Harrison, Tidwell. But there are many more. Come see how you relate!
Garrett Family Org is a site dedicated to the genealogy of the Garrett family.
Garrett/Burton/Whitley/Jones/Bobbitt/Waldon/Harrington Links
This website covers my family ancestors whose descendants came to Arkansas from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Most likely, all of these families originated in Virginia. The migration route for each family is listed below: GARRETT: Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas BURTON: Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas WHITLEY: Virginia, N. Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas JONES: Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas BOBBITT: Virginia, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas WALDON: S. Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas HARRINGTON: N. Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas
Garst Genealogy and Family Research Center
Center for Garst/Gerst/Gharst Genealogy and National Family Reunion scheduled for August, 2000 in Roanoke, VA
Gary Collis
Gary Collis Family Home Page
GenChat - Discover Your Family's History Today!
GenChat is a community where you can participate in discussions in the chat room, research your names & places in the message boards, and upload your family trees.
genealogia tomaszewski
genealogiczna strona, genealogia rodzin, Nazwisko Adamek / Adamiak,Barańczak, Białek Biegański Boguszyński / Bogusiak / Bogusz Boguszyński Cybiak, Dorna Grzesiak Grzeszczak Jankiewicz Jasiczek Kamiński Kaźmierczak Kosmala Kostrzewa Kot Kurzawa Łusiak, Marciniak Misterski Nowak Peksa Piasecki Rakocy Rosik / Rosiak Rybowiak Skrętny Staszak / Staszek Szymczak Tomaszewski Wapiszyński Wcisło Wiśniewski Witt Wojtczak miejscowości parafie metryki Parafia Biezdrowo Brzezie Droszew Gołuchów Jabłkowo Jedlec Krotoszyn Kucharki Kuchary Kuczków Lenartowice Lewków Ludomy Maniewo Margonin Objezierze Ociąż Ostrzeszów Pruśce Rogoźno Rokutów Ryczywół Skoki Sobótka Tarnowo Tursko Wągrowiec Wągrowiec- Łęgowo Żoń Jedlec osoby Osoba Adamek / Adamiak Jakub Barańczak Wojciech Barańczak Wojciech Jerzy Białek Wojciech Biegański Antoni Boguszyńska Julianna Boguszyńska Marianna Cybiak / Cyba Wawrzyniec Cybiak / Cyba Zofia Dorna Justyna Grzesiak Marianna Grzeszczak Jan Jankiewicz Antoni Jankiewicz Józefa Jasiczek Jakub Jasiczek Jan Kamińska Magdalena Kaźmierczak Franciszka Sobótka Kaźmierczak Karol Kosmala Jadwiga Kostrzewa Agata Kot Regina Kurzawa Barbara Łusiak Andrzej Marciniak Dorota Misterski Melchior Misterski Szymon Nowak Marianna Peksa Agnieszka Piasecka Wiktoria Piasecki Andrzej Rakocy Jan Rosik / Rosiak Katarzyna Rybowiak Jakub Skrętna Marianna Skrętny Michał Stachowiak Marianna Stachowiak Piotr Staszak / Staszek Józef Szymczak Jan Jedlec Szymczak Michał Tomaszewska Konstancja Wapiszyńska Marianna Wcisło Andrzej Wiśniewski Franciszek Wiśniewski Marcin Witt Jan Wojtczak Agnieszka Wojtczak Paweł
Genealogy from the family Hartsink
Genealogy from the family Hartsink from Holland
Genealogy of Flender Family
Genealogy of Flender, Flenner and other lines who growed from Flender, back until the year 1425.
GENTRACERS has its own website and also Live genealogy chat amongst a friendly group of genealogists worldwide and best of all it is TOTALLY FREE
GENTRACERS has its own website and also Live genealogy chat amongst a friendly group of genealogists worldwide and best of all it is TOTALLY FREE
George Alton Brown Family Association
The Brown Family Association contains information relating to the descendants of George Alton Brown and their related families. Quarterly newsletters are published and an annual family reunion held. George Alton Brown was b. 1810 in VA, went to TX in 1836, d. 1884 in Montague Co., TX. Related lines include MAYFIELD, DIXON, ELLIOTT, GROVES, KEPLINGER, KLEIN/CLINE, McHENRY, BANKS, ABERNETHY/ABERNATHY.
Geuß Family Website
This website focuses on the Geusz family throughout the world including ancestry, family and surname origins, emigration and immigration history. This website also provides historical information on the name Geusz and variants Geuss, Geuß, Geus, Geusa, Geuse, Geusau as well as other spelling derivations.
Gilliam Family Geneology & Newsletter
Gilliam Family Geneology & Newsletter. Family Tree currently contains over 15,000 individuals.
Gillis-Batts Website
This website will hold all of my family information. I am currently researching my roots and would like for you to view my webpage or send me an email. Post a message in my forum to share or request information.
Girouard Family Genealogy
Genealogy for the GIROUARD Families of Quebec, Acadia. Biographies,photos,links,databases,obits...etc
Glasby Family History
Family History research into Glasby,Glassby and Glasbey, some basic details of occurence of names in UK
Gold charm bracelets
Italian Charms are new style to lifes. Italian charm bracelets allow you to show off your individuality and interests by linking together Italian charms of your choice to create your own Italian Charm Bracelet.
Goldston Family, Chatham Co., N.C.
History of Goldston Family, Chatham Co., Goldston, NC
Gotthardt, Lorenz, Hagelgans Genealogy
Gotthardt, Lorenz, Hagelgans family history from Germany to TX
Grass Roots Genealogy Group
The Grass Roots Genealogy Group is an informal study group that has been meeting in the Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA area for over 20 years. Our website includes meeting information, surnames of our members, and links to useful genealogical resources.
Green Rooster Hot Sauce
Green Rooster posted many family recipies from many ethinc back ground
Site dedicated to surname of Greenfield. Mostly English records.
A page for the descendants of Witch Ann.
Grubb Family Association of the United Kingdom
The Grubb Family Association was founded in 1974 and has an international membership. It is devoted to the study of every aspect of the surname GRUBB and its recognised variants. The Association publishes a twice-yearly newsletter "Grubbing Around" which is free to its members.
Grubbs Family Website
Grubbs Family Website, Forum, Photo Album, Genealogy, Articles
Hainstrom - Patkull Family
Family page for the Hainstrom-Patkulls
Hamilton Heritage
The Hamilton family heritage from Scotland to America
Harbour Light
Quarterly (paper) newsletter for Harbour/Harber/Harbert etc surname. Info and index to past articles at URL above or send SASE to P.O. Box 2640, Glen Rose, TX 76043. Queries welcome.
Haught Family Of America
Sorting out all Haughts in the America's,Proving Linage with The Haught DNA Project, and reconstructing the Early Generations of (Haut) Haught's to reflect the true linage of the Haught Family Of America.
Haworth Association of america
This home page has been designed to be a meeting place for all Healy descendants along with other variations of the name (ie Healey, Hele, etc.) There are several message boards, guestbooks, and links to other sites. If you are researching this name, stopping here is a must. Kerry Cork Ireland Valentia Port Magee Cahersiveen family genealogy
Heinz Behrens Homepage
Meine Vorfahren und Informationen zur historischen Namengebung in Ostfriesland Familiennamen: Behrens, Decker, Engelmann, Gerdes, Hinrichs, Linemann, Meenken, Westermann, Wiards
Hendershot Researchers
This is the homepage for the Hendershot Researchers Group.
Hendry Cousins
A research site for the surname HENDRY and various spellings, including: HENRY, HENDREE, HENDRIE, HENDREY, HANDRY, HENERY, HENARY, HENDRIS, etc.
Henson Family Genealogy
A yahoo chat club designed to bring together the Henson family and to share family information!
Hewick Plantation
Hewick was built 326 years ago, by the Hon. Christopher Robinson, Esq., who was a member of the House of Burgesses, President of the King's Council and Secretary to the Foreign Plantations in 1692. An original Trustee of the College of William & Mary, and brother of the Right Rev. John Robinson, D.D., the Bishop of London. Owned and resided in by 11th generation Robinson descendants. Helen, an avid genealogist and historian will be happy to discuss genealogy and local history with you. She maintains a huge database on Robinson descendants, and published the Robinson Family Journal for many years.
This site has updated information and pictures related to the Hicks, Browns of Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.
Higgins-Mapes Family Historical Association
Dedicated to preserving the memory of our Higgins Mapes decendants. Including Couch family and more from Wabash County , Illinois.
Hill roots
hey list-----any Hill's out there from Saline County, IL. around the Carrier Mills, IL. area.
Hills Family Web pages (Rueben Hills Descendants)
Our site features a general newsletter with additional pages of Hills Family Picture Memorabilia and past newsletter articles of interest. Our descendancy is from Rueben Hills of Union, Maine.
Find extended family members with Memorial Family Finder, a new & unique genealogy innovation that transforms a cemetery headstone or grave marker into a communication tool! Memorial Family Finder an attractive, unobtrusive container which affixes to a headstone or marker. The unit comes with pre-printed cards on which you can write your contact information, alerting others that you are searching for family information.
Hodges Family Association
The Hodges Family Association was formed in 1991 by Clarence and Shirley Hodges. Clarence is a descendant of Josiah and Sally (Young) Hodges. Josiah was born 28 April 1771 in New York and Sarah "Sally" Young was born 8 July 1773. The newsletter is published four times a year
Hodges Surname Center
To list all our "cousins" researching the Hodges surname. To link to all pages of interest to Hodges researchers To collect information relating to the surname, & its bearers, that might in some way facilitate research. To present this information on the web so that it can be freely accessed by any "cousins" at any time, from anywhere.
Hollingsworth Register
Hollingsworth Register - All 112 issues of the Hollingsworth Register as published.
Hollingsworth Register
All 112 issues of the Hollingsworth Register as published.
Family news, genealogy, and support one for another. All Holmans and Holman descendants should join.
Home Page
A site for anyone researching the names Duckett, Duckitt, Ducat or the other 42 veriationsof the name Duket.
Home Page of Jim Conway
Home Page with genealogy & genealogy links
General outline of research on the Gillam/Old/Logan/Haskett Family & my favorite genealogy sites which show the variety of information (by types) available on the web. (Note this is used with internet classes I teach.
hometown aol
Growing Glynda's Genealogy Garden is an essay style of my family search for Bibb, Hall, Harris, Hord, Locker, Moore, Sanner, Smith, Stitcher/Stitzer, Stokes, Tuell/Tuel, and others. Very straight forward.
The Genealogy of the Hopps & McCarry Families and their decendants and cousins.
The Genealogy of the Hopps & McCarry Families and their decendants and cousins.
Hosford Web Site
This is an overview of my family situated in South Wales, UK
House of Boyd Society Official Web Site
This is the Official Web Site for the House of Boyd Society. We are a Scottish Clan organization with members worldwide. For membership information, please contact the President, Donald Boyd Mellen Join the Boyd-L for discussion of Boyd genealogy, history and interests.
Houston Grass Family, Ray County, Missouri
Decentants of Joseph Benjamin Houston and Lucy Annis Grass, married in Ray, County, Missouri on 12/24/1900. Contact George Ross 214-734-4274,
Howes Family Association - Thomas Howes
A Thomas Howes Genealogy with 1,600 names and over 600 pages is soon to be published. Get on the list to have your 1st edition copy. -Learn about the International Howes Circus, Brewster, NY, sold to PT Barnum in 1880 -the 2005 reunion will be here
Over 50 pages of Thomas Howes (1635) family material Howes Family Association dedicated to archiving and preserving Howes memories and memorabilia. NEW Howes Genealogy Book Info and ordering here -
Hubbell Family Historical Society -
The Hubbell Family Historical Society is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization founded in 1981, incorporated in 1982. The Society invites membership from descendants of Richard Hubball of Worcestershire, England, and New Haven Colony, CT; from persons interested in genealogy and history; and from organizations supporting such activities.
Hudsons Mill Hudsons, SC
This web site is dedicated to Hutson and Hudson families from the Hudsons Mill area in Colleton County, South Carolina. We have made several DNA matches associated with these families.
hughes family relations
Hummel Family History
Researching Hummels from ENINGEN, GERMANY. Coming to America in 1804. Records from the early 1600s thru 2006. Researching; Hummel, Conrad, Silpath, Snellbaker, McPherson, Peacock
A history of my Hurley family ancestors, originally from Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland, now in Bristol, England.
I am writting a book on my family line and would like to exchange information.
Ingersoll Genealogy Research
A website dedicated to Ingersoll / Ingerson Genealogy Research. Links to much Ingersoll data.
Iowa Research, Disney Family, Guthrie County, Iowa
Dedicated to collecting and preserving information about every Disney/Dizney descendant who ever lived anywhere, any time. Would like to hear from descendants and others researching Disney/Dizney.
Jackson Family History
This web site explores the ancestry of Samuel Jackson, Sr. and Hanna Marie Jaques with special emphasis on William Jackson (b. 21 Aug 1871) and Mary Georgena Gilbert (b. 9 Apr 1885). William and Mary were married on March 20, 1901 and resided in Manassa, Colorado.
Genealogy & family history of the JAMES & related families. Includes outlaws JESE & FRANK JAMES. Search 70,000 names and 25,000 families. Slave information. Lots of photos. Free queries to Phil Stewart, research historian at the Jesse James Farm & Museum.
Janet McKaig/Geoff Kelly Family Research Page
This site includes the relationships of about 1500 ancestors and relatives of Geoff Kelly and Janet McKaig. The main surnames are Smith, Dales, Thrasher, Weaver, and McKaig from South Western Ontario and Kelly, Crewe, Isaac, Jenkins and Leonard from England.
Jennings Family Homepage
Photos, links and genealogy information on the Jennings Family, Galway, Ireland.
Jessee Genealogy Service
This service is dedicated to furthering genealogy research regarding the JESSEE (also Jesse, Jessie, Jessey, and Jessy) and related families. Their origins are believed to be in pre-Revolutionary War Virginia and they largely lived in North Carolina, Southwest Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee from 1775-1825. Many descendants migrated virtually all over the South, Midwest, and West, and later the Northwest and Canada. Related families included in this database are: ARMSTRONG, SMYTH/ SMITH, PORTER, DUNCAN, BICKLEY, RICHMOND/RICHMAN, BARTEE and BARRICK families; and many other Southwest Virgina families who have intermarried with the Jessees, including: the BANNER, BROWNING, BURK(E), COUNTS, FULLER, GOSE, KISER, STONE, and VERMILLION families.
Jewelry Charms And Bracelets
Italian Charms are new style to lifes. Italian charm bracelets allow you to show off your individuality and interests by linking together Italian charms of your choice to create your own Italian Charm Bracelet.
I have a page on my web site for Genealogy. Surnames: Clark, Larkin, Cooley, Hodges, Baggett, and Sutton
Jim Graham's Site
Thiss site includes family trees, Family News and my Autobiography information.
Johann David and Christina Held Family
The ancestors and descendants of Johann David and Christina Held from Mönsheim Würtemberg who settled in Armstrong Co, Pennsylvania. Includes a short description of their family life.
John Libby Family Association Website
The official website of the John Libby Family Association. Learn about the Libby family and the activities we have planned. Get membership information and contact Libby family members around the world.
John Walker Family Organization
Ancestors and Descendants of John Walker 1794-1869, of Vermont and Utah, a descendant of Robert Walker, an emigrant of 1631, from England to Boston, Mass.
Johns Family Research Group
The Original Johns Family Research Group established in 1997, to unite the community efforts of over 180 persons interested in the completed, professional research of the JOHNS surname
Joseph Hayes Family
Joseph Hayes Family website is for families to connect and share information about our ancestry and to keep the latest information available to those seeking their roots.
Judi's Family
Looking for the family of John J Finnell & Alfreda Rosamond Holt Finnell
KEITH - All things concerning the name and clan of Keith
Collected Genealogies of Keith, Keath & Keith Families in North America, plus material on origins of the name and clan in Scotland.
Kelsey Genealogy, Kelsey Kindred of America, Kelsey Ancestry.
A Genealogical organization of descendants of the Puritan Ancestor, William Kelsey who immigrated to American in 1632. Organized September 15, 1928.
KERINS - My Kerins Family

Kimball Family Association
The Kimball Family Association, Inc. is a non-profit association of the descendants of Richard Kimball - from whom nearly all American Kimballs (whatever the spelling) are descended. Richard Kimball came to America in 1634, settled in Watertown and finally in Ipswich, Mass.
Kinning Park Nostalgia Club (KPNC)
The Kinning Park Nostalgia Club (KPNC), Glasgow, Scotland, UK is a site for reminiscences, memorabilia, chronicles, pictures and historical information of old Glasgow. There are pictures of historic buildings/streets, the River Clyde and its shipping, genealogy information, Questionnaires, Newsletters and who remembers the sayings of the Glasgow Clippie "C'MON GET AFF!"
Kinsey / Coskrey Update
Kinsey/Coskrey Update was started for descendants of Thomas Kinsey (1781-1868) and Sarah Jane McNutt. It is in it's 11th year and has expanded to include all connections of this Kinsey line.
Kiwi Adams finding his Roots
A record of some families who emmigrated to New Zealand from England,Northern Ireland,Denmark in the 19th Century
KNIFFIN-SNIFFEN - The Grapevine on the Web
The Grapevine on the Web is the internet home of the Kniffin-Sniffen Newsletter.
Kunhardt Family Website
KUNHARDT family through out the world (Dominican Republic, Germany, USA, Mexico, South Africa, Belgium and England). /George Edward Kunhardt
L'Association des Moisan
Official Site of L'Association des Moisan
La familia de Sebastian D. Santos Petroff
Apellidos: Santos, Petroff, Cristóbal, González... Países: España, Argentina, Bulgaria, Cuba...
LaBrier Home Page
This page is to search the early years of my family in Randolph County Illinois.
Lacey Family Alabama
History of the Lacey Family from Shelby Alabama
Laird Family Association
The general idea behind the Association is to coordinate, consolidate and share information that may help each person researching their branch.Membership is free, but participation by way of contributions and any additional work toward our goals would be greatly appreciated.
Lampson Witmus Family Organization
Lampson Family Links/Pedigree/Descendancy/Family Reunion Announcements
A society dedicated to the research of Larters.
Lassek Family Homepage
Lassek Family Genealogy
Lay Family Genealogical Association
Lay Family Genealogical Association is a non profit organization linking researchers who are interested in the various Spellings of Lay/Leigh/Lea/Ley/Loy/Leh, ect Family names. Anyone interested in the family history are invited to join us.
Le Houymet Internet (Les Descendants de Jean Ouimet, Inc.)
The gateway to the Family Association Les Descendants de Jean Ouimet, Inc.
Leahey Website
Family Website
Leaves on a Tree - Greg & Carrie McMurdie's Family History Pages
Recently we published a personal family history website entitled “Leaves on a Tree”. The site reflects the personal research efforts of us and our relatives for the past 40 or more years. At present, the leading surnames on the site include: MCMURDIE, CLARK, JOHNSON, SMITH, WHEELER, TILLMAN, OLSEN, HUBBARD, CARTER, WILLIAMS, MACKMURDIE, WADSWORTH, BINGHAM, MAUGHAN, and ANDREWS.
Libeau Descendants Society Inc.
Libeau Descendants Society Inc. is the society of the descendants that came to Banks Peninsula, New Zealand on the first ship from France in 1840.
Liebetrau Page
Informations around the name Liebetrau and its roots. Provides also dates of Liebetrau-Reunions!
Lockerd, Carnahan, Crawford, Buchanan
Crawford, Carnahan, Diaries, Journals, Letters and Commentary on pioneer families. By Jim Lockerd
Loe genealogy Page
This site has the following surnames. Loe,Lowe,Low,Rosison,Robinson
Lokrig Family Association, Inc.
Lokrig is a generic form chosen to represent all spellings of the surname (Lockridge Lochridge Laughridge Loughridge Lochrige Lothrige Lotridge Lockbridge Lorthridge Lockeridge, and others). This site gives all basic information about the organization, dedicated to research and sharing of genealogy and family history for these lines.
Lookin for Locke's News Letter
Lookin' for Locke's © is a Quarterly News Letter and has been around for about 20 years . The LFL © is for all Lock / Locke Family Researchers regardless which family line you belong to .
Loomis Families of America
Loomis Families of America is the family association for those who are descended from Joseph Loomis and Mary White. We also track related family lines, such as Lomas, Lummis, etc. Visit our website for more information.
Family tree (Loosli, Losli, Loosle...) from 1570 to today...
LOWERY & Related Spellings DNA Project
This site is the LOWERY DNA Project home page used for recruitment and viewing by our participants.
Blaenau Ffestiniog family Thomas, Jones, Lloyd, Williams, Tyson, Langley family in Staffordshire, Brailsford's in Nottingham, Eyre in Leicester and Lancashire and Worcestershire
Maitland, Parkes, Owen, Chadwick Family
A history of the Maitland, Parkes, Owen, Chadwick families of UK, Canada & Jamaica.
Majid's Pages: Maldives Royal Family
History of the Maldives and Maldives society, culture and royal families
Malan Family Online
Malan Family Online functions as the archive for the "Malan Monitor", a genealogical assistance forum, and free email center for members.
Malec Genealogy & History with Weekly Family Newsletter
Weekly Family Newsletter. Adding family events as happen. Once a month section for Ancestor of the Month. Site includes lots of genealogy research of over 10,000 ancestors.
MANNING Family History
We are the proud descendants of Benjamin Manning byway of this parents Theopolis Manning and Cotto Edwards of St Stephens, Berkeley County, South Carolina.
Mapes Family Genealogy Forum
A forum dealing with queries regarding the Mapes family surname.
Marcus Family Website
For family members descended from the Markushevich clan of Ukraine and Russia.
MARKER family researchers
Single name internationsl research group of the MARKER surname.
Marsteller Family Research Association
Southeastern PA, including Lehigh, Northampton, Berks, Bucks, and Montgomery county links. Marsteller and associated family lines are listed here as well as German research.
Martinus Martens Family
Genelogical/pictoral history of the Martinus Martens family from 1795 to present. Martinus came to DePere WI area from Holland in 1850 with his wife Gertrude Janssen, 6 sons and 1 daughter.
Masters Family Association
A resource to share information about the Masters surname MASTERS, MASTER, MESCHTER, MEISTER, MAASTER, MAESTRE The Home page for the MASTERS-L Mailing List
Matthais Kessinger
Mattos e Fernandes
Ponto de encontro desta grande e antiga familia, descendentes de Joaquim António de Sousa Mattos e Joaquim José Fernandes - Evora - Portugal
Maxwell Family
A family History and a Veterans page
Mayrand Family Association
Home of the Mayrand Family on the internet. Loaded with in laws a few outlaws, strong on female family lines. The is the accumlative work of a number of growing reaseachers. Volunteer expenses are tax deductable, ask us how.
McBee DNA Test
Macabee MacBee Mackbee Magbee A DNA project for all variants of the McBee name: Magby McAbee McAboy McBane McBean McBee Mockbee
McCammond MacCammond homepage
McCaughan Gathering 2003
A page for the McCaughan Clan of Northern Ireland, planning an international gathering in 2003. The page includes reunion information, links, and other family related notes.
McClendon Covin Family Association
Arkansas Travelers clan with Choctaw Freedmen. The local histories of Indian Territory, Sebastian County and Lincoln County Arkansas. Artisian, Pioneer, Settler, and Expirate imMigrants branched to Oklahoma again, Kansas, California, Washington, Colorado, and Texas. Going east to the Africana project/ Accra Ghana.
McElwee Family
McELwee's fro Schuylkill and Northunberland Counties along with photos.
mcildowie family tree
mcildowie family tree from 1692
McMUNN: Descendants of Alexander McMunn
Dealing generally with the McMunn surname and specifically with the descendants of Alexander McMunn of Scotland and his sons who emigrated to the U.S.: Alexander, Daniel and Joseph.
McMurtry Clan of Tennessee
Family website containing several books in PDF format, these books contain huge amounts of McMurtry Family data. Visit the website and look through the pictures and historical documents.
McVicker, Moreland, Pinnell, Scruggs and allied families
“McVicker, Moreland, Pinnell, Scruggs and allied families” is a family-history newsletter published quarterly. In addition to a feature article it has links to updates at our Rootsweb World Connect database, and website at Rootsweb freepages are also provided. Submissions of articles, photos, documents, etc., are strongly encouraged.
McWilliams/MacKay Family History
Research on the ancestery of McWilliams and MacKay
Meals Family of Tennessee, Alabama, and Texas
Meates Family Association
The Meates Family Association is interested in the Meates surname, and all variations of the surname, for all time periods, world wide. We believe that by working together and sharing our results, we can achieve more than working alone. Visit our site to learn more about the research conducted, and the resources available to assist you in your research.
Meath Hill Home Page
Meissner family
Ancestors and descendants of Friedrich Adolf Meissner (born 1804, Schoenbach, Saxony) with links to similar surnames
Mercklen,Markle,Merkel,Markel All Spellings--Welcome
A Markle Reunion of the immigrant Johann Christian Mercklen's Descendants. All spellings are welcome. At West Newton, Pa, First Sunday in August 2003. Plans incomplete.
Mhuintir Luinigh - The Ui Luinigh Clan Webgroup
The Ui Luinigh Clan - de Launay, Lennon, Leonard, Linacre, Linan, Linneen, Linney, Linnegar, Loney, Looney, Loonyne, Luneen, Luney, Lunnay, Lunney, Lunnie, Lunny, Lunnye, Lunyn and Lynegar surnames.
Michelotto family home page
Michelotto family home page
An Oklahoma MILNER family site full of old and recent photos and with links to familytreemaker and other sites of Milner genealogy.
Moore Branches
Compiles Moore/McQueen (McKenney) Outcalt/Park Klahn/Beaudry (Eiholzer) Iverson/Koenig lineage. Focus: track and verify of Birth, Death, Marriage, Census, etc...
Families of Baldwin, Beck, Campbell,Clements,Dunn,Graham,Greenwell, Kidwell,Levi,McGraw,McKnight,Marshall,Merrifield,O'Brien,Queen,Randall,Rice,Starks,Strange,Webb,Weekley,White and related families
Musick Family Homepage
History, genealogy, source links and information about the Music and Musick families, by the Musick Family Association of America.
MxRoots An American Story
Mullinax Family Descendents from South Carolina. John Mullinax and Sarah Donnally, Ammanuel/Emmanuel Mullinax and Matthew Mullinax. Reconnecting the descendents of the early settlers of South Carolina. Mullinax, Mullenix, Mullinnix, Mullenaux, Mulleneaux
My Direct Davis Family Descendeants
This site pretains to my Direct Davis line through my 6th. greatgrandfather Christopher Davis .
My Donnelly - Muttart Ancestors
List of principle surnames. Contact information for modern descendants and collaterals. Research puzzlers. Links to UFT generated reports on ancestors before 1900 and to another researcher.
My Frith, Herring, Greaves & Maternal Family Trees
I have recorded my FRITH, HERRING and GREAVES family trees all lived around Sheffield and Rotherham. also my Maternal family tree names include PARISH, IZARD,CHINNERY, PLUME, BUSH, CLARKE, SAUNDERS and HOWE from Cambridgeshire,Suffolk, Somerset, Northamptonshire, and South Yorkshire
My Liverpool Connections
Family History, Surnames in my family tree with connections in Liverpool, England, UK.
my swank family line
My site consists the names in my line of Swank family. I will eventually list all Swank surnames associated with my forefathers.
Nadelman Family
National Cultice Family Association
The website is a developing website for the gathering of family members and organization of reunions.
National Society, USAncestors
National Society, USAncestors (NSUSA) was founded in memory of Stephen Thomas Anderson, who died in 1996 as the result of being sprayed by agent orange in Vietnam, to preserve and share his heritage. In the PBS companion book IN SEARCH OF OUR ANCESTORS, his chapter entitled "An Unbroken Bond" shows his family tree. NSUSA welcomes input and partcipation as well as new chapter formation.
Newins Family Genealogy

Nichols Family Tree
Covering histories of Nichols, Avery, Clancy, Weller, Lawrence, Grundset, etc. etc. etc
Nicolas Martiau Descendant Association
Preserving the memory and spirit of Nicolas Martiau and his descendants. Martiau (1591-1657 "Father of Yorktown (VA)" was Captain of Militia, Yorke Shire Justice, Burgess, Military Engineer, Planter,Wine Maker and earliest colonial ancestor of George Washington & Thomas Nelson, Signer of Declaration of Independance.
Nims Family Association
Descendants of Godfrey Nims dating back to the 1600's in Mass. Seven Generations book has been published and is available on the website. Annual family gatherings in various parts of the U.S. Deerfield, Mass Sep 29, 2000 and Salt Lake City in 2001.
Nims Family Association
Descendants of Godfrey Nims dating back to the 1600's in Mass. Seven Generations book has been published and is available on the website. Annual family gatherings in various parts of the U.S. in odd years, Deerfield, Mass even years.
Norton Family Reunion
We are celebrating the 75th Norton reunion in August 12-13, 2006 in East Bethany, New York. This group are descendants of Tischenor and Nancy Ball Norton.
O'Dea Online: Dysert O'Dea Clan Association Home Page
Home Page of the Dysert O'DEA Clan Association, for those with surnames O'DEA, O'DAY, DAY, DEA, DEE and GODWIN. Features a history of the O'DEA Clan, current activities of the Dysert O'Dea Clan Association and application for membership, geneaology forum and Griffith's database of Clan surnames.
O'Hanrahan Clan
Official Irish Clan/Family Association worldwide including Hanrahan, Handrahan, Haran, Haren, Harrahan, Harahan, Henrion, O'Handrahan, O'Harrahan, O'Harahan, O'Henrion, O'Haran, O'Haren, etc.
OKelley Family website devoted to keeping family far and near close to heart. Web Site Design, Illustrations, Family Photos, Events, and outreach to all those that love the Irish in every good american.
Okie Sterling Genealogy
These stories are from my family's oral history and genealogical research. They are presented here so that you may appreciate the rich heritage passed down by our forefathers. My father is from the Sterling family. His roots include Seigrist, Oliver, Ehrhardt, Curry and Nye. My mother is from the Ragains family. Her roots include Sims, Triplett, Carlton, Jackson, Bone, McWilliams and Perkins. The name Okie Sterling Web Page was selected because I was born in Oklahoma and because eight of my ancestral surnames were living in or had lived in either Oklahoma Territory or the Indian Territory when they merged and became the State of Oklahoma.
Olive genealogy
Created to help Olives and relatives to meet and help each other trace their family tree.
Olson-Maitino Family Website
News and genealogical information stemming from the Olson-Maitino families.
Oranges of Virginia
This tree traces the descendants of Louiss Orange of Manakin, Va through the Joshua Orange branch (b.about 1756).
Our Family
Our family members including: Campbell, Busenbark, McGuire, and Storrs.
Our Family History
A website dedicated to researching the surnames of Read, Gruen, Damm, and Mallon using current DNA technologies and Internet resources available to attempt to prove these family connections.
Our Girl Katrine Adina Loranger-Kozlik
Katrine Adina Loranger-Kozlik, ADINA tribute to her mother's deceased half sister. Daughter of Jasmine and Mark Kozlik.
Our Nobles Family
This is an extended family site for the descendants of Joseph Irving Nobles and Caroline E. Smith, George W. Nobles and Sarah Jane Howell, Margaret Conner, or Ella Bullington, John W.I. Nobles and Mary Etta Hobbs or Ida Mae Akins, and their kin.
P*rr*tt Genealogical Society
A one-name genealogical society for all interested in researching variatons of P* name, eg. Parrett, Perrett, Perrott, Porritt, etc
Paddock - Origins, Distribution & Shropshire Connections
Home Page of Rory J.M. Paddock. Informal point of contact for research into the surname Paddock in the British Isles (especially Shropshire).
Pages of Robert Diehl
Family history from 500 AD to the present
Paisie related Families
Paisie -Poesse Related Families web site for communication of family history and events
Papst Family Genealogy
This is the Papst family genealogy site. If you are related to the Papst line drop by and visit our site. sign our message board.
paradisegarden surname
a group on yahoo.about paradisegarten surname
Parker Heritage
Parker Heritage's motto is genealogical preservation and celebration of all Parker families. All Parkers and Parker researchers are invited to participate!
Publisher of family newsletter for descendants of Odile Dumas LeTourneau Parrow.
Parsons Family Association
430 Years of Parsons Family Genealogy. This is a resource site.
Pendley Family USA
Our website is a family history, news, communications and networking resource for the Pendley Family on the internet.
Perelmuter and Langer from Baranovka and Novograd-Wolinsky
This ia web site about genealogy of Perelmiter (Perelmuter) family from Baranovka, Kamenny Brod, Novograd-Volinsky (West Ukraine) and seaching relatives
Peter Burr Society
The Peter Burr Society is seeking to locate the descendants of Peter Burr, 1727 CT - 1795 Berkeley Co, VA (now Jefferson Co, WV) and others who may also be interested.
Petrie Family in Minnesota
Petrie Family news - My three boys - Link to Rootsweb WorldConnect Data for Petrie / Patwell families.
Do you have pictures of your family heritage that are faded,torn or stained and you thought they were lost forever? At Curtis we specialize in restroting your family memories back to you. We belive we will surpass your expectations with our 23 years experience in phot restorations and special effects. Your family pictures will be given the same care as I would give my very own. No job is too difficult in restoring the "memory lane" of your family. Please visit my web page at : or call (541) 998-2179 all sizes from wallet size to 12x18's are priced. No guess work
Platt Family Association
lines of Richard Platt of Milford CT by 1638; Thomas Platt of Burlington NJ by 1712; other Platt lines as well; news; newsletter queries; research.
PLPOW Homepage
PLPOW Descendants Org. is comprised of the descendants of the men/women/children, military and civilian, who were held as POWs during the WBTS, 1863-1865 in Pt. Lookout, MD.
Poindexter Descendants Association
Researching the American descendants of the Poingdestre Family of the Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands.
Polish Genealogy / Genealogia Polska
Dzieje rodów polskich, medycyna naturalna, Add URL
Post Notes Newsletter
Post Notes quarterly (paper) newsletter) for Post/Poste surname. Queries welcome.
Pratsch Network
Pratsch family trees, historical pages, homepages, database, Germans to America, Victims of War
Pressinger family 1700s-1900s: descendants of Edward Pressinger
Pressinger Family descendants of Edward Pressinger 1700s-1900s (including cousins Augustine Pressinger and Thomas Pressinger, with church records & census references) in British Isles & USA.
PUENTENER - Hier finden Sie Informationen über die Püntener (PUENTENER) Familienstiftun
Familienstiftungen und Geschichte der Familie Püntener (PUENTENER)
Ragen family pages
The Ragen family website includes historical documents from our ancestors including the Munk and Geer families.
Ramasa verkkokauppa
Ramasa verkkokauppa t-paita
Randolph CALDECOTT Society UK
Info about Randolph Caldecott RI (1846-1886), Victorian artist & children's book illustrator. Examples of his work; how it influenced Beatrix Potter; where to see & find out more; his Family Tree back to 1300 & forward to 1985.
Raymond Hardy
Contains census information on the Shirland Hardys and comments Also covers the Tuckwoods of Lincolnshire, Bytheways from Dudley and Farehams from Staveley, Derbyshire. Also a 1882 Trial account publised in the Derbyshire Times about Alfred Hardy charged with Sheep stealing.
Reece's Web Site
Gives direct lineage of or can e-mail for information on the following: Gaston's, Daugherty's, Lovinggoods, Hembree's, Worley's, Raper's, Brocks, Reece's, Dockery's, Palmer's, Davis'es.
Reuben and Sarah Morrison Hornsby Family
This site contains information on the Reuben and Sarah Morrison Family. Reuben and Sarah Morrison settled in Texas in 1830 and this site contains the history, geneaology, and pictures dating from the days of the Republic of Texas.
Reynolds Family Association
ABOUT THE REYNOLDS FAMILY ASSOCIATION (RFA) Organized 1892 The Reynolds family in America dates from the year 1622. Coming mainly from the British Isles, several branches of the Reynolds family settled along the Eastern Coast in early colonial times. RFA was organized 23 Aug 1892 by some of the descendants of one of the early Connecticut families. Within a few years, membership had grown substantially and eligibility was broadened to include the several lines of the Reynolds families that settled in colonial New England. Today membership is open to all individuals who are interested in any Reynolds family who settled in America at any time. The name Reynolds was (and is) spelled in a variety of ways throughout history, including McRennels, McReynolds, Raynolds, Rennels, Runnels, Wreynolds, and too many others to list here. PURPOSE - The purpose of RFA was, and is, to: - Develop acquaintance among Reynolds kindred, - Promote recognition of a common ancestry, - Share genealogical information, and - Collect and maintain a permanent record of Reynolds family history. The RFA Archives, the RFA newsletter, Reynolds Recollections, and annual reunions fulfill the purpose of RFA. RFA functions and endures on volunteer time and commitment of individual members to the Reynolds family and its history. A membership fee of $10 per year is required for out-of-pocket expenses of the elected officers and staff. These funds are spent on postage, stationery supplies, computers and supplies, and sometimes the subsidizing of a reunion. RFA ARCHIVES - A goal of the original organizers was to publish a complete volume covering all known branches of their Reynolds families. In the 1920s Marion H. Reynolds published two books on Robert of Boston, one on John of Watertown, and one on John of Norwich CT. The documentation for these works generally were retained by the compiler; therefore, those records are not in RFA. In 1982, RFA published The RFA Centennial Collection, 813 pages with index, of documentation, family histories from the early RFA Annuals (see below), and other items from the Annuals. RFA Annuals - It was also in the 1920s that the decision was made to begin using annuals as a vehicle for continuing publication of the family records, although not published annually. Again, records pertaining to families for the most part, were retained by the compiler after publication of the annual. While RFA has an original or a good copy of each of these Annuals, all are out of now out of print, except the last of them, The 1982 Annual, of which only a few remain. Member Files - Since the 1920s any records in the possession of RFA have been in the custody of the Archivist/Historian, who historically has held this position for a significant length of time, thereby providing care and continuity for these earlier records. The records are mostly in the form of queries, because ancestor charts and family group sheets were not used. Unfortunately, in most instances, there is no documentation. Some of them can be seen to be extracted from a published family history that was not supported by documentation. Because RFA was not given ancestor/descendant charts, there is no way to connect these early members to today's members in most instances. Because most records were handwritten, the process of computerizing the records that do provide genealogical data is a slow, tedious job. REYNOLDS RECOLLECTIONS (RR), a newsletter begun in 1983, published six times a year, is the primary vehicle for dissemination of Reynolds family information. REUNIONS/ANNUAL MEETINGS - Annual reunions, two days of getting to know Reynolds cousins, sharing family information, and participating in RFA business, give life to RFA. Reunions were held annually from 1892 until 1941, when WW II interrupted its activities, and held again in 1947, 1948, and 1950, not to be held again until 1977 when members reunited to reorganize RFA. Reunions have been held from 1979 through 1998, except for 1982, the 78th planned for September 2003 in Williamsburg, Virginia.
Rich Family Association
Who are we? - The RFA was founded in 1965 and was originally for the families of settlers who arrived on Cape Cod in the 1600s. The association now includes many other Rich lines from all over the world. The Rich Family Association accepts membership from anyone with a connection to an ancestor with the surname "Rich." or variations such as Ricci, Richie, Riche, Reich, etc.
Rinkenberger Family Group on Yahoo
Roark-Conner Association Official Website
This is the official site of the Roark-Conner Association. A not-for-profit organization promoting the growth and continued well being of the Roark and Conner families. Surnames include Carr, Conner,Cross, Davenport, Gross, Moon, Palmer, Roark, Shropshire,Scott, Smith, Webb and Witt.
Robert Fleming & Elizabeth Stambaugh
Description :The official website of the Robert Fleming and Elizabeth and Associated Families Reunion and is for all descendants of Robert Fleming who came to America from Ireland and his wife Elizabeth Stambaugh whose family came to Pennsylvania from Kutzenhausen, France
Robert Fleming & Elizabeth Stambaugh
Description :The official website of the Robert Fleming and Elizabeth and Associated Families Reunion and is for all descendants of Robert Fleming who came to America from Ireland and his wife Elizabeth Stambaugh whose family came to Pennsylvania from Kutzenhausen, France
Robinson Family of Hewick Plantation
Web site featuring pictures, articles, etc., of the Robinson family of Middlesex Co., Virginia and Cleasby, Yorkshire, England. Robinson Family Journals, Coat of Arms, Genealogy of the Christopher Robinson, Esq. lineage.
roots research DRIEST and ARHELGER
The site is presenting the actual results of the genealogical research concerning the families DRIEST and ARHELGER. It is written in English and German. By the way you can find many links and tips about genealogy. The project is managed by Roland Arhelger, who lives in Berlin (Germany).
Rosedale Farm
Located on scenic Crowley's Ridge Parkway, 5 minutes from Hemingway Pfeiffer Museum where Ernest Hemingway wrote A Farewell to Arms, Rosedale Farm is surrounded by 16 acres of pastoral fields that speak from a time long ago.
Roughton-Maas Family
Genealogical history of the descendants of Enoch Roughton and related families as well as the Maas family, who emigrated to the United States from Texel, The Netherlands at the end of the 19th century.
Rowley Research
Over 2,000 pages of Rowley-related research data, including descendancy charts, censuses 1790 up, abstracts of military pensions incl. Civil War, photos, marriages, etc. As of 2004, in its eighth year. Over 100 researchers subscribing to Rowley-Family list.
History of an origin of surname Rtishchev, arms Rtishchev, the guest book, forum. In Russian.
Sabin Family Online Library
Official Web Site for the descendants of William Sabin. In the three hundred and fifty years that have passed since the first record of William Sabin in Massachusetts some 20,107 Sabin descendants have populated the United States.
Our site is to assist fellow genealogy researchers in their quest for family tree answers.
Sam B and Carolann Stanton StJohn Family Site
Genealogy of St.John, Stanton, Bedsole, Rowe; Steadman, Beasley, Davis, Wermuth, Zorn, Underwood, Day, McClain; Hartzog, Lee, Condrey, Nelson (Neilson), Bumpus, Williams, Standlee. You never know when you shake a family tree who will fall out! Carolann Stanton StJohn 1105 Edgewater Dr Naperville IL 60540-7404
Sanders, Miles, Stapleton, Barnett
It is records of the living and deceased. It is pedigree charts and family of Sanders,Miles,Stapleton,McCartney,Barnett,Corley,Corely,Windham and many other families mainly settleing in Louisiana.
Scarry Family Homepage
My page deals with my immediate family and searching for other Scarry family members from Ireland. It gives some family history and has some documents.
Schuck Family Letters and Trip Reports
A 20-year series of letters and trip reports with photos written to describe the Schuck family adventures in Europe and the United States.
Schuck Family     Washington Branch
Home Pages of the Schuck Family - Washington Branch
Scott Blue Ribbon Group
This website commemorates the life and descendants of Joseph Scott. Mr. Scott and members of his family were about to arrive at their new homeland on the Texas frontier when they were shipwrecked on a sandbar at the mouth of the Brazos River on March 31, 1931.
Scottish Heritage Society
Purpose is to promote a geater awareness of our Scottish heritage and to research Scotland's history and culture.
Searching the Web at 80.
various details about family members and photos of some.
Self - Selfe - Selph
As a member of the Guild of One Name Studies, it is our task to seek out all the known data of the Self family worldwide, including the meanings of the name, location of family members everywhere, concensus of having a free on-line newsletter, etc...
Self Family Newsletter
A quarterly publication by and for the Self, Selfe, and Selph families of the world with over 110 pages per year Founded in 1982, with membership near 300. Family chat room, extensive E-mail programme, sponsor of researcher gatherings, 4,000 marriages, and much more.
Sgt. William Harlow Family Association
The Sgt. William Harlow Family Association web page is designed to communicate to our cousins and guest who would like more information about us. We are the descendants of Sgt. William Harlow (1624/5 - 1691) of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The association has been organized since 1939 and we hold an annual reunion in Plymouth every August. We have published a five generation book and a second book is being started. Please visit us for more information about the Harlow's from Massachusetts.
Shaifer Web
This is our Shaifer Family site that features history and links to our family reunion web site.
Shakin The Family Tree
Kirby's, Craft's Mullican's Roberts
ShepherdWeb - A Shepherd family genealogy experience!
ShepherdWeb is a Shepherd family genealogy experience researching the Shepherd surname back to Kentucky and beyond. John, Jacob, David, Brice "Flitterfoot" and forward the site is packed full of historic photos and Shepherd family datalinks!
Sidlin Family Web Site is the genealogy web site and Internet hub for the Sidlin families of the world.
Sisson family photos
Daniel Wright Sisson and family. Some quite old photos of family I would like to share as these may be of interest to other relatives I do not know.
Site dos Piragibes
Site about the PIRAGIBE family, located mostly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Site généalogique famille NITHART origine: Alsace
This site, in french, deals with Alsacian history, chiefly villages of Eschentzwiller, Rixheim, Riedisheim, regional wars/events between 14th and 18th century. Genealogy of NITHART
SMITH-TAYLOR and Allied Families Association
The STAFA data files cover the ANCESTORS and DESCENDANTS of Charles Jacob Smith and Christopher Sylvestor Taylor and the wives.
The Smithson Family Exchange replaced the
Smith_McCellan's Of Carroll Cnty. Miss.
The Smith_McCellan site is a brief genealgy of one John Douglas Smith and some of his decendants from Culpeper Va 1803 till the present time
Snelson And Lasalle Homepage
This is a site dedicated to my family and my wifes family.There is a family tree for each of our families and and a few pictures here and there.
Snelson Family History Society
The Snelson Family History Society is a non profit organisation assisting researchers worldwide with the development of their SNELSON family history.
Socolovitch Family Website
The Socolovitch (Sokolowicz) family website dedicated to family near and far.
Souders Family News
Sowash - Soash - Sauvage Family
This family association is supported by descendants of Johannes H. Sauvage (born ca. 1698) in the Alsace-Lorraine Region. He immigrated with his family aboard the Winter Galley, arriving 05 Sep 1738. He purchased land in Berks County, PA. on 20 Mar 1743. He died in Berks County, PA. in 1761. His son Heinrich used the Americanized surname Sowash.
Sowby Spotlights
My site is to provid different family branches with updates throughout the branches as well as genealogy.
Family members for Spell & Vinson families.
Stancliff Family Homepage
Descendants of James Stanclift of Middletown, Connecticut
Steel Family Home Page
A family page with a link to a family tree for STILL,of Kent, England PHILLIPS, of Cornwall and Durham, England and several ofshoots.
Steeles in TN, KY, AL
Genealogical Data: Steele, Starrett, Others - TN, KY, AL, IN, MI 1850-2000
Surname searches, family searches, ancestry searches, complete genealogy searches at the GENEALOGY GATEWAY!
Find your family and realted information among thousands listed at this website.
I have worked on my Genealogy for over 8 years. And have connected with over 150 cousins. This Tree is from England, New York, New Jersey, Southold, NY. Anyone with these surnames is bound to find something of interest on my website. And connect to other cousins. Disregarding this invitation with lead to losing out on much information. Sincerely, Bettie
TASSET Tree Trunks Family Association and Database
TASSET Tree Trunks Family Association and Database is the genealogical homeplace for all members of the TASSET family within the United States and all other locations throughout the world. Contact us for more information on our association and TASSET Tree Trunks e-mail newsletter.
TAYLOR TALK AND FORE FRONT A genealogical newsletter in it's twentieth year of publication.  Created for the Taylor and Fore Family's with roots in Virginia. THE FORE-RANEY-TAYLOR GENEALOGICAL CENTER 9501 Thomas Jefferson Highway Charlotte Court House, VA. 2392
Tenney Family
Links to national association of Tenney and early Rowley, MA settlers and their descendants. Free newsletter with membership.
The Annis Family Association
Association dedicated to the preservation and geneaological research of the Annis/Annes/Annas surname
The Antrim Family Newsletter
The Antrim family Newsletter places Antrim family Histoty from readers and other records into the Antrim Family News 4 times a year. 2 times a year we place new Antrim family links to the Antrim family data base.
The Beach Family Journal Home Page
Gedcom files, articles, notes and other information of interest to descendants of RICHARD, JOHN and THOMAS BEACH of Colonial New Haven, Connecticut.
The Beatty Project 2000
The Beatty Project 2000 is a private association of more than 250 Beatty (all spellings) descendants and researchers organized to promote research and documentation on Beatty family history. We've collected more than 250 unconnected Beatty lineages, dating from the 1500s to the present with Beattys documented in the UK and Ireland, Europe, North America, Mexico, South America, Australia and New Zealand.
The Binns Family
A collection of a variety of data relating to the Binns Family including censuses, family trees, wills,and Parish Records
The Blosser Family
The Blosser Family
The Boucher Bunch
The Boucher Bunch is a small, but rapidly growing group of various Boucher cousins and other Boucher descendants who are primarily searching for their ancestry in Virginia and possibly Pennsylvania. But we welcome all interested Boucher researchers to join our group regardless of where your Boucher line originated!
The Boylan Webportal
Boylan Family Webportal
BRADT/BRATT CONNECTIONS: Over the years, a large number of spelling changes have occurred. Almost all Bradt's and a large percentage of Bratt’s and Brott’s are descended from the two Bratt brothers. Many Vanderzee’s and a few Brodt’s, Broat’s, Brad’s, Bradd’s, Van Brott’s, and Van Bradt’s are also direct descendents.
The Bristol Family Association
A site for families named Bristol, not places named Bristol
The Brobst/Probst Family

The Brubaker Families of America
Website containing an overview and history of the Brubaker Families in North America. Included are origins, history, and our annual family reunion information.
The Childers-Childress Family Association
The purpose of the Association is to promote research and to preserve the history of our families. We are using previously published books, monographs, family papers, family bibles, and other literature for our files to increase our database for the common good and preservation of the history of the Family.
The Clan MacThomas Society
This is the official website of the Clan MacThomas Society, as authorized by the Chief of the Clan, and the Ruling Council. There are other websites which provide information about MacThomas, but we cannot vouch for their accuracy.
The Coster Connection
The Coster Family of Gunmakers
The Crandall Familly Association
genealogy site for information on all the crandalls who decend from John Crandall of Westerleigh, Gloucestershire England
The Cross Family Website
A meeting place for friends and family!
The Curtin Clan Genealogical and Family Centre
The authoritative site on Curtin Genealogy including links to other Curtin/Curtain sites, the Curtin Clan Association, and Irish research sites and many other features, message boards, etc.
the Days of Burghfield family history website
the Family history website of the Day family of Burghfield, Berkshire, UK
The Dennis Jerome McDermott Family
site shows the immediate children and grandchildren of Connel Murtaugh McDermott and his wife Allie Ona Magruder McDermott, including pictures, etc...
The Dorland and Van Dorland genealogical website
A Dutch Genealogical page about the Dorland and Van Dorland family. The family book and its presentation. Contains both dutch and american genealogy. Site is in English as well as in Dutch.
The Dr. James Ford Historic Home
The Dr. James Ford Historic Home in Wabash, Indiana opened in March 2005 as a 19th century living-history house museum. It is also a repository and archive of letters, photographs, documents, Civil War letters, and artifacts from the Dr. James Ford and William Johnson Ford families of Wabash.
The Ernst-Goodrich-Walker Clan from Canada and beyond
Descendants of Johann Christian Ernst from 1724 through today. Much more work to be done, but I am grateful for the information others have shared with me.
The Families of Poggioreale, Sicily
History and Customs of Families that originated in Poggioreale, Sicily
The Families Of Samuel Caruthers Job(e) Sr.
The Families of Samuel Caruthers Job(e) Sr. from Marshall and Lincoln Counties, Tennessee.
The Family "v. Seidlitz und v. Seydlitz" Website
This infomative site describes tasks and functions of the von Seydlitz Family association. Roots, history and historically important persons of this famous German noble family are mentioned.
The Family History of the Wickware & Wickwire Families
A group of Wickwar, Wickware, & Wickwire family members researching the genealogy of the family, and updating a family history book. All people interested in the history of this family are welcome. We have a newsletter and mail list as well as the website.
The FIG Tree News
We are a resource for Fenton family researchers from all over the world. The FIG Tree News was started in 1994 and has been available since that time to help everyone researching the Fenton family name.
The Fleiss, the whole Fleiss and nothing but the Fleiss
This is the Fleiss family website.
The Friedrich Family
The Friedrich Family website is an overview of my family life.
The Gilliam Family - Geneology, Newsletter, Links, etc.
This section contains geneological information for the Gilliam family, cemeteries, photos, and a monthly newsletter.
The GLYNN Family
Descendants of Patrick GLYNN (1828-1904) and Bridget KELLY (1830-1907) in Niagara Falls Canada and beyond.
The Graham Family Home Page(s)
Welcome to the Graham Family Homepages ... home of all things Graham throughout the World Wide Web. This website serves as a gathering place for the Graham family. This is where we post our news, show our pictures, do all the neat things that Brother George and Marcie do every year in August at the family reunion --- on the internet.
The Gregoire Family
A Gregoire family website based on The Gregoire Family of Woonsocket, RI. Information, links, pictures and family gathering information.
The Hinders Family
This site is being used to track down the HINDERS of the world. (Because I still do not have much information it is also my home page.) If you are a hinders please check it out.
The History Tree Magazine
The History Tree is a new children's magazine that focuses on history and genealogy. It is currently seeking submissions for its first issues. The magazine will incorporate short stories and educational articles by professionals, but the majority of the magazine will be composed of children's work: short stories, memoirs, poetry, artwork, etc. For more information, please visit our website!
The Hogans of Chippewa County, Wisconsin
Descendents of John Hogan and Bridget Ahern of Chippewa County, Wisconsin. Children Mary, Michael, Johanna, Patrick, John, William, James, Thomas. Surnames Sheehy, Sugars, Manning, Donovan, Manuel, Dayton, Harrington, Motherwell. Photos, history, descriptive letter.
The Horowitz Families Association
The Horowitz Families Association goals is to collect and document information about the Horowitzes in the history , and to make connections between the various family branches. The Association holds conferences and study days, organizes visits to places with family connections, publishes material on historical subjects and initiates various activities intended to perpetuate the family heritage amongst the younger generation and the new immigrant population. The main publications of the Association are: a newsletter "Yedion", and a yearbook "Beth Horowitz" including articles and reports on personalities and events related to members of Horowitz Families.
The House of Goldstraw of Whitecairns
An unabashed celebration (in true Scots style) of the Heraldry of the House of Goldstraw of Whitecairns
The House of Jossey-Josey
This is a web site for all Jossey-Josey members to keep up to date on the news and reunion information for all interested Jossey-Josey relatives
The Jesse Family
My site has pictures and certificates related to The Jesse Family of Southern California.
The Kielty Clan Association Official Website
The Kielty Clan Website looks at the Kielty surname and the American Experience of the Patrick Kielty Family from County Mayo Ireland to Allamakee County Iowa, USA
The Kowalski Family Website
Meet the Kowalski's from NJ, thier 5 children and their growing number of grandchildren. View the photo album, wallpapers, links, guestbook and general information on the whereabouts and activities of the family.
The Larsen, Olson, Bye, Thoresen, Johannesen Family.
Family homepage of the Johannesen, Bye, Larsen, Olson, Thoresen Family. Visit the site to learn if you are in our family.
The Leaves of My Tree
Family tree website of Victoria Andersen, with roots in Norway, Austria (Gottschee), Canada, England, and Ireland. Over 100 surnames such as Andersen, Dawson, Haggerty, Schmuck, Erker, Sterbenz, Stalzer, Dunnigan, et...
The lost tribe of de Vallenger
Trying to locate others who share the family-name de Vallenger.
The Martin’s Family from Franconia-Bavaria, Germany
The Martin Family originated from Franconia - Bavaria in Germany. The known roots are going back to Helmstadt (1605), Trennfeld (1652), Erlenbach (1878) and many more places in Germany. Members of the family moved to Australia (since 1864) and many to America / USA (since 1840)
The Monnett Family Genealogy: An Update
The Monnett Family Genealogy is an update to the Monnet Family Genealogy by Orra E. Monnette, focusing on the descendents of Abraham and Catherine Braucher Monnett of Marion County Ohio.
The Moore Family
A short story of Henry and William Moore and their wives: Adams, Bisel and Baker. Also has lists of children and years of birth.
This site has historical and genealogical information for descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen Bradt (Bratt) and friends. Anyone interested in the activities or publications of the Bradt Family should visit. The family name has other forms, such as Vanderzee, Van Bradt, Bradd, Brott, Brodt, Brought, and many more.
The Origins of The Leeds Family
The Leeds Family
The Page-Nelson Society of Virginia
The Page-Nelson Society of Virginia is a organization whose membership can document bloodline descent from Colonel John Page (1627-1692) and/or the Honorable Thomas Nelson (1677-1745), both of York County, Virginia.
The Pioneer Harris Family of North-Central Arkansas
This site is for the decendents and possible decendents of four brothers and one sister: Henry Bibb Harris, James Adams Harris, Richard B. Harris, Elizabeth Harris Tinnin, and Augustus W. Harris. They were settled in Izard and Stone Counties, Arkansas before 1820.
The Richard Fancher Society of America
The Richard Fancher Society, originally established in 1948 by John Kenner Fancher of Conner, Arkansas and Judge Frank Trigg Fancher of West Palm Beach, Florida, is a family organization dedicated to genealogical research and the preservation of accurate family history.
The Robert Mackay Clan
Robert Mackay Sr. was a Quaker pioneer settler who lived in what is now Warren County, VA and has many descendants who live in Virginia and Ohio and other parts of the country.
The Rodney D. Fair Family of Brighton, Colorado
Fair family of Butler, Pennsylvania and relatives
The Royal House of Hall
This site is an oral history of the a Family living in Fayette County, TN. Surnames of these families are Baily, Cooper, Ealy, Hall, Johnson, Montague, and Woolridge.
The Rutledge Family Association
Everything for Rutledge (Routledge and other spellings)researchers. Includes: Family Group Sheets, downloadable GEDCOMs, Maps, Photos, Census records, Queries, Court Records, etc. You name it, it's here. Come share with us!
The SCHAFBUCH Family Heritage Site
Central collection and distribution center for any/all information on the SCHAFBUCH family lines and other related family connections.
The Semple Family Society
A web site for those with the names semple, sempill, sempel, sample and derivations.
The Sheegog Family
We are all over the world. When you hear the name Sheegog, rest assure that it is a name you'll never forget. As the story is told, around the mid 1800s, an Irish settler name Colonel Robert Sheegog brothers made thier homes in three areas of the US. Southwest, Mid South and the Eastern region. Through research we have found Sheegogs all over the US and beyond of various races. If you were born here, chances are you're a direct link to one of the brothers. If you're a Sheegog or know someone who is, please tell them about this site. We want all who are part of this family name to connect no matter where you are in the world. Tell us who you are by visiting our directory and news page. We will keep you informed of all events and family news through this site!
The Shipleys of Maryland
The Shipleys of Maryland is an organization of the descendants of Adam Shipley, an Englishman who came to Maryland in 1668 and settled in Anne Arundel county. Membership is open to all descendants of Adam Shipley. We publish a newsletter, hold an annual family picnic, and an annual luncheon. We published an extensive 3 volume, 2400 page geneology book in 2002. Please visit our site!
The Silva Family Web site
The Silva Family from New Mexico. Please visit our web site for genealogy information on the Silva surname and our family.
The Soenksen Families was created to have a FREE place to listing our family trees, photos and histories.
The Streeter Family Association
The Streeter Family Association is an international non-profit organization for anyone who descends from any Streeter family.
The Studd Family History
The Studd Family History site intends to bring together people researching the Studd Family name and Family history's in general, with tips, advice and links to site's that will help and aid them.
The Swackhamer-Dufford Genealogical Society
For the descendants of Samuel Schwachammer (Swackhamer) who in 1732 settled in Long Valley, NJ and Phillip Dufford (DuFourd) who settled there in 1738.
Website for the history and genealogy of THE TALPASH FAMILY in Europe, in USA, in Canada - also TALPASZ, TAWPASH, TALPAS
The Thomas Stanton Society
A site for The Thomas Stanton Society family organization
The Timen Stiddem Society
A family association for the descendants of this immigrant from Sweden in the 17th century to New Sweden (Wilmington), Delaware. Surnames: Stidham, Stedham, Steadham, and others.
The Tippy Page
The Tippy Page is about the begining of our family in the United States. It starts in England as the Tipping family, continues in Germany as the Tippa family and finally the Tippy family in the United States.
The Versteegt family site
This site contains a lot of information about the Versteegt/Ver Steegt family. With also a lot of genealogy.
The Voss - Kereszturi family history
Welcome to the Voss - Kereszturi family History. I've included many surnames on this website, The Kereszturi family go's back to 1690 in Visk Hungary. The Voss family has been found in Deutschland abt 1755. Sublette family members have been found back to France in 1544. The Warnke family from Meckleburg, Schwerin Germany abt 1830's Below are links to other family members websites So I hope you enjoy this site and "Happy Hunting".
The Weeping Willow Tree
Family tree starting with me and going back as far as we can.
The Whittaker Family
We have a range of Family photos, contact emails, history page and guest book. Please let us know your details and we will add them to the site.
The Wiltsey Way
The Wiltsey Way is a family newsletter for anyone with a Wiltsey (including variants) in their family tree.
It is the historys and genealogy of the Bigler Family of Mark Bigler born 1705 to now.
Thomas and Langley Family Tree
Ancestors of Albert Thomas of Blaenau Ffestiniog, articles on John Tyson, Samuel Jones, Rev John Jones Talysarn, ancestors of William Evan Langley of Staffordshire, other names Brailsford, Eyre, Jones, Lloyd. Mention of John Jones siblings emmigration to Wisconsin.
Thomas Howes 1637 Family Association
Dedicated to Learning, Sharing, and Preserving the History of Descendants (twelve + generations) of Thomas and Mary (Burr) Howes and their three sons - Joseph(1630), Thomas(1634), and Jeremiah(1637). Thomas and family landed in Salem, Ma. from Norwich ?, England about 1637, moved Yarmouth, now Dennis, Cape Cod about 1638, to farm and oversee the land granted by the King's Governor. This site has also united many 'lost' cousins. Many pages of Howes ancestorial history, articles, genealogy
Thompson Family Magazine
A website dedicated to the descendants of Thompson families as documented in The Thompson Family Magazine Researched, Edited and Published by Beverly M. Stercula Certified Genealogist
Thstledew at Belle Mead
Brief family histories of Bryce, Colquhoun, Marsh, Kitchin, Moore, O'Loughlin, Somerset County's Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church.
Family site with geneology information specific to our family "Thurstenson". We have our extended family tree and a geneology contact for more information.
Toenshoff Family
MeetingPlace for all members of the "Toenshoff" Family international with historical information of our family. Get connected!
Tom Tyo's Homepage
Welcome to Tom Tyo's Home Page, visit me and my family, my photographs and pictures from our old days at Cortez High School along with the 4X State Champion Peoria High School wrestling program
Tommy Markham's Genealogy and History Home Page
Genealogical History of the Markham, Lee, Fuqua, Hardy, Watts, Leslie and Lowry Families of Virginia, with Pictures of the Family and Historical Sites of that Area.
Tompkins family History
Links with the TOMPKINS Family from West Dorset ENGLAND
Towne Family Association, Inc.
Non profit family association organized in 1980. Annual meeting of descendants of William Towne arrived in Salem MA around 1640 from Great Yarmouth England. Membership of 550. 2004 meeting to be in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Twigs, Roots and Branches
LARY, SUTTON, CARPENTER and MCVAYE from Jones Co., GA to TX to OK. 1800-present. Family history. Additional information by mail at
Site for anyone interested in the history of the Tymon family name.
Tyrer - Adgey Family History
A history of the Tyrer, Adgey lines and associated families, including: Hampson, Lawless, Barton, Simon, Lowe, Owens, Davies, Hughes, Ball, Neuman, Farrell and Peunell.
U.K. Sheldon Family History
Resources for the research of the Sheldon surname in the U.K
UK-Genes. Find information about your Genes, Friends, Family and
Welcome to UK-Genes. Find information about your Genes, Friends, Family and Ancestry. Re-unite yourself with your roots
Ultimate Family Reunion - Founding Families of Stonington, Connecticut
A Reunion of the Founding Families of Stonington, Connecticut. 360th year Celebration, 1649-2009. Scheduled for 2009.
USA Online County Records
Start discovering the United States county records instantly over the internet.
varney family
my site is looking for any relationships of the VARNEY family. my father is not with me any longer and trying to find info.
Veazey-Veasey Web Site
This site follows the rolling pattern of migration the Veazey-Veasey family has followed from it's origins in Maryland in the mid-1600's across the country. While there are no genealogical charts on this site, there is a wealth of information about the various groups and reunions held since 1993.
Vereniging Bevrijdingskinderen
De Vereniging Bevrijdingskinderen biedt sinds 1984 hulp aan nakomelingen van militairen uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog bij het zoeken naar hun biologische vader en / of familie.
Vern Toler's Home Page
Open web page,History of family names connected to Toler, McKechnie, Sansom, Short, Overton, Smith, Echols, Davis, Petrell, Gonzalez, Hart, Lusk, Gianocca
Vernie's Genealogy
A site containing information, links, photo's, history, and connections between the following surnames-- Griner Lewis Arnold Vickers Raulerson Smith Fountain Manning and Crews. There are many other surnames included.
Vitamin Supplements
Offers advanced vitamins and supplements.
Vorster in South Africa
All Vorster families in South Africa also those that migrated are welcome to join this group.
Walrath Family Association Newsletters
All Walrath Family Newsletters from #1 to the most current issue have been scanned and saved as *.jpg files. This includes surnames: WALRATH/WALLRATH/WALRAD/WALLRAD/WALROD/WALROTH/WALRADT and many other less-frequently used spelling variants.
Watkins Family History Society
Watkins Family Newsaletter. If you would like to have your own personal copy of the Newsletter you can download it as a Acrobat Reader PDF file.
Wauchope Centennial
the celebration of the foundation 100 years ago
Website van familie Ros
Ros Zier Teunis Scheveningen Holland
Welcome to ElliottNest
ElliottNest is the on-line reunion for the descendants of Hugh Elliott! The descendants of Hugh Elliott and Jane Jamison have been gathering annually for a reunion since 1944. This Elliott Family has been centered in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina since 1750.
Welcome to our Place on the Web
A web page about my life in Fairbanks, Alaska, includes family information and lots of photos, especially of places, scenes and animals in Alaska; Christmas letters, etc.
Welcome to!
A free site where families can post messages, create scrapbooks, trade recipes, create photo albums and more.
Welcome to the Bassetts Web Site!
The online resource for all members of the Bassett family. Reunion news, family photos, e-mail, chat, family member information and more.
Welcome To The Trimby Family Tree
My site is a Trimby Family Tree dating back to 1560 and growing all the time
Welcome to the Wadley Family Web Page
Welcome to the Wadley Family Web Page. Here you can see photos of the family and read about our lagoon vacation.
Welkom op onze ukkepuks eigen website
Tamara Ulens en Bror de Jonck zijn blij jullie de komst van hun kleine spruit mede te delen.
Wells family
Wells family from 1790 in Essex County and the Staerck family from Germany about 1710
Wenzlick Family of New Zealand
In 1865, A group of Bohemians left Littitz, Bohemia, for a new homeland in New Zealand. This is their story.....
Whitehouse Family History Centre
The Whitehouse Family History Centre is the top worldwide resource for genealogy/family history information about this name. Free searches are provided by the operator, Keith Percy. To submit an enquiry see instructions on website.
Wild Rhododendrons
A family history of the Worlands, Gideons, Millers, Conards and other colonists of St.Mary's, Maryland.
Wildes Family of Georgia
The purpose here is to exchange information regarding the rich history of this family. We all descend from Max Wildes believed to be from Scotland. He moved to Georgia around 1812 and began a life as a farmer and started a family. In June 1836, the family was attacked by Seminole Indians, angry at the white folks for taking over their land and sending them out of Georgia. This was just prior to the "Trail of Tears." Four brothers survived, Reuben, Jesse, James, and John.
Wiley Family History Project
Explores the Scots-Irish history, heraldry and origins of the Wylie/Wiley families. Features articles, biographies, discussion groups, e-books and genealogy reference information.
Wilkins/Wilkens Genealogy Links
Find Wilkins & Wilkens researchers worldwide and links and information to Wilkins genealogy and history, Wilkins in the U.S. Civil War, an online Wilkins photo album of 19th century pictures, famous Wilkins names and other fun stuff.
Williams-Riley Family Tree
This is an African American Family Tree. A record of my family I am researching. Hoping Others who are searching for some of the same family members might see it and contact me.
Willibald Schulte
Current family events, historical oversights, and links involving the Willibald Schulte descendants in Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, and Montana.
Wilsons of Tennessee
Wilsons of Tennessee quarterly (paper) newsletter. Info and index of articles above. Queries welcome.
Witt's End Newsletter
Witt's End quarterly (paper) newsletter for Witt/Whitt/Whit surname. Info and index at link above. Queries welcome.
Wood Surname History and Family Tree of 1532-2000
Wood Surname history and Family tree
Worthington 17th Century Project
The Worthington 17th Century Project has been formed with the express object of searching for all references to Worthingtons in the 17th century world wide. From the information generated to establish genealogies of Worthington lines throughout the 17th century and connect them to known lines of the 16th and earlier centuries.
Wortman Word Newsletter: Wortman genealogy, Workman genealogy, Wortmann genealogy,
A quarterly family newsletter about Wortman, Workman and Wortmann families. Includes articles about genealogy, reunions, family stories, and news, etc.
Wrigley Family of Kosciusko County Indiana
Notes and Research for those related to the Wrigley Family of Kosciusko County, Indiana - Descendants of Thomas Wrigley
Yell_n Family Association
Yell_n Family Association. Any of the following spellings: Yellen, Yellin, or Yellon can be used in the URL. Exchange current and historical family information (biographies, pictures, newsletters, etc); exchange genealogical information and GEDCOM files.
Yerkes Family Information
This is a forum were people from the yerkes family can come and post information and ask questions about the Yerkes family.
Zigelboim, Krotman and Kamm Families Home
This site contains our family tree, family photo albums, and other material related to our family history and our roots including genealogy info and the "shteitle" Rejwiec, Poland
Doverspike Related Family Search