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Subject-based guide to web content and sites, including articles, transcriptions and databases -- both free and commerical.
"van Matre Ancestry"
My site deals with information regarding genealogy research on my ancestors: Vanmeteren/Vanmeter/Vanmetre/Vanmatre, which resulted in my writing a book entitled "Van Matre Ancestry".
1805 Georgia Land Lottery
Official site of new book about 1805 Georgia Land Lottery. Read the full introduction, search the index, view sample pages, discuss the Georgia land lotteries, and buy the book.
1st stop to get Everton's Handy Book for Genealogists.
This is a must have book for all genealogists. If you buy only one book to have at home for reference, this is the one you need. Gives you important information about the formation dates of counties, county map of each state, where to write for records in each county. My favorite reference book.
Dingle and County Kerry Ireland related books and maps.
A Drifter's Legacy
Anthology of award-winning Scottish and English Short Stories. Read some for free.
A Greek-American Family
The protoype for an interactive site for readers of upcoming book entitled "A Greek-American Family: From Catastrophes & Firing Squads to Southern Hospitality".
A Sacred Memory
Our collection of folios is about recording memories for loved ones. A Sacred Memory womans folio is for any milesone event in a womans life. Be it birthday, grad, wedding, baby events, retirement. A Life Celebration for men and women to celebrate the life.. Milesones or transistion of someone dear.
Abacus - The Best In The West
Lots of Wisconsin history here! We also have help for beginning family historians and fundraising ideas. Genealogy - Genealogy Bookstore
A complete Genealogy Resource guide with a genealogy bookstore full of the best in genealogy (includes descriptions), as well as original content, weekly features, genealogy humor, news, chat, forums, surveys, and a library of quality genealogy links and resources - hand-picked, organized and annotated by an expert.
Absolutely Family!
ABSOLUTELY FAMILY! is a book for genealogists, family historians, or folks who want to keep their far-flung families connected. It about family newsletters--how to use them as a powerful family history tool, how to make them fun and interesting, and how to involve the whole family in the project. Check it out!
Alabama Genealogical Research Books
Genealogical research books on marriage records in the following Alabama counties: Barbour, Coffee, Dale, Geneva, and Houston.
Ancestry Corner
Ancestry Corner features Arkansas books for sale and we also offer free forms online!
Ancestry of Robert P. Eldredge
This website provides a description and a PDF download of the326 page book which documents the author's family through 20 generations, including branching families. Surnames include: Almy, Bonney, Brewster, Brower, Carman, Childes, Conkling, Ditmars, Eldred, Eldredge, Hallett, Hartley, Hicks, Hodgkin, Hotchkiss, Hunt, Hutchings, Jackson, Ledbetter, Miller, Mott, Powell, Rapalie, Remsen, Rogers, Seaman, Starr, Titus, Townsend, Unthank, Van Duyn, Washburne, Whittel, Winthrop, Wood
Armine-Edicutlture Editions
Catalogue et Commande en Ligne des Editions Armine-Ediculture. Editions Culturelles, Historiques, poesie, histoire
Axion Press
Sell 7-8 books at or below printing cost on 30-40 surnames. Books indexed, extensively illustrated, some in color, bibliographies, sources. Eventually will post genealogy databases also. Jay Norwalk, author, publisher, researcher
Bach Genealogy in Breathitt County, Kentucky
Documented genealogy of the Bach (Back) family from Breathitt County, KY and Culpeper County, VA. This family does NOT descend from Hermann Bach from Little Fork. This book proves the accurate genealogy of the family.
Baltimore County Historical Society
Baltimore County Historical Society Library provides research facilities and researcher services ($15.00/hr.) for persons interested in Baltimore County history and family history.
Bays Family History: Descendants of Thomas Bays (1798-1886)
Bays Family History: Descendants of Thomas Bays (1798-1886). A book reporting more than 1300 descendants of Thomas Bays, the son of John Franklin Bays and Mary Ann Knight. Includes collateral family Abbott, Ashworth, Blake, Childers, Hobbs, Jensen, Linigar, Radford, Reese, Sheehan, Stowers, Tarr, Treadway, Wass, and Wood.
Beajo( Books and Music)
We have children's Books, games, reading, chat-room and interactive character. Music: Rock muisc and Video.
Between Galicia and Hungary: The Jews of Stropkov
...a beautifully written Holocaust memorial book about the Jews of Stropkov, Slovak Republic. Many Jewish genealogists have memorialized members of their family murdered in the Holocaust. The narrative is a history of the Jews of Stropkov, from their first presence about 1640 to 1945. Particular emphasis is on life just before the Holocaust and the events during the Holocaust. Ms. Amsel went a step further and not only memorialized the Amsels of Stropkov, but all the Jews of Stropkov.
Bible Art in Prints, Books, Music, Men's Neck Ties, Videos
County histories and genealogical books for sale and WWI draft cards from 1917/1918 photocopied for the counties of Cameron, Hidalgo, and Starr in Texas, and Livingston in Illinois.
Blackledges in America
"Blackledges in America" (ISBN 0-9722704-0-X ) is a genealogy of Blackledge/Blacklidge descendants with family roots in the United States of America. It is the most extensive genealogy and history ever of the Blackledge/Blacklidge family in the USA. The book represents over 30 years of research captured in 900 pages: some 9000 descendants, most with genealogical narratives. The compilers are currently developing a Second Edition, expected to be published in 2012 as a collection of Portable Document Format (PDF) files on Compact Disc (CD).
Blaenavon birth place of steel and sacrifice
This is a site about a new book about Blaenavon. After 4 years of research it incorporates many names and families in the true story about Blaenavon. This book tells of the stuggles and scrifice so many made. Thankyou for taking the time to look at this message.
Books at Irish Migration Resource Center
This selected list of books about Irish Genealogy, Migration and Passenger Lists will be of particular interest to researchers who would like to learn more about Irish reference sources and world-wide migration patterns.
British Home Children
Information and links to sites regaurding British Home Children and Neither Waif Nor Stray the Search For a Stolen Identity, A book by Perry Snow on the British Child Emigration Scheme
British Home Children
Information and links to sites regaurding British Home Children and Neither Waif Nor Stray the Search For a Stolen Identity, A book by Perry Snow on the British Child Emigration Scheme
Bronco ePublishing, LLC
See the website for books "Ancient European Ancestors", “Browning’s In England”, “Captain John Browning”, and a novel “The Nomads”.
Brookhaven Press
Brookhaven Press digitally scans and reprints out of print local history and genealogical books in the public domain. We offer both hardbound books and fully searchable CDs for 16 states, with more states being added regularly.
BUNCE: Bonnie Bunce's Kansas History & Genealogy Home Page
The core of my site is an online edition of Bunce Genealogy & History, c. 1977, compiled by my father & his sister, with links to supplemental information discovered since 1977 with a list of sources. Also you'll find descendancy charts for my mother's Robert Cole & DeHaven ancestors as well as information on both my father & mother's other ancestors in New England.
Burdick Family Association
The Burdick family has a long and rich history in the United States dating from Robert Burdick arriving in Newport, RI in 1651. This site is the home for the Burdick family on the Internet.
Burke's Peerage and Gentry
Burke's Peerage & Gentry contains over 5,000 records from Britain's hereditary and titled families. The lineages go back hundreds of years, showing how individuals contributed to the nation's history and heritage throughout the centuries.
Bush's E-Books Historical and Genealogical Books on CD-ROM
Rare and out-of-print books on cd-rom. Specializing in local histories.
Butler County Kentucky Genealogy & History Books
Butler County KY books for sale: Census, marriages, wills, deeds, court orders, births, deaths, tax lists, gaurdianship records, etc...valuable research tools, as well as free information provided by Desert Road Publications, including cemeteries and deed abstracts. Previously unpublished data.
Bygone Days: Fondly Remembered
Celebrate the extraordinary lives of ordinary people with our newest book. This collection of heartwarming and heartbreaking family narratives contains one hundred sixty pages, 17 authors, photographs, and contributor biographies. The book is a culmination of endless and painstaking hours of genealogical research.
Carmarthenshire FHS
Carmarthenshire FHS to assist and help with family history research.vast library of information about Carmarthenshire Wales UK
Making Family Genealogy CD's Selling CD's of Family History, Genealogies, Biographical Dictionaries, Milatary Information and more
Cemetery Burial in Franklin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Catholic Church Death, Burial and Cemetery Records in St.Martins, Franklin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
City/State directories at Ye Olde Directory Shoppe
Old city and state directories from the 1700-1800's put on cd's.These are the most essential tools to finding the addresses for your ancestors which could lead you to a windfall on the census.Come browse and start knocking down those brick walls!
Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia
Now available is Dr. Pritchett's 744-page Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia.
The Civil War Bookstore - Offering the best selection of Civil War research material.
Clark Cooley II
"SOME DESCENDANTS AND ANCESTORS OF CLARK COOLEY II AND CANDACE HOLCOMB" - Includes the family of Clark Cooley II's second wife Fanny Landon
Classifieds for Free
Books & Audio Books for sale, free internet classifieds, free e-mail, free coupons, shop over 200 stores, internet services, news, weather, cool stuff
Books available cover critical Clover, Postle and collateral families during the pioneer era of mainly Franklin County, Ohio. Valuable history that might provide ancestry clues to others researching that time period.
Coal Mining History Resource Centre
Database of Mining Deaths in GB 1850-1914
Coalmining Research Services
Research service for those interested in the UK coalmining industry, reference library, picture library.
Collin County Book Co.
Books available containing cemetery inventories, marriage records, family histories all relating to Collin County, Texas.
Collin County Book Co. - McKinney, Texas
Books on Families and cemeteries in Collin County, Texas.
Continuity Press Appalachian/Cumberland Genealogy Books
Continuity Press specializes in books and research about Middle Appalachian/Cumberland River-Plateau genealogy and history, the Melungeons, Native Americans and the Civil War. We also carry a full line of books about Appalachian crafting and culture.
Coroinn is a genealogy group researching a variety of populations in Pennsylvania. There is much focus on African Americans. Central Pennsylvania is the geographic area we started with. The current project is Samuel Fraunces, which spilled over to Washingtons enslaved. Much information is posted on line. The research is funded through an annual publication.
Cyber Genealogy
Offers a free e-book entitled "Cyber Genealogy: A beginners guide to online genealogy research".
Dehumorsite ,Your source of fun ! Avatars ,funny files and many others ...
Dickersons Forever, From The Past And In The Present
Genealogy and Family History of the Dickerson/Dickinson Family and Descendants, starting period 1643 to present day,with family photos and critical documents,contained in 270 pages,with large text.
Dickersons Forever, From The Past And In The Present
Black and White Version. Genealogy and Family History of the Dickerson/Dickinson Family and Descendants, starting period 1643 to present day,with family photos and critical documents,contained in 270 pages,with large text.
Discovering Family Histories - Misc - General - Books
Books Resources.
Dmk Heritage
Very old County Histories on searchable, indexed CDs readable with Preview or Adobe reader. Table of contents and Indexes on web site.
Drumlin Publications, Irish Local History, Heritage and Genealogy Book Publ
Order books online direct from Drumlin Publications, Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim, publishers of many excellent works on topics drawn from the history, heritage and genealogy of the North West of Ireland.
Eddie Bryant's Home Page
Genealogy, Genealogy Books, Music Store and much more. Something for everyone.
Embree Remembered
The Lives and Times of Robert and Effingham Embree. There is much in this book regarding John and Margery Basset and their children Robert and Mary. Their story is also Roberts story.
Essex Books
Essex Books is the Essex County, MA "Bookstore on the Web" providing genealogies, town histories, cemetery records, vital records etc. in book form and and on CDs at, surprisingly reasonable prices.
Evagean Publishing
Compilers and Publishers of family histories
Family History Book
My book, which contains chapters on Hale, Alcott, Barrett, Beckwith, Day, Gorton, Norton and Scott, is for sale. The site describes the book, quotes some reviews and gives ordering information.
Family History Book
This site describes my book which has chapters on my Alcott, Barrett, Beckwith, Day, Gorton, Hale, Norton and Scott lines. There are quotes from some reviews and information on ordering
Family Tree Genealogy Books
Offering over 2,000 new and used genealogy books including: Adventure & Exploration, African-American, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Autobiography & Biography, Bahama, Baptist, Baseball, British, California, Canadian, Catholic, Celtish, Channel Islands, Church of Christ, Civil War, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Dutch, Early American Life, English, Fireside Fiction, Florida, French, French & Indian Wars, Fur Trade, Genealogies, Georgia, German, Heraldry, Huguenot, Illinois, Indian Wars & Captivities, Indiana, Iowa, Irish, Jamacian, Jewish, Kansas, Kentucky, Lincoln, Louisiana, Loyalist, Lutheran, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Methodist, Mexican, Mexican War, Michigan, Mid-Atlantic, Military, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Moravian, Native American, New England, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Northwest Territory, Ohio, Oklahoma, Palatine, Pennsylvania, Pilgrim, Presbyterian, Puritan, Quaker, Research Aids, Revolutionary War, Rhode Island, Royal, Scandinavian, Scottish, South Carolina, Surnames, Swedish, Swiss, Tennessee, Texas, United States, Vermont, Virginia, War of 1812, Washington, Welsh, West Virginia, Western, Wisconsin, Witchcraft, World War II and Writing Aids
Family Tree Guide To Internet Genealogy
Download THE internet guide to genealogy and discover the fun easy way to turn your family searches into your family treasures! This eBook is a road map to successfully navigating the Internet and discovering where your ancestors are waiting to be found.
Visit Louisa's Album, a beautiful family heirloom at least 130 years old, that belonged to Louisa S. ROADWAY. Read literature and view drawings from the late Victorian era by Louisa herself, her family and friends. Pages show scans of the original book.
Forney Historic Preservation League Books
Forney Country: A History of Northwestern Kaufman County, Texas and the Forney Heritage Cookbook
Franklin, Hales Corners, Milwaukee, Muskego, New Berlin, Waukesha Wisconsin
Cemetery Tombstone records, Parish Burial records, Full Family Genealogy and History's,Marriage Records, Death Records, Parish History
Free Irish Genealogy eBooks
An Index of freely available eBooks on Irish genealogy focusing on published Irish, Irish-American, Irish-Australian and Irish-Canadian family histories, biographies with useful resources such as almanacs, directories, church records, local histories, the diaspora, etc.
Fun Stuff for the Genealogist
We have clip-art books by Dover, family tree cross stitch and quilt books and patterns as well as useful things including mugs, T-shirts, specialty pens, pedigree charts, bumper stickers, jewelry, license plates and frames, journals, men's ties and much more.
GEN Facts Home Page
GEN Facts is proud to present a new concept of Family Descendants Books. Each book includes related genealogical information for as many of the family founder's descendants as possible, with associated families, gleaned from many sources, complete with documentation.Online Catalogue Displayed.
An online community of genealogical resources for your family history research. We carry hundreds of books to assist you in your genealogical or historical research. Our library grows every day, so be sure to check back for the latest additions.
Genealogical Materials by Mark Treadway
Books on Lee County Virginia and surrounding Counties, Census, Death, Birth, Deed, Marriage etc.
Genealogy Book Links
Links to 15,000+ freely available full-text, online history, biographies & family genealogy books gathered from 20+ sources. Organized by name, subject & state laid out in an easy to use browse able format. A great source for Civil War regimental histories. Updated regularly.
Genealogy Books
I have a complete collection of genealogy books for all States, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, etc. Accept Visa, Mastercard
Genealogy from Telemark, Buskerud and Vestfold in Norway
I have 215000 people in my database and more coming
Genealogy from Telemark, Buskerud and Vestfold in Norway
I have 219 000 names in my database, and more coming
Genealogy UK
A practical guide, packed with ideas about the different aspects of genealogy and the many free or low cost resources available to help you in your quest.
Genealogy, family tree,and archival supplies
Genealogy supplies for the family tree researcher. Books, software, forms and archival supplies.
Genealogy histories, obituaries, probate, marriages, bibles, civil war, revolutionary war, etc.
My site contains books on families:Jackson,Sandel,Manning,Connerlys,Felders,Warrens, Williams, also several Mississippi counties, Bainbridge,MS; Sabine Parish, LA,free research-Cullen Connerly Revolutionary Soldier,Mt.Carmel,MS
Geneaological Publications
Caldwell, Clay, Clinton & Ray Co., MO., Marriages, Census, Probates, Funeral Homes and Cemeteries.
Free listings for societies and individuals with genealogy books and materials for sale.
Geneva County Heritage Book Committee
Geneva County Heritage Book Committee seekings stories from people that have roots in Geneva County, Alabama. We are compiling a book about Geneva County to be sold. Currently taking pre-publication orders.
JOSEPH VICK, of Lower Parish, Isle of Wight County arrived in Virginia in the mid-to-late 1660s. He died in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, around 1700. Joseph Vick is believed to have had six children: Lucy, William, Richard, John, Robert and Joseph. Joseph Vick, of Lower Parish, Isle of Wight County, Virginia and his Descendants, Volume I is scheduled for release in late April/early May, and covers the first five generations of his descendants. Researched, compiled, documented, edited and indexed by John D. Beatty and Di Ann Vick, the book includes anecdotal information about the historical periods covered by the book as well as genealogical information, illustrations and photographs of Vick descendants. This heirloom quality book is printed on acid-free gold-tipped paper, and leather bound with beautiful end-papers. Please visit Genus Publishing at for more information. All profits from the sale of this book go to the Joseph Vick Family of America (JVFOA). HOW TO ORDER You may place your order with a VISA or MASTERCARD at online, or print an order form from the website to send your order by check. The list price of the book is $49.95, including shipping. JVFOA members receive a special price of $39.95, including shipping. If posting your order by credit card, please enter the phrase “JVFOA member” in the comments field of the order form and a $10.00 refund will be posted to your credit card account upon receipt of your order. If ordering by check, write the phrase “”JVFOA member” somewhere on the order form and use the $39.95 per copy price when writing your check. We anticipate shipping books early-to-mid May. James B. Davis 8th great-grandson of Joseph Vick GENUS PUBLISHING
Georgia Genealogy Books
The Georgia Genealogy Books web site is dedicated to books and research materials for those interested in researching their ancestors in the State of Georgia. Our goal is to have a comprehensive list of published materials for Georgia research.
Georgia Pioneers
Georgia Genealogy Books
GUILD Family genealogy
Descendants of John Guild of Dedham, MA 1636 to present.
GUILD Family Genealogy of Dedham, MA
Descendants of John Guild and Elizabeth Crooke, of Dedham, MA. Circa 1636-2006
Henry Hamby and Sara Cross of Tennessee and their many descendants
Hardin County OH Chapter Genealogy & Research Center
Listing of books for sale by the HCGS, Kenton, OH
Heritage Papers
Heritage Papers published over 100 genealogical resource titles, in addition to the weekly magazine Family Puzzlers, and quarterly magazines Georgia Genealogist and Carolina Genealogist.
Heritage Papers Online
Publisher of genealogical material for 40 years - mainly Georgia, North and South Carolina and Virginia. Publisher of FAMILY PUZZLERS from 1964 to 1997 - country's only weekly genealogical magazine. Also published quarterly magazines for Georgia and Carolinas.
Heritage Papers Online (new & improved site!)
Historical Data Services
Cemetery Records of Washington Co., NY. Local History books and Genealogies. Information on New York, Massachuettes and Missouri.
Historical Footprints 2010
The site mainly focuses on a recently completed work: "The Sum Total: A Search for Levi Clay (1843-1917) and Jesse James (1847-1882)concerning the 1873 Adair, Iowa train robbery A great deal of Clay/Klee and James genealogy is included.
History and Genealogy
History of Printz / Prince Family of the Shenandoah
This website is about the Printz / Prince family descended from Johann Philipp Brentz, who was born in Germany and settled in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Information comes from the book Into the Valley: A History of the Printz / Prince Family of the Shenandoah, by Charles Francis Printz, Sr. and Hugh Ellison Voress.
Hoover Dam Construction Workers & Boulder City, NV Pioneer Families
CD Data Base of Hoover Dam Construction Workers, Boulder City, NV pioneers, Companies, Businessmen & Govt Officials involved in Boulder Canyon Project 1929-mid 1936 and source documents where information can be located for researchers of history or family members. 4400+ pages
Innovative Binding Inc.
We offer short-run (from 1 books at a time to 200+) hardcover bookbinding of geneologies. Our pricing is extrememly competative, and our turnaround time is 1 week in-house. Foil stamped, hardcover books that last a lifetime.
Iowa Research, Disney Family, Guthrie County, Iowa
Guthrie County, Iowa Records Volume II for sale. Contains: cemetery records, information from state and federal census, state, county and local histories, newspapers, and other records. Previously unpublished data. Contains much local history. William Disney, probably from England, was transported to America in 1677. He and his second wife, Mary, had thirteen children 1686-1717. Also includes decendants of several other Disneys who have come at various times from England and Ireland. Some Disneys in the book spelled their surname Dizney.
Ireland Country Antiques
A Cáirde, I often have books,pamphlets,invoices, billheads, newspapers, documents, ephemera, badges, medals etc.etc. I am in the memorabilia/antiques business dealing from Ireland, specialising in anything Irish, old, genuine and collectable. Sláinte Davoc Rynne
Joanne's Genealogy Books
Surnames: Albertson, Anderson, Bennett, Crook, Duncan, Eads, Gentry, Gordon, Hamby, Hodge, Hohn, Kennedy, Mitchell, Peniska, Petree, Rader, Riley, Scissons, Strode, Tuck and more.
Kentucky Kindred Genealogical Research
My website tells about my love for genealogy and how it led to my book, A Garrard County Tragedy, a historical fiction about the Hill-Evans feud, a little known Kentucky feud, and The Samuel Riley White Family, my first family book. Included are pictures from cemeteries, family members, more.
Kinfolk The Stevers Family History Book
This book follows the descendants of two brothers, George & John Stever that are thought to have come here from Germany around the early to mid-1700’s. George’s descendants settled in and around Virginia while John’s family headed west, and left a trail of Stevers between here and Missouri.
Kris Kuhn's genealogy links
Links to my Scanned copies of family history books (POWELL, ZIMMERMAN, HOUCK, DROLL) and Seneca County, OH history printed 1902. Also link to my Gedcom of 14,400+ kinfolk.
Lakeville, Massachusetts Gravestone Inscriptions 1711-2003
This is a complete, word for word collection of epitaphs from the thirty-one known cemeteries in Lakeville, Massachusetts (parent town: Middleborough). Carving descriptions, poems, and many photographs of the stones are included. Maps of the cemeteries, GPS coordinates, vital records research, and an index are added to aid the researcher.
LaSalle County Genealogy Guild
This web site includes alist of available LaSalle county genealogical books for sale at the Guild or by mail order.
LeBoudin - The House of Bowden
Excerpts from book, Notes And Documents of Free Persons of Color. Purchasing information and links to other sites.
Lewis County Historical Society
Lewis County Historical Society webpage of Lewis County, Kentucky since January 2009.
Liberty Shield Press
Genealogy of northeastern North Carolina. Books pertaining to Gates, Hertford and Northampton Counties -transcriptions of federal censuses, court minutes, marriage records, and historical reprints.
Liz's Legacy
This site includes the genealogy of Liz PETRY’s maternal JAMES and HOUSTON lines, with a bit of her paternal line: DAVID, BROUSSARD, PETRY. It also discusses her award-winning book, 'Can Anything Beat White? A Black Family’s Letters,' published in 2005 by the University Press of Mississippi.
Crawford, Carnahan, Buchanan, Diaries, journals,letters and commentary on pioneer families
MacRaes to America
MacRae, McRath. List of 68 different spelling of surname MacRae, with information on book containing compiled US census records for the Clan MacRae, researched and compiled by former Clan Historian Cornelia W. Bush, CG, FSA Scot. Available in searchable PDF Files on CD Rom or in print edition.
Magee, Robert
This site is about the upcoming genealogy on the Robert Magee Family of Covington County, Mississippi. Includes Magee, Graves, Durr, Ross, Easterling, Weathersby, and many other surnames.
Major John H. Gee
The history of Salisbury Confederate Prison through eyewitness testimony at the trial of the commandant, Major John H. Gee.
Manti Temple Heritage Center
Manti Temple Heritage Center has a library of biographies and histories of Sanpete county, Utah families. We also have many books that have been written of the people here for sale.
Margaret Olson's List of Links to Genealogy Booksellers
This list of Booksellers with online catalogs was created as an aid for readers of soc.genealogy.marketplace and
Mary and John 1630 Passenger List
The Mary & John 1630 sailed from Plymouth, England to Hull, MA. The Mary and John Clearing House has published 27 books and two videotapes on it's ancestors.
McGregor's Books of Scottish Borders Interest
Specialist sellers of books and videos of the Scottish Borders, located in Kelso. Genealogy, local history, town and village life, farming, culture, arts and sporting are all catered for
Merced County Genealogical Society
Merced County Genealogical Society was formed to preserve the past since (year MCGS start). (MCGS) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote interest in genealogy, biography, and related history. To provide instruction in research techniques stressing accuracy and ethical reporting of evidence, proof, and documentation. To promote the accumulation and preservation of manuscripts, documents, records, family histories, and other genealogical related material. To encourage and assist in the compilation and publication of genealogical material and to provide a means for sharing genealogical information.
Mexican Genealogy and Cadereyta Hispanic Genealogy Books discusses Mexican genealogy, baptismal records, census records and Hispanic genealogy books of the Cadereyta Jimenez area.
Middleton Family Publications
Middleton Family Publications offers early history of the Middleton Family and titles by Kay Taylor.
Millville Historical Society, Millville, Shasta County, California
Excerpts from the book, "Millville, a Bridge to the Past", with a complete index of the book and the first paragraph of every chapter.
MumfordBooks & Prints
Site Description: New and used Rare Books and Prints online catalogue for all the Family. Quality knowledge based books, illustrated, quick category selection, free requests/valuations, some free downloads
My Genealogical Research
My website is titled "My Genealogical Research" and I have done a great deal of that which you will find on my website (surnames: Matson, Stone, Reschke), but I also have three books for sale. Two can help YOU with your genealogical research. The other is a page-turner mystery story. Be prepared; it will keep you up all night. Enjoy.
Native American, Civil War, State and County Genealogical Books as well as Rare books.
New Past Press
The New Past Press exists to research, write, edit, design, and publish accurate and affordable commemorative and historical books. Our goal is to produce popular works of history that record the past and exhibit it in a format that is meaningful to modern readers.
New York Ancestry
We index and reprint early/rare/out-of-print books covering town and county histories, newspapers, church histories, school records, biographies and vital records in general. Most of our collection centers on northern New York publications. Name Searches are free of charge.
Newton County Arkansas Historical Society
View description of books for sale. View index of several books. Printable order form.
Nigl Genealogy
The unit history of the 319th Glider Artillery Battalion during WW II: The 319th, an original part of the old U.S. 82nd Infantry Division, was transformed into a glider unit in 1942. Follow the exploits of the intrepid men of the 319th into...
Oldbuck Press Inc.
Publisher and bookseller of titles dealing with research in the following: Native American, Civil War, Arkansas and the South, Scotland, Ireland, Family Histories, Christian History and more.
Family histories of some of the families that settled and have lived for generations in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
Our Genealogy
The Family Research Library publishes and republishes old genealogical material, Bible records and genealogies. Contact us on our toll free phone number . . .
Over one million rare and used books for sale lists books for sale by independent booksellers worldwide. You order directly from the booksellers. We do not mark up prices.
Park Genealogical Books
Local history and genealogy bookstore, specializing in Minnesota and the upper midwest. Also carry ethnic research guides for Scandinavian, German Empire, British Isles and other groups coming to that area.
Penn Street Library
Online transcriptions of books of interest to both the genealogist and historian. Growing collection. Come and check it out!
Peppermill Publishing Company
Read "Richland Crossing", A Portrait of Texas Pioneers, true stories of early day Texas and immigrant families 1846-95. Documented with letters and photos, and biography of the champion gunfighter of the old west, John Wesley Hardin. 386 pages, soft cover, index and bibliography.
Phillimore Atlas of Parish Indexes and Registers
Parish registers are a vast, important but widely scattered archive. They are essential to the family historian, providing the only written record of the vast majority of our ancestors who left but three brief mentions - a baptism, a marriage and a burial. This guide to parish registers, now in its third edition, and covering England, Scotland and Wales, is a vital, time-saving tool that has become universally known as 'the genealogist's bible'. The Atlas includes the famous county 'parish' maps, which show pre-1832 parochial boundaries, colour-coded probate jurisdictions, starting dates of surviving registers, and churches and chapels, where relevant. Topographical maps face each 'parish' map, and show the contemporary road system and other local features, to help deduce the likely movement of people beyond the searcher's starting point. The Index lists the parishes, with grid references to the county maps. It indicates the present whereabouts of original registers and copies, and whether a parish is included in other indexes. It also gives registration districts and census information. Thus in this invaluable guide, the user may quickly find answers to such questions as: Have the registers been deposited? Where may they be found? What outside dates do they cover? Have they been copied or indexed, and by whom?
Pike County KY and other resources for sale
Pike County Kentucky and surrounding area research helps. Books for sale include census, marriage bonds by Clyde Runyon and church records. Counties include Pike Co. KY , Johnson Co. KY, Greenup Co. KY, Carter Co. KY, and Mingo Co. WV.
Pioneer Publishing Co.
genealogical and historical books for Alabama, Choctaw & Chickasaw Indians, Civil War (confederate), Georgia, Mississippi
Preserve Your Family History
Online Genealogy store,selling products to create a family heritage or family history album as well as charts, how-to books,scrapbooking products and supplies, and helpful information and links to start your family tree research.
Preston County Historical Society
Private Collection Genealogy Books
Genealogy books and Irish, Scottish, English history/genealogy books and genealogical newsletter collections for sale.
Provincial Press
Sale of books, many by Winston De Ville, for genealogy and history reseach, covering Louisiana, Canada, Gulf Coast and more. A cyber column by Winston De Ville is also available on the website.
New Radclyffe Family Genealogy Site. Going back 1000 years in British history. Family Tree, History, Listing of other names originating from the Radclyffe name. Can purchase the original family bible: "The Book of the Radclyffes" full history also family "Coat of Arms Prints".
Ralph Waite ancestry
Ralph Dexter Osborn Waite Jr ancestry with pictures and tree infomation, Dexter eBooks in Adobe eBook format, photography, computers, nature, genealogy and more
Researchlatino - The Hispanic Genealogy e-book was especially designed to help the Hispanic genealogist research their family roots. Our intent is to guide the Hispanic researcher into a faster and time saving search. Abbrevation, definitions, translation phases and other important help aides. Authors Patsy Ludwig & Norma Flores
Retrospect Publishing - Pennsylvania Genealogy Books on CD-ROM
This site provides a catalog of available CD-ROMs from Retrospect Publishing. The CD-ROMs contain images and full text search capabilities of various county and town histories, directories and other material related to Pennsylvania.
Rider's British Merlin almanac 1758
A facsimile of the 1758 edition of Rider's Almanac, the first of which appeared in 1656. Calendar with notes on Husbandry and Physic, World Geography and History, Principal Roads in England and Wales, dates of Fairs, etc.
Riley Publications
Published Family Histories for Sale; Riley, Ditto, Shean/Shane, and Shumate. Family histories in preparation; Hardouin/Hardin and Woolfolk. If interested, please contact by e-mail for further information.
RJN Family History Co.
A description of the families I am interested in or working on at the present time. Nothdurft, Nodurf, Nodorf, Newsom, Newsome, Propst, Hallman, Woodfield, Heise, Zeltman.
This site contains Newton County,Arkansas Marriage and Census Records for sale.
The History Store offers books on the history and genealogy of the Pee Dee region and specialized subjects in South Carolina history. Located in Lake City, catalogues are available on CD as well as on-line.
Searching for Ichabod
Searching for Ichabod: His Eighteenth-Centry Diary Leads Me Home knits thirty years of historical and family research into the seams of a contemporary journey of discovery. Ichabod is missing. Unconventional methods unearth his diary (1785-1813). Universal themes of death, birth, religion, survival, and war connect with 6th sense encounters.
Sebring Collections: 3rd Reprint now Available
Comprehensive collection of genealogical data on the Sebring and related families. History begins with Roelof Lukassen Seubring of the Netherlands and follows the family through 1975.
Sherman & Ross Family HIstory Page
Provides several family trees for Sherman, Ross, and allied families such as Cogswell, Clark, Durfee, Lynd. Many other families included. Some familiy stories on line such as William Tecumseh Sherman, George Ross in the Civil War, etc. Two well researched books have now been published.
Silver Bear Books
Eastern Kentucky Appalachian family heritage research resulted in books about Miller, Wallen, Hall, Hale, McVey, Banks, and many other family connections. "Kentucky Tapestry" sets the stage for historical fiction stories based loosely on author's ancestors.
Son of the Mars
The Mars Training ship moored on the Tay near Dundee was home to 6500 boys from 1869 to 1929 and is important in the social history of Scotland. We have a searchable database, forum, photographs and blog.
research in Lenoir and surrounding counties of North Carolina.
Steps Toward Acheiving Real Success by STARS Network
Your solution to financial planning! Step-by-step instuctions on how-to acheive financial success. Satisfaction gauranteed or refunded within 14 days.
Swedish Genealogical DIctionary
The Fourth Edition of the Swedish Genealogical Dictionary compiled by Phyllis J. Pladsen, Joseph C. Huber, and Eric B. Pladsen. The perfect resource for the beginning and advanced genealogist!
Tennessee Valley Publishing
Tennessee Valley Publishing, a genealogy/family history book publisher, has a national reputation for excellence in publishing. We help authors transform their work into affordable, quality books.
Teresita Press: History & Genealogy of Western North Carolina
We are a small press concentrating on Western North Carolina, and particularly Macon County. Site also features information on frontier period and early settlers of this region.
Teresita Press: History & Genealogy of Western North Carolina
We are a small press concentrating on Western North Carolina, and particularly Macon County. Site also features information on frontier period and early settlers of this region.
Teresita Press: History & Genealogy of Western North Carolina
We are a small press concentrating on Western North Carolina, and particularly Macon County. Site also features information on frontier period and early settlers of this region.
Texas Roots
TEXAS ROOTS, a 900+ page hardback book, represents 35 years of research, many old photographs, marriage, cemetery, family records and stories starting in 1780. The Michael Fox family of Leitrim County, Ireland and his descendants of San Patricio County, Texas USA. The Adams, Ainken and many other families to numerous to list are also represented.
The Antient Press
The Antient Press abstracts county records - deeds, wills orders etc for Virginia Counties from 1650 to 1800. County records are from Albemarle, Caroline, Culpeper, Essex, Fair- fax, Fauquier, King George, Lancaster, Loudoun, Louisa, Madison, Middlesex, Northumberland, Orange, Prince William, (old) Rappahannock, Richmond, Spotslvania, Stafford and Westmoreland.
The Antient Press
Publisher of Viriginia Historical Records, including County Court Records (Deeds, Wills, Tax & Order Books) and other miscellaneous books and information for researchers of Virginia ancestry.
The Baseball Necrology
The Post-Baseball Lives and Deaths of Over 7600 Major League Players and Others. Gives information on after-baseball careers, birth and death dates and places, cause of death and burial locations.
The Blacketts of North East England
A comprehensive site devoted to the genealogy of the Blackett family around the world containing details of how to buy "A History of the Blacketts", published in hardback in May 2013.
The Book Nest, Sligo, Ireland
Order Irish books online today from one of West of Ireland's most progressive booksellers. Large range of local history, heritage and genealogy titles avaiable.
The Crookses of Jamaica - Book: Ancestors by Paul Crooks
UK MEDIA RELEASE ANCESTORS Paul Crooks A Paperback Original (published by BlackAmber ) Publication: April 2002 Price: £9.99 ISBN:1-901969-07-X Contact: Tel: 44 020 7373 3178 Finding out about our ancestors is becoming a hugely popular pastime. Never before have so many people in Britain been researching their family trees. We yearn to know more about the events leading up to our birth in an attempt to understand our place in the world. This dynamic and inspiring novel is the result of Paul Crooks' thirteen-year quest to find his African forebears. His amazing journey took him from suburban north London to the Caribbean, and from there to the Gold Coast of Africa where his story originally began. In the late 18th century, at the age of ten, Paul Crook's great-great-great-grandfather John Alexander Crooks was captured and put aboard a slave ship from West Africa bound for Jamaica. Ancestors is the fictionalised account of John's experiences in the forty years from 1798 to 1838, the year the slaves in the British West Indies were set free. Against the backdrop of the Crooks' sugar plantation in Hanover, Jamaica and through the experiences of his protagonist August, Paul Crooks recreates the pain and torture suffered by the slaves, their loves and losses, their conversion by the missionaries to Christianity, and the ultimate battle for emancipation. Paul Crooks also describes the research he undertook, the sources and repositories of information he accessed, the barriers that he had to overcome, and his joy at discovering lost families, past and present. See "Ancestors is my attempt to reconstruct my family's pre-emancipation history in a way that aims to be both informative and enjoyable. But I pray that the spirits of my ancestors, and others, whose experience of the slave holocaust has been documented and handed down to us, will forgive me for the occasional fictional liberties." THE AUTHOR Paul Crooks was raised a stone's throw form Wembley Football stadium and now lives not far away with his wife and daughter. He started searching for his African slave ancestors after being told it was not possible and it has taken him eleven years of research to trace them. Ancestors is his first novel. In search of his family tree, which had been cruelly uprooted 300 years ago by the inhumanity of slavery, in the early 1990s Paul Crooks undertook an amazing journey from suburban North London to the Caribbean and from there to the Gold Coast of Africa where his story originally began. His account of the quest to trace his lost ancestors is the gripping theme of this novel - fiction based on terrible fact.
The Eissler Pool
The Eissler pool is THE place in the web to find and submit all the data of persons named Eissler - all over the world and from up 1500 up to today!
The Fate of Bones
Adventures in family history, following an ordinary farm family from the Virgina of the mid-1600s across OH, IN, IL, and into MO and OK. My attempt is to make a narrative from a family that left almost no documents.
The genealogy of Childs' and related Families
The Genealogy of the Childs' and Associated Families. Their stories and those connected to them. Includes many of the following families: Carpenter, Wise, Wiseman, Dellinger, Street, Garland, Hill, Hoke, Westmoreland, Drummond, Franklin, Tobey, Parsons, Bernard, Frary, Long, Linette, Sides, Strong, Naramore, Hailey, Gibbes, Patton, Osborne, Phifer and many others.
The History of Salisbury Confederate Prison
THE CAPTIVE is a history of Salisbury Confederate pison through eyewitness testimony at the court-maritial of Major John H. Gee, commandant.
The Maltsberger Family
Documents descendants of Phillip Maltsberger (1740) from Pennsylvania to Tennessee to US.
The Southern Families
"The Life Studies and Work of the Southern Families of Virginia" Is planned to be published late 2015.
The Underground RailRoad Family Reunion Festival
Email us for your copy of the Underground RailRoad by William Still. Also click on our website to learn more about the Underground RailRoad Family Reunion Festival.
The Way It Was
A History of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds in Old Photographic Postcards
The Works of Lindsay S. Reeks
"Woodward/Woodard Ancestors of New England": 10 generations of descendants from Richard and Rose Woodward immigrating from England to Massachusetts. "Ontario Loyalist Ancestors" traces BEATTY, BURTCH, GREEN, KERRISON, MOTT, RATHBON(E), SWAIN, (1596) from Ontario, England, and New England. "Ancestors of REEKS and ROGERS, Christchurch, Dorset" includes CURLE, PARSONS, PITT, TILLEY.
The Worms Family - 1488 to 1958
"Many with the surname 'Worms' and its variants are descended from a family group in Westfalen, in the 17th century. The name possibly originated in Worms on the Rhine, and made early appearances in the Rhinelands and in the East. The Author recounts many generations of 'Worms' over four-and-a-half centuries, as they scattered in various areas of Germany.
Tidewater Virginia Families
Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy. A quarterly publication covering the tidewater Virginia Counties between the James and Potomac rivers. Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, Editor/Publisher
Tolkien Real and Imaginary
This is a genealogy page solely for the enjoyment of Tolkien Fans and Genealogists combined. I will document sources whenever possible, but this entire site is based on the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Tracing A Legacy
Tracing A Legacy is a research & genealogical website focusing on the states of VA, TN, & AR along with offering transcribed marriages, births, deaths, and tax records for sale.
Snodderly, Sayer, Crank, Cannon, Bolinger, Woodruff, Gray, Henderson, Gurley and many more surnames of interest. Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania heritage. The author takes the story her grandfather told and turns it into history.
U.K. Past local & family history books
UK Past sells old family history books and facsimile reprints on CD, covering the United Kingdom & Ireland.
UK Past
UK Past is a local and family history site selling new and secondhand books and CDs, including facsimile reprints of rare books, directories and records.
UK Past
Selling books and facsimile reprints on CD, covering the local and family history of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Free book search service and genealogy look-ups for some counties.
University of Texas Press
This is the website for the University of Texas Press which has just published a book entitled, "Texas Cemeteries."
Webster County Kentucky Genealogy-History of the Sebree Christian Church
Whitmore, Shasta County, California
Excerpts from the book, "Whitmore, Shasta County, California, a History. The website has the complete index, burials, homesteaders, and photos.
Wisconsin History and Genealogy
Kenosha, Marinette, Milwaukee, Muskego, New Berlin, Waukesha in Wisconsin including Burial, Cemetery, Death, Genealogy, History's, Marriage, Newspaper Articles, Resources, Pictures
Ye Olde Directory Shoppe
Old city directories scanned and put on CD.Find places like 1874 San Diego CA.,1886 Hopkinton MA.and many,many more ! If you don't see what you want,check back as we are always adding. Also have many volunteers and resources.
Young Brothers Massacre
This online booklet was published exclusively for law enforcement officers in 1932 by Judge John R Woodside, in the hopes police officers would learn from what would become known as the Young Brothers Massacre and such an event would never happen again.
”The DAGUE, MARTIN and MONROE Families” of Monroe and Jersey Township, Lick
”The DAGUE, MARTIN and MONROE Families” of Monroe and Jersey Township, Licking County, Ohio - A book about the Ancestors and Descendants of Hort and Lola MARTIN DAGUE. Includes Licking County, Ohio surnames Green, Williamson, Willison, Monroe and many more.