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A Surname Finder Directory
Access to free and commercial resources for 1,742,743 surnames.
Ancestry's Research Registry and other FREE Surname Message Boards
Surname communities offer a great way for genealogists to share hours of work and findings. links you to the best research registries on the Web for FREE. Help build your surname world tree with your relatives!
"Diggin' for Davises" Family Surname Newsletter
The award-winning Davis family surname newsletter specializes in printing previously unpublished information about the Davis surname from contributors, subscribers, and a variety of sources. Also publishes genealogy tips, tricks, and "how-to's".
A brief summery of my family
"Southeast USA Genealogy" - Surname Regnstry
The Southeast USA Genealogy Surname Registry - now searchable!
"Surname Registry" on Surname Site
View and post surnames being researched by visitors
"Surnames to Brag About"
Surnames of 100 ancestors, most of whom settled in the 1700s in Berks, Bucks, Lehigh or Northampton Counties. Site also indicates from where, in Europe, they emigrated.
Surname Guide provides a single family tree source for finding and researching your family names, origin and descent. Your Complete Research Guide To Surnames And Lists of Family Genealogy Homepages On The Internet.
1 - Surnames people are looking for, Union County, OH
Contains surnames people are looking for, mostly in Union County, OH, but not exclusively. They could have lived there and moved away, and they need help finding them. Help them if you can.
: A SurnameWeb
Featuring almost 60,000 surname pages, we are one of the largest surname web page listing sites on the web.
A Family of History
Family branches for Kirkham, Romero, Barnard, Corley, Stevens, Nielsen (Nelson), Garcia, Flack, and many more.
A Family's Heritage
This site has over 5000 names that are connected to my family.
A Monmouth County Reunion
I am researching the BENNETT (Bennet)family of Monmouth County, NJ. These Bennett's who lived primarily around the Holmdel, Middletown, and Red Bank areas of Monmouth County were descended from Willem Adrianse Bennet who came to America from Holland and purchased land in Brooklyn, New York (then New Netherlands) in 1636. In addition I am researching these other New Jersey, New York and New England families: COOK, PERRINE, ROWLAND, COLEMAN, HOWLAND, BIRDSALL, RIDGWAY, MUCKEY, DOUGHERTY, WYATT, WOOLLEY, BAREMORE, VAN MATER, STILLWAGON, COUVENHOVEN, SUYDAM, AUMACK, HERBERT, HYER, RIDGWAY, WILSON, MIDDLETON, IDELL, COON, COLYER, FITCH, MALTBIE, HULL, WHITSON, WOOD, FITCH, ALLEN, EDWARDS, WEST, BROWN, LIMING, HARVEY AND OTHERS.
A Place to Start-BALLEW
This site's purpose is to eventually have a heritage record for my son. We've got a long way to go. I would like for him to one day know where he descended from.
A-Z Surnames
Surnames A-Z SurnameWebsites
Abe Family Heritage
A record of the Abe and Abey Families that originated in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.
About The Duncan Surname Association
The Duncan Surname Association (DSA) collects and makes available information from census data, marriage records, land transactions, etc, in which the surname Duncan is mentioned. In addition, the DSA has a database of Duncan family researchers, the name of their earliest Duncan ancestor and the Duncan ancestor they are researching.
Adam Barner Family of Pennsylvania and Beyond
Addisons of Westmorland
This site documents several branches of the Addison tree who originated in the Levens area of northwestern England in the 1600s and emigrated to Canada in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, including my own Great Grandfather, Thomas Powley Addison, who came to Canada in 1907.
AFF 1600s Ancestor Data Base
Listings of over 22,000 Ancestors who were here in the 1600s. Includes names, years of birth and death and town & colony of residence.
AHERNS' of Rushworth
A record of the descendants of John Ahern, early settler & gold miner of Rushworth, Victoria, Australia.
Ahnenforschung (Genealogy) Breitwieser, Bindeus, Wagner und Reisinger
Starting with my 2 kids I researched their ancestors as far back as possible (the Breitwieser-line goes back to around 1600!) and to follow all descendants till present time. So far more than 2300 persons with app. 650 unique surnames are included in 4 mayor lines: Breitwieser, Bindeus, Wagner and Reisinger
Ahnenforschung Westhoff
Genealogie Westhoff germany
Ahnengalerie Wiesel
The largest genealogical Wiesel-File from Germany
Alabama Family Group Sheet Project
The Alabama part of the Family Group Sheet Project is now ready for submissions of FGSs for anyone who was born or married, or has resided or died in Alabama! The site is searchable by place name, surnames, or any other word that might be found in the submitted FGSs! This site helps break down county lines and hopefully break down a few brick walls in the process!
Albaugh Surname Resource Center
This site is for Researchers of the Albaugh surname. Anytime period and any place. Wills, Marriages, Birhts, Deaths, Census, Probate, Published Stories, Calendar Albaugh Web Ring, Mailing List, Links to other Albaugh researchers sites and other Genealogical Links. If you are a Pownall or Pownell or decendant and would like a link to your Web Page, e-mail me.
Albert & Marjorie Morse of Stoke-on-Trent and Gloucestershire
Research into the MORSE and COOPER surnames in my family, originating from Gloucestershire, UK. Photographs and an extensive tree of 500 + names.
All Ancestors Surname Registry
Search the surnames in this database and add your own to connect with others researching your surnames.
All Surnames Genealogy
Find surname sites, surnames, ancestors in the free genealogy sites directory.
Allen Jones 1818-1890
Links for JONES Family information: Descendants of Allen Jones; Birth/Baptism, etc; Marriage Licenses/Records; Census/Tax Transcriptions; Death Records/Obits; Tombstone/Cemetery Photos; Other information as found and entered.
Ambrose Genealogy
Central location for anyone researching the AMBROSE families from Virginia/Maryland area.
American Stories,by A.C. Merritt
A collection of stories and genealogy of the COLLINS and HALL families of GA.
Amos Family of Cranbrook, Tasmania, Austral;ia
Amos Family of Cranbrook, Tasmania, Australia. Descendants of Adam and John Amos who arrived in Tasmania as free settlers in 1820.
An Oxlade family of Victoria.
Family history. Australia. Also Lockyer, Salomo.
Find your Ancestor in England Name Research Add family name to our list of researchers increase chance of finding your ancestors Gravestone Research Free information actual gravestones in England
This site has many families listed, with information supplied for each as is presently known
Ancestors and Relatives of Erven Thake Thoma
Site contains pages of almost 300 individuals, over 95 surnames, localites, as well as maps, pictures, pedigree charts and graphics. Surnames featured include THOMA, THAKE, WINGE, and VOSSLER. 10 generations are included. Localities features are Baden, Westphalia, and Schlesien (Silesia) in Germany; St. Louis MO, Illinois near St. Louis, and Texas.
Ancestors of Wilbur M Franklin
Family history of Southern Illinoisans. Franklin, Wilkerson, Harrison, Alexander, Mead, Holtry, Winn, Morris. Lafferty, Caho, and more
Ancestors of Katy Kingsland ADKINS
This site identifies the Ancestors of Katy Kingsland ADKINS
Ancestors of Our Children
Direct Ancestors of Our Children: Surnames Agee/Age'/DeSage, Arthur, Ashmore, Beam, Bryan, Campbell, Chastain, Claus/Klaus, Cook, Davidson, Donohue, Gandovin/Godwin/Goodwin, Garrett, Goff, Gold, Gordon, Green, Grosceclose, Hall, Harper, Henderson, Hill, Hoermann, Hoke, Iremonger/Ironmonger, Johnson, Kennedy, Kizer/Keyser/Kayser/Kaiser/Kiser, Larde, Lea/Leigh/Lee, Major, Miller, Murphy, Owen, Rees/Reese, Renault/Regnault, Robertson, Rottaske/Rotkofskey, Rutledge, Sargent, Shoemaker, Skeen/Skeens/Skene, Stacey, Strong, Thomasson, Tittle, von Bieberstein/Bieberstein, Welch, Weshinskey/Wyszynski, Wilkening, Wood, Worley
Ancestors of Paul Croteau
Ancestors of Paul Croteau back through time to Vincent Croteau in France.
Ancestors of Richard Walter Baker & Family History Research
My ongoing ancestry research is presented on this site. The Baker family surnames include: BAKER, BIGGS, BRUNK, CARLE (CARLL) CARLL, DAVIS, DORSEY, GARVER, GRADEN, MAXWELL, NEWPORT, SHULL, WOOD. The Williams family surnamesinclude: BAKER, BASCOM, CATE, CLARK, CUTT, CUTTS, DOUGLASS, EAMES, FRATER, FRENCH, HESSER, LIGHT, LORD, MESSER, PIPER, QUEEN, WILDER, WILLIAMS.
Ancestral Families of Warren LeRoy Porter 1923-1968
Records relatives of Warren LeRoy Porter of Gillett, PA and focuses on 13 of his ancestors who at one time called the farming village of Shunk, Fox Twnp., Sullivan Co., PA home.
Ancestral Surname List
A list of 160 ancestral surnames I am researching, with dates and locations. Twenty four immigrant ancestors came from Germany (Prussia, Hanover, Oldenburg, Baden, Hesse, Hesse-Darmstadt, and Bavaria); Luxembourg; and The Netherlands. Some settled in New York, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. However, they all eventually settled in Dubuque County, Iowa.
Ancestry - The Polish Connection
Genealogy and Polish heritage interactive resource community with surname boards/forum, learning center, research and ancestral photo libaries.
Ancestry - The Polish Connection
Resource community for Polish descendants and friends. Includes Polish surname connections board and discussion forum with a focus on heritage and culture.
Ancestry Page of HARVEY and Connecting Families
Describes why I am doing genealogy and contains family pictures and extensive line of my Harvey and other connecting family lines
andrea millars family
Andrews Surname Query Board
A place to post your ANDREWS query in hopes that some else will see it and make connection with your ANDREWS tree. Also helpful links for ANDREWS, States, & Countries.
Andy Smith's Family Tree
Family tree of Andy Smith
Apalategui Family Homesite
Apalategui family Homesite (Basque Country & Spain)
Appleton Family Page
I am researching the following surnames Appleton, Appleby, Berrington, Chadwick,Frost, Foster, Hurdle, Miller, Wakefield, Wild, Wood. Also tracing descendants of a circus/music hall family called MAJILTON'S
Arbon Family
Migrating from Graveley England to Arbon valley Idaho USA in 1860's
A genealogical collection of various surnames in my family tree
Arney Genealogy
Dedicated solely to Arney ancestry and genealogical research. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for others to find this branch of a unique family surname. To give them the starting point that we spent years researching. To find definitive tangible proof of our ancestors.
Aubry Family Page
This is a fairly new site, and still under construction. Please feel free to brouse, and if you think i may have information for your family history please drop me a line. I use Family Tree maker, and Geneologys Easy Tree. Thanks and have fun. Ron
Aussie Hursts
extensive list of Pigman and Avery family histories and stories. Families include Pigman, Jones, Hays, Wooton, Avery, Bennett, Fahy and others.
Babensee/Bevency/Bebensee Accurate Origin Of Name
This accurate origin of name site provides:(a)Translation confirmation of the old Saxon "Bebensee" name by a Germanic and old Saxon language University professor; (b)Understanding Schleswig-Holsteins'lowland languages and it's turbulent history and (d)The town of Bebensee being located in what would have been Saxonia in the 12th century.
Bach (Back) Family in Breathitt County, KY
Documented genealogy of the Bach (Back) family that settled in southeastern Kentucky, in 1791
Badley - Rice Families
Baily Family
Baily family of Pensylvania, West Virginia, Illinois and Alaska geneaology pages.
Baldwin Family Burial Sites
Photos and linked information to members of the Baldwin family with connections to associated families.
Bancrofts from Yorkshire
A site dedicated to research of Bancroft families originating from the county of Yorkshire, England.
Banks, Daniel Bower and Andrew Family of Maryland
This page lists eight generations of the Daniel Bower Banks and Andrew Banks Family of Reisterstown, Baltimore County, Maryland - A Lineage showing dates of birth, marriage, and death - Andrew Banks, circa 1760, to Daniel Bower Banks VI, 1995. Wives surnames and dates are included.
Baptismal register, marriage register, church books, registers of deaths, p
Amtsberg Amsberg Apfel Attems Auerbach Behm Boldt de Boor Brandt Brandenstein Bull Bülow Burgmann Carr Carstens Carstensen Christiansen Clegg Cölln Diederich Effi Briest Elwert Ernst Faber - Castell Felber Freiheit Geissel Ginnow Graupmann Gries Grote Gruner Guggenheim Harder Hassler Holdt Jenisch Hünicken Jenner Jennerjahn Jennejahn Jennijahn Jennermann Jennyjohn Jennejohn Jenneiahn Jennerjohn Jendrian Jenisch Jennerjohann Genderjahn Gendrian Jenderian Jännerjahn Karstensen Keller Kennedy Kölln Krafft Ladewig Lehmann Lippe Marlow Mecklenburg Melle Meier Müller Meyer Mutzenbecher Motzenbecker Mutschenbacher Motjenbacker Motzenbäcker Motzenbacker Neumann Nissen Obry Pappenheim Paulmann Pfaffenseifer Plotho Pommerenck Pohlmann Peters Petersen Poncet Preller Quandt Rabe Rase Redlich Reimnitz Rendtorff Rienau Rinow Roosen Rüting Schöpffer Schröder Schröeder Schultz Schult Schulz Schulze Storch Storck Schmidt Schmitt Schaumburg Lippe Tiele Winckler Thyssen Sayn Wittgenstein Vogeler Vorwerk Wagner Wagener Wedel Winter Wolff Wulf Zülow
Barbara Cagle Family Genealogy
Spanning over thirty generations of my family. If you are viewing my gedcom in roots web, over 200 entries are omited. Go here to see photos, documents and the entries that are missing. Email me if you need more info or can add to my trees. Over 300 families listed.
Barbee's Family Tree
Barnard One NamE Study (BONES)
Collection of vital records concerning the BARNARD (+var) surname. Concentrated initially on Norfolk, England now expanding worldwide!
Barnwell family links.
Baskett Case
The surname BASKETT is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies. Feel free to contact me to swap information.
Bayes' in the UK
This website is aimed at Bayes folk in the United Kingdom. Notable British Bayes' are celebrated. My own bayes ancestors are included.
Beam Family of New York
John W. Beam 1820-1877
Beckmann Genealogy: Descendants from Hanover, Germany.
Starting from around 1800, our ancestors left Hanover, Germany. Here we try to trace living descendants.
Genealogy of the Benade's in Southern-Africa from 1752 to date. 750 persons connected.
benjamin, grandvill, and edwin mitchell
I am trying to help a family find there relatives around the tx area. or wherever they moved to after 1900
Berkhof (-f) genealogy
A genealogical site for the surname Berkhof(-f) all over the world.
Bernichow Net
About Bernickow/Bernichow, Christoffersen from Annisse, Jensen from Esbjerg, Andersen from Norway, Flügge, Wiboe.
Berry Family of Augusta/Washington County, Virginia
Also includes 'Berry Plain' Berrys and Benton County Berrys, links to Graveyards & Gravestones, Obituaries & Memorial Cards, Berry Bibles and the Berry Family DNA Project.
It is under construction. Would like any info on bertonneau decendents,birth date and death date, country they were from and where they lived and died.any info would be great.
Bickmore Family History
British Bickmore's from Witham in Essex.
Contains ancestor surname data for both mine and my wifes family. My family was mainly located around central PA, my wife's family was located on the eastern shore of MD
Birney, Gillespie, Heavilin, Elliott, Taylor, Palmer, Bricker, Beatty, Law, McCullough, Blackburn, Coulter, etc.
Birtel/Birtle/Birtell Family Genealogy
Genealogy research of the Birtel in Germany and United States. US locations include Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Indiana and more.
Blackstone Genealogy
My website shows my family genealogy of the following surnames: BLACKSTONE, HUTTO, ELLIS, ELLISON, CARTER, JENKINS, LAWRENCE, RHOADES
Blakeley One Name Study Group
This site covers all things Blakeley and includes all spellings inc. Blackley, Bleackly, Bleakley, Blakely etc. It includes articles from The Blakeley Gazette.
Bledsoe, Mattie Ann my Grandmother
Bledso was my Grandmothers madien name, she was born in Topeka Kanas in the late 1800'ds, the only girl, of 6 or 7 children. Moved to Riverside, Calf. with my mother Betty Lou Rowe, after her husban was killed on the Railroad. She had 3 other daughters by her second husband who was also killed. There names were Murtal, Edna, and Bertha. My Grandmother died in Riverside, Calf. in 1964. I am looking for anyone who might know more about my Greatgrandparents?
Blinko to Blencowe Family History
These pages contain my families history and include a generation by generation set of pages that have in many cases additional notes pages and image pages (called scrapbook pages). While the main name traced in this history is BLINKO to BLENCOWE , my other families OXLADE , STRATFORD, MATTHEWS and EGGINGTON are also documented. The OXLADE family name as had a lot of research by others (see acknowledgements) and Charts specifically for that family included.
Bob Farmer Sr's Genealogy
My genealogy file is very large, containing over 18,000 individuals and over 12,000 families. Primary surnames I research are FARMER, MARTIN, RICHEE, BOOTHE, HIGHFILL, MCMICHAEL, COX, VIRGIN, HAHN, BROWN, MORGAN, MAY, SMITH, SIFFORD, ELLSWORTH, ELSWORTH, SHELBY, MCCAIN, CROW, LATHAM, DOWDY, JENKINS, PROFFER, JAMISON, SMALLWOOD, WREN, GRINDSTAFF, DOSS, and HINES. Primary geographical areas researched are Weakley County, Tennessee, Halifax County, Virginia, Stokes, Guilford, Catawba, and Lincoln Counties in North Carolina, Stoddard, Dunklin, Butler, Bollinger, St. Charles, Boone, and Clinton Counties in Missouri, and Union, Williamson, Johnson, Hamilton, and Marion Counties in Illinois.
Bodine Genealogy
Information on many of the Bodine family lines in America.
Bogomolny Families Website
This website is a place for people researching the name Bogomolny to share information and develop their family trees.
Bond Hileman Family
Bond family descended from Charles, William, Robert Nicholas. Hileman family from J. N. Hileman and Martha Margaret Deahl.
Bonstein, Gillock & Cupp, Gipin, family genealogy
Bonstein, Cupp Gilpin, Gillock Family genealogy with over 25,000 individuals listed.
Booker Family Bloodlines
Family genalogy on Charles & Florence Booker and descendents, six generations to browse through, medical history, family migrtation MS>TN>PA>NY
Boone History
My family line from Devonshire, England to Greenville, South Carolina
Boschee Family History
Boschee Family Association promotes interest in researching and recording the history and genealogy of Boschee and related families. We collect and publish information relating to all Boschee families including histories, genealogies, biographies, photographs, journals, newspaper clippings, articles, and other materials relating to our family’s unique history.
Boulding Boulden Bollyng family of east Kent 1303 to date
A genealogy of the Boulding, Boulden, Bollyng family from 1303 to date. Lots of wills, BMD, etc
Boyd Family Tree (Walnut Shade)
Boyd Family Tree (Walnut Shade)
Tracing the Descendants of William Jasper Boyd and Delila Jane Bookout Ancestors from Walnut Shade, Taney, Missouri to Sapulpa Creek, Oklahoma Focus on Descendants of Ira David Boyd and related families Please contact me if there are corrections. I update this regularly.
Boyle & Tardif Family Tree
Benoit, Boyle, Caouette, Rivard & Tardif.
Brackenhofer family History
Ancestors and familes of Brackney, Waggoner, Stubblefield, Pottorff
This site is the home of the BRADFORD GENETIC GENEALOGY PROJECT as well being an excellent source of tradional genealogy. It is updated frequently. Submissions Welcomed!
BRANCHES of Peggy Riggs Kopp's FAMILY TREE
Surnames,photos, and maps relating to my ancestors: WELLS, RIGGS, GOUGE, SWEARINGEN, COLEMAN, GRAGE, and LAMBERT.
Branches of the Rawls-Bowen Tress
surnames of Bowen and Rawls
Bratt Family Home Page
Bratt family and related families from Indiana
Brent's Genealogy Page
Brightwell Genealogy Save Our Cemeteries, Kansas City
Save Our Missouri Cemeteries Cemetery suit headed for federal court While the battle to save several family cemeteries on property slated for development at Kansas City International Airport (KCI) has been in the local media for the last year, the story may soon go national with a move to federal court.
Broadhurst Family Pages
Genealogy resource for Broadhurst surname and common variants, newsletter archive, history of name, distribution, links to Broadhurst resources, coat of arms.
Welcome to the Brooks-Craig Family Website. This site is devised to publicize for your education and use, information regarding the ancestry of the Brooks-Craig Family. The Brooks & Craig Family is made up of descendants of Lewis Brooks of Essex County, Virginia. The living descendants of Mr. Lewis Brooks are: Mr. James (Irving) Brooks, Jr., Mr. William (Bill) Irving Brooks, Mr. James (Jimmy) Howerton Brooks, Mrs. Carole Brooks, Miss Kaitlyn (Kate) O'Meara Brooks, Mr. Carl Patterson Craig, Jr., & Mr. James (Adam) Craig. The Genealogy Research to which you find on this site is the work of William (Bill) Irving Brooks. The webmastering and site maintenance is performed by James (Adam) Craig.
Brown and Bryce Family History
Descendants of Peter Brown and Jean Menzies from Larbert, Stirling, Scotland. Descendants of Thomas Bryce and Margret Wilson from Stonehouse, Lanark, Scotland to Saugeen Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada
Bruder Names
The Bruder Family and relatives through marriage, adoption and other means.
We are looking for a family tre from the family Bruers, they lived in Tilburg, the Netherlands(Holland)Antonius Bruers born goirle 6 september 1889 he was my grandfather. Thanks in advance.
This site is dedicated to the Brugman, Beauchamp and Chabrier families who immigrated to Puerto Rico during the 1800s, found one another and formed our family.
All Bryan families and variations of the Bryan surname, are welcome to join our DNA project, visit our homepage or go to for more inforamtion.
A website for Bullard researchers, and listings of Bullard families,taken from Bullard Newsletter files
Burchfield of WNC
Burdick Family Association
The Burdick family has a long and rich history in the United States dating from Robert Burdick arriving in Newport, RI in 1651. This site is the home for the Burdick family on the Internet.
Burgess Family and Relations
Burgess descendants of Thomas and Dorothy, Sandwich, MA CA.1600. Their progeny may be seen all over North America.
Burralls Near and Far
All Family info I have found
A family site for the Burrells and Allens and any family members that are from the lineage of Jackson Burrell,Sarah Martin,Alberta Louis and Percy Allen SR.
Buschlen Family Tree
Buschlen Genealogy in Canada/US 1800's +
Bushnook Genealogy
If you know the name Courtoy from America, England or Australia then you will be part of this tree. The original surname was Jacquinet from France and our heritage has been generations of silence, until now...
Butcher-Gagle-Siler-Solms Families
Early history of Butcher, Gagle, Siler and Solms Families
Byard genealogy
Aspects of genealogy associated with the Byard surname. Examples of early wills and documents. Photographs of some of the Byard family homes in Derbyshire.
cairnduff and carnduff web pages
research into the names and history of cairnduff and carnduff
Calvert Genealogy
Calvert Genealogy Website for surname Calvert and all various spellings, Calvert, Colvert, Covert, Colbert, Calbert, Colvard etc. Including YDNA Calvert Surname Project. Multiple Calvert families being researched. Documents, Articles, Discussion and Links.
Camp's Genealogy
The history and genealogy of the Propst family, from Germany and France in the 1600s, Penna and West Virginia in the 1700s, and WV, NC, WI in the 1800s and 1900s. Over 12,000 names and relationships, stories, reunions, newsletters, photos.
Candio, Cando, Canto, Canton, Cantow, Morawiec, Morawietz, Nimpsch,A homepage from Germany. 1749 a CANTO/CANTOW established together with nine settlers the village Hoppenwalde in Germany/ Vorpommern. He came from Rhein-Palatinate of village Waldböckelheim. In later time the name CANTOW existed also in the villages Viereck and Blumental.
Cardno Genealogy consists of a small group of researchers dedicated to the task of finding their Cardno family roots. Our aim is to unite and connect to as may families as possible from around the world. We hope that you will join us and participate in our research.
Cardno Genealogy are a group involved in all areas of research regarding the CARDNO Family history. Site membership is free.
Carr / O'Keeffe family of Cork, Ireland
My family tree website contains full databases, Photos and useful links
Carty Family Homepage of Aberdeen, Maryland
The Carty Family Homepage of Aberdeen, Maryland is put together by Ron Carty. Surnames included within the page are: CARTY, PRESTON, WEST, DICK, SAMPSON, SWIFT, COMBS, EASTER, McCRAW, MORRISON and more. There are photographs of family members and friends, including some of our reenacting adventures.
Cassel and Lehman Genealogy
The ancestors of D. Wayne Cassel and Ruth Anna Lehman Cassel traced back to Hupert Cassel and Peter Leman Sr. who came to Philadelphia, PA in 1720 and 1717 respectively.
Castlen Homepage
Castlen surname and family history research
cgenerun N circles
Chalmers Family Cork
Chapman Family:It's members, History and other odds and ends
Our Chapman history along with that of Dillmann, Hallgren, Dunbar, McManus, McDonald, Kieran and Schuster. Also includes Chapman cemtery pictures and some VR's from CT
Chapman Surname Home Page
The purpose of this web site is to provide a central location where Chapman researchers and their databases can be listed, as well as resources that have been helpful in their researching. It is also proposed as a means of promoting the Chapman Surname Mailing List, and the Chapman Surname GenConnect Boards, and to work in partnership with them.
Chastain, Pierre Family Association
Chater family tree
CHATER family in India, particularly Calcutta and Port Blair/Andaman Islands
Chaytor Family History Website
Chaytor Family History Website attempting to link as many branches of the Chaytor Family as possible.
Chesebro' Genealogy
Extensive family historys of Cagle, Chesebro (25 spelling var), Avery, Brown, Cleveland, Cobb, Coffey, Denison, Graves, Hinckley, Ingraham, Lathrop, McCollum, Minor, Nall, Noyes, Palmer, Rosebrough, Sanford, Standridge, Stanton
chris and carla's family history
Owen family in and aound Bristol England, includes the names Davis, EDWARDS, FOXWELL, HUNT, Morris, Peters, Rossiter, SHEPPARD, Silmon, Skidmore, Tyler,Warren, WITCHELL.
1. John Clack & Sarah "Sally" STANDIFER Descendants. 2. Richard Forrest & Mary Polly Bishop Descendants.
Climbing My Family Tree
HASKINS - HOSKINS Family Website
Cochran, Thomas B. family Tree
THOMAS B. COCHRAN was born May 9, 1803 in VA., died Mar. 26, 1876 in Blackford Co. Wash twp, IN, at 72 years of age. He married MARY A. WHITLOCK. She was born August 6, 1805 in TN, and died Sept 08,1865, at 60 years of age. Thomas and Mary are buried in Schmidt Cemetery, Blackford County, Washington Township, IN., which is north of Hartford City and just east of Roll, IN. They had the following children = EDMUND P. COCHRAN, b. 1825, ? - SAMUEL W. COCHRAN, b. 1827 or 1828 - ANDREW J. COCHRAN, b. 1829 - MARY A. COCHRAN, b. 1831, m. JOHN SHRADER - JOHN P. COCHRAN, b. 1835 - DAVID COCHRAN, b. 1837, - CALEB M. COCHRAN, b. 1839 - SARAH E. COCHRAN, b. 1841, m. JAMES A. LOW in 1861 - RODRICK CRAIG COCHRAN, b. 1845.
Going back four generations of the codd family, united kingdom
Colemans married Connollys in Portland, Maine in my family .. a descendant of the Bernard Coleman ..Sadie (Sarah) Connolly marriage contributed family records ..
Concepts Products
We are a dealer for the Historical Research Center, who researches the origin of the surname as well as the original Coat of Arms granted to the Family Name. Our site offers many items for sell in regards to these two subjects.
CONDLEY Family Tree Maker
William CONDLEY and Anderson CONDLEY Family Ancestors and Descendants from County Cork, Ireland to Halifax, VA in 1732.
Coody family and related families genealogy including photographs, biographs, maps, etc. Also include comprehensive genealogy of CHEROKEE.
Coombs Genealogies
Coombs Family Genealogy. Contains over 10,000 names. Includes families from the United States, England, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. Contains families, pedigrees, histories and photos.
Copus Family History
This Copus family website relates to the history and origin of the surname.
Corbett's Western Place
Genealogy on the following surnames in New Brunswick, Maine & Ontario. Kilcollins, Wright, Wray, Hardgrave, Merrithew, Acton,O'Riley, Cromwell,Lunn, Gee, Day
Coskey Family Home SIte
Descendants of Leopold F. Cosky & Frances (nee Kennedy)Cosky-Winters (Both had two marriages.) Children included Robert Lewis, Theodore John (aka Dory), John Herbert, Joseph Michael Coskey, Emma Elizabeth, Leopold Ferdinand, Charles Albert and from Frances 2nd marriage, James Francis Winters. Leopold's 2nd marriage to Ethel Kate Lovelock include Leanard Julius, Seth William, Albert Leopold, Clarence Eugene, and Serita.
Coultons in Australia
The Family Trees of several branches of Coultons found in Australia and information sources on other Coultons found in records but not yet associated with these trees.
Counts Familily of America
Counts Family of America represents the work of several researchers containing over 11,000 indivudal names listed in both Alpha. and Family Tree Format.
A site dedicated to the Courtnage surname
Cousin Connect
A worldwide genealogy query database - anyone can post their queries for free, and then edit or delete at any time. All surnames supported and all countries, states, provinces, and counties supported
COX Emanuel and Salathiel Civil War Pennsylvania
Information regarding Emanuel Cox and his brother Salathiel Cox during the Civil War.Pennsylvania.
Crabtrees born in Ireland from 1658 to present. Crabtree Marriages and diaspora.
Descendants of Christian Craft
Here is my family tree. Both myself and my father were adopted so you can imagine the tangled webs Ive sorted through. Sincere thanks to Ann Hatherly, Barbara Geeves and Raewyne Watson, my 'new' 2nd cousins for providing so much to my Tree and for giving me a 'real family'
Creasey Family History - Sussex, England
Creasey-Mayhew Family History of Herstmonceux, Sussex, England.
Anything related to Critchlow's throughout the world.
Cuesta: Real del 14, Nochistlan, Laredo
Cuesta: The family migrated from Nochistlan, Zacatecas and Real del 14, San Luis Potosi. They migrated through Monterrey, Nuevo Leon to Laredo, Texas and then all over the US and abroad. Other related surnames are Ortiz, Cajero, Donlucas, Borroel, and Luis; Also Saldana, Urdiales, and VIllareal.
Culpepper Connections! The Culpepper/Culpeper/Coleper Family History Site
Learn about Culpepper/Culpeper/Colepeper Family History, meet some interesting family members, discover your ancestors.
CULVERHOUSE - The Search Goes On
A gathering of data and cousins who are interested in the early Culverhouse families of Virginia and North Carolina.
CUSHMAN Genealogy
Cutlip Connection
CUTLIP Surname: any spelling : any time : any place. George Gotlieb / Gotlip / Cutlip arrived Charleston, SC 1749. Today, more than 8000 people can trace back to him.
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities. Our database contains 30,000+ names. Those with more than 50 records include: Adams, Alkire, Allison, Anderson, Arthur, Ashley, Bailey, Baker, Ball, Barnett, Bellar, Bennett, Bleigh, Boggs, Boone, Branham, Bright, Brown, Browning, Burkhammer, Carr, Clark, Cochran, Cogar, Cool, Cox, Cunningham, Cutlip, Davis, Dennison, Dodrill, Eblin, Fisher, Fowler, Fox, Frame, Gray, Green, Gregory, Hall, Hamrick, Hinkle, Hughes, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Kinnison, Knight, Lewis, Long, Martin, McCoy, Miller, Mollohan, Moore, Morgan, Neff, Perkins, Perrine, Perry, Pritt, Riffle, Robinson, Rollyson, Rose, Russell, Scott, Singleton, Skidmore, Smith, Spencer, Stiltner, Tanner, Taylor, Utt, Walkup, Ward, White, Williams, Wilson
Old European Family that began migration to New England in the early 1600's.
Daniel family genealogy in NSW Australia
Daniel (James) family genealogy in NSW Australia, originating from the UK (Army).
Darci's Place of Origins Genealogy Site
Following families from the Mohawk Valley Regions of New York to Wisconsin. Links to genealogy oriented surname search engines, Regional sites - NY and WI Resources
Darrah Data
This is a genealogy site of my family. Additional names are Bowen, O'Neill, Wilson, Allen, Minor, and Horton. Locations are western PA, northern WV, and eastern OH.
Dawn surname
Database and resources relating to the surname DAWN in the UK.
Dawn's History Tree
Clinton County, Iowa Surnames: Rowold, Morgan, Wagner, McCutcheon, Klare, McAuliffe, Woebking, Homrighausen, Sullivan and more.
de clou van de lagendijk genealogie
genealogical data from the Lagendijk/Klou family in Barendrecht/Carnisse/Charlois/IJsselmonde/Pernis/Rhoon from ca 1550-2000
Dean Mountain SILENT PATH Rockingham County Virginia
This is a Decendant Surname search,for any and all related to The Dean family Located on Dean Mountain Shenandoah National Pkwy,will be for any and all to use and ID family tyes.
Deborah Heimann's Genealogy
This is my family history. The surnames include Heimann, Orschell, Schneider/Schnider, Fuger, Zeller, Cordes, Knoll, Peters, Menne, Schmidt, Madl, Schulte.
Decendants of William Harrison
"We, the descendants of William Harrison, seek to discover documentation of the lineage of William Harrison, a supposed son of Benjamin (IV) Harrison and Anne (Carter) Harrison, find the parents of Martha Stillwell and explore collateral family lines..."
Della Sala
Delozier Genealogy
Delozier Genealogy & related families. Family Trees, gedcoms, reports, records, photos and much more
Descendants and English Ancestry of Samuel Truesdell of Newton, MA
Core of this genealogy is Karl Truesdell's Truesdell Genealogy (1955) with updates through April 2002.
Descendants of Abraham Goad, d 1733 Richmond Co, Va
Traces the descendants of Abraham Goad (d 1733) of Richmond Co, Va throughout the US. About 1300 pages with large index.
Descendants of Abraham Tegarden
Source to purchase copies of Descendants of Abraham Tegarden plus book index and images of all the pages for researchers.
Descendants of Alexander Brown and Mary Rudd
The site lists descendants of Alexander Brown of Virginia and his wife Mary Rudd. Dates covered are from the 1700's through 2003. Some historical notes for individuals are included.
Descendants of Capt. Henry Connelly and Jenny Wiley
Information about the Conley, Jenkins, Wiley, McGregor, Layne, Caudill, Craft, Castle surnames.
Descendants of Charles Barker & Frances Kitchen
Descendants of Charles Barker and Frances Kitchen, current research, original documents, photos, gedcoms.
Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Tucker b 1705 in Milton, MA
Descendants of the Tuckers of Milton and Middleborough Massachusetts who went through Pittsfield, Royalton and Randolph Vermont, and Whitehall New York
Descendants of Elphinston Cary
Cary family from Nansemond County, South Hampton Virginina 1745. They migrated to North Carolina and then to Georgia living in Wikes, Warren, Washington and Taliaferro Counties. Surnames include: Allen,Bentley,Cary,Clemmons, Hobbs,Moore,Pittman,Ogletree,Rhodes and many others.
Descendants of Elphinston Cary
Descendants of Francis Dandridge, SC
The Descendants of Francis Dandridge, SC
Descendants of George and Jane Reasor
This site deals with the descendants of George and Jane Reasor. Also has information of some related lines.
Descendants of George Dandridge, SC
The Descendants of George Dandridge
Descendants of Hillyard Hicks
Hicks/ Hix Family Genealogy
Descendants of Johann Thurow (Tuhro,Thuro)
The Genealogy of the Johann Thurow (Tuhro, Thuro) family, from Pommern to the United States.
Descendants of John Thornton
Please come and apply to join "The Descendants of John Thornton" Groupsite. We are just getting started, and all that are in relation or connected to any John Thornton is encouraged to apply to join for free. Or if you think you may be connected to him. Let's all work together to find our missing John Thornton's together. Come check us out. Debra McBride Darnell
Descendants of Joseph Scott
This website commemorates the life and descendants of our common ancestor, Joseph Scott. Mr. Scott and members of his family arrived at their new homeland on the Texas frontier when their ship was wrecked on a sandbar at the mouth of the Brazos River on March 31, 1831.
descendants of piere targe-a french hugunot family
1686 in North Kingstown, RI the French Huguenot Settlement began and the many generations that descend from the first marrigage recorded in North Kingstown....Piere Targe/Tourjee/Tourgee to Mary Smith in 1722. Military notations and personal tidbits.
Descendants of William Nowland (Noland) of Goochland Co. VA, 1740
Nolen family history from VA, NC, TN, AL, AR, to TX
Descendientes de Giovanni GUIDOBONO
Arbol genealógico de la familia Guidobono Italy-Argentina
DeVall/Schlung Family Page
Devoy Devoys TheDevoyName
Devoy DevoyName Family History Genealogy Name Origin DevoyFamily DevoyHistory DevoyGenealogy DevoyFamilyHistory DevoyOrigin.
Dicus/Dycus Family History
Detailed History of Dicus/Dycus
Die Ahnengalerie Jehle aus Deutschland
Ahnengalerie Jehle aus Deutschland
Dillenbeck Family Genealogy Web Page
Information available on the surname Dillenbeck, with various spelling variations given, family history, anecdotes including the Battle of Oriskany, books on the family, and place to contact if you are related. There is a short history given on the first immigrant to America in 1710.
Dillman Family Association
Dillman Family Association is open to all Dillman, Dillman spelling variations including but not limited to Delman, Tillman, Tilghman, Diellman, and Stillman researchers since 2002. The DFA sponsors our web site, on-line bulletin board, and our DNA project. Come visit our web site and join our "go to" Dillman genealogical group.
Dinning surname genealogy family history Newcastle also Pyle Murphy Wake
Dinning Denham family history Whickham, Swalwell, Durham migration Newcastle on Tyne 19th century, work, births, deaths, with the Celtic origins KANE, O'Cathain, Cahan, Wake, Dinning, Pyle, surnames
Docs Place
Family pedigree of Morrill/Taylor Family Tree
Dodd and Rickert, Tacking the Footsteps of
My site deals with Dodd and Rickert ancestry with some miscellaneous records. It also deals with the surnames Metzger of Germany and Sacher of Switzerland. Thank you.
Dodgson Family Tree
A website dedicated to my Dodgson family and other researchers.
Doherty, Welcome to Hugh,s Home Page
Genealogies and links to Carter, Cleveland, Davies, Davison, Doherty, Hayward, Hulbert, Jones, McLellan, Brundrige, McKitrick, Reid, Spencer, Taggart, Wells.
Donahue - Bradley Roots and Weeds
a history of the David Donahue and John Bradley families in NJ and Del. 1860-current
Donshea Dunshea Dunshee Genealogy
Donshea Dunshea Dunshee Dunseath queries welcome.
Doyle Irish Surname Group
A place for researchers of the Surname DOYLE to exchange information, and data, with others.
Drummond, Patterson, Simpson and Gentry Genealogy
Patterson Genealogy Drummond Genealogy Gentry Genealogy Simpson Genealogy
Families from Western Maryland and Westward.
This site follows the Duckworths who came to New Jersey then Virginia and Maryland. It includes Index of Deeds for the Duckworths in Allegany County Maryland from 1800 - 1900.
Dulong Family Registry
Registry of the descendants of Richard Dulong (1718-1787), innkeeper in Montreal, and immigrant from Lieurey, Normandie, France.
Duncan Family of Lanark County, Ontario
James Duncan immigrated from Scotland to Lanark County, Ontario where he married Jane Purdon around 1836. They had 13 children: James, Jean, Robert, Jane, Janet, William, John, Margaret, Isabella, Alexander, Elizabeth, Christina and Agnes.
Dunks Family Genealogical Society
This site is dedicated to the preservation of Dunks family genealogy and history. The goals of the Dunks Family Genealogical Society are to stimulate and promote the exchange of genealogical information relating to the surname Dunks (and its associated spellings Dunk, Donk, Donks, Donck, Doncks, Dunch, Donchs, Dunches, Doncyx).
Dusan Bastasic Rodoslovlje / My Genealogy Home Page
I am researching Bastasic (Bastašiæ)and Grba familyes from former Yugoslavia, mainly from West Slavonia, Grubisno Polje (Grubišno Polje) and Veliki Zdenci.
Duvier Family
The family " Duvier " genealogy ,started in Demmin,Germany and on to Denmark.
Dyrstad's site
Our homepage are based on our family in Denmark and Norway. There are most information about the family in Norway. The family moved from Norway to Denmark.
Earwaker, Earwicker, Erricker surname registry
EAST Family History Society
Our Society's aim is to bring together those researching EAST, ESTE and all variants worldwide.
East Tennessee Genealogy
East Tennesse Families from The counties of Greene, McMinn, and Washington. Beals, Bigham, Bowman, Campbell, Carson, Dickison, Garst, Lovegrove, McNichol, Miller, Mitchell, Pendergrass, Rogers, and Ross. Early settlers with many additional connecting family names.
Easterling families of England
The history of Easterling families living in England from the 18th century, their origins and subsequent dispersal within England & Wales, and to countries such as USA, NSW Australia, New Zealand. All lineage traceable from parents to children vis hyperlinks. Source material available on site.
EASTONs of the Lothians
The EASTONS OF THE LOTHIANS page contains family history information about the EASTON family of the Mid, West and East Lothians areas of Scotland (descendents of William EASTON, born about 1812 in Bathgate, Scotland and Agnes CRANDLE), as well as branches: ANDERSON, BLACKMORE, CAIRNS, CRANDLE, FLEMING, McDONALD, MYERS, PATERSON, STRATHIE, WATSON.
Ebenezer Warren Genealogy Club
A study of American Ebenezer Warrens w/researcher links; free.
Eckert Family History Site
general aspects of ed glod the individual residing in delaware county pennsylvania.
Edilson Family
This is the history of Benjamin and Bertha Edilson from their arrival from Russia in 1889.
Egbert Family History
Extensive outlines of the Egbert Family (also includes Egbertson), with outlines of 42 other families who are related to the Egberts, including Buckley, Carmichael, DeWitt, Fowler, Hazen, Job, McMullen, Perrine, Phipps, Slater, VanCleve, and Wright.
Eldon's Genealogy Home Page
This site is for the research of the following surnames -WAKEFIELD - JONES - SOLOMON and research of my family.
Elgershuizen genealogy
Elgershuizen, Elligershuijsen, Elgershuijsen, Elgershuysen, Elgershuijzen, Elgershuyzen, Elgershuis, Elgersma, Elgershaus, Elgershäuser, Elgershausen Genealogy / Genealogie / Descendants
Elizabeth and Genealogy
Gradosielski, Budohoski and Wyrzykowski families: Tver, Russia, Wilno, Poland - 1800's
This site is for the Ellenbecker and LaFlamme families.
Elliff (UK) Genealogy
Elliff name and variants in the UK.
This is a history of the descenndents of John William Elson, b. ca 1708, in Kent, England, going down through eight generations (submitted by Rowena Elson Drennan)
Elyce's Hughes Family Tree
Non Profit Genealogy site.Photo's old and new of people in my tree. 65 Surnames. Births, Marraiges, and deaths.
Esslemont / Esselmont Global Family
One genealogical site linking all the known Esslemont, Esselmont, Esselment families around the globe with a view to linking us all to our Scottish origins around Aberdeenshire.
Information about the E162 Project which has data on the largest collection in existence today(over 6900 names) of people who have used the surname EVERSOLE or EBERSOLE in any of its many variations. Includes all issues of periodically published "E162 News" newsletter.
Evilsizer Family in America
EYDEN & other Families
Families connected with the EYDEN family
Fairground and circus
The online home of European fairground and circus research.
Familie Mielke
Familie van Minnen
Families of William Boone and Alice Estelle Lester Johns
Researching Johns, Gentry, Lester, Hansberry, Grimmett, Kellow, Hubbard families of mainly Wilson and Rutherford Co., TN.
Famille Le Fort
Famille Le Fort et von Le Fort. France. Germany. Suisse. Argentine. Chile. Descendant. Pedigree.
Family Connections
Family Connections is a site containing more than 1000 surnames and where to find more information on those surnames, as well as general genealogy how-to's and help
Family Forest website
Family histories of the following families: BRIGDEN, CHAPMAN, CROWHURST, PLOWMAN, GROSSMITH of the UK
Family History of David HORTON and Kerry RAYMOND
This is the family tree of David Horton and Kerry Raymond. Our main family tree covers mostly from when our ancestors immigrated to Australia. The other groupings below are where these first families came from. Some of the areas in Australia they first settled are early Sydney and Penrith in New South Wales, and in Queensland in Brisbane, Nundah (German Station), Maryborough, Rockhampton, Charters Towers. Some were settlers, some convicts, some left poverty as farmers, straw plaiters and lacemakers to own their own land and become local political identities. [Site has search facility]
Family History of Stuart Johnstone and Nicola Lindo
Scotland, Ireland, England (counties Durham, Devon, London). Names: Anderson, Bale, Berkley, Brooks, Bryant, Burchill, Connelly, Evans,Gammon, Givan, Grainger, Groves, Johnstone, Knill, Lindo, Manuel, McLuskey, Meaney, Pybus, Richards, Rixon, Slade, Smith, Tucker, Young
Family of Daniel L. and Patience Hammond Thomas
This site contains information about and pictures of the descendants of Daniel L. Thomas (1806-1865) and Patience Hammond Thomas (1811-1890).
Family pages of the Lindsays from Greenock and originally Jura Scotland
Family pages of the Lindsays originally from Jura and Greenock Scotland, now dispersed throughout the World
Family Research KUMMER
This page assists my research and gives other researchers information about researching in Bohemia.First of all, I am looking for these names: Kummer, Pichl, David, Freisleben, Unverdorm ... ... at these places in Bohemia: Sandau, Obersandau Amonsgrün, Leskau, Honau, Tepl
Family Roots #1
Site you can find all people who carry the SCHRAVEN-name in the Netherlands (Europe). You can find the birth and marriages and deaths started from about 1650 untill now. Totally now 5500 persons in the Netherlands and all over the world.
Family Tree Information Exchange
Research of families - Ariss, Barnwell & Biggs (from Midlands), Carey (from Ireland, Cheshire & Lancashire), Dosher (from London, Spain & Rugby), Hardy (Bristol & Dublin), Macrae (Inverness, Dublin & Liverpool), Shaw (Liverpool, Sheffield & Wirral), Stevenson (Dublin), Tesh (Sheffield) & Turner (Lancashire).
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The one and only," Clive Cargill Family Home Page"
history of Cargill family, back to William Cargill, b 1815. Arbroath, Scotland.
Family Tree of Raymond Axford & Doreen Bathgate
Fancher Family Origins
New research has determined that the origin of the Fancher surname in America was the English surname Fanshawe. The progenitor of the Fancher family in America was William Fancy/Fanshaw (Sr.) and his second wife Katherine. William Fancy/Fanshaw, Sr. was one of the original proprietors of Setauket, Brookhaven, Suffolk Co., NY, and the earliest record of him is found in the New Haven Colony in 1643. “Fancy” and “Fancher” have been proven to be colonial spelling variants of the English Fanshawe surname. The complete text of this new book is available here.
Faris History
Faris History highlights photos and extensive data on various Faris' from William Faris and Dorothea Johnson.
Faux Family History
Tracing Faux family history in the United Kingdom - mainly in Warwickshire, Huntingdonshire and Essex.
Finding Family Ties
Finding past and present members of the PETTERSSON & OLSSON (GREEN) families.
Finding My Family
Finding past and present members of the SHUYA & KWASNICIA families.
Fisher Family
Fishero-Joyner Family
This is a family history of the G Kengle Fishero and Carmillus Joyner families.
FitzGerald of Kilcarragh, Adelphi and Killaloe
Genealogical website focusing on the FITZGERALD family occuping the estates of Kilcarragh and Adelphi. Other surnames on the site are: BURTON, BLOOD, POWELL,COMYN,PERREAU,KERIN,STONEY,JELLET and more.
Fleet Family Tree
Including spelling variations of the FLEET surname: FLEETE, FLETE, FLETT, FLET, de FLET, ate FLETE, de FLETA, le FLEET, del FLETE, de FLOETA, FLEOT, FLEOTA, le FLEOTA, FLEOTIG, FLOT, le FLOTO, FLOTTO, de FLOTTO, and de la FLOTTE.
My site is the Foland, and the Saragent, I am looking for more information.
For timbrell's and relations everywhere
A site for anyone, anywhere, researching the name of Timbrell
FORSBACH Genealogy
FORSBACH website viewable in multiple languages by clicking on country flag. Other names include: Becker, Burkart, Eck, Gerstner, Harbeson, Herter, Huber, Huttanus, Mayer, Metzger, Muller, Oculi, Rastaetter, Sulzer, Walter.
FORSBACH Genealogy
Ancestry of the Forsbach family to 1670 in Rheinland, Prussia (Spich, Sieglar, Roesrath, Immekeppel, Oberauel, Essen) and descendants that immigrated to America in 1881.
Fred and LaJean Sessions Call Family
This site is dedicated to the ancestors of Fred E. Call and LaJean Sessions Call.
Frederick Family Tree
This is a family history/genealogy webpage complete with source pages and links to database sites for the Frederick family dating back to Britain 1500's.
Frederick Nester (c1709-1782) of Berks Co, Pa and Descendants
Traces the descendants of Frederick Nester, b ca 1709, of Berks Co, Pa throughout the US. About 1000 webpages with thorough index.
Freedmen's Village Arrivals
Contains the names from record group 105 from the National Archives. This is a list of Freedmen (ex slaves) who arrived at Freedmen's Village in Arlington, Virgina. Circa 1864-1867. First and last names are included as well as condition and "where from". Not a complete register but over 400 names on the database as of now. s
Fretwell Family
Fretwells in America begin in Virginia ca 1665 and now reside in all fifty states. We are reaching out to all persons with the Fretwell surname in the United States to build the Fretwell Family Tree. The page "About Leonard" updates his book.
from Howlroyde to Holroyd in 800 years
family history with original family homes, photographs, gedcom,links to other websites.
From Isles to Island
Family History of Francis from Haverfordwest in Wales: Megaw (McGaw)from Lisnaree in Ireland; Scatchard from Morley in Yorkshire; Goodier from Lancashire as well as associated names Bell; Chesson; Colwell; Dunn; Gant; Higginson;Lewis; Reynolds: Ritter; Temple.
Frances Lysaighth Gallery and Johanna McGrath and their Iowa descendants.
Gallitzin - Tunnel Hill Family
A genealogical web page profiling the Carty, Clonan, Ratchford, McGuire, Stanley, Link, O'Dowd, George, Reilly, Lynch, Macatamany, Potocek, Kadlubek, Ulmanek families from Meath, Ireland & Jablonka, Czech
Gareis - Familienseite
Gareis in Böhmen, Info Kreis Elbogen, Einwohnerlisten zur Herrschaft Heinrichsgrün
Garst Genealogy and Family Research Center
Center for Garst/Gerst/Gharst Genealogy and National Family Reunion scheduled for August, 2000 in Roanoke, VA
Gary and Joyces Genealogy
The main names that will eventually be added to this site are Aitken, Black, Fitzgerald, Gray, Hancock, Harmon, Martin, McGinn, Page, Sands, Small, Spackman, Weeks, Woolford
Gaslo;; Genealogy
Genealogía de las familias ALLOA y ALANDA
Genealogia Familia Robles Pedreira
Genealogía apellidos Robles, procedente de León, y Pedreira de Galicia. Este sitio incluye entre otros datos: heráldica, catálogo del Archivo General de Indias, con los primeros pasajeros Robles a América; Pleitos de hidalguía y listado de distintos Robles pertenecientes a órdenes militares.
Genealogical research
The Siebum, Sijbom and Sibum lineage, Netherlands and Germany
Genealogical research in former Austria-Hungary
Genealogical Research and Heir Location
Genealogical Society of Morongo Basin
Our society serves the hi-desert communities of Yucca Valley and 29 Palms. We promote interest in the exciting pasttime we all know and love, Genealogy.
Genealogy Family Benneker, Bleijleven, Bode, Brugge, Dobber, Griffioen, de Jong, Kapoen, Machiel, Perlee, Wieggers
Genealogie de Natris
Genealogie familie Tönis
Genealogische gegevens van de fanilie Tönis en Leferink op Reinink, vooral uit Twente.
genealogie familie Waijh
R Ratel (2) Roos (1) S Schagen (3) Schrander (11) Schreuder (1) Smit (2) Sybrands (1) T Ter Beek (1) Tol (1) V V.Spelden (1) Van Luijn (2) Verbeek (4) vuyst (2) W Waij (24) Wolters (1) X x (4) R Ratel (2) Roos (1) S Schagen (3) Schrander (11) Schreuder (1) Smit (2) Sybrands (1) T Ter Beek (1) Tol (1) V V.Spelden (1) Van Luijn (2) Verbeek (4) vuyst (2) W Waij (24) Wolters (1) X x (4) genealogie Family Waij
Genealogie Homann, Werne, Germany
Genealogie, Ahnenforschung, Homan, Homann, Cosack, Heiling, Brewing, Dalhaus, Fischer, Hanlo, Hoelscher, Holtz, Lembeck, Mengelkamp, Pennekamp, Piekenbrock, Preun, Prumenbaum, Storck, Weckrup, Weiman
Genealogie Scheepens, Smeijers, van Bremen en van loon
stamboom voornamelijk Scheepens met beginnend onderzoek naar Smeijers, van Bremen en van loon. Met bidprentjes en geboortekaartjes.
Genealogie Van der Winkel
The family Van der Winkel lives for more than 300 years in the city of Culemborg in the Netherlands. We suspect that this family lives for manny centurys in the province Gelderland (Betuwe) and came to Culemborg in the 15e century.
Genealogische stie van Gèraldine van Vliet
On my page you can find eight Ahnentafel reports of my grandparents and also family-announcements from tree Dutch newspapers
Genealogische stie van Gèraldine van Vliet
On my page you can find eight Ahnentafel reports of my grandparents and also family-announcements from tree Dutch newspapers
Genealogist's Index to the World Wide Web
A meta search engine focusing on genealogy and history information on line.
Genealogy Barten
My ancestry since 1530 to 1928. The French departments are Aisne (02), Allier (03), Cher (18), Creuse (23), Finistère (29), Gard (30), Haute-Saône (70), Haute-Vienne (87), Indre (36), Morbihan (56), Nièvre ( 58), Paris (75), Saône et Loire (71), Yvelines (78), Seine-Saint-Denis (93)
Genealogy Central
Genealogy Central features mailing lists, a surname list, the On-Line Store, weekly articles, help, links to free Vital Records and much much more!!!
Genealogy Christian & Michael Weiser
Genealogy Christian & Michael Weiser from the thuringian Vogtland. Names: Weiser, Gerold, Hößelbarth, Schuster, Pohle, Kaufmann and more. Places: Piesigitz, Merkendorf, Staitz, Dörtendorf, Döhlen, Hohenleuben, Jena and more.
Genealogy from Nøtterøy and Vestlandet
These pages containes more than 12 000 people from Vestfold in Norway. It also has many branches from the westcoast of Norway.
Genealogy Maine Ohio New Hampshire Louisiana Smart Boner Bonner White Churc
Genealogy of Maine, Ohio, New Hampshire, Louisiana> Smart, Boner, Bonner, White, Church, Crossan, Nickerson, Cass, including a book about The Smarts, old Maine records, letters and more.
Genealogy Names
Provides listings of surnames for a small section of the alphabet, part of a much larger master data file.
Genealogy of a Cooper Family in Texas
Descendants of Samuel Cooper of Richland Co., SC and Decatur Co., GA.
Genealogy of Flender Family
Genealogy of Flender, Flenner and other lines who growed from Flender, back until the year 1425.
genealogy of snackers families
Origins of the family snackers as well as other related names
Genealogy of the Berry and Allied Families
Genealogy of Berry and Allied Families of Virginia
Genealogy of the Holtvlüwer family
Genealogy of the Holtvlüwer family from Getelo, Germany.
Genealogy of the Rehorst family
Ahnenforschung der Familie Rehorst - Genealogy of the Rehorst family
Genealogy Online
Genealogy Online has all of my family surnames and their descendants.
Genealogy Page of leslie Nutbrown
Nutbrown genealogy; New England ancestry; US presidents;
Genealogy/Familienforschung Thomas Erbe
My ancestors as far as I know them today. Looking for ERBE, SIEDENTOP, KRÜGER (KRUEGER) in Lower Saxony, Pomerania and elsewhere...
Genie's Lamp - a search for history
McGroarty family of Donegal, Ireland and Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, US
This is my search for the ancestry of my four Grandparents. Oscar George/ Ada Dowdy, Joseph Owen Carmack & Susie Ann Woodall. Ive worked on it for about seven years and its been an enlightning experience. Oh I wish I would have been able to know all the folks that Ive found in my search. The stories they could tell!
Gideon Family
Herein is the most currently known tree dating back to Peter GIDEON (1752-1844) and going through 11 generations. Of course the surnames include dozens of others as well. This link will also take you to the DUDA, MICKO, and WOJAS Family Trees.
A link to the ancestors and descendants of John Gilcrease and Parmelia Gilcrease
Gillott Family History
Genealogy and family history of the Gillott family of Sheffield Yorkshire UK, and connected surnames
GIROUX Surname Resource Center
This site provides a central resource of information for researching the GIROUX surname, family trees, and family history. It is not limited by geography or by time period. Any information relating to the GIROUX surname is appropriate for this web site.
Gittins Genealogy
Dedicated resource for those researching the name Gittins, Gittings, Gittens, or variants. Contains details of over 250 members world wide, and general information about surname origins.
Glasby Family Research - One Name Study
One Name study on name GLASBY, GLASBEY, GLASSBY, etc bulk of information on UK sources but collecting refs worldwide.
The GODBOLD name is mainly connected to East Anglia, ENGLAND. Suffollk is the primary location. This web site covers many GODBOLD families with Suffolk roots
Goff Gough Family Research Association
The Goff Gough Association has been doing research for over 20 years. This site has a 40,000+ name searchable index and on line copies of 20 years of newsletters. There is a very high probablity there is info on your ancestors here.
Golden and Related Family Tree from Texas Counties and La Parishes
African American research for the GOLDEN, JONES, THOMAS, PIPKINS, PIPER families in Harrison and Panola County, Texas and includes Caddo and DeSoto, Parish, La.
Golder Family Genealogy
The GOLDER family tree dating back to 1749 in Strathaven, Lanark, Scotland with links to Canada, USA, England and New Zealand
Goldys of New Jersey
wills and other information on some of those Goldy's from New Jersey.
Goldys of New Jersey
wills and other information on some of those Goldy's from New Jersey.
Goodwin, Menges and Related Families
Research of our Goodwin, McKinney, Whittekiend, Garrett, Foreman, Harrell, Browning, Burch, Wooten, Menges, Hatcher, Hill, Cockrell, Humphreys, Hanks, & Lincoln family surnames. See the Index to find your family connection.
Goody Family Tree
Covers Goody family in London, Essex and other parts of country. One name study with links to many other surnames connected with Goody surname. We have a large database and can assist other researchers with accurate information.
Gotthardt, Lorenz, Hagelgans Genealogy
Gotthardt, Lorenz, Hagelgans family history from Germany to TX
Gramma s Attic
Wills, Old Documents, 1940s Boswell, Pennsylvania Yearbook; includes photos, signatures, over 300 names, 1950s Buffalo Telephone Directory;includes suburbs and thouands of names and addresses, Cemetery Photos from Western New York,
Green Genealogy
A website dedicated to the Green Family of Carroll County Tennessee. Information gathering and exchange is what we are about.
The GREEN LEAVES site attempts to remember some of the family members of different families that died young.
Greene Family Origins
The Greenes, are, as explained below, a Dalcassian family, descended from the Dal Cais, best known of whom is Brian Boru. The following sets out the early history of the Uaithne and the Dalcassians. Family is from Western Ireland
Gregory Family History
Detailed history and interactive family tree of Gregory's originating from Vermont.
Grigg Family History
Many surnames such as Burns,Ferguson,Ford,Grigg,Groves,Hicks,Hoffman,Lenhart,Leonhardt,Merwin,Smith,Sullivan and many others.
Gruneklee to Greeneklee
Surname history of Gruneklee and Greeneklee. Family surname origin in Germany and the change to Greeneklee in Australia.
Grzesiuk's & Kulczynski's
Grzesiuks and Kulczynskis from Poland
GUYMER and GYMER Family History
Family trees caovering the Guymer & Gymer surname. Starting in England & spreading to Canada, United States & Australia
Haddock Family Page on Genealogy
Numerous Georgia families will be included. Please email me for more information about these families: Haddock, Harrison, Rodgers, May, Joiner, Hunter
HALE FAMILY (Christian, Kentucky to Texas)
Tracing the Descendants of Carley Douglas Hale and Beatrice Laola Gillmore Hale Ancestors from Christian County, Kentucky to McLennan County,Texas Gillmore/McMillan/Henry Ancestors from Ireland to Robertson County, Texas to Brazos County, Texas Please contact me if there are corrections. I update this regularly.
HALE FAMILY (Christian, Kentucky to Texas)
Tracing the Descendants of Carley Douglas Hale and Beatrice Laola Gillmore Hale Ancestors from Christian County, Kentucky to McLennan County,Texas Gillmore/McMillan/Henry Ancestors from Ireland to Robertson County, Texas to Brazos County, Texas Please contact me if there are corrections. I update this regularly
Henry Hamby and Sara Cross and their descendants of Tennessee and Kentucky
Hamlett Genealogy Website
Family web. family trees, photos and other genealogical information pertaining to my research of my Hamlett ancestors. Also a surname database of all related names associated with Hamlett either through birth or marriage.
Hans Stauffer Genealogy
This web site is dedicated to Hans Stauffer, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1710, and his family, ancestors, and descendents.
Hard to Find Surnames
One of the fastest and easiest ways to find family records is to network with other family researchers on the internet. makes it easy for you! Leave queries for every surname you are researching and see who contacts you! Make sure you keep a record of where you posted, what surnames you posted and when.
Ancestors of Carolyn L. Harper Johnson with links to photos and abstracted records.
Harris-Johnson Family Connections
The Harris-Johnson Family Connections is a website dedicated to connecting the descendants for James (Jamie) John Johnson and Susie Lee Harris-Johnson.
HARRISON - The Descendants of William Harrison
"We, the descendants of William Harrison, seek to discover documentation of the lineage of William Harrison, a supposed son of Benjamin (IV) Harrison and Anne (Carter) Harrison, find the parents of Martha Stillwell and explore collateral family lines..."
HARTRUM / HOTRUM "one name study" web pages
Harvey Shell (Schell) Genealogy Page
Discusses details about Harvey Shell, his occupation, and a video that he has produced about the Schell family.
Haskell Family History
Most comprehensive international Haskell Family History database for English Origin Haskells. FREE Haskell Family Genealogy Database and Research. Only Haskell database which contains information on Haskells worldwide.
Hawker-Rock and Hall-Burrows Families
Information collected between 1985 and 2001 by Graham George Hawker on the families of his parents and the parents of his wife Christine (nee Hall). This information is still being collected and the content of this web site is being increased continually. A ZIP file (2.8MB) containing all the files for offline browsing is available by clicking here. The data is also available as a GEDCOM file.
Hawkins and Sandford Genealogy
This site is for the research of the Hawkins, Gunter, Bell, Beard, Hart, Leo, Parsons, Sandford, and Westcott family Trees
Basicly looking for anyone who can help in the puzzle of the hawns from stoe creek nj
I am actively searching the following lines: Heaton, Tennison, McCord, Woodruff, Argo, Buckner in the Southern USA. I am researching Pettit, Marks, Travis, Longcor, Johnson, and George lines in Pennsylvania and New York.
Heinen Family of Osage County, Missouri, United States of America
Family of Theodore and Juliana (Backes) Heinen
Helli Family Roots
The John Gustav Helli Family and descendants...From Finland in the 1880s, settling in Ironwood Michigan. Databases, photos, obits, marriage certificates and links for other genealogy sites.
Hemingway/Hemingway/Heminway Genealogy
A central resource for all Hemingway/Heminway/Hemenway family research. The site includes historical information, vital records, queries, and more.
Welcome to the Henderson Family Tree. This Web site attempts to trace the family genealogy starting with Joseph Henderson and Angelina Weaver. The Hendersons have made many contributions to American history. Not the least of them was Joseph Henderson who was born in South Carolina in 1826. He became a notable Sandy Hook Pilot in the New York harbor and along the Atlantic Coast during the Civil War.
Henry Family (Brazos County, Texas)
Henry T (TOM) Doherty Jr
This is the information I have on my family
Heron Johnson Powell Family Tree
Heron family tree
Herrmann, Beaser, Bieser genealogy
For data on the following surnames, visit my website. Auer, Birtz, Bloeth, Briamonte, Darmstadt, DeCarlo, DeLuca, Fortunato, Graziano, Hess, Kinn, Lang, Maggio, Mesi, Miller, Muller, Pastore, Pfab, Rizzo, Schmitt, Schwarz(tz), Speck, Thill, Tripi, and others
Hickerson Genealogy
The descendants of Charles Hickerson of Virginia (1725-1793)and the ancestors of Nancy Petty Hickerson to the Washington Family and their ancestors.
I am constantly adding to my database and am collecting tombstone pictures for records..This page show photos of my ancestors.
History of Marlborough Massachusetts
Has vital records, genealogies, cemetery inscriptions, Revolutionary, Civil War Soldier lists, early records, documents and more. These surnames are included: AMSDEN, ARNOLD, AXTELL, BANISTER, BARNARD, BARNES, BENT, BENDER, BIGELOW, BRIGHAM, EAGER, EAMES, FAY, FELTON, GLEASON, GOODALE, GOODENOW, HAGER, HAPGOOD, HOWE, HUDSON, JOHNSON, MAYNARD, MORSE, NEWTON, RICE, STOW, WARD and WOOD.
Hoare Family of Gloucestershire
This site deals with the Hoare family of Gloucestershire from earliest times.
Hobson and Beagley Family History
A site dedicated to history of the Hobson & Beagley Families
William Hodge/Hodges bn KY,wife Margaret Emily Mullins bn 1837 KY their son John Hodge/Hodges bn 1865-66 KY, wife Manerva Siria bn 1869 Hopkins Co, KY and Mary H. Young. both Marr's in Hopkins Co, KY Son William D. Hodge bn 1888 in Hopkins co, KY. Dau Edna Hodge bn 1937 KY
Hoffee Family Genealogy
Explore the Hoffee family tree back to Pennsylvania in 1790. Hoffee's traced to Ohio and Illinois.
Holland Family Connections
Holland family research with related lines mostly from the Morgan County, Ky and southern Ohio areas. Includes Ferguson, Cottles, Mynhiers, Mynheers, Minors, Hopkins, Caskey, Perry, Peyton, Haddon, Igo, and Utterback surnames.
Hollenbeck Family
This is a little genealogy on the Hollenbecks that I"ve been working on. Please check it out and look at the names and see if we're related. Please contact me.
Holt Ancestry
The history of the Holts of Lancashire providing in depth information about the genealogy, pedigrees, lineage, houses, tales, references and links
Holton and Wing Family Genealogy
Family genealogy for Holton-Wing family. Surnames include Archer, Atcherson, Coffaro, LaMarca, Severson, Wing plus more. Obituaries, various newspaper articles, vitals, pictures are also included.
Holtzhausen family in SA
Genealogy of the Holtzhausen family in South Africa
Home page of Annette Kapple
My site contains information about the Forgey family in Ireland and America. It concentrates on the descendants of James Forgey of Hawkin county, Tennessee.
Home page of Rosamund & Hugh Lodge
Surname connections:- Alemann/vonAlemann, Abbott, Bardou, Carter, Clayden, Collett, Cornish, Courtney, Cutts, Day, Dymond, Eives, Engler, Fabricius, Fostard, Gage, Gam(e)s, Garwood, Gaul, Goldring, Groom, Harris, Haynish, Horsley, King, Kirschner, Klemm, Laurence, Lindley, Lodge, Mauritz, Morton, Mucke, Osbourne, Pala, Peyton, Pfeil, Pindar/Pinder, Purnell, Raywood, Richardson, Rudow, Ruhl, Rust, Ryley, Sarqu(i)e, Sayer, Seabrook, Season, Sidey, Sorrell, Sowersby, Stirk, Stuttaford, Sutton, von Syborg, Taylor, Thomson, Totty, Tremer, Zeiring/Scheyring, Zeising
Homepage familie Post
Homepage van de familie Post met veel genealogische gegevens van o.a. fam. Post, Boekema, Jonker, De Vries en Ploeg. Tevens een totaal overzicht van al mijn gegevens.
Homepage for Connie and Tony Bertapelle
Presenting several branches of our family tree.
Homepage for Debra Pastuszynski
My page has info on BALINSKI
Homepage for Johns, Lester and Allied Families by Estelle Hall
William Boone Johns and Alice Estelle Lester Johns are my Mothers parents. Some of the surnames in our ancestry are Grimmett, Gentry, Hansberry, Lester, Johns, Vaughan, Major, Hubbard, Kellow, Fields, Barksdale, and Glover.
Homepage for Sharon (Hartzell) Smith
Homepage for Sharon Frepan
Wanting info on The Frepan family name from South Bend, Indiana
Homepage for William L Foster Jr
Fosters-Ratliffs-Braswells-Rice-Franklins-Sheltons related Families
HomePage of Families of John & Elizabeth Benninghoff
Homepage of Graham and Natascha Hartlett
HARTLETT: Research of Hartlett families around the world.
Homepage of Lorna Allen Toti
I have just set up my site and for now have links to My Home Page at Family Tree Maker being I don't know how to use HTML yet.
Honza's web page
look at my pictures of my dog pluto and holidays at london;)
Hoots Family
The Family Tree of the Hoots family
Houghton Family Project
The Houghton Family Update Project now includes 47,467 descendants of Ralph and John Houghton of Lancaster, MA and John Houghton of Stony Brook, NJ, and all Houghton surname individuals prior to 1930 who lived in or emigrated to the United States. Variants include Haughton, Hotton, Hotten, Hoten, Hoton, Howton, etc. Please consider contributing your Houghton descendancy data to the project. You will be cited as the contributor of any new data. I will try to help you with your research needs regarding this surname.
House Family
House family website
HousemanFamily Tree of New York
This is a Houseman Family tree that is from george Hauss to my family . It should work correctly
Howard / Levin Family History & Genealogy
Our site contains over 11,000 surnames for over 60,000 individuals. Hope the info. helps someone.
I was Adopted and am searching for my birth family.From what I know is Smith is our birth name. Mothers Maiden name was carmicheal. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1955. I have a sister who is older she was born 1953 in flint Mich. We were taken from our parents on June 1955 in Flint Michigan.Hope to find them so I can get family history. Their first name is James and Ann. Michigan ad Missouri ties .
both my husbands family and mine Kramer and hollenbeck
Hubbell Family Historical Society
The Hubbell Family Historical Society is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization founded in 1981, incorporated in 1982. The Society invites membership from descendants of Richard Hubball of Worcestershire, England, and New Haven Colony, CT; from persons interested in genealogy and history; and from organizations supporting such activities.
HUDSON - MCNAMARA & Related Families
HUDSON, CONNOR, JESSUP, SWINGLE of Orange Co. NY 1700s+. HUDSON, SWINGLE, ENSLIN, BUCKLAND, ROBINSON, SHAFFER, CARR, COREY, HOYLE, WEBSTER, TELSHAW & many more of Wayne & Lackawanna Co. PA, 1700s+. LEACH of Scotland, Ontario Can, IL, KS 1796+. FRIEDMAN of Baden, Germ, OH 1700s+ NUGENT of Ireland, Ontario Can 1800s+
Ancestors and Descendents of Kenneth C Hughes, Jr
Hunt families of the Northeast
Early Hunt families of the northeastern United States.
Huntoon Genealogy
Online Version - Daniel T V Huntoon's The Hunton Family (1881) with supplemental data added
IGNATKO - KOSITCH 1902-1905 from Hungary
GEORGE KOSITCH and ELSIE IGNATKO lived in NYC (Yorkville section) 1912-1937. Searching for SCRANTON, PA relatives: his blind sister: AMELIA (nee: KOSITCH), her son: ALEX CALOWITS, daughter: JOLAN LESNIAK ... hopefully, who can tell me where in Hungary my grandparents were born. Thank you.
Immisch - German Lutheran family, some later ancestors naturalised British
IMMISCH German (Prussian) Lutheran family ~ Some descendants naturalised British - most notably the Victorian Inventor & Pioneer(Karl) Moritz Immisch
Imrie-Wampach Genealogy Site
Over 1500 names from the United States, United Kingdom, Scandanavia, Germany, Luxembourg and Germans from Russia. Many online sources available.
Imus family history and more!
Indian Woods Family Reunion
Indian Woods Family Reunion, Windsor North Carolina-Smallwood, Rascoe, Outlaw, Spivey, Berry, Hinton
Genealogy of the Shoultz family who came to Indiana from Rowan County North Carolina
Iowa Research, Disney Family, Guthrie County, Iowa
Dedicated to collecting and preserving information about every Disney/Dizney descendant who ever lived anywhere, any time. Would like to hear from descendants and others researching Disney/Dizney.
Irma M. Arriola "Arriola Photos"
I am researching my grandparents web page shows pictures, family history. Links to other members going back to 1890
It's a Family Tree Also!
~BADDERS~BAKER~BARBOUR~BECHMAN~ ~BERGMAN~BURD~BUTLER~CUNNINGHAM~ ~FERNE~GALLAGHER~HADDEN~HAWK~HOLLAND~ ~JAMES~KEYS~KING~KINNEY~LYONS~MABUS~ ~MULLOY~PETTIGREW~SELL~SHALLENBERGER~ ~SHULTZ~WALDON~ I am researching the above names. The families came from Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Germany, Ireland,Scotland, and Switzerland.
Jaccard-Woldgram & Families History Pages
This Website contains the names of our families; past/present; direct/by marriage. There are 2880 souls and growing. There's a message board, a place to write an email to the administrator, free downloads to help with your genealogy efforts, a place to register your reunion. Please visit often.
Jager research from Nederlands to USA
ames Family in America Genealogy & family history of the James family, includes the outlaws Jesse James & Frank James. Search 64,000 names & 22,500 families. Lots of photos & graphics.Slave information. Free queries to Jesse James former historian Phil Stewart at the James Farm & Museum.
Jane's Genealogy Website
Researching the names - Tetley, Spencer, Bowring, Sillick, Sellick, Salisbury,Brennan,Page,Robinson, Wood, Spencer,Trussell, Jones, Huett
Jayasinghe Family Tree
Jayasinghe Family Tree
Jenny Cowling's Home Page
Family History including: Cowling, Hopton, Tate, Skeen, Smith, Briggs, Stainsby, Mole, Todd, Batterson, Cliff, Oates, Buttery, Grieves, Simpson, Chambers, Bentley, Harper, Benn, Appleyard, Farrer, Lupton, Stewart, Gray, Oddy, Straker, Jackson, Addison, Sowerby. All in U.K.
Jessica's Genealogy
A list of surnames being researched.
JEX Guild One Name Study, information, stories, biographies, statistics and index a-z of JEX people.
JEX One Name Study
The JEX One Name Study site attempts to list all the people pre 1920 who were born into the JEX family or who married into it anywhere in the world. It is an ongoing task. Please visit and send me your Jex ancestor to add to the growing list.
Jim's Genealogy Page
Bates family research. Descendants of James Bates and Elizabeth Tubb who were married in Rutherford County, N.C. in 1762.
John and Martha Durand Family
The John and Martha Durand Family website publishes transcribed family letters. These letters highlight important dates and family events between 15 siblings and their parents during the mid to late 1800s.
John Howell's Family Research
Researching the Howell family from Greene County, GA
John Jean Family of Georgia
Descendants of John and Alcy Jean.
John Mather's Family Tree
Registry of about 2000 members of the Mather family tree. Most popular names are Mather (175), Stocks (81), Foulds (76), Buckley (61), Pickles (53), Brereton (44), Tomlinson (38), Dittmer (36), Miller (35), Robinson (34), Ickeringill (34), Briggs (31), Smith (29), Doxey (26), Brown (26), Fidler (25), Kay (23), Pighills (22), Nugent (20), Allen (20).
John Nichols Family Society
Family history of John Nichols, an Australian First Fleet convict and his wife Ann Pugh.
Johns Family Research Group
The Original Johns Family Research Group established in 1997, to unite the community efforts of over 180 persons interested in the completed, professional research of the JOHNS surname
Johnson Family Genealogy from Sweden to the USofA
The gathering and sharing of information on the Johnson Family, from Melrud Sweden to Wisconsin USA.
Jolink Genealogy
Genealogy Jolink Joolink Jolinck Jolinck Jaelink
Joseph or William Joseph Little
Find your Little Roots
Joseph Robson family of early Victoria
Family history Australia especially Clunes Victoria, also Brazil and Durham county.
Joshua W. Ashby Family Research
This site contains photos and gedcom files of the Joshua W. Ashby family and his descendants. Please send me an email if you are an Ashby descendant of Joshua W. Ashby.
Joyce Riddick's family tree
Nicholson/Lowe and Scrubbs/Crimes Family trees.
Julius Alexander Guimbellot
Julius Alexander Guimbellot was born April 1856 in Paris, France and died July 1924 in Winnsboro, LA. He was the first Guimbellot to arrive in America and from him came a genealogy that spans over six generations. He was a simple man who worked hard for his family. The 1870 census shows Julius as a domestic servant working for a farmer named J.W. Wicks, either in Winnsboro or the New Orleans areas. Julius is reported to have a sister who came over with him or migrated over around 1860. She was known to have fair skin and blue eyes.
Kandee's Indiana Ballard Genealogy
Kane, O'Cathain, Celtic origins, Wake, Dinning, Pyle, Ireland Newcastle
Kane, O'Cahain, O'Cahan, Wake, Dinning, Pyle, Family History North East England and Celtic origins
KARAU families entered northern Germany pre-1600.
Kaszubowski, Rachfalak & Mohrmann
Kaszubowski, Rachfalak & Mohrmann Families of Bremen, Germany.
I am searching for information on John, Chapman. He was born 16 Oct1762 in Halifax County, Va. He married Lucy Barber Williams in 1791. Some time after that they moved to Kentucky where they lived in Adair, Russell, Clinton, and Cumberland Counties. I would like to know who John's parent's were and where they came from.Please contact me at my e-mail address.
Keesling Genealogy
Keesling Genealogy - Research for the family of Keesling, Kissling, Kisling, Kißling and other various spellings.
Keller/Crawford/Twigg/Clites Home Page
has some picutes and updated fairly regularly.
Kenny's of Ontario Canada
Michael, John nad Ann Kenny emmigra
Kentucky Herrin
Larry Rodger Herrin Website focusing on the descendents of Shadrack Herrin and Rebecca Stogsdill. This site is linked to several other Herrin sites. Names include all spellings of Herrin... Herron, Herring, Heron, Herion, etc.
Kevin C. Browns Family Genealogy Pages
Contains Brown, Caldwell, Moburg, Eastman, Truzzolino, Romaine, Bennett, Keenan, Tedrow and more - many backed by scans of original documents
Kevin C. Browns Family Genealogy Pages
Contains Brown, Caldwell, Moburg, Eastman, Truzzolino, Romaine, Bennett, Keenan, Tedrow and more - many backed by scans of original documents
My 10 generation text with pictures, a history by cousin Tom, and numerous detailed research papers trace the Kincaid Clan from Scotland, to VA, to WV, to Ohio. My writings will not interfere with your search.
King's and Fecteau's Family Trees
This is a home page for the King's and Fecteau's.
kirby, kerby family for genealogy
KIRBY Family tree by Brion Kirby
North Texas Kirkland-Guynes and allied families with primary research in Tarrant/Johnson/Ellis/Dallas/Stephens Counties of the State of Texas.
This site lists Kirkup related genealogical information mainly from the north-west of England. U.K.
Kirtland Community College
I look at the genealogy of my family.
Kitney/Kidney Family
Family history site for Kidney and Kitney family, originally from Kent, England. Family members are now found World Wide. Information includes English census details, military service as well as births, marriages and deaths.
Klare Family of Clinton, Iowa
Herman and Katherine Ashenbrenner Klare Family of Cinton, Iowa. Emily Fellows, Henry Klare, Mary Fahey Moran, Herman Klare,Lewis Klare, Henrietta McCutcheon.
Kloosterman Genealogy
Kloosterman Genealogy from 1550-2000, Zeeland, the Netherlands and emigrants to America
Koertge / Kortge / Keortge Family Tree
Family and descendants of Saxony Prussia immigrants, Christoph Karl and Anna Dorothea (Schmidt) Kortge.
Kokke Family Tree
Kokke family that went from Nijmegen, Holland to Wisconsin.
Research of Kravets family line.
La Lombardia in dettaglio - Lombardy fully detailed.
Specific information about Lombard surnames by using internal search engines. Data are availble for all of the Lombard towns. Several search modes available.
La Sicilia in dettaglio - Sicily fully detailed
Specific information about Sicilian surnames by using internal search engines. Data are availble for all of the Sicilian towns. Several search modes available.
Ladner's & McKimmy's of Michigan
Lake Family of Lincolnshire
Clarence Lamb, Linville Lamb, Louise Lamb, Elza Lamb, Ray Lamb, Carlyon Lamb, Brinda Lamb, John Lamb
Ancestors from Clarke County, Alabama to Texas.
Can't find an ancestor? Lancashire born folk not in their own county but found in other counties on census night 1851 and 1881
Las familias ALLOA y ALANDA
Lassek Family Homepage
Lassek Family in US Genealogy.
Laubach Family Association
Laubach Family Genealogy Information
Lauras Genealogy
Gentry and other surnames Im researching.
Le refuge de Josée-fine
Site de Généalogie et Histoire - Genealogy and History site Recherches sur Tétreault, Tatro, Tetro, Tetreau, Landeau, Roy, Deslandes, Cusson, Fontaine, Beaudry. Recherches en France dans les registres originaux.
Leatham Launch
?John Spendlove, Susannah Mossendew, John Slawson, Dixon, Corby, John Steens, Francis Gosling, Thomas Barton, Margaret Whalley, John Carr, Ann Marshall, John Cunnington, Alice Hayse, Margaret Preston, William Heigham, John Huyton, Isaac Jones Joseph Harrison, Thomas Smith, Whetstone, David Sanders, Issac Allred, Richard Fausett, Mckee, henry Zabriskie Eleanor Galpin, Isaac Higbee, Keziah String, Thomas String, Josiah Albison, Evan Morgan, Leah Hooper
Leaves on a Tree - Greg & Carrie McMurdie's Family History Pages
Our family history website which includes photographs and documents for the following surnames: McMurdie/Mackmurdie, Clark, Tillman, Maughan, Wadsworth, Bingham, Hubbard, Carter, Bishop, Burr, Williams, Farr, Farnes, and many others.
Lennan (and variants) Dublin genealogical site
Data on Irish Lennan and Dublin Lennon families. Donnybrook Dublin around 1920. The Dublin and Kingstown Railway. And more.
Lerew Genealogy & Links
Les and Val Tate
our family trees of Tate, Burlison, Ljungberg/Liunberg and Bowman
Lethbridge Family History Center - Alberta Genealogy Library
Register your surname on our site. Include Surname, given name, date from, date to, migration patern and your email address.
Leverton Genealogy
My 32 year study of the Leverton name worldwide (and variants)
Levey Family History
family history of the surname Levey from parish records and census information in Essex and the south east
Lewis Genealogy
Surnames:LEWIS, BLACK, SULLENS, SUTTERFIELD, BARTON, DURHAM, PALMER, REED, CAPLER, BROOKS, LESTER, HANGAR, and others from Reynolds, Washington, Iron counties Missouri (1802 to present)and Greene County Tennessee (prior to 1802).
Lily Burnand, Music Hall Artist
Lily Burnand was a well known Music Hall Artist from 1880 to the early 1920s in Britain, USA and Europe but what became of her after that?
Australian,British,German family trees. Designed to help others researching the families listed. Easy to navigate.
Linton Family Tree of Kirk Louis Linton (1914-1987)
Linton Family Tree of Kirk Louis Linton (1914-1987)Kirk's Ancestors & Descendants and History
Lippincott Genealogy
Lisa's Family History
Family History with surnames Clarke, Seward, Walsh, Auer, Laraby, Leastman, Cochran, Goodwin, Preston, and many more.
Lobosco Family Website
Lobosco Family from Welland Ontario Canada and Pennsylvania USA
Local Ireland
The Irish Family Register is a database of over 7,000 registers from Irish families and people all over the world. A visitor can look for Irish people who share their name, have their origins in the same part of Ireland or live near them now, and get in touch with them by email.
Loftus Family Registry
Loftus family site - Loftus, Loftis, Loughnane, Lofthus, etc.
LogoGRI`F`s Genealogy World
" In the beginning were...." - and it`s genealogy!!!
Looking Back In Time
Burwell, Bunnell, Bingham, Chek, Cseh, Cogswell, Englehaupt,Garwood, Gehr,Grow, McArther, Peden, Warren, Surnames, with research help available for Burwell and Grow
Family tree (Loosli, Losli, Loosle...) from 1570 to today...
Lorraine's Home Page.
My page is the genealogy study of the Roberts and Hodgson families in Australia from 1853 to the present day.
Lorrie Verboort Genealogy Homepage
Genealogical research concerning surnames Connolly, Finsley/Finsel, Groendyke/Groenendyke, Overdorf, Smith, Shreve
Luc(k)raft One Name Study
The One Name Study for Lucraft and variants
LUCEY and LUCY Family History
The site for everyone researching their LUCEY and LUCY family history
Lucey and Lucy Family History Website
Numerous records for the Lucey and Lucy surname including the names Sigournay and Sigourney
LUCEY and LUCY Family history website - published by Norman Lucey
The LUCEY and LUCY Family history website. I have a special interest in Lucey family history and a full archive of all births, marriages and deaths for LUCEY/LUCY and derivations from 1836 for England & Wales - plus much information from earlier (London & Ireland). I would be pleased to assist/make contact with similar minded individuals researching the Lucey surname. Contact
Lucie Field's Genealogy
Selected primary sources relating to the Virginia/Kentucky/Indiana Field line. Other surnames include: Frymire, Grasz/Grass/Gross, Wilson, Knaub, Gohn, and others.
Lynch Clan Family Tree
Andrew Michael Lynch and Agnes McMullen Lynch of Altoona Pennsylvania family tree. Search family records back 9 generations to Scotland and Ireland.
Lyne family England and Australia
Family history information.
macdonald-bates families
A history of two old Canadian families--old country conditions that pursuaded or compelled emigration, and new country accomodations in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries to the present day.
MacDougalls of Lochaber
MacDougalls of Lochaber, Glenelg, Inverness, Glasgow, Braemar and Fortingall.
Macnish in Cyberspace - worldwide web research cooperative
This genealogy homepage, by Roslyn Teirney and Marian Phillips, offers membership benefits, searchable databases, messageboards, photographs, Macnish links and guestbook contacts. Also links to Scottish and family history resources generally and information about Killian, Ker, Forsyth, Morrow, Dunn, Holton, Costello, Walter and Clark families of Queensland, Australia, West Indies and USA.
Magdalen Islands English Families and Descendants
The English families that came to the Magdalen Islands in the early 1800's. Some names: Clarke, Rankin, Goodwin, Dickson, McPhail and McLean.
Magee & McGee's in America
A web site to share your Magee and McGee lines in America with each other. Post your line, pictures etc. Share and search.
Magowan Family History
This site contains information about the Magowan, Banks and Williams families of Montgomery Co. Kentucky.
Main Index of Virginia and North Carolina Genealogical Exchange
Designed to make available my own genealogy and associated collateral lines for early Virginia and North Carolina. Over 300 descendancy charts are available including: Alston, Blake, Blount, Briggs, Brothers, Cheatham, Cheek, Clanton, Coffield, Davis, Duke, Gunn, Hardy, Hinton,
Manassero Family
Members of the Manassero Family, personal data, pictures, history genealogical tree and genealogy link
manduke and manduka
Notes on family patriarch Wladyslaw V. Manduka and some descendants from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. A mercenary Prussian soldier in the British Cavalry at Shorncliff, England during the Crimean war, and Union soldier 25th N.Y. Cavalry regiment etc...Married Mary Whitehead, from Sandgate, England, March 31, 1856- to US via Halifax, NS
Alexandrowski, Allen, Anselm, Antosrkiewicz, Arnold, Aucoin, Bacher, Baker, Bisson, Bithler, Blackburn, Blankenship, Boyd, Brataniec, Burress, Butz, Bydlowski, Callaghan, Cameron, Carmody, Chapman, Chisholm, Chodur, Cierlinska, Coady, Collins, Corbett, Crantz, Dambrill, Dameron, Deahy, Dealney, Derda, Dolisi, Donneley, Drouillard, Druhan, Edmonds, Embree, Flemming, Forbes, Franczak, Fraser, Fratczak, Friedrich, Fronczak, Frontczak, Gall, Gillis, Gooslin, Goscinski, Greenstreet, Groho, Hamilton, Handke, Hensley, Hunt, Hyland, Jewak, Jung, Kaiser, Kasperek, Kelly, Kennedy, Kirwan, Knosp, Kobrynski, Kolakowski, Ladian, Laible, Lakeman, LeBlanc, Lisewska, MacCullough, MacDonald, MacDougall, MacDonnell, MacEachern, MacFarlane, MacGillvary, MacIsaac, MacIntyre, MacKinnon, MacLean, MacLellan, MacLeod, MacMillan, MacNeil, MacPherson, Majcherek, Manley, Mason, May, Maynard, McCoy, Michalska, Middendorf, Mika, Miller, Moll, Moran, Morgan, Morrison, Moskal, Muller, Murphy, Niedzwiecka, Nowak, Ordakowski, O'Roark, Orzel, O'Shaughnessy, Pala, Perkowski, Perrin, Pfeiffer, Polak, Polakowski, Przuchocki, Regan, Reinbold, Richard, Rist, Robinson, Roiewski, Rokowski, Runyon, Salliotte, Saur, Schelli, Scott, Shea, Simon, Slusarz, Smith, Staebler, Stedronsky, Sternal, Stiles, Suratt, Swanson, Szpytek, Szumanska, Szumanski, Taurenc, Taurence, Taurentz, Taylor, Tribault, Trout, Varney, Wall, Wanet, Weddington, Wertynslia, West, Woicek, Wojcik, Woyick, Wycik, Zabek, Zajac, Zinck, Zoltowski, Zdziarska, Zinck.
March Family Genealogy
The March Family Tree web site is primarily focused on the descendants of the MARCH family who originated in Pylle, Somerset, England in the first half of the 18C and who then moved to Holcombe, Somerset in the late 18C and subsequently at the end of the 19C moved into Wales as well as emigrating to America.
Marilyn & Roger Swanson's Home Page - Genealogy, Forever Living Products, Aloe Vera Products
Grisham, Simmons, Ammons, Griffin, Burell, Swanson, Richardson, Barnes, Came, Sigler, DeBruin, George, Hocker, Mallory, Mitchell, Mulkins, Lawson, Thwing, Robinson, Young, Thrower, Kelley, Short, Suttie, Melville, Herbert, Voyles, Allen, Cheever, Gerber, Crepps, Davenport, Mongeau, Peterson, Sveinson, Thorsteinson, Low, Bowers, Flower, Adam, Bensel, Millikan, Keesler, Clark, Babcock, Adams, Wheeler, Thomason, Robinson, Allen
MarinoVan Mater
surmanes Marino,Capron,Van Mater,Skillman
Marking Time
I am researching my England to New Zealand Hooper, Compton and Winter families. I would like to form one large family tree to share with anyone related no matter how distantly.
Marking Time with Joanne Warby
Marlene's Corner of the Web
Cain, Walden, Nix Families and related lines
Mars Family History & Information on Orange County New York
This website provides information on the family of Stephen Mars and Anna Mary DeGraw Mars. Stephen Mars emmigrated from Germany in 1865 and settled in Florida, Orange County, New York. Related Orange County information and artifacts are represented.
Marshall and Keppenhahn Family Tree
This is Family tree record to date of Marshall/ Francis/ Barclay/ McMeekin in Scotland and Keppenhahn/ Broese/ Rippke/ Rings in Germany
Mary Starnes's Genealogy Home Page
Surnames included in this site include Bennett, Bradford, Bryan, Cate, Estes, Keener, Layman (Leman), McCool
Mason Family from Massachusetts to Oneida County, NY
Descedants of Samson Mason family of Rehoboth, MA to Oneida County, NY. Direct ancestors of Oneida County people documented.
Masons From County Down
Masons in Moneynabane Townland & Other Parts of County Down, Ireland
Matte Families of North America
Matte Families of North America is a one-name study of all Mattes descended from Nicolas Matte and Madeleine Auvray who arrived in Canada from France in the 17th Century.
McAlister Clan of PA
Genealogy of Tom and Sue McAlister. McAlister, Armstrong, Painter, Bickhart, Young, Balles, Kellaway, Glass
McAllasters of America
FAMILY RECORDS of McAllasters, and a few McAllisters.
McCartney's Journeys in Genealogy
Genealogical research of the McCartney Irish heritage, with an explanation of the McCartney heraldry, a history of the McCartney name and inquiries from other McCartney researchers
McDade Surname and Clan Data
McDade Genealogy and Clan information
McDonald, Ellis, Latham History
Family History of McDonald from Ireland to Wyoming, Ellis from Virginia to Missouri, Latham from Mass to Ohio to MO toMI to Wyoming
By McDonell - A miscellaneous collection with new emphasis on genealogy section. Includes informal data found recently in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. Major families are Fraser and McDonell
McGilvray / McGillivray MacGilvray / MacGillivray
This site is a summary of the information gathered on the clan after 30 years of research. All the readily available data has been gathered, indexed & amalgamated into family groups.
McGuire Home
This McGuire site is dedicated to finding and preserving the history of our McGuire Family
Mchugo Ireland
McHugo family from SE Galway Ireland
McKelvey's and Families of Ireland, Quebec and U.S.
McKelvey's and branches from Donegal Ireland to St. Sylvestre/Wolfestown Quebec Canada and the U.S.
McKenzies of Reiff in Ross-shire
The McKenzies of Reiff, Crofters and Fisherman, emigrants to Canada and Australia.
Mcmains Research and Collaboration Site
Dedicated to the descendants of Robert and Sarah McMains. This is a functional research site with documents, photos and family information available for viewing. Many researchers have contributed information for this site.
McMillian Family and Friends
family history and pictures
McRight/McWright Family
Site deals with family names; McRight, McWright, Simmons, Miller, Walker, Crim, Collins, Dodgens, Barlow, VanZandt, Gorman, Clymo, Weeks in states; TX, OK, CO, AK, MO, TN. Co.'s in TX, Wood, Rains, VanZandt, Delta, Lamar, Hunt, Comanche, and others. Co.'s in CO, Gilpin, Denver, Jefferson and others.
Meadows,Nesbitt,Stephens,Lyles, Wheeler, & Ray
A history of my familyMeadows,Nesbitt,Stephens,Lyles, Wheeler, & Ray from Spartanburg, South Carolina. I hope to get in contact with a lost relative.
means family
descendent's of Josiah Means
MEINIG, MEININGER, MEYNINGER; Ahnenliste der Familie Meininger u. Tieze / Tietze
Homepage of Andreas Meininger. I search worldwide about Meini(n)g-, Meininger-, Meyninger-Families. My database consists of about 3200 people – birthday until 1899 .
Michael Dwyer Genealogy
Michael Dwyer born 1772, Camara, Glen of Imaal, Co Wicklow, Ireland, descendants
Middlebrook Register, Addenda and Errata
This is a web site for updates to the Register of the Middlebrook Family. It is a site to retain addenda and errata to the Register, provide researchers with additional sources and to provide what is believed to be the most accurate information available about the Middlebrook(s) family.
Mike and Toms Delehanty-Sullivan-Kinsman-Schroeder Family History Workspac
Narratives of the Delehanty-Sullivan-Kinsman-Schroeder families of Vermont-Maine-New York-Minnesota. Site run by two brothers who wish to make researching and writing their family history both fun and serious. Professional writing services offered by a Ph.D. in history and award-winning scholar.
Milatiner Family Tree
Milatiner Family, genealogy research , Volynia, Ukraina Lithuania Vilnius, USA MA, Haverhill, Essex
Mingay History Web Pages MHWP
Web site reaseaching the surname Mingay and all it's variants. >100 pages. Webmaster, Robin Mingay, Major contributors, Jo Mingia,(USA) Tony Mingay(NZ & Suffolk) & Richard Mingaye(Australia).
Mira Family
The Mira family from Spain to Florida, and points beyond.
Missouri Minors
My family site dates back to the colonial period. The Minors immigrated from Virginia,into Kentucky,then Arkansas, Missouri and then Oregon.
Montgomery Family Page
This site contains the ancestors and decendants of James B. Montgomery of OK. It contains Montgomery's of OK, & MO; Gipson's of MO & AL; Mullen's of OK & MO & Kentucky;
Morgan and Dhubhthaigh
Lists many publications covering the Emigration; Genealogy and History of the surnames Morgan and Duffy (Dhubhthaigh).
Morgan's from England to Clinton County, Iowa
Samuel and Anna Evens Morgan Family in Clinton County, Iowa. William Morgan, Stephen Morgan,Henry Morgan,Samuel Morgan,Matilda Tobias, James Morgan,Carrie Rickabaugh, Mary French, Harriet Brown, George Morgan, Elizabeth Traver
Morgan~Perkins~York~Collum~Woodall And Related Familes
I am working with about over 20 different surnames from Virginia to California, including the Carolina's & Georgia.
Moseley Family Va>Tx>Ok and beyond
surnames:mosely/moseley/mosley ; o'neal, mc ham, williams, cupp, grimmetts, redwine va 1821 >tx>ca>or>
Mower, Nichols, Hemstreet, Manion, Klock Geneology
Geneology of Mower, Nichols, Marsden, Klock, Hemstreet and Manion families, located in Upstate New York
Mrs. Mom - the mother of all surname searches
One stop surname searching. Throw away your bookmarks.
The Genealogy of the Munford Family from the Winfarthing, Fersfield and surrounding parishes of Norfolk County, England
My Ancestry
My Ancestry
My Dallas County Missouri Roots
This is a work in progress. I apologize for any errors or omissions and welcome corrections.
My Family
My Family! Moseley, Hale, Taylor, Fischer, McDermott, Jones, Bergeson, Pope and related families.
My Family
Paul, Perkins, Willis, Phillips, Rogers, Coward, Beacham, Singler, Dietz, Lyons
My Family Connections ~ David - Giroux - Desjardins - Lacelle - Laliberte -
Welcome to my families! Hope you find someone you are looking for in the database.
My Family History
My Family History -Welcome to the Powell, Alberson, Ginwright, Flowers Fami
My Family History is a list of many of my ancestors, hoping to connect to unknown cousins.
My Family Pages
Here you will find genealogy and family information on several families. Included here are Ashley, Brown, Burgan, Cantrell, Drain, Falls, Hallum, Hardy, Hunt, Hutchins, Kimmer, McKee, Phipps, Price, Westbrook and other related families."> My Family Tree
Dedicated to the WILSON /LEONARD Family of Manchester, England.
over 440 cemetery photos from Gasconade, Maries and Osage Counties in Missouri.
My Genealogy
My Genealogy - Armstrong, Barnes/Barns, Barrett, Billiard, Buzzard, Curry, Harris, Hill, Johnson, Kirkpatrick, Kinney, McCabe, McClain, Schmermund, Schnack, Sheets, Shultz, Sprague, Warwick, Waters, Wilson & much more!
My Irish Familiy
This is a family tree of the Irish side of my family.
My Kith and Kin
My Kith and Kin is a collection of many family genealogies from Alabama, Ga, and the Carolinas. Includes old church records, cemetery records and well as many family stories.
My Lee Ancestors
Brief history of the Josiah Lee family in Missouri in the mid-1800's, brought down to today.
My Loomis Ancestors beginning with Joseph Loomis of Braintree, Essex Co., England to my Grandfather Charles Loren Loomis of Ringwood, Major Co. OK
My Macey Family
A personal web page outlining my research into the Macey family that originated in Chilmark, UK
My Southern History
Descendant information and photos concerning the following surnames: ADAMS, BELL, COLLINSWORTH, CROSS, EVELMAN, JOPLIN, HANKINS, HARDIN, LAWSON, PATE, PEEBLES, PERRIN, P'POOL/POOL, RATLIFF, RHODES, RODGERS/ROGERS, SAXON, WEATHERFORD, WILKINSON/WILKERSON, WOOTEN and related lines from AL, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN, TX, VA, France, England, Ireland, Scotland.
My Surname Index
Index by Surname to my relatives...
My Upchurch Family
My Upchurch Family site is a site about my family with photos and information.
My Ward Family
Study of one line of the Ward Family in Illinois, Texas ,Indian Territory,Oklahoma and other locations
My Webb and Crawford Connections
My site covers my Webb and Crawford lines that came from Pa. and Va. to Ohio and Indiana and westward.
My Willever-Woolever N.J. Roots & Pa Kin
My N.J.Hackettstown Warren Co roots plus family photo's and Schiller Family
"To provide a link for the Myerchin and Schiller Families"
Myers, Wilbert S. of Miami, Saline, MO
The biography and daily diaries of Wilbert S. Myers, Miami, Saline, MO, from 1877 to 1905.
Nadeau Family Page
A genealogical repository and archive of the Nadeau Families with emphasis on the descendants of Osannee Nadeau
Nakomelingen van Peter Leichtermuth (circa 1430)
Family research on the name leichtermuth, Lichtermuth, Lichtermoet (d) Ligtermoet (d) and other. Period 1430 till recent in Germany, Netherlands, Ned. Indie, France, Belgium, United States, Australia, Canada etc..
Names of Interest
Massive directory of names of interest and surnames - safe and secure to use.
National Society, USAncestors
National Society, USAncestors (NSUSA) was founded in memory of Stephen Thomas Anderson, who died in 1996 as the result of being sprayed by agent orange in Vietnam, to preserve and share his heritage. In the PBS companion book IN SEARCH OF OUR ANCESTORS, his chapter entitled "An Unbroken Bond" shows his family tree. NSUSA welcomes input and partcipation as well as new chapter formation.
NedGen Genealogy search engine
Trace your European roots with this search engine dedicated to indexing and searching surnames at genealogy homepages in Europe.
Neilson/Eagar Family
My website is the first I have ever done. It details history in my family and some tales from them. I hope you enjoy it.
Nicholas Families
This is a site for the Nicholas family and families that have married into our family. This is Leonard and Rebecca Nicholas' family.
Nicolaevsky Family in Brazil and Israel
Nicolaevsky Family, Julio Nicolaevsky, Miguel Nicolaevsky, Guilherme Nicolaevsky, Bertha Nicolaevsky, Ana Riva Nicolaevsky, M.Cristina F.Nicolaevsky. Maria V.Nicolaevsky.
Noel Family of Brockton, Mass
Information on the Noel family from Brockton, Mass with surnames NOEL, PELAQUIN, BRUNELL, RICHARDSON, DAOUST, OLIGNY
This site holds Genealogical Data for the Norcross, Gross, Fleming and Drake Families (my 4 grandparents)
Norfolk Surnames List
A list of surnames being researched in the county of Norfolk in eastern England. These surnames are associated with their researchers' e-mail addresses to assist in making connections with other researchers.
Norm Brunette's French Canadian Connection - Surnames
Links to French Canadian Web Sites Surname Directory
Nostro Albero Genealogy
Database which contains thousands of Italian surnames. Also the family tree of the Biolchini descendants in Italy and Brazil.
nrfc98's Web Page
My Web Site is about the Sunames: ANGLIN, BARNETT, BYRD/BIRD, HAND, HAWKINS, LAMB, TAYLOR, WEAST, WHITE and hopefully many more to be added later.
NUCKOLLS Genealogy
Nuckolls Worldwide Kindred Society
O'Brien Family, Torbay, Newfoundland
Shelley O'Brien Family Tree. Contains information on Martin's of Flatrock, O'Brien's of Torbay, Power's of Mortier and Wade's of Flatrock, along with their descendants.
Ochsenschlager, McWethy,Witt and Adams
I am researching the genealogy of the Ochsenschlager, McWethy,Witt and Adams families. If you have any information that you would like to contribute, please contact me. Thank you.
OFFICER Surname - Census extracts
Extracted census records for OFFICER families in all states. Also forwarding addresses for other OFFICER surname research.
Family history research into OLLIFFE (or OLIFFE) family from Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland - emigrated to Australia in 1836
Oppe Family Page
History of the Oppe and Kirkpatrick families of Gilmer County WV and Washington County Ohio.
ORGAN family research
ORGAN family research, ORGAN forum, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, America, Canada, name origin.
Origins of Surnames
You can search on over a million surnames, find out information about family origins and migrations, and make contact with other people researching the same name. The service is entirely free.
Our Anglo and Hispanic Roots of Central and South Texas
Links to Stewart, Ball, Huckabee Wilson, Harkins, Welty, Davis, Castano, Ortiz, and Toscano roots in Texas
Our Carolina Roots
Most of our families are from NC, SC, and VA. Some of our surnames include: HUDSON, TOMLINSON, GALLOWAY, HARRIS, WATKINS, WALL, ROBBINS, SAFERIGHT, MORGAN, FRAZIER, OSBORN, OATES, OWENS, etc.
Our Families
Vosburgh, Ollivett, Cassedy and interrelated family. This is more a repository of information that an actual family tree, with links and contact information for many family names
Our Families
Over 17,000 individuals and growing for my ancestors and others gathered along the way: Ollivett,Vosburgh,Strever,Tanner,Hall,LaForce,Dings,Cassedy,Bailey, Coe,Gurnee and many more.
Our Family Ancestry Page
Ancestral home page for the Chenoweth, Hoover, Jones, Karcher, West families.
Our Family Lines
Gillespie,Rowan,Robb,Bigelow,Wilson,Crites,Cremean,Jolley,Fuson,Chipman,Spofford,& Maybole,Girvan & Hamilton,Ont residents. Old Pics & Postcards.
Our Family Matters
"Our Family Matters" is focused on gathering information on the Langley-Longley families of New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. A brief biography of James Langley b. abt. 1685, of Oyster River NH is presented and a family history of six generations of one line from James is available online.
Our Family Tree
A family record of immigrant ancestors who mainly came from Ireland after the potato famine and worked in the iron and steel industry near Middlesbrough in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Our Family Trees
Family Genealogy website for surnames Kennebeck, Schaefer, Nimsgern, Schmitt, Young, Baetz, Krobel, Schwartz
Our Roots Under The Rock,
Researching O'Connor Kerry, Tipperary and afar, as well as Bobbett, Dublin, Kildare and meath Ireland
Our Varrall, Newbatt, Hedges, Gibbon, Maynard and Owen family links.
Something of the historical background and genealogy of our own Varrall and Newbatt familiies: including Adams, Allnatt, Arscott, Bate, Corbett, Cripps, Everist, Gibbon, Graves, Hedges, Hivens, Hughes, Kennett, Marsh, Maynard, Meigh, Morgan, Newbatt, Oliver, Owen of Orielton, Philipps, Phillips, Rees, Robinson, Severs, Toovey, Tripp, Tuffill, Turner, Varrall and reference to many others.
For researchers to come together and share information on their genealogy.
Welcome-CURL,Mason,Overton,McCarthy,Georges,Gordon,Stevens, King,Shoultz,+ Morgan
Over 500 Years of Family History Aumann
Genealogy of the Aumann-Auman Family in Germany and America, starting about 1480.
Owen Family Tree
Genealogy & Family History of Owen, Hudson, Robertson, Wise, Vann, Varnedoe and related lines, including life sketches, photos, family group sheets, and more.
Pace Network
The Internet Site for Pace surname research
Paddock - Origins, Distribution & Shropshire Connections
Home Page of Rory J.M. Paddock. Informal point of contact for research into the surname Paddock in the British Isles (especially Shropshire).
Padron Family
Our family list of names, about our name origin, our family's ancient Coat of Arms, and much much more.
Painter Lines of PA
Parker's of Jackson County, through Revoluntionary War
Captain WIllis Parker, Company I, Thomas' Legion, 69th Regiment North Carolina
Parkison Genealogy
The genealogy and family history of the Parkison Gabbard, Jackson, Goodpaster, Dickson, Harford, Clark, Rodgers families of Decatur and Shelby Counties of Indiana.
Parks Family
This family history concentrates on descendants of James Park of Petite Riviere, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.
PARLE Genealogy
Resource for Parle Family researchers around the world including discussion on the derivation of Parle.
Paskiewicz Ancestry
The ultimate place for the Paskiewicz family to connect. Links to Paskiewicz relevant websites and sharing of Paskiewicz ancestry research.
Peanut butter Jelly sandwich
VIEREGGE, VEREGGE, from DANNENBERG, GUSBORN, QUICKBORN GERMANY. Also Kendel, Carmichael, Carter, Lemon, Wegman, Crumasel, Davis This is an account of our family in both story and genealogy fashion, and our journey to Germany. And my wife's; YATES, THOMPSON, WALKER, WILSON, GREGG, COWDEN, DOKE, BARCLAY, KNIGHT, RODERICK, PIERCE, BRYAN, COFER, WILSON, ROBININSON, STAFORD, and it started in Mercer Co., KY and branched in POLK and DALLAS Counties in Southern Missouri.
Pearis Family Branch
Descendants of Loyalist Colonel Richard Pearis and his Indian wife Rhoda, daughter Sarah. Includes Teater/Teter/Dieter, Ross, Felkins, Dean, and Tullos families, and Choctaw Indian ancestry.
Pearson & Armstrong Families, Co Armagh, Ireland
a genealogy site dealing with the Pearson & Armstrong families from Ireland, new Zealand and Canada
Pegler Resources
Records and resources relating to Pegler/Peglar and other variant spellings
Pelhams Pellums Peloms Pelliams & Kin
Name index with records and pedigree
Pennyfather One Name Study
A website dedicated to the One Name Study of the surnames Pennyfather, Pennefather and Pennyfeather. These surnames are registered with the Guild Of One Name Studies GOONS
Perring Family History
Outlines one branch of the Perring family from Australia back to Devon, England and beyond. Site construction by Macacopa.
Pesach and Rachel Kurshan Family
Web site for the descendants of Pesach and Rachel Kurshan from Klykoliai, Lithuania.
PESIS ( Pessis) Families Genealogy Site
Welcome to many PESIS Families Genealogy Site with tree, stories, and different list of Pesis in the world.
Peter H EAST
I have listed all the surnames, dates and areas of the my direct male and female lines in which I am interested. Would welcome exchanging info with anybody possibly sharing the same ancestors
Family tree and photos of those that have come before us to be remembered so that " No One IS Forgotten "
PHIFER - African-Americans Arkansas, Michigan & Ohio
Researching the African-American PHIFER family from Arkadelphia, Malvern, El Dorado, Hot Springs & Little Rock, Arkansas and Ashley, Dallas, Garland, Jefferson, Hot Springs, Pulaski, Clark, Ouachita, and Union (Phifer & Fletchers)counties of Arkansas. Phifers in the states of Michigan, Ohio, California, Oklahoma, Georgia, North and South Carolina.
Phillip's Quest
Compiling my family history for surnames Tidwell, Robinett(e), McCay, Fendley, Loudermilk and others.
Phillips Clan of Manatee County, Florida
The Phillips Clan of Manatee County, Florida, contains Family Genealogy Records for the decendents of Peter Phillips and Margaret Forbes. Both hailed from Scotland in the Inverness and Angus (Forfar) regions. Members of this family traveled to London, England, Prince Edward Island, Canada, and finally homesteaded in Florida. Primary Surnames in our family tree is: Phillips, Kennedy, Watson, Long, Alvord, Kellar, Bennison and many others.
Phipps Family
This website hopes to bring to life those family members who gave us our heritage. If you are researching Simpson, Phipps, Pullum, Smith, Bowman, Craig, Cora, York, Weldon, Spears, Stewart, or Carter, then maybe this site can help. Please sign the guestbook.
Phoenix's of County Down
early family history of Butcher, Gagle, Solms, Talley, Nevins and various other connecting surnames
Pocola - Kith & Kin
A brief history of Pocola and some of my early family that settled Pocola, LeFlore County, Oklahoma.
Poindexter Descendants Association
Purpose of the Poindexter Descendants Association: The PDA is an organization of those who feel that they might have descended from the family Poingdestre that has lived in the Channel Islands since the Norman Conquest. A member if this family, George Poingdestre, immigrated to the Colony of Virginia in 1657. We invite inquiry from anyone who feels that she or he descends from a Poindexter ancestor and who would like to work with family releatives to learn more about her or his Poindexter heritage, to promote fellowship among kinsmen and preserve family history and memorabilia. Membership: nformation about the benefits of membership and how to join. Membership is open to anyone who submits an ancestral chart which tells how the applicant feels she/he is related to a Poindexter ancestor, who embraces "Purposes" set forth in the Associations Bylaws, and who pays annual dues.
Polsgrove Family
The website is for descendants of John George Pfalzgraf, Palzgraf, Palsgrove, by the line of his and Anna Maria Barbara (Franck's) son, John Jacob, 1748-1805, PA, VA, KY.
Pommersche Ahnenforschung im Weizackerkreis Pyritz
Die LANGKABELs aus Isinger, Kreis Pyritz, Pommern
PORTER - Pam's Country Bump-Kins
Some surnames in my tree: Porter,Perry,Marcum,Walker,Nelson,Hatfield,Collins,McCoy,Wilson,Workman, and lots more
Porter Family
This site pertains to RICHARD PORTER (1611-1688) of Weymouth Eng & MA and includes 13th generations
Portz (Peter and Susana) Family History
Peter Portz, b-1821, in Trier, Germany, d-1885, in St. John, IN, married Susan Kraus, b-1822 also in Trier, d-8/13/1913. They had eight children: Peter, Katherine, John, Susan, Barbara, Joseph, Elizabeth and Leo.
Powroznik Family of Poland
Powroznik, Dukacz, Kobialka, Sopel, Woytas families from area of Lukawiec, Podkarpackie, Poland and their families in Saskatchewan & Manitoba Canada.
PRESSINGER descendants of Edward Pressinger, and cousins Augustine, Thomas, and Mary Anne Pressinger in British Isles & USA 1700s-1900s, from Church Records, census/military records
Price Genealogy
Price Home Page: Researching Price, Tapp, Prosser, Lewis and other connections.
Genealogy "Priebe" from Marienwerder Preussen. Beginning 1600 and end today
Probasco Families in America
The Probasco Home Page is for those researching the surname Probasco or Probasco families in America, which include histories, biographies, surname index and research.
Program Files\NETSCAPE\Communicator\index
Robertson 0' Straun Aberdeen Scotland, Vancouver & maps of URL to my Son's Webpage.
Provine, Scott, Williams
John Provine (1751-1792) & Desc., James Scott (1758-1811) & Desc., Garrett (Jarrett) Williams (abt. 1743-1824) & Desc.
Pyle Pile surname genealogy family migration Newcastle Dinning Murphy Wake
Pyle Pile family history Swalwell, Whickham, Durham migration Newcastle on Tyne 19th century, work, births, deaths, with the Celtic origins KANE, O'Cathain, Cahan, Wake, Dinning, Denham Pyl, surnames
History of the Carl Kahmar Qualls family as known to date.
Queensland Surname Forum
List of surnames being researched in the state of Queensland, in Australia.
Quine family genealogy
Quine family genealogy for 10 generations from Isle of Man in 1774 to an immigrant to the United States of America around 1861 to the present
Quinlisk Family, Kansas Connection
Quinlisk family Photographs with a Kansas Connection
Rachaels genealogy
Rachaels genealogy
Stubblefield, Mitchel, Chrisman , Weatherspoon
Rafal Surname & its Derivatives
The derivatives include names such as Rafalski, Rafalow, Rafalowski, Rafalak, Rachfalak, Rachwalak, Rafalew, Rafalewski, Raphael, etc.
RAFFETY - Beginning with 1st to America - Thomas Rafferty 1733-1780 - Lots
Surnames: RAFFETY, Chastain, Stone, Flynt, Brooks, King, Sims, Inman.
Ratliff & Smith Family History and Genealogy
Ratliff Descendancy of John "Johnny Ratliff" born circa 1788 in North Carolina.
Rawnsley Family Web Site
My page deals with the history of one Rawnsley Family from Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Reardon/Riordan Family Tree
representing the Riordan family origin of Glenbeigh, Ireland including surnames Reardon, Forkin, Hughes, Mangan, Magane, Quirke, Quirk, Carney, Glynne, Mulrey, Fahy
Reardon/Riordan Family Tree
surnames reardon, mangan, magane, keating, carney, glynne, riordan, hughes, forkin, quirke, devine, mulrey, barrett, fahy and Roscommon, Glenbeigh, Ballaghaderreen, Ireland
Records of the Totosy de Zepetnek Family
Records of the Totosy de Zepetnek Family contains archival and other material about and including genealogies of Tötösy (also spelled Töttösy, Tötössy, Töttössy) families and their collateral families such as the Sziranyi, Haidekker, Preglej, Seregely, Toms, Smith, Grant, etc., families. Includes bibliography.
Remembering Our Ancestors
Ancestry going back to William Justice and Mary Frame, and much more Surnames. The Web Site is also linked to the Southeastern Cherokee Nation.
Remembering Our Ancestors
Ancestry going back to William Justice and Mary Frame, and much more Surnames. The Web Site is also linked to the Southeastern Cherokee Nation.
Remembering the Beals and Cairns in American History
The role of the Beals and Cairns family in American History.The time frame of Colonial America through World War II.Allied families include,Crinnion,Mundwiller, Taylor, Ervin, Wilson,Pinkston,Hill,& Prather.
Looking for ancestors with surname of Renstro or Ersson. Immegrated from Jamtland, Sweden around 1870's to Iowa and Minnesota.
Research of Benjamin D Corder
Genealogical research of Benjamin D Corder
Researching and documenting the Templin Family Genealogy
We are researching & documenting the Templin Family lineage for others to see and enjoy. This is our way of preserving our heritage.
Retracing Our Family Legacy
A genealogy site researching the surnames: Merrill, Stout, Owen, Hardy, de Hardy, Hersey, Hinds, Hines, Elliott, Fouts, Pfautz, Bierly, Buhrly, Cessnun, Davy, Dorgan, Dorsey, Darcy, Grable, Grabill, Graves, Hodgden, Leatherman, Waters, Mallory, Trowbridge and Buchtel. Notes, census data, family photo's, letters, documentation, etc. on many individuals. Frequent updates.
Revell/Revill One-Name Study
Study of the Revell family from 1066 to date with a great deal of good quality information.
RICHARDSONs from Hounslow Heath
This web site is a family history of the descendants of Richard Richardson of Hounslow Heath, England. Many of his children emigrated to Australia, Canada and the United States. Richard's wife was Hannah Anderson and other family names at the site include Mills, Young and Smith.
rienau mutzenbecher gries motzenbecker mutzenbäcker
riggs, Basketts and Coppingers
The surname BRIGGS is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies. Feel free to contact me to share information.
Roads Home to Florida
Robert Fleming & Elizabeth Stambaugh
Description :The official website of the Robert Fleming and Elizabeth and Associated Families Reunion and is for all descendants of Robert Fleming who came to America from Ireland and his wife Elizabeth Stambaugh whose family came to Pennsylvania from Kutzenhausen, France
Robert Fleming & Elizabeth Stambaugh
Description :The official website of the Robert Fleming and Elizabeth and Associated Families Reunion and is for all descendants of Robert Fleming who came to America from Ireland and his wife Elizabeth Stambaugh whose family came to Pennsylvania from Kutzenhausen, France
Rohel-Bach-Bohm-Loew + Associates
Roller Family
SC/NC Roller family pages and all surnames connected to them.
Ron's Roots-My Genealogy Journey site #2
Come on a genealogy journey exploring over 70,000 names, with most from the states of Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky. Major surnames include: Abernathy-Blankenship-Cheaney-Crook-DuPre-Easley-McShan-Nipper-Pettus-Pickens-Ray-Vandergriff-Walkup. E-mail me for a free Surname Booklet on these families. Thanks, Ron
Roots and Branches--Genealogy of A Family
Webpage consists of surnames Amann,Lee,Roper,Myers,and others, with biographies, family groups, cemeteries, obituaries, photos, plans for more.
Roots in Ohio and Pennsylvania
This web-page looks mostly at families with connections to Ohio and Pennsylvania. The first page provides links to information on the various names listed. All pages are inter linked. It is a simple matter to check for your family name and get to the information available on that family.
Roots Shoots Twigs Sprouts
Genealogy accounting and origin of names.. WIDDIFIELD..ZIMMER/ KIRKENDALL..HAMILTON CAMERON..ROGERS..NEUMANN..BROWN and allied families, wills, pictures, family recipes
Ropolo Family
Members of the Family, personal data, pictures, history genealogical tree and genealogy link
Tracing the Descendants of William Thomas Rose and Mary Jane Heath Ancestors from Surrey, Virgina to Wayne County, Tennesse to Hill County,Texas Please contact me if there are corrections. I update this regularly.
Rosine Just (Jung) & Jakob Jung
Family history. Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland.
Rossiter's Where did you come from
Rossiter , Wiseman ,Fisher , Reeves , Adlam families from Westhay near Meare & Wedmore Somerset Help required with Pictures placed on the site Await your e-mails Pat
Rowold's from Loh, Windheim, Germany to Clinton County, Iowa
Conrad and Wihelmine Moller Rowold Family living in Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa: Heinrich (Conrad) Rowold, Fredick Rowold, Ernst Wilhelm (William) Rowold, Ernst Dietrich (Ernest) Rowold
Rudynski Families By Antonius Rudynski
Information and pictures of the decendants of Antonius Rudynski and Maryann Ciesielski
Rushton Roots
Researching Barton, Rushton, Carey, Cary, Layton, Lockett, Crisp, Payne, Runft, Hendricks and more.
Ryan Family Genealogy and Photo Album
Ryan Family Genealogy going back 21 generations to the year 1266. There are several Photo Albums relating to these ancestors as well as family interests
Sacauskis/Rozich Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Lithuanian Family Surname Sacauskis and Slovenian Family Rozich (Rozic)
Saline Creek Research Ltd.
Our site is one designed with the amateur researcher in mind. We hope our site can be a helpful resource. Our site contains listings, links, etc. Come on in and sit a spell.
Saltalamacchia Family of Sicily, Italy
Samuel Gibson 1805-1891
Links for GIBSON Family information: Descendants of Samuel Gibson; (slowly adding the following) Marriage Licenses/Records; Census/Tax List Transcriptions; Death Records/Obits; Tombstone & Cemetery Photos; Other information as found and entered.
Sandeman Surname Resource Centre
A Sandeman surname resource centre for those researching or interested in the extended Sandeman family or surname itself.
Sanders & Dixon Family History Project
This project was created in the interest of tracking and documenting my maternal family history and to preserve those related histories for posterity.    The geneologies found here are based on both the direct and associated lines of my maternal grandparents: CECIL STEVE SANDERS of Grundy County TN and ALMA VIRGINIA DIXON of  Wise, Wise,  Virginia.
Tracing the Descendants of William Lindsay Sanders and Ollie Mae Wells Ancestors from Missouri to Burnet,Texas to Brownwood, Texas to McLennan County, Texas William Ransom Slaughter and related families Please contact me if there are corrections. I update this regularly.
Sandra has got "A Round Tuit"
Scott Family of Massachusetts, Nova Scotia and Beyond
Sandra has got "A Round Tuit"
Family History Pages Scott Family of Massachusetts, Nova Scotia Scott grandmothers Bell, Watson, Hilchey, McMullen, Hoar, Rice, Beckonshaw, Tackles, Edmunds, Duncan, Priest, Pratt,Prior Miles of England, Bonavista Newfoundland Chiperi of Corovia, Romania Verenca (Werenka) of Corovia, Romania Cook, of Truro NS Cook Grandmothers Carter, McCarthy,McLellan, MacIntosh, Cates, Sutherland, Hamilton, Church, Meech
SchnakeNet - the Internet Site for Schnake/Schnake Family Research
Seeking information on persons named Schnake or Schnake worldwide
Schnaus Pages
Welcome to our Schnaus-Site
Tracing the Descendants of Julius Alexander Schulz and Mary Rose Fritsch Ancestors from Prussia to Fayette County,Texas to McLennan County,Texas Please contact me if there are corrections. I update this regularly.
Scottish clans and names
Scottish clans and surname web directory
Search Genealogy Queries at Irish Migration Resource Center
Search over 3,000 names of Irish immigrants throughout the world, any time period. Search Queries by surname, ship names, places of origin or destination. Immediate access, view recent entries at any time, quarterly subscription.
Searching For Our Family Branches
Smith and Brooks Family Web Page. PICS, pedigree charts and Family records. From TN, IN, MI, IL, and KY.
Searching For Wilson & Black surenames
I am searchig for relatives that might live in Upson county Georgia with sure names of Black or Wilson. Family history in Upson county since 1825 !
Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation
Seguin Descendants Historical Preservation a non-profit Organization (S.D.H.P.) was formed in 2001 for the purpose of promoting "Tejano Heroes," such as our ancestor Colonel Juan N. Seguin, and Texas History. S.D.H.P. recognizes the importance of education and will promote interest in research in the Texas State Archives and public libraries in our effort to educate children about Texas history. S.D.H.P. will present portraits of Colonel Juan N. Seguin to public and school libraries across Texas.
Seiter Family Tree
Seiter Descendants - Seiter Stammbaum Waldmatt, Buehl, Cappel, Kappelwindeck, Germany; Cincinnati and New Orleans USA; and Victoria Australia
Self Family Addendum
A study conducted in 1983 into the possible meanings of the surname Self produced 2 likely results. Obviously we liked one far better than the other. See for yourSELF.
Self Family Newsletter
Founded in 1982. 320+ descendant membership. 1,040+ pages printed as of Nov. 1999. Free queries. Self family chat room. Who's Who directory. Sponsor of Self researcher gatherings. Photos. Extensive email program. By Selfs, for Selfs. On file - Library of Congress, Family History Library, 18 other libraries / societies.
Selfs of the World
A summary of the present day locations of members of the Self - Selfe -Selph family through-out the world.
Selwyn - SELWYN
SELWYN - the Selwyn surname & Selwyn Christian-name (Anglo-Saxon/British origins) - History - Bishop Selwyn of Lichfield - Selwyn family
Web sephardic surnames,meaning,origin,heraldry,also askenazi Jewish,but noheraldray,yes meaning,origen,fotocopies documents,DNA test link
Serventi-Sanker Genealogy
Genealogy records of Serventi, Servente, Zumstein, Meister, Sanker, Sterrett, Guthrie, Frampton, Henry, Sambuceti, Dahl, York, Mulcahy, Brown, Males, Brinker, Mohney, McKee, Baliani
Seyser/Seiser Family Web Page
This site traces the genealogy of Johann August Seyser (Seiser) (1823-1907) and Henrietta Juliane Engel (1820-1894), from Prenzlau, Brandenburg, to Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.
Shalom Quebec
This site is all about the history if the Jewish community of Quebec City and also contains detailed information on Canada's oldest active Jewish cemetery
Shannon's Genealogy Website
Researching Hancock, Frayne, Kernick, Allen and Clifford descendants - England to Canada (Ontario, Manitoba)
ShepherdWeb - A Shepherd family genealogy experience!
ShepherdWeb is a Shepherd family genealogy experience researching the Shepherd surname back to Kentucky and beyond. John, Jacob, David, Brice "Flitterfoot" and forward the site is packed full of historic photos and Shepherd family datalinks!
Shirley Webb Genealogy
My family genealogy for over 40 of my ancestors'surnames along with their descendants. Also included are some documents and pictures.
Site of BOIANO family from Italy
Family site about BOIANO or BOJANO surname, with geografical and cultural tools about emigrants from San Gregorio Matese (Southern Italy) to Argentina and USA.
Slazenger family GEDCOM download.
Information on Slazenger family ancestors.
Sloan Heritage
Smedema Family
Smedema family from Johannes Wessels (16 dec 1764) blacksmith in Morra, Netherlands.
Smokey Mountain Mist Genealogy for TN, PA, WV, MD
Genealogy covering Tennessee, Western MD counties of Allegany & Washington, WV counties of Morgan, PA counties of Bedford & Fulton. Searchable 49+ thousand name database.
Smothers Genealogy
Smothers Genealogy and Family History
SNYDER, Barnet of Bucks Co PA
Soden Genealogy Around the World
Genealogy, History, SODEN, Sodan, Sodon, Snowden, Loden, New Jersey, Soden's, Obituaries, Cemeteries, Military, civil war, world wide, census, pension files, musters, death notices, vital records, links
Sokol Family Worldwide
An international club of people with their last name "Sokol"
Spencer Cardwell
Seeking data on Berry A Cardwell, York Cnty, Va abt 1890
Sprankle, Sprenkle, Sprinkle
I collect information on all Sprankel, Sprankle, Sprenkel, Sprenkle, Sprinkel, Sprinkle, Sprinkles families. For the most part, they all trace back to the same immigrant ancestors.
Springford and Springbett Family History Site
A one-name study of the surnames: Springbatt and its surviving variants Springbett and Springford. Contains pedigrees, wills, monumental inscriptions and photographs.
Spurdens Famoly History
The spurdens family history site contains information and names from census, church, wills, manorial,and public record offices, I have absolute proof of my family tree back to 1530 and have a gap of two or three generations that would link me back to 1360 in england. A number of the spurdens family did emigrate to America in the 17th century , and indeed one in particular died whilst off the coast of Brazil, leavin his share of tobaco to a woman in England.
Information and photos on the St.Jean/Mattia Family
Stamboom families TROMP en DUIJN
Familytree of Jan Tromp (born ca 1670 Beverwijk Noordholland) and Jan Duijn (born ca 1670 Beverwijk Noordholland) and the ancestors of Marcel Tromp
Stammreihe Küntzer
Küntzer family from germany (Saarland). Settled to USA!
Stano Family Tree (Genealogy Site)
This is the site for the Stano family to discover other relatives and descendants. Contact us if your related.
Staples Surname & DNA Project
Worldwide Surname and DNA project.
STEIERT Surname Research Project
This website provides information about the STEIERT Surname Research Project, its' goals and a brief description project's two primary websites with their web addresses
Stilson Genealogy
This site contains Stilson information, and the branches of such. Biographies, obituaries, gedcom, stilson/stillson book, by christie stilson and much more.
Stiver Family
Stiver family genealogy
Stockton, Wilkinson, Martin, Huffman, Pryor
Displays my personal family genealogy. Over 50 surnames.
A display of my Personal Ancestral Genealogy. Over 50 differant lines including records, histories and notes.
Stopnik Family Genealogy - Slovenian Connection
Stopnik family roots from Slovenia to St Louis County, MN
Submit Queries at Irish Migration Resource Center
Submit Queries seeking emigrants who left Ireland, any time period, destination world-wide. Submissions can be any length, no limit on the number of entries.
Surdival One-Name Study
The Surdival One-Name Study looks at variants of the surname Surdival and their possible origins.
Surdival One-Name Study
The Surdival One-Name Study looks at variants of the surname Surdival and their possible origins.
Surname List
Surname List with Lenaghan, Lynch, Rilley, Haack, Bijlmer, Wallis, Abendroth, van Vuuren, Paynter, Quick, Richards families and altogether over fifteen thousand people on the data base.
Surname Search Utility
Look for surnames from thousands of online family trees; hard to find surnames such as PARKS, WOODS, DAY, and FARMER are more easily found.
Surname Websites Beginning With A
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter A.
Surname Websites Beginning With B
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter B. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With C
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter C. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With D
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter D. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With E
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter E. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With F
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter F. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With G
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter G. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With H
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter H. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With I
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter I. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With J
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter J. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With L
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter L. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With P
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter P. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With R
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter R. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With S
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter S. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With W
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter W. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With X
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter X. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With Y
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter Y. Add your surname link here!
Surname Websites Beginning With Z
Links to surname, one name study and family hompepages beginning with the letter Z. Add your surname link here!
Surnames By Town
Surnames classified the sensible way: By Italian town. If your ancestral surname has been submitted, it appears as an e-mail link. Click on it to e-mail the submitter, possibly your cousin. Submit your Italian surnames today.
Susanna + Peter Pauling
Private homepage for genealogy of the families Pauling Meisen Paasche Thie Juris Wenin Singer Paschen
Gedcom of Swigart and related families.
Szpiech, Wolan, Witczak, Sullivan, and Brosz Family
Describes surnames and earliest known geographical locations associated with a Polish and Irish American family.
T and D's Genealogy Page
Our homepage includes pages dedicated to our family surnames of STANLEY, SURGEON, DYKES, HUBERT, CRAIG, AND THRASHER.
Tabor: The Southern Journey
A central repository for data in 16 Southern US states dealing with the surnames Tabor, Taber, Tabour, etc.
Talbot, Horne, Myers and others in our Family
Talbot, Horne, Myers and others in our Family
Taming The Tree III
Surnames: Baron, Berens, Carley, Carroll, Christophel, Davis, Ervin, Garcelon, High, Howe, Kerley, Kuntz, Luttmann, Meyer, Morris, Muschler, Porter, Schedel, See, Wenzel, Whitaker, Whittaker, Whitteker, Young, Zeh, Zimmers
Tania Helene Lachance's Family Tree
15 generations of my Lachance's Ancestry. All the way to Andre Pepin dit Lachance, son of Antoine Pepin dit Lachance.
Tar Heel Roots
Genealogy of North Carolina Ancestors, Thomas, Tarkenton, Tarkinton, Tarkington, Overton, Langley, Leary, Gregory, Walker
TASSET Tree Trunks Family Association and Database
TASSET Tree Trunks Family Association and Database is the genealogical homeplace for all members of the TASSET family within the United States and all other locations throughout the world. Contact us for more information on our association and TASSET Tree Trunks e-mail newsletter.
Taylor/Smith families
Taylor/Smith Family web site. Traces Taylor, McDonald, Phillips, Harrison families of Warren County, GA and Smith, Moseley, Palmer, Summer of Coweta County, GA
Teague Family Resource Centre
An online centre for Teague (& variants) surname researchers worldwide, with thousands of searchable archive entries.
Texas Families
Thames Ancestry
Thames Ancestry and End of the Line Searches.
The Bagnall Village Web Site
All about the surname BAGNALL and the associated village of Bagnall in Staffordshire, UK. Plus Bignell, Bagnell, Bagenal, Bagnold, Bagnoll, Begnell associated surnames. Site approved by the Community Council of Staffordshire.
The BENDALLs of Gloucestershire
A new url for a site dedicated to the family history and genealogy of BENDALL, BENDAL, BENDELL, BENDEL, BENDLE, etc. Initially it will be biased towards Gloucestershire, England, but hopefully the site will grow to include BENDALLs from other parts of England and their descendants from all over the world.
The Bethell's
the web site for the Hereford Bethells contact and info back to 1750 Hereford,Hope under Dinmore, Bodenham ,Leominster and others
The Bhalla Clan of Sri Hargobindpur, Dist. Gurdaspur, Punjab, India
The Bozza,Consiglio,Fibraio,Nemeth Family History of NJ
This site is about the people who left Europe and traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to settle in Jersey City. They are our grandparents.
The Branstner Family Tree Project
Dedicated to documenting the history of the Branstner family, from its origins in Germany to its modern extent.
The Bridges Family Tree
Bridges family ancestry and all our Klnfolks
The Brobst/Probst Family
The history and genealogy of the Probst/Brobst family, from Switzerland in the 1500s, Germany and France in the 1600s, Penna in the 1700s, and Penna and Ohio in the 1800s. Over 24,000 names and relationships, stories, reunions, newsletters, photos.
The Brown family,Bucks & Northants England
The Brown family of Bucks and Northants England Includes Birch, Groom, Lugton and many more
The Carter Street Gang
This is a site for folks who have ties with the Hudsons, Scarbroughs, Arps and Fritzs of East Tennessee. If anyone has information to share please contact us.
The Cheney Family Tree
The Coleman-Young Family
The purpose of the Coleman-Young Family web site is to share family history and genealogy with those researching the ancestors and descendants of the Coleman family of Carroll co., GA. and the Young family of Ware co., GA. And their kin.
The COSSAR & CROSSER family history pages
Genealogy of COSSARs and CROSSERs everywhere in all time frames.
The Darrell Eisenhauer Home Page
The Darryl Larson & Family Website
An introduction to my genealogy and families I'm researching.
The Dolan Family Tree
Dolan genealogy, old photos
The Dorland and Van Dorland genealogical website
A Dutch Genealogical page about the Dorland and Van Dorland family. The family book and its presentation. Contains both dutch and american genealogy. Site is in English as well as in Dutch.
The Durie Family
Are you a DURIE, Dury, Duree, Durrie, Durry, DuRy, Duryea, Dourie, Dowrie? The Durie Family Association is discovering where the family members went to from Scotland; it wants to find the missing pieces and put together the international jigsaw. It can also help you with a considerable amount of information.
The EBDON Family of Thorncombe, Dorset.
The EBDON Family of Thorncombe, Dorset. Family trees, photos, background info and more.
The Eneberg Genealogy
The Eneberg Genealogy is mainly based on research done by Jörgen Eneberg Larsson in Sweden.
The Families of Gabriel Sigfrid Crowe
Genealogy information on the extended families of Gabriel Sigfrid Crowe in the USA, Canada, England, & Norway.
The Families of Samuel Caruthers Job(e) Sr.
The history of the families of Samuel Caruthers Job(e) Sr. of Marshall and Lincoln Counties of Tennessee.
The family of Jens Peter Egelund Voigt
The tree of the Voigt family, shown in surname listing and with a full tree view. Website is mainly in Danish for now.
The Family of Vickie Hedgers Ringhouse
The names and relations are real. I have gotten most names from relatives and friends. You can contact me directly if you want more information on any of the names.
The Featherstone Society
One Name Study of the surnames Featherstone, Featherston, Fetherston Fetherstone, Featherstonhaugh, Fetherstonhaugh, and more variants
The Fleming Family
it is a geneological history of my family tree containing my Fleming ,Bennett,Mooney,Brannigan,McIlroy and Stewart families
The Forwood Family Worldwide
This site begins with Forwoods from 1580s to 2005, from the UK, to Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, Africa, Belgium, France, India, The Philipines and New Zealand. It covers many lineages and so far covers over 2050 members. Come and have a look and see if you are there.
The Four Goff Brothers of Western Virginia
The Four Goff Brothers of Western Virginia by Phillip G. Goff and Roy L. Lockhart follows the lives of James, John Turton, Thomas and Salathiel Goff as they forged the western Virginia frontier in the 1770s. Related families include Bolyard, Boyles, Bush, Denny, Hardman, Riddle, Heck, Moats, Springston, Stockwell, Sudduth and Swetnam.
The Gandel and Ermanski Families
This site describes the descendants of the Gandels, Ermanski's, Evidons, Grolls and various other relatives.
The Genealogy of the Seiple Family in America
A site for people interested in the Seiple surname and related spellings: Sabel, Sapels, Sappel, Saybel, Scipel, Sciple, Sabel, Seibel, Seible, Seipel, Seiple, Sepple, Seybel, Seypell, Sibel, Sible, Siple, and Sippel.
The Genealogy Register
Search engine and directory of surname websites
The GLYNN Family
Patrick Glynn (1828-1904) and three generations. Galway, Ireland to Niagara Falls, Ontario, CN.
The Goetsch Family Tree
This site explores the Goetsch surname and all the different spellings: Gottsch, Goettsch, Gotsch, etc. Over 2000 names in my searchable GEDCOM. Passenger lists, obits, histories, & MORE!
The Good Life
The site records my travels to find historical records, places and stories of my family. So far it includes 273 family records with pictures, birth, death and marriage records.
The Guedry-Labine Genealogical Database
A comprehensive database of the Guedry-Labine genealogy including all surnames of the family (Guedry, Guidry, Geddry, Gedry, Jeddry, Jedry, Guildry, Guitry, Gidry, Labine, LaBine, LaBean)from Claude Guedry dit Grivois. The genealogy is fully indexed to primary sources where available.
The Hartnell Tree and its many Branches
Researching Penney, Hartnell, Winemiller, Lyon, Nye, Hoffman, Hoover, Steele, Dengler and other families. Will share information.
The Holdener Geneology Site
This site is a resource center for articles, pedigrees, lists and general information for the Holdener family. Submit new information, contact relatives on a message board, or just research the Holdener family.
The Honls Homestead
Honl and Honels from Bohemian, Austria to Midwestern USA
The Hoots Family
A compilation of the Hoots family history.
The House of Halpenny
A web site devoted to The Halpenny Surname and all derivation spellings, Halfpenny, Hapenny, Hapeny,etc. It is a site dedicated to Research and sharing of any kind of information on our family name. The current families we have are the 3 brothers who cxame from IRE in 1823 and settled in Ontario. There is also John Halpenny whose family was from Armagh. We have Ardee, Dundalk, Dublin families and families in Omaha, Neb, West Vir, Pa, and the N East.
The Hugh Henry Brown Family
Surnames: Brandies, Brooks, Brown, Callahan, Clark, Cottle, Couillard, Edmondson, Evatt, Furr, Garratt, Greenwood, Haddock, Hammond, Higginbotham, Hopkins, Houston, Insley, Jackson, Kinard, Kinner, Lilliard, Love, McFadden, Moody, Murray, O'Steen, Patterson, Rich, Rosseau, Royal, Russell, Ryals, Sheffield, Snowball, Spurlock, Starratt, Teran, Vanzant, Warantine, West, Whiddon, Whitamore, Whitemore, Whitimore, Whitman, Whitmore, Whittemore, Wingate, Jury, Wraight,
The John H. Nelson Home Page
Tracing the family history of John H. Nelson,Tate,and McNames.
The Jordan Family Tree
This is a Jordan Family Tree
The Joyce Connectio
Descendants of Alexander & Thomas Joyce,Rockingham County,NC
The Ken & Sheila Johson Family Page
Ancestry of the Johnson Family of UK. Includes Hopkins, Humphries, Woodcock, Price, also Kirby, Beard, Ballinger, Southam, Denson, Wing, Cook, Grimmett, Newit, Gapes, Le Cont, Babbidge.
The Kollock Family In America
Tracing the Kollock Family in America.
The Lebanon-Danbury-Beaver Valley Alumni
The Lebanon-Danbury-Beaver Valley Alumni Association has a new site on the World Wide Web. The site allows alumni of the three high schools to share contact information, photos, stories and announcements. It also has links to other alumni Web sites
The Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society
The Livermore-Amador Genealogical Socity. Site contains complete survey of seven cemeteries in Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin, California, plus surname registry of about 10,000 names submitted by members of Society. Also contains an archive of Society periodical and lists of Society publications, coming events.
The Lovette's of Robeson County
The Benjamin E.Lovet line. A family that was residing in that part of Bladen County that was cut off of to form Robeson Count when it was formed in 1787.
The Mallie Carl Bruce Family of McAlester, Ok
Searching Surnames: Brown,Bruce,Bull,Denny,Edmondson,Hardin,Hewitt,Lyles,Martin
The McElroys of Kentucky and Related Families
My homepage introduces my ancestry and also contains family trees and photos. The surnames include McElroy, Corrigan, McKee, Murphy, Sullivan, and many others.
The Munford Family Web Site - Our History & Ancestors
A link to our ancestors and others who share our family name or it's derivatives.
The Patterson Family
The website traces the decendants of Samuel Senton Patterson (1725 - 1791/1792) from County Down to Charleston, South Carolina and beyond.
The Peter Graf family
A list of descendants of the Peter Graf family from Bavaria, Germany. The family settled near Peru, Indiana and Saint Jacob, Illinois.
The Plummer Family of Whitley County Indiana
Notes on Delilah Plummer & other Plummer Family Members of Whitley Co Indiana
The Pool Family Scottish Database
This site contains records of births,marraiges,deaths,monumental headstones,newspaper articles,and legal documents relating to the Pool/Poole/Pooll family in Scotland
The Randall Family
The Randall family from origins in England starting with the immigrant ancestors in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.
The Ray Family
Ray, Whitten, Howerton, Hamlin, and McMillian
The Reeves Family Tree
This is my family based in NW Kent, England. The site is in a state of flux as I experiment with differnt ways of presenting my data.
The Reeves Registry
An Information Clearinghouse for the Reaves, Reeves, Rives and Ryves Families.
The Rummell Family in the UK
Genealogy of the Rummell family in the UK (London). Surnames include Bailey, Holland, Jeffreys, Kelly, Moon, Morgan, Pellow, Rumell, Skelton, Smith, Willcox. Areas include Bethnal Green, Penryn, Devon, Cornwall.
The SANDS of Time
The Shade Tree-Pittman/Clark Family HIstory
Family History of Clarks and Pittmans from Mississippi.
The Shifflett/Collier/Roach/Haney Family
Family of Thomas and Patience Shifflett,Preston Collier and Elizabeth Haney, Mary Runkle and May Haney, James Shifflett and Molly Herring, and Blan Shifflett and Rincel
The Skyring Homestead
The Skyring & Associated family Trees
The Smith Family of North Carolina
Decendants of Rev. Patrick Smith and related families
The Snowdens
New Zealand Snowden Maori Te Rarawa Ahipara Whakapapa Genealogy History Stories Relationships Sources Photographs
The Spencer Family Tree and Its' Branches
Researching the Spencer name and their relations. Site is not complete.
The St. Joseph, MO - based Tootle Family
The home page of the St. Joseph, MO, based Milton Tootle Family.
The STEMEN surname - An expanded descendency examination
The STEMEN surname is known to be spelled several ways including STEINMAN / STONEMAN / STEYMAN / STEMAN / STEHMAN. Thanks to many, many STEMEN 'cousins' who have kindly shared their Stemen data with us, included below is a link to a data base of over 6,400 descendents of Christian Stehmen and Hanna Barin (Bar / Bear). Included with this data is information on what many of us believe are the parents of Christian Stehmen, although this is an undocumented theory.
The Stewarts of
Detailed account of the Stewart families who lived and worked the land in Argyll and their journey around the world to find a better life. Letters, pictures and more. Family only.
This site has information about the STRUCK, LAHM, WOLFE, and CORSON families created by Kathy Struck Wolfe.
The Theisen Family Originating From Urmersbach and Dungenheim
Researching the Theisen family originating from Urmersbach and Dungenheim, Prussia, Rheinland/Germany..The family emigrated to Michigan in the 1840's and settled in the Springwells/Dearborn/Detroit/Wayne County area.Interested in hearing from others researching the family.
The Usher-Somers Website
Brief detaails of the ancestors of the Usher-Somers family and families related thereto by marriage.
The Vonk Family Home Page
This site traces this line of the Vonk family back to the late 1600s in Utrecht province in the Netherlands. Other surnames found on the site include: Feekes, de Roos and van der Kwast.
The Webre Family In Louisiana
History of the Webre Family from 1721 to present, documented through the exchange of photos, documents, records, research and ideas
The Whitacre Genealogy Center
A place for researchers to unite and share data about the Whitacre surname and all obvious variations (Whitaker, Whittaker, Whiticar, etc.).
The Williams Family Tree
Williams genealogy, old photos
The worldwide Yarnold one name study
The Yarnold world wide one name study is registered with the Guild of One Name Studies (Reg No. 5316) and extend to cover Yarnall and Yarnell surname variants wherever they may be found
The Worley Families USA
The John Worley of VA, Edward Worley VA, Henry Worley of Penn., and John & Esther(Blount) Worley of NC.
The WRIGHT Family of Early Hanover and Amherst Counties, VAh
The WRIGHT family of early Hanover and Amherst Counties, VA from the late 1700s
The Wright/Gaines Connection in Texas
The Wright family of north Texas, who married the Gaines family. The Wright clan came from Taney Co., Missouri, and the Gaines clan came from northern Alabama.
The various ZELLEY or ZELLY families can be traced to the West Country of ENGLAND including Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire. However, in the year 2003, they can be found in England, Canada, United States and Australia.
They Came They Stayed
This site deals with the descendants and ancestors of our ancestors who immigrated to Australia. Names include COSSART, MADDERN, EYLES, GILLIS, ROBINSON, AUSTIN, HOOPER, BURGESS, JEFFERIS, BRIGHT, STAINES, CRAWFORD, MCGREGOR, WOODS and many more.
Thiel Family Search
Info site ffor inital contact concerning Augst Thiel and decendents. Also for Goehring's or Gehring's from North Dakota. More info to be added as I progress.
Thomas Davidson & Family
Davidson and related families from Australia, Canada, Scotland and USA
Thomas Family Book
Information on the Thomas, Lee, and Johnston families.
Thomas Wood 1532
The Family of Thomas Wood 1532 of Bury in Lancashire UK
Thornsbury's Genealogy
Thornsburys Genealogy is a place to find you long lost Relatives...Come see us
Tinder Family Genealogy and History
A Tinder Family Genealogy starting with James Tinder Sr. and Sarah ? Tinder here in America in late 1750's. Also a short history of the family. War Records and some photos Would love to have you submit information for Tinder database.
tolcher surname
A website dedicated to the researching of the surname Tolcher across the world.
Toles Family Web Page
The descendents of Joseph Mac Toles
Tolle Family Genealogy
Ancestors and Descendants of Roger Tolle of St Mary's County, Maryland & Fauquier County, Virginia (1708-1780). Includes Tolle related obits, documents, researchers, and more.
Tomadoni, Iskra & Solmonese
Family tree page
Tomasz Bobrzynski - genealogy website
Information about my ancestors, mainly from the houses of Bobrzynski (pronounced Bohbzhynsky), Goworski and Wiewiorowski. Old photographs, family tree. Check it out, maybe you have Polish roots...
Towne Family Association, Inc.
Information on the Towne Family Association, Inc. membership and twentieth year reunion. Information on William Towne and his children from Great Yarmouth England to Salem MA in 1640. Contact for information e-mail of Association Genealogist.
Tracey/Tracy/Treacy Family Ireland
Origins, history and genealogy of the Tracey/Tracy/Treacy family name in Ireland.
Trailes To Texas
A site for researching the Mobley/Tarvin surnames, and area's of intrest in Texas and New Mexico, oklahoma, Arkansaw and the rest of the United States
Trapp Genealogy
Trapp family in South Carolina and Georgia.
Treeton Web
Treeton web lists A-Z of surnames relating to Treeton, Rotherham, South
TREUEL FAMILY - Australia, Germany & USA
The history and search for the Treuel family from all parts of the world.
Trev's Corner
The Genealogy and Family History of the Lloyd Family in respect of my Ancestors
Tuckahoe's Collection of Sherrill Documents
Sherrill Documents and Tid Bits
Tulumello Family Worldwide Site
A geneological website for the Tulumello Family worldwide. Family members in Sicily, Belgium, England, USA, Canada, South America
TWITTY - Carol Middleton's TWITTY Resources
Resource page for the TWITTY-L list with materials related to the TWITTY family (i.e. marriage listings, transcriptions of will, etc.). Covers VA, NC, SC, GA and beyond.
Tracing the Descendants of Calvin Dee Tynes and Sophronia Annie Walker Ancestors from Surrey, Virgina to South Carolina to Butler County, Alabama to Nacogdoches County, Texas to McLennan County, Texas Sophronia Annie Walker (Whatley) and related families Please contact me if there are corrections. I update this regularly.
Tyrer - Adgey Family History
A history of the Tyrer, Adgey lines and associated families, including: Hampson, Lawless, Barton, Simon, Lowe, Owens, Davies, Hughes, Ball, Neuman, Farrell and Peunell.
Uhlman Family Homepage
A 17th century tablemaker from rural Switzerland begins a family spanning centuries and continents to Nova Scotia, Canada
Valko, Walko worldwide family surname site
Valko and Walko (and name variants, ie Valco) family data from the USA and Europe are being collected to find family connections and origin of this/these surname(s).
Van Namen Foundation
Genelogy of Van Namen, Naamen, Naemen, Amen, Namur
Vanasse Precourt and Bastien Genealogy
Beginning of Vanasse family in Quebec . An attempt to trace Vanasse migration to the United States .
Venezuelan Genealogy Resources / Recurso de Genealogia Venezolana
Genealogy resources for venezuela organized by state. Maps, obituaries, cemeteries, microfilmed records, church directories, civile records, surname queries and more.
Vennard family trees
Fifteen family trees containing 4200 individuals dating back to the 16th century.
Vern Paul's Bridgewater Register
Vern Paul's searchable and growing database of the Bridgewater, Bridgewaters, Bridgwater, and Bridgwaters surname. Includes references to births, deaths, and marriages around the world and through six centuries. Additional information and sources supplied upon inquiry.
Vic Garvey's New Millennium Paages
Garvey genealogy and family research, including surnames associated with the Garvey name.
Vince Cirucci
Virts Verts Virtz Vertz Werts Wertz Wirts Families
Descendants of Wilhelm Wurtz. Virts Verts Virtz Vertz Werts Wertz Wirts Families.
Family Surname site for Wachtel, Waughtel Families and other various spellings.
Wagg, Wegg, Wigg, Wiggs - W*GG* One Name Study
W*GG* One Name Study worldwide relating to WAGG, WEGG, WIGG & WIGGS. Includes, Family Trees, Vital Records, Researchers, Newsletter.
Wagner's from Wunderthausen, Germany to Clinton County, Iowa
Wagner's from Germany to Clinton County, Iowa. The family of Henry and Elizabeth Beitzel Wagner: Elizabeth Wagner Schneider, Albert Wagner, Anna Wagner Ballhorn Pingel, Lena Wagner Morgan,William Wagner, Louis Wagner and Otto Wagner.
Wake Surname Family History Tyneside and South Shields
Wake family history in South Shields also transport history in Newcastle on Tyneside also Kane, Dinning, Pyle.
Walford Family Tree
A brief description of the Walford Family history as research by R. A. Walford
WANNAMAKER - Family Genealogy - A Passage In Time
This website is almost 4 years old and finally has a permanent home at RootsWeb! This site covers many different topics regarding Genealogy. With thousands of surnames and links to help you research your family tree. My main Surname is Wannamaker and All Allied Families covering all of North America and parts of Europe.
Wattier Descendants
This site contains information and scanned documents of the original Wattier family that came to America. Would like to find all living descendants.
Web site of Wil and Hetty Fromme
The genealogy of the Family FROMME in the NETHERLANDS and GERMANY with related families: Eggink, Klein_Nagelvoort, van Koningsveld, Jansen, mcCreary and many others
Webb family genealogy
Weiland Family History
Welcome to the Hall and Bible family history
The Hall and Bble family history from Cocke County Tn including family photos
welcome to the hunter surname dna project
hunter surname dna project to use genetic genealogy to supplement and to help locate conventional record based genealogy data worldwide. Specifically the dna project based upon y-chromosome dna will help many hunter kin to identify their ancestral origins, whether in scotland, ireland, england, australia, the united states (USA) or elsewhere. It will help organizations such as Clan Hunter and may link many newly identified hunter kin to hunters of hunterston and to the scottish hunter castle. Claude Hunter
Welcome to Warren County, IL, Genealogy and History
Genealogical Communtity for Warren Co,IL, Geneanlogy Family research, Township History, Surnames, Biographies, Cemetery Listings, Tombstone Photos, Family Photos,
Wellborns; from 1700 in Md.& NC, Ga. 1800 to 1969, Texas since 1869
Westins homepage
Whe-Tech services
Wheadon family tree information posted here, family data gathered by Thomas John Wheadon
Whicker ancestry and related families
Charts and indexes of the Whicker family and families related to it
Whisenant Stark Ehrhart
Whisnant Surname Center
Research dealing with all the various spelling of the name: Whisnant, Whisenant, Whisonant, Whisenhunt, Whisenhant, Whisante, Whisnand, Whisennand, Visinand
This is the world-wide gathering place for genealogical research related to the Whiting surname
Who was Elizabeth R Barnett Skidmore?
Researching the Barnett, McMillan, Skidmore, and Smoot families of Sevier and Scott counties in Arkansas, with emphasis on the ancestors and descendants of Elizabeth R Barnett Skidmore. Contains migration information from Madison & Morgan counties AL, and Madison County, TN.
Wilcox / Landon Genealogy
Information about surnames such as Wilcox, Pearson, Boggess, Martin, Shinn, Landon, Mortenson, Huffman, Swensson, Fletcher, and others.
Wiley Family History Project
Explores the Scots-Irish history, heraldry and origins of the Wylie/Wiley families. Features articles, biographies, discussion groups, e-books and genealogy reference information.
Wilkins/Wilkens Genealogy Links
Find Wilkins & Wilkens researchers worldwide and links and information to Wilkins genealogy and history, Wilkins in the U.S. Civil War, an online Wilkins photo album of 19th century pictures, famous Wilkins names and other fun stuff.
william coble family tree
William coble family tree in Australia only from 1833 to 2005 with the Descendants in Australia all over
William Joseph Little \B. 1771 SC \D. 1856 GA
A Little family history of over 460 pages of his secendants.
William Maynor Family of North Carolina
The William Maynor family of North Carolina and kindred families of Ausley, Davis, Fields, Martindale, O'Neal, Phillips and more! A website full of brick walls and mysteries!
Williams' Cyber Niche
Personal web page with information on Williams, Hussey, Milner, Andrews, Lounsberry, Mt Pleasnt, Ohio and Quakers
Williamson Family Genealogy
Researching New England Surnames: Buzzell, Elliott, Emerson, Hall, Lane, Nichols, Nealley, Theoret, Young, and Ham. Researching Ohio Surnames: Williamson, Campbell, Mussetter, Allen, Morris, Yeazel, Leever and Doughman. Researching Oklahoma and Colorado Surnames: Beck and Servis. Researching South Carolina surnames: Jackson, Young, Blitchington
Willis/Wilkins Genealogy Family History
Willis/Wilkins Family History beginning 1648 in Virginia moving west through Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas and California.
Winesett Circle
Attempts to list all the persons with the surname of Wineset, Winesett, or Winesette whom can be identified whether alive or deceased together with their family and their father's family. It also tries to determine the orgin of the surname.
Wm Allison Jeffcoat
Wm Allison Jeffcoat is my gggrandpa.He is kin to William Bradford (Plymouth), John Wagonamker Caskey, Richard Church (Plymouth) and a string of recognizable individuals.
Wolfmeyer Family Tree
This site not only lists the descendants Johann George Wolfmeyer, 1829-1880, but also his ancestors to Georg Wolfmeyer, 1653-1723.
Woods - LeGear Home
Surnames of Adams, Allen, Ebel, Cummings, Goss, LeGear, Lowery, Prather, Smith, Stinnett, Williams, and Woods. Most of the names are found in Ala., Georgia, Miss, Tenn, N. C., and South Carolina.
Woodson family page
Work in progress detailing the Woodson family line from Ellen Woodson of Frankfort, Kentucky to Dr. John Woodson of Jamestown, Virginia. Ellen Woodson, David Meade Woodson, Richard Kidder Woodson, Samuel Hughes Woodson, with more Woodsons to come.
Woolever Kinship
Listings of The Woolever Name and Variations
Woollacott Family Tree
Tree of one branch of the Woollacott family from about 1690 to the present - where genealogy meets dna testing. We are your gateway to Genetic Genealogy. Let us help: find the right DNA test, join dna project, order your dna test, understand your results and Genetic Genealogy, set up a free website for your surname dna and learn to administer your project
Worldwide ROLL Surname Project
The Worldwide ROLL Family Project encompasses the most extensive collection of ROLL names on the Internet. It includes thousands of ROLLs from around the world, spanning throughout Argentina, Austria, Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Hungary, Israel, The Netherlands, Norway, Prussia, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, etc.
Ybanez - Serenio Family
Ybanez-Serenio Family Tree (Genealogy Site)
York, The Url of
York resource website from York researchers and for all York researchers.
Can't find an ancestor? Yorkshire born folk not in their own county but found in other counties on census night 1851 and 1881 Over 80,000 names listed being added to weekly
Young Family Tree
This is my Family Tree with the names of Young ,Skief.Walker.Brock
Younglove Family
My pages are Genealogy on the Younglove Family in America and their allied Families. Stories and Photos of days gone bye. Grace Younglove Hudson
Yuri Belov
Yuri Belov. Born 1966. Novosibirsk, Mosocw Region, Moscow State Linguistic University, Procter & Gamble, Novomoskovsk, Delsbo (Sweden).
ZARZYCKI Tadeusz Family
The intention of my Web site is to find my Father's origines in Poland. I would like to collect more informations about my Family Name. I'll so enjoy to discover your E-Mail.
Zetka Family
Jan Zetka Famiy
Ziesmer,Olson, Luedtke, Zieska FAmily ?Trees