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A Genealogy Directory Topic: Wills & Probate
Subject-based guide to web content and sites, including articles, transcriptions and databases -- both free and commerical.
Anglia Research
International and UK people search and genealogy services. Whether you are looking for the beneficiary of an intestacy, the current owner of a title deed or dormant bank account, or the subject of an iconic 1940s photograph, we can help.
Bayou is dedicated to the preservation of the Acadian/Cajun heritage and contains many records of those families, including, Thibodeaux, LeBlanc, Trahan and more!
Collecting on an Estate - a case study in bureaucracy
Penny Spencer describes the frustrating experience she had with collecting on a relative's estate, and provides some advice for others.
Estate of Alfred SLUSHER (1807-1875)
Transcripts of Ford County, IL, documents regarding probate of the estate of Alfred SLUSHER (b 17 Apr 1807 VA - d 10 Sep 1875 Ford Co., IL).
Dyestuff, Acid dyes, Reactive dyes, Direct dyes, Leather, Colours, Colorants, Printing, Paper dyes, Bacis dyes, Wool dyes, Light fast
LA - Acadia Parish Louisiana Resources
Index of Acadia parish Probate records about 1887 thru 1997.
Maltez Genealogy Site > José Luís da Silva Maltez
A Genealogical website about Sebastião da Silva Maltez'genealogy and also a meeting place for people surnamed Maltez. Avaiable in english, portuguese and swedish">
Massachusetts Probate Records - Massachusetts Genealogy
Links to actual record sources for Massachusetts Probate Records organized by counties and cities
Susan Catherine (JUDY) SLUSHER 1841-1934
Information from will and Fayette County, Ohio, probate records of Susan Catherine (JUDY) SLUSHER (b 1841 Pendleton Co., VA/WVA - d 1934 Fayette Co., OH).
The Dorland and Van Dorland genealogical website
A Dutch Genealogical page about the Dorland and Van Dorland family. The family book and its presentation. Contains both dutch and american genealogy. Site is in English as well as in Dutch.
The Index to Texas Probate Records
The Index to Texas Probate Records currently contains 26,000 records that date between 1836 and 1940.
TXGenWeb Crane County, Texas, genealogy records
Index of Crane County, Texas, Probate Minutes 1917-1998.
Union County, Oregon Research
Tells what I look up at the courthouse including probate, divorce, marriage and other misc. records
Welsh Ancestors Research Service
We offer a Family History & Probate research service in Wales & England, UK.
Westmorland, England - Abstracts of Wills
Westmorland, England - Abstracts of Wills - and any other probate documents for this area - contributions welcome!