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Cox Family photos 1933 - 1958
Cox & Silverthorne Family photos 1933- 1958 and roots-web information about there ancestors
ABCgenealogy - Famous People
Ancestry of present day famous people and descendants of historical figures.šparovič
familly emigrant history
Denning - Todd Family Genealogy Information
Derbyshire Genealogy
Taylor, Carson, Harrington, Hathaway, Holmes,
TABER C. S., & FAMILY TREES, ANCESTRY, GENEALOGY SURNAME, BUT NO, Historical Overview, pedagogory, records of, file.
"Ancesters of Lutie Etta Yeager"
Includes personal data & vital records on surnames: YEAGER,IN,OH,PA; DICKINSON, (IN,NY,CT); SHEPARD, IN,NY,WI,VT; PHELPS,IN,NY,VT; SWANK, IN,OH,PA; HUBBARD,NY;et al. Photos of Lutie Yeager (1884-1969, her parents & gr-grandparents.
"Dutch's Place"
"Dutch's Place" gives a condensed descendent tree of each of the following families: SCHUPP, SCHULER, KRIEG, RAPP, KELLER, McGILLEM, and SWENSEN. Listen (or not) to german music while you browse! More detailed family information is also available.
"Familia Rusconi" Genealogy Site
Family site of Rusconi's family, including surnames: RUSCONI, MACHADO, MARTINEZ, MOSQUERA, GONZALEZ, MELLONE mainly form Argentina and Brazil as well as SPAIN and ITALY.
"Family Tree Information Exchange"
Family Tree research for Ariss, Barnwell, Biggs, Carey, Dosher, Hardy, Macrae, Shaw, Stevenson, Tesh, Turner.
"our Family's Cellar"
I have family trees for McMillions, Edens, Haynes, Taylors, Smarts and Woods. I have marriage listings, family military listings, family cemetary, ancestor pictures, and family recipes.
"Swamped with Ancestors"
Research of families in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia
"Tracing the Family's a New Life !"
DePaola,Cianciarulo,Cefaratti.Logiovine,Curcio.Tamburri Families - Tracing the Family's Footsteps. . . This site traces the family timeline, full family tree, and descendants list. Also includes the family's journey through the Immigrant Experience into the United States.
"von Meyer family research"
genealogy research of the German baron "Alexander Richard Wilhelm von Meyer" family,old photographs,articles,Ahnentafel including names of Meyer,von Meyer,Fehst,Feest,Streit,Watson,Toal,Ives,Thorp,Upson,Thrall,Bissell,Fitch,Cone,Shailer,Welch,Whitmore,Roberts,Loomis
"ZoneCousinage" : Quebec and Acadian Ancestors
A database of interconnected family trees going back to the beginning of New France and beyond. The data is uploaded one record at a time after a meticulous examination of both primary and authoritative secondary sources. ZoneCousinage covers most of the early settlers of New France.
" Twig Talk"
Ancestory of Snyder, Jackson, Kirk, Colyer, Woodson, Russell, Tyner, Teasley, Brown, Cooper, Phipps Families centered in Illinois and Kentucky.
Historical Archives of a global One-Name Study of the name PRIME (and variant)assembled and compiled since 1970 by Alan Ryder Prime of London and Somerset, England, UK
'Vail' Family Tree
My site deals soley with genealogy. My ambition is to collect all the information possible on our ancestors and put it all on line for the benefit of others
..meine Ahnen und etwas mehr
Genealogy about my family, Wingels from Kleve/DEU,Frommelt from Berlin/DEU, Forsch from Freudenthal/Russia and Poland, Heins from Moisburg/DEU and Rohdemann from Berumerfehn/DEU
1 - Family Tree Connections to Union County OH
Contains family tree connections to Union County, OH.
LaTour d'Auvergne is the name of my French royal family, orginally from the village of LaTour in Auvergne, dating from the early 10th century, it divided into several branches, including Counts of Auvergne, Dukes of Bouillon and Al'bert and Viscounts of Turenne. See BOUILLON and TUREENE.
A (mostly) Southern Genealogy
Surnames include McDonough, Fernety, Wade, Walsh, We(a)ver, Cooke, Richard, Lang, McCall, Parker, Hiers, Carter, Sheffield, Tyson, Watson,... South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, ...
A Bisbee Family History
Descendants of Reuben Bisbee and Lydia Cushman of Kingston, Mass. Fully documented. Civil War Pension Records extracts and images.
A Family History and Genealogy Site by Donna-Rae Prong
This site outlines four generations of the descendants of Ameilia HELPS and Thomas DOWSWELL who married in 1807 and had nine children. This family emigrated in 1832 to Upper Canada from Wilshire, England.
A Family History and Genealogy Site by Donna-Rae Prong
Descendants of Elizabeth (Betsy) POOLE (1776-1819) & Jacob Marsh CRANE (1768-1849) Who migrated From Westfield, New Jersey to Niagara District, Upper Canada circa 1798. Their children were Jacob Marsh CRANE Jr., Byram John CRANE, James R. CRANE, Abigail CRANE, Joanna CRANE, Isaac CRANE, John Byram CRANE, Stephen CRANE and Hannah CRANE.
A Family History in India
My family history in India covers seven generations in the period 1808-1947. Brief information about ancestors, pedigree charts and background to research.
A Family Tree
Family history, with early emphasis on English and Dutch colonists in America. Includes the surnames Acree, Hoover, Skipworth, TenEyck, Sachse, Ogden, Nelson, Williamson, Waugh, Ahrenholz, Cook, Wynn, Wolfe, Redinger, VanderVeer, Voorhees, Marshall, Tinsley, Barthel, Shrofe, Albright, Graham, Chew, Staples, Taylor, Faist, Stillwell, Dalley, Buckalew, Veghte, Curtis, Demott and Denton.
A Family Tree: From Roots to Buds
5,000 plus names, well researched and documented. Main names: RICH-GA/FL/AL, GILREATH-Wilkes Co., NC, NESTOR-Ireland>CT>Sussex Co., NJ
A Genealogy Page
Brady Adamson Family Tree Site - Adamson's to 1690's NJ
A History of Our Scott Family and Related Families
Our SCOTT family history began on The Isle of Wight in the eighteenth century, when Percivall SCOTT came to the island from the mainland of England, most probably from London. Percivall SCOTT married Elizabeth WHITE in 1733; they are my 5th Gr. Grandparents.
A Huggins Line
A Kaminsky Family Tree
Our ancestral lines from Poland, Lithuania and Prussia/Germany are Kaminsky, Holdstein, Eger, Lande, Levy and Lehmann. From Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic are Pollak, Grunhut, Blau, Porges and Levioh. Mostly from Hessen and Baden Wurttemberg in Germany are Lindauer, Liebmann, Wurmser, Hayum, Flegenheimer, Dreifuss, Mannheimer, Freund, Maier, Rosenbusch, Katz, Strauss, Bernhard, Lowenstein and Lenneberg.
A Monmouth County Reunion
Descendents of Willem Adriaense Bennet and related lines mostly from Monmouth County, New Jersey and other nearby counties, along with New York, Connecticut, Road Island and Massachusetts.
A Name to be Proud Of
Family History for Emms, Pymm, and many more. Music Hall Information. Births, deaths, marriages for many surnames. Social History for 18th and 19th Century. Hall of Fame for people associated with my family tree.
A North Cornwall Ancestry
A family tree primarily founded upon ancestors from North Cornwall and West Devon, UK, with key surnames such as Barnes, Dennis, Treleven, Vine, Robinson, Rundle, Saunders, Neale, Dayman, Braginton, Nosworthy, Trick, Galsworthy and Glanvill(e). Includes census, biographical and other details. Gedcom available.
A passage through time...Genealogy of Fearncombe Harley Barley Steffens Hyd
Fearncombe, Harley, Barley emigrated to Canada ca 1900 from England. Patchett from England to Canada ca 1830. Steffens from Hannover to London ca 1864. Hyde, Menary from Ireland to Canada ca 1840. Turpel (Turple) from Luxembourg? to Nova Scotia ca 1750.
A Pictorial Genealogy
Pictures and names of German families settling in western St. Charles County, MO in the late 1800s.
A pretty good looking family tree !
Pay a visit to my own family genealogy maps over Europe & N.America. From a basic Gedcom it's very easy to do the same and update all pages as often it's need.
A Quest Of Love
A database of selected lines of my family,hawley, Coppock, Meeks, Beauchamp, Buchanan, Shoemaker, Selvidge, Seaton, Carroll, Foster, Jinks, Selph, Bobo, Cagle, Ward, Longino and other related lines.
A Record of the Families of Constance J. Christopherson Barnum
A Richardson's site
Descendants of Abraham Richardson OH(1808) MO(ca. 1830 - 1840) TX(1844 to presenet) CA(1850 to present).
A rough draft of my family tree
My family tree, with some good content here for old New England families of Abington, Hingham, Weymouth and Scituate, as well as some families of Grant/Highland Counties in Wisconsin.
A Tree of Many Branches
The genealogy of the Candee, Meyer(s), Doak & Turner families. Most are from the CT, NY & ME areas.
A Vaden & Vines Family History
This is an ongoing research project on out families, Charles Roger Vines and Theresa Diane Vaden. All comments and contributions to these two families are appreciated. Happy Hunting, Charlie
A Walton Family Chart
This was taken from a family tree, handed down to me by my Grandfather, Henry A. Wilson. This was his maternal line. It was compiled by A.V.Phillips in 1933-1935.
Aan de Stegge
Genealogy of the family aan de Stegge in the Netherlands
AbcFamily tree provides many services including a FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION` We have several FAMILY TREE PACKAGES available , Our professional team of researchers can find your ancestors! We specialize in LOCAL RESEARCH in the U.K , We are based in Northamptonshire,England, & have access to all records in this area, We are able to undertake any research for you locally & internationally. We have a CERTIFICATE FINDING SERVICE , Where our team will locate & send any Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate you need. We are a reliable & professional research service, Let us help you with your research today
ABELS Genealogy
Decendants of Harmon Jacob ABELS and Antje Brandt ABELS plus adjoining lines.
abner willis family homepage
surnames include: pyle, smothers, flowers, willis, pinkston, taylor, webb, and many others
About My Kentucky Roots
I am Jean Hounshell Peppers, my web site is about my S/E Kentucky Roots, surnames: Bagley/Daniels/Castle/Cox/Daniels/Gearheart/Heffner/Hounshell/Howard/Martin/Vanhoose families of Breathitt/Floyd/Knott/Johnson Counties
Abraham Moser Clan Descendants by L.L. Moser
Abraham Moser 1813-1888 Clan of Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Book was printed for a family reunion in 1959. Any information to add or ask please email.
Genealogies of Suzanne Shuler and of Alan Wilson, including several medieval branches.
Acco's Family Tree
The Acco's genealogy in Brazil, from 1660 til now.
Acres FAmily
John Acres of Lancashire, England and Rhode Island
Adair Family Web Site
Family web site dedicated to staying in touch with family and friends; also for researching and sharing information in my family tree.
Adam(s) Family Ties
Descendent reports for Martin Adam/Christina Ruehl, 1836 to present. Surnames incl. Adams/Adam, Lange/Lang, Kluth, Klinner, Lemhouse.
Adams, Nipper and Descendants
This site contains history and genealogy of Nipper Adams's and Mary Weldon's descendants from the late 1700's in South Carolina to the present.
Wood Genealogy Essex Co. NY, VT
adkins family tree uk
adkins family tree birmingham warwickshire uk pictures ,dates,gedcoms,1750 to 2001
The descendants of some "Southside" & New River Valley Virginia - North Carolina Pioneers that migrated to TennAlaGa (Metro Chattanooga, TN) & Tarrant County, Texas
AGBarker Family
Several families in central Aroostook County, Maine & Carleton County, New Brunswick including: Barker, Schriver, Nelson, Sutter, Crandlemire, Hanning, Hartin, Banks
Genealogy of the Achterhof / Agterhof family with infromation about descendants of Jan Agterhof living in the USA and The Netherlands.
Ahnen der Familie Evers
Ahnen und Nachfahren des Peter Bernhard Heinrich Evers aus Rethwisch
Ahnenforschung Greve, Schürenhöfer, Brandenburger, Haueisen
Ahnenforschung Greve, Schürenhöfer, Brandenburger und Haueisen, erstellt von Thomas Greve
Ahnenforschung Posamentir Stein
PAULINE POSAMENTIR,FILIP STEIN, Abraham Adler, Leopold Singer, Sattler, Pekarek Böhmen/Bohemia: Horepnik, Mischkowitz, Miskovice, Keplov, Kosetice, Kralovice, Prag, Ledec, Tabor , Österreich, Austria: Wien, Ernst Buschmann, Isidor Israel, Franz Bourgeois, Germany, Annie Young, Burford/Oxfordshire, England
Searching for my ancestors - Suche nach meinen Ahnen
Private search for my ancestors and their descendants.
Ahnentafel Prigge Schlüter
The site shows the known descendants of David Prigge, born 1770 in Campen, Hannover, Prussia, Germany and the known ancestors of Wolfgang Schlüter, born in Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
AIRHART - Al Henderson's Genealogy Pages
Family charts (and some related data) for the surnames Airhart, Barre, Booker, Bruce, Cousins, Dynes, Forrester, Goring, Henderson, McGaw, McGrath, McLean, McLeod, Parsons, Rogers, Sealey, Secord, Silvernail, Smith, Stacey, Spokes, Stenabaugh, Vansickle, Watson and Weaver. B/M/Ds, Wills and photo's will be added over time.
Airlie's Genealogy Home Page
Tracing the history of the Doyle, Griffith, Halliday and Inglis families and their arrival in Australia.
Akin Family History
Contains the Descendants of David Akin of Newport, RI plus other documents and images related to this family.
Alabama Bound
Surnames included: Ball, Browning, Craft, Croley/Crowley, Hagan, Hand, Horton,Myers, Norred, Owens, Pope, Royal, Skinner, Smith, Tate and more
Alabama Ross Ancestors & Descendents
My Rosses listed here are mostly from Alabama. I know that my Rosses were originally from Scotland. When they arrived in the U.S., they traveled from the NC/SC area, down through GA, & on into Alabama. From there, some moved to TX; some moved to north Mississippi, & then on in to Tennessee.
Alaska Gilliland's
The Host page for the Gilliland's of Alaska. A member of the Clan Gilliland.
Alaska Herrins Genealogy Site
Genealogy of Herrin, Brummett, Moser, Bitterman, Bower, Van Valkinburgh, Ogden, Stone and related families.
Albert Genealogy
Gedcom of the ALBERT family of France and Canada
Albright Genealogy
Albright family of Stadel, Switzerland. Emigrated about 1738 to Albany, New York. Ancestors traced back to 1500's.
Alcock Family History
Site contains family history of William Alcock and his descendants. He was born in Staffordshire Eng, came to Australia about 1830
Algood Family Website
A genealogy collection of Algood, Breazeale, Byrd, and Wood Families.
Algunos de Nosotros (Some of Us)
Genealogy of more than six thosand people, all related and mostly venezuelans
All In Our Family
Come see if your part of the family. All are welcome.
All the Shades of Gray, Bray, Chant, Bowden and Jones
Gray, Chant, Naylor, Bentley, Bray, Bawden, Bowden, Jones, Williams and all the branches and twigs. Mainly UK and Australia. Adding continually and welcome anu additions.
Allan, Foster, Gordon and Webb Family Pages
Genealogy of Allan, Foster, Gordon and Webb in Southern Ontario, Canada
Allen Family
James Allen from York and Franklin Cos., Pennsylvania to Jackson Co., West Virginia to Meigs Co., Ohio
Allen-Kably Family Tree
This site is a work-in-progress devoted to finding and charting my family history.
Alley Ancestors
The descendants of Bishop William Alley of Exter,England. Sir John Alley,William Alley,Bishop William Alley, Roger Alley,Jerome Alley,Francis Alley,Thomas Alley-6 generations to James,David,Daniel,Samuel,Dean,Patricia Alley-Gaddie.
Allison Family
Allison family from London, Eng. to Charles Co., Maryland to Frederick/Montgomery Cos., MD to Burke Co., North Carolina to Wilson Co., Tennessee
Allison Phillips
Allison Phillips Family
Alm, Hans and Anne (Kanten) Family Tree
Ancestors and descendants of Norwegian immigrant Hans O. (1864-1931) and Anne Kanten (1872-1957) Alm who were married in Chippewa County, MN and raised their family in Binford ND
Ambrose Bull, circa 1750 -- Ancestors & Descendents
A look into the Ambrose and Elizabeth (nee Johnson) Bull family from pre-American Revolutionary times to the present.
Ambrose Genealogy
Central location for anyone researching the AMBROSE families from the Virginia/Maryland area.
Ames - Warren Mayflower Geneology
Surnames - Ames, Potter, Clift, Warren, Snow. Richard Warren of the mayflower
Amlaw Family Research Forum
I've posted my own research materials on the Amlaw Family, I hope it may be of some use to others.
Amy Family
Amy family from Pennsylvania to Harrison Co., Indiana to Iowa to Colorado
An American Family
A thousand-year genealogy including the family names Cole, Patterson, McKee, Gaines, Singleton, Ware, Elliott, Crawford, Reynolds, Douglas, Wesley... as compiled by Alan Cole.
An AR Family Page
Surnames include Brents, Brazil, Harper, Edmonson, McArthur, Henson, Grant. Plus others that are co-lateral.
An Archers Quiver
This site is dedicated to the descendants of William Archer of Hertford, and his sons Thomas, Joseph, William & Edward - pioneer graziers in Tasmania.
An ARDERN Genealogy Website
The Frances and Bruce ARDERN Web Site cotains information on ourselves, where we live, our country, our sporting interests and genealogy relating to Bruce's family which has descended from ARDERNE (1600) of Timperley, Cheshire, England
An Australian branch of the Morris family tree
Relations traced back from Queensland to the United Kingdom
Ancestores and family members of Phillip H. Pitzer and Carol Ann O'har
Pitzer-O'Hara family genealogy record
My page gives information about immigrants from the Province of Zeeland, the Netherlands, and their ancestors and decendants.
My page gives information about immigrants from the Province of Zeeland, the Netherlands, and their ancestors and decendants.
Ancestors & Descendants of Christine
Searching for ancestors and descendants of williams, watson, foster, buckley, mcgoldrick, hill, gunn, lewis, kirby
Ancestors and Descendants of Charlie & Irene Whitted
Aaron Abbott Atkerson Breeden Brokeshoulder Burchfield Brown Carroll Carver Caves Davis Fannon Gamble Godwin Hurst Nichols Nunn Parton Powell Purcell Smith Thornton Valentine WHITEHEAD WHITTED Wooten and more: Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and more.
Ancestors and Descendants of Drayton H. Riddick
I am researching the following surnames: RIDDICK, COPLEN, DARBY, TATUM.
Ancestors and Descendants of Johannes Uthe Born 1827 in Germany
Ancestors and Descendants of Johannes Uthe, born 1827 in Germany, came to Illinois about 1856.
Ancestors and Descendants of Keith Thompson
Family Ancestry reports for THOMPSON TOMPKINS PEELER KUEHN. Pictures are available for some.
Ancestors and Descendents of Lee A. Wise and Dorothy M. Smith
Ancestral history of Lee Wise and Dorothy Smith is presented. Lee and Dorothy grew up in Northeastern Ohio. Sources, references and pictures are provided.
Ancestors and family members of Phillip H. Pitzer and Carol Ann OHara
Our family genealogy with over 35,000 names
Ancestors and Family of Steve and Jo Ann Moody
Ancestry and Family pages including surnames Moody, Purswell, Fitzgerald, Lee, Perkinson, Stivender, Creel, Dyches, Goode, Baker, Carroll and Dyches.
Ancestors of a Queensland Family
A study of the family history of a Queensland family. Includes genealogy of Markwell, Carlyle, Miller, Morgan, Comport, Foord, Williams, Maclennan, Mackenzie, Harris, Ryan, Gorman, McCarthy, Phelps and Cummins families and many more. These families came from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Kent, Lincolnshire and London to Australia.
Ancestors of Aaron Arnold Klapheck
This site contains the ancestry of Aaron Klapheck. There are numorous notes about most person(s) mentioned.
Ancestors of Adam and Emma Jackson
Family History of JACKSON,WARD, BATES, HOWSON and more in NW England. Also, RACKHAM, BALLS, OLDRIN and more in E Anglia. URRY in Hampshire.
Ancestors of Ashlee Victoria Christlieb
Ancestors of Barbara Anne and Jane Ellin Snell
Direct line family including these names: Snell Jarvis McCluskey Hissey Himes (IL OH MD Germany) Lienhart Schmid Keller (Switzerland) Kübler Freudenberger (Germany)
Ancestors of Barbara Jean Calvert
Hobbies of mine with links to genealogy and gedcom files for surnames Pearce, Bartlett, Morse, Mowrey, Washington, and related families.
Ancestors of Betty Thrush-Paraday
Genealogy and record of my ancestors with some notes and photographs.
Ancestors of Bob and Joy Salt
Family Tree of Joy (nee Miller from Rochdale Lancs England) and Bob Salt from Newcastle Staffs England. Includes 8000+ individuals and shows link to Scottish and English Kings. Salt line is from Dilhorne Staffs. Miller line is from Balmaghie Scotland.
Ancestors of Bonnie Jean Cleveland
Southern Cleveland family. Surnames include BOBBO, BREAZEALE, BROOME/BROOM, CLEVELAND,DYAR, ENTREKIN, GODWIN, HADEN/HAYDEN, JOURNAGAN, MAYBERRY, SKELTON, SMALLEY/SMALLY, SMITH. States of origin are South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.
Ancestors of Bradley N. Doyle
My site contains not only the vital details of each person but photos and sources.
Ancestors of Burl Louis Leavell
Assorted Leavell lines and Leavell/Lavell/Levell data from all over the US. Other surnames given a separate webpage (or many)include Perkins, Tyner, Adkins, Beard, Staggs, Marshall, Goodwin, Lines, Lollar, Sailors, Sherrill, Osborne
Ancestors of Caroline Jayne Martin
Ancestors of Charles Augustus Dawson III
Dawson family tree including Mayflower ancestors with over 3900 families and over 660 unique surnames for a total of over 18,000 people.
Ancestors of Charles William Johnson
This site contains a Gedcom of the Ancestors of Charles William Johnson as of July 2004
ancestors of Charles Zimmerman(Emma Wagner)
This is for any and all Zmmermans related in any way to Charles (Emma Wagner) Zimmerman he has twelve grandchildren all residing in or around ransomville,ny.Four are deceased their names follow Albert(Mildred Langdon),Junior(audrey),Harold(caroline),Edward(deceased),Kenny(resides in texas),Dorothy(deceased),Winnie(poss.winifred deceased),ann marie(BUTRY),Lorraine(pollow),Marion(Ward Delude),Bessy(deceased),James(Diana resides in tenn.)
Ancestors of Curtis Bush
Southern Bush family,with Surnames, BISHOP, BOYD, BUSH, DANNER, HALL, HOPPER, KEY, MCKELVAINE/MCKELVAIN/MCILVANE, PURSER, WELCH. Particular family emphasis in Mississippi. Known states of origin are Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina.
Ancestors of D. Scott Scheibe
Ancestory of D. Scott Scheibe, including the following surnames; Albert, Aldrich, Appleby, Anthony, Apelt, Ballou, Baum, Borman, Carr, Church, Collett, Comstock, Ebert, Eilenberg, Fitzgerald, Frazier, Freeman, Freytag, Gardner, Hammond, Heilman, Hennig, Hermann, Herzog, Hooser, Horn, Howard, Hunt, Hyden, Kelley, Kelly, Kerr, Kirchhof, Kissell, Knight, Kobitzsch, Krause, Lein, Mallory, Manley, Mason, Mccamey, Mc Cloud, Mc Ginnis, Mckoon, Meyer, Moore, Mosley, Myers, Nance, Nicht, Nichte, Nickelson, Osborn, Palmer, Puffer, Reiche, Richter, Riech, Rotte, Sandman, Scheibe, Schumake, Seald, Shaw, Shelton, Smith, Southern, Sweet, Verry, Walker, Westbrook, Wilson, Wood, Woodward, Worthington
Ancestors of Daisy Shorten
Ancestors of Daisy Shorten of Sprowston, Norfolk, England.
Ancestors of Dale Louis Popp
Hosts a searchable and clickable list of my known ancestors and their related families. Also contains downloadable GEDCOM file.
Ancestors of David Allen Drohan
Ancestors of David Allen Drohan including those from Ireland, England, Netherlands and Belgium.
Ancestors of Delbert R. Phillips
Ancestry of Delbert R. Phillips with indexed surnames, pedigree chart, some photos and an e-mail address to obtain further information.
Ancestors of Don Jarrell
Family History/Genealogy of Jarrell,Finlayson,Westell,Burton, McKay Surnames.
Ancestors Of Donald Nathaniel Williams
This site covers ancestors of Donald Nathaniel Williams. Main surnames are; Williams, Ducey, Chalcraft, Buschman, Cox, Ende, Etter, Goddard, Moore, Rider, Temples,Squire, Hassett, Hicks, and many others.
Ancestors of Edgar Goodrum
Ancestors of Edgar Goodrum of Fundenhall, Norfolk, England.
Ancestors of Elizabeth "Betty" Lewis
Lists 11 generations of the decendents of Elizabeth Lewis, b 09 Feb 1908, d 21 Jul 1955. Her earliest ancestor arrived in Surry, VA., in 1636. Surnames contained therein are Atkins, Bieher, Ellis, Hart, Judkins, Lewis, Mathis, Pettway, Rowan, Selby, Sharpe, Shockey, Swor, Warren, Whitledge, and Wright.
Ancestors of Franklin B Thompson
Ancestors of Franklin Burl Thompson. Main lines traced in this site are Thompson, Hamar, Hackney, Holmes. Others include Helms, Jolliffe, Silvey, Brewer, Binder, Canum, Treber, Shaw, more
Ancestors of Harvey Theodore Jones Jr.
This is a genealogy web page. My ancestors were from Marianna Arkansas, Donaldsonville Louisiana, Monroe County Mississippi, Limestone County Alabama, Virgina, and North Carolina. Surnames:JONES,KEYS,KEYES,LANDRY,HALL,PEDESCLAUX.
Ancestors of Helen & Greg Baldwin
My homepage contains details on my BALDWIN & BIRCH pedigree, whilst Helen's pedigree consists of Victorian Indigeneous (Koori) families.
Ancestors of Helen McAlister
10 generations of ancestors of Helen McAlister with indexed surname list, photos and an e-mail address to obtain further information.
Ancestors of Howard Hickman - Plus all known ancestors of Robert and Mary
Ancestors of Howard Hickman back to the original immigrant to America. Plus all known descendants of Robert and Mary Hickman of Greene Co, PA.
Ancestors of Ileen Judd Johnson
Ancestry of Ileen Judd Johnson to approximately 1700. This is a work in progress. Includes the surnames Abbott, Banks, Bunker, Eyre, Judd, LeFevre, Lewis, Steele,Weeks.
Ancestors of Iver Neumann
Iver Neumann Homepage, Genealogy: 1700 names, Neumann, Ruhlin, Moen, Hansen, Reinertsen, Warolin, Bøyum, Paulsdatter, Korsgaard, Jørgensen, Olsen, Kant, Bergan, Aurbakken, Anonsen, Paulsen, Mohn, Wergeland, Pedersen Neumann, Frisenberg
Ancestors of Iver Neumann
Ancestors include but, are not limited to the Houser, McDonald, NcNail, Brown, Coulter, and Stephens. Ancestory dating to the year 1505.
Ancestors of Jeffrey Whealdon Bryant
This site includes Bryant, Briceland, Vaughan, Wallace, Davis, Fletcher, Jones, Hardesty, Haughton, Winder, Hill and other families.
Ancestors of Jimmy Wayne ROWLETTE
Eleven generations of Rowlett, Rowlette, and Estep lineage. Genealogical references to 1600's.
Ancestors of John A. Coldwell
The Coldwell family linking back to Alexander Ross, fur trader, and later Sherriff of Red River.
Ancestors of Joseph Anthony Thomas
Born 16 Mar 1898 in Pocatello,Bannock,Idaho. He died 5 Aug 1961 in Glendale,Los Angeles,California. He was buried in Forest Lawn Cem.,Glendale,Los Angeles,California. He was baptized 1 Jun 1935. He married Isabell MERRILL 13 Jul 1920 in Ogden,Weber,Utah.
Ancestors of Judith Anne Tolley
A family history/genealogy website of my ancestors on four main lines: TOLLEY, DERRICOTT, ANDERSEN, ELLINGSEN.
Ancestors of Katy Kingsland ADKINS
This site hosts a family tree of members (one branch) of the ADKINS family 'currently residing/who resided (late 1700's onwards)' in South East England.
Ancestors of Lester L. Noll
Ancestors of Margie Hinton
HINTON/HENTON and related families
Ancestors of Michael Disorbo
This site contains thousands of surnames, Disorbo, Bizzaro, Pascarella, Gisonno, Tripp, DeNoyelles, Perrine, Kent, Zeiblo and many more. A great site for research!!
ancestors of michelle shuey
website provides information on the following surnames: shuey, robinett, dysinger, luckhardt, finkbeiner, kessler & lindemann
Ancestors of Paul Evans & Susan Dubois Evans
Ancestors of Paul Evans & Susan Dubois,researching Susan's French ancestors that settled in New France early 1600's & Paul's ancestors from England,Wales,& Scotland settling in Newfoundland & Southern Ontario,primarily in the Simcoe,York & North Gwillimbury areas.
Ancestors of Randall B. Hughes
Information on Hughes, Crews, McGee, Emmert, and many, many more as they pertain to my lineage.
Ancestors of Roy Steven Corrigan
Ancestors of Ryan Todd MORGAN
With over 200 Ancestors, this website is a good point to start.
Ancestors Of Susan Alexander Llauget
Alexander, Stiles, Harmon, Heacock, Thompson, Morris and more ancestors of Susan Alexander Llauget spanning Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Nebraska and Newfoundland.
Ancestors of the KOEPPE and HEINRICHSDORFF-Family
Ancestors of the Soper, Kline, Bertilson and Heaton Families
Ancestors of the Soper, Kline, Bertilson and Heaton Families
Ancestors of Thomas Wilson
Doyle, Benton, Wilson, Copeland, Maries, Osage, Missouri
Ancestors of Yancy Wood
My WOOD, HART, YOUNG, and YOUNES families. About 1700-present.
Ancestors or Johnny and Angie Cook
Surnames of: Arp, Atkins, Branch, Bishop, Carroll, Chambley, Cook, Cowart, Davenport, Davis, Dingler, Gaddy, Glozier, Gray, Grogan, Holloway, Howard, Johns, King, Long, Mellowes, Mahathy, Mccorkel, Mellowes, Moseley, Payne, Perry, Pettett, Pettit, Phillips, Plummer, Pope, Priest, Pyles, Rein, Rooks, Sharp, Shoemake, Smith, Stewart, Swancy, Swanzy, Tennyson, Tinney, Whitmire, Wills, Wilson
Ancestors Unearthed
This site contains direct lines to over 140 surnames. There are many, manyh photos of relates, several are over 100 years old! Stop by for a look!
Ancestral Families of Robert Kuehl
Contains ancestors born before 1900. Families generally resided in Iowa after immigration from Europe and include former residences primarily from Schleswig-Holstein, Hannover, Hohenzollern, and the Canton Solothurn, Switzerland.
Ancestral Histories Wiveliscombe Family Trees
Collard, Cox, Lutley, Hancock Family Trees. Descendant BDMs Property deeds. Historical information. Photographs. Maps. Ancestral History of Wiveliscombe.
Ancestral Lines of Victor Hawk of Georgia
Descendants of Andrew Hawk 1784 of Georgia and Allen Harper 1801 Greene County, Georgia
A search for the ancestors of the Coffin-Hutton-Hammer families
Ancestry America
Professional Genealogists Family History & Photo Restoration & Prints of Images from the Original Artist
ancestry mcguire,fabar,farr,connerty,core & more
my ancestors,mostly from central west NSW Australia
Ancestry of Beatrice BOUSQUET and Louis ROBERTS (ROBERT)
French Canadian family history of Beatrice BOUSQUET and Louis ROBERTS (ROBERT)
Ancestry of Derek & Jill Reeves
A family history of Derek & Jill Reeves covering the Denny, Weldon, Fells, Stephenson, Turner, Williams families
Ancestry of Derek Doran-Wood
My personal ancestry so far, presented Ahnentafel-style. My great-grandmother's Kemper line is contained within the report "Ancestors of Samuel Relf Durand."
Ancestry of Larry Vizenor and Teresa Reuter
Site provides genealogical descents based on eight surnames of grandparents. Names include: Vizenor/Vezina, Fairbanks, Landgren, Haslerud, Reuter, Mahowald, Soukup, and Sieg. Site features photos of ancestors.
Ancestry of the Fox & Eccles Families Worldwide 1579-2005
Ancestry of the Fox & Eccles Families Worldwide 1579-2005
Anderson Family Records Ky, Va
Anderson Family Records of an Anderson family whom was from Hanover, Louisa COs, VA in 1600-1700s and then moved to Garrard CO., Ky in 1807. A hugh number of family members documented here from mid 1700s to present day.
Anderson Genealogy - PA in 1700's to ON in 1800
Descendants of Great G,G,G Grandfather William Sr. Anderson (b. abt 1749 in PA & d. abt. 1832 in PA), wife Rebecca.
Anderson of Griquatown, South Africa : Anderson-Davel Family Tree
This web site contains the Family Tree for more than 1,800 individuals linked to the Anderson's of Griquatown [William Anderson 1769-1852] and the Anderson-Davel extended family tree. The Andersons landed in South Africa in 1800 and the Davels in 1734, which would make the Anderson-Davel family one of the earliest arrivals on the continent - long before the main so called "1820 settlers" and famed explorer David Livingston [born 1813 in England].
Anderson, Scott, Campbell Co TN Surnames
Anderson, Scott, Campbell Co TN Surnames: Brown, Bunch, McKamey, Burress, Byrge, Carroll, Cross, Daugherty, Davis, Duncan, Harmon, Hutson, Huckaby, Jones, Kennedy, Lowe, Marlow, Massengale, McGhee, Miller, Phillips, Seiber, Tackett, Ward, Wilson. Some Cemetery Records. Indian Descendents.
Anderson/ Walker Family Tree
Andersons of North Georgia including Lumpkin, Dawson, Forsyth, Milton and Gilmer Counties, NC, SC (includes Rogers, Dodd, Pirkle, Bagley, Pettyjohn/Pettijohn, Allen) and Walker and Key (includes Siegler/Ziegler, Widener) of Aiken County, South Carolina.
Images and data relating to Brush, Fuller, Humphrey, Hymer, Kier, Swope, Tagart, Tollman, VanBlarcum, Widick families from Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and Kentucky. Many 19th and early 20th century images.
andrew quicks family tree
English Quicks from 1570 to present date
Andrews-Gill family of Mulbring Australia
Details of families thought to be ancestors of the Andrews-Gill family of Mulbring NSW.
Andy & Carol Worrall's Family
Our Family Tree contains many names, going back over several generations. The main interests are Withy, Gray, Worrall & Foster.
Surnames currently being researched are: Johnson, McIver, Wilhite and Young. This site is being updated frequently.
Angus Family Tree - UK to Australia
Angus family tree listing descendants and ancestors for the family of Lewis ANGUS & Catharine SCOTT marr 7/7/1799 Gosforth NBL. U.K. & Australian connections
Anita Cooper's Family Genealogy
Ancestors of Anita Cooper: Cooper, Peterson, Lonberg, Rice, Hodges, Courtney, Marshall, Garey, Byars, Doggett, McClure
Ann's Ancestor album
Ancestors, descendants, documents, land records, old pictures of ancestors and old grave stones, well-known ancestors and some hard-to-find ancestors.
Ann's Ancestors
The family lines making up the ancestry of Ann Winder, including Winder, Sifford, Owen, Walcott, Harman, Whitmore and many others. Also includes Winders I cannot identify and would like help with, please!
Anne Bekkhus Arneberg Homesite
Dec. after Arneberg
Annette Family History
Annis family pages
A family information site with family history information on Annis (East End of London), Pentland (Berwick, London, Kent, Glasgow), Robertson (Glasgow), Davis (London, Bedfordshire)
Another Mayflower Descendant
My Pearson/Blalock Genealogy shows descent from Cooke, Warren, Mosher, Sloan, Wilbur, and more. A work in progress.
ANSLEY Family Homepage
Genealogy site that covers Ansley, Annesley, Ainsley, Ainslie, Ensley, Antley, etc....genearlly of English descent, with some Scotland folks thrown in, to present day USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Ireland, England.
Antecedents of Paul Hawes
These pages are dedicated to my dead ancestors and their relatives. Although there are over 1500 surnames here, the most relevant to me are: * Ammon/Ammons/Ammonds * Burk/Burke * Conner * Gibson * Haas/Hass/Haase/Haws/Haus/Hawse/Hawes * Halterman/Haldermann * Marvin * Rexroad/Rexroth * Suber/Subers * Teatsorth/Teatsworth Most of these folks lived in Pennsylvania, the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and Northwestern Ohio.
Genealogy families, Arbour, Beaudry, Joly,Lapierre, Pelletier, Proulx
Arbtin Family Genealogy
Our website focus is on the Arbtin, Alexander, Holmberg, Mc Cully, Jennings, Meek, Brown, and Wiley families.
Archivsystem - Genealogy of my Family
My Pedigree as online-tree, GEDCOM to download and as all-in-on-tree (PDF). It will be amphasize all time... There are a lot of Families in Germany, Poland, Netherlands, France, Belgium and the USA.
Armchair Genealogist
Genealogies, Rescued photos, Genealogy tips & places to go to get past brick walls.
Armstrong Family History Page
This site is a history of the Mulkey family and some of the allied families as well. Including Prettyman, Jensen, Knowles and many others that are not included.
Arnold Family Tree
Covering families with the surnames of ARNOLD, MAGNUSSON, KANNEGIETER, JAGER, WEISZ, ELLIS, HUDSON, PANICI, NOVELLI, PALMER, BARRETTE, MCMILLIAN, WILLSON, VANDERBURGH. Including the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Washington, California. Also including New Brunswick and Ontario, Canada.
Arrowood Genealogy Page
ARROWOOD/ARWOOD Genealogy. Descendants of the original Maryland immigrant. Also EARWOOD, GARROWOOD, HARRAWOOD, YEARWOOD.
Arsenault Genealogy Acadian Roots
French Acadian Canadian Genealogy Roots History of Arsenault Arceneaux Arseneaux Arseneault Arseneau
This web site is a family history of the Arthur and Cashen families.
Arts, all about arts and design
art design
Arzuagas Family History
ASA CALKINS KETCHUM (1821-1881) was a 7th generation descendant from Cortland Co., NY who became an attorney and migrated to IN, MO, TN, AR & KS. He married 3 times, the last to LILLIAS J. BURTON (1851-1924). The web site includes data on Ketchum descendants.
Asbell, Bebout, Hicks, Potts
Have some listings of cemeteries where relatives are buried in my area. Also have register reports and will be adding more.
Ashcroft canal family and other related families on the Lancaster canal
My Ashcroft canal family tree and other related families with downloadable gedcom. Families all worked the Lancaster canal before commercial trade ceased in 1948.
ASM Creations Genealogy Forms,Links,Resouces and much more
Online Genealogy Forms,Links,Resources,New Top Site and much more.
Assenheimer Pages including Alber, Baier, Dertinger, Hagner, Killinger, Kirchner, Koppenhoeffer, Lauk, Moser, Neuffer, Pfau, Schwab, Schaefer, Seebach, Voltz, Walther, Weller, Witzel
Astill Family Web Site
The Astill family from Plumtree Nottingham.
St.Jean dit Laperche Family from-St.Martin Goyne France Mattia Family from-Ripabottoni Campobasso Italy
Atkins Family History
Find your ancestors on Atkins
Aubuchon Family, 400 Years of History
A comprehesive history of the Aubuchon family, descending from Jean Aubuchon b. 1591 in Ste. Rémi de Dieppe, Normandy, France.
Augustine Herman Bohemiensis
Life ,Accomplishments and Family Tree of Augustine Herman Bohemiensis (1621-1683), The First Lord of Bohemia Manor, Cecil Co., MD. He was a native of Prague, Bohemia and came to America about 1640. He was noted for his map of Maryland and Virginia.
Ault Web Site
Descendents of me, Aarron Andrew Ault. Including surnames- Ault, Leighton, Weaver, Ohler, Renicker, Page, and many many more!
Aunspaw Genealogy
Aunspaw (Anspach ?) Genealogy
Avery & Watson Familes of Laurens & Putnam Co, GA
Family history of the Avery/Avera family and Watson Families that migrated from Johnston County, NC into GA, then to AL, MS, Fl, and other points. Includes brief information on the Picou family from LA, the Snyders from PA, and the Heim family from Germany and NY. Includes maps, photos, old wills, trees, and a web book titled the Descendants of Arthur Avera
Awbrey to Aubrey, Wales to America
This site deals with the linages of the Awbrey family as wellas the Parrots, Parkers, and the Badgetts.
Awerkamp Family Genealogy
Pedigree charts and ancestral information for the Awerkamp, Bingham, Williams and Posey lines.
Axford/Bathgate family tree
Ancestors of Thomas Frean, William Bathgate,Clark,Leaver,Jenkins, Richardson
BaberFamilyTree is a worldwide study of the surnames Baber and Babers.
Bach Family in Bayern Germany
Bach, Lechner, Eckstein Family Research in Bayern and Heinemann, Kleinschmidt Family Research in Thuringia, Germany
Backward Footsteps
This is a starting point for my Kincaid Genealogy, and I hope to hear from other Kincaid researchers.
Baers, McClures, Russells & Youngs, OH MY!
Baers of PA, McClures of PA>IA, Russells of PA>IA>NE, Youngs of PA>IA>NE
BAGE - One Name Study
A resource for all researchers of the name BAGE.
Bailey,Kerr,Parker,Sparling Genealogy
Basic data for about 12,000 people related to Bailey, Kerr, Parker, Sparling and several other related families.
Bailey/Bayley/Baily,etc Database
Information on all Baileys-all areas Marriages,Charts,Census,Books, etc
The 7th Son of the 7th Son (Bailey) From Wiltshire in Western England (area around "Stonehenge"), thru Joel Baily & Ann Short (Quakers) down thru Gravener to Eli (Gravener's 7th son) and Eli's 7th son, Eli (Thus, the Seventh Son of the Seventh Son) bore my granfather, Jesse McClellan Bailey.
Baith and Related Families
Baker & Blews Families in Pennsylvania
Baker - Farmer Family Forest
Photographs! Pedigree charts for direct and collateral lines. Adding GedCom stuff soom.
Baker and Dilworth Family
Baker Family History
My site contains my family history on the Baker line. It contains, documents, photographs and my family ancestor line.
Baker, Ely, Joachim, Patterson and Associated Families Genealogical Databas
Members of the Baker Family, and other related families including Ely, Joachim, Patterson, Hillery, McKee, and Knapton.
Balassone Family of Sulmona
Traces Balassones from Sulmona, L'Aquila Italy, both related to me and not. Please contact for more information
Balkcom and Monogue Genealogy
Genealogy of the Balkcom and Baldwin families of southwest Oklahoma, Alabama, and the Carolinas. Genealogy of the Monogue and Marshall families of south Texas and Ontario, Canada.
Balkum and others Balkum, Cothran, Tillery, Tate
Surnames include Balkum, Boyd, Bullock, Cothran, Tate, Tillery, Tidwell, Whittenberg. Records of families that settled the southern part of the USA. They fought on the Confederate side during the war between the States.
Ballard Ancestral Web
Pedigree and downloadable GEDCOM for my line of Ballards originating from the Isle of Wight.
Baltrinic Extended Family
Baltrinic, Pozderac, Capozzoli, Santomauro, Gregorowicz, Clark, Morrow family line information.
Bankert/Banker/Bankard Family
Bankert, Banker, Bankard families of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio, and related families.
Nine generations beginning with James Barber (b: 1762 VA) m: Millie. Their son, James Henry Barber (b: 1785 NC, d: 1857 MS) m: Mary Ann Collins. Their son, Isaac Newton Barber (b: 1826 GA) m: Tabitha Gardner. Their daughter, Sohpronia Esther Barber (b: 1864 TX, d: 1940 TX) married William Franklin Walker (b: 1856 GA, d: 1932 TX). Their daughter, Frances Rebecca Walker (b: 1898 TX, d: 1993 TX) married Orea Alvin Ehlers Sr. Their son, Orea Alvin Ehlers, Jr. (b: 1922 TX) married Norma Jean Clendennen. Their daughter, Orene Elizabeth Ehlers (b: 1945 TX) married Mark Douglas Custer.
Barber Album and Family Tree
Barber and Bruce family trees and photo albums
barfield /wildes connection
Barfield and Wildes connection
BARGER, Abraham of Eastern KY
Descendancy Chart for the Abraham Barger - Mary "Polly" Bowling family of Eastern Kentucky
BARGER, Alfred of Gibson Co., TN
Decendancy Chart for the Alfred Barger family of western Tennessee.
BARGER, George M. of Henderson Co., TN
Descendancy Chart for the George M. Barger - Louisa Brigance family of Henderson County, TN
BARGER, Pinte of Morgan Co., TN
Decendancy Chart for the Pinte Barger family of eastern Tennessee, including Morgan & Roane Counties
BARGER/BERGER, Peter of Germany & PA
Descendancy Chart for the Peter Berger/Barger family of Germany, PA, VA, Breckinridge Co., KY, IN, IL, SD, etc.
Barker Brother's Family Tree
The Barker family history dating back to the Revolutionary War.
Barking up the Family Tree
Our family tree information to date. Researching primary surnames of Mattox, Williams, Presley, Beck, Braden, Lindsey, Lloyd, Bishop amonst others.
Barneett, Hamilton & Wratten
The Barnett family from Kentucky in 1800's, Hamilton family from Pa, Il, & In 1800-present, and Wratten family from England to varous US states are shown here. Verified updates welcomed!
Barnfather family information worldwide. Family Trees, Will Information, Barnfather Bulletin Board.
Barnham Strawser Tree
Family Genealogy of Barnham and Strawser Families of the U.S.A. from 1645 to Present , with roots in the Old World.
Barnwell links and my family lineage.
Baron of Brentwood Homepage
Barton family
Barton family from (Warwickshire?), England to Charles Co., Maryland
Barton's Brats
Concerned with the descendants of Barton Loveless (1798-1848) from South Carolina and Georgia.
Bates and Post Family Tree
Our family tree.Some of the surnames are: Barr,Bates,Boyes,Chapman,Dougherty,Garbutt,Johnson,Lakin,Lester,Munn,Post,Precore,Redburn,Rogers,Truman and many more
Baxter/Clifton Genealogy
Baxter/Clifton Genealogy including Brandon, Hastings, Gooch, Gonzalse, Carson. Genealogy information, Pictures, documents, Canada, United States, Mexico
Bay family
Bay family from Frederick/Shenandoah Co., Virginia to Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania to Bourbon Co., Kentucky to St. Louis and Franklin Cos., Missouri
If we can establish "Y" chromosome markers in the form of one or several genetic haplotypes for each of the surnames that I am including in the BEAL, BEALE, BEALS, BEALL and BELL DNA studies that are part of: BEAL SURNAME DNA PROJECT, we may have a better idea how our lineages connect or where they come from in Scotland, England or elsewhere.
Beaudet Genealogy
Beaufait Family Page
This is a collection of our Beaufait family history plus many, many more names.
An Extensive research of BECK DOWELL GUINN VEST AND SPOUSE'S Over 250 photos & documents . A MUST SEE for anyone researching these names .
Becky Falin's Web Page
This page contains links to my personal genealogy database as well as a database on the Scott County, Virginia Falins and allied families. There is also be transcripts from genealogical records relating to my research.
Genelogical links, information on Bedair
BEEMAN: Diane's Genealogy
BEEMAN Ancestors of Grace Mildred BEEMAN (1874-1963) to Thomas BEEMAN (~1690-1750)
Beernink Family History
BEERNINK siblings to America 1847 from Gelderland, Netherlands; their descendants to WI, Iowa, Washington. Photos, stories, family group sheets.
Beharrell Family History
The history of the Beharrell family that came to England from northern France in 1628, to conduct drainage work in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.
Belgian Genealogical Data
Bell, Lane and Minton plus related families
BELL & MINTON The Bells and Mintons were a southern family, living in N. Mississippi during the 1800s. Some moved to Texas and Oklahoma Indian Territory in the late 1800s. I have a users only collaborative genealogy web site for my Bell family (including Lane and Galvin, Jones and James as well). LANE & GALVIN Lanes were from County Kerry, Ireland and immigrated in the mid 1800s to U.S., settling in Oklahoma Indian Territory and in Missouri along with the Galvins. I have a users only collaborative genealogy web site for my Lane family (including Bell and Galvin, Jones and James as well).
Bending family history
Family trees are in three formats; 1) Families, with details of births, deaths and marriages; 2) Personal histories, which give the recorded events in a person's life authenticated by links to sources; 3) Descendant trees, which link to Personal histories and show dates of birth and death, place of birth.
Beniston, Birch,Hutchby & Garner Family
Beniston, Birch,Hutchby & Garner Family of Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire inc census information.
Benjamin James of Calais, Maine, and Related Families
Descendants of Benjamin James and Sarah Glidden of Calais, Maine. Includes information on many related families of northern Washington Co., inc. Jones, Ripley, Bailey, Elsemore, King, Scott, Fickett, McDowell, and more.
Bennett Family pedigree
A family tree for Andrew Bennett, originally from peckham, London, England
Bernichow & Christoffersen Website
About the Bernichow and Christoffersen families living in Denmark with databases.
Bernie Bradner's Web Pages
Most common names listed are Bradner, Bradnor, Bryant Corrigan, Crabb, Kezar, and Whitewood
Berry Family
Bertrand Chesnay's Descendants
The descendants of Bertrand Chesnay dit Lagarenne. Surname variations: Chenay, Chaine, Chainey, Chene and Chenier etc. Bertrand arrived in Quebec around 1650 and became a prominent and well to do business man. He had a hotel in Lower Quebec City, a drinking and room service establishement combined.
Bettis Family History
A history of the Bettes/Bettis family, beginning with John Bettis, from 1700 to the present.
Betty and Dennis Sullivan Family
Gives list of main surnames being researched and area,dates, plus reports on Ancestors of Wm. Harry HARPER, and four other reports. Includes over 4,000 individuals.
Betty's Genealogy
Principal surnames: BRUCE (Moniteau Co., MO & VA), POWELL(Audrain Co., MO), CLAY (VA & MO), JANEWAY, JANWAY (OK), FLETCHER (KY & MO), SMITH (OK), LOOP(OH & IL), PATRICK (OH & IL)
Bevier Family
Support website for all Bevier families in America. Official, complete genealogy, history, message boards, reunion notices, news.
Bidulock Family Web Site
Bill & Betty Cason's Genealogy
My site contains descendant information on my Cason, Gilleland, Milam, Morrison, Stephens,and Young surnames and my husband's Carver, Cason, Foster, Graham, Smith and Wehunt surnames.
Bill and Lynne Roe's Ancestry

Bill Jones's Family History
Bill Manktelow
A family Ancestry site primarily concerning Manktelow and Vowless family members who migrated to New Zealand in the period 1860 - 1880
Bill Moore, New York, NY
Website contains pedigree charts, family photos, and related information. Surnames: Moore, Naylor, Brady, Hutto, Boardman, Ingham, Van Deusen, and others.
Bill R's Ahnentafel
Dague, Johnson, Ricciardo, Kasson, Cooley, Parr, Elliott, Green, Williamson, Willison, Monroe, Martin, Holcomb, Milliken, Downing and Cole families of Licking County, Ohio - Back 15 generations.
Bill's Genealogy Site
Surnames: Sagle,Storm,Cox,Baldwin,Rodgers,Phipps,Lauer,Owens,Bergin, Ruddy,Thompson,Hasselbrack
Bill's Genealogy Site
Buchanan, Watson, Willerton, Hamilton, McGillivray, Ash and related families, principally from Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada (and their ancestors and descendants). This site includes searchable databases, old family stories, old family photos, and gedcom files.
BIRCHALL Genealogy
The site contains information of the BIRCHALL family and descendants from about 1780 onwards in and around the area of Rivington, Lancashire. Related families are also included.
BIRD, BURD and BYRD Families in the US
Data on various families named BIRD that came from New Jersey
Black (Schwarz) family
Black (Schwarz/Schwartz) family from Northampton Co., Pennsylvania to Surry (Stokes/Forsyth) and Rowan (Davie) Cos., North Carolina
Black Oliver
Genealogy of the Johnson, Lane, Platz, and Walmer families. South Carolina and California
Blackadder History: An Ancient Family Line
Blackadder history and genealogy. Includes data on about 9,000 individuals and articles about the family. Also includes the U.S. Blacketer Families with data on about 1400 individuals. Both lines cover all spellings and are attempting to document sources whenever possible. A short tutorial provides access to the genealogy software-like interface.
Blackburn Family Association
This is a detailed family tree with ancestors and descendants for all the surnames including and related to the Blackburn family which emigrated to America from Ireland.
Blacknell Family Tree
This site contains the results of my research in the Blacknell Family Tree
Bladen Family Trees and Bladen Family History
Bladen Family Trees and Bladen Family History. A collection of Bladen Trees which span the globe, the earliest dating from the 1500s plus Bladen family history.
Blairs from Antrim to Taswell
This site contains the descendants of my oldest known Blair in Ulster and everybody that are somehow derived from my research.
Blake's from Noble Co., Ohio
The descendants of John M. and Maria Ebert Blake. Living in Noble Co., Ohio.
Blanchard Genealogy
A website tracing the genealogy of the Elijah Blanchard family from 1817 to the present. Also a genealogical record of the Henry Vance Family.
Blansit family genealogy facts from census and cemetery records.
Blansit family genealogy research containing census, birth and death records for blanchet and blancett surnames. Facts gathered from county, social security and cemetery records. Blansit family photos and personal bibliographies.
Blaxland's of Clam Harbour, Nova Scotia
Genealogy of Blaxland family of Clam Harbour and the Mosher family of West Jeddore of Nova Scotia.
Blewett Genealogy
I am researching Blouet, Bluet, Blewitt, Blewett, etc. Without a doubt our name is of French origin and probably originated in Normany, France. We probably went to England with William the Conqueror about 1022, the French name Bloet.Text Books on origins of names; Harrisons Surnames of the United Kingdon; BLEWETT the French Bluet: v under Blew, and BLEWITT the Fr. dim suff -et (CP, Fr. bleuet or bluet, a bluebottle, blue bird). Volumes under Blew and plus the French diminutive suffix et, and other fictions seems to confirm the report that the French meaning was also a blue flower or corn flower, or color of cloth worn at the time.
Bliss Descendants
The Descendants of Thomas Bliss
Bloxsom and Ralston Family Genealogy Home Page
Generations of Bloxsom, Ralston, Tannehill, Moffett, Beard, Perry and Young Families, plus many more.
Blunk Ancestry
Blunk Ancestry not only concentrates on the direct Blunk line, but also the ancestry lines of those who married a Blunk decendent.
Bob & Leonie Brand's Homepage
Our famiy tree starting in Australia and working back to Europe and Asia
Bob Carter's Genealogy Home Page
Information on the family history of Robert Carter and his Wife Judith Roos Carter
Bob Juch's Kin
The kin of Bob Juch. Includes early settlers of Albany, NY, Connecticut and Virginia. Many european royalty as well. Also has many of Patrick Henry's descendants as well as several president's ancestors.
Bob Lester's Web Page
Family tree dealing mainly with Lester, St John, Brown, Henry and associated surnames (Duncan, Simmons, etc.).
Bob Sanders Family History Pages
This site indexes the GEDCOMs I have loaded on the Worlconnect network.
Bodeen Family Website
Contains ancestor and descendant reports for BODEEN, FRAILEY, BROWN, SURBER/SARVER and McINTYRE. Along with birth/death certificates, obituarys, stories and letters.
bodmer family
information on the Bodmer family
The Boehlein family. Much of this history come from Wisconsin (Milwaukee).
Bogers Familie
This site has information on the Bogers/Bogaerts family. We have information dating back to about 1675. The family tree is not complete, and any help will be appreciated. Frank Bogers.
Boissonneau-Boissonneault-Bussineau Genealogy
The French-Canadian family Boissonneau/Boissonneault traced back 10 generations to France, 1579.
this is a family tree from the Bollemeijer family and van den Dungen family
Bollenbach Family Genealogy
This website focuses on the Bollenbach family starting with my grandfather Gaylord Bollenbach and works back to my 13th great-grandfather, Richart Schneider, who was born in 1530 in Alsace, France.
Bonner Genealogy
Bonner ancestors in GA, AL and VA.
Booe Family Genealogy Web Pages
The Booe Family Genealogy, History and very interesting information are included in these pages. These pages include about 95% of ALL the Booe Surmane dating from the 1600's until 1999.
Booker Family Bloodlines
Charles and Florence Booker migration from Mississippi to New York. Pedigree and descendents. Keith Circuit to Harlem Clubs.
Booth Family of Andalusia
locating family members of the Booth or Boothe family of Andalusia (Wilson Boothe 1801 of Montgomery couty)
Booth Family of Birmingham Web Site
This site concentrates on the family tree of the BOOTH family of Birmingham, concentrating on the family of Edwin BOOTH (1867-1949) and Sarah WEBSTER (1862-1942)
Borgen Family History
Borgen family of Carlton Co, MN. Life of the Borgens growing up in Mahtowa.
Borm Family and others from East Prussia
Bormann - Kestell Family
Relationships in the Bormann - Kestell family
Boschert, Antritter, Nagel, Bieber Familienforschung und Genealogy
Boschert Antritter Ahnen Forschung Genealogie Ancestry Nesselried Pforzheim Appenweier Bruchsal Karlsruhe Hanau Dürrenbüchig Oberkirch Sandweier Plittersdorf Sprantal Bretten Bieber Nagel Sauer Decker Müller Burle Eisenbeis Vogt Ranfft Schaefer Herr Geissert Bühler Kölmel Ternes Seitz Ganter Geiger Spinner Kiefer Kupferer Sester Haas Halter Zerrer Schweiger Huber Hodapp Koger Volmer
Bosse Decuyper Brisbois Kass Obringer Jorda Genealogy genealogie genealogia
Bosse Decuyper Brisbois Kass Obringer Jorda Genealogy genealogie genealogia in Europe France Belgium Italy Italia Lorraine Belgie Belgique
Bouch/Yount Family
Boyer Chronologists
We have at least some information for 13,705 persons of the surnames (to mention just a few) Baker, Barbee, Barnhiser, Boyer, Brooks, Campbell, Carlyle, Clark/Clarkston, Crockett, DeGaw, Dowis, Elbert, Fisher, Gibson, Grey, Grossnickle, Herrin/Herron, Hill, Holt, Kettering/Catron, Long, Nash, Pistole, Price, Owsley, Robinson, Sanders, Settle/Suttle, Shipp, Studebaker, Sullivan, Thorn(s)berry, Todd, Wallace, West, Witt, Woodall, Woods, Wren & others, with some pictures and family stories.
Boyer, Lusch, & Morris Families
Our Boyer, Lusch, & Morris Families
Boyle & Tardif Family Tree
Welcome to the Boyle ans Tardif family tree. The main names in this database is: Boyle, Benoit, Tardif, Caouette, Rivard and Lejeune. I will try to answer your question to the best of my ability.
Bradford Genealogy and Y-DNA Project
General Bradford Genealogy and Genealogical Y-DNA Project. Other related families include: BICKERSTAFF, CROWELL, WHITAKER, PACE, HOWARD, RAYMOND, ROWE, HUMBER, CHRISTIAN, BARTLETT, LINDSAY, CANTEY, ETC.
Brady And Whitright Family
History of Brady and Whitright ancestors and descendants. Any info would be appreciated
Branches & Leaves
This site contains many details of my genealogical research, including pedigree charts, and other details. There;s also a scrapbook, lookup service, and virtual cemetary.
Branches & Roots (Debi Lyons Lewis)
Branches of Our Holley Family
Knowledge of my ancestry of the HOLLEY Family.
Large site with photos, stories, links, surname databases, and much more about BRANSON, COOK, FOWLER, LINDSEY, RUBOTTOM, DIXON, GIBSON lines.
Brand new site with 1000's of surnames, stories, photos. Surnames: BRANSON COOK FOWLER BROWN RUBOTTOM KRAMER BOONE LINCOLN DYE BEALS PROCUNIER and more
Branson/William/Miller Family
Family genealogy with photos, cemetery photos and listings.
Brant and Maurice family genealogy
This site details the genealogy of the Brant and Maurice families. It includes names such as Barrah, Bage, Gibby, Wilson and Brown
Brecker Family
Brecker family Genealogy
Bremner Family Tree
Bremner family outline and archives from Scotland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, USA,.Other Surnames included. Check out the site to and see if you are related!
This is a history of the Brennan Family who come from Co. Laois in Ireland. It is also a record of Local history with images of headstones from local graveyards.
Breshears Descendants
A theory to the Breshears (Breaziers) of Old Chester Co., PA, Spartanburg SC, Lawrencburg TN, giving a connection as descending from Edward Burcher (Bezer)of Wiltshire, England.
Breunig Genealogie / Genealogy
Genealogy information for the surnames Breunig Preuniger Breuniger Hessemer Esch Weinmann Gellert Wenzel Hofmann Henrich Eiermann Ungerer Minola Dietz Knöffel Sinsel Neithardt in Germany
Brewer Family Tree
Website contains pedigree/descendants chart, photos, and information on Richard F>(Rusty)Brewer Family of Brewer`s.
Brewer`s[Richard F.(Rusty)Brewer Family Tree
Pedigree/Descendant Chart and information(pictures,etc.) of Richard F.(Rusty)Brewer Family
Brian / Mitchel Genealogy
A free repository for records of the families and related families of the BRIANs and MITCHELLs.
Brian / Mitchell Genealogy
Our website is the combined descendant information of our Brian & Mitchell families. We have many surnames that are associated with but not a direct relations to our two main families (i.e. married in connections). The Brian family begins with James Brian, Sr. (b. 1760 d. 1840) from York County, South Carolina. The Mitchell family begins with John Mitchell (d. 1748) from Hudson, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire.
Brian and Kathy's Family Tree
Genealogy reports for the surnames: Benben, Scribner, Duke, Hodges, Watson and McCall
Brigitte Wingels...meine Ahnen und etwas mehr . . .
Genealogy about my family, Wingels from Kleve/DEU,Frommelt from Berlin/DEU, Forsch from Freudenthal/Russia and Poland, Heins from Moisburg/DEU and Rohdemann from Berumerfehn/DEU
Bristol-Cathey Web Site
Genealogy data for Bristol and Cathey families
Brittany's History
This is my family tree of what I could pull together. Enjoy.
Broaddrick, Cress, Ewing, Halverson, Howard, Hora, Levin, Oliver
Broaddrick, Cress, Ewing, Halverson, Howard, Hora, Levin, Oliver families and many more. Our site contains:  Individuals: 20490, Marriages:7078 Surnames:4382 Generations: 48. Hopefully more when YOU visit. Downloadable GEDCOM and .FTW files posted.
BROADDUS - Warner Broaddus' Genealogy
Genealogy page featuring Broaddus, Anderson, Lewis, Sullenberger, Meriwether etc.
BROBBEL Family History
The BROBBEL One Name Study is seeking to prove or disprove that all BROBBELs are related to the one ancestor and therefore each other. Are you a descendant? Help us map every occurrence of our family by adding your ancestors' details so we can connect you correctly to the tree.
Brooks & Taylor
Seeking to fill in gaps in historic family records of Brooks and Taylor (also)Cridlin,Moody,Roane,Carneal and Chandler of Essex and Middlesex Counties of VA.
Brooks - Craig Family
A list of the BROOKS, BOUGHAN / BAUGHAN families of Essex County, VA. Their intermarriage with the CRAIG family of Augusta County, VA. The TODD, SNIPES, MARSH, JOHNSON, families of Wake, Bertie, Orange, Chatham and Guilford Counties, NC and other interrelated surnames.
Brooks family tree
A simple family tree site with names that include: Brooks; Crane; Wright; Knapman; Goodman; Booth; Benning; Lane; Skinner; Roots. Full tree has about 4,500 names.
brooks history
all brooks
Descendants of Brooks and associated family's
Brookses, Parishes, Robinsons and Marshalls, England
Research on the Brooks family of Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire, Parish family of Huntingdonshire, Robinson family of West Hartlepool and Marshall family of manchester and Cheshire
Brouwer Genealogie
Heino Haijes is de verste voorvader van deze genealogie Brouwer wordt later de achternaam 1650-2000
Browder Family Connections
BLAND , Bolin (Bowlin) , Bradford , Brigan , Browder , BROWDER , Browder , BROWDER , Browder , BROWDER , Browder , BROWDER , Browder , BROWDER , Browder , BROWDER , Browder , BROWDER , Browder , BROWDER , Browder , BROWDER , Browder , BROWDER I , Burdick , Campo , Caywood , Coats , Couch , Crump , Curtain , daughter , Dean , Deloney , Ezell , Ferguson , Forrester , Goodwin , Hands , Hayses , Houston , Irvin , Irwin , Ising , James Dee Irwin , Lackey , Lotspeich , Manning , Matlock , Mavity , Maynor , McCorkle , McDowell , Meadows , Monday , Monroe , Morrow , Newby , Pelfry , Perry , Pettypool , Powell , pRICE , Schuler , Searce , Slaton , Smith , Swafford , Thompson , Thurman , Wilson --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
this web site is to inform others of the george brown family from 1776 until 2005.
BROWN et al Family
The extended family of Beverly Sue Brown
Brown Family of Charlotte NC
Hurts & Jones Families of South Carolina in the 1850's Brown Family of Scotland in the mid 1850's
Brown Rushton Family Tree
The Family Trees of David Brown and Ailsa Rushton
Brown, Alexander Descendants
This site contains history and genealogy of Alexander Brown and his wife Mary Rudd's descendants from the 1700's in Virginia until the present.
Brown, Phelps and collateral genealogy
The site focuses on the family history of Richard Brown and Cris Phelps-Brown, including collateral lines.It has special pages for ancestors with military service and several links to useful genealogical information. Contains records for about 10,000 individuals.
Search ancestry and descendants
Brownbridge Canadian Ancestry
Descendants of William Brownbridge (1814-1877) and Elizabeth Metcalf (1818-1873) of Ontario, Canada.
bruce family tree
Bruce family tree from Durham & northumberland england
Brumley, Bromley, Brumly, Countz, Counts Families
Researching William Brumley b. 1780 NC said to have married Hetty Counts or Countz b. 1788 NC. They are listed in the 1850 Census of Polk CO., AR.
The site contains genealogical data and history of the 1820 Settler Bruton family in South Africa and is structured to expand constantly as more data, photographs and family stories/history are submitted to Dr Neal Bruton at
family members,links,biographies,etc.
Bryan Wiseman's Home Page
Wiseman genealogy. Essex,England
Bryne Family of Susan J. Dorey
My Brynes originated in Ireland; the earliest known are from the 1800s. They started in America in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They moved on to other towns in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, and California. Brynes married Dorey, Brown, et al.
Buchanan and Stewart
Descendants of Buchanan of that ilk, and Stewarts of Ardvorlich and Collaterals
Buchanan Family Genealogy
Our family history presented in group sheets. Mostly in Canada (Nova Scotia, PEI) and England/Scotland. Buchanan, Laurence, Klug, Blois, Stuart, MacMillan, Baxter, Huckle, Boggon, Oldroyde etc.
Bucher von Gurbrü
Buckman/Knutson Family Europe>MN 1800-Present
Family tree information on Buckman & Knutson of MN. Family from, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Ireland. I am looking for more family members and willing to share information.
Sharing nonsensitive genealogy data for the following surnames: Burrell, Heller, Kosher, Paglia, Mautino, Muhlethaler, Runnells and Wagner.
Building a Legacy
Starting site for information on the Harder/Sawatzky/Quiring/Rempel family history of Peter Harder.
Building a Tree from the Branches of My Family
My tree includes the surnames Adams, Auer, Curry, Edens, Gay, Harris, Hestla, Johnson, Loveless, Misseldine, Owen, Schweitzer and Zimmerman, and ranges from the hills of Alabama, throughout the south, up to the shores of Staten Island, New York.
Bullis Family
Ancestors of Randy Bullis back 12 generations. Surnames include Hillaker, Nichols, Justin, Knight, Bush, Gardner, Garner
Burch Family Charles County,, Maryland
Oliver BURCH and wife Barbara TENNISON of Charles County, Maryland (MD)
Burch Family HIstory
Descendents of Edward Burch who died in 1853 in Lowndes County Georgia
Burel Family Tree
Burel Family Tree - Descendants of Philippe Burel, John-Jean-Baptiste Burel.
Burgess Family and Genealogy
A history and genealogy of the New England Burgess Family of Thomas and Dorothy of Sandwich, Massachusetts with special attention to Nova Scotia relatives and descendants.
BURGESS family of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, connecting with ROBINS and GAITHER
Burke's Peerage
Burke's Peerage & Gentry contains over 5,000 records from Britain's hereditary and titled families. The lineages go back hundreds of years, showing how individuals contributed to the nation's history and heritage throughout the centuries.
Burkhart - Monroe Co. Ohio
Burkhart of Monroe Co., OH
Burnett of Monboddo
Family site describing the ancestry of one Burnett family of the "Monboddo" line of the family.
Burnham Family
Primary Names listed are: Burnham, Ellison, Warren, Macy, Moores, Coffin, Lewis, Hall, Spalding, Benham, Bigelow, Owen, Campbell, Rice, Ake, Rohn, Geyer, Hall Hussey, Downs, Buttermore,
If you know something about the Burns's or Weinsheimer, Please let me know? The Burns Family Genealogy and history from the past to toda
Genealogy of the Burns family and information about our ancestors. Family is tracked back to Charlemagne.
Burroughs Family of Mathews County, Virginia
We are the Burroughs Family of Mathews County, Virginia. We share connections with most other families of southern Mathews County and early Kingston Parish of Gloucester County, Virginia.
Burval Family of Bohemia and Illinois
A genealogy of Jan Burval (c.1675- ) of Bohemia and his wife, Evy and their decendants. It contains over 100 of their descendants in ten generations. Many descend from Josef Burval (1884-1980) and his wife, Anna Frances Klos (1887-1969) who immigrated to Chicago, Illinois from Moravia in 1909.
Buzzelli International Family Tree
Our site is dedicated to collecting all genealogy information about the Buzzelli family blood line. Interesting stories, favorite family recipies, and family trivia is welcome.
Cabahug Mendoza Arañas Paradela
Cabahug, Mendoza, Arañas, Flores, Tan, Jacinto, Ta-asan, Pamilar, Sanchez, Abella, Paradela, Barz, Grady, Noble, Feliciano, Domingo, Cardenas, Vergara, Amodia, Dy, Espina, Wee, Trasmonte, Fortuna, Cabigon, Decipulo, Magale, Uy, Mangune, Herradura, Locsin, Perez, Latonio, Nuñez, Enriquez, Cabasares, Chiong, Jovez, Alcairo, Diores, Ampil, Roa, Ignacio, Greicar, Chaudhry, Rafanan, Fuentes, Sollano, Tiu, Araneta, Sioson, Catalbas, Madarang, Sungahid, Soco, Thompson, Limjoco, Go, Tay, Barte, Ceniza, Seno, Labucay, Fernandez, Aquino, Tarona, Lanaban, Hernandez, Pe Benito, Pepito, Chua, de Vera, Espinosa, Ouando, Suico, Torres, Briones, Gocela, Hoyumpa, Matuguina, Marababol, Lumasag, Rosal, Muñasque, Manio, Larrazabal, Violanda, Cala, Oledan, Errea, Chin, Gubaton, Casiño, dela Peña, Lee, Llanas, Pace, Fernando, Dicdiquin, Querijero, Co, Cabunilas, Oporto, Mercado, Ruiz, Alinsug, Caballero, Sayud, Zanoria, Cabilao, Agunod, Engeman, Falconte, Gabiana, Garcia, Lobetos, Volte, Subijano, Schulz, Patindol, Pangue, Gamboa, Cañete, Rodriguez, Bosmeon, Omboy, Iñigo, Marco, Nulud, Wong, Pantat, Rocamora, Pallarca, Shelton, Parilla, Tibon, Otero, Abayata, Pacardo, Leonor
Cabell County Family Ties
A site dedicated to the preservation of pioneer families of Cabell County, West Virginia.
Cactusgem's Family History Garden
My two main family lines are Holst and Shipley
cairnduff & carnduff web site
research into the names cairnduff and carnduff
Cairnduff & Carnduff web site
Research into the family names of Cairnduff and Carnduff and variations of these names - Calcote Family Tree
One of the most extensive family tree databases on the Internet featuring descendants of Hercules Calcott [1640, Benjamin Britt [1715], Joseph Cutrer [1734], Howell Wall [1732] and many others with roots extending as far back as the year 1022. Our database includes 17,581 individuals, 6286 family groups & 2603 surnames.
Caldecott Family Tree 1300-1985
Family Tree of Randolph Caldecott RI (1846-1886), Victorian artist & children's book illustrator, back to 1300 & forward to 1985. Ancestors & relatives (he had no children).
A non-commercial site for Caldwells by a CALDWELL with all the features of a commercial site. History of Caldwell, Huge ancestor database, Free Caldwell Web pages, Caldwell Web Ring, and more.
Calhoun Clan
Calhoun Family of Obion Co TN, ancestors and descendants and co-lateral lines.
Call Family Genealogy
I am researching the Call family line particularly as it relates to my Great, Great Grandfather Asa Cyrus Call.
Camp's Genealogy
The history and genealogy of the Propst family, from Germany and France in the 1600s, Penna and West Virginia in the 1700s, and WV, NC, WI in the 1800s and 1900s. Over 12,000 names and relationships, stories, reunions, newsletters, photos.
Camp's Genealogy - Family Histories
Genealogy website that includes the surnames FADELEY, PARKER, PROPST, FADLER, McHENRY, MILLER, CAMP, WRAY and many, many more.
Campbell Rowley Genealogy
Genealogy site For Campbell,Rowley,Knight,Northrup,Hargrove,Amos,Broughtons, Cooke,Warren,
Campbell--Cox--Farmer--McIntosh Genealogy
This site contains my direct family lines to me. All my families have been in Eastern Kentucky for about 200 years, in what is now Jackson, Estill, Lee, Perry, Owsley, Breathitt and Clay counties. I'm always looking for more connections, particularly the Cox family.
Campbell-McIntyre family tree web site
This site concentrates on the family tree of the MCINTYRE and MCGREGOR families from the Vale of Leven, Scotland. Additional families are CAMPBELL, COLLEN, FITZGERALD and many others.
Campton Genealogy
Interested in any and all Campton surnames. Check out our website.
Candie's Tree
My Personal Family Genealogy with available gedcom, wills, cemeteries, obituaries, short biographies, surname search, marriage licenses, and more... Featuring SIMS, WARD, GOINS, BECKWORTH, and many more.
Cantwell, Bonney, Fannin, Henry, Lewis,...
Paternal lines: Cantwell, Bonney, Fannin, Jones. Maternal lines: Henry, Bonnet, Canterbury, Lewis. Other names include Schutze, Dodson, McDonald, Fry, Bryant, Berryman, Stelley.
Car(r)thers-Ross-Porter of Pelham, Texas
Descendants of slaves, the Car(r)uthers-Ross-Porter families have accomplished much. They settled in Pelham, Texas in 1866, soon after the Emancipation Proclamation. This site is dedicated to our ancestors who endured and have taught us to continue a heritage that remains strong.
Card Family Web Site
Research of Card, Lindow, Whitlock, Hall, Furnia, Bashaw, Bergeron, Fournier, Hersey, Ackerson, Matteson, Briggs, Therrian, Schmidt
Carder Family
History of the John Mahlon Carder family of Virginia and Ohio.
Carder Family
The family of John Mahlon Carder, born in Clarksburg, Virginia, Oct.1822, died in Logan County, Ohio, Nov. 1901. Site contained his descendants to the present & is frequently updated.
An indepth look into the history of the Cardno family lines.
Carencams Connections
Clugston & Knott families Ireland to Euphrasia, Grey, Ontario Cameron, Spence families Islay, Scotland to Sydenham, Grey, Ontario Burr, Foote families Scotland to Wellington, Ontario Smith, Cameron, McGregor families Glasgow, Scotland
carl and ann hannon
family tree of carl hanno who grand mother was a boynton,link between the two families
Carla Galletti's Genealogy Website
This website is dedicated to my Italian, Slovak, Polish, & German ancestors and their descendants. Surnames include: Galletti, Giacomelli, Lolli, Bastai, Vignocchi, Ferrari, Gambaiani, Janci, Pudis, Mider, Kunyak, Janiga, Urban, Zvada, Lejko, Halmo, Skolka, Huba, Janoly, Vendzuh, Horchik, Spisak, Opalewski, Wisniewski, Grohowska, Zlocka, Ludwicki, Brykalski, Figurski, Drewes, Badenhop.
Carmarthenshire FHS
Carmarthenshire FHS is available to assist with Carmarthenshire Research, which also holds a vast library of indexes and information.Carmarthenshire Wales UK
Carolina Sabato´s Family Tree
Sabato, Santasmarinas, Altare, Ayus, Deandreis.
Carolyn Mae Ross Family Page
This is my oldest ancestor, William Ross born before 1755. I hope you find this helpful. I am appreciative of any information on his ancestors or where he came from. Happy Hunting!
Carolyn's Little Bit O' Genealogy
The surnames that I research are: Shannon, Genzel, White, Bobo, Fountain, Smith, Brackeen, Shelton, Scott, Marrs, Moses, Looper, Stinson, Cobb, Pile, Sternecker, Crockett, Stephens, Stuart, Withrow, and Warlick
Carter of SC, AL, MS
Carter Family History plotting the Carter's through India and the Bellamy's
Carter Family History website plots the Carter's from Blackfriars through India and Sydenham plus the Bellamy and Madge families in Plymouth Devon. I have compiled extracts from the England Census 1851, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, Births, Marriages & Deaths records, Probate and Wills, photographs, ancestry charts, and descendent trees. is a site dedicated to the compiled genealogy work of David L. Casey. Surnames include Casey, London, Altman, Haupt, White, Holt, Cox, Fisher, Ratliff, Turnbow, Griggs, Jackson and some others.
Casey Family History Of Dorsey Co Armagh
Castle Family History Page
Castle Family History including correlating families: Barnum, Olds, Williams, Slack and others. Includes some photos and documents also.
Cates / Demeritt Family Trees
My Cates/Cate and Demeritt Family Ancestry
Catherine Buckley Connor Scholastica O'Connor Byrne Moynahan White
A brief record of the search for the background of my paternal grandmother Jane Veronica Moynahan which lead me to the sorrowful history of the settlement of Australia by Europeans, particularily in my case, Irish convicts.
Cathy's Hillbillies, Confederates and German-Texans
This web site shows the surnames that I am researching along with the dates that these families are found in particular locations. It also shows my surname lineages.
Cathy's home page
My page is new and I will be adding to as I go along.
Richard Lynn Caulder family tree
CAVE EXPLORATIONS, Jim Cave's Genealogy Page
Caver's, Durham's, and Moore Family

Cay Alba Vicuna Redimano Family Tree
Cay Alba Vicuna Redimano Family Tree
Cay Alba Vicuna Redimano Family Tree
Surnames: dayco, kasubuan, limosinero, vierneza, cipriano, julve, morando, yambao, de chavez, lucero, gatdula, gayeta, angklan, artillaga, duenas, manalo, aguilar, buenviaje, diezmos, jose, arias, ligaya, vengco, aman, austria, hollenbeck, crisologo, versoza, bautista, luiaco, zimmerman, suarez, tambunting, gonzalez, servito, gariando, custodio, villanueva, racadio, casipit, natividad, silva, sekerak, de la paz, dziedziak, kavanshansky
Cemetery Burial in Franklin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Catholic Church Death, Burial and Cemetery Records in St.Martins, Franklin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Chapman Family, Kent England, Ontario Canada
In 1833 Henry migrated from West Farleigh, Kent England, on the boat, "George Washington" to New York, New York. Then over land to Upper Canada. Settled in Vaughn township, York County, Ontario. He died 1874 in East Gwillimbury township. York County, Holland Landing, Ontario, Canada
Chapters & Changes
My site is based on my own research as a beginner. It has pedigrees, photos, surname search and basic links to international research websites.
Charles and Elizabeth Smith's Home Page
Site includes the Smith (Smidt), Odom, Mumme, Pelt, and Thompson families.
Charles Hillman's Genealogy Pages
Genealogy Pages including Barnett (Middle England), Blaikie (Aberdeen, Natal), Brisbane (SC), Canning (Stratford), Dirom, Duff, Hathorn (Natal), Haviland (Chile), Hillman (Ireland, WI, CA), Jodrell, Lowndes (SC), Macfie, Rand (Sussex), Shoolbred, Stratton (middle England), Tracy (Uriah)
Charles Perry of Canada and Georgia
A brief detailing of the history of the ancestors of Charles Perry of Canada and his wife Mary Margaret Mew Ferebee with their descendents listed. There is some ancestry included on Edward Perry of South Carolina.
Charlotte's Web
My site focuses on BOSWORTH and BENNETT surnames. The BENNETTs are primarily in CT, MA, NY and PA in the 1600's and 1700's before they moved west to IL, WI, and SD. Other surnames are ACKERMANN, HALE, MORSE, FARRAND, CURTIS and GEER.
Charlotte's Webpage-A Journey Through Time
Research covering Great Britain , United States, and Canada. Main Surnames: Jack, Evans, Moore, Wark, Collins, Bowie, Quick, Buffy, Hicks, Lightheart, Hoard and Barnum.
Charters dAzevedo family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Charters dAzevedo family: about 1500 ind.
Charting Our Ancestors
Surnames of: Nation, Staples, Lawler, Coats, Lentz, and more!
Chausse's genealogy
Richard Chaussé's website
CHESEBRO' Genealogy
Ancestors, descendants and collateral families of William Chesebrough, 1st settler of European descent in Stonington, CT, USA (1649). 90,000+ names including families of Avery, Ball, Brown, Cagle, Cobb, Denison, Hamilton, Hinckley, Ingraham, Lathrop, McCollum, Minor, Nall, Noyes, Palmer, Rosebrough, Sanford, Standridge, Stanton, Royal, Magna Charta, Adam & Eve
Chez Gulbangi - Five Families
This site details the ancestors of Bertrand Fox, his wives Mary Kent Ziegler and Patricia Noyes, LaMar Dyches Gulbransen and his wife Mary Ann Green, along with lots of collateral lines and potentially related families.
Chicote Family
Descendant chart
Children of Joseph Thériault and Théogenie Ouellet
Family website for the children of Joseph Thériault and Theogenie Ouellet of St-Jacques, New Brunswick, Canada
Childress/Mathis Family Tree Photos
Website exhibits historical photographs, documents, wills, biographical sketches and remembrances concerning over 5,000 related individuals.
Christie Family
Contains Christie, Christy, Jones, Wallace, Mudd, Newton, Taylor, Bear, Leazenby, Johnson, Walter, Galt, and many other surnames. Also, family photos, links to related surnames, etc.
Christie's Family History
Family history mainly focused in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, including the surnames: Cline, Ritter, Stratton, Marshall, Dutton, Caroccia, DiStasi, Astone, Romano, Smith, Bardo, Smith, Cohick.
Chronology of the BENDELL Family
A small historical account of the BENDELL family line from the late 1700's to present. The Web Site is a "Work in Progress" type of site and input help is needed.
Cimino Family
This is our family history database as compiled in Personal Ancestral File.
Cindys Web Page
A genealogical history of ancestors of the Clancy/Wright family by marriage extending back to their first arrival in the Colonies. Basically New England and New York State with a few southern states with the Pearsalls.
ClanGirl's Genealogy Site
Scottish and Cajun genealogy (with an occasional offshoot). We have census records, marriage records, photographs, decendant reports, and more. Constantly under construction.
Clanton Branches and Roots
Research on the Clanton/Wilson Horne/Morris genealogy. 512+ families with over 150 SURNAMES
Clarence Franklin Stump Family
Website of the Clarence Franklin Stump family of the Durgon area of Moorefield, West Virginia
Clark family tree
Clark family tree for all Clark's, Clarke's, Clerk's and Clerke's.
Clayton, Moore, Bearden, Graham, Rogers
Clayton, Moore, Braford and others of Chesterfield, Augusta, Rockbridge, Campbell, Appomattox VA. Graham of Rowan NC and Gerrard, Lincoln, Clay, Mercer, Boyle, Madison KY. Bearden of Davidson TN. Parker of Bedford TN and Caroline VA. Byrd and Bott of Scott TN. Keller and Quedeweit of Montgomery OH.
Nine generations of Clendennen's (1740 to 1999) beginning with JAMES CLENDENNEN (b: 1740, d: 1810). His great grandson, MATTHEW BOLEN CLENDENNEN (b: 1837, d: 1923) was the first sheriff of Llano County, TX. His son WILLIAM MATTHEW CLENDENNEN (b: 1870, d: 1945) m: ALZORA HAMILTON and lived near Nixon, Tx. Their children: Maude, William Roy, James Floyd, Zoe Lee, Thomas Eugene, Charles Delmar, Irene, Eula May, and Matthew Bolen (b: 1904, d: 1988). Matthew Bolen's daughter, Norma Jean Clendennen (b: 1927)
Family History of CLEWS and TOFT GENEALOGY. So far all are located in the U.K. mostly in Staffordshire
Clifton's of Camborne and Devon
Clifton family of Camborne and Devon England
Clifton's of Cornwall and Devon
Clifton family and related families. Mostly from Cornwall and Devon . But they did move to other parts of the world. It covers from the time that records started in 1602 up to the present time. Recorded by John W. Clifton
Clirehugh Family of Susan J. Dorey
My Clirehughs originated in Scotland; the earliest known are from the 1700s. Some moved to England. Some immigrated to New York in 1834. They moved on to New Jersey, California, and Washington. Many are buried in The Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. Some are buried in Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Cemetery in Southampton, NY. Clirehughs married Meldrum, Farr, et al.
Clough Family Genealogical Web Site.
For the descendants of George Washington Clough born Oct. 7th, 1820 and Mary Polly Cooper, born February 11th, 1824. Other Surnames: Chandler, Arden and Miars.
Co. Tyrone Ballinasollus Frasers Worldwide Website
A Tyrone Fraser Worldwide Website for genealogy exchange and photograph interchanges of the Frasers of Ballinasollus townland in County Tyrone in the province of Ulster in the Island of Ireland. Family tree exchanges welcome and the establishment of a Family Internet based Fellowship Group for the Ballinasollus Fraser family the ultimate goal.
Coats Family Blue Prints
Coats and related family data
Cobb-Sasser Family Lineage
Within the pages linked below, are lists of descendants and their genealogy info. And, from some of those descendant lists, there are links to later descendants, with picutes. Cobb, Sasser, Crawford,Attaway, Barber, Cheek, Gilbert, Hale, Hibbard, Hounshell, Hubbard, Jones, Moore, Stanley, Taylor, Tuttle, Darbro, Black, Fain, Hunter, White
Coble, Henry - all descendants
Solicitation of pledges for funds to erect a tombstone for Henry Coble and a descendants chart of Henry Coble.
Coffman Foley Baker Foglesong Nogle Tannehill Edmonston Magruder Beall
Kevin Foley Coffman genealogical research demonstrating ancestrial lines dating back to early american times, both colonial and precolonial. European locations indicated.
Col. Andrew Balfour, III
We have a Balfour Family reunion each year. This site is information we have gathered. be happy to share info.
Cole Family Tree
This site consists of the Cole and Roberts Families of Grayson Co, VA and the Warren Family of Washington Co, VA
Cole Web Site
Our family site (Cole, Schoenmaekers and Seghers) references over 8500 individuals, over 70 generations. The family origins are the Waasland in Belgium.
Cole-Johns GEDCOM Site
Welcome to the home page for the Georg MILLER, Lawrence CAMPBELL, and Joshua COLEMAN lines from North Carolina and Tennessee. This information represents a tireless, life long devotion of my mother, Martha Miller Coleman, her sister, Francis Miller Shanks, and me, Glenda Coleman Loyd. To date, we have idenitifed over 938 descendents from these lines, with many more potential names if we could just find that elusive link!! Please browse through our information and let us know of our mistakes and false trails. We promise to reply to every inquiry. We freely share our information with anyone it can help. Related Surnames: HIGGASON, BOYCE, BAKER, NEAL, BARNETT, MARSHALL, BEVILL, CATLETT, MARINER, LOYD, PEDDYCOART, BLACK, REED, STANLEY,DAVIS, SMITHSON
Coleridge and Southey Genealogy
The Coleridge and Southey Genealogy web page contains the genealogy of the Coleridge family of the UK and the Southey family of the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. It also has some information about these surnames in North America.
Colin & Bethany Jensen Family Website
large family tree with over 76,000 names
Collecting Dust
A genealogy in progress. Many old photos.
Collier Family of Florida
COLLIER FAMILY OF FLORIDA AND RELATED FAMILIES This site is dedicated to families who love searching for lost relatives.
My site has research of the John Collin's Family who immigrated from Ireland. I also have Callaway County, Missouri, vital statistics such as marriages, cemeteries, obituaries etc.
Comotto and Maddock Genealogy Homepage
This site deals with the heritage of the Comotto and Maddock families, from their current life in Missouri, following the lineages back to immigrant ancestors and early British Isles and Western Europe.
Complete Genealogy of Sonja (Meyer) Hicks
My paternal and maternal lines: Direct line surnames include-Allen, Bartholomew, Beckwith, Benham, Bratvold, Brenneisen, Buehler, Buerger, Clausen, Deichmoller, Frazee, Hansen, Headley, James, King, Meyer, Nygaard, Ritz, Sahlbom, Thomas, Tolle, Van Dyck, Wood, Zetterdahl with thousands of branches!
Concord Connection
Site includes census, land and Bible records on the following families: FENTRESS, BABBITT, COLLIER, GARRISON, PARRISH, LIPPARD, PUGH, STEWART, BOONE, BODDIE, BUCHANAN, DOYLE, CAGLE
Connecting Dotts | A Family History Website
Researching the Dotts/McQuiston/Mason families of Noble Co, OK, USA
Connolly y McCormack
Connolly y McCormack .. family genealogy of Scott M Connolly
Other surnames: Cullinan, Hoare, Gallagher, Booth, O'Rourke, Healey, Boughton, Owen, MacLean, Ryan, Fahey, Martin, Todd
Conover Family Genealogy
Ancestors and Cousins of David Kipp Conover. Researching Conover, Swift, Thompson, Kipp, Iddings, Jackett, Ferdon, Reno as well as many dutch and New England families
Conway Family Website
The Conway Family website contains genealogy information, pedigree charts, and more including but not limited to the Conway, Johnson, Walsh, Quigley, Crockett, and Choate families.
Cook's GenWeb
Descendant charts for cook, Vandyne, Trader, Hopkins
Cook-Welker Connection
Two years ago began my grandmothers Cook Line to fine they decend from Ancient Windsor CT they decend from CT to NY to PA to Ohio other names Kilgore Hadlock Caszatt Roseberry Seaburn Betts Richards Orr Sagaser Welker Stephenson St Amand Grant Schaffer Bright Fogle Phelps most in and around Mercer and Crawford and Lawrence Counties Pa
Cooks Family History
Descendant charts and other geneological links
Coon Family Tree
Cooper Family
COOPER Genealogy...VA, NC, SC, KY, MO, AL, MS, TN, TX from 1755. Surnames include: BROOKS, McGEE, McWATERS, MOFFITT, WARREN, SIMPSON, GIBSON, WHITLOCK, McADAMS and many others.
Coopers of New Pitsligo
Family trees of the descendants of George and Elizabeth (Kidd) Cooper of New Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Copeland Family Tree
This is my family tree.
Copus Hill & the Reverend James Copus Family
History of the Reverand James Copus family and the massacre at Copus Hill, Mifflin Township, Ashland County, Ohio, which was part of Richland County at the time of the massacre.
corn family legacy of shelby county alabama
corn family of shelby county alabama
Cornish Family of Tiverton, Devon, England
CORNISH family appears among the ancestry of BURGESS and BEARD(through ROBINS) and RIDGELY (through SKINNER) families of Anne Arundel Co., MD (Maryland).
Corpus Nobiliorum
Tiny tafeln of European nobility seeded by Swedish aristocracy. Will include nobility of Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Baltic states, France, Italy, Spain, England and other nations as they become available.
Costello, DeVaney, Fitzgerald
DeVaney, Costello, Fitzgerald, McGinty, McMullen, Fitzpatrick, Gilligan, Murry, families from Ireland and in Rock County, WI 1860
Coultons in Australia
The Family Trees of several branches of Coultons found in Australia and information sources on other Coultons found in records but not yet associated with these trees.
Counts and Barons Keyserlingk, The family Website
This website brings together information which allows Keyserling(k) Family members throughout the world to contact each other and to learn more about their family. The site language is mainly English as many members do not speak German, reflecting how international the Keyserlingk family is today with families living in some 16 countries. Eine deutsche Ausgabe dieser Site steht zur Verfügung. Drücken Sie auf das Wort 'Deutsch' oben rechts. This site carries the family trees of both the Count and Baron branches of the Keyserlingk family with 23 generations and over 2700 persons. It is interesting to note that the common ancestor of the Count and Baron lines of the family is one Hermann Keyserlingk who lived around the 13th century! Yet we are still cousins! The site also follows the families of the female Keyserlingks of current and previous generations. This extended family concept allows us to see how we are related to our 'cousins' in the families into which a female Keyserlingk or Keyserlingk descendant married.
Cousins 4 Us
My site contains the family trees, pictures, notes or documents for 4000 individuals of the Bruce, England, Gragg, Lee, Long, McNett, Nelson, Shattuck, Shinn, Skaggs, Stubblefield, Webb, Wheeler, Whitney, and Woolwine families.
Cousins Family tree Project
If you are looking for information on the COUSINS family this is the site to go to.
Cousins; Searching Surnames
Pages for my cousins' surnames; Ingram with some of his related surnames of Smith, & Murphy. Then Adcox/Adcock/Adcocks, and the related surnames of Watkins & Rainwater, Mills, Watkins, Nash, & Nance with the Meiggs/Meggs associated with "The Norwood Photos." A variety of links, particularly to my surnames. You are welcome!
Cowgell family
Cowgill and Cowgell family in McClean , Daviess and Jefferson Counties Kentucky
Cox Cousins
A group of cousins compiling data on the COX family of VA, TN, SC, and posting the results on this web site. It contains downloadable documents, photos, and GEDCOM.
Cox Family
COX FAMILY including Cox, Cocke, Hodges family historys,
Cox Family History
An overview of the Cox Family in America starting with the beginnings in Ulster Co., NY to the current state of the family.
Craig-Sommerfeld tree
This is my lineage with pictures & documents surnames include Craig, Sommerfeld, Riley, Waters, Breaux, Braud, Lampkin, Pryor, Sadler,stewart, Copeland, Moon,
Crane's Southern Roost
This Home Page contains Gencoms, obits, pics and other info on the Crane, Tarvin, Chambers, Garrett Ivey, Irby, Acree, Vaughn, Wills and many more of my family surnames. It also has a message board for others seeking info on the Crane or other surnames, not just in the southern states, but anywhere. Take a Look, it's all about SHARING !!!
Craycroft, Bresnahan and Bresnan Family Pages
GEDCOM's, documents, and research notes for the Craycroft and Bresnahan/Bresnan families can be found here, as well as links to other family related sites
crazy snake vann family
ancestral chart of vann family descended from crazy snake, cherokee indian
CreativeGraces Genealogical Research Index
Over 110 UK & Irish family names researched since 1981. Many local and 2 global One-Name Studies.
Creel/Creal/Dearman of Mobile County, AL
for the CREEL/CREAL family of Alabama researchers.
Cresswell Family Tree
personal family tree
Crews' of VA., N.C., and TN.
Ancestry of Randy Hughes includes Hughes, Crews, Payne, McGee, Emmert and many more.
Crincoli Genealogy Homepage
Genealogical and historical data of the Crincoli families of Vallata, Avellino, Italy
Cripps - Burchett - Southwell Descendants
Ancestors of David Cripps, and CRIPPS, BURCHETT and SOUTHWELL descendants
Crocker's Corner
This Sixty Four Generation Genealogical WebSite, is an in-depth study of our ancestors and descendants with interesting anecdotes, historical documents and pictures that mark the history of our family from their beginnings in Europe to their migration to the New World starting in the early 1600's. Connecting to Charlemagne and his ancestors we have traced our roots through the royal families of Europe back to families of England and France to the 600's. This includes William the Conqueror, Alfred the Great and notables such as Lady Godiva. We have proven several lines to the Barons of the Magna Charta and King John. You will be able to identify 9 lines to the Mayflower Pilgrims. These lines include William White, [2] John Howland, [2] John Tilley, [2] Thomas Rogers, Stephen Hopkins and Richard Warren. This work has been thoroughly documented and indexed, but as in all works of this size there are bound to be the inevitable errors. The author would like to be made aware of any corrections or additions to this document. I hope everyone enjoys the information as much as I enjoyed compiling it.
Crouthamel Family Home Page
Infromation on the descendents of Andreas Crouthamel (Krauthamel)
CROWE Family History
Barry Crowe's family history back to his 4x great grandfather born in Sea Palling, Norfolk, England around 1743.
Cuddeback Family, Inc.
Dedicated to the ancestors of Jacques Caudebec.
Cunningham Family Guilford County, North Carolina
James CUNNINGHAM family of Guilford Co., NC
Curry Greer Family History
Family History & Family Trees for Curry, Greer, Donaldson, Mercer, Humphries, Dalzell, Carson, Greavy, Hall, Richmond.
Descendants of Thomas Cushman of Rolvenden, England
Cushman Surma,e DNA Project
A Cushman Surname Y-DNA Project website has been established at It is hosted by World Families Network. The DNA Project is designed to: 1. Encourage Cushman males to submit Y-DNA and genealogy information; 2. Organize the Y-DNA results and paper genealogies of living Cushman males, and variants of the surname; 3. Identify the DNA of Cushman ancestors and compile them into distinct genetic lineages through DNA matches. 4. Help Cushman and related families work together to find their common heritage. I encourage any Cushman to visit the DNA Project website and participate in this Surname DNA Project. Robert C. Cushman Co-Administrator Cushman DNA Project
Cushnie Genealogy
Cushnie family history as I know it will be updated as I learn more.
Cutlip Connection
CUTLIP Surname: All spellings : all times : all locations. George Gotlieb / Gotlip / Cutlip arrived in Charleston, SC in 1749. Today more than 8000 people can trace back to him.
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities. Our database contains 30,000+ names. Those with more than 50 records include: Adams, Alkire, Allison, Anderson, Arthur, Ashley, Bailey, Baker, Ball, Barnett, Bellar, Bennett, Bleigh, Boggs, Boone, Branham, Bright, Brown, Browning, Burkhammer, Carr, Clark, Cochran, Cogar, Cool, Cox, Cunningham, Cutlip, Davis, Dennison, Dodrill, Eblin, Fisher, Fowler, Fox, Frame, Gray, Green, Gregory, Hall, Hamrick, Hinkle, Hughes, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Kinnison, Knight, Lewis, Long, Martin, McCoy, Miller, Mollohan, Moore, Morgan, Neff, Perkins, Perrine, Perry, Pritt, Riffle, Robinson, Rollyson, Rose, Russell, Scott, Singleton, Skidmore, Smith, Spencer, Stiltner, Tanner, Taylor, Utt, Walkup, Ward, White, Williams, Wilson
Descendant of Jesse Henry and Jemima (Hutchenson) Sims: Jesse's brother's name's were Daniel and William Sims. Descendant of William and Nancy (Keltner) White. Researching the Family Surname's of White, Sims, Hindman, Keltner,Thurman, Whiteside, Sharp, Hutchenson, Carter and Hensely. Most of my family is first found within the Giles, Lawrence,Lewis and Maury Co., Tennesse Area. Then some moving to Dallas, Hunt and Erath Co., Texas Area. Would like to contact any Cuz~Link~Connection.
D.R. Patek Family Ancestors: Rushton, Todd, Black, Niemeyer
Ancestors and some descendants of the David R. Patek family
da Rosa SEMIÃO family (Semiao)
The family & descendants of the da Rosa Semiao (Semião) family originating from Ribeirinha, Faial, Azores and focused on the branch established in Rhode Island ca 1890. - Sharing Our History In Many Ways
A Dahl Family website devoted to Genealogy and family sharing.
Dailey Family Database
The Dailey Family Database is a collection of genealogy charts of our combined families.
Daliey Family Tree
Descendant Charts: Brenneman,Brummet/Brummett, Chilcote/Chilcoat,Chilton/Chylton,Cooke,Cowman,Dailey, Dukes of Normandy,Glatfelter/Gladfelter,Gladfeltter, Kladfelter,Hawthorne,Johnson,Leach/Leech,Mattice, Schwerdtfeger,Scottish Royalty,Reusser,Washburn
Dand, Munro (Munroe) and Spencer
The dand's emmigratted from Scotland to Grey county, in Lower Canada in around 1850. There are many photos, some unidentified.
Danford Family Tree
Danford family genealogy of eight generations,many old pictures, a must to see.
Daniel littel and Rebecca Vanzile genealogy
Includes history of Daniel Littel/little and his wife Rebecca Vanzile who came from Ohio to Michigan and their descendents.
Daniel Thomas Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives
My relatives (over 35,000) back to Adam, with connections to other living genealogists.
Danielle's Family History
Danner and Stewart Genenalogy
This genealogy page is dedicated to the Danner and Stewart families. The Danner and related families of North Carolina, including Rowan, Surry, Yadkin, Ashe and Watauga counties. My mother's side of the family are the Stewarts of Southwest Virginia, mainly Scott and Wise counties.
Darlene Gadley's Callihan Family Genealogy Page
Descendants of Thomas Callihan b. March 31, 1757. emigrated to Bedford County PA.
Darlene Gadley's Duhig Family Genealogy Page
Descendants of James and Catherine Duhig. They emigrated from Cork County Ireland to Lowell Massachusetts in 1820's.
Darlene Gadley's Genealogy Page
This site features genealogy research on family lines for the Spear Family, Duhig Family, Sanders Family, Armour Family, Callihan Family, Gadley Family, Nelson & Jensen Families, Morrow, Marks, and other surnames, including GEDCOMS, pictures, and links to genealogical and other resources.
Darlene Gadley's Nez Perce Genealogy Page
My Nez Perce GEDCOM consists of over 2200 members of the Nez Perce tribe. I created one big family tree connecting tribal family members back to the early 1800's.
Darlene Gadley's Spear Family Genealogy Page
Decendants of George Spear b. 1612 of Braintree Massachusetts.
Darlington Family
This site is about Southern Darlington family lines. It is a place to learn about Darlington families or to leave information about Southern Darlington families.
Darnall Family
This site has information on the Darnall family starting with Dr David Darnall in Maryland in 1650. It also has information on the western Kentucky Darnall family starting in 1818 with Rev. Henry Darnall. Charts and photos are available.
Darren covers my family history in Sussex, Surrey and Kent in the United Kingdom.
Data Pauling Meisen Family
Genealogical-data-site ofthe Pauling and Meisen Families
Descendency of Daugherty's of Anderson Co., Tn.
A history of the Daugherty family of Vinton County, Ohio...Surname databases.
Dave Eaton's Roots
Descendent charts for some families who moved from Virginia to Ohio in the early 1800s. Thousands of names and dates.
Dave's Family Page
Gedcom files of familytree of David Johnson - Australia
Dave's Roots & Branches , Ancestors of Helen Woodcox and Ralph Dexter
Woodcox and Dexter families, including Hays, Hague, Brookens, Strange, Callender, Hewitt, Whitfield, with photos, gedcom files, notes and sources.
Dave's Roots and Branches
Ancestors of Ralph Dexter, Helen Woodcox; Hays, Hague, Hewitt, Brookens, Callender, Strange, Gross, Minson, Ward, Wold, Whitfield, more... Looking to add photos and more
David A Grindle's Genealogy Page
This site list the ancestors of David Grindle and his immediate family.
David B. Kersey, of VA & TN, descendants and related families across the United States of America.
This is my BURNS family tree. 1839 to present. Also have some brief info on SWANSTROM, MORRIS, CAGLE, DANIEL, MITCHELL & FORREST.
David Little and Jenni McKillip Little's Genealogy Pages
Genealogical research on the Little and Patterson lines from Burke and Jefferson counties, the Roberts and Moran lines from Hancock County, Georgia, Christopher of Lumpkin and White counties in Georgia, the Fielis and Lee families of New York as well as the lines of Stybr, McKillip, Bauld and Julien of Illinois.
David R Robison and Extended Families
The related and extended families of David R Robison of Springfield, MA
David Shields' Cooking and Genealogy site
I am researching the Alverson, Atkins, Bean, Bench, Brattain, Cain, Clark, Cowen, Grant, Henderson, Hosic, Johnson, Lennon, Payne, Saunders, Shields, Shoff, Smith, Thompson, Vowels, and Wright families.
David Washington Carr family
The descendants of David Washington and Gidda Jane Daniels Carr. Living in Cedar Co., Iowa.
David/Marica Norman Home Page (Balduc, Hatfield)
David Norman was born in Detroit Michigan. He also lived (in order)in Clawson Michigan, Gile Wisconsin, Saxon Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois, Rensselaer Indiana, Chicago Illinois, Niles Illinois, and Mount Prospect Illinois. Marcia Norman (Marcia McMurtry) was born in Waukegan Illinois. She also lived (in order) in Beach Park Illinois, Chicago Illinois, Niles Illinois, and Mount Prospect Illinois. Family surnames include: Balduc, Conner, Daley, Folk, Hatfield, Heer, Madson, Richards, Schmidt, Morris, Van Meerten.
Family Tree of the MILLER, MCDOWELL, DAVIES, WILSON Families of Wayne, Edwards and Vermilion Counties, IL; and the PROFFITT, STEINKE, KAMP, HERMAN Families of Germany, Missouri and Illinois.
Davies Frysig Watters Geddes Genealogy Pages
Photos, family history, and gedcoms.
My Davis Family Direct line. Lots of Pictures and a link to Letters written during the Civil War by Thomas Davis to his wife, Margaret Barnett.
DAVIS and Allied Families
Davis and Reagan Families
Ancestors and relatives of John Davis and Terryl Reagan. Surnames include Shields, Kendall, Corn, Foster, Williams, Martin, Talkington, Hodges, Hart, Lambeth, Frum, Reed, Cook, Heatherly, Goodwin, McComb, Loftin, Burton, Chandler, Stickney, King, Bailey, Tague, Nicholas, Ogle, Shults, Loposser, James, Russell, Wise, Adair.
Davis Clan
Davis and allied families. Migration includes Texas, Oklahoma, TN, KY, NC, VA, PA, Europe. Photographs, translated records, sources of information included.
Davis Family Tree
There are 91 individuals and 33 families representing 36 surnames in this database. The surnames in this database include : Aldrich(1), Bennett(1), Block(1), Bone(1), Davis(31), Fickel(1), Hartman(1), Harwood(1), How(2), Hunt(1), Hyde(1), Learned(2), Leavens(2), Margaretha(1), Merril(1), Michael (1), Montgomery(1), Newhall(2), Newman(1), Paine(1), Perkins(1), Shrorf(1), Shumway(8), Smith(1), Stone(1), Strep(1), Thompson(8), Wenderoth (3), Wenderoth (Wenderroth?)(1), Wendroth(1), Winterote(1), Winterrowd(2), Woolson(2), Wyatt(2)
Davis Family Tree and Genealogy Listing of Ancestors Descendants and Pionee
Davis Family Tree and Genealogy Listing of Ancestors Descendants and Pioneers in Australia.
Davis Family Tree and Genealogy Listing of Ancestors Descendants and Pionee
Davis Family Tree and Genealogy Listing of Ancestors Descendants and Pioneers in Australia.
Memorial to the Davis men who fought and died for this country.
Davis-Martin, Sanders and related Families
Davis-Martin, Sanders and related Families
This site contains over 4000 names which are not restricted to Davis, Dennis, Cornelius, or Kilpatrick. There are also quite a few photos with more to be added soon. It will be updated as time allows. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed. Good luck in your search.
Davises, Dolsens et al
My site includes births, marriages, deaths, some photos and where possible, some information about the person, ie, occupations, events in their lives. I have also tried to include the sources for the informmation. Visitors to the site will need to use the following password: adguest.
Dawn Bergen-Darrell Griffin Family Tree
Family Tree for my husband's family as well as my own
Dawn Morgan's Family Tree
D. Morgan's Family (i.e., Conlon, Gollogly, Morgan)Irish Descent, and others.
Dawn's History Tree
Family History in Clinton County, IA - Site Includes Surnames: Rowold, Wagner, McCutcheon, Klaire, Sullivan, Morgan. Lots of Pictures, Obituaries, Tombstones & Stories
De Bruijne
The roots of fam. De Bruijne in the Netherlands from about 1600 up untill the present time.
De genealogische website van Betsy en Jos
Familynames: Onneweer, Bajetto, van Noort, Jeronimus, Bauland, jagtman, Smit, Lange (Netherlands, Germany, France, Dutch East Indies).
de los Cobos Genealogy
Family Genealogy of the de los Cobos family. Goes from the present to my 4th Great Grandfather Christoval who was born around 1730.
Dead Bones Society
A list of about 9500 names of dead family members and others. No living are encluded. It is accurite as possible, but should not be used as a prime source and data should be checked.
Dean's Family History
Personal genealogy site including surnames D'ABREU, de JACQUES de la BASTIDE, CUMMINGS, de FREITAS, GALT, PANTIN, VINCENT, and WINTER from Trinidad, and EVANS, FENWICK, HERNDON, McCARTY, OWENS, and STONE in the United States. Includes links to families in Wales, England, Ireland, France, Madeira (Portugal), Newfoundland, Scotland, Guyana, and Trinidad.
Dean's Genealogy Pages
Surnames include Siddons, Sage, Michel, Hendrickson, Myklebust, Wenzler, Zepf, Michel, Stauffer, Hammond, Corwin, Hons, Hetler.
Deb's Family Tree
Descendants of Dennis Holdren and Mariah Andress, Benjamin Hull and Mary Budd, Leonhard Frank, Michael Thin(n)es, Frederick Robitzer, Hiram Clark with roots in NJ, PA, IN, OH, KS, Luxembourg, Reubach, Germany, Alsace-Lorraine
Deb's Virginia and Minnesota Families
SOME included families: Koplen, Newby, Krueger, Pemberton, Dyk, Humphreys, Fratzke, Bullard, Braatz, Owens, McDarment, Vaughan and Richards
Decendants of Joachim Nagle/Naugle
Personal webpage about Joachim Nagle/Naugle b. Germany, and his decendants.
Decendants of William Thomas Speight
William Thomas was born in NC in 1813, moved to TN around 1837.
Decends of Patrick O'Flyng and Abigail Temple
This site lists decends of Patrick and Abigail O'Flyng and allied families. O'flyng, Temple, Sherman, Burt, and Jenkins. From N.E. to Oregon.
Declerck - Genealogy of the family Declerck
Genealogy of the family Declerck form West Flanders in Belgium.
Deefholts Family History
Contains records and short biographies of Deefholts family members in India between the years 1800 and 1945.
Deem Family
Deginners etal
Main names; Degginger, Greengard, Lewis, Blair, Herbst, Edwards, Stern, Burton, Michelson, Polachek
deGruyter-Helfer Family
deGruyter and Venhorst of Belgium, Holland, and Germany; Hill, Taylor, Hersman, Morrison, Stalnaker, McWhorter, McVaney/McElvaney,Snider/Snyder, Greathouse, Queen, McKinney, Reed, Kidd, Hodges, all of West Virginia Kjølsrud and Kvamsøe of Norway, and Helfer, Molnár, Schnur, and Kollet of the Banat and Transylvania (formerly Hungary, now Romania)
Dekle Net - John L. Dekle Page
The primary purpose of this page is to collect and verify the history of John Dekle's arrival and early history (before 1800) in America, and to trace him back to Germany. The secondary purpose is to serve as a genealogy site for the Dekle, Deakle and related families.
Delaware Diamonds
Delaware area genealogies of Voshell, Minner, Penington, Slaughter, Carrow, Wilson, Ford, Faulkner, Van Winkle, Ball, Crouch, Price, Williams, Pennington, Craven, Cochrane, Biddle, Bankert, Stonesifer, Vandergrift, Yingling, Hyland and many more. 10,000+ Names, 3000+ Families from the DelMarVa Area.
Delozier Genealogy & Connected Families
Delozier Genealogy bible, military, cemetery, birth death, marriage records. Photos, images, scanned documents. Bios, obits, pedigree charts, gedcoms. Various connected families-photo albums, newsletters, maps, memorials. Trees, pensions, probates, wills, bible, school records, surnames, vital records, surname registry, All Delozier related.
Dena's Genealogy
Genealogy on my family, including Robertson, Twidwell, Clanton, Bullard, Halsey, Rynearson, Pinkley....
Denise's Dusty Shelves
Denney Denny Genealogy
The ancestors and descendants of Zachariah Denney of Halifax County, Virginia, and Granville County, North Carolina.
Denney-Denny Genealogy
Genealogy of Denney-Denny Surnames and associated families in Surry County, NC, Gallia County, Ohio, Jay County, IN and Mercer County, Ohio
Dennis Cakebread's Family History in UK
Family History of our Cakebread, Gregory, Harrison,Cort and Cookson names together with many others in Coventry, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Lancashire and Oxfordshire. Charts of Descendants and ancestors are included plus profiles of many individuals.
Depew & Elmer Family Tree
This site will be dedicated to descendants of Joseph Depew and Wealthy E. Elmer, a span of 3 generations.
DeProspo Family Genealogy
Pedigree Trees of Joseph DeProspo
DERIEG Family History
History of DERIEG, KEATING, MCGERR, MCDOW, and other families from Ireland. Census info, family documents and pictures, message boards.
Derringer/Dearinger Family Genealogy
Over 12,000 names of the Derringer/Dearinger/Daringer and allied families.
Derringer/Dearinger Family Genealogy
Derringer / Dearinger and Allied Family Genealogy and Resources
Derwas Family back to BC
Family history from BC with a general Welsh history and pages on Old King Cole, King Arther, etc with Welsh glossary and photographs.
Descencants of Juhn Dye Inscoe
Descendants of John Dye Inscoe of Westmoreland County, Virginia.
Descendancy of Finley Holmes
Descendancy of Finley Holmes (born 1765), Finley Holmes Jr. (born 1802), Francis Holmes (born 1839), and Finley Vance Holmes (born 1867)
Descendant Charts of our Ancestral Lines
A complete line of our ancestral charts complete with birth, marriage and death dates and places, coats of arms and much more
Descendant Table: DAVIS : 1800, Birmingham, Warwickshire, ENG.
Descendant table of DAVIS family tree
Descendant Table: GAIR : 1800, Westminster, Middlesex, ENG.
Descendant table of GAIR family tree
Descendant Table: HORGAN : 1830, Middlesex, ENG.
Descendant table of HORGAN family tree
Descendant Table: WHITE : 1800, Somerset, ENG.
Descendant table of WHITE family tree
Descendant's of Elphinston Cary
This web page covers Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and other area from 1745 to present. Sur names are Cary, Hobbs, Moore, Clemmons, Cloys, Roth, Corry, Rhodes and many others.
Descendants of Alexander Elisha Campbell (1728 - 1778)
The descendants of Alexander Elisha Campbell that I have found.
Descendants of Apolonio Pallanez
The Pallanez Family Tree with major surnames of Pallanez, Moreno and Garza
Descendants Of Asaph Young
Descendants of Asaph and Abigail (Brooks) Young Family of Haddam, Connecticut.
Descendants of Barnabus Curry of Logan Co., WV
Database of the Descendants of Barnabus Curry of Logan Co., WV
Descendants of Capt. Henry Connelly and Jenny Wiley
Information about the Conley, Jenkins, Wiley, McGregor, Layne, Caudill, Craft, Castle surnames.
Descendants of Capt. Henry Woodward
Descendants of Capt. Henry Woodward, genealogy, 9 Generations of Descendants, Henry Woodward was born in England about 1730 and died in Stafford County Virginia in late 1700's"
Descendants of Charles Barker & Frances Kitchen
Descendants of Charles Barker and Frances Kitchen, current research, original documents, photos, gedcoms.
Descendants of Charles Callen
Descendants of Charles Callen whom came early to TN. It includes Callen,Mulvaney,Cate,and many other surnemes in east TN.
Descendants of Christopher Ball, St Ervan, Cornwall
Christopher Ball lived in Veryan and then St.Ervan. His son, Christopher, and many of his descendants lived at Little Petherick and in the surrounding parishes.
Descendants of Cuthbert Cunningham 1476-
CUTHBERT CUNNINGHAM1was born July 19, 1476 in Glencairn, Nithsdale, Dumfries, Scotland. He married MARJORY DOUGLAS. She was born Abt. 1476 in Kilmaurs, Ayr, Scotland.
A Few Descendents Of Domingo Francisco Ragas born 1775 in New Orleans, La., and died 1854 in Pointe a la Hache, Plaquemines Parish, La. He married (1) Marie Magdalena SILVE (SYLVE) He married (2) *Lucia Victoria BURAT (BURAS) He married (3) Marie CHARTIER . He is the progenitor early Ragas' in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana
Descendants of Edward Price
Descendants of Edward Price and Alice Davies and their family of seven children. Edward, b.1788 in Oswestry, Shropshire, England was a stonemason.
Descendants of Elisha R. Womble
The Family History of Womble Family
Descendants of George William CLEAK
Hampshire, England, and Ontario, Canada
Descendants of Gilbert Godsey
Gilbert Godsey's descendants and their spouses - over 900 individuals. Other surnames include Bales, Cooksey, Ellis, Hartsock, Hovious, Stucky, Wampler and more.
Descendants of Henry &Lucy Hanks Sparrow
Family traditions say this Lucy Hanks was the mother of Nancy Hanks,mother of Abraham Lincoln. Lucy married Henry Sparrow & their descendants are listed along with documentation.
Descendants of Henry Chapman
In 1833 Henry migrated from West Farleigh, Kent England, on the boat, "George Washington" to New York. Then over land to Upper Canada. Settled in Vaughn township, York County, Ontario. He died 1874 in East Gwillimbury township. York County, Holland Landing, Ontario, Canada
Descendants of Jacob Christman c. 1711
Descendants of Jacob Christman c. 1711 Wurttemberg, Germany. The website lists Pedigree Tree, Family Groups, Short Biography and other CHRISTMAN immigrants to the US prior to 1749.
Descendants of James Brummett I
Descendants of James Brummett I
Descendants of James Canady Ward
This is a list of Descendants of James Canady Ward with birth, death and other information such as marriages and military infor. and more
Descendants of James P. Jones
Descendants of James P. Jones
Descendants of Jan von MAUBERG ltn-colonel in the Russian Tsar Army
Descendants of Jan von MAUBERG ltn-colonel in the Russian Tsar Army. A trial of establishing the von Mauberg family's tree. Elaborated for searching the unknown members of family
Descendants of Jan von MAUBERG ltn-colonel in the Russian Tsar Army
Descendants of Jan von MAUBERG ltn-colonel in the Russian Tsar Army
Descendants Of John Clack
Descendants of John David Stephan
Descendants of John David Stephan, born in Baden, Germany in 1854, immigrated to the U.S. in 1880 and settled in Covington, Ohio
Descendants of John Dill Sr
Direct descendants of John Dill Sr.
Descendants of John Edgar PRINCE
Descendants of John Edgar Prince, descendants of Jackson C. "Abe" PLUMLEY. Surnames later to be added: OWENS, BARNETTE, TRUNDLE, LOWE, BRUCE, PHILLIPS, PRITCHETT, STONE, DISHROON, FARROW, LINDSEY, PAINTER, TAYLOR, WESTBROOK, WESTMORELAND, & many others. Many southeastern families from NC, SC, GA, TN, others.
Descendants of John Freeman
Descendants of John Hotchkin of Guilford, CT
The descendants of John Hotchkin of Guilford, CT, about 1650; includes Smith, Edwards and Hendrick families.
Descendants of John LIGHTFOOT
Thorverton, Devon, England and Ontario, Canada
Descendants of John Sparks
Seven Generations of the Sparks family from John Sparks on down.
Descendants of John Sperry Sr. 1540
Descendants of John Sperry Sr. born 1540 in Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, England. He married AGNES RAWLINGS June 19, 1562 in Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, England, daughter of ROGER RAWLINS and JOAN HUNT. She was born 1542 in Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, England.
Descendants of John Wesley Patterson
Descendants of John Wesley and Elizabeth Louisa Dees Patterson. Family history, events, reunion news, photos, etc.
Descendants of Jonathan Weldon and Mary Hanks
This site lists the known descendants of Jonathan Weldon and his wife Mary Hanks of the early 1700's of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Some historical notes are also included on certain individuals.
Descendants of Joseph Beatty Web Site
Dedicated to research into the descendants of Joseph Beatty of Grayson Co., KY. Includes stories, pictures, family files and related links. Created October, 1999.
Descendants of Joseph Sharp
Sharp, Delk, and related families of Fentress County, Tennessee.
Descendants of Jospeh H Dennis
Descendants of Jospeh H Dennis
Descendants of Louis Evenson & Augusta Olson Haugerud
This site represents the compiled family history and genealogy of the Louis Evenson family descendants after immigration to Austin Minnesota, USA from Norway.
Descendants of Lunsford Griffin
Descendants of Lunsford Griffin, born 1800, Nash County, North Carolina, USA.
Descendants of Martin & Anne Hannah Clark Baker of Halifax Co., VA. and Gar
This genealogy site contains a brief history of the early Baker family members plus a tree with 6 generations from the 1700s in VA. forward to many states. There is also a map of the early trail through Cumberland Gap and a photo.
Descendants of Max Kaminsky
It covers the descendants of Max Kaminsky and includes about 2000 individuals.
Descendants of Melchior Brenneman
Descendants of Mechior Brenneman
Descendants of Michael Pinkley
Pinkley surnames and generation information starting with Michael Pinkley born in the 1700's in Hagertown England
Descendants Of Mysore Ramaswamy Iyer
Its a website dedicated to the descendants of mysore ramaswamy iyer and the various branches of the family
Descendants of Nathaniel Anderson
This is a seven generation listing of the descendants of Nathaniel Anderson of Wellingore, Lincolnshire, England.
Descendants of Northern New York State Pioneer Godfrey Shew (circa 1734 - 1
History & Genealogy of Godfrey & Jacob Shew families at Fish House, Northampton, Tryon, Montgomery, Fulton, Jefferson Counties, New York. Also associated Anderson, Anibal, Barney, Barnum, Beecher, Brownell, Foster, Francis, & Morris families.
Descendants of Philip Fischer
Philip Fischer, and wife Caroline Wilhlem immigrated from Waldum, Germany to Ontario Canada around 1835. The web site lists over 1500 surnames arising from their six children, three were born in Canada. Early family surnames and families documented are Moser, Dietrich, Zettel, Herzog, Riedl, and Englert.
Descendants of Philpot Sutton
Researching th descendants of Philpot Sutton, who settled at Barnston, Quebec. The extended families and their migrations to the states of New England, Minnesota, Washington, California, and others.
Descendants of Raymond Putnam and Mary Louise Hubbs
Descendants of Raymond Putnam and Mary Louise Hubbs (Early l800's-now)
Descendants of Renaud Perrin
Over the years our research and this website have produced many unexpected data and cousins. to that end we welcome any comments corrections or new information you may wish to advance. Welcome to the work in progress we look forward to meeting you
Descendants of Richard Clark
Family History of Richard Clark
Descendants of Richard Forrest
Descendants of Richard SULLINS
Genealogical details of the first few generations of the descendants of Richard SULLINS, who died c.1771, Halifax Co., Virginia.
Descendants of Richard Wright, Sr. of Rowan County, North Carolina
This web includes individuals and families out of a total database of over 15,400 descendants. Major Surnames include Allen, Coffee, Colglazier, Cooley, Gilstrap, Goss, Johnson, Morgan, Mullenix, Parrish, Purlee, Ratts, and Zink. Most of these families emigrated to Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.  
Descendants Of Samuel Campbell Clegg
Genealogies of the many descendants of Samuel Campbell Clegg a Tory who was hung in South Carolina. Links to other interesting related sites. History of Shahan, Grimes,Foster and other families in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.
Descendants of Samuel HUSTON
County Tyrone, Ireland, to Ontario, Canada, c1842
Descendants of Thomas Back
A site where all the history and family trees, family stories and photographs of the Descendants of Thomas Back
Descendants of Thomas Colman
Descendants of Thomas Colman, b. 1602, immigrant on the "James" in 1635.
Descendants of Thomas Holcombe
Descendants of Thomas Holcombe who came to the colonies on the MARY AND JONH and founded Windsor, CT.
Descendants of Thomas Holcombe
Descendants of the Immigrant Thomas Holcombe
Descendants of Thomas Sims Graves
The genealogy of the Graves Family with information on Graves Tavern,and various family lines. The site includes photos, historical records and related genealogies of the Cole and James Families.
Descendants of Toussaint Hunault dit Deschamps & Marie Lorgueil
Over 54,000 descendants of my 7th g-grandparents who came to Canada in 1653: plus over 1600 direct ancestors. No living people are online, but if you see a possible link, get in touch with me and we'll try to connect you.
Descendants of Unknown Carscadden
Descendants of Unknown Carscadden's family who settled in Ontario , Canada. Photograph's of tombstones and some individual photograph's.
Descendants of Walter Forrest
Walter Forrest, born 1813 Lanarkshire Scotland emigrated with family to Ontario Canada. Family descendants now spread throughout Canada and the US.
Descendants of William "Calvin" Jones
Family History of Jones Family
Descendants of William Kessell 1665
Descendants of William Kessell (b. 1665) of Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, UK Welcome to my web site! Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these Kessell ancestors. I hope you will benefit from the information you find here.
Descendants of William Nowland (Noland) of Goochland Co. VA, 1740
Nolen family history from VA, NC, TN, AL, AR, to TX
Descendants of William Posford Harrington b.1785 England
Descendands of William Posford Harrington b.1785 in Colchester essex England. Married to Elizabeth, William was a Saddler in Queen Street Colchester. Site includes GEDCOM file,photos,history etc.
Descendants of William Spencer
These are my ancestors. Feel free to contact me.
Descendents and Ancestors of August Gehrke of Illinois, USA
Descendants of August Gehrke and Emma Kruse of Cook County, Illinois
Descendents and Ancestors of Frederick H. Hock 1890-1931 of Cook County, IL
Descendents and Ancestors of Frederick H. Hock 1890-1931 of Cook County, IL
Descendents and Ancestors of Wilhelm Oelke of Illinois
Descendents and Ancestors of William Oelke of Illinois
Descendents of Beth Anne Carreiro
SURNAMES: CARREIRO, ANDERSON, PADDEN, ROSS, HOLT, HORTON, DUARTE, WASHBURN, MEDEIROS, ALMOND, GUSTAFSON, BLANCHETTE, EMARD, DUBE, MCNULTY See the website for a complete list. Author is happy to share and trade geneaological information. Please stop by!
Descendents of Henry Woodward
Descendents of Henry Woodward; who was born early 1700's married Sarah Shelton, both born in England, migrated to Stafford County, Virginia. Where they had three sons, James, Jesse, and William Presley Woodward. They married Jane Hyden, Mary Hyden, and Jane McFee, respectively.
Descendents of John Anderson and Elizabeth Wilson
This webpage highlights the descendents of this couple, who came from Ulster around 1765 and settled in Western Pennsylvania.
Descendents of John Propes & Elizabeth Dovel an early Monroe Co, Ky family.
Descendents of John Propes & Elizabeth Dovel an early Monroe Co, Ky family.
Descending Upon Me
Thomas/Whittington and allied families. Netterville, Nettles, Jackson, Richardson, Van Norman, Arnold, Perry, Freeman, Butler, Gilliam, and other surnames spanning centuries. Great info and links to other useful sites. Come check it out.
this site contains matthews and moore family genealogy . any one with info. on my family pleasae e-mail me . all help will be appreiated.
Desendants of Albert Boersch and Asterick (Ester) Peterson
The family of Albert Boersch born in Germany, married in Minneaplois, MN.
Desendants of Franks, Cone, Smith, Bush and related families.
Some related families are: Blaylock, Kieth,Keith, Byrd, Sowell,Roberts,Ray, Flemmings,Flemings,Blesitt, Dykes,Jones,Ross, Pilgrim,and Commander.
Desmond Wyncoll Web Site
My personal website containing various ancestry related content including photographs and charts
DeVall/Schlung Family Page
The DeVall/Schlung Family Page covers 9 generations from France and Germany as well as southern and midwestern states.
Devlin Family on-line
Genealogy and database of members of the extended families McKenna, Boyle, Devlin, OCallaghan OReilly, Mackrell and Kane. Images of Downpatrick, Co. Down, Ireland - history, people, and places.
DEW - Allen Dew Genealogy
Dew, Powell, Lawrence, Daniel, Walters, Koonce, Paquinet, Gerock surname research.
Dew family from Wiltshire UK, - c.1750-1850
The Dew family from Dilton and Westbury, Wiltshire, and later Kingswood and Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire, and later London.
Family Reseach site, where anyone can add their records.
Die Familie Fuhrmann
Genealogie, ancestry and descendancy of the family Fuhrmann, origin of the Town Birnbaum (today Miedzychod)Prov. Posnan, Poland (former Prussia)
Digging the Roots of the Mims Family Tree
We are researching Mims, McGrew, Bickers, Hatcher, Sechelski, Busa, Ragain, Rhea, Dahlstrom, etc. Virginia to South Carolina to Georgia to Louisiana to Texas and all points in between (or near).
Dill Ellis Peeler Roller Luck Cole Bell Genealogy
Genealogy information: census, tax list, descendants lists, links.
Dille Family

dit Lafantaisie
My site deals with the history and descendants of Claude Maurice dit Lafantaisie who arrived in Canada as a soldier around 1690-1695
Ditto and Foster Family Tree
Our Family tree The FOSTER'S from MS and related families the DITTO'S from Maryland
Doggett Genealogy
Doggett, Copelan, DeLay, Baugh, Ward, Gresham.
DOMINIKOVICH from Momici in Dalmatia
Don & Judy Rawls (Family Tree)
Family Tree of The Rawls and Barnes Families from Dorset, England & Pembroke, Wales. Also Family Tree of the Gole, Wilkie & Letson Familys of Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada. Includes GEDCOM files and LINKS to recearch sites.
Don and Scharmal Conley's Homepage
Surnames Carroll, Conley, Pitman, Triesch, Fravel, and more. Have photos and Surname list and GEDCOMs.
Don's Page
Hobby site with several pages of family genealogy information. Chinnery, Fitch, Lano, Heath, Haynes, Rose, Fudge back to King Edward I
Donald Kraft Ancestor Tree
This site contains ancestor information for Donald Kraft. You are invited to visit this site and to sign the guest book. The names in this tree include Runyun, Daniels, Kraft, Kunst, Abel, and Sonntag.
searching family history
Dorey Family of Susan J. Dorey
My Doreys originated in Jersey, a Channel Island; the earliest known are from 1690. They moved to Arichat on Isle Madame in the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia, and from there to Massachusetts, Saskatchewan, and California. Doreys married Leete, Bryne, Lafford, Shaw, Barrett, Hamilton, Franklin, Mullins, Clirehugh, Latimer, MacPherson, and others.
Dorset Connections
My family research all with some connection to Dorset, England. Surnames included Steele, Herridge, Prior, Downton, Parsons to name a few.
Dorset Connections
My family connections with Dorset, England. Surnames include Steele, Herridge, Downton, Prior to name a few.
Dorsey and Faulk Families
Researching our DORSEY and FAULK family and related lines including:Allen, Brooks, Cole, Dorsey, Edwards, Evans, Lackey, Murden, Phillips, Sikes(Sykes), Smith, Thornton, Whitlow, Whitt, Blackmon, Clark, Faulk, Hines, Johnson, Martin, Sikes, Sims, Snellgrove. Pedigrees, notes, photographs, links and more.
Dove, Allard, Maple, Cook family trees
Family tree of DOVE (Southern England origin) Family tree of MAPLE (Kent, UK origin) Family tree of ALLARD (Wiltshire, UK origin) Family tree of COOK (Suffolk UK origin)
Down East
A compendium of Acadian; Kings Co, NS; Lunenburg Co, NS, and Newfoundland families. Some of their European forebears, and area-associated Birth, Marriage, and Death databases.
Downing & Carroll Kinfolks
This Website is dedicated to maintaining genealogical information about the DOWNING & CARROLL families and is a continuous ONGOING EFFORT. Any information that you can add ... or correct ... contributes to the benefit of all Downing, Carroll and related family researchers.
1800 enteries starting in 1710 in Kent Co. Delaware. 1800 family moves to Ohio, Jennings Co. priamrily and in 1840 on to Jennings County, Indiana. Many branches in many other states.
Dr. Johnson Calhoun Hunter Family -Old 300 Settlers of Texas
History of the Dr. Johnson C. Hunter & wife mary martha harbert family in early spanish mexican repuplic of texas. Includes historic texas cemetery and a hunter surname dna project to try to link this hunter family of about 1000 known descendants to scottish ancestry. Specifically it is believed that the Hunter DNA project at will link to clan hunter or hunter clan groups or kin.
Dr. Michael and Elizabeth Brown WALLACE
Family tree (2800+ names) of Dr. Michael WALLACE and his wife Elizabeth BROWN. Dr. Wallace, born in Scotland, arrived in America in 1734.
Drew Family History
Drew family history in Oregon, Arizona, and California.
Drzewo Rodu - Family Tree
Strona zawiera drzewa genealogiczne; ponad 500 osób, ponad 200 rodzin, opracowania, albumy zdjêæ, mapy, forum, toplista, linki.
Families from Western Maryland and Westward.
This site follows the Duckworths who came to New Jersey then Virginia and Maryland. It includes Index of Deeds for the Duckworths in Allegany County Maryland from 1800 - 1900.
Selected family genealogy of certain Duffy Dawson Zachmann Jager Webster Smith Staker Draper Lathrop Valleau Benson VanBlaricom Stander Siteine Tafua Heninger Piepgrass Collin Spurgeon and other surnames. Locations primarily in Alberta, Ontario, Montana, Idaho, Utah, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.
Dun originating in Scotland
Dun family in Scotland past to present.
Duncan/Miller and Allied Families
Site covers my Dunan Ancestry and Miller Ancestry as well as many links to other related Families
Dunn Genealogy: Ancestors of Elizabeth Ann Dunn Schuck
Genealogy of Elizabeth Ann Dunn Schuck Surnames: Crawshaw, Dunn, Eatherly, Godoy, Lybrand, McClanahan, Pinson, Schultz, Tyre, Tyree
Dupre Burn Wilmot Venzke and related families
Families include: Abbott Atkinson Bartlett Barnard Bourne Burn Bradstreet Bray Bruce Buchanan Bunker Carter Chandler Chase Clark Coffin Cooper Copp Cornelius Dalton Davis Dunham Dudley Dupre Easley Eddy Farmer Freeman Garvin Gorman Goss Graham Grant Hall Harris Hazeltine Hayward Heath Higman Hilt Holland Hodsell Hopkins Hunt Johnson Leckie Ladd Lewis Lorenz McColl Merrill Miller Moore Mueller Norris Oliver Papst Parker Peaslee Pedrick Perry Phillips Piper Plucknot Pollard Porter Powell Presbury Prince Respess Richards Sawyer Sloggett Smith Southerland Stevenson Thomas Thompson Thomson Truro Vallillee Venzke Venton Wade Whitlock Whitworth Williamson Willingham Wilmot Wolcott Woolin
Dupree - Va, Ga. Ala. Miss. Texas, Okla
Contains The Dupre Trail plus photos and other documents pertaining to the Dupré Family History including Huguenot ancestry.
Dupree family of Fannin County, Texas and Jackson family of Lamar and Fannin County, Texas. Many pictures, family tree and family updates.
DuPuy, Pew, Pugh, Clarke & Clark
Names may change, but the spirit lives on. DuPuy, Pew, Pugh, Clarke & Clark
Durham Family History
Durham family history includes mostly the descendants of James and Miriam (Emmons) Durham. The family starts in Virginia, migrates to Columbiana Co. Ohio, then children cover the nation from Defiance County Ohio, White and Wayne County Illinois, Iowa, and from there to Kansas, California, and throughout the U.S.A today. Biographies, photos, maps, land purchases, cemeteries, and a updated list of researchers. Durham,Whinery,Snook,Chaney,VanNiman,Sellers,Kniss,Bassett, McCutchan, Wallace, Whitman,Lucas, Headley,Moore, to mention a few
Dusan Bastasic - Rodoslovlje / My Genealogy Home Page
am researching Bastasic (Bastašić)and Grba familyes from former Yugoslavia, mainly from West Slavonia, Grubisno Polje (Grubišno Polje) and Veliki Zdenci. Any information would be appreciated. I am also willing to share the information that I have.
Dutch Roots
Verhoeven, Kooter, Wouters, Schroder, Schroeder, van Gennip, Bruin, Janssen, Louwe, van den Bogaardt, Baars, Wilhelmus, Bus, Martij, Rowoud, van Oostendorp, Adams, Hoevenberg, Bosch, Dijksma, Vos, Zonneveld
Duval Central: Our Family Tree
Mark and Nina Duval's family trees: surnames include Duval, Dubois, Rowe, Chase and others. Also links to helpful genealogical sites.
Duvoisin-Dant genealogy, Switzerland and France
Genealogy of Denis and Evelyne Duvoisin-Dant Généalogie de Denis et Evelyne Duvoisin-Dant -Duvoisin of/de Fontanezier, Vaud, Switzerland/Suisse depuis 1700 (quoted since/cités depuis 1340) -Dant of/de Germondans, Doubs, France depuis 1651
Dwyer Michael Genealogy 1772
Dwyer Michael, Descendants of, Born 1772 Camara, Glen of Imaal, Wicklow, Ireland, Famous Wicklow Chieftain in Rebillion of 1798 Ireland
Dyer Families of New England
Researching all Dyer families in New England.
My site lists family, of both of my parents, their children and associated family as well. More than just data, but resumes, as well! Included are schools attended, jobs held, likes, dislikes, even pictures, if I have that data! Everyone should know their family roots, so I even try to post a small family tree of each person.
E. A. Chipman's Family Tree
A website for the following families: Chipman, Gibbs, Ray, Crow, Morris, Fuquay, Roseboom, Wauchope, Van Ree, Ehlers, and Koster, among others.
Earl - Markus Genealogy
Ancestry of Daniel R. Earl and his wife Debra L. Markus.
Earl Barnett Family History
The Earl Barnett Family page is the Barnetts who came from Goochland County Virginia and settled in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties of South Carolina.
Early American Dalzells and Delzell
The DALZELL DELZELL website welcomes family historians, genealogists, and interested persons who are interested in the history and genealogy of several Scotch-Irish families that came to American in the 1700's and early 1800's. It also discusses County Down, Northern Ireland; the Scottish Lowland Dalzell history; and the Dalzell Castle in Scotland.
Early Texas Families
Early Texas Families with surnames, Texas history, stories, photos, links to other sites with like-surnames, list of researchers of like-surnames, and links to other early Texas families.
EARWAKER - Ancestors and descendants of Alan Earwaker
Ancestors and descendants of Alan earwaker
East Texas Counties's Connections
Early East Texas Settlers
Eastman Genealogy and History
The site contains the descendants/ancestors of Roger Eastman (b 1610)who immigrated to America in 1638.
EASTMAN Genealogy Page
EASTMAN family from 1515, including STEPHENS, LOOMER, BALLINGER, HAKANSON. Passenger list for Confidence, 1638. Coat of arms history. Search sites.
Ebenezer Warren Genealogy Club
Mohr, Brangan, Caufield, Haupt, Mandel, Merget, Rebel, Torpy, Wootton.
Ed Goodhue's Home page
Ed's Domain in cyber space a site for genealogy,(Godu,Goddu,Goodhue,Gray,Sidney,Stotler surnames, past photography, cartoons during Air Force saga
Eddie Bryant's Home Page
Bryant Family History. Abner to Eddie. Virginia to Texas.
Edelstein Family Tree
Decendants of Meyer and Esther Edelstein from Bacau Romania plus an add-on marriage related tree of descendants of Samuel and Minnie Carolin
EDGE - U.K. - N.E. Derbys', Nth. Notts', Sth. Yorks'.
The EDGE Family History based in U.K. mainly in the N.E. Derbys', Nth. Notts', Sth. Yorks' areas.
EDMISTONS of Tennessee, Mississippi and others
Edward and Elsie VanHoose Descendants
Edward and Elsie Music-VanHoose Descendants
Edwards Surname Resource
Contains family pedigrees for my husband and my families. Includes but not limited to Thompson, Edwards, Manning, Fields, Spratlen, Clark, Crider, and Light
Family tree of my ancestors, and a list of mainly UK Harling researchers.
Edwys Home Page
A web site devoted to mine & my wifes family history, with some other snippets of historical interest. The principle names on my side are Harling, Tattersall, Purdy & on my wife's are Miller, Mark, Donbavand plus others.
Een familie ontsloten
The family de Gier in the Netherlands from 1350 onwards, with geography. Plus links with Sagasser and Trenkler (Bohemia) families. Dutch website but contacts in English welcome
Johann Heinrich Ehlers (b: 1849 GER) m: Johanna Messerschmidt (GER). They came to the USA to Napoleon, MO. Their son, John Henry Ehlers (b:1869 MO, d: 1968 TX) m: Mary Elizabeth Herker (d: 1921 TX) daughter of John Herker and Albertina Augusta Drumm from Germany. Their children: Beulah Augusta, Norma Esther, Sherman, Orea Alvin Sr (b:1887, d: 1979 TX) m: Frances Rebecca Walker. Children: John Walker, Orea Alvin Jr (b: 1922) m: Norma Jean Clendennen. Children: Orene Elizabeth (b: 1945), Barbara Jean (b: 1947).
Eichelberger Genealogy
All known Eichelberger immigrants to the U. S. and their descendants, vital records and more!
Eichmeier, Joas, and Sell Families
Eidson, Marra, Henderson and Zinserling Families
Edison family history
Elaine's Family Tree
Jewish families with orgins in Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine > South Africa, Argentina, USA.
Elgershuizen genealogie/gy
Genealogy fam. Elgershuizen (Elgershuyzen, Elgershuijzen, Elgershuisen, Elgershuysen, Elgershuijsen, Elgershuissen, Elgershuysen Elgershuyssen, Elligershuysen,Elgershusen Elgershausen,Elgershäuser, Elgershuys etc.)
Elliott Family Tree
My site is dedicated to my Elliott and other surname genealogy research. Includes old family pictures.
Ellis Keener Connections
The Ellis and Keener Family History and the Descendant outlines for the connected families. Photos and a Copy of TVA Fontana Dam Project showing all Cemeteries affected by it.
Elsberry Family Organization
This site is for Elsberry, Elsbury, Ellsberry researchers to provide information on their research and to provide information to those who are working on their genealogy
Elser Ancestors and Descendents
Ancestors and descendants of Johann Peter Elser. Settled in Warwick Township, PA in 1749. History, family tree, family crest, web links.
Eltiste-Kaiser We Site
Family Histories and Pictures of Eltiste, Kaiser, Fink, and Rohrs Families. Each Family is indexed. Over 200 Pages of Pictures and Information.
Elyce Family Tree
My site contains photo's and records including documents for several different surnames, Conger, Roberts, Reynolds, Baskin, Nally, Hughes, Jones, Campbell, Clubb, Beyiard,Tate,Wikle,and more that I can't think of right now(got a headache)and the my family tree.
Emans, Gulick, Lane, Sales, Schenck, Van Dyke, Van Salee, Verkerk and other
Ancestors of Maria Gulick including notes, references and detailed stories of black sheep: John Sales, Grietje Reiners, and Jan Janse.
Emigrants from Høland, Norway
Emigranter form Holand, Norway to Amerika
Emily Skinner's Family Pages
Emily Skinner's Family Pages contains information about several families, including surnames of SKINNER, BROWNING, KRESSBACH, WEISS, BATER, WSZOLEK, BAYER/BAIER, and many more. Locations include Logan Co, WV; Monroe Co, NY, and Jackson and Hillsdale Co, MI.
Empson Family Database
This is a site containing a database of Emposn family members, descendents and ancestors. The site also includes a forum for questions, comments and discussions.
England to Monroe County, N.Y.
Several families who migrated from Exning, Suffolk and Burwell, Cambridge to the area of Rochester, N.Y. - HEFFER, BURLING, DYSON, PARR, HOWARD, PAMMENTER, MORLEY
Engle Family Home Page
The Engle Family home page begins with Caspar Engels born in 1646 and identifies all descendants over the generations. Many biographies are included for descendants born before 1800. After a brief sojurn in France the family immigrated to the U.S. in 1754.
Erik Berntsens slektssider
Genealogy from from Astafjord, Lenvik and Tromsø in Troms, Norway.
Erik Wulff
A site about family in Denmark and USA
Esslemont / Esselmont Global Family Web Site
Scouring the globe to locate ALL the Esslemont / Esselmont / Esselment families and link them to to their roots. Email:
The evans clan line comes from Wales and England.They are an interesting bunch.
William B Phillips and William H Rockfellow desendants.Charles W Phillips and Dreamland Park. Gold mining, Pioneers, Rockefeller. Oregon Trail, Walla Walla WA. Seven generations of Phillips. Photos Stories date line lists.
Families in America of Evilsizer, Evilsizor, Evelsizer, Evensizer, Evansizer, Ebelsheiser, Uebelshauser. Familes from OH, IL, IN, MO, MI, IA, TN, WV, MN and many more. I also have over 100 books and CD's available for free look-ups.
Evilsizer-Evilsizor Family in America
Database contains over 25000 Evilsizer descendants.
Eychner Genealogy
Eychner Genealogy
Fallen Leaf
Surnames HOPKINS (W. Sussex, England and USA), associated lines. Hopkins Family Research Newsletter information and complimentary copies. MACKENZIE(PEI, Canada). CLEVELAND AND HOWARD (Tennessee, MO, CA). GEDCOMS available.
Zmijewski, Cichecki, Pazik, Pawlowski and more.
Família "Mittelmann"
Site da pesquisa genealógica da família "Mittelmann"
Familia Charters dAzevedo
Description of the Charters dAzevedo family and its history, starting at XVIII century at Leiria, Portugal.
Familia Charters dAzevedo
Site of the Charters dAzevedo Family, from Leiria (Portugal)
Familia Cortez
Repository for the history of the Cortez Family and all other families that are now linked into it via birth, marriage and adoption
Familia EdgarKhan
A big family tree of EdgarKhan. Places: France, Italy, Colombia, Italy, USA, Spain, Peru, Brasil Actually contains 1500 people
Familia Guidobono
Genealogical tree of Guidobonos family
Familia LLoves - genealogía
Genealogía de la Familia LLoves en España y América. Apellidos LLoves, Romero, Puente, Novoa, Jorreto, Cid, Otero, Moratinos.
Familia Melo Banha
Familia Veronese
Familie Boslooper
The site have four descendant /pedigree files. The story is for the moment in Dutch, later in English
Familie Kammermann
Ancestors and descendants of the Kammermann Family from Canton Bern, Switzerland. The villages of Bowil, Eggiwil,and Guggisberg. Celebrating the beauty, villages, and people of Switzerland and the United States.
Familie-archief Ten Koppel / Tekoppel / Koppelman
Families Ten Koppel, Tenkoppel, Te Koppel, Tekoppel, Te Koppele, Koppelman.
Familierelaties van Wim Gribnau & Myrna Bischot
Families of Southern Louisiana
This website includes the following families: LeRay, Barbier, Guillot, Vedros, Clause, LaGarde, Delaune, Toups, Allemand, Boudreaux, Arseneaux, Caillouet, Bourgeois, Casey, Poche & many other family names.
Familiewebblad VAN COILGE
All branches VanCoillie, VanCaillie &c. unified in one big family tree with roots in Flanders (1453). Also pages with family history and documents.
Famille Huguenin-Baldou
Histoire et généalogie des familles Huguenin, Baldou et des familles alliées ou parentes.
Famille le Bussy et Famille de Waha
The genealogy of the families le Bussy & de Waha from Carolus Magnus to 2006
Family & ancestors of Sydney Allen & Eliza Hoy
Family and ancestors of Sydney Herbert Allen and Eliza Hoy
Family Adrian-Picard from Lorraine, France
Find here about 300 ancestors of the family Adrian-Picard from Lorraine (France)
Family Ancestors
These are the families of Frost, Smith, Luff, Braithwaite, Cadman, Newton, King, Davies, Roberts, Hill, Coulbeck, Figg and many of their sidelines.
Family Beijer from the islands of south holland, Netherlands
all about the Beijer family from the South Holland islands Voorne, Putten en Rozenburg from 1630 up till now
Family Bracquiné - Belgium
Genealogy of the Bracquiné family in Belgium.
Family clans of Sylvianne ( Forsythe) Penner
The family branches for Sylvianne Forsythe-Penner includes Coxfords, Forsythes of Pakenham, Ont., Drysdales,of Lanark and Simcoe counties, Ont. Moores, of North America, Moultons, of Mass and Vermont, Materis ,& Ripplingers, of North America
Family Connection - Thompson Stalteri Scanlon Walts
Thompson, Stalteri, Scanlon and Walts families.
Family Connections
Family Connections is a site containing more than 1000 surnames and where to find more information on those surnames, as well as general genealogy how-to's and help
Family Delbeuck
Genealogy surname Delbeuck
family Ernst Wilson
It's the website from the descendant Jeanette Wilson and Johannes Ernst(Fransz). Also the descendant from Frans Klaassen,Maarten Roon,Wouter van der Vlugt, Jan de Winter, Theunis Does, Gerritje Durge, Esau Senduk, Harry de Bruijn, Evert van de Kasteele Mostly living in the Netherlands, Indonesia in the 20e. When ever you like information about a surname please contact me at In joy waiting the website.
Family Genealogy
My site holds genealogy for surnames of Clemons, Fenner, Hall, Rising, including additional surnames of the family. It also has small portion of the German unit book called HETRINA concerning hessian soldiers.
Family genealogy
Horton, Walton, Davis, Hennegan, Hall, Gehres, Stegner, Garner, Libby, Chandler and more.
Family Genealogy for James and Ellen Kraft
This a family genealogy website for the families of James KRAFT and Ellen GIGGLEMAN Kraft.
Family Genealogy of Larkey, Goddard, Huff, and Mozingo
Family Genealogy of Larkey, Goddard, Huff, and Mozingo. Family trees and narrative summaries available in Microsoft word documents.
Family Geneology Research Stanley, Sayre, Davis
Researching families of Davis, Stanley, Sayre, Hawthorne, West, Ansley, Hardy and more.
Family Generations
Searchable Family Tree of the Hall & Brumfield families plus other interesting family information.
Family History
KILGORE Family History, Georgia: Monroe, Spalding, Fayette, Butts, and Clayton Counties
family history of katrein
family history of katrein,kathrein,kathrine,katrien,kleemann,meterle,ruzitska,ruzicska,faunce,french,bajorek,michienzi,brohman,warner,schaffner,wilson and Mayflower II connection.
Family history of Peter Kannegaard with lineages from Denmark and America
This homepage contains informations about the Kannegaard family tree in Denmark and America and usefull links
Family History of Roger Williams
Research on New Zealand and European families, including WILLIAMS, JERUSALEM (ex. Germany, surname changed to WILLIAMS in New Zealand ca. 1920), WILDBORE (incl. *all* New Zealand relations), DALLISON, MORRIS, HARKOM, GLOVER, WITT, CUMMERFORD.
Family History of Stuart Johnstone and Nicola Lindo
The family tree of Stuart Johnstone (ancestors from the North East of England, Scotland, and Ireland), and Nicola Lindo (ancestors from London and Devon)
Family history of William Joseph Little
Family history of William Joseph Little from 1771 SC to 1856 GA, and 460 pages of decendant information.
Family Trees, and Descendant Charts of the main names occurring in both mine and my wife's Family History plus details of old Cakebread families in the English Midlands. Names include Cakebread, Howe, Nicholls, Ison, Harrison, Cort, Barr, West, Blackford, Gregory, Maltby,Cookson, Cross, Ferrie
Family Hofmann
Family Hofmann
Family Knechtel - Knechtl - Knegtel and other spellingvariants
On this site you'll find the descendants of the family Knechtel von Ruffach in the Alsace (11th century). You 'll find more than 3000 Knechtel's, 353 Knegtel's (the Netherlands and Belgium), 458 Knechtli's (Switserland) 117 Knechtly's (Switserland + USA), 160 Knechtle's, 130 Knechtl (Austria), 35 Knehtl (Slovenia), 395 Knechel (USA) and other name changes. Depending on the region the namechanged in the spelling.
Family of Marcus Boyd
Information on the Boyd, Addison, Whited, Wilson, Phipps, Dye, Bowling, Williams, Clapp, Dunford, Ball, Hess, Plaster, Fletcher, Casey, Dixon, Osborne, Patterson, Peery, Crockett, Gillespie, Helton, Belcher, Elswick and other related families from Russell, Tazewell, Smyth, Buchanan, Grayson, Washington County, VA, Johnson County, TN, Alamance, Ashe and Alleghany Co., NC.
Family of Marcus Boyd - Boyd Addison Whited Wilson Dye Phipps Hess Belcher
This is my family genealogy research project. It contains information pertaining to the Boyd, Addison, Whited, Dye, Casey, Hess, Wilson, Williams, Clapp, Phipps, Helton, Gillespie, Crockett, Elswick, Fletcher, Johnson, Belcher, Bowen, Ball, Patrick, Dixon, Osborne, Dunford and related families. Most of these families are in and from Russell, Tazewell, Smyth, Buchanan and Washington Counties in Southwest Virginia.
Family Of Michigan
My site contains my family tree, that is continuously being updated. Surnames containing Jordan, Keller, Shafer, Randol, and many more. If you find any connections, email me!
Family of Petri Zeimet & Magdalena Loch
Family of Petri Zeimet (1757-1839)& Magdalena Loch (1759-1830) Zerf Prussia-Germany to Wisconsin USA
family of Simon E. Lewis
i am a decendant of Simon E.Lewis.have decendants 5 generations.and all other relations to that maiden name is Lewis.check and see if your related.Mary"Lewis"Hallmark.
Family of William Normand Ryan
Humphries, Duke and related families in Caldwell Parish. A lot of my information was gathered from relatives in 1965, other information has come from court records and internet "cousins" in the 1990's.
Family Page to Wollschlaeger Name
Here you can find out more about the Familyname Wollschlaeger und the Familys all over the world.
This home page charts the ancestors of Klaus Koeppe and his wife Alma Heinrichsdorff back to the XVIth generation, in addition all relatives may be found here. - Reserching areas are primary Germany (Bremen, Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Baden-Wuerttemberg and East Frisia).
Family Roots
Family Roots 2
Descendents of Henry Hollingsworth, Charles Coulter, Simeon Dunn and Hiram G. Henslee.
Family Then and Now
The Family Then and Now website seeks to provide historical information about and links between various family members past and present - starting with the Attebery - Baxter - Boyd - Moore family lines of NE Arkansas and SE Missouri around 1900 and expanding out.
Family Ties and Other Twigs & Branches
Genealogy research.
Family Treasures
Ancestral search for information about the Purvis, Williamson, Hayes, Hand, Munn, Gill and Barringer families in Georgia, South Carolina, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania
Family Tree
Genealogy of the TAYLOR/LAIT and REEDS/HOWE Families in England and some in Australia.
Family tree + genealogy page from Philippe Caviezel
Data mainly about the families Caviezel and Camenisch. I am searching for more information about descendants from immigrants from Switzerland.
Family Tree Charts
Maker of large format (36"x48") paper family tree charts from gedcom files.
Family Tree Charts and Photos
My Genealogy/Family Tree expressed in my homemade charts and photos.
family tree corinne spencer-mcdonnell
a family of 6 families in website, from Barrow, alaska to canada to Ireland to Denmark to Pennsylvania. dated from 1066AD-2004. Inupiat, Enlish, Irish, Italian, Hungary, Austria. This is a huge website of my family.
Family Tree Database
A searchable family tree database including census info, full individual deatils and document transcriptions. Surnames include Morgan, Calnan, Greenshields, Dean, Oxley, Mason, Beardsall, Martin, Langdon, Butler, Standen
Family Tree for Calladine/Uter/Small/Kruck/Olschewski/Hecht
Family Tree for Calladine/Uter/Small/Kruck/Olschewski/Hecht
Family Tree for Knute Snortum
My descendants, both on my fathers side (Snortum) and mothers side (Weiss to Bach)
Family Tree Maker Burke County, NC Carswells
This is a good site. There is a family tree in it for the Burke County Carswells. Very good information...
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: "The Steve Riddle Family Home Page"
I am related to FOUR different families that came over on the Mayflower in 1620, both "John Howland", "John Alden", "Edward Fuller" and "John Tilley". Go to the Bottom and click on "Desecents of John Howland" (He came across on the Mayflower in 1620) Also I have listed, "John Alden" who also I am related too. Check out the "FULL DETAILED" versions. My Genealogy is John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley, Desire Howland & John Gorham, Mercy Gorham & George Denison, Samuel Denison & Mary Lay Miner, Sarah Denison & William Babcock, Sarah Babcock & George Irish, Rebecca Irish & Charles Bowler, William Davis Bowler & Nancy Coon, Prudence C. Bowler & Elijah Homes Coon, Julius Jerome Coon & Nance Wade, Julia Jay Coon & Edward Newton Riddle, Julius Newton Riddle & Mary Christine Clemens, Edward Newton Riddle & Marilyn Dunlop (my parents) and then ME- Steven Edward Riddle
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: CASH and Allied Families - from Scotland, Ireland and Sweden
Homepage of Patricia Adams with information from Malcolm I of Scotland to the present. Surnames of CASH, ENGLUND, HARNED, LOCKEN, PACE and more.
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: HAMMOND BOWMAN RHODES GENEALOGIES
HAMMON/D/S and allied families Eng>VA>NC>TN>MS>AR>TX>OK; BOWMAN and allied families Eng>NH>ME, with southern maternal lines in AL>FL BRADLEY,LISTER,CARDENAS. RHODES and allied lines VA>PA>OH>IN>IL.
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The David Washington Family Home Page
Family Treemaker website of the Washington family. This web site dates back to 1758 to the birth of Robert Beverly Washington.
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The Kruse Home Page
The ancestory of Michael Kruse. Many lines go back to Plymouth and the MA Bay Colony. Some southern Genealogy as well. Halfords from the Carolinas is a major research focus.
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The PARKER * MCCARY Home Page
Our page lists all my husband's(MCCARY) and my(PARKER)surnames, dates and places. The first four ancestor charts start with our parents and go back as far as we know. The last chart lists our granddaughter's (Kaylie Alyssa LEAL) ancestors. Contact us if you think we match! THANKS!
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The Robert McClure/Giaoque/Anderson/Consaulus Home Page
A family tree for the families listed above - Robert,Lewis, David McClure; Giaoque (Swiss -to Ohio), Jacob Wigle Anderson, William Hollis Anderson, and the Manuel Gunsaules/Consaulus/Johannes or John Consaul lines of my family.
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The Sackett/Joel Ball/Beeken/Striker + Families Home Page
This site contains the major branches of my genealogy work, including the following surnames: (Jospeh) SACKETT, (Joel) BALL, (Hector) BEEKEN, (Hugh) STRIKER, (Fredrick) HELDT, (Andrew) SANDERS and many others.
family tree makers home page
covers surnames in my line of: Gregory, Lane, Pinson, Thomas, Brumley, Finney, Wells, Lee, Jacobs, Thompson, Barecock, Dickens, Hughett, Surratt, Cock/Cox,Kaiser, Schneider, Krentz, Wolfe, Sattler.
Family Tree of Robert P. Murray
Genealogical database, photos, letters, etc. focusing on the names: Bates, Blackwell, Creed, Murray, Prince, and many more.
Family Tree of Samuel H. Farnsworth
Shows the Family Tree of Samuel H. Farnsworth born abt. 1788 in Vermont and died 1/14/1851 in Racine, Wisconsin.
Family tree of the Family Maitz/Scherer in Bruckmühl
Family chronicle of the family Maitz, Scherer with further names Däubler, Reinlein and Reuß in Germany and Austria
Family Tree Searcher
Enter your genealogy information just once to search your ancestry at multiple online genealogy databases. This free service will create optimal searches based on your data. This site also includes hints for searching family history online.
Family Tree Van Ee and Houthuijs family
Information about the Van Ee and Houthuijs family.
Family Tree, Stroud/Enyart lines
Contains Trees for Stroud, Merritt, Howard, Enyart, Ford, Happe, Carter, Franklin, Loving, Baker, Strickland etc.
Family tree: Bertke, van Lier, Wolschrijn, Zwartjes
stamboom van de familie Bertke, van Lier, Wolschrijn en Zwartjes
Family Trees & Links
Our family tree and links pages. We currently have 3 connected sites with "Trees" you can surf thru. Over 8,500 individuals listed!! and other important links such as "cousins" links. Major surnames include: Adams, Arnold, Ball, Banke, Barnard, Chinn, Dane, Dearborn, Dillard, Faulkner, Hanning, Junken, Marble, McQuillan, Raine, Richardson, Riess, Schmidtlein, Smithline, Wyman (too many more to list)
Family Workings
Family Workings, a genealogy website helping researchers since 1997. Help, gedcom files, live chat!
Family-/Surname Research & Int. HEINRICHSDORFF-archive
Research for all persons named HEINRICHSDORFF / HEINRICHSDORF(F), incl. ancestors and descendents.
Family-/Surname Research Koeppe & Int. KOEPPE-archive
Research for all persons named Köppe (Koeppe), incl. ancestors and descendents.
FamilyHart Database
Pennsylvania Dutch database with over 168,000 linked names. German, Swiss and PA families. Germany, Switzerland. Hartman, Glattfelder, Glotfelty, Shirk, Sherk, Hildebrand, Hershey, Clodfelter, Glatfelter, Myers, Schisler, Gotshall, Hollinger, Stauffer, Sturm, Meyer, Negley, Poorman, Kaufman, Trimmer, Deardorff, Dierdorff, Ensminger.
FamilyHart Database - over 200,000 names online
Over 200,000 linked names online, mostly Pennsylvania Dutch.
FamilyHart Pennsylvania Dutch Online Database
Over 405,000 linked names online
Familypage FUHRMANN
genealogical homepage of the Fuhrmann-family and some related families in German, English and Dutch. Mainpages for ancestry and descendancy: Fuhrmann, Schaefer, Bootsma, Simon, Bruchhauser/Brookhiser/Brookhouser, Buenz, Maass, Pfarrherr
RALPH/LEIGH/CROY/BRANHAM/SULLIVAN/WATSON~Many other family trees. And information.
A family site: Past& Present. Prominent surnames: Barlow, Duncan,Jones,Kniffen,Nightingale,Sackville,Stewart, Watson
My website has as major families: Barlow, Brandolino, Duncan, Greenrock, Jones, Kniffen, Kracklow, Nightingale, Reiher,Sackville, Stewart, Watson. Come and visit w/o popup's...
Includes over 50 Family Group Sheets, over 40 Descendant Trees, Will Transcriptions, over 40 Ancestor Charts. Surnames: Frasier, Weir, Haynie, Smith, Budd, Boatwright, Joiner, Prescott, Peterson, Brasher, Patterson, many more.
Familytree Heritage Library
The Familytree Heritage Library provides my related family members with the means to share and exchange family genealogy information, including family records, documents and photographs.
Faris History
Faris History shows William Faris and Dorothea Johnson from Ireland to Virginia, now West Virginia, and their descendants.
Farmer Family Tree
It is the intention of this web page to gather information from any and all sources, that will assist in uncovering the early years (pre 1790) of the Farmer family in Somerset, England. We would also be interested in reviewing any information pertaining to the Somerset branch of the family from 1900 to present.
genealogy site for the Davidson,Davidsen,Reykdal,Gudmundsson families. Family roots from the Faroe Islands and Iceland
Farr and Webb Genealogies
This web site deals with the genealogies of the Farr, Webb, Lansing, Beckett, Bowen and Krasting families.
Farr, Smith, Davis, Abbott Family Web Site
I am trying to put together my family tree, so far as I can tell the Farr's started from England and the Smith's from Germany. The Davis' and Abbotts I know some are from Kanasa and Kentucky area, but I am still searching
Farrell, Murray, Veator, Richards, Abner
Farrell, Abner, Murray, Richards, Veator, Fort Bragg, CA. Mendocino, Co. Compiled by Mike Farrell
Farris Family Tree 2002
Family tree with surnames Farris Rizor Murphy Johnston Walker Mostly of Missouri
Fegan (Fagan) Family
Fegan family of Franklin Co., Pennsylvania
Felders Web Site
a site about Felder in SC from Swiss to Carolina
Feldman and Related Families
Site contains information on my Feldman family and related families. The major surnames include Feldman, Colvin, Vest, Tonkinson, Key, Rosemeyer, Miller, Sinor, Kluesner, Thacker, Patton, Hampton, Boone, Stills, Gray, Flack, Bernhardt, Critchfield, Morgan, Cotton, Mangum, May, Gabehart, Wiatt, Dröge, Myers, Imboden, Ensminger.
Feldman and Related Families
Site contains information on my Feldman family and related families. The major surnames include Feldman, Colvin, Vest, Tonkinson, Key, Rosemeyer, Miller, Sinor, Kluesner, Thacker, Patton, Hampton, Boone, Stills, Gray, Flack, Bernhardt, Critchfield, Morgan, Cotton, Mangum, May, Gabehart, Wiatt, Dröge, Myers, Imboden, Ensminger.
Feldman Family Tree
I am working on collecting as much information as I can on any Feldman(n) descendants as I can. This does not mean they are related, just that they share the similar last names.
A project currently running on FamilyTreeDNA and Sorenson Molecular Genealogical Foundation to establish FELSTEAD lineages by DNA testing. Also includes variants such as FELSTED,FILSTEAD,FALSTED and many more
Fennema & Postma Family History
Fennema, Postma, van der Bij, and van der Velde descendant and ancestor family trees
Fennema, Postma, van der Bij, and van der Velde Genealogy
Fennema, Postma, van der Bij, Velde, Heide, van Dekken, Systma, and Kooistra Trees. Descendants and Ancestors.
Ferdinand and Ferdinando Surname Family History
A resource for those researching the Ferdinand and Ferdinando surnames generally in the United Kingdom.
Ferguson Family History in Wisconsin
This site has been created to share, find and document the history of the Ferguson family that came to settle in Wisconsin.
Ferguson, Forrest, Allen, Harding, Chetwood, Tryon, etc, Back to 800 AD
Long family tree branches for Ferguson, Forrest, Allen, Harding, Chetwood, Tryon, etc, Back to 800 AD.
Ferguson, Merryman, Watson, Smith Genealogy Page
The Fergusons I am researching were found in MS in the 1800s & I believe LA further back. Some names are Andrew Jackson Ferguson, Elizabeth Redden, possibly William Ferguson & his descendants & others in & around Carroll County, MS.
Ffootsteps Through Time
Footprints Through Time is the story of my ancestors, down through the ages, from the myths and legends of the Vikngs to my grandchildren, the latest generation in America.
Ficenec Family Genealogy
The family name "Ficenec" is a fairly unique name, both in its fatherland of Bohemia and in the rest of the world. To date, weve identified only 75 families worldwide with this surname...
Field Family
Field (Fields) family from Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania to Rowan (later Guilford) Co., North Carolina
Fincher Family Genealogy Website
Fincher Family Genealogy from Francis Fincher down several Generations. You are in there, so come join us
First visit our Family Tree
This site is in it beginning stages and includes several surnames: Jones, Nichols, Wallace, Berger, Crabtree, Lyon, Heffner and more
Fish - Kidwell Family Roots
This is my personal family tree. Surnames include: Fish, Kidwell, Barnett, Brummett, Wolfe, Dalton, Coffey, Pruitt, Stevens, and many others.
Flanagan and Baverstock Families
References to some BARR, BAVERSTOCK, FLANAGAN, SHILLCOCK, MORRIS, BARNES, JOHNSTONE, TARRANT, TIMMS, GILES, LATCHFORD, LEARLS, DALEY, KELLEHER and GRIFFITHS names plus some baptisms, marriages and burials from St. John, Fulham, London 1885-8. Plus photographs of misc. churches and photographs of individuals from the late victorian period to the present day.
Fleshman Roots
Fleshman,Fleischmann,Familys of Greenbrier,WVA from 1677 to present.Death,Marriage,Military,Photos, Documents
florida for good
Carroll, Greene, Kirkland, and Richardson families of Nassau and Baker counties in Florida, USA from c. 1800 to 1920.
Flowers Family Tree
My Flowers family VA.>TN.
Floyd Long You are No.footnotes
Internet family tree with pictures and biographies. Surnames include: Foot, Foote, Darrah, Dorrah, Roof, Myhre, O'Donnell, Hill, Stewart, Cleary, Normile, Lunde, Lund, etc.
Footsteps Of The Past
My family heritage of Albert, Atwood, Blizzard, Bailey, Davison, Drury, Furrow, Jefford, Lyons, McCoy, Nichols, Pichon, Rusmisel, Schneider, Van Vickle, White, Wiles, Wolfe. This is a work in progress so not all families may be up yet.
Footsteps to Michael Harding
My Site covers many families and regions of the United States. My surnames: Harding, Bowles, Page, Hoskins, Haskins, Carver, Whitlow, Hughes, Jones, Curd, Stokes, Edmison, Clemens, Clemans, Clemons, Clemmons, Harsh, Van Sickle and many, many more.
Foppes Arendz voorouders
Foppes and Arendz ancestors from Friesland and Groningen. Common surnames: Leistra, Roemeling, Arendz, Frieswijk Foppes, van der Werf, Oyer, de Boer, Postma, Kliphuis, Ayamuang, Hoekstra, van der Wal,Bouma, Pentermann, Zandstra, Mulder, Korthuis, Veenstra, Boersma and Hiemstra.
Forest For The Trees
The families of Todd Auvil of Michigan and Jolene Uyehara of Hawaii which include AhNee, Auvil, Bernard, Chong, Davis, Harsh, Harter, Hepding, Ilalaole, Mahuiki, Maka, Naehu, Pa, Rhein, Skonieczny, Tanigawa, Uyehara, Yerker.
Forget Me Not
My husband and I are both researching our families' roots. Our main surname interests include: Braun, Brownback, Canfield, DeVitis, Galus, Graham, Fruechte, Humphreys, Kudron, Paprocki, Sandlier, Santoleri, Sandelier, Sandler, Showalter, Thomas, Wiegrefe, Zach from Nebraska, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Forget Me Not - Chapter 2
We are Bruce and Marge Galus Sandlier, interested in programming and genealogy. Bruce's main genealogy surnames include: BROWNBACK, DeVITIS, GRAHAM, HUMPHREYS, SANTOLERI / SANDELIER, SHOWALTER -- all from the Pennsylvania & New Jersey area. Marge's surnames include: GALUS, BRAUN, KUDRON, PAPROCKI, THOMAS, ZACH, who settled in the Platte and Nance counties area of Nebraska.
Forget Me Not - Our Genealogy
We are Bruce and Marge Galus Sandlier, interested in programming and genealogy. Bruce's main genealogy surnames include: BROWNBACK, DeVITIS, GRAHAM, HUMPHREYS, SANTOLERI / SANDELIER, SHOWALTER -- all from the Pennsylvania & New Jersey area. Marge's surnames include: GALUS, BRAUN, KUDRON, PAPROCKI, THOMAS, ZACH, who settled in the Platte and Nance counties area of Nebraska.
Forget Me Not II
My husband and I are both researching our families' roots. Our main surname interests include: Braun, Brownback, Canfield, DeVitis, Galus, Graham, Fruechte, Humphreys, Kudron, Paprocki, Sandlier, Santoleri, Sandelier, Sandler, Showalter, Thomas, Wiegrefe, Zach from Nebraska, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Fornof Family Web Site
Family Genealogical web site of the descendants Adam and Inez Fornof including Fornof, Bartlett, Thompson, Martin, Knapp, Blackburn, Taylor, Gilmore, Baker
Forrest family Glasgow Scotland and connected families. Other surnames: Borthwick, Rooney, Anderson, Fortune, Barker, Sives, Rochead, Roughead, Rouchead
Fortier & Mitchell Family Index
This index lists the ancestral relatives of the Fortier and Mitchell Family, with links to individual pedigree charts and associated notes, records and photographs. A unique chart presentation outlines each descendancy making it easy to visualize extended family connections. Accuracy is the goal; input and corrections are welcomed and acknowledged.
Foster from S. C. to Alabama over to Miss, and now Yell Co, Arkansas
Foster came from 1801 S.C into Ala 1830's into Miss 1845 to 1882 into Yell County, Arkansas, Searching Foster, Mckenzie, Davis, Sullivan, Grizzle, Douglas, Murphree, Bynum, Ray, Ballanger.
Fournier Web Site
Fournier Family Genealogy with related surnames of Guay, Prairie, Jones and Shearron
Foy Family History Home Page
Foy, Wheatley, Hunn, Brazil, Brinkman, Walser, Graham, McGarrah, Fojtik, many more names in the Foy Family History
Fragstein Family Web Page
Fragstein, Fragstein-Niemsdorff, Schlesien, Winzermesser,Genealogy, Wappen, Nimsdorff,Glogowek,freiherr,coat-of-arms, gedcom,roots,
Frank Family
Family history of Frank Family and the Campbells and Yocums of Pennsylvania
Frank family - Denmark
On my homepage you can find information about the Frank family in Denmark, who are descendants from the German emigrants who came to Viborg in Denmark in 1761. Note that family information is only available in Danish.
FRANK Genealogy of New York
A FRANK family from Germany that came over in the mid 1700's through Philadelphia, PA and then to Mohawk Valley of New York(Herkimer County). Family then moved to Cattaraugus county, NY in 1816.
FRANK Genealogy of New York
This is my FRANK family that immigrated from Germany to America about 1740 landing at the Port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Henry Frank(1725-1790), my 5th Great-Grandfather, and at least one brother, Christopher, came and are suspected to have originally settled at a location fifty miles north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Frank's Home Page
Family Tree Page that links hundreds of families. Hughes, Hillman, Lagger, Zachmann, McKillop and many many more
Franks Family Tree
Franks Family Tree -Information And History
Franks/Franke/Frankes/Frank Family Tree
Franks Family Tree by Reg Franks
This site contains the family history and relations of Fraser Hamilton and his wife Anne Prentice Christie.It goes back to about 1700.Mostly Scottish.
Fred Schadrack's Web Site
This site is designed to present available information on the SCHADRACK family in the US and on its European ancestors. It also points out gaps and inconsistencies in the record and the need for additional research about our European ancestors.
Frederick Legg ancestors from Isles of Scilly
Ancestors of Frederick Legg from the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, England.
Free pedigree charts
Free pedigree charts, many different types.
Frelick-Wile Genealogy
Frelick-Wile genealogy
French Canadian Family History
Genealogical Research ,French Canadian,Sample Book
Friesen Genealogy
The ancestry and descendants of Peter K. Friesen and Marie Esau.
From Antrim to Tazewell
1700 names. Blair, Greengard, Hughes and all of my relatives.
Researching BUCHAL,HILLER,HILTON,MASSEY,RICHARDSON,RIEGER,THOMPSON, WELBORN and YOUNGER, these are just some of the branches in my Tree.
From Cross To Wood Of Texas
This is a collection of my family for anyone wishing to enjoy. I wish to thank everyone for all of their help and would like any information that can be added.
FULTON MOTT MANN REEVES EDGAR WILSON BULINSKY Family trees Mostly Pennsylvania & New Jersey areas
Fulmer-Gamez Genealogy
Genealogy of Fulmer/Sanders etc. of Pennsylvania and Gamez/Villarreal of Texas and Nuevo Leon
FULTON / WILSON homepage
FULTON family from Tyrone Co. Ireland to PA & NJ WILSON family from Alabama MOTT family from Phila., PA REEVES family from N.J.
Fun Stuff For Genealogists, Inc.
Over 500 Fun and Useful items for the genealogist, including lots of beautiful pedigree charts, T-shirts, mugs, magnifiers, maps, embroidered shirts, clip art, baby bibs and shirts, jewelry, lots of novelties!
Furnée Family
Genealogy of the Furnée-family
G.E. Mottice & B.V. Elliott Family Histories
Site contains histories of Grant Mottice family of OH and Bernard Elliott family of WV back about 4 generations until the late 1700s. Includes, documents, photos, photo galleries, histories, and genealogies of these and related families.
Gail B Gregson Connections
This is the pedigree and connections of Gail B Gregson/Beauchemin to the Weaton and Crandall families. Also of Beauchemin family for my son, Kyle E Beauchemin.
Gaither Family
Gaither family from Virginia to Anne Arundel and Frederick (later Montgomery) Cos., Maryland to Rowan (later Davie) Cos., North Carolina
Galezniak / Gowisnok Family Tree of Swoyersville, Pennsylvania
This website includes a family tree, photos and information about my family. The site is constantly being changed as I learn more information. There are over 100 people listed.
Gallagher Ancestors
My Gallagher Ancestors from Co Donegal Ireland dating 1800 to the present.
Gallear Family Name Research Site
If you are researching the the Gallear name then this is the site for you, send me your Gedcom file to be included on this site
Gallery of ancestral portraits of the family G. Staudt
Gallery of ancestral portraits of the family G. Staudt. A page in german and english.
Frances Lysaighth Gallery and Johanna McGrath from Ireland and their Iowa descendants
Gardener Family Website - Australia
Researching the GARDENER family in Australia & beyond.
Garmston Family
All things connected to the Garmston family.
Research on my maternal and paternal lines. Including the name Garrett, Harbison, McDonald, Hayes, Graham and many others.
Garrison family from Cayuga Co., New York (NY) to Richland Co., Ohio (OH) to Whitley Co., Indiana (IN)
Gary Scott Collins's ancestry file and related family archives
Ancestry file and related documents and photos. Surnames by frequency: Collins, Smithson, Furman, Dickerson, Bransford, Lake, Adams, Chamberlain, Steelman, Scull, Miller, Davis, Lippincott, Hatchett, Sooy, Crichton, Smith, English, Webb, French, Ingersoll, Leeds, Clark, Somers, Woodson, Patteson, Ireland, Allen, Hatcher, Blackman, Butler, Taylor, Carnefix, Todd, Hays, Albertson, Garwood, Buckman, Holsapple...
Gary's Genealogy
Genealogy of FERGUSON, HARDY, HARRIS, MURRELL, ORCHARD, WEBB, and associated surnames.
Gary's Genealogy Page
Information on the followin names - McEnery, Dieckow, Schievelbein, Hutches, Parson, Sulzberger, Olivier, Pitser, Gearheard.
Gedcom Index
Town-by-town index to genealogy entries on thousands of GEDCOM files published on other sites.
Gemberling Ancestry
This is a list of the descendants of John Jacob Gemberling and Catherine Wolfensberger
GenAttic - Cheryl Freeman's Genealogy
Surnames researched include Bell, Brown, Burkey, Cox, Ess, Fletcher, Freeman, Jones, Junkins/Junkin, Moberly/Mobley, Nave, Pollard, Shields, Turner, Vaughn/Vaughan, Young. Locations of primary interest are Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Site includes narratives and charts.
Ancestors and relatives of Ray and Ann (McKinney) Bowler
My family includes Gard, Meddaugh, Haycock, Stanley, Woodard, Webb, Brown, Johnston, Gibson and more to come.
Genea Calaça
Página Genealógica da Família de Edmar Antonio Calaça
Genea Calaça
Site da Genealogia da Família de Edmar Antonio Calaça a partir da Cidade de Catalão Estado de Goias Brasil
Genealand , Stambomen van Nederland
Genealogia da Familia SILVEIRA (Jeremias)
Descententes de Jeremias José da Silveira, povoadores do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Esta família SILVEIRA é de origem Açoriana que imigraram em 1750.
Genealogía de las familias ALLOA y ALANDA
Genealogia Familiar
Basado en el trabajo de investigación genealógica que ocupó durante treinta años a mi abuelo Carlos Ibarguren Aguirre, este sitio pretende poner el mismo a disposición de mis parientes Ibarguren, Aguirre, Lynch, Uriburu y tantos más.
Genealogia Mayagoitia
Genealogy Mayagoitia family tree; descendants of Jose Maria Mayagoitia
Genealogical data and history of 1820 Settler Brutons in South Africa
The site contains genealogical data and history of 1820 Settler Brutons in South Africa and is structured to expand constantly as more data, photographs and family stories/history are submitted to Dr Neal Bruton at
Genealogical material on family surnames Dougherty, Garrett, Montgo
Surnames, Garrett, Dougherty, Staples, Montgomery, Firla, Kenemer, Bearden, Russell.
Genealogical research in the Netherlands and Germany
GENEALOGIE Jos DESAEVER en foto's van reizen in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia (
Genaelogy familie Desaever. Reisfoto's Cambodia (cambodja), Laos, Vietnam, Angkor (Ankor. Oostkamp, Brugge
A site in Dutch with genealogical information on more than 12.000 persons, still growing, with an indexlist of all surnames. Names most shown Beerendonk, Bronner, Horst ter, Kleijs, Klijs, Onderdelinden, Ottenhof, Overweel, Reijerkerk and Rijerkerk.
genealogie Beernaert
Genealogies of families Beernaert, Bernaert, … and related families. They all have their roots in West Flanders, Belgium, or are related to that region. With a part on emigrated families from West-Flanders, Belgium.
genealogie Bennink
Pedigree and genealogy Bennink with ancestor chart
Généalogie CARTAIL
Genealogie Cock en Marij Rijerkerk
A site with more than 75.000 persons, with all genealogical information, mostly in The Netherlands. Many familynames, including Rijerkerk/Reijerkerk, Overweel, Onderdelinden, Ter Horst, Bronner, Kleijs, Beerendonk, Ottenhof and many more.
Family genealogy in France
généalogie de Alain Carayon
My genealogy,from Vosges, moselle, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Haute-Marne, Tarn, Herault, Creuse, Isere.
Généalogie de Jean-Jacques Kurowski
genealogy of Jean-Jacques Kurowski, between France and Poland
genealogie familie Waij
family waij
Genealogie from the families Smits Schaaf Visser en Kruiswijk
Genealogie and family tree from the families Smits Schaaf Visser en Kruiswijk in the Netherlands
Genealogie Hesselink
>6000 names in searchable GED2WWW file. Mainly The Netherlands. Varsseveld Prae 1723 Page. Separate file of about 2000 persons with the name Hesselink, Hesseling, Hesselingh, etc.
Genealogie Keller, Christ, Steinam, Wahler, Margraf, Hinterland
genealogie oldenburg
genealogy family oldenburg from the Netherlands
Genealogie pagina van Willem Petrus JANSEN
Family names:Jansen, Bos(ch), van Vulpen, Pronk, Haasnoot, Verloop, van Duyvenbode, Roodhuijzen, Stork, van der Meij, Kloosterman, Mets, Cardinaal, Vooijs, Karsenbarg en Bonk.
Genealogie van de familie Palsgraaf en Dijkstra
Illustrated Familytree in English with photo's and pictures of Dutch city's of the Dutch family's PALSGRAAF, DIJKSTRA, STOPPELENBURG and the BLASCHKE - family from the Czech Republic. Also the Genealogy of these 4 families in Dutch ( Text only )
Genealogie van der Ley
Families van der Ley, van der Veen, Riemersma, van der Meer en vele anderen.
genealogie van janssen
familie janssen, vervoort, franken, behet, vermaeten, moermans, cuijck, rijswijck enz allen uit noord limburg
Genealogie Van Loon
Afstammelingen van Dirk van Loon uit 's-Gravenmoer en omgeving.
Genealogie van Luttikhuizen
Genealogie of the dutch family van Luttikhuizen and many more!
Genealogie/Genealogy Bronner
Genealogie/Genealogy Kleijs/Kleis
Genealogie/Genealogy Overweel
Genealogie/Genealogy Rijerkerk/Reijerkerk
STALEY,MORTIMER,CHRIST,WORKMAN,HARRIS,LIVINGSTON,WILSON, HUPTON and HAYWARD genealogy with links and references to Hundreds of Surnames!
Genealogies of FISKE, BIGELOW and other families
Genealogies of Fiske, Bigelow, Barker and other families from the United States, Canada and England
Genealogies of Varga, Toth, Goodman, Lofgreen, Pederson, McRae, Price, and
Ancestry of many families in ahnetafel format listed with some sources.Taylor, Fitzgerald, Evans,Pederson, Morse
Genealogische Daten zur Familienforschung des Namens LUENGEN
Genealogische Daten zur Familienforschung des Namens LUENGEN
genealogische homepage van Gerrit van der Beek
Dutch genealogy page: VAN DER BEEK, DE BOEF, VAN HOUWELINGEN, BLIJ, VOLGERS and pedigrees of Gerrit van der Beek and Adriana Jenny Volgers
Brabant,Briere,Forrest,Holmes,Lescarbeau,Loomis,Osier, Pierce,Pittman,and Stearns family members that resided in Chippewa County,Michigan.
information on Gollaher, Bacon, Mitchell and Updyke
The Brown family of Daviess County Missouri in included in this site, which includes other related names Cline, Terry, Adams, Railsback, Cole, Clanton, plus many others.
Genealogy and Family
Follow the Genealogy link to find my LONGINO and DUKE ancesters. I have a surname registry and family group pages generated from a GEDCOM. A Photo Album is in progress as are brief bios of some ancestors,
Genealogy and Family Link of Lamberto Hontiveros Tirol & Sofia Ner Gonzales
The two islanders known as the founder and greener of Boracay Island Philippines: Lamberto H. Tirol, son of Solomon D. Tirol and Vivencia Hontiveros, founded the island now known as "Boracay", while his wife Sofia Ner Gonzales (often referred to as the "Greener of Boracay" as featured in The Sunday Times Magazine, November 8, 1987) contently owned a large portion of Boracay Island in the early 1900s, and lived in the island with few fisherfolks and hired help, was the daughter of the First Physician of Panay, Dr. Cipriano Gomez Gonzales and Florentina Quijano Ner.
Genealogy at The Sticks
Family history database attempting to follow all the ancestral lines of the Baker-Bradbury family. Some lines go back almost 1000 years, others less than 200. Will we ever find all 128 5GGPs? Presented using PhpGedView.
Genealogy Family ''Souches''
Genealogy Family for any Family around the world that would like to publish for free
Genealogy Family Brugman
Genealogy family Brugman in the Netherlands from now until 1600
Genealogy family Schrofer - Schrover
This website is about the genealogy search of the family Schrofer - Schrover
Genealogy Is Fun!
My page generally deals with the structure of the CHOWEN, LAMB, PECKHAM, TROCHANOWSKI and WILLIAMSON families and pictures of these people that have I have collected over the years.
Genealogy of Albert and Patricia Myers
Nearly twenty-eight thousand names in a massive database on-line.
Genealogy of Aleotti, Carraro, Melendez, Monti
The site contains also my ancestors of the families Aleotti, Carraro, Melendez and Monti
Genealogy of Esser, Kilen, Hannema and Joersz families
Genealogy of Esser, Kilen, Hannema and Joersz families.
Genealogy of Esslemont, Teunion, Barclay, Burnet, Lowrie, Gilchrist family
Scottish Family Tree - genealogy of our mostly Scottish family tree with surnames Esslemont, Teunion, Tewnion, Barclay, Burnett, Yorkston, Strachan, O'Conner, Gilchrist, Begbie, Lowrie and related"> GENEALOGY OF GOODMAN FAMILY OF BADBY, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, ENGLAND
Goodman family ancestry in England of Robins family of Virginia
Genealogy of Jegen, Yegen, Andersen, Gerber, Bussmann
The website contains the family trees of Jegen/Yegen, Andersen, Gerber and Bussmann.
Genealogy of Jerry L. White
Genealogy of the WHITE, NOBLITT and SMITH families
Genealogy of Keyth Sokol
A website for researching ancestors of Keyth Sokol
Moulder, Mohlar, Moler family of Orange, Surry, Rowan, Davie Counties, North Carolina (NC).
Genealogy of Pixley & Blair Families
I have over 5500 names entered in my Legacy Program with lines going back beyond Charlemagne from the Randolphs, Flemings & Blairs. Others include: Allison, Wallace, Dellnow, Turner, Carver, Lancet, Bagley, Haskins, Bates, Webb, Friday, Foreman, Hesser, Krick, Tarleton, & Isham.
Rushall ancestry in England of Robins family of Virginia
Genealogy of TASSET Belgium
Pedigree of TASSET Jacques
Genealogy of the Agena from East Frisia
Six families Agena exist or existed in East Frisia and at least three from this origin live in the US. Research is presented starting 15th to 18th century , depending on whar family you are searching for. The name is found 1277 first time.
Genealogy of the Cheeseman and Wheatley families of Berkshire and Surrey
Website and easy to follow pages showing family groups and surname lists for the ancestry of the Cheeseman and Wheatley families of Surrey. Includes information on the Bailey, Rowe, Timms families, and the Bolton family of Peasemore, Berkshire
Genealogy of the family Vernède (de Corneillan)
Information on the families Vernède (de Corneillan). Originally from France. Flew as a hugenote to Holland.
Genealogy of the Hardiman-Pike Families
Ancestors of the Hardiman and Pike families and collateral families.
Genealogy of the names Zgoda - Sgoda - Sgodda - Zgodda
Private homepage of family Sgoda with content of their ancestors Zgoda - Sgoda - Sgodda - Zgodda
Genealogy of the Sterringa Family
Family site with great graphical displays!
Genealogy of the Stevens/Zimmerman Family
This site includes over 5,000 names with dates from 824 AD to 2006 AD. Sources and narratives are included. Main surnames include Stevens, White, Derrick, Faragher, Zimmerman, Demouth, and Wintermantel.
Genealogy of Wierstra/Van der Horn/Van der Ploeg/Pijpstra
The site, though still under development, contains both the male and female descendants of our parents. Main surnames are Wierstra, Van der Horn, Van der Ploeg, Pijpstra.
Hungerford family of Charles Co., Maryland (MD)
Genealogy of William John Schuck
Genealogy of William John Schuck: Surnames: Schuch, Schuck, Scherer, Gorges, Gatons, Space, Jaeger
Genealogy on the Web
Genealogy on the web website contain homepages and genenalogies of several surnames.
Genealogy Pages by Lynn E. Garn
Contains family group sheets with links among many families including Averill, Butterfield, Dill, Fetters, Field, Finney, Garn, Hawkins, Hillard, Hunt, Nickerson, Nixon, Owens, Smith, Stewart, Way, Wright, and others.
Genealogy Quest!
Pedigree Charts; Ratliff, Murry, Halbrooks, Williams, Hammons and Broughton in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee.
Genealogy Quest!
Descendants of Ratliff, Murry, Halbrooks, Williams, Hammons and Broughton in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee.
Genealogy Records Archive
Now explore millions and millions of information about ancestry more easily and quickly through this website.
Genealogy Research and Computer Tools Resources
This site has a lot of great resources for anyone looking for information about their family or family history.
Genealogy surname Keij (Key)
Genealogy of the surname Keij (Key)
Genealogy Tammel
Descendants of the three Tammel families, originating from Aalten in the Netherlands and currently living in the Netherland, the USA and Canada.
Genealogy Trails - Point of Beginning
Point of beginning, name is derived from the Point of Beginning marker. This point of reference is where in 1831 Michigan Territory surveyor Lucius Lyons began to map out the part of the area that would become Wisconsin. This Point of Beginning is the spot where the fourth principal meridian crosses the Illinois/Wisconsin border, just south of Hazel Green in Grant County. Grant County was the Point of Beginning for many of my ancestors in Wisconsin. The Howard, Gregory and Moller Families all have their Wisconsin roots in the Platteville area. The Munson and Gundlachs were some of the first to settle in Clifton Township near current day Livingston. All branches of our family can be traced back 100 to 170 years in Wisconsin
Genealogy Virginia & New York
Genealogy Research
Genealogy, et Cetera
Genealogypages Terveer
Lots of data regarding Frisian family's
I am starting to research my children' grandparent's starting with George Seggelke decendant's, Richard Baker decendants,Clarence Amberg decendants, and Noah Boyd decendats, this is under consturction so you may have to keep coming back till I'm up and running the Seggelke page is available now.
GeneaStar : Famous Genealogy on the web
Have you ever wondered who are the ancestors of some of the most renowned people? Or, perhaps you wondered if you are related to a celebrity. If so, this is the web site for you!
This site presents the extended genealogy of four principal families who emigrated from Scandinavia to Minnesota and Wisconsin. Featured uncommon surnames: Gustad, Bye, Landstrom, Ellingboe, Nundahl, Ekum, Allness, and Bowe.
Genealogical and Historical Records.
Geneology of Cameron Tucker
Geneology of Cameron Tucker other names include but not limited to.. Howie, Smith, Cloward, Jensen, and paterson. also can put your data in a pedigree chart for your web page. email me if interested.
Geneology wendt/Wenzel
Generation Past, Present and Future
Debord, Curtis, Futrell, Clark, Walls and other families from Rowan Co., Ky., Morgan Co., Tn., Roane Co., Tn. and Ohio Willing to share info
GenesConnected is the UK’s number one family tree and genealogy site. Search for ancestors and build your family tree free. Find your English, Irish or Scottish ancestry by searching our growing database of millions of names. Connect with living relatives and share information.
Genie Jan's Genealogy Addiction
A Study of the EDABURN, ARNEAL, CLINE, WILSON, VOSHAGE, BEHRENDS, BISHOP, WILLIAMS and ROBINSON families, including pedigree charts and pictures. Corrections and additions appreciated!
GenPals , Genealogy for friends
Three work chums bored with doing the crossword in lunch breaks find they have a common interest, now three work chums have a vast list of three familys from very different backgrounds.
Gent Genealogy Page
My website details my descent from George Gent of County Durham. It also includes names of other family lines I'm researching.
Gentree Family History
We are researching all of our family ancestors, with special interest in our Tatlock and Brockbank ancestors from Lancashire & Canada; our Smith family from Leicestershire; our blacksmith Downs or Downes; the Carter family of clockmakers from Suffolk; and our Willes, Largent & Parrin ancestors.
George B. Kambeitz Home Page
10 Generation's of the Kambeitz Family History from 1595 to 1900s
George Lewis of Prince George/Amelia Cos., VA and some descendants
This site is my research on the family of George Lewis of Henrico/Prince George/Amelia Cos., VA,and descendants, including U.S. Senator Dixon Hall Lewis of Alabama. Other surnames include Dudley, Winn/Wynne, Ford, Hamlin, Williamson & Chappell.
George Palmer and Penelope Hart Palmer of WV
This site deals with the George Palmer and Penelope Hart Palmer family that lived in Wetzel county, WV in the 1800s. There are over 2000 Palmers listed in this site from all over WV, especially Wirt County, WV. It lists the entire family tree and has a lot of information on the Grant Palmer and Ida Mae Parsons family of Wirt County.
george rabatin family tree
Family tree and photographs of the family of George Rabatin from Crastne, Slovakia. In the Pictures area there are grave site pictures of all Rabatins intered in the town of Crastne Slovakia, near Koscise.
George S. Fish Family of Scio N.Y.
researching the George S. Fish Family of Scio NY
George Soule -- Mayflower Passenger
George SOULE was a Mayflower passenger. This site traces his descendants, going back to his English roots beginning with Robert SOULE. He Was One of the Original Mayflower Passengers. His descendants include family names of Burger, Card/Carde, Small, and three spellings of Soule/Soules/Souls.
Gerald Byrne, Joseph Booth, Charles Hall, Cornelius Dunn 1780's Tensaw,AL
Early Pioneers of Baldwin County Alabama, Tensaw area. Ft Mims 1813 Battle. Related families of Gerald Byrne, Ann Palmer,Cornelius Dunn, Sarah Lucas, Charles Hall, Aurelia DuPre, Smith, Belt, Slaughter, Carter, Syphrit, Mills, Wallace, Kennedy
Gerhard Heinrich Wielage Busch
German originated Wielage-Busch and Devermann-Busch families that immigrated to the US as Busch. Includes brief family and surrounds history, individual web pages under development and Gedcom file from 1500s to present.
Germany Genealogy - 1755 persons - infos of 100 familybooks from Eifelarea
Germany Genealogy with 1755 persons of Auschwitz,Blasius,Baumann,Conrad,Fischbach,Heinz,Kethelhohn,Keyffers,Lichter,Metzen,Nickels,Oberweis,Sauber,Schaak,Schaaf,Schillen,Schweisthal,Stockemer,Zeimens family - infos of 100 familybooks from Eifelarea
Gerry's Genealogy
A listing of my Norwegian (Akershus - Hedmark), German/Polish and Irish ancestors: Kristiansen, Ulriksdtr, Eriksdtr, Johansen (Andreas Johansen, his son Karl Andreassen Helwick, dau-in-law Karen Andersen arrived Chicago 1882), Carroll and Sheehan (Ireland to Iowa 1850), Danielewski, Miller and Zgozelski/Goczwelski (Germany/Poland to Detroit 1890)
Gibson Booze Family Page
Descendants of Ludwig Bricker and Elizabeth Calvert. Includes an index, most common surnames are Banks, Booze, Henderson, Posey, Grindstaff.
Gibson family tree
Gibson family tree Norfolk England. Kings Lynn,Foulden,Pentney ,East Walton. Culfear surname also. Descendants of William Gibson 1718. Ruth ,Bertha ,Florence , Herbert, Charles Gibson of South Lynn.History and gedcom.
Gideon Family
Here you will find the Gideon Family Tree in generation format, outline format and an index of all in the tree showing relationship to Peter Gideon (1752-1844). This section also includes family portraits and photos dating from the 1800's to the present. There are also links to the Duda, Micko and Wojas Family Trees located in the Polish Sections. There is also a page on the Short History of the Dr. Lester Gideon & Associates (Note: We have nothing to sell.) There are also four weddings, Travel and living in Berlin and others.
Gigi's dream catcher familly trees
my family trees done in dream catcher family crest sketches. names include: campbell,lehman,webb,good,stephenson,goudeliez,stewart,fugate,bruce,combs
GILBERT/LESKY Family Genealogy
Genealogy featuring GILBERT family of Burlington Co, NJ and LESKY family of Union Co, NJ
Gilcrease Gilchrist Gilchrest
A link to the Ancestors and Descendants of John Gilcrease
Giles and Elisha GIBBS of North Carolina NC
Giles GIBBS of Currituck Co., NC and his son Elisha GIBBS of Davie County, North Carolina.
Gilliland-Hasegawa Genealogy
Currently, close to 1,200 names. Most common surnames Gilliland, Gammon, Meadows, Hunt. Many relatives lived in Indiana/Kentucky in the 1800s. Also, some information on Japanese relatives.
Ginya's Genealogy
Geneaology on Hart,Rushing,Edwards,Granberry and related lines.
Giovanni Antonio "Anthony" GIANNINI
Descendants of Giovanni Antonio "Anthony" Giannini (Giannini) was the chief gardner for Thomas Jefferson. He came from Fibbialla, dei Canonici, Camaiore, Lucca, Italy to Albemarle County, Virginia where he lived out his life. Many of his family still live there. There are pictures of many family members also posted here.
Girard Family Tree
A compilation of David Girard's ancestry
Gisle Olstads Telemarkings
My site can maybe help those interested in finding their Telemark roots. Anyways, you'll find a lot of Telemark names here.
Glenn and Micki
Micki has done work on the Allen, Child, Whitmore and Parkinson family trees.
Glenn Sungela's home page
Glenn Sungela's home page. Contains genealogical info (text and pix)on Glenn's birth and adoptive ancestry. Surnames include CUPIT, FURMAN, GIBSON, MARON, ROBINSON, SMART, and SUNGELA.
Glenn's Genealogy Page
Genealogy, especially Acadian, also some German, English, and Swiss. Family Trees, History, Maps, Crests, Folklore, and more...Names include: Gaudet, Comeau, LeBlanc, Thurnall, Theriault, Laffy, Maillet, Bachman, Melanson, Doucet, many more...
Gloucestershire Ancestors
Details of my Gloucestershire ancestors, particlarly Martin, Tovey, Attwood, Clark in the areas of Cheltenham, Prestbury, Sevenhampton.
21 years of Goff-Gough newsletters. 36000 name index. Group sheets, census records, wills deeds, military records all on-line.
Goff and Hobbs Family Connections
Exploring the connections through the genealogies of the Goff and Hobbs families including the Harlan, Hollingsworth, Bradberry, Coats, Kelley, Varnado, Custer, Sibley, Simpson, Magee/MacGregor, Strange, Alexander, Wade, Holland, Harrison, Steen, Lusk, Butler, Lauderdale, Holton, Doyel, Paulsell and Strawhun families. Several of these families are interestingly interconnected and I plan to have family photos.
Goheen Genealogy
Descendants of John Goheen (1719) of Philadelphia. Includes DNA results linking Canadian and U.S. of the Revolutionary War era.
Going Back
The Webb / Lopez family tree including the Gibraltar and Casares Lopez family, Bessie Webb's life story, the Cadbury connection, 1920s concert parties. Other names: Alexander, Allen, Barber, Butler, Forbes, Hosford, Mayne, Moss, Pearson, Pye, Ribero, Stringer.
Golden and Related Family Tree from Texas Counties and La Parishes
African American research for the GOLDEN, DUNN, JONES, THOMMAS, PIPKINS, ELLISON families in Harrison and Panola County, Texas and including Caddo and DeSoto Parish, La.
Golding Family Tree
Family Tree for the ancestors of Charles and Olive GOLDING. Other surnames being researched are TAYLOR, SUMNER, CROSSLEY, DANKS, HODGETTS.
Gone To Texas
Includes over 6000 individuals. Prominent surnames are: Harrington, Hart, Russell, Stanley, Cox, Atkinson. Geographical areas are mainly AL, CA, AR, MA, MI, TN, TX and Vermont.
Gone to Texas!
My families that immigrated to Texas. Tubbs, Allen, Johnston, Reagor, Harry, Gillespie, Pryor, Huddleston, Martin, Hale, Martin, Hendrix, and Vaughn
GOODCHILD Family History
Barry Crowe's maternal family history line back to his 4x great grandfather John Goodchild who was born in Monks Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England around 1740.
Gooderham-Worts a family genealogy project
A family project on the genealogy of the Gooderham & Worts families of Scole & Bungay, England who immigrated to Toronto, Canada in the early 1830s. They and their descendants were involved with farming, distillery, banking and ministries.
Goodson Family Tree
The Goodson genealogy of eight generations with many old pictures,a must to see.
A listing of over 9800 descendants of Theophilus Goodwin and his first Elizabeth Wyche and his second wife Nancy Wyche.
Goodwin/Estall Family History Site
A Family genealogy web site dedicated to researching family history. Goodwin, Adams, Weekes, Parsons, Staker, Estall, Bonnet, Delord
Gordon & Rosalynd's 50th Wedding Anniversary
Contains some family Genealogy that is not found anywhere else on the internet.
gordon & shirley wright
Wright and Mein or Main genealogy in East Lothian, Scotland
Gordon Family Web Pages
Researching Gordons from Scotland to Australia together with Hawkins, Hannah, McIlwraith, Thomas, Campbell, Thomson, Young, Whannel, Roxburgh and Dowzer.
Gordon-Durrenbeger Genealogy
Gordon Family From the Galloway Region of Scotland. Durrenberger Family From Allgaeu Region of Germany.
Gorman Family Genealogy
Family history of the Gorman family of Saginaw and Ingham Counties, Michigan by way of Moycarkey parish, County Tipperary, Ireland
One Name Study of surname of GORNALL and GORNELL. List of families in the study. Origin and meaning of the name GORNALL. Locations in which the name first occurred in Lancashire, England. Ancestors of Gornall family dating to the 1500's. Information on family reunion in 2005. GRO BMD Gornall/Gornell indexes.
GOTCHER Family Homepage
The site provides information on Henry GOTCHER (b. bef 1750) and his descendants. Researchers of other lines may submit information for inclusion or be linked to their own sites from here. There are numerous sites on this family and it is our intention to share research data.
Gotthardt, Lorenz, Hagelgans Genealogy
Gotthardt, Lorenz, Hagelgans family history from Germany to TX
Gough Genealogy Homepage
Family history of Gough, Houlihan, Rowland, Puckett families
Grahame Taylor's Web
The Taylor genealogy site, tracing the family history of the Taylor, Bell, Blair, and Smith families from Dreghorn, Saltcoats, Irvine, Prestwick and Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland
Grandon Family History
Grandon surname family history website. Free addition and downloading of information, images, and documents relating to the Grandon family.
Grandpa Slaughter
Slaughter family from Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama
Grant - Klinger Ancestry Home Page
Family Grant Klinger Crane Young Elliott Parmeter
GRAY - Micks Genealogy Site
The Gray family of Thornford Dorset. The Bissetts of Kilcoquhar Fife & The Harrisons of Dunston Durham. Also Genealogy help & links for Everybody
Gray Family of Susan J. Dorey
My Grays originated in Scotland and possible Ireland; the earliest known are from the 1800s. They moved to New York and on to New Jersey, and from there to California, Virginia, and China. Grays married Tillman, Tunis, Bloy, Chapman, Trenchard, Clirehugh, Vanderberg, Gates, Davis, Roesener, and Dorey.
Genealogy of Gray, Bowback, and Johnson in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and California
Genealogy of Grays, Bowbacks, and Johnsons in California, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and Alabama
Green Familytree and Genealogy Australia
Green familytree from Australia,England and Ireland and around the world many Genealogy site links on my pages also cemetery links too.
The family history website dedicated to all my ancestors. Surnames included; GREEN, DAVIES, FORSTER, HALL, HANKEY, JONES, LEICESTER, LENTHALL, LONG, LOOSEMORE, MORGANS, THOMAS, VINCENT. Living in England and Wales.
Greg Platt's Genealogy Page
Listing of my Platt-Russell lines: Beasley, Burkett, Lee, Howard, Platt, Beall, Fuller, Bedsole, Rainwater, Russell
Gregory Family in Chicago
Dedicated to the history of Chicago and parts of Ireland as it relates to the Gregory and McCullough families, among others
Gregory Genealogy
Detailed Geneology of VT, IA, SD, WI, and MN Gregorys. Features an interactive Family Tree.
Gregory History
Detailed history and interactive family tree of Gregory's originating from Vermont.
Greimann Genealogy Page
Anne Greimann descendant tree Heinrich Julius Greimann descendant tree
Grenfell Family History
The purpose of the site, which replaces an earlier version, is to further interest in the Grenfell family. The site contains sections devoted to Origins of the Name, Family Trees , Migration, Biographies, Places of Interest, Parish and other records, Monumental Inscriptions and several others.
Griffin Genealogy Index
Griffin family of Virginia
Griffin Genealogy Index
Griffith - L'Hommedieu - Young Genealogy
Early Suffolk County, Long Island families, Pennsylvania Welsh & Irish Quakers, Pennsylvania Germans. Descendants of Benjamin L'Hommedieu/Patience Sylvester and Descendants of Thomas Griffith/Eve Faulkner.
Griffiths Family Tree
Griffiths Upleger family Tree
A history of the Upleger Penzien Poerschke Kreidemann Louwsma Griffiths Hadley Moscrop Hopley families of UK, USA, Netherlands and Germany.
Grimsby Family Tree
Grimsby surname and related family members
Gritton Family and Genealogy Resources
Many Gritton - Gritten Family Trees and genealogy reports. Historical and gravestone images and articles.
Gro(o)ters family from Winterswijk
This site contains genealogical information on the Gro(o)ters family thats originates from Winterswijk (Netherlands).
Grobbel Family Home Page
During the mid to late 19th century, seven members of the Grobbel clan emigrated from their ancestral homeland in the Westphalian region of Germany known as the "Sauerland". My pages contain the stories of these brave emigrants who settled in the state of Michigan and identifies more than 5,000 of their descendants.
Groves Genealogy Web Site
Compilation of various works that provide a genealogical record from myself to my ancestors. Includes a large amount of information on the GROVES/GROVE/GROFF/GRAFF/GRAF lineage.
growing up with grandpa' A Perry Family History
An abbreviated list of descendents from the famous 7-Perry Brothers of NC. A direct line of Perry family memebers, oral accounts, photographs and home movie video.
Guile - Gile - Guiles Home Page
Descendants of Samuel Guile, who was in 1640 one of the 12 Founders of Haverhill, Mass. Most people in America with these surnames are descended from him. Home page for the Guile - Gile - Guiles Genealogy Book, with search capability.
Gullett Family Genealogy
The Gullett Family from NC to Ky. Dates Back to approx. 1645
Guyton Family History
Hackenberg Family History
This is a story about eight generations of Hackenbergs. It begins with Johann Peter Hackenberg who lived in Pennsylvania. His son, Michael, moved to Chippewa Township, Wayne County, Ohio. Lazarus, Adam and Arthur lived there. Then, Arthur, Clarence, Robert Edgar and Robert Earl lived in Barberton, Summit County, Ohio.
Families of Hardin, Wayne, Decatur, and Perry County, Tennessee, with migrations from Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina
Haffner Family Tree
Haffner family tree and genealogical resource site.
Hagan Lefler Miller Genealogy
Gedcom and articles for Hagan, Miller, Lefler, Phillips, Dimmit, Holtzclaw, Hill, Baugh, Taylor, Mark, Tong and Cole surnames.
Hall Family Ancestry
Hall ancestry, Harding, Boulton, Mills, Faulkner, Purbrick, Coates, Dix, Avery, Glover, Wright, Tebby, Skull, Ballinger, Bartlett, Bayford, Bridges, Cadd, Fish, Jefferies, Mason, Maisey, Ockold, Pretlove, Sheridan, Tilling, and other names, with descendant/ancestor lists. Narrative histories available.
Hall Genealogy
Over 3,300 individuals who ended up in sangamon County, Illinois. Remove nospam from my email address to email me.
Hall, Kirkendall, Sargent, Gifford, Allen, Wilson, Cannon, Atkinson
Ancestor tree & reports for Scott Praeger Hall, Hall Family Group Sheet. Other surnames found in this ancestor tree include: Kirkendall/ van Kuykendall, Sargent, Gifford, Allen, Isherwood, Praeger, Wilson, Evans, Dunlap, Cannon/Fincannon, Atkinson and Richardson
HALL-Geneseekers of Canada
A community for connecting families descended from Humberston HALL and Leah BUTTERS of Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont., and from William HATCH and wife of Oro Twp. These families immigrated from England circa 1830. Related Ontario families include CAMPBELL, CROOK, DUNSMORE, GRAY, GROUETTE.
Genealogy of the HALL/HALFERTY/KETTERLE/MIHELIC families of Ligonier, Latrobe, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Also County Down, Ulster, Ireland, Alsace-Lorraine France/Germany and Vinica, Slovenia.
Henry Hamby and Sara Cross of Tennessee and their descendants
Hamilton Family
Hamilton Family in Maryland (MD), North Carolina (NC), Kentucky (KY), and Missouri (MO) of Gavin, Andrew, Ninian, and Ninian Beall
Hammond and Rankin Family Lines
Family lines of Bean,Black,Bulkley-Bulkeley,Clarke,Gibson, Gray,Hammond,Hasbrouck,Jones,MacDonald,Rankin,Ulmer,Watts, Whitman
Handforde/Hansford, William and Descendants
This site contains history and genealogy about William Handforde/Hansford's and his wife Jeronomy Atkinson's descendants from the 1500's in England to his descendants which settled in Virginia and beyond up to the present time.
Hanging Out in the Family Tree
Contains names of over 2,800 people with surnames such as PHILLIPS, STOUT, SIMMONS, HUBBARD, ROGERS, BRADFORD, GRIFFITH, KERNODLE, BULL, HITCHENS, and more, mainly from the East Coast of the United States, England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Germany.
Hankins|Vandolah|Moler|Owens Genealogy
Genealogies featuring these surnames: Hankins, Clevenger, Thornbrugh, Vandolah, Parks, Coleman, Bell, Vineyard, Showalter, Farmer, Moler, Bellamy, Imel, Krejci, Ondrosek, Mladek, Tesar, Burris, Martin
Hanna - Kellogg Family Tree
Surname: Hanna Kellogg Haney Whitt Prater George and many more also includes History, Headstone's, Cemetery's and much more.
Hanna Kellogg Family Tree
Pedigree Charts
Hansford Harrison Wright Home Page
This is the homepage for the families of Wright, McKinney, Ingram and Beyerlein.
Happonen and Turunen Families - Johan and Alma Happonen's Ancestors
Welcome to Johan Happonen’s and Alma Turunen’s Genealogy Pages! The Hartikainen, Miettinen and Laitinen families are also featured. Most families are from in and around the Kuopio-Vehmersalmi area of Finland. The Happonens and Laitinens are also from the Suonenjoki-Lammi-Karttula area. Keskitymme siis ylämainittujen sukujen sukututkimuksiin.
Harbour Family Arbour
The site traces the ancestors of pioneers who arrived in New France in the early colonial days to the year 1645. Also the immigration of families from England to the United States of America in connection with the families and Arbour Harbour. Le site retrace les ancêtres des pionniers qui sont arrivées en Nouvelle-France au début de la colonie vers les années 1645. Également l'immigration des familles d'Angleterre vers les États-Unies d'Amérique en lien avec les familles Harbour et Arbour.
Families of West Tennessee and Decendants.
Harkins Family
Harkins family of Franklin Co., Pennsylvania
Harnwell Genealogy
An East Anglia (England) family with two main branches -- West Walton & Bressingham, Norfolk -- now spread through out the world.
Harriet's Letters On Line
Genealogical link to ancestors, descendants, and related families of Harriet Deuel & Cashaday Swayze: Bandfield, Carns, Davol, Evans, Evens, Freeman, Griswold, Klaarwater, Mosher, Northrop, Nowlan, Rapalje, Swartwood, Swayze, Van der Mark, Van Wagenen, Webster
Harrington Family from Bocking,Essex,England
A personal web site for the Harrington family from Bocking, Essex, England. Includes family tree from 1766, photographs etc. plus useful links.
Harris Family in Georgia
Harris Family in Georgia and the Southwest
Harrison Family Genealogy Home Page
Descendants of Capt. Joseph Harrison (1750-1804). Came from England to Virginia in 1775, to Johnstown NY in 1791, to Detroit MI in 1801. Married Sarah Giles in VA. Descendants mostly in Michigan.
HARRISON Genealogy Repository
Genealogy of the HARRISON family - many lines mostly United States and England born before 1900, online databases, newsletters, census records and much more.
Harrod / Herrod Family Genealogy
Descendants of John H. Harrod (or Herrod) in South Central Kentucky and North Central Tennessee dating from 1812 to present
Hart Famile Genealogy
Genealogy for the Hart, Douglass, Kimball, Johnston and Bibbins families.
Hartley Family Tree Homepage
My Hartley family tree website with some lines going back more than 20 generations and 350+ direct decendants.
Haskins Genealogy
Pedigree and family group sheets for the Haskins family, as well as addresses and other resources that are useful to me in my research of the Haskins family. Email links for family and kin to contact me with.
Haus Hornung House
Informational site for Hornung Family members originating in the village of Muggensturm, Rastatt, Baden-Wuertemberg, Germany.
Hauser & Silver Family
A history of The Hauser, Silver, Dew, Davis, Allen, Lovett, Newport, Brabb, Fountain, & Langdon families.
HAUSER - SILVER: The Combined Hauser & Silver Genealogies

Haussmann family of Johan gurious
What you will see is the family history that has been found up to this date. Over the years a lot has been compiled to the Houseman records and we are still looking.If you find something to help us hit the link and tell us.
Hautapu-Wanklyn family tree
my site contains members of the Hautapu-Hill, Peterson-Geros and Wanklyn-Brown families.
Hawker-Rock and Hall-Burrows Families
Information collected between 1985 and 2001 by Graham George Hawker on the families of his parents and the parents of his wife Christine (nee Hall). This information is still being collected and the content of this web site is being increased continually. A ZIP file (2.8MB) containing all the files for offline browsing is available by clicking here. The data is also available as a GEDCOM file.
Hawkins Rickert and Allied Families
Genealogy findings of my parents families, Hawkins and Rickert.
My Family Histories as well as about a thousand helpful links.
Hawley, Coppock, Meeks, Beauchamp Homepage
A database of selected lines of my family, including, Buchanan, Shoemaker, Selvidge, Taylor, Carroll, Seaton, Foster, Cagle, Ward, Jinks, Self, Bobo, Golding, Garnett and other related lines.
Hayden Family Album
Photos and genealogy of the descendants of Josiah Hayden, born in Sudbury, Massachusetts died in Hollis, New Hampshire. Josiah was a descendant of John Hayden who made freeman in 1634.
Hayes: Descendants of George Hayes & Sarah Dyer
Family tree early 1700s VA to present representing 11 generations of this HAYES Family in America. Five major lines and related families represented along with pictures and documentation.
Hayward and MacFarlane Ancestors of New Brunswick
Hayward, MacFarlane, Seeley, Grass, Nevers, Simmonds, Nason, Hutchinson, Kenny, Howland Ancestors of New Brunswick and the New England with Royalty lines and Mayflower lines.
Family history on families Headlee/Headley, Kemple, Collins, Pavy, Wilder, Miers, Hockersmith, Hulse, Gray,
Healey and Brown Family Genealogy
The ancestors of the Healey and Brown families, some coming from England to Canada and others settling in the Illinois, Nebraska, and Kansas areas.
This home page has been designed to be a meeting place for all Healy descendants along with other variations of the name (ie Healey, Hele, etc.) There are several message boards, guestbooks, links, photos, trees. If you are researching this name, stopping here is a must. Kerry Cork Ireland Valentia Port Magee Cahersiveen family genealogy
Heard Family of Mid-Devon
Family History of Heards, Wrights, Pitts, Turners, Berrys, Picketts, Drews and others in Mid-Devonshire, England
Heath, April - Ancestors of
Researching: Sullivan, Rennie, Harrison, Dye, Estes, Green, Lampley, Rainey, Buchanan, Harp, Thorn, Allen, Squire, Cornell, Davis, Goff, Dollins, Harbison, Cornell, Hutchison, Williams, Harris, Humphries, Smith, Bryant, Cobb, Crockett, Armstrong, Brown, Wright, Alexander, Stratten, Martin, Dickson (Dixon), Beswick, Dobbs, Pearson, Golding, Bell, Wright, Woods, Wheeler, Hewes, Toogood, Bowen, Applegate, Bledsoe, Bullock, Ingraham, Ruggles, Clark, Jenkins, Foster, Duncan, Hill, Harris, Walker
Heaton Family of Deane
The history of the Heaton family of Deane, Lancashire Co. ,England over 850 years, and their spread throughout the English-speaking world.
Hedrick/Deering Families - Missouri
Descendant charts for Hedrick/Turnbough in MO and IN Deering/Dildine/Williams in MO
HEFFLEY family of Pennsylvania, and relatives.
My name is Robert Studeny Heffley. This is the result of my research about my ancestors and their relatives. The major surnames of my relatives include Heffley, Hefley, Haffelee, Studeny, Philson, Pritts, Haberkorn, Knepper, Poorbaugh, Berkenbush, Bloom, McCloskey, and Ilgenfritz. The major surnames on my spouses side include Patik, Durbala, Hasso, Mettler, Lukac, Makovic, Rohac, and Rohal. Almost all of my ancestors back to the 4th great grandparents were from Germany and they settled mostly in Somerset and Cambria Counties, PA. I have no info beyond Johannes Carl Haffelee, born about 1715 in Eggenstein, Germany and Mr. Ilgenfritz, born about 1524, in Oberwornitz, Middle Franconia, Germany.
Hein van den Brempt
Genealogy: van den Brempt - Van Kersschaever - Siebens - Van Dyck - David - Schreurs - Van Wassenhove (Washnova) - Van den Steen - Sterck (Stark) - Maenhout
Heinz Hadwig's Ahnenforschung (Genealogy page)
This side show (in English and German) my results in searching for my ancestors. Surnames are HADWIG, HATWIG, HADWICH and HADWIGER plus their spouses. From about 1650 to today. Investigation area is Silesia and Moravia (now Czech Rep. and Poland). There are still 'holes' to fill-maybe you can help!?
Heirs Ireland: Location of Irish Heirs and civil Certificates
Specialising in genealogical research to establish kinship in international probate cases and intestate estates. Heirs Ireland based in Dublin, Ireland, is ideally situated to research and locate Irish next-of-kin. With over 60 years combined experience in all major Irish record repositories, we can provide expertise in all aspects of Irish and international probate research. We also undertake general genealogical research in the 26 counties of Ireland in the 19th and 20th Centuries as well as providing a Civil Certificate ordering service.
Helderberg Tallman's - The Tallman Family of the Albany County Hilltowns
A genealogy site for the Tallman family of the Albany County, New York Helderberg hilltowns. Includes, photos, cemetery information and photos, gedcom family file, links, newsletter, forum and more.
Helderberg Tallmans
Helms Web Site
Surnames: Helms, Jones, Markwell, Whitecotton, Whelchel Area's: Germany, England, Kentucky, Tenn., Virginia, Indiana
10,500 names on the Helpard/Barkhouse, and the names related
Helton Genealogy
Web sit containing my family tree and my research. I'm hoping those researching the same names will be able to contact me through this site.
Hemminga Families of Friesland
Henderson Web
Descendants of James (1758-1795) and Sarah (Park) Henderson (1769-1830). James died in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. Sarah and most children then moved to Venango County (present-day Forest County), and Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Other surmanes include Holmden, Alcorn, Fleming, Folwell, Sedorus, Coyle, Kerr, Parshall, Tyrell, House, and Brazee.
Henderson-Mitzel Family Genealogy Page
This site contains information on the Henderson-Mitzel family. The Henderson branch is from southwestern Virginia and Washington, D.C., and the Mitzel branch is from New York and Pennsylvania.
HENDEN/HENDON ancestors fron c1450 Kent, England to Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Photos, wills, census, CW records, probates, and much more!
Hendren,James Knox - Family Tree
This site contains ancestors of James K Hendren. Other lines down from these ancestors may be also available via email, especially Hendrens. Knox Forgy Lynn, etc
HENRARD Genealogy
My search of my ancestors, essentially in province of Luxembourg, in Belgium. HENRARD, NOEL, ARNOULD, HOSCHEIT are my 4 great-parents.
Henrik Klasson Ekman and Maria Jansdotter
Descendants of Henrik Klasson Ekman and Maria Jansdotter. They lived in the parish of Kroppa. Henrik also known as Henrik Ekman as well as Henrik Klasson. Ättlingar till Henrik Klasson Ekman och Maria Jansdotter som levde i Kroppa församling.
HENRY genealogy
About 5000 ancestors of my sons in France... and ancestors of a grand grand'uncle called Joseph DANANCHER (and relatives : SOLLER & VON ARX families) who emigrated in the USA about 1880.
Heraldica y Genealogia Cabral Llanos de valdes
Heraldica y Genealogia Cabral (Llanos de) Valdes, y apellidos de Jerez Zacatecas, Aguascalientes
Herbert and Alta Harrison Genealogy and Reunion Site
This site is dedicated to the Legacy of Herbert Blair Harrison and his Wife, Alta Leona Kemp Harrison. It provides genealogical and family history resources, as well as family reunion information.
Herlocher & McKnight Families
Family tree of Herlocher & McKnight
Herndon Vaughan and other NC to MO families
Heron, Johnson, Powell Family
Family tree for Heron's of Louisiana and the Johnson, Powell and Mullins in East Texas.
Herrington Family
Herrington family from Westmoreland Co., Pennyslvania to Kentucky to St. Louis (later Jefferson) Co., Missouri
I'm also looking for Beaser, Bieser, Holz, Goergen
Herrmann Genealogy
Herrmann Genealogy
Herrold Family Reunion
Home of the Herrold Family on the web. Reunion information, genealogical data, and Herrold History.
Hess and Williams Genealogy
Het Markelosche geslacht Vedders
The Dutch family Vedders with links to Grand Rapids MI
Heyland Genealogy Website
Descendants of Richard Highland/Heyland/Hyland, who immigrated to Canada circa 1800 and lived in Hull, Quebec.
Family Tree
Hickok Lines
Higgins Family of Maryland’s Eastern Shore
References to the surname HIGGINS on Maryland’s Eastern Shore
Higgins Family Reunion and Genealogy
Home of the Higgins Family Reunion and Genealogy website. For information on the Higgins Family including Descendants, Pedigree Charts, Reunion information, Family Photos and more.
Follow the Hilbich/Hilbig Family Tree as we take a take a look at our heritage all the way back to 1791 Prussia.Family tree, private photographs, forum, and news updates as compiled by Erik Hilbig.
Hill Family
A large datbase of 3919 Sir Names and 28776 Family Members dating back to the late 1600's
Hill, Abraham and Descendants
This site contains history and genealogy about Abraham Hill's and his wife Polly's descendants from the 1700's in Georgia until the present.
Hill/Roberts/Dyer/Harrell Genealogy
Researching ancestors of James Scott Hill of Union/Grainger/Morgan County, Tennessee and his wife, Sarah (Sallie) Dyer of same area circa 1850. Also researching ancestors of Dan Irving Roberts of Kentucky/Texas and his wife, Annie Belma Harrell of Texas circa 1870.
Hillbilly Haven
Isaac Mize family of Pulaski, Rockcastle, and Laurel counties along with allied families
HINKLE, SIDERS - Home Page Of Lisa Fay Hinkle Siders
Hinkles & Siders Family Tree I would like to add to my home page. Thank you, Lisa Fay Hinkle Siders-Admin-ls55
Historic Rockleigh Borough, NJ
Much of Rockleigh Borough, NJ, is a registered National Historic District containing 18th century Colonial Dutch, Huguenot, and English farmsteads of the original Lockhart Patent. Existing historic houses with pertinent portions of family trees include: Haring, Ryker, Mabie, Gesner, Conklin, Cooper, Dubois, Sneden, Taylor, Gowdy, and Van Wickel.
History of Marlborough Massachusetts
Has vital records, genealogies, cemetery inscriptions, Revolutionary, Civil War Soldier lists, early records, documents and more. These surnames are included: AMSDEN, ARNOLD, AXTELL, BANISTER, BARNARD, BARNES, BENT, BENDER, BIGELOW, BRIGHAM, EAGER, EAMES, FAY, FELTON, GLEASON, GOODALE, GOODENOW, HAGER, HAPGOOD, HOWE, HUDSON, JOHNSON, MAYNARD, MORSE, NEWTON, RICE, STOW, WARD and WOOD.
History Of The Hulse Family Clan V. One Great family
This is the History of the Clan V Hulse family. Fron 1650 to present
History of the Mansfield Family from Devon and Wiltshire.
Samuel Mansfield or Manfield was born in Culmstock, Devon. His son William married Susanna Pearce Andrews and lived in Crediton. James Pearce Mansfield was pastor of Horningsham Free Church. His son Orlando was a Doctor of Music and his daughter was a Carmelite Nun.
History of the Perry - Webb Families in Tennessee/Kentucky
History of the Roco, Hinrichsen, Goldy and Thames Families
This site contains pedigree charts for my Roco, Hinrichsen, Walton, Wiese, Hutchison, Threadgill, Hansen, Beneke, Bonewitz, Goldy, Thames, Jeffries, Vick, Guthrie, Henry, Deborah, Sistrunk, Henry and Cooper ancestors. It will eventually contain written histories as well.
Hjelmstad Family Website
Genealogies of the Hjelmstad and Reed families of Casper, WY. Includes the associated surnames Walz, Flottemesch, Riddle, Sherman, Dunbar, and Bentsen.
Rachel Josephine Hobbs (b: 1830 IN, d: 1915 TX) m: Gabriel G. Helms. Their daughter, Adelia Helms (b: 1848 TX, d: 1933 TX) married Andrew Jackson Phipps (b: 1838 TN, d: 1930 TX).
Hodson Family Website
The Hodson family history site. Surnames: Hodson, Wotton, Senechal, Friend, Jewell, Hughes, Meadows, Tuttle, O'Neill, Jordan, Hopwood, Mast, Sullivan, Hadfield, Underhill, Dyer, Ferguson, Rothwell, Tucker, Jones, & Storey
Hogan Family of Alabama
Genealogy site of the Hogan Family of Alabama spanning 14 generations of information.
Hohneke-Cannon Family Website
Surnames: Beckwith, Broome. Bruhm. Burton. Cannon. Chantry, Chute, Colby, Dorman. Dukeshire (Dukeshere), Greeno, Hohneke, Koch, Kunkel, Knight, Lenser, Luerke, Malcolm, Moser. Mudrow, Ramey, Rawding (Roddy, Rhoddy), Secrist, Selle, Shaw, Smith, Spinney, Tuchsherer, Watson, Weare, White, Weil, Wile, White, Wilson. Locations: England, Germany, Nova Scotia, U.S.
Holbek, Skeel, Santasilia Family
Genalogy, Photos, Ancestors, Skeel, Schaffalitzky de Muckadell, Santasilia, Lante Montefeltro della Rovere, de Medici, Habsburg, Hohenzollern, Welf, Mecklenburg, Sachsen, Nobility, Christian IV King of Denmark, Edward I *Longshanks* King of England, Philip VI de Valois King of France, Charlotte Adelaide comtesse Ahlefeldt-Laurvigen, Louis II de La Tremouille, 1.Duc de Noirmoutier,
Holcombe Snyder MacCallum Bennett Sargent Hubbard Haughton Loomis
Genealogy of the ancestors of Charles & Irma (MacCallum) Holcombe and Willis & Ann (Haughton)Sargent, including ancestor lines with surnames of Snyder, Bennett, Hubbard, and Loomis.
Surnames include: Bass, Everett, Ermel, Forth, Fountain, Gaskins (or Gascoyne or Gascoigne), Holden, Ladd, Land, Lewis, Oakman, Pullen, Sheier (or Scheier or Scheuer), Sheffield, Smith, Snider, Stone (1), Stone (2) (we have 2 sets of Stone's), Swinderly, Taylor, Tommie, Vidler, Walters, Weisbrod, Westbrook, Williams, and Stanton.
Hollister and Jenkins Family Genealogy
My name is Josh Jenkins. This is a website devoted to my family's ancestry. These familes include: Hollister, Jenkins, Demarest, Blum, Sparks, Stallings, Lewis, Sewell, Dillon, McCall, Thom, Portague, Loos, Lee, Martin, Shye, Horney, and many, many more.
Holly's Family History
This genealogy website contains information on the Cain, Carper, Danner, Eads, Ehlers, Hagedorn, Hass, Heitzler, Hilbert, Klocke, Lage, Murray, Schultz, Seyller, Shilihorn, Steffes, Wegner, Wicker, and Witt families.
Holly's Family History
History of Cain, Carper, Danner, Eads, Ehlers, Hagedorn, Hass, Heitzler, Hilbert, Klocke, Lage, Murray, Schultz, Seyller, Shilihorn, Steffes, Wegner, and Wicker Families
Holm and Lauritsen Family Tree
A family tree of the Holm's and Lauritsen's of Norway.
Holm-lauritsen family tree
Holm and Lauritsen genealogy. Norwegian Romani
Holmes à Court/Kendrick Family Tree
Holt Family Saga
These are the ancestors of Rev. Melvin Ray Holt, Sr. of Cleveland Hts., OH 44121. They include the surnames of Holt, Martin, Mims, Crow, Harman, Pierce, Hall, Reddish and others.
Holt Family Tree
Genealogical information on surnames Holt, Speers, Butts and others mainly from the Oklahoma area.
Holt House
Genealogy and history of residents of Holt House, historic octagon house near Granite Falls, MN. Surnames include Holt, Cate, Morrill, Chase, Wylie, Gillespie, Campbell, Gullickson, Frederickson, Halvorson, Cross
History and genealogy of the Holtland Family. There are some photos too. Some other names: Kloosterziel, Pelleboer, van Ittersum, Netjes, de Velde Harsenhorst
Homan/Ratliff - The Idaho/Mississippi Connection
My web site will list desendants, ansesters, relatives, and in-laws. Also it will include some personal photos of family groups and art work photos. There will be some family recipies and some personal notes. Also there will be some newspaper articles of "Vignettes" written by myself and published in The East County Chronicle, inc. of which I was co-owner. There will be a page for current happenings in our families.
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Home Page for Ray Viator
My ancestors using surnames such as Viator, Villatoro, Louviere, Stewart, Green, Mitchell, Thomas, etc
Home page of Dick Motz
Family tree of Walter R. Motz, My model railroad
Home page of Rosamund & Hugh Lodge
Surname connections:- Alemann/vonAlemann, Abbott, Bardou, Carter, Clayden, Collett, Cornish, Courtney, Cutts, Day, Dymond, Eives, Engler, Fabricius, Fostard, Gage, Gam(e)s, Garwood, Gaul, Goldring, Groom, Harris, Haynish, Horsley, King, Kirschner, Klemm, Laurence, Lindley, Lodge, Mauritz, Morton, Mucke, Osbourne, Pala, Peyton, Pfeil, Pindar/Pinder, Purnell, Raywood, Richardson, Rudow, Ruhl, Rust, Ryley, Sarqu(i)e, Sayer, Seabrook, Season, Sidey, Sorrell, Sowersby, Stirk, Stuttaford, Sutton, von Syborg, Taylor, Thomson, Totty, Tremer, Zeiring/Scheyring, Zeising
Homepage der Familie von Juterczenka
On this site you'll find the descendants of the family Knechtel von Ruffach in the Alsace (11th century). You 'll find about 1800 Knechtel's, 353 Knegtel's (the Netherlands and Belgium) and 458 Knechtli's (Switserland). Depending on the region the name changed in the spelling.
Homepage for Anita Cooper
Descendants and ancestors of THOMAS MCCLURE RICE and ELIZABETH WILSON RICE
Homepage for John W. Dix
this site is used to gain knowledge of our ancestors
Homepage for Randal Hopkins
The Randal Hopkins Family Tree of Thomasville Ga.
Homepage for Tony Hofstee
Several pedigrees of families with their roots in the Netherlands.
Homepage of Bob Meeboer
genealogical data of the famelies Meeboer, Enninga, Welvaart, and Termeer
homepage of helen mccollum
The McCollum website is home to the following names: Pokropski,Zindell,Adams,Kelly,Conley,Szczepkowska,McCollum
Homepage of Lance Larsen
This site is a collection of my ancestry which some back to the Plymouth Colony. Most families that came to Central New York came by way of Mass or Ct. stopping off at Otsego County post Revolutionary War. Some ancestors are immigrants and there are some that I am still searching for. Some Sirnames listed in my site include: Larsen, Frost, Warner, Roach, Worden, Howe, Morton, Kenyon, Hogan, Young, Bachman, Kennel, Willauer, Rogers, Harrington, Fletcher, Brown just to name a few.
Homepage of the Beaugrand dit Champagne Family
My website is about the "Beaugrand dit Champagne" family and all the research that I have done for the past 24 years. It deals mostly with the Champagne branches of Manitoba, CANADA.
Homepage of Volker Blatt
Homepage von I. Wallaschek & G. Hoffelder
Descendents of Johannes Nikolaus Hoffelder
Homepage-Dean-Adair-Langston, Shell-Rogers, York-Daly
I am researching the Deans/Denes/Deanes, Langstons, Adairs back to the FitzGeralds, the Rogers/Bethea/Thwing, some Shells of Texas, although we are descendents of Dubous
Homesite of Patrick Deroover
Genealogy site of the families De Pape, Bourgoy-Bourgois, Deroover, Berckmoes, Goossens
Homman, Butcher, Blake, Ready, Winn, Beavan
Researching families in Britian, and Germany from America
Hompage of the Lottermoser Family
This ia a page about the Lottermoser Family.
Hood Family
Hood family from Ireland to Allegheny and Beaver Cos., Pennsylvania to Meigs Co., Ohio
Hooker, Houghton, Creighton, Wilson Home Page
This web page provides an InternetTree of the ancestors and descendants of (1)Donald Russell Hooker and Edith Houghton and (2) George Watson Creighton and Margaret Patton Wilson. Family Trees of related families are included.
My family site's main surnames are Hoolihan, Kelly, Foresta, and Wronko there are dates and places where my family came from, we are hoping to find more family out there!
Hopewell Newman Genealogy
This site is dedicated to researching the history of George Newman family from Hopewell, Christiana, Jamaica WI
Hopkins and River Genealogy
Hopper Family
Horkan Clan Ireland
The Horkan Clan was set up as a result of descendants of emigrants from Ireland with this name interested in tracing their roots, we are a non profit group who share the same background, mainly from the west of Ireland where the name originated, we welcome inquires and will answer any queries to the best of our ability.
Horstman or Horstmann Familie of Hahlen, Germany
The HORSTMANN or HORSTMAN family of Hahlen, Germany from 1635-1870 and the Dutch descendants from 1841-today.
Horstman or Horstmann Family
Horstman or Horstmann family trees. A Familysearch in Hahlen (Germany). Also for Hardinxveld and Petersen families in The Netherlands.
Hotchkin and Related families
Complete histories of 5 early families related to the Hotchkin family
Houlding Family History
Names covered Holden/Houlden/Houlding, Gill, Slater, Walsh, Stone, Bosworth, Wheatley, Rose, Porter, Winfield, Wakelin, Turner, Richardson, Downes.
House of Proctor Genealogy
Virtual Museum of the Proctor Surname. Pedigrees, cemeteries, photos, and much more1
House of Proctor Genealogy
Virtual Museum of the Proctor Surname. Pedigrees, cemeteries, photos, and much more1
HOUSER Family, History, Photos, Generations, Ancestors
Sixteen Generations dating to 1505. SURNAMES: Houser, Moore, Bar, Baxter, Blair, Brown, Campbell, Coulter, Deweese, Duncan, Elspeth, Forster, George, Hagerhoff, Holland, Huber, Huldricha, Jans, Kitchen, Knopfli, Luiwes, Stephens, Rittenhousen, Von Hauser.
Howard Family of Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Matthew HOWARD of Virginia (VA) and Anne Arundel Co., MD.
Howard Family Roots
The ancestry tracing of the Howard and Hearns families of Southern Ontario.
Howard Milton McGoldrick Clan
This site just breifs the McGoldrick clans on who is in this clan so far ,there is much more information to get and if any one knows of family members to be listed please contact me at
Descendants of Jacob JOHANEK & Mary (HRDINA) from Bohemia to Esbon, KS in c. 1865
Huckins History
This website starts with William Albert Huckins (my Grandfather) He was the son of Jason Alanson Huckins & Martha Jane Edgett.
Hudnall-Bradshaw Family of Kanawha County, WV
I am researching the Hudnall family from Kanawha County, West Virginia. Anderson Hudnall was my great great grandfather on my father's side. I am an active member of the Hudnall Family Association. In addition, I'm researching the Bradshaw family of Kanawha County, West Virginia. My mother's maiden name was Bradshaw. I am also researching, Riffle, Songer, Pryor, Proctor, Decker, Griggs, Trail and Poff.
Huffey Family Tree
The Huffey Family Site deals with mainly Suffolk families dating back to the early 1500s. Surnames - Huffey, Orvis, Elfes, Brett, Rudd, Howlett, Pizzey, Bradley.
Huffman Family
Hughes,McMillan,Beard,Smoak,All,Ray,Free, Families of Low Country South Carolina. Biography of Lines, Pictures of Grave Sites and Cemetarys, Stories of Familys, and Links to Ancestery.Com and Roots Web Family Trees and Infol.
Family ancestry and such hughes,hilton,baker,elliott,west,shadle,stein,artz
Hughey Family Genealogy
Hughey genealogy mostly Indiana, Micigan and Ohio. Names, dates, places, cemeteries, land records, Obituaries, and lots of pictures.
Hughey Family Genealogy
Hughey genealogy mostly Indiana, Micigan and Ohio. Names, dates, places, cemeteries, land records, Obituaries, and lots of pictures.
Hughey Family Genealogy
Hughey genealogy mostly Indiana, Micigan and Ohio. Names, dates, places, cemeteries, land records, Obituaries, and lots of pictures.
Hughey Family Genealogy
Hughey genealogy mostly Indiana, Micigan and Ohio. Names, dates, places, cemeteries, land records, Obituaries, and lots of pictures.
Hughey Family Genealogy
Hughey genealogy mostly Indiana, Micigan and Ohio. Names, dates, places, cemeteries, land records, Obituaries, and lots of pictures.
HULLINGER, Craig Harlan
Harlan Hullinger Anderson Liffengren Geneology
Hunting Forebears
The Family of History of Steven Green. Featuring 100s of ancestors from England (some with photos) dating back to the 1600s. Includes the family names of Green, Roberts, Haydon, Mowbray, Genders, Carter, Hingley, Blakemore, and more.
Hutchinson, Martin, Balk Family History Page
The family page of our family, from Ireland, Germany, France, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.
Ian Lamonts Genealogy & Web
A family history of my decendants, including the Lamonts, Humphery's, Woolls Cobb and Reilley's. I live in Melbourne Australia.
Ian Mugridge's On-line Genealogy Resource Centre
These pages contain the results of my research into my family history. Click here to see census transcripts and details of births, marriages and deaths.
Ibañez Martin
Contact me for more information.
Among other things, contains family trees for Ibarguen, Rigolosi, Lipton, Lopez and other families.
Ikard Ikerd Family Website
Site for Ikard/Ikerd family members to gather information and/or add to the current information to allow future generations to know their heritage.
In memoriam A.A.M. Knegtel-Evers
On this site you'll find the descendants of the family Knechtel von Ruffach in the Alsace (11th century). You 'll find more than 2300 Knechtel's, 353 Knegtel's (the Netherlands and Belgium) and 458 Knechtli's (Switserland). Depending on the region the name changed in the spelling. English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portugese version.
In Search of William Ross
I'm researching the Bennett family from Shepshed, Leicestershire, England and the Coulman family from England
Indiana Bower(s) by any other spelling
My site is basically on Joel Bower family and his descendants but other Bower(s) from Indiana will also be listed. Other surnames:Anthony,Wood,Uphaus,Young
Indiana Sharp[e] Family
Andrew Sharp & Elizabeth Watts descendants 1777-2001
Individuals Related to Courtney Jones & Family
Includes surnames Jones, McCuen, Locke, Hunter, Jolly, Moore, & others.
Information and Descendants of George W. Richison
Family information and descendants of George Washington Richison and Sarah Marade Barrow.
Inger Falch-Jacobsen's Home Page
A site for my genealogy research in Norway and the rest of the world.
Inggs family tree
Browse the 2082 people in the Inggs family tree dating back to the early 1500s including some early Inggs family photographs, history and an account of the burial of Jonathan Inggs (1781-1819) at Winchester Cathedral.
Inglis Family History
Information includes, Inglis family tree going back to 1623, Inglis connections with the Church and military, People include: Maj Gen Sir John Inglis who held Lucknow during the Indian Mutiny, Bishop Charles Inglis (1st Colonial Bishop). Diaries, Pictures and letters from the American War of Independence, Indian Mutiny, Crimia, 1st World War. Directories to source material and much more!
Intrinsic Images
A history of the Thompson/Tracy/Robertson/Ervine/Martin/McCartney/Harden and Wright Families of Harrison and Pocahontus Counties of West Virginia.
Irma M. Arriola "Arriola Photos:
researching Grandparents. Web page has pictures and history,also links to other pages with pictures going back to 1890. maybe you can help.
This web site is about my Great grandfather Remigio age 16 and Dolores age 14 when they were married, they had four children, Remedio, Ysabel, Augustin (chr. 1892 Abasolo GTO) and Jesusita Arriola. My grandfather is Augustin, the boy with the book, Ysabel (sister), Remedio (brother), Maria Mejia (Remedio's wife), Remigio (father) and Jesusita (sister)It goes on about his decendents, with a link to Photo Shows searching and finding family in Mexico.
Irons and chambers genealogy
Genealogy of Irons and Chambers surnames with genealogical information about each and linked to their ancestors as traced. Primarly for Sullivan County and Vigo County in Indiana, Harrison County, Clermont County and Tuscawaras County in Ohio, and Allegany Co. Maryland. Special information on Mars and Marrs family history. Special document relating to Anitoch Church, Cass Township, Sullivan County, Indiana.
Italian charm braclets
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Jack Percival Pilling & Anna May Hayflinger; Our Family and Its History
This family history site is the culmination of about 14 years of research into the Pilling (my father) and Hayflinger (my mother) families. The effort was undertaken to a great degree because of the support and encouragement of my mother; affectionately called Grannie Annie.
Jack Taylor's Domain
General information is provided about one of the many Taylor Families. Specifics about one family with links to a Geneology Chart of the William S. Taylor Family Tree.
Jackson & Dean Genealogy
Jackson's in Carter County,Ky and Dean's in Wayne County,WV My ancestors from 1792 to now. Samuel Dean Jackson.
Jackson Family
Descendents of Holloway KEE, Ephriam LEATH, John Weldon JACKSON, Theodore Declarmin STARK, John HOLLOW HORN, and William WALKS UNDER GROUND. Many other surnames. Surname List, Descendent Chart, Photo Gallery, etc.
Capt. JACOB GANOE (1735), a Rev. War Captain from Bedford/Huntingdon Co., PA, married ELIZABETH ARMITAGE, dau of another Rev. War Naval Captain. This web site lists the descendants and discusses the 'missing link' and probable connection to 1661 immigrant Etienne Gayneau of Long Island, NY.
Jacob Pea/Pie
These forums are for all family members who are descended from Jacob Pea/Pie, son of Unknown Pie and Magdalene Unknown, born 1740 in either Virginia or around the southern PA area. This Pea family originated either from France or Germany and were descendants of Huguenots of the early colonial times in America. We are still looking for a direct connection to the de le Pie families overseas.
Jakten på det ukjente
Genealogy and ancestors from Norway
Jamaica Clan Cato
Ancestry and genealogy information for Cato family members with origins in the Caribbean, particularly Jamaica.
James & Linda Carapezza Mathis Neal
Researching Carapezza, LoForte, DiPrima, Crisanti, Sarraino, Gubach, Miskany, Neal, Black, Griffin, Cook, Mathis, Goddard, Whaley & Langley
James A. Munsey Geneolohy Page
A comprehensive web site for researchers of Francis Muncy I of Long Island, N. Y. Site includes Descendant Charts, stories about ancestors, photos and scans of rare books by Muncy ancestors. Ged coms will be posted by mid November 1999,and can be downloaded. Submissions and queries are welcomed.
James Alston Johnsons of Lancaster,Texas
This website contains family info on the Johnson,Chrane and Kitchen families.
Genealogy & family history of the JAMES and related families. Includes outlaws JESSE & FRANK JAMES. Search 70,000 names & 25,000 families. Many related families from Virginia & Pulaski Co KY. Slave information. Lots of photos. Free queries to Phil Stewart, research historian at th Jesse James Farm & Museum.
James C. Moule Home Page
Presents data on Ankrom, Ball, Bonar, Fee, Hook, Inghram, Moule, Power, Rush, Thrasher, and related families. Many of these families were in Maryland in the 1700s and earlier.
James M Morgan Ancestry
James M Morgan Ancestry
James Munsey's Geneology Web Page
The James Munsey Family Page posts Muncy, Munsey, Muncey geneological information for those researching Muncy and allied families. The immigrant ancestor of this line is Francis Muncy I, born c. 1640 in England, died 1675 in Brookhaven, N. Y. Links through Sarah Ludlow take this family to the Norman Kings of England and most European Royal families of Medieval Europe, including 11 signers of the Magna Charta in 1215.
James W. Hill Family - History
This is a comprehensive HILL surname web site that includes a James W. Hill family history, extensive family tree, cemetery imformation, and photographs.
Jamie Hayter's Family History
My Family History Website including - HAYTER - Wiltshire, England (1700-1865) / New Zealand (Post 1865) STUBBING - England (Pre 1859) / New Zealand (Post 1859) MASSEY - England (Pre 1865) / New Zealand (Post 1865) MAY - New Zealand PRIAR - America (Pre 1860) / New Zealand (Post 1860) PECK - New Zealand BOLGER - Australia (Pre 1853) / New Zealand (Post 1853)
Jamison Web
Descendants of Francis and Margaret Jamison, northern Ireland to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Oldest child, Robert, (1745-1825), married Elizabeth Gaff lived in Unity Township, Westmoreland County; their oldest son James (1783-1853) married Elizabeth Lloyd, to Cherrytree Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania.
Jan and Pete Barker's Web Site
Family History and General Web Site
Jan Waage's Homepage
A presentation of descendants and pedigree charts accompanied by historical notes.
Jan's Genealogy and Family History
Surnames include: Blodgett, Burgert, Hall, Shively, Snow, Stanchfield, Thayer,(New England); Cornwall, McKay, Hebner,Jordan,Petrie,Schell,Wood,(Ontario); Kublank, Miller (Cook Co, IL); Lokensgard, Marz, Sperl, (Minnesota).
Jane's Home Page
Pedigree for Calhoun, Kersey, Norton, Wiles, Powell, Pattat and related familes of West Tennessee, KY and points across the USA
Janet and Mark Hopton's Family Tree
Family Tree, including names Hopton, Simkiss, Oldland, Thornthwaite, Wolfenden, Garratt, Taylor, Howe Parker Teasdale, Shaw, Lee, Jackson, Tattersall, Slater, Laidman, Shotton.
Janet Green Ariciu family
Janet's Family Pages
Website dedicated to the surnames of AHRENDT,BRGOCH,DAVIS,DISERT,DUZENACK,FREED,GELWICKS,NEWTON,OBERKIRSH/OVERCASH;in the states of Pennsylvania,Colorado,Illinois,extending to Northern Ireland,Germany,and Slovenia.
Janines family website
The family website of Janine McMinn researching Aldridge, Hedges, Bell, Byers, Grant, Sutton, Kenworthy, McKechnie and Greig.
Janis S. Stone Genealogy
My family history reflects much of USA's history, from settlement, migration, and wars to today. This web page is a partial list of the family ancestry and does not include information I have on other descendants of my ancestors.
Jans Genealogy and Family History
Includes surnames; Burgert, Cornwall, Hall, Hebner, Jordan, Lokensgard, Marz, Schell, Stanchfield, Thayer, Wood.
Jarman Family History
Charts and histories of the descendants of gregory Jarman (1719-1763) a shipwright at Chatham Royal Dockyard in England
Jean-Nicolas Durand and Pierre Genereux families
This website contains the families of Jean Nicolas Durand married to Marguerite Catherine Huot dit St-Laurent and also the family of Pierre Genereux and Françoise Dessureaux
Jeanette's Ancestry
Avery, Bailey, Barker, Baxter, Berrington, Billington, Bingham, Bradshaw, Briggs, Brown, Burkett, Burton, Chambers, Clutchley, Coles, Crane, Culverwell, Denton, Doo, Drage, Dunkley, Farey, Farr, Free, French, Gent, Goodman, Gorham, Graves, Hawkins, Hayes, Higgs, Key, King, Leach, Lenton, Liggins, Lovel, Luck, Lyne, Morris, Murdin, Murrell, Nobles, Patridg, Payne, Pearce, Pepper, Perkins, Pettit, Pitts, Pluck, Pratt, Prime, Pryor, Purney, Radford, Risely, Russell, Savage, Short, Skinner, Smith, Stamford, Stanford, Stephens, Stimson, Stoyles, Swan, Taylor, Thirth, Thompson, Thrussell, Trigg, Turnell, Undery, Walden, Ward, Watts, Webb, Wheard, Whiskine, Witney, Wright, Wyman, Yeomans
Jeanettes Genealogy
This site has charts for the following Fort Wayne, Indiana families: Sherbondy, Gerke, Kabisch, Miner, Oertel, and Mueller.
Jeanettes Genealogy
Jeanettes Genealogy provides descendant charts for paternal and maternal families who settled in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The families are Sherbondy, Gerke, Mueller and Kabisch.
Jeanine's Genes
Researching Acadian, Scots, and Irish surnames: GRANT, LISTER, DESPRES, DUPREY, BABIN, BARNBY, GAFFNEY, WEISMANN and variant spellings, COUGHLIN, COUGHLAN, McGUIRE, MAGUIRE, LEAS, ROBICHAUD, GUIMONT and variant spellings, WASSON, DOUCET and variant spellings, COLLETTE and variant spellings, etc.
Jeff & Bonnie's Genealogy Page
GIANT-size (32"X60") prints of your 6 generation pedigree charts including photos. Just send us your completed Gedcom file.
Jeff`s Ancestors
This page is only a list of my ancestors. I do have other information on some of their other children.It is a ongoing process of finding information. I hope something here an help you and me find more of our ancestors. Most of the information has come off internet sites. Use your best judgement on looking for ancestors that might connect us both.
Jen's Gen Page
Personal homepage focusing on Harrigan's in Ohio and their descendants. Trying to identify people in old photos as well. Hoping to connect with other descendants and researchers. Brent, Cartwright, Gannuscio, Langenderfer, O'Brien, Swisher, Taylor lines are presented with beginning research. Some family photos available for viewing.
Jenkinson, Essex, Eng. to Canada and Australia
Samuel Jenkinson was father to Jonathan Jenkinson who was born in 1823 in Colchester, Essex and was christened on 23 Jul 1826 in Helen's Lane Mtg House Independent, Colchester. He was employed as a carpenter, Prospect Rd., Stratford, Essex.
Jenny Cowling's Home Page
Family History including: Cowling, Hopton, Tate, Skeen, Smith, Briggs, Stainsby, Mole, Todd, Batterson, Cliff, Oates, Buttery, Grieves, Simpson, Chambers, Bentley, Harper, Benn, Appleyard, Farrer, Lupton, Stewart, Gray, Oddy, Straker, Jackson, Addison, Sowerby. All in U.K.
Jens Family Tree From UK To Tasmania
A family history of the DAVISON, COFFEY, THORP & HOUSE families of Circular Heads and the MARSHALL, THORNBURY, GILLIES & BEDGGOOD families that settled on the East Coast of Tasmania.
Jeremiah Leavitt II and Sarah Sturtevant
A branch of the Western Association of Leavitt Families - this site contains Genealogies, Research, Archives, Histories, and a Current Calendar of Activities for Descendants of Jeremiah Leavitt II and Sarah Sturtevant.
Jeremy Bopp's Families of Western Pennsylvania and Beyond
History of the Bopp and Kemerer Families. It begins in Cambria County, Pennsylvania and then leads into Western Europe.
Jessee Genealogy Service
A comprehensive Web site for Jessee Genealogy.
Ancestor trees and pedigree charts for the Jessen-Hansen line.
Jester Family Tree (23andMe)
This is a family tree site pertaining to ancestors of Dale Jester. Ask to join to provide additional content.
Jew's Genealogy
Surnames from the Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia areas. Descendency charts on quite a number of my ancestors.
JFH Hobler
Ancestors & descendants of James Francis Helvetius Hobler 1764-1844. Includes references made by Charles Dickens and George Augustus Sala; pedigree tree and general family history.
Jill's Frills
History of my family, their daily happenings, pictures, genealogies, stories, news
Jim McCarthy's Family Tree
Jo's Place
This site is a list of my ancestors starting with my parents and will be updated as often as I can get the information I have gathered entered.
Joann's Genealogy Page
Reynolds, Madden, Suddarth, Steen and allied families from VA, MO, IA, KS, ND. With photos and stories.
JoAnn's Home Page
Descendency charts for Carothers / Carruthers, Claypool, Daniel, Kenepp, Matovich / Maticevich, McAllister, McKillip, Peresie, Sexton, Tayloe, Wingfield and photographs of family and family-related places
Joanne's Genealogy Page
Descendants of Andrew Moore, Johns family of Devonshire, Hotson family of Langholm Scotland, Pickard Family of Devonshire, Boisclair, Campau, Riopel, Robert, Metay, Dix, Pelletier families of Quebec and Detroit, Schoenheide family from Ontario and Germany.
William Grant Jobson of Gisborne New Zealand family tree goes beyond Willim the Conqurer and so links to trees on web that relate to our family. I am looking for the father mother of William Jobson of Morpeth England, Christina Bethune, James Grant father of Catherine Grant and Connections back to Flora MacDonald from Edith Lilian Macdonald. I come to a holt. But my granmother said that she was a direct descendant of Flora MacDonald through one of the sons. We are also descended from Alexandra Graham Bell the inventor, through John Bell my grand father.
Joe Genealogy Project
West, Ivey, Tatum, Driggers, Albritton, Widener, Cheshire, Redd, and Huckeby family.
John & Charlotte Ross & Family
Family information on the John and Charlotte Ross family of Harrison County.
John and Gabriel Phillips
John (bc 1735 d 1801 NC) Gabriel (bc 1735 d 1809 SC) are exact DNA matches and shared locales. We believe they were brothers and are trying to find their documented father.
John Barron's Home Page
John Barron's genealogy web site.
John Brantley of Nash County
Ancestors and descendants of John Brantley of Nash County, NC.
John Dailey Loague and Family
Descandants of John Dailey Loague.This contains info from before J.D. Loague and after.
John Gerrath's Rootsweb Genealogy Website!
John Gerrath sets up his family tree at Rootsweb! Surnames include: ANDERSON, APPLEYARD, DREWRY, GERATHS, GRAHAM, LAYZELL, PATRICK, PULLEN and RENNIE
John Hotchkin, related Smith, Witherell, Hendrick and Edwards Families
10,000 members of the Hotchkin, Hendrick, Witherell, Sanford, Smith and Edwards families
John Kear Family
General information about the six family descendant lines of John Cears Kear. Includes Kear Mailing List and GenConnect Boards.
John More Association
Descendants of John and Betty More of Roxbury NY
John Pope's Family Genealogy
Research of my family ancestry along with other associated surnames. Family research from William and Mary Pope of Bishopstone, Wilts
John Russell, Sr. - Massachusetts
John S. Jones and Ann Lloyd Jones Descendants
Information on John S. Jones and Ann Lloyd Jones originally from Denbyshire, Wales, who immigrated to America in 1872 and settled in Wymore, NE. Site details their 8 children and their descendants.
John Weldon descendants and allied families
This is John Weldon's descendants and allied families I have been able to locate in my search. Please contace me if you have suggestions, corrections, or just want to know more.
John Wiley or Wiles
Looking for anyone connected with these families: WILES, WILEY, STONEBURNER, DERINGER, HANNAH, WILK GED coms available for download at I have a lot of information regarding these people. Gladly share anything we have.
Johns Family Research Group
Johns Family reserach only, free and non-profit, shares data from numerous experienced researchers.
Johnson Ancestry
Focusing on descendants of Andrew Johnson, born in 1766, of whom only two sons,Robert and William, of, possibly, eight children are known. Also searching for information about Andrew's ancestors. Most of Andrew's early descendants settled in Iredell County, NC. There is reason to believe he was first married to Olive Vick and that is second marriage was to Milley Whitley.
Johnson Family Tree
An investigation into the ancestors of the Johnson family of Essex, England. This includes research into the ancestors of Mary Wollstonecraft, pioneer in the women's movement, and Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein.
Jones / Thomas and Osgood / Kell Family Tree
Jones, Thomas families of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Osgood, Kell families of Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota
Jones Family Descendants
This website starts with the Jones family from Pontaic County, Quebec and branches off with them into Northern Ontario.
Jones Family Tree
Surnames - Alexander, Andersen, Andrew, Ballard, Bashant, Brown, Burton, Chick, Christiansen, Christie, Collins, Craven, Drickey, Galt, George, Glaves, Harper, Henderson, Hickman, Jensen, Jones, Keats, Larsen, Laursen, Lowe, Madsen, McIntosh, McKee, Melson, Mikkelsen, Mudd, Olesen, Palmer, Newell, Nielsen, Ripperdan, Roberts, Seek, Spikes, Stodola, Urich, Wallace, Walter, Wilhelmsen, Wilkens, Williamsen, Williamson, Woods
Jones/Thomas and Osgood/Kell Family Tree
The primary families covered on this website are the Jones/Thomas families of Wisconsin/Minnesota and the Osgood/Kell families of Missouri/Minnesota. Known ancestors are also included.
Jorge Amado Rodrigues - Página Pessoal
Genealogy Genealogia Amado Mendes Rodrigues
Jorgensen Allen Thompson Charlesworth
Our site has Stories, Histories, Pedigree Charts, Gedcom Files, and Family Traditions. Ancestors from England, Wales, Denmark, and United States. Come visit.
JoryPepper Communications
Under the category of "Rest & Relaxation," there are links to family lines being researched, other names found in research done and links to the best genealogical sites on the internet.
Joseph Kery Family History Page
I am hosting a search by several descendants of Joseph Richard Yawn for his parents and any siblings, while sharing information about their own families kin, by blood or marriage. All information is subject to error and corrections and input is welcome. Join the search, Margarette
Joseph Smith and Lucy Mack Foundation
The Ancestry and Posterity of the Prophet Joseph Smith
Joseph Theron Smith Family Website
Ancestors of Joseph Theron Smith and Neva Almira Harper. Includes pedigree of all ancestors currently known with many pictures. There is also a large collection of research documents from the research done on these ancestors.
Joseph WRIGHT First Fleet Convict Descendants Listing
Joseph WRIGHT First Fleet Convict DESCENDANTS LISTING The purpose of this site is to foster knowledge, promote contact, & share information between all descendants and connections of Joseph Wright & Ellen Gott
Joy Family Tree
Joy family tree containing the names Joy, Parfitt, Knott, Morris, Bradley, Forrest, Magness
Joy Family Tree
Joy family tree containing the names Joy, Parfitt, Knott, Morris, Bradley, Forrest, Magness
jt's website
Genealogical research: Brand, Breagel, Cooper, Dittmer, Franke, Gibson, Harper, Helwig, Holderby, Hopp, Lovejoy, Lowell, Mai(May), Neander, Pimsner, Scott -- Germany, Illinois (Chicago), Maine, California, Arkansas
Just A Small Apple On A Big Family Tree
A short history of the McHugh family in Morgan County, GA and the Paris family in Milton County, GA.
kabel_2 profile
Each chart links back to the previous generation beginning with my wife's and my family.
Kaci's Family Tree(Foster/Morris/Comer/Goddard/Cox/Fox/Basham/Kincaid&MORE
This is Kaci Foster's family tree. It deals with a multitude of surnames, most of whom resided in West Virginia.
Main surnames are Kaiser,Parke,Bloomhall,Sprinkle,Wilkes
Kalanquins in America
Dedicated to finding all the Kalanquins who immigrated to the United States and their descendants.
Kannegaard and Skeel Family Tree
Kannegaard and Skeel Families in Europe with Coat of Arms and Photos. Europes Royal Families with Photos.
Kaplan Metter Families, et al
Ezra Kaplan immigrated in 1902, his wife and son in 1904, after her death family moved to Toronto, Canada in 1922.
Descendants of Charlemagne upto the present day - in lineages
Karen Ruth Cryderman Family of Spokane, WA
I belong to the large Cryderman family. I have traced my history back to George Valentine Cryderman. There are a lot of family members that are not mentioned elsewhere.
Karen's Corner
Features include 5000+ name database, downloadable gedcom file, photographs, copies of source documents, chat room, message board. Surnames: Biggs, Carpenter, Caswell, Chaney, Clinkenbeard, Collins, Cowden, Dixon, Eshleman, Eutsler, Fielder, Fisher, Hoover, Knight, Longstreth, Martin, McLean, Nichols, Phillips, Randolph, Shingledecker, Shoemaker, Williams, Wolfe, Wynne, Young
Karitsa Family Trees (Laconia ,Greece)
The family trees for the village of Karitsa in the prefecture of Laconia Greece.Site includes people who migrated internally and externally(United States,Australia,and others)
Karleys Geneology Website
Geneology of my family inlcuding surmanes: Klopfenstein, Groening, Hoffard, Carver, Goodwin, Wines, Roy, Hartin, Summers, Howell, Link, Ashby, McDonald, Ziegle, Boone, Hopkins.
Kebel Kinfolk
A complete and indepth compilation of all information pertaining to the surname KEBEL.
Kee, Key family DNA proven John Kee 1749 & Mary Owen, 1752, VA
Keefer Genealogy
Descendants of George Washington KEEFER (1815-1877) and Caroline V. SEARCY (1825-1900).
Keegan and Gioia Family Tree
Family history of Keegan, Gioia, Henderson, Rufo, Patalano, Alleyne, Edwards, Nightingale, Evanson, Sweeney, Whalen
Keene, Kienzle, Tribby, Hutchison, Svoboda, Kostohryz, Varga, Kinkle, Blew,
Family trees for the following surnames: Keene, Kienzle, Tribby, Hutchison, Svoboda, Kostohryz, Varga, Kinkle, Blew, and Thomas.
Kehoe Family
Kehoe family research links are gathered here for you to view and enjoy.
Keith Family Web Site
Keith Family History from the Adirondack Region of Upstate New York
Kellam Family in Ontario Canada
Decendents of the Kellams from Leicestershire England who settled in Ontario Canada
Keller/Crawford/Twigg/Clites Home Page
This is of my family geneology that i have been working on for 3 years.
Kelley family
This line of Kelley's are mainly located in Georgia and Florida. The main line is from James Kelley of Glascock/Warren County Georgia.
Kelley Quest and Kinfolk
Kelley, Snoddy, Steele, Money, Price, Nail surnames and related lines living in North Carolina, Alabama, Tennesee,Indiana, Oklahoma and other Southern and Midwest states.
Kelley's Family Tree
Kellie's Family Connections
My site includes data, descendents, query page, notes, wills, marriages, etc. of my ancestors and other family members. I would like to share info with others out there related to my family.
Kelly Genealogy
Contains ancestral trees of my four granparent lines - DONNERGAARD from Denmark to Washington State, KELLY from England to Washington State, JARVIS from Missouri to Washington State, and SCHNEIDER from Germany to Washington State and Alberta, Canada. Also contains histories and photos.
Kelly's Kin
Kempeneers genealogy
The genealogy of the Dutch/Belgium family Kempeneers
Kendall and Allied Families
Ancestors of William Paine Kendall and wife Ella Mae Paine, both b. Bath, ME. Larger family ancestries include: Rogers, Kendall, Edgecomb(e), Chase, Mains. Also "medieval" ancestry of Judith Lewis.
Kennedy Family of Garrard County, KY (1780-1921): David, Son of David
David, Son of David is a Family History website that traces my paternal heritage through eight generations of men named David KENNEDY who each in turn named their own sons David KENNEDY. This family tree stretches back over 250 years (1735 to present day) and includes related families (MATTINGLY, FAULKNER, POINTER, WHITE, BRYANT, HENDERSON, MULLINS, CAIN, VAUGHN, STEWART, STUART, DAVIS) from various counties in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia.
Kennedy/Kerbaugh/Vandegrift & Relations
Carrie Vandegrift and James Joseph Kennedy lived in Philadelphia, PA and married in 1906. They had 4 children James, Virginia, Marcella and Ruth who can trace their ancestors back to Bucks Co, PA & New Amsterdam (NY) Vandegrift; Germantown, PA Kerbaugh/Fleu/Milton; & Irish imm.
Kentucky Roots
Surnames, Gilpin, Albertson, Reardon, Johnson, Warfield, Sharpe, Orberson, Roach, Herring
Kerry's Genealogy Website
Andrews, Galvin, Pace, Lindsay, D'Angelo, Cockett, Murray, Taylor, Kelley, Smith, Minnie, Moher, Austin, McKeever, and Nixon. From: Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and Canada
Kevin Taylor
Specific information about Kevin Taylor with links to immediate family web sites and the William S Taylor Family Tree.
Key and associated families of Middle Tennessee .
Genealogies of families De Vries, Karel and Joha.
Killeen Klan
Research of early Irish families that settled in Peel Co. Ontario.
Killian Family History - MS & LA, 1782-Present
The Killian Family in Mississippi and Louisiana primarily descends from George Killian (1740-1830) who immigrated to The Natchez District from Burke Co., NC about 1783.
Killpack, Foote, Whiting, Brown Families
Ancestry for Killpack (England), Foote (Connecticut), Whiting (Massachusetts), Brown (Scotland) families.
Kincel-Christian Family Website
Trying to locate relatives and ancestors with help from those who have more information to share. Kinderman/Kindermann and Gudat/Guddat families.
Kinfolk Korner
Descendants of: STRAIN, MANKINS, MAXWELL, CANFIELD, VAN HORN, PARSONS; Surname Index; Resource Pages; Regional Cemeteries; Bios; Death Notices; Family Information; Tidbits and Tall Tales; Military Information
Kinfolk's Family Files
Family Surnames Data for: Ellis - Parker - Jones - Moss - Edley - Thomas - Phillips - Tudor - Griffith - Grubb - White - Ramey - Finn - Mayo - Blume - Finn - Jenkins - Samuel -
King Family Webpage, of Eastport, Newfoundland
The KING Family Website of Eastport, Newfoundland. Surnames include BROWN, MATCHIM, KING, DAVIS, DAWE, HAMMOND, HUNT, NAPIER, and many more.
Kings, Farmers, Cowboys, and Scouts.
Cecil, Witten, Preston, Travis, Harvey, Hicks, Burges, Zigler, McDonie, KY, VA, OK, TN, TX, OH, NE.
Genealogies of Francis John Chapman + Mary Leigh, John Duncan Morgan + Laura Frances Archer, William Archer + Martha Malinda Collins, James Johns + Keziah Jones, Georg Jakob Schulz + Elizabeth Michel, John Erikson + Emma Thorin, George Washington Woodall + Martha Elizabeth Sloan, Nathan Eugene Autrey and Mary Proctor
kiser family
My site will contain information about the Kiser family and their decendents.
Kishpaugh Family
Genealogical Record of the Kishpaugh Family Twigs and Branches. This is the book by Flo Kishpaugh, with added corrections and additions.
Kith and Kin - A Genealogy Website
My personal genealogy site with my ancestors, a surname list and some links to common genealogy websites.
Kittays Hause-Brown Family
Genealogy of the Brown and Hause Family since before the birth of the nation. Researching Brown, Hause, Walter, Longacer, Clegg, Manful, Chesebrough, Stanton, Graham and many other Lines.
Klaas Jansen's Genealogical Homepage
Families from the Northeast Netherlands: Friesland - Mullender, de Vries, Koopmans, ten Hoor; Groningen - Bugel, Houwink; Overijssel - Jansen, de Lange; Gelderland - van Rijn, Suermondt. Plus Luginbühl and Rufener from Berne, Switzerland
Klare's of Clinton, Iowa
The descendants of Herman and Katherine Ashenbrenner Klare. Living in Clinton, Iowa.
Klein Family
Klein ancestry of Melchoir Brumback (Brombach) of the 1714 Germanna Colony to Virginia
Klopschinski and related families
A short history of the Klopschinski family and the area from where they came in West Prussia. Also includes pedigree charts and notes along with some old photo's.
Knapp- Ryan- Donaldson- Arrigo
Knapp, Thole, Wessendorp, Donaldson, Ryan, Bruns, Busch, McKearney, Arrigo, Lasita families of Cincinnati OH. Knapp families of Herringhausen, Germany. Arrigo, Lasita, Pusateri, LaMantia, Zuccaro, LoPresti and other families of Termini Imerese, Palermo, Sicily, Italy.
Knapp/Corcoran Family Pedigree
Knapp, Corcoran, Dempsey, Magan, Maher, Esmonde family history traced back to 1389 BC.
Knecht - Knegt - de Knegt and other spelling variants
On this site youll find the descendants of the family Knecht, Knegt, de Knegt and other spelling variants. The family Knecht origins in the Alsace area. Most of the members of this family are found in the surrounding areas in what is now Germany, France and Switserland. In the Netherlands the family is mostly named KNEGT. In the 1900s a lot of Knechts immigrated to the USA. You ll find more than 9000 Knechts, > 1900 Knegts, > 700 de Knegt, > 100 Kneghts and other name changes at this site. Depending on the region the name changed in the spelling. The family Knegt and de Knegt is mostly found in the Netherlands
Know Your Kin
Primarily The Drouillard Family Genealogy with many other surnames.
Kolb family from Retzstadt, Germany
These are mostly families that were born North of Wuerzburg, Germany.
Konkel/Szymanowski/Rowe/Steigler/Gatz Family Tree
Family Tree for Konkel,Gatz/Szymanowski/Rowe/Smith/Steigler
Konrad Ruetschi of Switzerland
GEDCOM file of Konrad Ruetschi's Ancestors/Descendants
Koster, Foley, Warren and others in Lewis and Jefferson Co. New York
Numerous Lewis Co surnames in particular those from Alsace Lorraine, going back in some cases to 15 generations.
Kostohryz - Rydel: Looking Back 400 Years
A pictorial genealogy site relating to the Kostohryz -- Rydel ancestry.
Krause Boeckmann McDonald Bricknell Exler Trees
Family Tree
Krause Genealogy
Four braches of my family Genealogy such as Krause, Boeckmann, McDonald, Exler Bricknell.
Krause Genealogy
photos link
Krause Genealogy
Krause Genealogy Newletter
Krause Genealogy
Krause Genealogy
Krause Genealogy
Krengel History
This website is a genealogy collaboration site for multiple family trees. Just a few of the last names related to the Krengel family tree or the Kromberg family tree include: KRENGEL BERGQUIST KROMBERG SKILES PEACHER To access either family tree just click on the corresponding family link to your left.
Kristine's Genealogy!
This is the ever so green Family Tree of Kristine Strom-Whitbey. A nice small tree, that is growing everyday. Please take a look! If you have any information on any of the names included please contact me! Lets exchange information!!
Krumm Family Information
Family Pages of Jeffery & Kimberley Krumm
A site consisting of the Flanagan, Mascio, Mitidieri, & Shina/Sajina Families history.
Kuglstatter-Gusset-Zaugg-Wendler Family Tree
Over 200 anchestors back to the 16th century of the Kuglstatter, Gusset, Zaugg and Wendler families.
Kuykendall / Neuffer Genealogy
Genealogy for the Kuyknedall / Neuffer Families
Kwartierblad van Pol Jan Luc Toye
Family tree of Pol Toye
Kwartierstaat Cock Rijerkerk
Kwartierstaat Marijke Bronner
Kylie's Genes
Genealogy of the Willison, Scadden, Wigley and Buring families from the UK and Prussia to Australia.
Kyrsta and Meke's stamboomonderzoek/ancestor search
Genealogy site in Dutch and English of families of Visser, Schellevis, Kimmel and others in Zuid Holland and Gelderland.
Family stories and links to family descendancies and websites.
La Familia De Samuel Hinojosa Jr. Home Page
This is my genealogy page where I have started to search my own and my wife's family roots. It centers mostley in the South Texas region called the valley and up to the Nueces river in Texas.
Ladanowskinikolka Family Tree
Martha Dunz, Felix Kukuk, Ladanowski, Grywachski, and Skikewich
Lahmon's of Ohio
The descendants of James and Margaret Humphrey Lahmon. From Ohio to Cedar Co., Iowa.
Lamb (and Belt) Families
Lamb (and Belt) Family in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland (MD)
Lamberts & Dygerts & Burns -- Oh My!
Website for my family's genealogy.
to give information of our legacy, to maintain our last name alive and united
The web site is a family tree consisting of the Murry and Murray decendants of the John Murry family that settled Union Parish, LA in 1849.
Lancaster Family Tree
Family history of Lord Lancaster of Aberhonddu including over 1,000 surnames with dates confirmed from 1509, with possible links going back to about 1200
Lancaster-Gray, Cross-Hamilton, Davis-Kriha, Powers-Thompson Web Page
Family genealogy pages incorporating the Lancaster-Gray, Cross-Hamilton, Davis-Kriha, and Powers-Thompson families.
Lancasters in America
A history of the Lancaster family since their arrival in America in 1702, through to the present time. Includes Histories, Descendants, Photographs (both people & cemetery).
Landefeld Family Tree
Landefeld family from Germany to Pittsburgh. Also Landefelds from Buffalo, Erie, Maryland, Ohio. Would like any and all Landefeld information!
Landefeld Family Tree
My Landefeld family tree..please view my site and contact me if you have information on ANY Landefelds.
Landon Family of Mountain Lake Park, MD
This site has just been created. I will try to put all pictures and information at Mountain Lake Park, Maryland I have on it. Mountain Lake Park has been a beautiful place to live for many years. I hope you enjoy my site.
Lannie's Families In Southern Wisconsin
Researching: TROON (from Ludgvan, Cornwall); BARTLE and GRENFELL (Dodgeville, Iowa Co, WI); James APPLEBY, Susanna PALMER, Zachariah BARNES, Nancy WHEATON (Richland Co, WI); Nathaniel JOHNSON (JOHNSTON) & Sarah McCORD (Grant Co, WI); Rasmus JACOBSON & Lena HANSON (Brooklyn, WI); Zillah KERR (Antrim, Ireland to Rothesay, Scotland and Rock Co, WI.)
Familynames/Surnames from the North of Norway, Finland and Sweden, mainly from Sami origin.
Larry and Liz Johnson's Genealogy
Tons of data on Family relations back to early 1700s. These include Looney, McBride, Hart, DeVault, Guest, Rentfro, Rhea, Johansen (Johnson) and Kruger
Larssen Genealogy
Our LARSSEN family genealogy, including the names Reed, Putnam, Puckett, Skaggs, Compala, Blue, Brown, James, Gould, Salyer, Whitaker, and many more.
Las familias ALLOA y ALANDA
Latham Family
Decendents of Stanton Latham - 1815 Massachuettes to 1903 Johnson County Wyoming
Laufersweiler, Svihalek Genealogy
The genealogy of the Laufersweiler family, including family trees untill 1620. Included are also many in-married families (Manz, Muller, Svihalek, Brezina, Sauer, Hilton, Ryska, Jonczy, PokornyTalla, Simek, Srnec, Harlfinger, Maurer)
Laureen Alvina Greenhough Kelly Family Tree
Add almost everyone that I know of I am looking for more relatives anyone that can help fill in some more would be great.
Lauren's Genealogy Page
Genealogy research on the surname RUMGAY, selected data from Fifeshire, Scotland, and my family research: Pennsylvania, USA (Daniels, Huhn, Kiefer, Mehorter, Schwager); England (Barlow, Sayles, Smelter); and Scotland (Dewar, Forrest, Mackie, Pitcairn, Whyte)
Lawler Family Tree (Ontario Canada)
Surnames searching Lawler / Lawlor ,McIlquham / McIlgorm / McIllgorm, Murphy, Knight, McHale, Hyde, Haslem/Haslam, Megahey. In Ontario, Ireland, Scotland, England
Lawrie and Innes Family Vines
This family tree includes links from Lawrie to Hunter, Hewett, Gay, Naismith, originating in Lesmahagow in Scotland, and from Innes to Oxford and Young in Newfoundland, and to Breen from Ireland, Eddie and Middleton from Scotland.
LAY/FETTER Genealogy
Lazenby Links
17 generations of Lazenbys, Schriners, Hubers, Shorbs, Elliotts, Schmidts, Bruces, McCulloughs and many more. There are many hundreds of individuals listed here who are not direct relatives, but are instead collateral descendants of the McCullough siblings who emigrated to New Castle, Delaware about 1740.
Leanne's Genealogy Gorge
Surnames of my family (Spinks, Smith, Chapman, Hurst, Reeves, Rector). Research forms, etc.
Leatham Launch
John Spendlove, Susannah Mossendew, John Slawson, Dixon, Corby, John Steens, Francis Gosling, Thomas Barton, Margaret Whalley, John Carr, Ann Marshall, John Cunnington, Alice Hayse, Margaret Preston, William Heigham, John Huyton, Isaac Jones Joseph Harrison, Thomas Smith, Whetstone, David Sanders, Issac Allred, Richard Fausett, Mckee, henry Zabriskie Eleanor Galpin, Isaac Higbee, Keziah String, Thomas String, Josiah Albison, Evan Morgan, Leah Hooper
Leaves Branches and Nuts
Family genealogy site of Rebekah Jones Jennings with over 4000 names and 700 surnames including Jones, Jennings, Ayers,Beckman, Burrill, Browning, Campbell, Chaney, Cox, Hall, Hedden, Lambert, Oury, Reed, Sanders, Strole, Tanner, Thayer and Yeager
Leaves of the Tree
Genealogy and family research of my families and my husband's families. Surnames include Comstock, Holtzclaw, Poindexter, Allen, Hays, Haden, Holderness, Wishard, Fry, Pippin and others.
LECKEY - The Leckey Legend
Ancestors of John Poague Leckey
Researching Lee/Snider/West/Gray/Suggs and many other families from Atascosa and Shelby County Texas 1850 to present. Lots of photos.
Leebrick Family Tree
Descendents of Johannes Phillip Liebrick of Manheim Germany, immigrated 1754, lived Lancaster and Dauphin County, Pa. Spread out to Virginia, Iowa, Indiana.
Leeds County Genealogy and Information
Covey, Stevens, Donaldson, Patterson and Darling, Larose, Livingstone, Kelsey genealogy in Leeds County, Ontario Canada
Legacy of Jacob & Theodesia Menzak
History and ancestry of Jacob & Theodesia Menzak
Legacy of James M. Liggett
History of James M. Liggett, born 1812 in County Armagh, married Jane M.F. McCarty, and his five children.
Leitch Genealogy
Leitch from Buckhaven, Fife. Mill from Falkland, Fife.
The families of Leitner/Kogl came from Austria/Hungary in the late 1880's. The Prideaux/Threlkel/Threlkeld families were from the British Isles. They arrived in the USA in time to fight the Revolutionary War. These Pioneers all settled in Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado. Some left during the "Dirty 30's" and went to the west coast for a better life.
LEMAY - Ancestors of Armand LeMay
Ancestors of Armand LeMay
Lemmermann genealogy
Lemmermann´s from Germany and pedigree of Marion Lemmermann
Leo Wright's Genealogy Home Page
Les ancêtres de Paul Ernest Lalonde
Lalonde, April, Grenier, Hudon, Moineau, Dubois, Pilon, Roy,Migonot-Labrie, Delisle, Godbout, Plourde, Keizer, Wilkie, Zink, Corkum, Getson, Creaser, Sullivan, Mulcahy, Garron, Robichaud, Comeau, Thériault, Boudreau
Les Despres/Couillard/Beaumnt
Association Despres/Couillard/Beaumont Available on Demand
Lesley's Family Tree
Gedcom of my family. Adams,Baird,Barnett,Brumley,Fitgerald,Lang, Lassiter,Stone, Waddell and many more.
Lett, Myers, Mayle, Stevens and related families of SE Ohio and Remus, MI
My tree including related families
Leverette Family Website
The Leverette Family website is a Family History Repository
Lewis Clan from Wales to Illinois
My page includes the surnames of Lewis,Anderson,Miller,Robinson,Brown,Hagler,Birdsong,Harris,Beasley,Abel.McCool.
Lewis Family
Daniel Lewis from (North Carolina)? to Alabama to Tennessee to Franklin Co., Missouri
Lewis Family Tree
Site dedicated to the descendants of George Washington Lewis and more particularly his 12th child, Talbot Johnson Lewis.
Lewis/Stevenson Family Tree
This is my attempt of compiling all information from my family and my wives family. This is mainly for my children as they will have a good starting block to further fill in the gaps that I may leave.
Libby-Harer-Carey-Hennessy Family
Libby from England 1600,to Maine,to Iowa,toSoDakota,to Wash.,to Calif. Harer from Scotland/Ireland to Ark/KY,to Wyoming,to Oregon,to Wash.,to Calif. Carey/Hennessy lines from Co.Cork, Ireland to San Francisco, CA.
Liby: The Liby Family Tree
A work in progress featuring the Liby family and their ancestors. The site also contains some ship logs, and a history area is coming soon.
Limbs and Branchs of Ottens/Michels/Drumbargers/Bairs/Markers
The families of Ottens,Michels,Drumbargers,Bairs,Markers and Nagels.
Linda's Genealogy Homepage
Genealogy links and Family Charts!
My site is information on descendants contected with my family.
Lindley Family tree
Desendants of John Lindley,Family Tree with Photos and stories and a favourite links page
FAMILY NAMES FROM AUSTRALIA,ENGLAND, USA & GERMANY. A easy to navigate site and useful links to other useful genealogical pages
Linnea Brown's Genealogical Roots
Lipsey Family Genealogy
Genealogy for Lipsey, Daniel, Gaskin, Brownlow, Whitehurst, Brian, Farnes, Sutton, Stockman, Holland, Guy, Gibson, Shelton, Beaman, Merriman, Shackleford
Listing of directory: /adams1844/index.html
ADAMS, HARVEY HOLLAND (1844-1926), son of SETH & MARY (MILLS) ADAMS of Monroe Co., OH, lived in Ritchie Co., WV & Washington Co., OH. See obits, many pictures & family histories. Descendants lived in both WV & OH.
Genealogy Home Page
littlejohn family
Littlejohn Family Tree, descendants of Alexander Littlejohn & Isobel Greig of Angus, submitted by Sheona McIntyre of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Lively Roots
A genealogical study of Edward Lively (1545) of England to present day. Includes lineage of Davis, Hatfield, Monnot and 8 other Lively family trees. The genealogy includes photos, stories, historical facts and an Odds and Ends section addressing the use of the Lively surename (ships, towns, business', etc).
Livingston Family History
Searching for LIVINGSTON, DUNBAR, WHITEHEAD and HENDERSON ancestors of John LIVINGSTON (1822/3 - 1891) and Charles LIVINGSTON (1826/7 - 1863) in Midlothian, East Lothian and Fife.
Lizweb Family History
This website details my maternal genealogy, concentrating on my four great grandparents - the history of the following branches: Denman (North Curry and Taunton), Fisher (Wedmore and Mark), Thomas (Minehead and Dunster) and Willsman/Wilsman of Otterton.
Lloyd Family Ancestry and History
Researching families of LLOYD - THOMPSON - PFIEFER - PRICE - MARSHALL - POWERS - ABER - STEELE - KINSEL - SARVER -BOLANDER - and many others. I have branch families for most of the sirnames.
Lloyd I. Taylor Family Tree
25 generations of ancestors for Lloyd I. Taylor, Glenn L. Taylor, Owen Taylor, Nathaniel Franklin Taylor Jahaza Sizemore, Jahasy Sizemore, Anna Mariah Campbell, William Row, William Rowe, Marie G. Turner, Marie Chapman, Esther Rowe, Esther Row, Sydney Chapman, Alice L. Kellogg.
LLOYD'S of the St Mary's River of Georgia and Florida
James Lloyd came to Kings Ferry in Nassau County, Fl in the early 1800's. He married Susannah Wingate in 1822. Their descendants lived on both sides of the St Mary's River at Kings Ferry on the Fla side & Camp Pinckney, Coleraine, Traders Hill & St George in Camden Co on the Ga side. Part of Camden Co became Charlton Co in 1854. Surnames include: BROWN, BLOCKER, CARTER, CONNER, CREWS, DUGGAN, GUINN, HENDRIX, HULING, JOHNSON, LLOYD, MADDOX, MCCLAIN, O'NEAL, PARKER, PARRISH, SIKES, SIMMONS, SMALL, SMITH, SPURLOCK, WILLIAMS, WOOLARD
Locke-Vaughan Ellis-Burgess-Hayden
This site traces the LOCKE family back to General Matthew Locke, Rev. War. It is also a Mayflower Descendants site for BURGESS-HAYDEN going back to John ALDEN and Priscilla MULLINS.
Loe genealogy Page
This site has the following surnames. Loe,Lowe,Low,Rosison,Robinson
Loewe Family
Loewe (Low, Loew, Lowe) ancestry of Melchoir Brumback (Brombach) of the 1714 Germanna Colony in Virginia
Loghry, Thornton, Nielsen, Nelson, Johnson, Jorgenson and Allied Families
This site is a compilation of the ancestors and related families of Roger Jorgenson and Debra Loghry.
Long Island White Family
Researching The Long Island White Family and allied Families.
Longshore Genealogy in the United States
A website where Longshore family and friends can learn more about our distinguished surname and past.
Looney Toones
Covering many surnames from mostly, NC & Tn. To name a few, Metcalf, Looney, Edde, Jones, Johnson. Feel free to contact me. Thanks Trish
LORENCE Family Tree
Descendants of Frantisek and Frances LORENCE from Bohemia to Esbon KS.
Genealogical investigation about the descendants of Concepción Bona and Marcos Gómez. Concepción Bona was a national heroin in the independence of Dominican Republic in 1844.
Lost In Tennesee
Has information on my family that I have researched. Surnames include Seals, King, Tate, Hollis, Hale, Paine, French, Hollis, Freels, Lays, Posey, Tallman, Cox, Summers and many more!
Louis R. Mills Family Research
A listing of my FRISBY, DYE, SHEPPARD, KING & APPLETON roots
Lourice's Georgia Home Page
Surnames: Youngblood, Lott, Vickers, Tanner, Harper, Joiner, Adams
Lumsden family database
A Lumsden family database of relations. A forum is included for public usage and searching.
Luvs East Ky Families
Site contains a gedcom, family photos, and a few related links.
Lynn Fussells Genealogy Site
Family Trees for Fussell, Spencer, Jamison and Nanney families.
Lyons Ancestry Page
Family oriented ancestry research site.
It is a family ancestral tree. Starting with myself, my children, my mother,my Gfather, my GGfather.
Lytle Web
Ancestors and descendants of the brothers John Lytle, died 1837 (married Sarah Morrison) and William Lytle (1795-1871) (married Isabella McFate). The brothers lived in Oil Creek Township, Venango County and Fairfield Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Other surnames: McCasland, Fleming, Sheldon, Watson, McArthur, McIntyre, Brown, Miller, Burchfield, McDonald, Calvin, and Brush.
M. McDaniel Family Genealogy
Histories of ancestors as well as a ged2www type of family file. Includes many four generation pictures in the photo album.
Maas Family Roots and Branches
Data, history, and photos of our ancestors and their homelands in Pomerania, southern Germany and Russia. Surnames include: BLACKWELDER, GASTON, HARRINGTON, JUST, KOEHLER, MAAS, MAASS, MEIDINGER, RIECK, RUDOLF, SCHULZ, VANDERBURG
This site contains photographs and family records relating to all the Mabbott's who can directly trace their origins back to the villages surrounding Tockington in Gloucestershire. From as early as 1727.
tracing the McGee's, Harpers, Stobbs etc from Ireland and Scotland to England
Macdonald Family Tree - Isle of Skye & beyond
The Macdonald family originally from the Isle of Skye in Scotland
MacEachern Clan of Conispy, Isle of Islay, Scotland
This site consists of the MacEachern "Family Tree" penned by my great grandfather Neil Q. MacEachern in 1936. The tree starts in the 18th century in Islay, Scotland with the joining of the MacEachern and MacIntyre families. There are scanned images of the original records and a web page that can be searched for names.
macedo family tree
Macedo family tree with all of its many branches is a work in progress and any information is greatly accepted!!
Genealogy records for MADDOX, MILLIGAN, NEWLON, SHARPE families.
MadronaHouse Family Tree
Michael Connolly's family tree. Connolly, Culbertson, Thomas, Dolan, Sandles, etc.
Maine Kincaids Proposed Lineage
These are my "proposed" ancestors od Kincaid Lineage from Maine. i still need to verify 2 links, but I am working on it. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Belanger, Bush, Cahill, Carlson, Culnan, Hall, Holmgren/Johnson, Joy, Patterson, Perry, Ready, Towner, Werkmeiser, & White.
genealogy, genealogía, généalogie, family tree, Malagón, Malagon, Beltrán, Beltran, Gutiérrez, Gutierrez, Fajardo, Desroches, Wranich, Röfekamp, Rofekamp, Nieuwenhoff, VanEerden, Van Eerden,
Malcolm Ward's Genealogy HomePage
Researching: ALLEN, BRUNGER, CAMPBELL, CAPES, FALCONER, FRASER, PILE, POLLOCK, SIGNAL, SUTTIE, TALBOT, TAVENDALE, WARD, pioneers to New Zealand from Scotland and England between 1840 - 1910.
Mallwitz - Familiengenealogie
Stammbaum der Familie Mallwitz
Malone and Hilleary Ancestors
My Malone family line started with James Malone who immigrated from Ireland prior to 1831. Was married to Elizabeth (unknown). Settled in what is now the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. My mother's side of the family with the surname of Hilleary originated in England prior to 1650. Malone's connected with Waggoner/Wagoner, Broome, Haines, Adams, Atkinson. Hilleary Family connected with Wade, Sprigg, Monnet/Monnett.
Manning Nova Scotia Roots
Decendants of Peter Manning of Ireland & Nova Scotia. Families of Phinney,Langille,Shields and Ross from N.Ireland
Clark MANSFIELD born 1791 in CT, (possibly son of Calvin) and Clark's descendants)
Margaret and Ed on the Beach
Wiley Benjamin Hill, Jr. was a descendant of Wiley King and Lucinda Loftin. He also did research on his wife's ancestry, the Givens and the Settles. As his adoptive daughter, I have inherited his genealogy files and his love for family history.
Margie and Ray Ross Genealogy
ROSS & PUGH genealogy. Complete surname listing. Documents, photos, pedigree chart. Surnames include ROSS, PUGH, STEPHENS, MAUDE, PACE, and many more
Margo's Web Site
Genealogy of, Jones, Lawson, Cochenet, Blank, Wood, Corson, Read and Henry lines of my family.
Marie's Time Machine
A historical journal and some old pictures for surnames - Macool/McCool, Baumgart, Berninger, Linderman, Leonard, Conrad, Donnelly, Porst, Purvis, Troxell, Rodgers, Gromley, Tharp, Moore and Goss.
Marino/Van Mater
Surnames we are researching Marino,Salomoni,Capron,Cunha Skillman,Van Mater,Riddle,brown,Williams,Ireland,Bowne
MarinoVan Mater
surmanes Marino,Capron,Van Mater,Skillman
Marjorie's family archive
My website has descendant lists [& photographs]for my family in Bristol, Gloucestershire:HOBBS;LEONARD;MONKS;& others; in Hunslet,Leeds, Yorkshire;MAWSON;SWITHENBANK;in Cornwall:HAWKE. A link on my home page goes to my husband's VAUGHAN family in Herefordshire & Monmouthshire:VAUGHAN;PARRY;PENHELOG & others.
Mark A. & Leann E. Carlson McClain Homepages
This family history site contains photographs of several branches of the family and pedigree charts. It also contains links to genealogy related sites.
Mark Bowling Genealogy
Researching Bowling, Gue, Wiseman, Schoonover, Webb & Lawrence Surnames
Mark Heathcote famliy tree
family tree, Heathcote, Bowden, Petchy, Fudge and more
Marking Time
I wish to cover as many branches of my family as possible. I hope to create a tree that spans many centuries and coveres many generations.
Marks Genealogy Webpage
Mark Bryans families and interesting genealogy. Includes BRYAN, BANTA, HAIRSTON, KERN, KIRBY, WALDROOP, EDINGTON, many more...
Marque Family Home Page
We have used Family Origins from Intuit as our data base manager. We have combined ancestral databases containing 998 relatives from 372 different families into 2 files which can be accessed by individual generation or as a surname index.
Researching the MARSH Families from Thomas Marsh b Abt 1561,Carlton, Cambridge, England..... to MARSH Families in Australia....... present
Marshall - Spitzfaden Family Home Page
Shows ancestors and descendants related to the Marshall and Spitzfaden families.
Marshall Family Website
SURNAMES OF: JONES: Rockbridge & Washington County, VA, Allen County, KY Martin County, IN McCLELLAN, BARR O'BARR. CHUMLEY, HAWKINS, GALLAHER or GALLIHER
MARSTON Genealogy
Martin Family and Family History
The family and Family History pages of the Martin family of Newhaven, Sussex. With the names Green, Willer, Woolgar, Tiller, Burt, Parker, Boniface, Allen, Broadhurst, Charlton and many others.
Martin Family of Upton, Blewbury and Reading
History of the Martin Family of Upton, Blewbury and Reading 1545-1920 including photographs and documents.
Martins of Redbird Ridge
Descendants of Jesse Martin b1783 NC and Descendants of Samuel Crawford, Sr. b. abt 1813 TN. Both families settled in Moniteau Co., Missouri.
Mary E. O'Doherty-Murray Woburn, MA; Donegal & Galway, IRL
For the past 17 years I have been researching my family history and their passage from Ireland to Woburn, MA. The following surnames and counties are the concentration of this effort. ***COUNTY DONEGAL (Inishowen Peninsula)*** DOHERTY; O'DOHERTY; O'DOGHERTY; CAVANAUGH; KIVANEAGH; DUFFY; HARKINS; O'KELLY; McCOOL ***COUNTY MEATH*** GAGAN; GARGAN; ***COUNTY GALWAY*** NOHILLY; NOHELTY; QUALTER; KAIN; NEE
Mary Ellen's Nuggets
Whelton, Horrigan and Broman family trees. Whelton information goes back to 1787. Horrigan and Broman information goes back to 1850.
Mary Ellen's Nuggets
Family history of the Wheltons, Horrigans and Bromans. Also family photos
Mary Hatcher Springfield Mo
Hatcher, Mitchell, Cook, Cox,Cantrell families of the pioneer west, Springfield mo
Mary's Ancesty
My family page has many family photos and over 1000 names in my GED file .Some surnames I'm researching are Griffith,Green,Hollis,Hukill,Jones,Westbrook,Marks,Carpenter,Lindsey,Lee,Castleberry,and many more. Site is updated weekly.
Draper, Mitchley, Jensen, Storr, Graham, Newton, and more.
Masterman/Ingles Family
Family Tree of: Masterman/Peterson, Caterson/Cousins, Ingles/Coffin, Culotta/Kohlerman. Updated with new info frequently!
Mathilde d'UDEKEM
The current state of our knowledge about the ancestors of Mathilde d'Udekem d'Acoz, future queen of the Belgians.
Matson-Garson of Strum, Wisconsin USA
A oommunity and family history WEB site.
Mattesons in the USA
The website covers all aspects of the descendants of Henry & Hannah Parsons Matteson. This site is endorsed by the Matteson Historical Society of America. Site owned and maintained by Betty Matteson Rhodes
Matthews Family History
Records on my sixteen great great grandparets incuding the Matthews, May, Beynon, Morgan, Walker, Addis, Thomas, Bache, Chapman, Jackson, Murley, Murrish, Mitchell, Wetherell, Hayse and Miles families in Australia and the UK.
Mattingley Family
This site contains information about the Mattingley familt from Australia and the UK
Maui Reinhardt Ohana
Genealogy Home Page and Blog of descendants of William Edward Reinhardt, Jr. and Sarah Kaniuhele Reinhardt.
Maui Reinhardt Ohana (New Website)
This is Maui Reinhardt Ohana's new genealogical website, which offers database which includes the ancestors and descendants of the following ohana from Maui, Hawaii: REINHARDTS, KANIUHELE aka KANAHELE, KAUPA aka KAULUPA, KRUEGER, SAFFERY and numerous extended ohana.
Mault's from New Jersey
Family data of the Mault family from Paterson, New Jersey, who immigrated from Ireland in the early 1800's. Also includes photos of Paterson.
May and Dwyer Family History Homepage
Family history research of the May & Dwyer family`s May,Fagan,Cowley,Habershon,Jinkinson,Miller,Dwyer,Fisher, O`Neill,Pursglove,Smedley,Homes,Pearson,Collins
May's Home Page
Researching the following surnames: Bender, Braun, Giese, Hass, Hintz Klauss, Kuehn, McGregor, Mueller, Nikolaus, Pelz, Rathjen, Sprecher, Weilkum, Wiege.
Mayflower & Early Families
Mayflower Families is devoted to the first and early families of Plymouth and MA. Explore their life, hardships, deeds, wills and much more.
McAllasters in America
McALLASTER GENEALOGY - The Descendants of Richard & Ann (Miller)McAllaster, and other McAllaster - McAllister families
McAuliffe's from Ireland to Clinton Co., Iowa
The descendants of John and Ellen Reardon McAuliffe. Living in Lyons, Clinton Co., Iowa.
McBeath Family Tree NSW Australia
This is a site for others to hopefully supply me with information on my fathers family.
McBride, Bullock, Harman and Fodder Families
Decendants of McBride, Bullock, Harman and Fodder families who migrated to Spencer and Warrick counties in Indiana.
Information on the descendents of John (the weaver) McBurney who came to Canada in 1847 from N. Ireland and settled in the Bruce County area of Ontario.
McCain - McClellan
McCallister's In Missouri
Wills, Cemeteries Listings, Land Deeds, Military, Marriages and Descendants of the McAllister from Virginia.
McCallisters In Missouri
Descendants,Cemeteries, Wills, Land Deeds, Marriages,Military and 1890 McCallister Veterans of Missouri.
McCollisters and Poores of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas
Ancestry of Asa McCollister and David Poer
McCornack's Genealogy- 26 - Samuel Thompson - Helen McCornack
Helen McCornack was born on the 19 Sep 1821 in Scotland. Limited records indicate she was born in Balrechain which was located in the Colmonell Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland. She was the eleventh child of Andrew McCornack and Janet McClymont. Helen moved to Knox County, Illinois with her parents in April, 1839. Helen McCornack married Samuel Thompson on the 6 Jan 1846 in Knox County, Illinois.
McCornack's Genealogy-24 - Alexander McCornack's Daughters
Mary Elizabeth McCornack. b. 30 Mar 1858; d. 10 Mar 1936 at 78. Mary McCornack graduated from Oberlin College at Oberlin, Ohio. She taught school for a few years near Elgin and at Hampshire and Udina. Mary enlisted in missionary service and was sent in 1889, by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, to the mission station, Esidumbini, Africa, where she was a teacher and general mission worker.
McCornack's Genealogy-25 - James Nesbit - Anna Orr
James Nesbit and his wife, Anna Orr, came to America from Ireland in January 1851. They settled on a farm near Rockford, Illinois. Two years later they moved to Waterloo, Iowa where James built a house. After 11 years the family moved to Barclay Township in Black Hawk County, Iowa where James took a homestead. James and Anna were Convenantors and they taught this faith to their children.
McCornack's Genealogy-27 - Iowa McCornacks
William McDowall was born in Mar 1840 at the Dangart farm near Poundland and Colmonell, Ayrshire, Scotland. William came to Tama County, Iowa in July 1856 with his family. William McDowall married Elizabeth McCornack on the 20 Mar 1869. Elizabeth was born on the 12 May 1846 in Knox County, Illinois. She was the fourth child of Andrew McCornack and Elizabeth Kelly.
McCornack's Genealogy-28 - Andrew McCornack - Marie Eakin
Andrew McCornack (One of the subjects of this genealogy) was born on the 15 Aug 1817 in the Galloway area of Scotland on a farm named Annabaglish southwest of Kirkcowan. He immigrated to America in 1838 at the age of 21. Andrew was the fifth child and the youngest son of Andrew McCornack and Helen McGeough.
McCornack's Genealogy-29 - Austin Families of Scotts Hill
Charles Austin, born 26 March 1796 in Austinville, Anson County, North Carolina, married Phoebe Ellen "Granny Austin" Woodward 1815 at Charlotte, North Carolina. Charles was a justice of the peace.
McCornack's Genealogy-30 - Eakin Families
"Bothwell" Eakin (possibly William) b. abt.1650 in Galloway, Scotland moved to Ireland with his friend Hugh Miller, and settled in Letterlogher, in Co. Derry. Had at least two sons. 1. William Eakin, b. abt. 1680. 2. James Eakin, b. abt. 1680. m.Elizabeth Miller
McCornack's Genealogy-31 - Samuel Eakin - Jane Christie
Samuel Eakin was born on the 12 Aug 1801 in County Derry, Ireland. There are some records that indicate he was the son of James Eakin and Jane Marshall. Samuel was employed as a farmer and cabinet maker. He married Jane Christie on the 3 May 1830. Jane was born on the 9 Jun 1807 at Cool, County Derry, Ireland.
McCornack's Genealogy-33 - Robert Pascal McCornack
Documents the known genealogy of Robert Pascal McCornack whow as born in Knox County, Illinois, moved to Iowa, Kansas, and finally to Oklahoma.
McCornack's Genealogy-34 - Robert Pascal McCornack - Mary Milroy
Documents the genealogy of the desendants of Robert Pascal McCornack and Mary Milroy who raised their families in Illinois and Oklahoma.
McCornack's Genealogy-35 - Robert Pascal McCornack - Dorthy Caroline Walden
Documents the genealogy of the desendants of Robert Pascal McCornack and Dorthy Caroline Walden who raised their families in Oklahoma.
McCornack's Genealogy-38 - John Shy Phelps McNatt
Documents the known descendants of John Shy Phelps McNatt.
McCoy Family Tree
My McCoy's from S.E. KY.>N.E. TN.
McDade Surname and Clan Data
McDade genealogy and Clan information
McEnerny/Carlan Family Connection
My family site contains just under 4000 surnames that decend from my McEnerny and Carlan family lines. There is new information added as soon as I find it.
McFadden Family Notes and Records
McFadden Family Notes and Records of Descendants of William McFadden, Fairfield County, South Carolina.
McGhie Family Genealogy
My genealogy research concerning the surnames McGhie, Fisher, Neff, Wagstaff, Jensen, Emmerson, etc.
McGill Family Genealogy
Family lines of the McGill family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Also includes surnames Briggs, Carney, Deal, Geary, Greener, Hanafy, Johnson, King, Laughlin, Pratt, Savage, Stempfle, Wasmund, and van Otteren.
McGINNIS Family Tree
Descendants of Peter McGINNIS b 1840 to NY from IRE in 1850 & married Margaret (MURPHY). The family lived in IL and later moved to Esbon, KS and Redcloud, NE
McGraw and Forsten Home Page
Our site was designed to assist family members who are seeking information about our family and the history our our ancestors. We intent to educate those who take the time to browse the site and who are serious about finding their roots.
McGuire Cousins
A gathering of downloadable documents, photos, and GEDCOM from the McGuire clan from VA>KY. Looking for cousins to join in the research. Other surnames include: Crosby, Benson, Vincent, Schumachar, Marshall, Ferguson, and Becklay.
Several family trees, centered in southeastern Ontario. Main surnames are McKague, McGregor, Richards, Wilson. Also lots of old family photos.
McKenzie, William Ernest, my ancestors and soem of their descendents
Ancestors of William Ernest McKenzie and related familes - McKenzie, Younger, Dickinson, Freeman, Losh, Hildersley and some photos; pen and ink sketches by my father
This is the Family Tree of Elizabeth Letain McKeown and John Lee Andrews
McKie Family tree
Desendants of Thomas McKie,Family Tree with Photo Album and stories and a favourite links page
McKie Genealogy
McKie, Lindley,Watson Family Trees with Photos and stories and a favourite links page
McLeaird, William and Descendants
This site contains history and genealogy about William McLeaird's and his wife Elvey Rushing's descendants from the 1700's in North Carolina until the present.
McLean County, IL Family Links
Links to Mclean Co., IL family GEDCOMS, local research sites and photo albums.
family tree, script and pictures of my family divided into four families of my grandparents.
McNaney Home Page
For researchers looking for McNaney - McEnaney - McNany etc
History and family tree of McNeil of Jamaica, Cooke of Cheshire, Barclays and Hiltons, and some of their connections, principally in Jamaica and Nantwich, Cheshire.
McNulty-Gray-Moody-Paris Genealogy and Surnames
Contains about 1030 indexed surnames, about 6060 individuals, summarized in descendants' trees. These are the ancestors, descendants and related female lines of my wife and me. Also, documents and links for searching in Canada, Ireland and Italy, as well as in the states of Vermont and New York.
Meads Family in New Zealand
This site is primarly the Meads family of New Zealand and many related branches
Meares-Rhinehart-Blackburn-Jones of SC-NC-TN
Meg Baker's Ancestry
Mostly families from MA, CT, ME, PA, & NY, England, Scotland, & Ireland, especially surnames: Aber, Abercrombie, Adams, Annable, Austin, Ayers, Baker, Bane, Barton, Basset, Black, Bragdon, Branch, Bridges, Carmody, Chisholm, Clark, Davenport, David, Denison, Goldberg, Hamlin, Hatch, Hill, Hucstepe, Jenckes, Kimlin, Kornhauser, Learned, Lincoln, Loomis, Marsh, Marshall, McCray, McKee, Moulton, Nowell, Park, Phillips, Plaisted, Preble, Rishworth, Roberts, Robinson, Sanford, Sayward, Scott, Soles, Stewart, Storre, Tilden, Wass, Weare, Wheelwright, Whipple, Williams, Wilson
Melissa'a Pictures, Pedigrees & Projects
An alliterate place linking people to pictures, pedigrees and personal project pages.
Melissa's Family History Page
This page contains a source page, a huge database, an Ingersoll Resource page, pictures and more.
Melissa's Genealogy Page
I'm researching the surnames; Cotten, Diffee, Herring, Hedrick, Chitwood, Houser, Cunningham, Braziel and lots more. My page includes gedcom downloads, lots of photos, wills, and more!
Menascos Home page
Genealogy Menasco & Frakes, back 10 generations.
Mengel Family
Mengel (Mingle, Mingles) Family from Germany to Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania to Wythe Co., Virginia to Harrison Co., Indiana
Meri's Family Tree Climber Website
Site features ARNETT, BIGGS, STALCUP, KREMIAN (KREMENSKAS), AYERS, MOORE & CLAYTON, ROSENCRANS/ROSENKRANS families, mentioning collateral lines. There is a Resouces page setting forth related links, with web-based resources and bibliography. Includes link to Meri's "BIGGS CHART," detailing various BIGGS names found during research. Some photos included.
Merredew-Remus Family genealogy
Mesplay Web
Site dedicated to the research of the Mesplay, Misplay, Messplay, Mesple, Mesplet, Mespoulet, etc. family name.
Metzler Family Genealogy
Genealogy of Metzler Family including following surnames; Hershey, Shields, Brown, Herdman, Raimey, Clark
Mewgie's Genealogy Website
My personal website showing the descendant charts and history of individuals on my family tree.
Meyerhofer Family of Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
Historical story of the Meyerhofer Family of Toledo,Lucas County,Ohio. There are also,links showing the descendants of Herman and Matilda Kaufman of Erie County Ohio.
Miami County, OH, Families
Most common surnames are Bausman, Boehringer, Böhringer, Brinkman, Brinkmann, Childress, Dodson, Melton, South, and Wetzel.
Michael Brooks Genealogy Pages
My genealogy research on the web.
Michael Flynn Family
Michael Flynn Family Tree (extended, Hurni, Porter, Holbrook). Includes pedigree charts, family group sheets, photographs, ship passenger lists, and history.
Michael Flynn Family Tree
Michael Flynn Family Tree (extended, Hurni, Porter, Holbrook). Includes pedgree charts, family group sheets, photographs, and history.
Michael Tyler Smith's Family Tree
Ancestry: Smith, Ferguson, Yancey, Kerr, Stevens, Harnsberger, Woodburn, Nall, Lingle, and others.
Michele's Russell Line
Middleton/Peevey/Sibley Families
Genealogy of three families back to the early 1700s.
Midwest Angels
A partial tree on the Boyles' of Missouri
Midwest Roots (MN, WI, IA, ND)
Descendents of Peterson / Anderson / Klein / Doedyns / Olson / Youngquist / Carlson / Swanson from: Minnesota - Meeker & Chisago Co. Iowa - Marion & Worth Co. Wisconsin - Rock & Green Co. North Dakota - Walsh & Pembina Co.
Mike and Rhonda's Photography and Genealogy
Information on direct ancestral family lines of: ADAMS, ARMSTRONG, BARNES, CAMP, CHRISTIAN, COLLINS, DABBS, DENNEY, DUCKETT, FOWLER, HAWKINS, JARMAN, KELLY, KRAAR, McLEMORE, PERRYMAN, PIGG, PREWETT, REAVIS, RUFF, SHOFMAN, THOMASON, WALLIS, WHEELER, WOODALL, and many associated surnames. Also information on North GA Genealogical Newsletter (NGAGN).
Mike Boucher's Genealogy page
This is a collaborative genealogy web page. It will be a worksite for adding family information and correcting it as well. There are three gedcoms to the site as working projects; Boucher, Hudgins and Bell, each which includes all related families. To view the actual info you will need to request to become a user first, then get authenticated. You will need to provide information about your relationship to the various families. After that you will be given access. Authenticated users that are related will be allowed to edit their families. This is not a commercial site. Only relatives may view or edit the data. Some names are: Boucher, Bell, Minton, Lane, Galvin, Halpin, James, Jones, Hudgins, Wright, Leonard
Mike Eardley's Home Page
A site dealing specifically with Eaerdley family history and the origins of the name in North Staffordshire, England
Mike Tindall and Doreen Gibson our Family Tree
The family tree of Mike and Doreen Tindall
Mila Rechcigl's Family Roots
Ancestors of Miloslav Rechcigl,Jr., originally from Bohemia, Czech Republic
Miles of Hendricks County, Indiana
Hendricks & Morgan County families: Clark, Conduitt, Dorman, Franks, Green, Hamilton, Hollingsworth, Irons, Lockhart, Morgan, Miles, Ragland, Roland, Smith, Spurgeon, Treadlebaugh, Tudor, Turley, Vestal
Miller &Lounsbury Families
Genealogy of various connected families including Miller, Lounsbury, Sterling, Hamilton, and Ping.
Miller Family
Information on the Albritton, Coon, Glidewell, Hagan, HIcks, Lord, Martin, Miller, Roberts, Sharp, Tallent, Taylor and more. All families are the ancestors of Michelle Miller.
MILLER/NELSON relations Renville Mn & Denmark & Germany
Names include: Frank Miller, Margaret(Maggie)Nelson Miller, Eleanor Miller Hanson, Roy Miller, Stella Kortgard,Betty Hanson Buckman, Sanke Nelson, Doris Nelson and more. Still researching please contact me if any possible connections, I am willing to share info.
Millett family homepage from Tipperary, Ireland
This website has been created to research the Millett family who came from County Tipperary, Ireland. I would love to hear from anybody who has any information that may be beneficial to me. Thanks Alan Millett
Missouri Born
Genealogy of a Missouri Family; Estes,Sikes,Bitner,Boston,Fowler,Robinson,Cole,Brown,Woolard,Zimmerman,Hicklin,Trent,Gann,Bradley,Hawk,Reynolds, . . .
Missouri Cousins
Pedigree of Truman Chambers born in Laclede Co., Missouri.
Mitchs Family History
Family history (still in its beginning stages) focusing on LAFOND, from French Canada, LIEGEOIS from Belgium, RUDD from Norway, WAHLMAN and GRIP from Sweden, and settling in Wisconsin and Minnesota
Mixon Ancestors
Contains the decedents and ancestors of George William Mixon and Mary Serena Page lived in Butler County Alabama. Ancestors begin in Gloucester, County, Virginia in 1658. Numerous photos and maps included.
Mixon-Baker, Burnette-LeFur Family
I wish to share and get family information on the ancestors of Mixon, Burnette and connecting families which were early settlers in Georgia. I am especially interested in our native American connections.
Moland/Hutchinson Family Website
Mona Houser's Genealogy
Family surnames include Houser, Labs, Mueller, Ottmann, Prouty, Regling, Rieckmann, Rusch, Sasse, Schukar, Schurdel, Wolle, and other related lines.
Mona Jackson-Peperkorn
Researching, Beck, Bone, Carson, Dougherty, Harkness, Jackson, Maxwell, McMaster, Stewart in England and Scotland
Monk Family of West Virginia
Site researching my family lines of Monk, Cunningham, Shrewsbury, Blankenship, McKinney, Hubbard, Akers, Rinehart, Pendleton, Riffle, Ehlert, Woodrick, Nemitz, Krieger spanning West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, Illinois, and Germany
Moody Family
Moody family from Ireland to Guilford Co., North Carolina to Wilson and Henry Cos., Tennessee
Moon web site
This is the James Moon family tree
Moore Bishop UK 200906
A Name index and Family groups of Suffolk Shoreditch Somerset
Moore Family Genealogy
Moore,Waters,Noe,DefratesDay,Johnson,Hoy,Claybaugh,Paulson,Wade, Nunes,
MORAVEK Family Tree
Descendants of Matias & Tobias MORAVEK from Vysoke Myto, Bohemia to Esbon, KS.
Morelli & Vanoni Family Genealogy
This web page identifies the descendants of Joseph Barnaba Morelli, born in Lierna, Italy in 1842, and the descendants of Tommaso Vanoni and Antonio Vanoni, born in Aurigeno, Switzerland in about 1685.
Morgan Perkins York Collum Woodall And Related Families
My direct families are from South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Texas and California. Any Connections you may have on any of my surnames in the areas I have mention, please conract me.
Morningside and McCormick Neighborhood Residents - Muncie, Indiana
I maintain the ONLY geneology database access for families who have lived in Morningside and / or McCormick Neighborhoods during 1929 to 2002.
Morris Family Tree
Morrow Family of LA, SC, GA, and Ireland
Family information of William Morrow of Ireland to South Carolina to Louisiana
Morrow Genealogy
My updated page now contains detailed information on the several new families.
Moseley/Mosley of Eastern KY, East TN, Western Virginia and allied lines including Kelley/Kelly, Ausbin/Osborne, Jennings, Turner and Maggard
Mosley family histories
History of my Mosley, Hill and other families, within the social context of their times.
Mountain Memories
Surnames Cook, Keen, Presley, Turner, Ownbey, Shorte/Short, Sallings. Includes Mountain Lore, Mountain Superstitions, Helpful Hints-Mountain Style, Family Stories which give a flavor of this Appalachian Mountain family.
Family gedcom files for MOYA BARRERA HERRERA DE LOS SANTOS Other family sames: Viuhkola, Ragland, Firestone, Bean, McBurney and more.....
Family gedcom files for MOYA BARRERA HERRERA DE LOS SANTOS RAGLAND....Other family sames: Viuhkola, Firestone, Bean, McBurney and more.....
Moya Index
Moyers - Whitecotton Family Pages
Has Gedcom links for our Moyers, Whitecotton, Whetzel, Hottinger, Grimmer, and Ketterer family ties.
Munkman - Page Faimly History (Australia)
This website covers the family history of Bill (William Edward) Munkman and Nell (Alice) Page, married on 14th October 1939 at Casino, New South Wales, Australia. The Munkman family ancestors are traced back through Thomas Munkman to William Brown Munkman who was born in 1832 at Yorkshire, England. The Page family ancestors are traced back through Robert George Page, to George Henry Page and finally to Thomas Page who was born in 1816 at Essex, England.
Munselle/ Munsell Family
Munselle and Munsell families from CT, Licking Co OH, Jefferson Co., IL.
My AL Geneology: Mathis, Finn, McGrady, Brown, Blankenship, Gibson
This site is a family group/descendant chart and it also has transcribed archives such as confederate pension records, old letters, land certificates, revolutionary pension records, etc. See credits at the bottom of the main page.
My Allaire/Dallaire Genealogy by Philip John Dallaire
"My Allaire/Dallaire Family Genealogy. My personal Allaire/Dallaire genealogy. I am a descendant of the immigrant Charles Allaire, who with his older brother Jean left Poitou, France in 1658 and sailed to the New World onboard a ship called Le Tareau (The Bull). They settled on the Isle of Orleans, south of Québec City in the St. Lawrence River. Their descendents have multiplied throughout the North American continent.
My ancestors in Schleswig-Holstein
web page of Joachim Lietz. I research my ancestors in Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein. Surnames: Trzebiatowski, Hinsch, Ohlen, Springer
My ancestors/Ahnenforschung von Dina Diedrich
Ancestors of Dina Diedrich, Pedigrees, Photos, PAF, Links for the Genealogy and much more
My Ancestral Ties in Ireland, Canada and the United States
Irish McQuaids of Kingston, Ontario; Herrmann and Cabana from Buffalo, New York; Langevin and Patenaude from New York; Townsends, Saddlesom, Courtney's of Worcester, MA
My Ancestry - Gone But Not Forgotten
Genealogy information for surnames: BUCKLES, CLAWSIN, COVALT, EDGE, GALLIHAR, HALE, HUME/HOME, JONES, PARIS, TEMPLETON, and WAINSCOTT. An interactive Family Tree is available as well as photos, extensive Descendant Reports, and more.
My Belchambers
My Belchamber family history and photographs.The Belchamers lived in the West Sussex areas of the Petworth and Kirdford parishes until the late 1800`s.This is their history.
My Betlach Family
This is my Betlach family site including the surnames of Betlach, Matuska, Zbytovsky, Zeman, Borka and others. I have ancestor charts for all my related family lines and information on my immediate Betlach family posted there.
My Birth Record Search
We feel proud to announce that our most trusted database is enriched with more than 300 million public records of USA with more than 2 million records added every month.
My Bowles Family Heritage
This web site documents the Bowles family ancestry of my Dad, Carl Dean Bowles,and the Cox family ancestry of my Mother, Veryle Ellen Cox Bowles.
My Broun Wyld Stewart and Lang Ancestors
Includes Aitcheson, Bankeir, Broun, Brown, Dick, Hadfield, Haig, Hamilton, Howison, Johnstone, Kennedy, Lang, Mackellar, Maclachlan, Macrae, McAuslane, McConechy, McCorkle, McKechany, McNeil, Menzies, Muir, Munro, Rae, Robertson, Stewart, Stirling, Stodart, Stuart, Thomson, Turnbull, Whettall, Wyld, Young, and others - from central Scotland, the Borders, southern Argyll, Bute; some Anglo-Scottish and Australian.
My Burns Family
Family pages
To locate and correspond with "cousins" seeking their ancestors who link to mine
My Cherry Family
Abel,Anno,Barnes,Bourland,Brockett,Buckles,Cherry,Cherrey,Cherie,Clark,Cook,Claydon,Clayton,Davis,Dibble,Duzan,Fee,Flemming,Foster,Fuller,Gibbs,Gilbert,Gimlin,Ginn,Gore,Greer,Hall,Hand,Harvey,Howard,Humphries,Hutchinson,Jarvis,Jarrell,Jefferies,Jennings,Kelly,Kendall,Key,Koffell,Lacy,Long,Lucs,Marshall,Martin,McKensie,Miller,Moore,Moton,Oregon,Palmer,Peatross,Pettry,Pedigo,Phelps,Plummer,Poe,Pritt,Rambo,Rice,Ritter,Rucker,Simmons,Stillwell,Stover,Taylor,Turner,Vanatta, Van, Atta,Wheeler,Whitaker,Whittaker,Wiggins,Woodward,Trail,Linn, County,Lane,Clackamas,Genealogy,Family,History
My COLLINS Line - England to Ohio
My Cumberland Mountain Tennessee Family
Research in the Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee area of Fentress, Overton, and Cumberland Counties surnames of Ashburn, Miller, Shellito and Steelman and many of their connecting familes.
My Daughters Genes
My Davis Family and My Davis group
This contains information on my Davis Family ands My Davis research Group .All Davis researchers arewelcome to join us .
My Davis-Rino Family Genealogy
Genealogical Information on the Davis and Rino families, names include Davis, Rino, Rakestraw, Bernardi, Edwards, Bradshaw, Dawson, Carabini, Allgood, Alkire, McGee, Dimue, Lame, Elliott, Baker, Frazer, Pearson, Wood, Decker, Jensen, Pino, Perri, Bruno, Ciddio, Guadagnuolo, Clark, Manfroni, Beltrambini
My Family
My site has mostly to do with my family and our ancestors.
My Family
names and places,living or dead,the family of clarence and flossie thompson
My Family From Here To There
Primarily Davis, Zimmerman,Wallace, Foster, Snyder, McMickle, Russell, Kargh, Osler, Booth and over 4000 families
My Family Genealogy
Surnames: Anderson,Bykantowicz,Burton,Collins,Fitz,Fowler,George,Jasniuk,McFarland,McPherson,Robinette,Stripe,Sheridan,Watson,Wiley,Zmudzinski
My Family Genealogy
This site is about the Swank surname. This is not just my line but all Swank families in this blood line.
My Family Genealogy Site
My Family Genealogy site is a basic site showing the names and birth/death dates of my family and decendants. Jones, Lewis, Kicklighter and Driggers.
My Family Haritage
My Family Heritage
My Family History
Here is the living and the part history of Lawrence Dean Magee. I has documented my family and an writting the history as I remember it and as it has been given to me in writing. Please send any comments you have
My Family History
This is the Family History of Toni Jones (nee GEE). It contains the names of all of my descendants I have found to date. The surnames I am currently researching are: BRADSHAW, GEE, MEADEN, WOOLLEY, WRIGHT all from various parts of the UK.
My Family History
Family tree with surnames: Ribble, Phinney, Hibler, Dillinder, Tipton, Kutch, McElroy, Evetts, Henry, McNabb, Langston, Lynn, Bates, Lemon
My Family History Page
My Family Homepage
My Family Lineage
"My Family Lineage" is a free website that uses some very new technology that is part of the giant global web database. We have easy to use forms for entering information. You can upload a GEDCOM. Our web developers and programmers are adding new features all the time.
My Family Site
A genealogy site researching: The Bennett’s of East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The Briggs of East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The Guys of East Yorkshire. The McCormicks of Mullingar Co Westmeath Ireland The Whelans of Lanarkshire Scotland. The Blake’s (Place to be identified)
My Family Ties
My Family Ties, Family Genealogy, Surnames, Barker, Mcguire, Williams, Armentrout, Farris. Reseaching family genealogy with new found cousins.
My Family Tree
Searching MARSHALL, MAYERS [meyers,et al], DITTENTHOLER, FRAZIER, EITHER. Marshall-New York,Washington,Oregon. Mayers-Wisconsin,Oregon,Washington. Dittentholer-Wisconsin,Iowa,Ohio,Washington,Oregon. Frazier-Iowa,Indiana,Colorado,Washington. Ethier-Washington (don't have much info).
This is a website about my family tree.
My Family Tree
My Ancestors
My family treee (Bowes Winter Preston Heaviside Morrissey)
Researching the following family names Bowes of staindrop/escomb/cockfield, Morrisey of county tipperary, Winters of berwick, Preston of scotland, Heaviside of morley/cockfield.
My Family's History
My Family's History: A genealogy compiled by Regina Fallace. Surnames included are: Bailey, Cieslak, Conaway, Harrington, Heffelfinger, Norwood, Teachman, Urbanska, VanZile, and Yarbrough.
My Family: Armstrong-Taro
A basic attempt at putting my tree in an HTML table. Contains surnames: Armstrong, Reynolds, Loveless, DeVoe, Taro, Shutter, Conelly, Shove, Dillon, and many others.
My Fredericktown Missouri Home
This site is placed here for adding pictures and Documents to my family names. If you have any trouble with the site please contact me at, The password for this site is: soaringeagle, also please sign my Guest-Book.
My Genealogical Research
Researching my "roots" is not a hobby for me, it is an obsession. What you will see in this website is not just my research, but the research of many of my relatives and friends. I have also added a few bits of information that may be of interest, such as my hobbies and my other interests. I hope you enjoy my website. Please sign my guestbook or e-mail me with comments.
My Genealogy
These pages cover what I know of my EDWARDS, PRUITT, PONDER, FEATHERSTON, CARTER, and ADAMS families.
My Genealogy
My Genealogy - Armstrong, Barnes/Barns, Barrett, Billiard, Buzzard, Curry, Harris, Hill, Johnson, Kirkpatrick, Kinney, McCabe, McClain, Schmermund, Schnack, Sheets, Shultz, Sprague, Warwick, Waters, Wilson & much more!
My Genealogy
Descendants of Johann BUSENBERGER (1661 - 1720), Alexander (Elisha) "Robert" CAMPBELL (1728 - 1792, John (Dias) DYESS (1737 - 1790), Patrick McGUIRE (1721 - 1776), or Robert STORRS (Abt 1685 - 1767).
My Genealogy Home Page
Thrasher, McFarlane, Stevenson, Fazenbaker families of Georges Creek,Midland, Lonaconing area, Maryland
My Genealogy Page
Biffle, Bishop, Boczar, Butler, Cholewiusz, Clark, D’Ascenzo, DeCesare, Eakin, Filar, Franceschini, Harris, Henry, Holt, Ingram, Kospryck, Masters, Miller, Mitchell, Parker, Pieczynski, Prysner/Prajsnar, Ranek/Rynick, Riggs, Servant, Slate, Smith, Testa, Ventresco, Vespaziani, Watkins
My Genealogy Page
My site deals with my Irish Italian family. The Surnames focused on are McIntee, Kearns, Pacelli, Martelli, Higgins, Meehan, Hernan, Carson, Ater, McGaffney and more
My Genealogy Pages
Loyalists: James Jones, Sampson Striker. Ireland: Co Sligo to California - Broder. Ireland: Co Wexford to Ontario: Doyle, Dunn, Hamilton, Jordan.
My Genealogy Site / Ware, May, Voss, Wasson
Ware, May, Voss, Wasson and related families Genealogy. Photos and documentation online.
My Genealogy Website
Researching names - Robb, Milton, Mathieson, Moir, Will, Watt, Finnie, Donald, Gibb, Scott, Beattie, Bremner, Coutts
My Grandkids Ancestors
My Henry Oxley Descendants
Descendants of Henry Oxley (1699-1777)
My Heritage, The Families of James Scott Ashman
All stories have a beginning. The beginnings for this family heritage start with the surnames of my paternal grandparents ASHMAN and WESTPHAL, and my maternal grandparents WARREN and STEEVES. In gathering information family members I have attempted to record all known descendants of the earliest know progenitor for each of these family names.
My Home Page
A place where you might find the name of an African/American or Caucasian member of our family. Here you will find Priesters, Bigbys, Smiths, Tutens, Mixons, Copes, etc.
My Homepage
This is a site that list our McKelvey and Hall roots. Questions are welcomed, and more info is available upon request. Anyone who's related please e-mail would love to "talk". Check back often as info is added all the time.
My Indiana Harris Roots
Harris family and antecedents from IN back through NC to VA in the 1600's
My Irish Heritage
The site cotains my family gedcom,my family story and information regarding the history of Louth,Sligo & Mayo counties, and documents related to genealogy.
My jennialogy Website
This website shows my JENNINGS ancestry and some of my other direct ancestral surnames that I have found. 80+ so far. There are words and photographs at the end of some trees if you scroll down.
My Kids Family Tree
Family tree includes family in California,Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, South Dakota and other states, as well as Canada, England, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal and Scotland.
My Kormos Bragdon Tymzcak Shorey Grandparents
These are mostly people that I directly descend from. The most prominent area being Maine, with some from Slovakia and Ukraine.
My Lentz Genealogy
The progression of my LENTZ heritage. Surnames include, Lentz/Lantz, Lanigan, Riegle, Forney, Hartz, Wilbert, and so on and so on....
My Line of Southern Strongs
My Lowe Family Tree & Other Ancestors
Lowe, Smedley, Ferguson, Elsey, Houghton, Livesay & Cason Families in Victoria Australia.
My Mob - Past & Present
Burdon, Burden, Clifford, Allanby, Kingston, Jacobson ancestors and many others who settled in the Sorell, Bream Creek, Kellevie areas of Tasmania along with details of their descendants.
My Mob - Past & Present
Burdon, Burden, Clifford, Allanby, Kingston, Jacobson ancestors and many others who settled in the Sorell, Bream Creek, Kellevie areas of Tasmania along with details of their descendants.
My Morgan and Minor Families
My site includes my two branches one being Morgan the other Minor. The Morgans traveled much more than the other branches so I have less info on them than the Minor side.
My Mother's Family
My Mother's Family is a website in memory of my mother Vera Beatrice (Kirkpatrick) McKinney. It is about the different lines of her family. It features family pictures and family trees and documents of the Kirkpatrick, Wade, Willingham, Blanscet, Conatser and related families.
My People & Family from Plymouth, MA
This is my family roots dating back to the Mayflower. The site contains over 300 pics/docs for your enjoyment & over 13,000 names.
My Robertsons
Lists my Robertsons, Fletcher,McBeth,Coulon,Fowler,Innes and Phillips plus others, T'is an ongoing project.
My Roots and Branches
Burnett, Kerr, McAlpine, Elliott, Souilliard, Alexander, Stiles, Vaughan, Mathieson and DiMarco lines.
My Southern Family
Genealogy of more than 50,000 individuals in my family - many lines, online database, references, photos, census records and much more. One of the best online genealogical databases on the WWW.
My Southern Georgia Roots
Researching Castleberry, Whiddon, Wishum, Worsham, Hobby, Culpeppper and more.
My Southern Heritage
Database of Ancestors of Carolyn L. Harper Johnson. Surnames include HARPER, BENTON, DEASON, DENNIS, BREWER, KING, INGRAM, PONDER, TINSLEY, KNIGHT, LUCKIE, LANIER, PETERSON, WYATT, TUCKER, many more.
My Southwest Va and Eastern Ky Roots
My Family Tree including Elswick, Blevins, Davis, Lawson, Holbrook, Ratliff, Reese and Robinettes
My Straubs
straubs from MI,PA,Ohio,Holland surnames:Straub,Strop,Stroup,Stroud,Morehart,Plotts,Hoss, Hilbert,Williams,Holmes,Thompson,Shoemaker,Holben,Bolger, Hoyer,Alspach,Rinesmith States;Ohio,PA,Michigan
My Swank Family Genealogy
My Line of Swank family.
My Swank Family Site
This site is about my line of the Swank Family. More names will be added as I receive them. Eventually this site will not be one family but the entire Swank Family in this blood line.
My Texas Pioneers
"My Texas Pioneers" covers my families that first came to Texas, most of them by 1860 and beyond. But not all of my surnames made it to Texas, but they came awful close. Those that didn't made it as far as the Louisiana parishes that boarder Texas. I try hard to verify my sources and this is a work in progress. I gladly accept corrections, but require proof before I change anything.
My Webb and Crawford Connections
My site covers my Webb and Crawford lines that came from Pa. and Va. to Ohio and Indiana and westward.
My Website
This is a general family site that includes a section generated by the genealgy software l use to collate all my family history information .
My West Family
The West from Calhoun Co Wv and Greene Co PA. Names include, Bennett, Riddle , Gilliland, Taylor, Akers , Kidd ,Hubbard, and more
My Worthington Heritage
My family history from Lancashire,England to County Durham,England in 850 years.
Myblueangel is home to the Duke, Freeman, Mullins and Sorrells families of the South. It's a new site so check back often. and Schiller Families
To provide a link for the Myerchin and Schiller Families and Schiller Families is a website designed to provide a link for the Myerchin and Schiller Families
Myers & Lett side incl-the Old Settlers of Remus; Slater side (Katterman, C
My family tree- on my mother's Myers side [from Germany to MD, VA, OH, MI], including Lett, Harper, Male/Mayle, the Old Settlers of Remus, MI; Tryon. My father's Slater side, including Katterman [Germany], Cotterman [Ohio to MI], Ralston, Capelle.
Myers & Stalcup Hoosier Ancestors
Relationships of the Stalcup families living in Greene County, Indiana from 1818 and the Myers families living in Daviess County, Indiana from 1817.
Myers Genealogical Research Homestead
We provides amateur genealogists with a free place to upload and share your GEDCOM file.
Family genealogy of the kirstines,fullers,tylers,harts, lanes,eatons
Myst's Ancestrial Home
Myst's Ancestrial Home would like to welcome you to our family genealogy and resource pages. Among these pages you will find a history of our family, resources and a tutorial on creating your own family history. We will provide you with links to many of the top genealogy resource sites to further help you on your way to discovering your own family roots.
Mystic Planet
Family album of Italian NORMANDIA, TUORTO, SIMONETTI, AND DiDONNA families from Palma Campania, Napoli, Italy, many of whom migrated to Brooklyn, New York, and their descendants
Nancy Lee Garrett's Home Page
Genealogical information on the Doty and Sutton families, including Indiana lines dating back to the 1800's.
Nancy's Homepage
Nason Cousins
Nasons from the Netherlands, Michigan, Iowa, Washington, Oregon, Utah, etc.
NAT95 Neue Ahnentafel
NAT95 is the Online-Version of "Neue Ahnentafel 95", the family history of the Krause & Zorko Family. Keywords: Genealogie, Ahnentafel, IFF, Family History, Krause, Knogler, Kopp, Rappersberger, Zorko, Wallinger, Werner, Böhm, Reiss, Braun, Fuchs, Faderl, Ortner, Holzinger, Stegbauer, Willinger, Künzl, Bauer, Frauengruer, Gartner, Ruck, Sewer, Sorko, Reiterer, Kahl.
Ned H. Benson's Family Ancestry
9 Generations of Descendants of John BENSON of Caversham, Oxfordshire, England 4 Generations of Descendants of James "Grandsire" Pinnick of Orange Co, Indiana 9 Generations of Descendants of Conradus Korngiebel of Homberg/Efze, Hessen-Kassel 3 Generations of Descendants of John and Sarah Holmes Crocker, Newburyport, Massachusetts 7 Generations of Descendants of Jeremias Schreckengast of Wingeshausen, Westphalen 6 Generations of Descendants of Johann Jörg (Der Alte) Scheyhing, Untertürkheim, Württemberg 8 Generations of Descendants of Michael Römer, Climbach, Hessen
Ned H. Benson's Family Ancestry
9 Generations of Descendants of John BENSON of Caversham, Oxfordshire, England 4 Generations of Descendants of James "Grandsire" Pinnick of Orange Co, Indiana 9 Generations of Descendants of Conradus Korngiebel of Homberg/Efze, Hessen-Kassel 3 Generations of Descendants of John and Sarah Holmes Crocker, Newburyport, Massachusetts 7 Generations of Descendants of Jeremias Schreckengast of Wingeshausen, Westphalen 6 Generations of Descendants of Johann Jörg (Der Alte) Scheyhing, Untertürkheim, Württemberg 8 Generations of Descendants of Michael Römer, Climbach, Hessen
Neil's Connections
Crosby, Allen, Yolland and Noble Genealogy
Nelson Family Genealogy
Nelson Family History
Nelson Family History and Genealogy. Birth, death, marriage, census records, graves, obituaries and more!
My Genealogy and others french families such as aubague alacoque brouillat. Many links, informations
Neuss Family
Neuss ancestry of Melchoir Brumback (Brombach) of the 1714 Germanna Colony in Virginia
New England Ancestors
This site lists my ancestors who are mostly from New England. It includes notes. I entered it on the internet a few years ago, but someone stole it and changed the HTML address and I could no longer access it. Many changes need to be made as it is out of date. I want it back!!!!
New England Families
Hi, my site covers Maine, Mass., New Brunswick. Surnames-Bagley, Dudley, Dyer, St. Clair/Sinclair, Spragg, Getchell, Fraser, Erb, Hanson, Kitchen, Meader, Strout, Geel, Allen, Bradstreet, Wilson and many more.
Newman Family
Descendants of William Newman born 1787 Norwich Norfolk England married Ann Wright in 1817. Ann was Christened in 1792 daughter of Thomas Wright and Frances Mathews. They had eight children.
Nicholas Greenberry of Anne Arundel County, Maryland (MD). Links explore Greenberry records in England and the possible ancestry of Nicholas.
NICHOLS families: VA> SC> TN> AR> Texas 1836
NICHOLS family genealogy of James Wilson Nichols b.1820 TN d.1891 TX, son of George Washington Nichols b.1795 SC & Mary Ann Walker, relocated to Texas in 1836 and the various affiliated families lines.
Nicholson family of Anne Arundel, Kent and Queen Anne's Counties, Maryland
Genealogy and history of the descendents of William Nicholson in Anne Arundel, Kent and Queen Anne's COunties, Maryland. Also includes following families: Beck, Burgess, Chew, Cornish, Cox, Coursey, Davis, Emory, Foster, Gibson, Hopper, Hynson, King, Rasch, Robins, Shackelford, Smith, Sweatnam, Thomas, Turbutt, Wright
Nick Blackhurst's Family Tree
The Family Tree's of my sister, myself and our Godfather, Julian Walter de la Poer Beresford. Some Parish Register Transcripts and Census Return Transcripts
Nick Martin
Nicolet Family
The Nicolet, Mills, Clancy, and Rochon family descendants
GENEALOGY & EMIGRATION (GERMANY: Rheinland, Trier, Tawern; FRANCE: Savoie; SWITZERLAND: Bern, Trub)
Nieporte & DuBois Family Tree Site
NIEPORTE: Our site has multiple sections: photos, Nieporte, Dubois and many other surnames information.
nijboer nyboer nijeboer nieboer orsel
All about Nijboer Nyboer Nijeboer Nieboer
Nils and Anne Anderson Family
Ninian Beall of Maryland
Ninian BEALL died 1717 Prince George's County, Maryland (MD).
Nishimoto, Jeo, Jarvis, Rasmussen
This family site includes family names with: events, family stories, research notes, parents, and children
Nobles Family in Florida
This is the ancestors of Jesse Lee Nobles from Lee County, Florida. Other surnames included are Slaughter, Conway, Goff and Herring.
Noell Family History Project
Lineage Records & Images Belgium, Holland, Essex & Bedford Co. Virginia Frequent Surnames: Peyton, Clayton, Turpin, Lowry, Nolan, Ryan
Nolan, James 1840 IRE, 1860 NY, 1875 CA. And his many descendants in the SF/SJ area. And some Ireland info.
Noll's of Noble Co., Ohio
The descendants of Peter and Elizabeth Steiner Noll. Living in Noble Co., Ohio.
Nopper Family Genealogy
Nopper Family genealogy. Also contains data for Beach and Hunerwadel families.
Nordmann Genealogy Compendium
Nordman genealogy posted on web site. German ancestry traced to early 1700's in Schessinghausen/ Husum, Hannover province. Other direct surnames include Kleinschmidt, Muller, Freitag, Borcherding, Contestabile, Bachetta, McCord, Price, and Wooldridge. Can submit GEDCOMs to those who are interested.
Norman & Barbara Fosh Home Page
Family History of Norman & Barbara Fosh,including surnames Salt,Fouache,Reed,Ross,Absolon,Barber,Benn,Berrington,Blanchard,Boulter,Braby,Bradford,Brighton,Brooker,Cocke,Courche,Crampton,Crouch,Debay, Dingley,Duckham,Dudsbury,Emerson,Gross,Groves,Hewer,Hichin,Huxtable,Keefe,Kingdom,Lebay,Markey,Onion,Putnam,Ranson,Scutt,Sims,Skeppe,Skipp,Tarbuck,Tier,Tilke, Totingham,Toye,Walls,
Norman Glens Falls NY
I have researched my family tree. . My family tree includes John Norman (father) born 1910 and his father John Norman (born 1884) in Sweden. My grandfather had several sisters that also came to America. They married a Cronquist, Pearson, (Fort Edward NY) Carlson, (Saratoga NY) I also have an Andrew Larson (Stillwater NY) in my tree. He had a sister Betty Wilbur (Edwin). They lived in the Greenwich NY area. If any of these people are in your tree, or you would like additional information, I will be happy to share. You may contact me, Joan Norman Inneo, at
Norris/Mowery/Sprague/Byrer/Kilgore Family Tree
This site dedicated to researchers finding their Norris/Mowery/Byrer/Sprague and Kilgore families. This gedcom tree is based mainly of the above families in Indiana and Europe.
North Carolina Families
Families of North Carolina (Joyner, Fisher, Timberlake, Pridgen, Pittman, Edwards, Howell, Ellis, Blow, Lindsey, Carpenter, and many other families) mainily in the Nash County Area
North family history
A history of the North family and their spouses, from the present in Australia, back to England, Scotland and Wales.
North France Genealogies
North of France - Families genealogies
Norton and Goff families
This is a new website that I am working on to share the information that I have collected on the Norton, Goff, and other related families.
Norton's Of Obion County, Tennessee
Norman Norton, Coffee Co TN, his descendants and related familes in Gibson and Obion Co TN, TX and other points west.
Nos Racines
Ancêtres de mes enfants. Ancestors of my children.
Nosce -gen
The Nosce Clan Genealogy
NSDAR Col. David Hall Chapter
This is the website of the Col. David Hall Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. We are located in Lewes, Delaware. The website contains information about this local chapter, the Maull house, and membership.
Nuckolls Worldwide Kindred Society
Database contains over 25000 Nuckolls, Nuckols, Nuckles, Knuckles, descendants.
Nunan Family History
History of the Nunan Family from the 1st generation in American to the present.
Nungesser Family Homepage
Ancestors and descendents of Johann Georg NUNGESSER, born 8 Sep 1703, Pfungstadt, Hessen, Germany, son of Georg Phillip NUNGESSER and Eva STEINMETZ. In 1703 he and his younger brother Valentine arrived at Philadelphia 11 Aug 1732, and settled near Kutztown, PA
Nursing Studio Genealogy
Top names in my file: Thigpen, Davis, Barnett, White, McGee, Clemmons, Smith, King, Allen, Michael, Wright, Beavers, Cox, Gray, Putman, Meeks, Jones, Tucker, Richardson, McMurtrey, Phillips, Hughes, Lanier, Johnson, Simpson, Howard, Lemay, Holden, Thompson, Hill, Jackson, Stutts, Brown, Williams, Gulley
NY Terrys
Covering the Terrys (and connected families) from Enfield Conn. who settled in central NY after the Rev. war. and much more!
NZ Peachey Genealogy Website
Peach / Peachey Genealogy Website for New Zealand, Australia, UK & around the world.
The O'Neills are descendents of John Carraway I (b: abt 1619 ENG, d: abt 1669 VA). His g-g-g-g-g-g-granddaughter, Eliza Ann Caraway (b: 1839 MS, d: 1915 TX) m: William O'Neill and lived in Gonzales CO., TX. Their son, George Henry O'Neill (b: 1855, d: 1927)m: Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Talley. Their son, Gage Washington O'Neill (b: 1877, d: 1926) m: Iona Emma Phipps. Their daughter, Bernice Elizabeth O'Neill (b: 1909) m: Matthew Bolen Clendennen. Their daughter, Norma Jean Clendennen (b: 1927) m: Orea Alvin Ehlers, Jr. Their children: Orene Elizabeth (b: 1945) and Barbara Jean (b: 1947)
Oberlins and Ancestors
Family history and genealogy site oriented toward the Oberlin and associated families.
Ferguson and related families N.C., Ky,Tn, Il.
Ochsenschlager, McWethy, Adams, Witt
I am researching the genealogy of the Ochsenschlager, McWethy,Witt and Adams families. If you have any information that you would like to contribute, please contact me. Thank you.
Ogilvie Godfrey Family Website
Genealogy of Ogilvie, Godfrey, Scarlett and Eastman families from Dundee, Scotland, Toronto, Canada and Bangor, Maine, USA.
Ohio River Valley Families
Searchable database of over 97,000 individuals focused on early settlers of the Ohio Valley.
Oil Creek Flemings
Genealogy and family history of Flemings, starting with John and Sarah (Reed) Fleming of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and follows the descendants of their six sons (Andrew, Daniel, Samuel, James, Edward and Ezekiel) through several generations, mainly in Venango County, Pennsylvania.
Oil Creek McClintocks
Genealogy of McClintocks and Culbertson, starting Francis McClintock and Patrick Culbertson of eastern Pennsylvania.. Many of their descendants located in Venango and Crawford Counties, Pennsylvania, especially descendants of brothers Hamilton and Francis McClintock of Venango County, and Robert and Jane (Culbertson) McFate of Venango and Crawford Counties, Pennsylvania.
Old Dead Relatives
Our family story is the story of the United States. Here you will find stories of original settlers and pioneers.
Primary research ARMSON AUSTIN GLIBA OLAJOS STEVENS SOUTHER SMITH MAHAFFEY. The SOUTHER line is 99% accurate. The ARMSON line needs verification and correction. You input is invited to help correct and publish accurate pedigrees in this data base.
Genealogy family ancestry oldenburg oldenborg
One Big Family Tree
A large online family tree containing over 10,000 individuals with such surnames as Karol-Chik, Venable, Keith, Schermerhorn, Hjelm, Thayer, Harrington, and more.
One Family History
A family history exploring the ancestors of Victor Vowles (b. 1908) and his wife Rachel Hoyland (b.1916). Other family names include Weaver, Roulstone, Scrivens, Portas, Boler, Coot, Stead, Collingwood and Wells. The family crosses many English counties including: Somerset, Gloucestershire, Derbyshire, West Riding of Yorkshire, Berkshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire.
One Great Family
Lineage of myself, Linda Sue Turner Warren, my husband, Robert Dean Warren, and my son, Charles Thomas Devier, Jr.
One Side of the Diptych
The site contains 6000+ individuals and 900+ surnames, including Leonard, Thorn, Stephenson, Jones, Davis, Reeves, Freeland, and variant spellings. Locations include Butler County, Missouri; Atchison County, Kansas; Henderson and Union Counties, Illinois; Brown and Fairfield Counties, Ohio; Rockingham County, Virginia; Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and many others. Created August, 2003. Indexed.
Oram Family of Wiltshire
I am researching the Oram families who I have traced back to Edington in Wiltshire. Would be glad to trade information
Orkney and London Roots
A brief resume of my families in Orkney, Scotland and in Norfolk, Suffolk, Somerset and Surrey, England.
Ort and Lauser Families
Genealogy of the John Ort family and the Andrew Louser (Andreas Lausser) Family / Clark, Durand, LaCroix, Flemming, Fleming, Homer, Raisch, Rosch, Jacobs, Lauser, Louser, Lausser, McBride, Landuyt, Eubanks, Hancock, Handcock, McKinney, Ort, Orth, Price, Preisz, Ulrey, Jordan
This page contains information on my family origin and is put together with information from various sources including family members who can still recollect old memories.
Our Allen/Justice Family Tree
Allen family genealogy: Allen of Virginia on into Scioto County,Ohio Ohio and Justice family genealogy: Justice orig. of Sweden on into Ohio. information and photos.
Our Ancestors and Descendants
This site contains a listing of over 13,400 individuals and 9,200 families from over 1,900 separate surnames in my Family Tree data base (of which 90 are in my grandchildren's direct line). It contains some very well known surnames, including SEARS, ROEBUCK, MONTGOMERY, and WARD (no KMART is not a surname). Also, it has some very well known individuals, including Charlemagne, El Cid, and several kings of England, Germany, Spain, and France. These include William the Conquerer, Richard the Lion Hearted, and Henry VIII. There are also some emporers of the Holy Roman Empire and some of the pilgrims that came over on the Mayflower, including Miles STANDISH, several preachers of God's Holy Word, including Jonathan EDWARDS, and two men who were the first father and son to be the President of the United States. None of these famous people are in my direct line but they do tie in by marriage in some way. They also add interest to the research. This site is dedicated to the research of family history for my grandchildren.
Our Begats
family trees - Amderson, Austin, Barnes, Bubbins, Campbell, Capes, Colburn, Curtis, Davey, Dawson, Dimond, Dykens, Forbes, Gardner, Gilroy, Goodwin, Howatt, Knox, Mabey, MacNeill, Manley, McArthur, Metcalf, Miller, Monkman, Parker, Sentner, Simpson, Watson, Whitmore, Woods
Our Bowers and Anderson Ancestors
Surnames: Anderson, Benson, Bowers, Branscomb, Franklin, Hamilton, Henry, Howeth, Lair, Lear, Leffew, Majors, McNatt, Proctor
Our Canadian, English, Scottish and Newfoundland Family Trees & Genealogy P
Genealogy information on Trent, Pounder, Habgood, Alder, Broadway, Preston, Murdoch, Blackburn, Bugden, Raymond of Canada, England, Scotland, and Newfoundland.
Our Family
This website is my online family tree. Surnames include Tedesco, Disimino, Rodio, Krusa, Andrisani, Cione, Consiglio. Enjoy!
wisconsin,chippewa county,genealogy, family,ancester,taylor,tallman,cohoon,lekvin,ayers
Our Family Circle
We are currently researching the surnames of Baldridge, Lambert, Cox, Black, Frazier, Lyons, Allen, Adkins and many more in Eastern Kentucky.
Our Family Everywhere
Our Family Forest: Gruber, Diehl, Barstad, and Becklund Relatives
More than 11,000 people related by blood, marriage, and adoption. Most have roots in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and Italy. This site formerly was at
Our Family Genalogy Pages
My family history site contains photos, birth, marriage and death certificates; headstones. The most common names are CONSTABLE, PENFOLD, FOORD, POSTE, DUCKER, LUNG, ALLCHORN, from England, Germany, Canada, and US. No living individuals in the web site.
Our Family Genealogy Website
Tuers/Toers/Tuers family ancestors, descendents, marriages, records, and family photos are available on this site.
Our Family Geneology Pages
This is the family history of John Robert Tucker, featuring the descendents of James Tucker bc1740 at Swindon Wiltshire England and featuring the descendents of Thomas Eatch born c1730 Winthorp England, the descendents of John Daniel Kennedy born 18/2/1900 sydney Australia and the descendents of Jonathon Griffiths born 4/3/1773.
our family genie
Seeking our Ancestors is the main focus of this site. I have included PDF of books I have published concerning my family history. I also included updated research on my names such as breaking new research on the LeVan name.
Information: Fayette County, Pennsylvania; Family names Beckett, Hancock, Humbert, Kefover, Phillips, Lucky, Ramey, Ryan, Walters,& Cooley Gang. Hungary; Family names Brec, Szkszai, Ropok, Kerezsi, Csordas, Laczi, Nagy, Pastor. Family in Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW2, and Korea; Home towns of Rowes Run and Buffington Pa, and Szikszo Hungary.
Our Family History
Familienforschung Baden-Württemberg, Rheinland, Mecklenburg, Sachsen und Sachsen Anhalt, Tschechien und Schlesien ....
Our Family History - Christine Keitels New Family Website
My genealogy homepage generally deals with the The Walker Family Story and tells of the descendants of William and Eleanor Walker of Orchard House, Rottington, Cumberland, England from basically the year 1700 to recent times. The branches of this family reach out to far off places like Australia, USA and Canada. Many surname interests on the site from Cumberland, Lancashire and Yorkshire in England.
Our Family Past and Present
Stories of our ancestors who settled in Massachusetts and Rhode Island from Ireland, the Azores,Scotland,Nova Scotia, French Canada and England in the seventeenth century.
Our Family Roots...Mattson-Helli & Muraski-Daugherty
Databases of 1000+ names, Old photos, Obituaries, Newspaper clips. Constantly adding new info...A lot of helpful Genealogy Links.
This site contains the research I have done on my family tree. Some of those names are Vinson, Chambers, and Anderson, but there are many more.
Our Family Tree
Doles,Pasquel,Thompson,Poore,Arruda,Belk,Benoit,Brewer,Butler,DAndrea,Eddy,McCollister,Miller,Perry,Silvia,Sexton,Simpson, Soltys, St.Jean,Trammell,Williams, Wilson,Fuller,Yarbough many other misc. surnames.
Our Family Tree
Our Family Tree
A project started when my son asked me about a family tree and I had nothing. This covers the following surnames - Beamish, Botha, Burkinshaw, Buttery, Cawdry, de Jager, Fallon, Featherstone, Freeman, Gerber,Kannemeyer, Kelly, Liebich, Murray, Scheltema, Smit(h), Waarle and others.. I am still working on it.
Our Gene Pool
Descendants of Toussaint Hunault dit Deschamps, plus our British ancesty.
Our Genealogy Page
Ancestors and descendants of Martin Goffeney of Stosswihr, Alsace, France and Karoline Barbara Schnell of Heslach-Stuttgart, Germany, paternal grandparents of ancestors and descendants of Martin Goffeney of Stosswihr, Alsace, France and Karoline Barbara Schnell of Heslach-Stuttgart, Germany, paternal grandparents of Wally Goffeney; Ellsworth Jacob Zern and Irene Alice (Dollie) Neff, his maternal grandparents. Also known ancestors and descendants of Robert R. Champlin and Myrtie Bell Darrow, paternal grandparents of Marylou (Champlin) Goffeney and William Weston Cooney and Mary Louise Flynn, her maternal grandparents.
Our Irish Ancestry
Genealogical records of Our combined Family, Surnames include: Brannigan, Reiley, Lawler, McHugh, Welter, Wilson Titus
Our Parker Family from Burnley, Lancashire UK
Details of our Parker family line who lived in Habergham Eaves, Burnley, Lancashire UK.
Our Randall Family Ancestry
We are the Descendants of Christopher Randall & Johanna Norman, and this is our Legacy. By S.M. Randall-Friday
Our Relatives and Ancestors
Family lines including Davis, Earl. LePage, Petrie, Ritter, Robertson, Sasseville Schertz, Steacy, Van Winkle, and many other are presented.
Our Richardson Family
The descendants of James Richardson and Elner Chandler (Ohio) then they moved to Franklin County Illinois. Then their son Samuel Rankin moved to Montague County in North Central Texas. Also Pitcock and Rose families are included.
Our Roots Run Deep
This is our site for our family genealogical research. The surnames we're researching are Bantz, Gardner, Jenkins, Catherman, Develbiss, Ellifritz, Nash, Emmart, Preston, Metz, Young, Watkins, Lucas and many others.
Our Tennessee Family Tree
Dye, Boswell, Swindle, Rice Families and connecting Families from SC, NC, TN into Midwest (MO, AR, TX)
Our Texas Family
OurTexasFamily: Ancestry & Descendants of Ross & Daugherty families of Burnet Co., TX, Green family of Gonzales & Williamson Cos., TX: Rochelle, Harrison, Kirkland, Alford, Longley, Kitchell, Williams, Borrer, Nation, Vickery, Swaim, Robins, Pope, Wingfield, Wright, Whitaker, Wiggins; came to TX from Conway Co., AR, Union Par. LA, Perry Co., AL, Fairfield Co., SC, Greene Co. TN -- Family Photos
Our Wilkinson Family
Pedigrees, Family Sheets, and Surnames of the descendants, of my ancestors, that I know of. Main lines are: Wilkinson, Dixon, Ratcliff, Ludden, Cooper, Beaty, Henderson
Our Wisconsin family heritage
Family group sheets; newspaper abstracts, surname list, charts. Focus: Wisconsin, Kansas, New York, England, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Germany, Slovenia. Atkinson, Krultz, Krulc, Outhwaite, Bukovec, Prosence, Dombrowski, Miller, Gruenwald, Holmes, O'Brien, Deist, Binks, Beane, Powell.
Genealogies of multiple families with census, tax records, Wills, marriages, military records, Bios, deeds, court documents and various other records for sources and research.
A website dealing mostly with families from the provinces of Friesland and Groningen of Holland and some U.S. families.
Over the Hill
This is the family tree for the Hill family, predominantly from Staffordshire in the UK. The Hill line connects with the Pottinger name and flows from 17th Century ancestors born in the Orkneys, Scotland. Of particular interest is the Simcock line, which reveals one Timothy Simcock, b1821, who was transported aged 23 to Australia on account of horse-stealing. A wonderful, detailed account of this is provided along with an illustration of the convict ship that brought Timothy around the world.
Oxley family
Descendents of Henry Oxley, born 1699.
Oxley Family Genealogy
Descendents of Henry Oxley, born 1699. Gedcom submitted to World Connect Project.
Family trees of Kennedy, Teale, MacFarland, Hyland, Goodsell, Farrands etc
PA. Pennay Family
Genealogy and origin of the PA. Pennay Family with history of how the name evolved to become Pennay from Penny.
Pabbaraju Family Tree
Pabbaraju Family Tree
Pablo and Nicolas Kuzminski's Family Tree
This is our family, mainly located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our ancestors came from Eastern Europe (FEINSTEIN, WAINSTEIN, KUZMINSKI, ORLOVSKY, RABINOVICH) or they were here in America from ancient times (SOSA). Come and visit us!
Packham, Bond, Wenn and Bayliss Family Trees
My family tree, all in England, going back from my grandparents (Packham, Bond, Wenn and Bayliss) to 1800 and further. Database for Packham/Peckham names in Kent included.
Gives the genealogies of the above families and related families. The password is "socialworker101" without the quotes.
Collecting and sharing info for relatives of Paganoni,Scieghi,Moiola,Tavasci,Christensen,Stevens,Laufer,Edgeworth and Wieland from Australia back to Denmark,UK and Italy
Pagina personale Alfredo Antoci
Pagine Personali Alfredo Antoci con albero genealogico.
Paine family genealogy
Paine family genealogy for 13 generations from England to America in 1638 on the ship "Diligent" up to the present
my family gedcom.
Palm Family
Palm family tree of PA and OH.
Pamela's Genealogy Site
A Genealogy web site listing details on the surnames of Meace, Till, Samworth, Glew, Barnes, Levitt, Fairbairnes. I hope to find others with the same family surnames as mine.
family history of the Embry
Pannell Elmore Co. Alabama
I am searching for any information on the Pannell's that lived in Elmore County Alabama in the late 1800's. My grandfather's name was John William Pannell his father was named George W. Pannell. His mother was named Carry. Please send me any information you have on any Pannell's.
Parenteel van Pieter Leendertz Cleve (1609-1684)
All descendants in the male line of Pieter Leendertz, mostly in Germany and the Netherlands, but also in U.K., Denmark, USA, South Africa, Australia and Venezuela
Parke Generations
Parke Generations from 1722
Parker's of Jackson County, through Revoluntionary War
Captain WIllis Parker, Company I, Thomas' Legion, 69th Regiment North Carolina
Parker, Cameron, and Barron
The genealogy of Parkers, Camerons, and Barrons.
Parks Families of East Tennessee
Several Parks lines in East Tennessee from the early 1800s on. At present three seemingly distinct Parks lines, including my own which hits a brick wall about 1800.
Partin Family Gateway
I have been researching the Partin genealogy for thirty years. My Partin ancestors settled in Northeastern Tennessee before 1795. The progenitor of this clan was William Partin who with his seven sons moved into the Knox/Whitley/Bell County region of Kentucky in the early 1800's. I have documented over 3,000 descendants of William Partin. As time permits I am most happy to exhange information with others interested in this family line. Check back often as I will be adding massive amounts of data to this site. I am especially interested in adding phtotgraphs of Southwest Kentucky Partins born before 1900.
Past Generations
My family tree to share the info with anyone.
Building Memories
Past Times
Family histories of LEISHMAN, GLASSUP, WEIR, MCGREGOR and their Canadian lineages
Past, Present and Future Families
Its a site from Sharon Rhoden descendants on back. This is my family as far as I can go. Working on Clarks and Suters now and their pedigree.
Pat McGlynn's Geneaolgy Site
My site features John and Anna (Meehan) McGlynn their immigration to Ontario, Canada from Ireland about 1840 and their descendants to the present.
Paths to Our Ancestors
Over 7,000 names in easy to find format. Some family traditions and lots of links.
Paton Family Tree
Descendants list for Paton's descending from Covenanter Capt. John Paton b. 1614 in Fenwick, Ayrshire, Scotland.
Patricks People : A pedigree family history website
Patricks People is a database of over 7000 names, in pedigree format, of individuals and families of predominantly Scots and Irish origin from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Only data of people born before 1906 are published.Its sources include birth, marriage and death certificates, censuses, Poor Law applications, and other archive material. Research is ongoing and the database is added to every two or three months. Correspondence with the webmaster is welcome.
Patsys Primrose Lane
This site contains genealogical history on the different branches of my husbands and my family along with some old recipes and stories from my ancestors. I have included some recent facts on my children and grandchildren.
Patterson Clan
This contains a Patterson family that no one seems to be researching.
Patterson Family Page
Searchable tree, old photos, obits, Patterson, VanKirk, Bridges, Ciszeski, Wohler, Bartuska, Maurer, Orban, and more.
Patterson Family Site
My family site deals with descendants of John patterson early settler in Robertson County, Tennessee. Who came from Lancaster County Pennsylvania 1775 with his wife Mary, his daughters, Martha and Agnes, and two sons george and Partrick. John Patterson died in 1799.
Paty Home Page
My direct Paty/Patty ancestors have been found in VA, GA, AL, AR, CA, AZ & TX. Indirect ones in TN, SC, IN, MS & other places. Some came through Barbados. The oldest found in US was James Patty & Sarah Clanton in VA.
PATZER - SEVIER - ROBERTS - LEWIS - FLETCHER FAMILY SEARCH Over 800 surnames, well organized, easy to search.
Paulser Whetsel & Sarah Dove
"Paulser Whetsel & Sarah Dove" is a web site generated by "Reunion 8" genealogy software. It contains the ancestors of Paulser Whetsel, back to Hans Martin Whetsel, and descendants of Paulser Whetsel, up to the present. It contains an Index, Surname index, information on each person named, and photographs.
Payne's from Indiana, Campbell's From U.K. to Ohio
This is an ancestry page for the Payne's from New York and Concecticut to Indiana, Campbell's from the United Kingdom to Ohio. Includes a family tree containing over 2200 names. Main surnames include:Anderson, Baird, Baran,Barnard,Best,Bole, Bradley, Brady, Bridges, Brenda/Brynda from (Zarownie,Padew, Mielec, Poland to Pensylvania to Indiana), Campbell(United Kingdom to Ohio), Crumpacker, Closser, Dietz,Dole, Elves/Elwes (from Norfolk, England to Elderslie, Bruce County, Ontario to the Indiana, U.S.),Garbowski, Haggard, Herold, Gaines,Garnett,Helvey,Jasinowski, Lennington,Lesiewicz, Malcolm,Moller, Payne,Riggs, Ross, Rehlander, Reznik/Rzeznik ( From Padew, Mielec, Poland to the Pensylvania to Indiana , Robinson(Scotland to Ontario to the United States), Salmen, Schroeder (Levern, Westfalen, Preussen/ Levern, Hanover,Germany),Shepard,Smith, Staple, Staples, Thieson,Thompson, Townsend,Virgin, Wardell, Wendell, Wiebe, Wiens, Weghorst (from Evangelisch, Levern, Westfalen, Preussen to Ohio), Williams, Wismer, Wright.
Peck of Taita NZ
the anceszors and descendents of Samuel Peck snr whose parents arrived in Wellington NZ on the 'Catherine Stewart Forbes' in 1841
Pedigree of Bradley Duane Harris, Sr.
A pedigree including direct lines from Gov. William Bradford (Pilgrim), George Puffer (Braintree), Reginald Foster (Ipswich). Includes family cemetery records for Hillside Cemetery Monson, CT and Stafford Spring (CT) cemetery.
Pedigree of my family - Penkava, Kraus, Sasek and Kovarik
Penkava from Rokycany area, Kraus from Prestice area, Sasek from Plzen area and Kovarik from Pribram area. All from Bohemia land (Czech Republik (E.U.))
Pedley Family tree
Descendants of Philip Pedley including those of "Pedley the Dipper"
Peek of Hazelwood
This site is mainly about the families descended from John Peek of Hazelwood (Halsenwood) (1753-1847). The branch of the Peek family to which he belonged had, however, been established in one small area of Devon since earliest recorded times, and the connection remains to this day. The area in question comprises the district of South Hams and the hundreds and divisions of Coleridge, Stanborough and Ermington; from Blackawton and its neighbouring parishes of Halwell and Cornworthy during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (and probably earlier), then to Modbury for the greater part of the eighteenth century and finally, in the 1770s, to Loddiswell and Kingsbridge. Members of the family have owned the Hazelwood estate at Loddiswell for over one hundred and fifty years . .
Peery Family Genealogy
Pendarvis/Jones of Jackson County, MS
The Family of Joseph J. Pendarvis of Jackson County, MS
PENNER - The Family Clans of Sylvianne (Forsythe) Penner
Ancestors and descendents of various family branches connected to Sylvianne (Forsythe) Penner of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Canadian and some U.S.A. branches. These families include: The William Forsythe & Lady Sussanah Maxwell of Farnham; The John Coxford & Esther Hall families of Ottawa Valley; James Drysdale & Christine Fergus family of Lanark Co., Ont. Dudley Moore & Mary Moulton Families of Eardley, Que; The Cardiffs of Ontario; The Materis; The Ripplingers.
Pennsylvania Pioneers: Familes GAMBER
Pentecost,Karr,Fox and Henson Genealogy
My main lines are Pentecost,Breedlove,Karr,Fox,Henson,Eickhorst, Other names included are: Jackson,Jefferies,Kiplinger, over 19,000 enteries.
Peperkorn Family Tree
This site is primarily for descendants of August Peperkorn and Frederick Peperkorn, two brothers whom emigrated to Nebraska from Westphalen, Germany in 1881/82.
Perrussel & Allied Families Genelogy Page
"Perrussel Family Tree" GEDCOM. I (Russell Perrussel) am one of the 58 grandchildren of Samuel T. and Jannie (Allen) Shockey. My mother (Margaret M.) was their 10th child. We are listed in the "Shockey Chronicles (1986) - Vol. 2"
Perry Family of Sumner County, Tennessee
This web site is an attempt to provide information to the 1000s of known descendants of John Perry and Silvester Webb. We do not know very much about John and Silvester themselves, but their numerous children and grandchildren provide plenty of opportunities for further research.
Persons Past
The purpose of this site is to share genealogical information, stories, documents and photos with members of my family all over the country. Genealogy, family records, family trees, and family bibles back to the Civil War and past.
Peter and Mary Magdalena Castner
Descendancy of Peter and Mary Magdalena Castner
Peter Calder's Family History
Family history including surnames Calder, Podger, Nitz, Lawrence (Lorenzo), Barr, Chapman
Peter Lowe's Web Site
Peter Mock Family of Bedford Co. Pa.
Includes families with the surname Ickes, Imler, Earnest, Colebaugh, Stambaugh, Earnest, Speece and Stambach
Peter van Maanen
Pedigree of Van Maanen, Van Werkhoven, Knol, De Jong(h), Van der Linden, etc in Friesland, Tielerwaard, Bommelerwaard, Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht.
Peterzekk family
family tree, newsletter, reunion news, photos, e-mail directory
Petty Families of America is a site where one can find their known petty ancestry, and send their pedigrees and historic ancestral photographs. There is no charge for reading or contributing to the site. It is generated by the PAF program
Phalen/Phelan/Whalen/Whelan: The Ireland to CT to OH Tree
Right now, I am searching for James Phelan/Whelan etc. history of immigration from Ireland. My Family Tree aker Tree contains over 400 names, from the Phelans/ Whelans etc. in CT to my mariage to Mary Anne Imwalle and settlement in Cincinnati, OH. CT surnames involve Phelans etc. to Fannings; Phalen to Farrell; and more.
Phelps Family Genealogy--1487-Present--Phelps Family Index of Surnames
Researching the Phelps' and other European roots largely in Scotland, England, France, and Germany.
Phil Harrington's Web Site UK
A personal website for the Harrington family from Colchester, Essex, England. Includes family tree, surname history, GEDCOM file, photographs etc
Phillip's Quest
Compiling my family history for surnames Tidwell, Robinett(e), McCay, Fendley, Loudermilk and others.
Phillips, Riggs, Eubanks Genealogy
As of july 5, 2004 site is under construction. Currently have wills, estate records, civil war records, etc for the Phillips, Riggs, and Eubanks families of eastern NC.
Descendents of Moses Phipps (b: abt 1800 TN) son of Peter and Mary Phipps.
krause genealogy photos
Pickard Family Devon and Cornwall
Pickards From Devon & Cornwall 1700s to Date
Pickrum Genealogy
Pickrum, Blackwell, Chastain, Hibbard, and related families.
Pierpont / Pierrepont Genealogies
Genealogical Information on Pierpont/Pierrepont/Pierpoint names and connections, especially for the New England Branch of the family and the Pierpont Family Association. Also on other family connections (Miller, Somers, Northrop, Binder, Hummel, Kraft, Entwistle).
Pine-Pyne Family Connections
The Robert Pine family in America being the comprehensive genealogical record of the descendants of Robert Pine (1765-1849) of Ireland and later of Monroe County, Virginia.
Pioneer Families Homepage
Pioneer Families who settled early in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin and South Dakota.
Pioneers, Patriots, Puritans & Scalawags
9200+ Individuals! Stories, Photos, Tons of Genealogy & More! Surnames include: Allen, Baker, Bittick, Boyer, Cassady, Chapin, Chapman, Christy, Ellis, Evans, Follett, Gillman, Helvy, McDonald or McDonnell, Miller, Parson or Parsons, Pease, Rawlings, Remington, Riggs, Seccomb, Shepperson, Stanford, Taysom, Wooley, York
Pipkin Family Ancestry
The complete Genealogy & History of the Pipkin Family in America.
Pitman Family Tree
Surnames including: Aubuchon, Bennett, Fisk, Haner, Pitman, Brown, Haner, etc.
Pitt Family
Pitt, Frost, Hodson families. Devon, Buckinghamshire,
Plagge Genealogy
Progenitors and related members of Herbert J Plagge.
Platt-Grigg Family of Engalnd
Genealogy site researching ancestors of Malcolm Platt-Grigg.Main surnames are Platt,Grigg,Dawson,Love,Thomas.Includes family tree,old photos,Coat-of-arms.
Plauche, Plauché, Plauchier - De France en Louisiane
Les Plauché/Plauchier sont venus de Provence en Louisiane au 18ième siècle. Etienne Henry est le fondateur. Jean Baptiste en est le général le plus illustre.
Polanski Family Tree
The Polanski Heritage in Milwaukee Wisconsin.Our journey from Poland,to New York,to wonderful Milwaukee.
Poling family history
Descendants of Thomas Poland.
Polk County Arkansas Families
This is for other researchers looking for the Murphy Mayo Families in Polk County Arkansas from the mid 1850s until Present day.
POORMAN Kenneth Richard
Ken Poorman's family tree for Poorman & Ryan and Hall-Wertz & Downs including military and resume
PORTER - Pam's Country Bump-Kins
Am the daughter of the late Lewis E. Porter,from Wayne Co. W.Virginia.And Patricia A. Walsh-Porter.From Wisconsin. Some surnames in my tree include,Marcum, Perry,Alley,Nelson,Hatfield,Collins,Moore.
porter/marvin family tree
Our site is for the Porter/Marvin family tree. Feel free to contact me at My name is Vicki
Porters of Pelham, Texas
The Porters settled in Pelham, Texas soon after the Emancipation Proclamation in 1866. They were looking for a place to settle with their families and raise crops. This was all they knew how to do as most of them had come to Texas as slaves of large landowners and they knew how to grow cotton and food for their tables. This site is dedicated to our ancestors, who left a legacy far greater than that with which they endowed.
Posey Family
Posey family in Charles County, Maryland (MD)
poslfit's Chew Genealogy
As of late 2004, I list about 2,000 Chews, mostly descendants of John Chew (1587-1668), and am interested in information about any Chews of English descent, particularly those named John.
Postman Bill of Derry City
This is a search into the family background of William MARTIN, a postman from Derry City who was born in 1857, in St Johnston, Co. Donegal and his wife Bridget(MCSHEFFREY). Reference is made to the McSheffreys, Reids, Boyles, O’Neills and Careys.
Potter Family Ancestors (Chatterton,Brown,Lund,Andrus)-by David J. Potter
This site contains histories/pedigrees/family group sheets/photos/documents on the Potter,Chatterton,Brown,Lund,Andrus and other family lines.
Poulter Family Tree
The family tree of the Hampshire Poulters and as many branches so far
Powys-Lybbe Genealogy
Family History of Powyses, Lybbes and their ancestors
PRAAST - The Donald Praast Family Home Page
Praast Family history and descendents searching for: Graham/Mills/Smith/Herms/Huebner/Krickeldorf/Hill/Kivel/Rusnell/Ouimet
Preisendanz family research
Parts of the Preisendanz family-tree as far I could get it together. Lots of information and Gedcom-files for free download. I hope to complete it with your help
Presidential Cousins
This site includes links to my Rootsweb WorldConnect family tree for all of our countries presidents, which includes pictures of all of them.
Prices of Halesowen
Black Country families
Prices of Halesowen Worcestershire and Their Descendants
Traces the movement of the Joseph Price family from Halesowen Wocestershire to New Brunswick Canada c. 1871.
Prickett family
A collaborative genealogy site, this shows one branch of the family descended from John Prickett of London, a Quaker cordwainer, whose sons, Josiah & Zachariah, migrated to NJ.
Priebe X I I generations
Genealogy "Priebe" from Marienwerder Preussen. Beginning 1600 and end today.
Pritzl Family Gathering
Gathering site for Pritzl's and Pritzl family members with links to pictures and genealogy journal.
PRUETT - The Pruetts of Southeast MO and the Sheffields of AR
My websites consists of genealogical reports of the Thomas Pruett (b. 1616 in England) descendants and the Dr. John A. Sheffield (b. 1827 in Tennessee) descendants.
Puddy web site
looking for ancesters for surname Puddy
Puncher and Punchard genealogy
Searchable database of family members that produces family group sheets, ahnentafels and pedigree reports of the selected person. Also surname origins and heraldry.
Contains genealogy information on the following surnames: Ernst, Kaesemeyer, Purkiss, Mudge, Welsher, Chaplin, Devereaux, and Sheldon, all of which are related to the Purkiss Family of Lower Michigan; plus miscellaneous family special interest pages.
Pyle genealogy and Collecting Interests
Pyle, Puckey, Mair, Shalders, White,Rowland, Sustains, Incredimail, Cartoons, New Zealand, Maramarua, Genealogy
Quigley / Dziowgo Family Trees
Descendents of Quigley (Ireland) and Dziowgo (Poland) from NYC
Quilts - Family Tree Quilts and more...
Proudly display your family's history with our exquisite, hand-stitched, cotton quilts and wallhangings. Bring your ancestral charts to life!
New Radclyffe Family Genealogy Site. Going back 1000 years in British history. Family Tree, History, Listing of other names originating from the Radclyffe name. Can purchase the original family bible: "The Book of the Radclyffes" full history also family "Coat of Arms Prints".
Rae's Genealogy Website
This site is devoted to tracing family histories and displaying important information,documentations and photos of the families along with cemetery locations and gravesite photos of family members. Researching family ancestors is very rewarding and exciting. Currently I am researching families of Kentucky,Tennessee,Illinois and Indiana.
Rae's Genealogy Website
This site is doing family research on several families in the Tennessee and Kentucky areas. The families all have historical backgrounds of real interest.
Family photos plus Pedigree charts and Descendant Charts and Gedcoms
Rainford Family History
Welcome ! This site was last updated on Oct 18 2004. There are 654 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded events are the births of BRACEY, Thomas and BRACEY, `Goodwife` in 1550.The most recent event is the death of Rainford, Clarrence Henry in 2001.
Ralph and Connie's Family Tree
This is my family tree and I would love to know more about my family so if you have any information Please email.
Ralph's Estill County genealogy
Thousands of people with an Estill County, Ky connection listed in family tree formats. Also historical articles of the county and its people
Rambo-Holt Website
Our family website includes over 760 records dating back to 1580.
Randal Hopkins Family Tree
The Randal Hopkins of Thomasville Ga. Family Tree
Bireley, Cronerbery, Garcia, Coleman, Randolph, Haddox, Hardy, Hannah, Liebold, Hall, Matthws, Randolph, Rambitz, Rampitsch, Murphy, Paganelli, Horton, Russell, Snavely, Spicer, Swartz, Tiemeyer, Weisenbacher, Wilcox, Siler, Dickson, Whitmer, Yarborough
Ranum Roots - Ranum Roots - Descendents of Nels Knutson Ranum
Ranum Roots - Descendents of Nels Knutson Ranum and allied families - Ranum Knutson Knuteson Hageset hageseth Munson Moller Gundlach
Rardin Family Info Center
John RARDIN (SR), an Irish immigrant, settled on the Western Pennsylvania frontier. His known children by 2 wives are: Thomas, John (JR), William, Moses, Timothy, Jacob and Nellie.
Rash & Raiche Families of Vermont, USA
Family links to genealogies of those descendants of Louis Pinard who can trace their ancestry through at least one generation who resided in Vermont.
RATCLIFF - Ancestors of Patricia Louise Ratcliff
Ratliff & Smith & Allied Lines
Family History Site dealing with my maternal and paternal lines that have been in this country since the early 1600's. Many Quakers.
Raven's Pedigree
Photos, family data, NYC vital records info. Surnames being researched: Appelhans, Breidinger, Cavanaugh, Finger, Fieseler, Heinzenburg, Henry, Karcher, Lang, Leonard, Lent, Lindner, Mann, Mueller, Robertson, Stern... many more in Brooklyn, NY.
Ray's web page
My family ancestry with some pictures.
Raymonds County Down webste
Banbrdge,Dromore,Kilkeel and Mourne information and photographs, genealogy lookups
Razzy Tazz
Family Resources and Genealogy including SURNAMES Barnes, Landreth, Morrison, Turnbo, Cosper, and Williams.
Reardon and Other Connected Famalies
Large site containing data relating REARDON and SNIJDERS in Australia, Holland and Ireland.
Rechcigl - Rechziegel - Rechcygl Clan
Family Tree of RECHCIGL, RECHZIEGEL, and RECHCYGL Families from Bohemia, Czech Republic
Redfarn Family Tree
There are two main branches of Redfarn in the UK loosely described as "London" and "Cambridge" branches. The Family Tree on the website is for the London branch. I have further data for Redfarns in the USA and other regions of the UK.
Redman and Seale Genealogy Page
Descendants of the Redman and Seale families of St. Lucy and St. Peter, Barbados
Reedy, Riedy, and Riedi Family of Pennsylvania and Virginia
The official web site for the descendants of Hanzet L. Riedi of Switzerland and his grandson Han Otto Riedy , of Montogomery County, PA.
This site hold all the information I have gathered on my REEVES family of NW KENT, including HANSFORD and SWIFT amongst others.
Reg Mayhew's Family History
The results of my family history research of my paternal (MAYHEW) and maternal (HUMPHRIES) lines.
Register of Family History Minnaert
This website presents the descendancy of Gabriel Minnaert, born about 1570 in Caprijke / Belgium. Pedigrees as PDF may be downloaded as well as GEDCOMs. Covers descendants in Germany, France & USA
Register of Family History Minnaert
This website presents the descendancy of Gabriel Minnaert, born about 1570 in Caprijke / Belgium. Pedigrees as PDF may be downloaded as well as GEDCOMs. Covers descendants in Germany, France & USA
Register of Family History Minnaert
This website presents the descendancy of Gabriel Minnaert, born about 1570 in Caprijke / Belgium. Pedigrees as PDF may be downloaded as well as GEDCOMs. Covers descendants in Germany, France & USA
Reid Family Genealogy
This site is my personal genealogy site with links to a lot of my data.
Reinbold Ramblin's
History of descentants of Anton Reinbold arriving from Germany 1840 and Moses Ragan/Reagan born 1971 Tennessee.
Reinhard KRAUSE family from Prussia to Wisconsin
The family history of Reinhard KRAUSE and his wife Wilhelmina MEYER (ancestors and descendants). They emigrated to the United States on the ship Weser from Bremen to the port of New York, arriving on 22 June 1880. From New York they traveled to the Winnebago County area of Wisconsin where they made their home.
Related Robertson County, Texas Families
Information on related Robertson County, TX families from Franklin, New Baden, Easterly, Boone Prairie, Owensville, Camp Creek, & Mt. Pleasant. GEDCOM file with over 6,000 names, outline descendant trees, cemetery lists, map of & historical information on county, other information. Family History Project
Our purpose is to preserve family histories, to offer family members a place to share family stories and data, and to provide resources for genealogy research. Our plan is to all family and allied family lines. Amongst the families documented in this project are the families AVERY, BLANKENSHIP, BONNELL, BOWDISH, BRADFORD, CHESEBOROUGH, COLLINS, COOK, HAMMOND, HARGRAVE, DRAKE, FARMER, FIELDS, FITZGERALD, HAMMOND, HARGRAVE, HORTON, JOHNSON, KELLY, MULLIN, NORVELL, ODELL, SHEARMAN, SOSEBEE, SWAN, THURMOND, and TRIPP and more.
Relatives of Mr & Mrs Joe D. Price
Joe Price of New Mexico married Annette Burgess of Nantucket,Ma. Ancestors imigrated from England,Finland,Sweden,Ireland,Wales Includes Surnames: Anglin, ,Burgess,Brigham,Cromwell,Devlan,Gray,Hannan,Hudson,Front,Ingram,King,Seymor,Wingfield. Majanen,Price,Wingfield,
Relax with Lyn and Max
Genealogy and interests of Lynette and Max Benton including surnames Hughson, Mitchell, Rowe, Langdon, Bryant,Treloar, Trengrouse,Fordyce, Bruce, Mathewson, Elphingstone, Oke, Straughair,
Renates Genealogie
I´m searching for my ancestors who lived in pommern,eastprussia and mecklenburg. These countries are all in eastgermany. The surnames of my relationships, what I look for are:neumann-eastprussia,dopke,matz-pommeria,hoffmann-mecklenburg
Renfro, Woolem, Goldsmith & St.Clair Roots & Branches
Renfro, Woolem/Wollam, Goldsmith & St.Clair surnames and branches I am researching. Site includes photos, files, documents and family information.
Renfro, Woolem, Goldsmith and St. Clair Roots & Branches
Descendant charts, pedigrees, photos, family files and related information on Renfro, Woolem(Ullom) and St. Clair surnames.
Site containing information on the RENNO surname currently centered on the decendants of John Renno b. 15 Nov 1800 in Alsace-Lorraine region of France and immigrated to Butler, Butler County, Pennsylvania in 1833.
Research Forster / Volkmar in Germany (Hessia, Frankonia, Upper Palatine)
Genealogical reserach of Forster / Volkmar family in Germany.
Research of Eccleston, Field, Collins, Koerner and Lee Families
This site provides links to family trees for the Eccleston, Field, Collins, Lee and Koerner families.
Rev. William Speer (1652-?) of Aryshire, Scotland
Descenadants of Rev. William Speer (1652-?) of Aryshire, Scotland. William's son John immigrated to Northern Ireland. Five of William's great-grandsons came to America and generated large families in SC, GA, AL, TX, & FL. Today this is the largest Speer family in the southern US! 500-page Speer book, family newsletters, 5,000-individual genealogy list, and family Web Sites are available. Researchers and family members can contact me for free info. Family members can join our online 'family gathering' SPEER R US Web Site.
Reynolds & Madden Families
Reynolds & Madden Family page is a collection of my ancestors,with pictures and information related to genealogy.
Contains information on Rhein, Laeng and related families in Herrlisheim, Bas-Rhin, France.
Ric Nold"s Genealogy Page
This site lists ancestors and descandants of Mary Pauline Weston and Ollie Behrman, Families included are Skeen, Fitzjarrell, Wiley.
Richard Abens Home Page
The Richard Abens Home Page contains all the descendents of Nicolas Abends, born in 1727 in Germany.
Richard and Mary (Anderson) Cottrell of New Kent Co., VA
The family of Richard and Mary (Anderson) Cottrell of New Kent Co., VA based on church, bible, wills, deeds and census records that show many descendants.
Richard Dean Hollis Webpage
Family History website...primarily Hollis and Patterson but I also research connecting family lines. I also have a Family Treemaker Database with a huge Hollis file.
Richard Kendells Ancestors
Ancestors (some back to the 1500s)with 300 different surnames from Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire. 180 village photos. 40 trade guide extracts.Main interests, Kendall, Dunning, Gardner, Brooks, Wait, Cooper, Thompson, White, Clifford
Richard Tonsing's and Margaret Bernard's Relatives
Richardson History & Genealogy
Richardson Ancestry in historical context
Richardson/Morphis Family
This Is The Home Site For The Richardson/Morphis Clans
Richardsons in Durham
This is a link to my family tree which holds information back to 1737 regarding Richardson family in Durham and Westmorland. Other main names in there include, THOMPSON, ROBINSON, BERESFORD, Gill, Huggins, please sign the guest book whilst there! Email me for further info on any name!
Richer, Louveteau, Leftault, Lefto, Lifto, Ritchie, Richa
Faire connaître les Richer dit Louveteau établis en Amérique depuis l'arrivée au Canada du premier ancêtre venu de Louvetot, France, Jacques Ériché (Héricher), vers 1696. Dans certaines régions ces descendants sont maintenant connus sous le nom de Leftault, Lefto, Lifto, Ritchie ou Richa
Rick Hannon's Genealogy Research
Genealogy research with the most significant surnames being: Bradford, Butterfield, Beekman, Corn, Frank, Hannon, Herbert, Hinshaw, McLaughlin, McQuoid, Pieper, Raasch and Tobin
RIDEOUT - Descendants of Elijah Rideout
This is a site for descendants of Elijah Rideout, born in Dinwiddie County, VA 1768. We are looking for links to other Rideouts and Ridouts in the U.S. and Canada.
Ridgely Family
RIDGELY/RIDGLEY family in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland (MD)
Riedesel Family
Historical information on Riedesel families in the U.S. and Germany.
Riepe Roots
Database of RIEPE families in the U.S.
My name is TED SMITH and I am the webmaster of this site. If you have any comments or feedback please write to me at
Rita Meistrell Family Home Page
Information about the descendants of James Sullivan of Lanark County,Ontario, all of the Meistrell family in the US, and the Safarik Family of Nebraska
Ritchey and Diehl Family Ancestry
Ancestry Website for Ritchey/Diehl Family currently in Pennsylvania, originating from Virginia.
Rivera's Puerto Rico
This Gedcom contains thousands of ancestors form Puerto Rico.
Ancestors of Richard K Matlick
Roach's Family Homepage
Bill Roach & Dorothy Christopher Roach's Family Genealogy Pages
Rob Seiberts Space
Seibert family geneology of New York. Also includes personal interests and hobbies.
Rob's Northern Pages
Kerss ancestors Photos of Northeast England, especially 1890s
Robert Buchan born Edinburgh Scotland 1835
Robert Buchan born 1835 Edinburgh Scotland
Robert Hill of Mason County, Kentucky
The history of Robert Hill(from Frederick Co. MD to Mason Co. KY) and the church he founded.
Robert J. Copeland Family Tree
This is my family tree on my father's side (Copeland) dating back to 1590 in England. I am still researching my mother's side (Stowe) and will add more as I get it.
Robert Johns Family History
This site includes the following surnames: Johns, Eborall, Poulter, Walter, James and Fry - among many others. The site deals mainly with England, although branches of the family in Canada, Australia and New Zealand are included.
Robert M Wells Family Genealogy Project. From England and Scotland with lov
My site represents the research I have compiled primarily on surnames such as: Wells, Welles, Hammond, Sears, McLeod, MacLeod, Weeks,and Brayton. It is a labor of love and hopefully a benefit to others looking for information.
Robert Thomas Fostser Family of Lipan, Tedas
Family genealogy with interestng facts about ancestors of Robert Thomas Foster and other related families.
Robert Thompson and Mary Doris
Robert Thompson and Mary Doris were Scotch-Irish from Corke Co. Ireland. They settled in the Abbeville District, South Carolina. Their descendants moved to Randolph Co. Illinois and points west. Gedcom file is located here.
Roberts Family Genealogy
Tracks John Roberts' family from 1648 until today in Pennsylvania.
Roberts Family Tree
Site follows one line of the Roberts family from 1683 to the present.
Robins Family
Robins family from Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, England to Virginia
Robins Genealogy
Descendants of DRULLETT, MOORE, JACK, HOOD, MCKAY, MORRISON, in Ontario, Canada and Descendants of KEEL, PIKE/PYKE, ANDREWS, TINHAM, CHAPMAN, DIMER/DYMER, MARSHALL, SMITH in Wiltshire, England
Robinson and related families
Surnames:Butt(s), Cheyne, Gray, Hickey, Hilton, Hurst, Kennedy, Nicol, Render, Robinson, Snowden, Thomson & others. Area's: England,Ireland,Scotland,Canada,Wisconsin, Missouri,Kansas and other area's
Rode, Meyer, Dallmann, Dietrich
Rodekohr Ancestors
Ancestors of Chuck Rodekohr including Brackmann, Breuner, Clark, Flagler, Johnson, Payson, Brauner, Praeuner, Rodecourt, Rodekohr, White.
Rodgers/Butler/Arnold/Cash/Hill/Peck Genealogy
Please visit my Rodgers site. I ned help!!! There are over 800 entries. Please let me know if We LINK!! Enjoy the fruit of all my nights of joyous labor; in hopes of finding more Cousins!!
Roebuck Family Website
A website dedicated to the Roebuck and extended family tree, including photographs and anecdotal information.
Rogers, Cooke, Williams, Mattock and King Pages
The Williams were from South Shropshire, particularly Culmington, the Mattocks and Kings were from North Somerset, particularly the Portbury area, the Rogers from Middlesex and Kent.
Romancing the Past
My heritage is 100% Slovenian! All four of my grandparents migrated to the United States in the first decade of the 20th century from what was then known as the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and is now the modern-day country of Slovenia. Looking to expand my Family Tree!
Romano Garcia - Giani Patterson Surnames research
Related to: Paraguay, Uruguay, Brasil, Argentina, Escocia, Scotland, England, Falklands, Malvinas, Romano, Giani, Garcia, Patterson, Frazer, Salvanelli, Romani, Aggio, Muniz, Pimienta, Bruno, Genealogy, Genealogia, apellidos, genealogy, surnames, investigacion. investigation, Scasso, Matone, Graviz, Ancell, Martinelli, Biondi, Farina, Oxley
ROME-ROMME Family Tree
The Volga-German ROME-ROMME family tree in Germany, Russia, Argentina and Kansas.
Romig Family
Romig Family of Berks, Lancaster, York and Lebanon Counties of Penna.
Romlin genealogy
romlin genealogy mostly Sweden
Ron and Sue Wall Family History Site
Family histories for Allen Barrett Brewer Baughman Corbett Frederick Trowbridge Tyler Wall Whitsett
Ron Ferguson Family Tree, Genealogy, Social, Software
The Ferguson family tree including the Mather, Tyrer, Hayes, Rogers, Lowe and Maddison families. Linked to the Grimshaw family tree which includes the Oakley family.
Ron's Roots
This is a site charting the ancestors and descendants of Ronald MIGLIORE and Marilyn LEATSO with additional pages of known burial sites of our families.
Ronshausen and their kin across 24 generations: surname lists, name lists, family groups, pedigrees, gedcom.
ROOSA Family Genealogy
Lots of great information on Roosa,Enos,Terwilliger,VanEtten roots + a Roosa e-mail list for everyone to share information. Come to see all the great stuff!!!!
I am researching mainly, Pitts, Green, Horn, Sheppard, Gray, McRae, McKleroy mostly Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina.
roots by jen
Roots in Cottonwood Henderson County Texas
Family decendants comming to Texas,and the families of the community.
Roots in Cottonwood Henderson County Texas
Early History of the Roberson and families from VA, AL, to Henderson County Texas.
Firmly plant your roots in Ireland and become the proud owner of an Irish Oak Tree for your pleasure and the pleasure of generations of Irish people and their decendants at home and abroad.
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Global Search
My database of Cossey's and related families, a work in progress. If your interested in this surname, send an email to
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: PAT NIELSEN'S FAMILY PAGE
My site has listings of my ancestors. It's a searchable database of many surnames.
Rorapaugh, Hubbard, Hull, and Burns Crossroads
This is a work in progress site, about my family tree. It contains pictures, obituaries, and currently has 945 names, but that gets added to frequently.
Rose Family Web Site
thousands of names listed. Some of the major lines are; ALGER/BANKS/CHAMPION/DEWOLF/GREEN/HALL/HOLT/HUNTLEY/INNES/ JONES/JORDAN/MILLER/PHILLIPS/SHERER/ plus many more lines. There is a "clickable" Master Data Base with pedigree charts. MILLER/PALMER/PECK/PHILLIPS/SHERER/ PHILLIPS/
Rose-Larkin & Burgess-Bora of New England
GEDCOM file of the ancestry and descendants of four New England families. Origins are Quebec, France, Germany, Azores, England, Scotland, Ireland. Includes Semiao surname.
Roshon, Steinruck, Gresh, Denning, Evans and Allied Families
Genealogy of the Roshon/Roshong/Rochon, Steinruck/ Stonerock/Stayrook, Gresh, Krider, Mayberry, Denning, Evans, Cohick Families of Pennsylvania
Ross Family Tree
Ross genealogy with pictures, related families (Minor, Mahoney, Cochran, Plummer, others), searchable database, miscelleanous facts and links.
Ross Family Tree
Ross genealogy with pictures, related families (Minor, Mahoney, Cochran, Plummer, others), searchable database, miscelleanous facts and links.
Rosser Family in Friday, TX
This site follows the migration of Benjamin 1785>>>>> Isaac 1820>>>>> William Griffith 1848 Rosser line from Alabama to Texas in the late 1880s.
Rounds Family of Rehoboth by Mike Rounds
This is the web page of the descendents of John Round of Rehoboth circa 1650 and for family members around the world
A site for those interested in gathering and sharing genealogy & family history information on the Rowser family line.
Roxburgh Family Tree
Roxburgh Family Tree in New Zealand
Royal Family of Oudh
It is an information on the Kingdom of Oudh which once existed in Northern India. The kingdom was ruled by the Nawabs of Oudh from the early 18th century and continued till 1858 when the British forces defeated the Queen of Oudh in 1858 when the last king of oudh Birjis Qadr and the Queen were forced to take exile in Nepal. Information is provided by a descendant of the Royal Family of Oudh.
Royster's Genealogy Archives
Ruby's Russell Ancestry
Rueben L. Butler Family
Genealogies of families living in Izard and Fulton County, Arkansas. Butler, Stuart, Turner, Brown, Gibson, and many related families.
Rumpel's Roots
This web site traces the RUMPEL and TIEFENBACH families. All the information has been contributed by descendents of Johann Heinrich RUMPEL and Philip TIEFENBACH. I welcome all comments, new information, and any corrections that are needed. I hope you find this web site helpful for your own research.
Russ Family Website
Descendants and collaterals of Christian Karl Gottfried RUSS - furrier and capmaker of Brandis nr Leipzig, Germany in 1842. These include families round the world - Muller, Russell, Harte, Howse, Winkler, Sambrook and Collins are the most frequently occuring family names.
Saffer Family History
Saffer family History
Saga of the Stroud Family
"The Saga of Strouds Family" track the Strode/Stroud adventure from England to port of New Jersey moving to Pa, Va, NC, and In. The family had two first landowner in they pioneering movements through the USA.
Samuel and Anna Evens Morgan
Descendants of Samuel and Anna Evens Morgan from England to New York to Iowa.
Samuel Lafayette Doyle Family
History of the descendants of Samuel Lafayette Doyle
Sanders & Kahnberg Family Histories
Sanders and Kahnberg Family Trees are presented in pedigree format. Other surnames include: Rowland, Fuller, Johnston, Rayburn, Wilson, Adams, McAlister, Childers, Adams, Coe, Curran, Dennis, Rice, Carson, Shaver, Wakeman, Daily, Godbey, Wann, and others
Sanders and associated surnames from Texas and Arkansas
Family group and pedigree charts of Sanders, stapleton, Miles & McCartney in Louisiana that can be downloaded.
Sanford family fp7
Pedigrees, documents and biographies using a FMp database of the Somerset Nynehead family direct line 1225 -2008 Login as guest.
Sasha's Roots
Surnames Included: Atkinson, Baker, Conroy, Deemer, Donovan, Free, Fournier, Harden, Hughes, Ives, Judd, Kephart, Leatherman, Mitchell, Ryan, Sandford/Sanford, Torrance, Wilcox, Tuttle, African American: Greenleaf, Gwyn, Headspeath, Jamison, Johnson, Mason, Sayles, Sanders, Stewart. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kansas, North Carolina, Delaware, Connecticut, New York, Irish, Scottish, German That's Some Family!
Saunders Family
Saunders family from Dorchester Co., Maryland to Rockingham and Rowan (later Davie) Cos., North Carolina
Information on the Sawyers back to James Sawyers in Ireland
Scatchxrd Family Tree in North America
Scatchard and Scatcherd Family Trees for those living in North America only.
SCHAEFGEN - Die Geschichte der Kyllmühle und deren Inhaberfamilien
Schaefgen, Schäfgen, Kyll, Eifel, Ahnenforschung, Genealogie, genealogy, Birresborn, Wollmerath, Gerolstein, Stammbaum, ancestor, Etten, Simon, Girards, Hieronimus, Koblenz, Lissingen, Mayen, Andernach, Eich, Memphis, Wilmette, Wilmington, Trier, family-tree, Mühle
Scheel Family Genealogy
Information on the Scheel's and related families. Baker, Bond, Heidelk, Jones, Kollmorgen, May, Mortimer, Noah, Scheel and Steffens
Scheffhen Family
Scheffhen ancestry of Melchoir Brumback (Brombach) of the 1714 Germanna Colony in Virginia
Schepman Netherlands
Basicly descendants of Melchert Schipman, about 1610 in Didam.
Schippell Home Page
Descendants of Karl F. Schippel, Pommerania, Germany, 1800's.Links to Weilandt, Wippel, Jonas, Yaanka, Terwillegar. Descendants of John Irish, England to America, 1600's. Descendants of Thomas Orton,England to America 1630's. Hooglandt(Hoagland)family from Netherlands to America. Links to the Bass & Lightfoot families. Also Chapman, Vaughan, Hale and Lambert families of Virginia and Kentucky. Carlisle,Howard,Hewitt,Eveland, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Nebraska.
A Genealogic site for all Schnorrenbergs. We have collected over 2,000 Schnorrenbergs. Find your ancestors here and help us complete this project.
Family tree for the SCHOLEFIELD - RANDALL girls. Tracing back both lines
Scholey & Schooley
A History of the name , , family individual history and a wide number of links to other sources including 2 My sites
Scholtes / Burgoyne Family
Schroeder Family Homepage
Traces the Schroeder family in Hude parish, Oldenburg, Germany, to 1528; also Beard/Bardt, Billman, Burkholder, Clark, Deado, Foose, Graybill, Henckel, Koch, Lamb, Lichty, Mumper, Richey, Schober/Shover, Smith, Tuckniss in southcentral Pennsylvania. Extensive notation.
SCHUVIE Family Tree
CHOUVIER-SCHUBY-SCHUWJE-SCHUVIE Family from France to Russia, to the United States.
Schwalenberg Genealogy
SCHWALENBERG Genealogy website, including related families ZEIG, BOGART, FINNERTY, STAUS, KNESEL, MERRITT, DANNEMANN. Includes detailed reference pages with scanned images of census records, birth certificates, etc.
Scioto County, Ohio
Many families from Scioto and also Pike counties in Ohio.
Scottish Family Trace
Genealogical research and family trace service for Scottish families, ancestors and descendants.
Scotts Ancestry
Scott's Genealogy Pages, RSI, Roots Surname Index, 15 Generation Ancestory Chart
Scullard Family History
Scullard Family Tree covering the period from about 1440 to 1700, with marital connections to Bailey, Blake, Chater, Cheyney, Dawby, Frampton, Grace, Hillier, Hapgood, Hayter, Hopgood, Jeffrey, Jonson, Kent, Kidghill, Knowles, Marshall, Mynchen, Newman, Noyes, Nurse, Pitman, Ratty, Rolfe, Smith, Stone, Tarrant, Tuggie, White, Woodman,
Seachord Family
Seaman of the Broadmeadow of Stars
This is the site where you can upload my gedcom file. It has surnames: Murdock, Bonine, Singleton, Presely, Hicks, Wasson, Rucker, Goodnight, Beaty, Taylor, Leonard, Wasson, Stovall, Henley, Rue, Cain, Kettenring, Pesterfield, Reneau
Search for Rollins relatives
Search for relatives of father, Clayton Merle Rollins Jr.,who was a World War 2 veteran assigned to the Philippines
Searchin Kentucky Kinfolk
For the purpose of finding the Bennett, Browning, Clem, Cloud, Lay, Middleton, Noe, Sargent, Sergent, Sergeant, Sexton and Terry surnames.
SearchTrees has free family trees representing over 25,000 ancestors in the 1700-1900s, primarily immigrants arriving in Pennsylvania tracing their descendants who moved
13,000 ancestors of these lines. Will share gedcom/text or whatever. Sechrest>NC>IN>IL Creed>VA>KY>IN>IL Barker>NJ>NY>OH>IL Musgrave>IRL>PA>NC>WV>IN>KY>IL etc.
Segura To Delino and Beyond
Decendants and Ancestors of Manuel Segura
Sehrbundt/Serbont genealogy in Germany and Europe
Genealogy of the Sehrbundt/Serbont family in Quedlinburg and Ober-Olm, Germany. Genealogy of families with similar surnames in Germany and Europe, notably Serpunt (Köln/Germany), Serponti/Sermondi (Italy), Serbon and Cherbon (France).
Selva Family genealogy
Selva Family from Menaggio - "Lake of Como" - Italy
Serena's Family Tree
A personal genealogy site dedicated to preserving family history & helping others in their search for family. Surnames include Harrelson, Heffington, Farmer, Smith, Cooper, McBride & many more! Site includes research helps, photos, stories, Native American Content. Site also offers a message forum, submit your site link, guestmap, banner exchange, and I also give out several different awards! Come visit today!
Setbackens in America
Shows descendant trees from first immigrants, alphabetized list of descendants, location of descendant homesteads and stories, pictures, etc.
SETTLE Family Web Site
Descendants of the first SETTLE to the farming community of Cole Harbour, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, in the early 1800's.
Shallcross Ancestry
Welcome to my family history page,I am David Shallcross born in Atherton Lancashire England 20th May 1947.
Shannon's Family History Pages
Personal Family History & Collection of Genealogy Resources. Main Surnames Alber, Carpenter, Crider, Eaton, Goodman, Hamilton, Jones & Pullen.
Shanon and Melanie's Genealogy Page
Contains entries for 1556 individuals, 676 distinct families in Butler, Centre, Clarion, Crawford, and Venango Counties in Pennsylvania, and also a few in Baltimore, Maryland, New York, Trimble Co., Kentucky, Indiana, and with dates beginning in early 1700's
Shanon's Genealogy Website Hosting
Provides website hosting for genealogists who want to post their data to a website using PHPGEDView.
Sharp Family Database
Sharrow/Charron of Michigan Genealogy Site
Information, Registry Reports, Ahnentafel Reports, Ancestry Charts, Photos and more about Sharrow/Charrons from Michigan, Their Ancestors and Relatives
Shaul.Com on the Web
Shaul.Com is a genealogy web site, which lists the descendants of the earliest known Shaul's to migrate to America from Europe in the 1700's. It contains an extensive list of descendants, a monthly Newsletter, a guest registry, photos and links to surnames.
Shauna's Homepage
This page is dedicated to my Worster and Prossor ancestors in England in the 19th century. They are mainly located in Northamptonshire and Hampshire, but seem to have travelled around the country quite a bit.
Sheek Family
Sheek (Sheeks, Schick, Shick) family from Berks Co., Pennsylvania to Rowan (later Davie) Cos., North Carolina
Sheila's Genealogy Homepage searching families of Dixon, Beattie and Hale
Main Genealogy Lines-Hale,Purvis of Alabama and Texas. Beattie,Little,Wight,Scott lines from the Borders of Scotland. Dixon,Freeman,Askew & Hogg of Northumberland, Dixon of Glasgow and Beatson's Fife and Loake, Hadland of Northamptonshire
Shelleys Family
My Family genealogy. A short list of surnames: Montgomery, Lyon, Bogart, McLaughlin, Stern, Gault, Heitchew, Schrimpf, Conrad, Conklin, Dunagan, Gundlach, Varner, Morey, Dove, Gibson, Hillis, Moyer, Taylor, Stone.
Sherm Thompson's Family History
Descendents to family of Sherman Lee Thompson from early 17th century immigrants coming from England, Germany,Scotland and Switzerland to New England and Virginia
Sherri's Family RootsWeb Page
Shores Genealogy
Research of the Frederick and Margaret (Walbert) Shore(s) line and adjoining lines.
Short Family
Short family from Rowan (later Guilford) Cos., North Carolina to Kentucky to Franklin Co., Missouri
Shoubridge and Martin Family Tree
This is the family tree of my parents, Alma Shoubridge and Gerald Martin, born in the 1920s in London. Other family surnames included in the site are Barrier, Webb, Connolly, Hollingsworth, Phillips and Paynter. Areas in England that appear are Peckham, Dorset, Horsham, Nazeing and East London.
Shreve Family of Kansas
This genealogy site has the history of the Shreve family that began in London and migrated to the US. The family group sheets and charts will demonstrate the line of Shreve and all its branches along the trail.
Sibley Connections
Sibley-Middleton-Deisher data
Silesian Roots in Glatz of the Texas WEIGANG's

Sim Lines
Simmons Family Genealogy
Descendants of William Simmons and Betsey Ives.
Simon & Lankford Genealogies
The Simon & Lankford Gazette is a web page dedicated to the ancestors and descendants of Morris and Sherry Simon. The main surnames listed at this site are SIMON, LEBLANC, CLARK, LANKFORD, and JENNINGS; other prominent lines include GAUTHREAUX, GARNER, PILKINTON, CARAWAY, THORNTON, WHITE, BROWN, SMITH, HODGES, JOHNSTON, BAKER, WIMBERLY, SCHAETZLE, and TRUSS. In addition to individual family pages, you will find family history narratives, images, transcribed documents and links to other websites.
Simpson Family History
Simpson family history, including historical notes, pictures, wills, etc. for Simpson and related families from Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.
Simpson, Taft, McMurry, Murphy, and Patterson Families of KY
My family is from Central Kentucky. I am researching Simpson’s, Taft’s, Murphy, Patterson’s, Jones, and McMurry. My daughter Renee Simpson is researching Bridgewater and Tincher family history. The Taft’s came from New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. The Bridgewater’s lived in Lexington, KY, but they came from the Scottsburg area of Indiana. The Patterson’s, Jones, Simpson’s, and McMurry lived in Fayette, Garrard, Mercer, and Woodford Counties of Kentucky. One of the links below leads you to a very good Mercer Co. KY Genealogy page. Some Jones and McMurry information gathered from the book by Mrs. Raymond Jones of Harrodsburg, KY. Mike McMurry has contributed a lot of the McMurry information and also some of the Jones and other information in this family tree. Mike has interviewed many family members including myself. The McMurry or McMurray name has been spelled in different ways according to family traditions. Some of the Mershon information was contributed by Donald Moulder. Some of the Bunton information was contributed by Barbara Ransdell. Some of the Bridgewater information was contributed by Carole Ann Bridgewater Tolen. Some of the Patterson information was contributed by Ralph Williams and N.J. White.
Sisson Web Site
SISSON families descending from Richard and Mary Sisson of 17th century Rhode Island and from Robert and Amye Sisson of 17th century Virginia.
Site géné@logique de Philippe DUCLOS
Arbre généalogique de Philippe DUCLOS et données associées.
Slack, Sadler, Turner, Mills, Wishon Families, Scioto County Ohio
Surnames of Slack, Rollins/Rawlins, Riddlebarger, Stiles, Sadler, Mills, Windsor, Ferguson, Redoutey, Beesler, Turner, Wishon and more
Sloan Heritage
SLPatterson Family History
Extensive family history covering Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and points both west and east. Names include PATTERSON, MISKIMINS, PENCE, SPEECE, HAMPTON, SWEANEY, LOGSDON, CUSHATT, GOULD, ATKINSON, STREETER...
Genealogies of the surname Small with connections to the Colonial states.
Smirl family
Smirl family from Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania to Kentucky to St. Louis (later Jefferson) Cos., Missouri
Smit roots Netherlands
Roots of the SMIT family in the Netherlands, Holland.
Smith, Walton, Clutters, Leavitt, Jeffs, Garrett, Clutter, Zinn, Lantz, Fleming, Rutledge family genealogy and family history. Kimberly Smith, ohio, England, Utah, Nevada
SMITH - Descendants of Mordecai Smith
Descendants of Mordecai Smith born 2 Feb 1828 in Fulton Co., PA and wife Martha Allum Smith born 22 May 1838 in Greene Co., PA are given with their vital statistics.
Smith and Walker Genealogy Project
The Smith and Walker Genealogy Project is a joint effort of the descendants of Effie Smith and Gus Walker. Our mission is to trace our ancestors, share photos and memorabilia and get to know one another better.
Smith Family
Smith, Walton, Clutters, Leavitt, Garrett, Zinn, Jeffs, Rutledge, Zamora, Summers, Dudley, Royality, Ohio, England
Smith Scott McGuire Farrell and Moran Homepage
This site contains the lineage of people originating from County Mayo, Ireland, the Netherlands, New York, and Southern Indiana. Descendants of Smith's from New York to Indiana, McGuire's and Moran's from County Mayo, Liverpool, Kentucky, Ohio then Indiana, VanDeursens the Netherlands, Farrells from County Wexford Ireland to Indiana.
Smith, Staebell, Voegele, and Mesker Families
My grandparents' surnames were Smith, Staebell, Mesker, and Voegele. Other prominent names in the family tree are Schenck, Dangler, Meyer, Balthasar, Dentinger, Hohe, Roehrig, and Schneider. Important towns are Lancaster, Niagara Falls, and Buffalo in New York; and Stundwiller (Stundweiler), Soufflenheim (Sufflenheim), and Oberroedern in Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France.
SMITH-TAYLOR and Allied Families Association (STAFA)
The STAFA website is the genealogy (descendants/ansestors) of Charles Jacob & Edith Myrtle (West) and Christopher Sylvestor & Ola Edna(Wiswell) Taylor.
Smithsons Family of Reighton/Muston
my site is about the smithson who orignaly came from east yorkshire
Smith\O'Keefe Genealogy
Surnames: Smith,O'Keefe,Nickerson,Chase,Viveiros
Smoot family in Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), and North Carolina (NC)
Smothers Genealogy
Links to Smothers Genealogy and Family History
Smothers Genealogy
Smothers Genealogy and Family History
Snell family tree
Family tree of Martin Snell (Legacy version)
Snoke Family Web Site
Descendants of Rev. John Snoke, who lived in Cumberland County PA in the early 1800s.
Snow & Rivett Family Genealogy
Family information on the Snow & Rivett Families. Pictures included.
Snyder's Root Cellar
Snyder Ancestry of George W. Snyder, from early immigrants to current times.
Some families from Oporto, Portugal and their origins
* Site in portuguese * Some families from Oporto, Portugal and their origins. (Photos, charts and digitalized documents)
Some Southern Milners
Ancestry and descendants for John Turner Milner and his son-in-law, James Douglass's ancestors and descendants.
Somerscales Family History
Web site dedicated to the Somerscales family. Constantly being updated and new information welcome, particularly on the familys interests in Norway and tobaco growing in Winchcombe. Giggleswick parish on line now, Kildwick on line before 2006. Other areas in preparation now. Repeat any biographical information is welcome!
Sorrells Genealogy
My site lists all surnames associated with my ancestory. Lincoln County, TN and Sevier Co., TN are the primary locations that are associated with my families.
South Side of the Neuse River, Lenoir Co, NC
research in Lenoir and surrounding counties of North Carolina.
Southern Families - SC, AL, MS
Southern Whispers
This is a personal website containing genealogical information on JOHNSON,BOYETT,FISH,McINTOSH and allied families.
Southey Family
Southey genealogy web site of over 4,875 Southey descendants originating from Thomas Southey in Wellington, Somerset, England, cascading through 15 generations. Main branches include those of Robert Southey, the Poet Laureate and George Southey, who was part of the 1820 Settlers to South Africa.
Southwest Va Roots
My personal genealogy consisting primarily of families from Southwestern Virginia. Counties include Wythe, Patrick, Carroll, Floyd and Grayson in VA. Surnames include REYNOLDS, NAPIER, ALLEN, HURST, SHELTON, MABRY and more.
Sparks Family Tree
The site begins with William Sparks (d.1709) of Queen Annes County, Maryland who emigrated from England in 1662, and includes over 26,000 of his descendants and their allied families. The site contains notes and source material for many entries and users are able to print descendancy charts, family trees and other such items. Much information is taken from The Sparks Quarterly.
Speir, Jarvinen and more...
Visit my constantly changing and increasing pedigree. "Speir, Jarvinen and more...", includes Palmer and Gillpatrick back to New England. Speir, Bailey, Proctor and others from the Southern States westward.
Spickard-Keeler Genealogy Page
An extensive (up to 15 generation) ancestor chart of the Spickard-Keeler children. Major surnames: Spickard, Keeler, Adkins, Beim, Wrightson, Haeberlin, Sanno, Ewart, Dana, Bancroft, Shaw, Alden & related families.
This project is one that has been in the making for many years and the hope is that it will provide others interested in the same lines with clues. Genealogy is not an exact science so each researcher needs to verify information to their own satisfaction. The SROUFE & CART names are from Germany, the RANGER & WARREN names from England but came other lines are from Ireland and Netherlands as well. Some lines have colonial connections including passengers on the Mayflower as well as other colonial ships and several lines go back as far as 0006 according to the Ancestral Files in SLC.
There are 12 family trees on this site concerning the surname SROUFE and RANGER. Some have pilgrim connections and several go back as far as 0006.
THere are 12 family lines on this site which are ancestors of Sroufe and Ranger---some pilgrim connections and several lines go back as far as 0006 according to the Ancestral FIles in SLC.
St. George & Neveu
The descendants of Joseph St. George & Caroline Neveu, French Canadians who lived in Bay County and Huron County, Michigan before settling in Duluth, Minnesota in 1881.
Staffordshire Backhouses
This is my family tree from present to about 1600, would love to here from anyone who may be connected or interested
Stahl-Stewart Family Tree
Extensive family tree including Larson, Howie, Stahl, Stewart, Girard, Lasselle, Le Salle, Lassell, Fyock, Sharp, Sharpe, Churchill, Dunlap, Conrad, Kreitzer, Hoover, Ramsey, Woods, McHard, Laney, Layne, Sheldon, Udell, Udall, Pabodie, Peabody, Church, Fellows, Bill, Snell, Schnell, Corless, Crook, Elkins, Alden, Mullens surnames.
This is a site where I store all my family information (so far) Please let me know if you have any info or pictures that might help me. THANKS
I'm working on a Family Tree Project. I've been working on this project off-and-on since 1991. My objective is to compile a complete record of my father's relatives so that the Stallworth children will be informed of their past. This record will ensure the family heritage will be recorded and past on to future generations . I'm sure such a project as this has been attempted in the past, and with a little luck may have been completed. The problem is, I can't find any records.
Stamboom Familie Cuenen
stamboom Melk- Jong
Genealogie van de famillie Melk, Riet uit de zaanstreek, De Jong uit Rotterdam en Wouters uit Ewijk, Nederland.
Stamboom Melk-de Jong
genealogie van family Melk en Riet uit de zaanstreek. de Jong uit Rotterdam. Wouters uit Moordrecht.
Stamboom Nierop
Stamboom van de Familie Mels
History from the Family Mels. Stamboom van de familie Mels van 1680 Flensburg tot heden in Tilburg. Bezoek onze website Peter Mels
Stamboom van Willem van Dam
Stamboom van Willem van Dam, afstammeling van Martinus Franke van Dam
Stamboom Willem van Dam
Pedigree Willem van Dam, descendant of Martinus Franke van Dam, Ouddorp, Netherlands
Stammbaum der Familien Stiefel und Betschel
Stammbaum der Familien Stiefel und Betschel/Familytree of the Stiefel and Betschel families
Stammbaum Kuntz, Stortz, Adam
This side contents the family trees of Stortz, Kuntz and Adam. Stortz comes from Diedesfeld, Pfalz (Bavaria) in Germany where as Kuntz and Adam are old tribes from Herxheim, Pfalz.
Stanley Family: OurPage
A genealogical summary of the Stanley, Matthews, Middleton, Warner, Riley, Falvey and Benefield families. Includes excerpts from a family journal by Mamie Stanley Smith and other web links.
Staten Family History
Researching Charles Staton of Pike County, KY. He married(1)Hannah Lester 25 Feb 1808, married (2)Nancy Keesee 13 Aug 1820.
My site,, consists of my ancestors and their families and inlaws.
stegall NC TN MS jackson co. AR TX
i am in search of the parents/ancestors of ... WILLIAM PERRY STEGALL (1799)NC he married ... mary ann elizabeth ( HENRY , i believe ). she is the daughter of william a henry (1765-1811)NC + margery woods (1774-1818)NC ...... margery is the daughter of ... REV. frame woods (1754-1818)SC. william perry stegall (1799)NC + mary ann elizabeth stegall had 5 children ... 1. martha catherine stegall .....(1829)TN 2. john h stegall ...............(1831)TN 3. william a stegall ............(1833)MS 4. margaret a e stegall .........(1835)TN 5. frame wood stegall ...........(1838)MS aug 12 , 1849 , in jackson co. AR ... william perry stegall (1799)NC , marries (+2) rebecca gooden (1819)AL ... and have 1 child , 1. perry presley stegall (1854)AR ... my gg grandpa all help appreciated larry milton stegall (1962)AR
Steiner/McCall Genealogy
My surnames; Blei/Bleigh/Bley/Bly, Boulware, Bushmire, Creel, Giehll, Gilmer/Gilmore/Guilmer, Greer/Grier, Heckler/Hechler, Jackson, Koogler, Liebig, Marr, Marshall, McCabe, Obringer, Reger, Rowland, Seidel/Sidle, Steiner, Triebsch. My husband's surnames; Ammons, Boles, Brewton, Crosby, Deal, Herring, Hipps, McCall, Nichols, O'Quinn, Pollard, Rae/Ray/Rea, Sikes, Tomberlin, Waters, Youmans.
Genealogy charts with downloadable Gedcom file. Some pictures.
Sten-Ake Karlssons hemsida
My page generally deals with my and my wifes ancestors in Grythyttan, Hallefors, Safsnas, Ramsberg, Skinnskatteberg, Alster och Nyed parishes in Sweden. The page is i Swedish.
Sten-Ake Karlssons hemsida
Swedish family history. Mostly from Grythyttan, Hallefors, Skinnskatteberg and Ramsberg in Vastmanland province, Safsnas and Bjursas in Dalarna province, Alster and Nyed in Varmland province.
Stephan Dorn
Ahnen Dorn Kappel Ketterl Nolde Uffing Landes Diermeier Genealogie Wolf Schlesien Steuer Stammbaum
Stephen Smith 1778-1843 (R.I.)
Descendants of Stephen Smith (1778-1843)Westerly,RI.
STEPHENSON Family Homepage
Family trees of Lorna and John Stephenson in the United Kingdom. Surnames include: Baker, Battersby, Ball, Boaden, Booth, Bradbury, Clarkson, Crofts, Dennett, Earnshaw,Ellis, Fazackerley, Gaunt, Graham, Gregory, Hall, Hill, Hirst, Hoult, Howard, Hoyle, Leighton, Martin, Naylor, Pollock, Ratcliffe, Rayner, Rippon, Shaw, Smith, Starbuck, Steenson, Stephenson, Thomson, Webster, Whyld, Woodford.
Steve's Genealogy Stuff
The Pierce Family of Sharps Chapel, Tennessee
Stevens Family
Stevens Family from Pennsylvania to Iowa to Nebraska.
Stevens or Stephens Genealogy
1. STEPHENS (23) 2. STEVENS (12) 3. BRIGGS (6) 4. PARSHALL (4) 5. TERRY (4) 6. RATHBONE (3) 7. WIGHTMAN (3) 8. KNAPP (2) 9. EGELSTON (2) 10. ZITTING (2) 11. BABBITT (2) 12. TAYLOR (2) 13. DIMOND (2) 14. CLARK (2) 15. WHIGHTMAN (2) 16. PACK (2) 17. GALLUP (1) 18. HOLMES (1) 19. CODDING (1) 20. FELLOWS (1)
Stevens Shurtleff Genealogy
Shurtleff and Stevens family genealogy starting on California, growing generation by generation
STIVER Family Home Page
Researching the STIVER and related families
STONE QUARRY...The Descendants of James Stone of Texas
Records of James STONE and his descendants, who migrated from Tennessee, to Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas in 1843. Photos, wills, CW records, lineages, and MUCH MORE!
Stoneback Website
Family Tree of the surnames: Stoneback, Hummer, Tracy, McArthur, Smith, Shades, Monk and others
Stowers Genealogy
Stower-Stowers Genealogical Histories, Pedigrees, Stories, Crests and other Stowers Links.
Street family of Loughton, Essex
The Website is a study of the Street family and other families linked by marriage from Loughton, Essex in England from 1789 to present.
Streiff and Woodcock Family Trees
Streiff family history, from Abt. 1550 to present day.
Stroud Family
Stroud family from Mecklenburg Co., Virginia to Iredell Co., North Carolina to Wilson Co., Tennessee to Missouri to Colorado
Stubbs family of south Derbyshire, north staffordshire
History of the Stubbs family of Church Broughton, Hilton, Barton under Needwood, Hartshorne, Winshill, Royston and Sheffield. Descendents of William Stubbs 1799-1848 and his possible ancestry.
Sugg-Thurman Family Tree
My fathers Family History
Sullivan Burgess Family Tree
Welcome to my Home Page. This page holds my family tree, which will be updated frequently. If you see someone you know, let me know. If you have information on someone, please share it with me.
Sullivan Family
Sullivans that settled in Jefferson & Blount County Alabama
Sullivans of Saratoga Springs, NY
The Sullivan's who emigrated from Cork, Ireland to Saratoga Springs, NY in the mid 1800's married the Harrington's, Sweeney's, Moran's, and Shea's. Their history is the story of the American dream. Their children prospered and became successful personally and otherwise.
Sundberg Family History
Sundberg Family of Aitkin, Co, MN. Trails back to when they first came to MN.
Surname Index
Surname Library
Click on the Surname Library link and see families such as: AKIN,BOYNTON,DRAKE,WEEKS,WILKINSON,WISER/WEISER and others. This is also the home of the Pomona Valley Genealogical Society in CA.
Surnames Index Page
Researching Aldridge, Biskey, Harris, Hensley, Heyn, Hill, Holden, Hovie, Jacobs, Johnson, Marier, Parks, Runge, Shepherd, Weller, White, Wilson, Yeager
Susanna + Peter Pauling
genealogy families Pauling Meisen Juris Pasche Paasche Thie Wenin Singer a. o.
Sussex Ancestors
Ancestors in the UK counties of Surrey, Sussex, Essex and Hampshire. AYLING, BARTRUP, BUNN, CHRISMAS, COX, EEDE, ELLIS, FITT, KNIGHT, LANGRIDGE, SMITH, WEST, WICKS
Svein Age's slekt Norway
Ancestry/Genealogy, Genealogist, Forum and Records
Syphax Everything you want to know about the SYPHAX family. Photos, Gravesites, Video,
Taber Family Tree
The Taber family tree, including ancestors TETZLOFF, HOECKELBERG, KRIETER, & WISEMAN.
Tad's Genealogy Web Site: Homepage
Talbot, Horne, Myers and others in our Family
Talbot, Horne, Myers and others in our Family
Ten generations of Talleys beginning with Nathan Talley 9b: abt 1733 VA) m: Nancy Ann Thurmond. Their son, John talley (b: abt 1786 SC) married Mary Moseley. Their son, George Washington Talley (b: 1825 AL, d: 1876 TX) m: Lucinda Jones. Their daughter, Elizabeth ann "Betty" Talley (b: 1855, d: 1943 TX) married George Henry O'Neill. Their son, Gage Washington O'Neill (b:1877, d: 1926 TX) m: Iona Emma Phipps. Their daughter, Bernice Elizabeth O'Neill (b: 1909 TX) married Matthew Bolen Clendennen. Their daughter, Norma Jean Clendennen (b: 1927 TX) married Orea A. Ehlers, Jr. Their daughter, Orene Elizabeth Ehlers (b: 1945 TX) married Mark Douglas Custer.
Tammy's McClendon's
My site is for genealogy purposes. I have been researching my family for a few years now and I would like to share my information and photo's with others.
shows research work carried out on family connected names and offers help with research and specially dating old photographs
Tanmoy's Genealogy
Genealogy of a Hindu Brahmin family from Bangladesh
Tarje Grover Family Tree
Known ancestors and descendants of Norwegian immigrants Tarje A. Grover (1831-1895) and Geline Kassenborg (1834-1908) who settled in Clay County, Minnesota.
Tarver Family Research
This website has searchable gedcom,gen forum,guest book,and not loaded with graphics.The surnames included are:Tarver,Baily,Boyce,Burnham,Cockerham,Kelly,Lee,Lilly,Miller,Walters,Welch,and more.
Tasse genealogy
Tassé web site mainly deals with the Tassé tree. It includes an organizational-type chart for easy viewing.
Tassinari Genealogy Project
Listing all Tassinari genealogy information.
Tatlock/Tadlock/Tedlock Family
This a research of the Tatlocke family to the Tedlock family.
Tatlocke Family
It is a descendency of the Tatlockes, Tadlocks and Tedlocks
Taylor Family History
Descendants of Benjamin Taylor of Amherst, NH with ties to Manning, Case, Phelps and Porter families
Te Whakapapa o Ray Te Paiho
The Genealogy of Ray Te Paiho
Ted Neff's Family Tree
The NEFF + CARNEY connection. Over 4000 names. Primary Steuben County, NY and Wetzel County, WV.
Tellup Family Web, Tellup Genealogy
Tellup, Collins, Johnson Family genealogy
Templeton Family
Family trees and selected biographical & historical accounts for members of the Templeton, Streator, Niece, Thorne, Moore, Robins, Butterworth and Rakestraw families.
We are researching & documenting the Templin Family Lineage for others to see and enjoy. This is our way of preserving our heritage.
Tempus Fugit
Information about the Sabin, Clary, Knapp, Beard, Snelson, and Irland families; and others. Virtual Cemetary, Forum, Lessons Learned, and Family Migration Maps.
TENNANT - The Foley Tennant Branch of My Family Tree

Tennessee Genealogy Home Page
Genealogy page dealing with several Tennessee families. Includes links to free genealogy websites, free charts, free look-ups, census, photos, and family trees.
Family of Justinian TENNISON and wife Katherine GRESHAM of Northumberland Co., VA (Virginia) and Charles Co., MD (Maryland).
Terri Phelan's Genealogical Database
Online genealogy includes mainly families from Nord Trondelag (Stjordal, Skatval, Hegra, Waernes, Laanke, Frosta, Skogn), Ostfold, and Sogn og Fjordane (Stryn), Norway; Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France, Ireland, and Achren, Baden, Germany.
Terriot Acadian Family
The portal website for all descendants of Jehan Terriot and Perrine Rau, members of the Terriot/Theriot/Theriault family.
Terry and Nancy's Web Site
A family web site with news, photos, calendar, family history (genealogical and biographical), and links to other family web sites.
Terry Mason's Family History Site
Major lines: Allen, Beck, Borden, Buck, Burden, Carpenter, Cobb, Cook, Cornell, Cowan, Daffron, Davis, Downing, Faubion, Fauntleroy, Fenter, Fishback, Foulks, Gray, Heimbach, Henn, Holland, Holtzclaw, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, King, Lewis, Mason, Massengill, McAnnally, Moore, Morgan, Overstreet, Price, Peck, Rice, Richardson, Rogers, Samuel, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Wade, Warren, Weeks, Webb, Wodell, Yeiser.
Tester Family Genealogy
This web site contains information on the following families: Tester, Harmon, Vandeventer and Massengil. Please contact me with questions, corrections. I plan to post photo at this site of my relatives.
Texas Bob's Genealogy Page
The page contains Pedigree/Descendant Charts, pictures, and records. The surnames include; McSpadden; Witcher; Ready; Prew; Hooper
Texas Families
Texas Russell Family Photos and History Homepage
Descendants of John Russell d. 1785 of NC, Texas Russell Connections from sons James/Levi/Alexander/Barnabas Russell. Includes documentations, groups sheets, photos, Bible records, genealogy.
That's My Blood Yawl/Genealogy
A loaded site for your genealogy research with almost 4000 people listed and connected. Includes reference material.
The "Bowles" Family of Maryland
Tracing of the "Bowles" families of St. Mary's County, Maryland
The (Van) Landschoot Homepage
On this homepage you can find a lot of information concerning (Van) Landschoot families, who immigrated to the US. I also have allmost all the descendants by now.I have from each family the ancestors all the way back till the 16th century.In Belgium.
The Albertson, Geary, Johnson, Noe Stillwell Family
The Albertson, Geary, Johnson, Noe Stillwell Family for Larue, Co. Ky
The Alex Daw Family Home Page
the allen family in ct.
allens in conn.
The Alsobrooks Family - East Caney - Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County, Texas
The information contained in TheAlsobrooks.Org is to be used as a point of origin. A family’s heritage constitutes names, dates, and places of family members.
The Alvis Family of Greenbrier County, Virginia
A site devoted to researching the Alvis family which resided in Greenbrier County, Virginia/West Virginia beginning in 1840, and tracing its roots beyond.
The Anastasi Family History & Genealogy
This web site presents the history and genealogy of the Anastasi family. The objective is to create a central portal for all genealogical information related to the Anastasi family worldwide. Surnames include Anastasi, D'Anastasio, D'Anastasi and Anastasio. The site presents information regarding the family's origin, surname's origin, coat of arms, genealogy, and interesting historical facts and events. The site also offers collarorative facilities in order to encourage communication and sharing of information between all those interested in the Anastasi family. In addition, the site provides services to family members in the form of on-line memorials and personalised family tree reports.
The Ancestors of Brian Clark
The Ancestors of Christopher (Waller) Cramer and Karen Sue Whitmer
The Ancestors of Erven Thake Thoma
Five generations of ancestors of Erven Thake Thoma with their spouses, children, and siblings. Surnames Thoma, Thake, Vossler, Winge, Hecker, Matt, Ostheimer, Isele, Jaeger, Teichgraber, Huber, Breynck, Amelung, etc.
The Ancestors of Karen Denise Chappell
The page traces the ancestry of the Fildes family. It follows the HOFFEE, HUBBELL, FITCH, SHERWOOD, WHEELER family and many others. The location starts at Orlando, FL and goes back to Tennessee, Wayne Co., IL, Fairfield Co., CT, and Essex Co., England
The Ancestral File of Allen Donald Tallman
Listing of all related families to Peter Tallman 1623-1708 and his three wifes, Ann Hill; Joan Briggs and Esther.
The Ancestral Home Page of David L. Paal
John Brown Descendancy from Lancaster County, PA to Champaign County, OH. Thomas Rush Descendancy from Albemarle County, VA to Kentucky to Ohio to Indiana. Benjamin Rush Ancestry & Descendancy: DOI Signer from Philadelphia. My own ancestry spanning 13 generations. 60 photos posted, numerous links, etc. First class site.
The Anderson Family Home Page
Anderson, Andersen, Beckett, Rondeau, McPherson and McLeod genealogical information some dating back into the 1500s as well as a family photo album and family links
The Anderson Tribe
This is our family website. Meet our immediate family or follow the link to all of our family history information. Please make sure to sign the guestbook!
The Atherton's
This site incorporates my findings over the past 4 years of my family. The area's covered are 1700-1880's inCheshire, Derbyshire 1880's - 1912 (ish!)and latterly Lancashire. Comments would be appreciated! Derek
The Avery and Goodwin Pages
Over time, these web pages will become a virtual repository for our mother’s (Barbara Mary GOODWIN Avery) genealogy research, which was her passion for more than 30 years. We will include photos, and transcribed family letters and diaries dating back to the 1830’s, and family stories derived from those sources and elsewhere. These pages also will include research by other family members which we will acknowledge with gratitude.
The Ballinlea McGills Home Page
A family Home Page about the Ballimlea McGills with our Family Tree which we hope to expand
The Barnfather Genealogies
Barnfather Family Trees from around the world.
Behl genealogy website, from Krombach, Bavaria to Philadelphia, PA 1797-present
The Behne Family Genealogy Project
This site is for group participation, request an account to add/edit information. Researching these & related families: Behne, Bachmann, Damm, Frazier, Gasse, Hagerman, Hall, Harper, Householder, Kernan, Manser, Morris, Snider & Snyder
The Story of Dilbandu an East Indian immigrant from Bengal, India. My Great Great Grand Father
The Benjamin V. Ricciardi Famiglia Homepage
Home Page of Famiglia RICCIARDI/GIORDANO/FILINGERI/POLIZZI/NICOLOSI/LaMILIA. Family originated from the Provinces of Avellino & Palermo Italy, and the villages of: Guardia Lombardi (AV)& San Cipirello (PA)& San Giuseppe (PA) Sicily.
The Berg Family
The Berg Family from Valdres in Norway. Also the Bjørnerud (Bjornirud) from Søndre Land, Norway and Haug family from Lørenskog/Skedsmo and Fuglerud from Søndre Land
The Berrong Family
Berrong Family Tree & Family Photos. Descendants of Henry Berrong of Towns County, Hiawassee, Georgia .
The Beswetherick Family Tree
The Beswetherick Family Tree is a site dedicated to the CORNISH family of Beswetherick
The Bhalla Clan of Sri Hargobindpur, Dist. Gurdaspur, Punjab, India
The BIggs family index
A web site detailing my Biggs family history back to Cublington Bucks in early 1700's
The Blanchard Family Genealogical Site
Genealogy of Blanchard, Vance, Evans, Lancaster, Beatty, Rowley, Whaley, Flack, Halderman, and Fuller families.
The Boddington-Ingram Family Tree
The Family Tree and charts of the BODDINGTONS of Northamptonshire and the INGRAMS of Essex.
The Boddington-Ingram Family Tree
The genealogy of the Boddingtons of eastern Northants, the Ingrams of south east Essex and their related families; with reference to their lives, times and family connections in British colonial India.
The BOURNE Family Tree
The BOURNE Family Tree principally in Boyle, Lincoln and Garrard Counties in KY. Other names in site are: WARE, DUNCAN and HERRING.
My website has a page for ancestors plus some photos
The Branches, Limbs, and Twigs of My Families
The most common of my lines are: Abbott/Abbett, Armstrong, Howard, Layton, Weathers. Other surnames include: Swope, Townley, Shockley, Berry, Morris, Davis, Brasher, Glass, and many many more.
The Bremner Family Tree
The following is an outine of the family starting with the oldest relative found to date.For a more indepth history on the family please go to Family Archives.
The Brighthelmstone Link
The new site of the Ridpath/Redpath family
The Bristol Family Association
A site for families named Bristol, not places named Bristol
The Brobst/Probst Family
The history and genealogy of the Probst/Brobst family, from Switzerland in the 1500s, Germany and France in the 1600s, Penna in the 1700s, and Penna and Ohio in the 1800s. Over 24,000 names and relationships, stories, reunions, newsletters, photos.
The Brossman Family Web Site
This site traces the Brossman/Bressman Family line in America beginning with Nicolas Brossman in Germany to the present. Over 1500 individuals with over 500 that carry the name Brossman or Bressman.
This is the site I have worked on for over 5 yrs now, I also put in on my mothers side her father , Howard H. Sutton.
The Brown - Baker Family Genealogical Website
Brown Family Genealogy Website documenting the history and lineage of the Brown, Houston, Brittain & Baker families. This site includes large amount of notes, photographs, GEDCOMS, and commentary.
The Brown Family, Bucks & Northants England
The Brown family from present day back to 1644 in Hellidon Northants. 284 people, 86 families, 76 surnames.
The Browns of PA and KS
Dedicated to the Rudolf BROWN Family who immgrated from Germany to PA; and his descendants who removed to Kansas. A compendium of resources and data; a compilation of several Brown researchers.
The Bunnell Family of Urbana, Ohio
Genealogy information for the Bunnell family of Urbana, Champaign county, Ohio. The Bunnell family Stone cutters and monument makers.
The Burton Family Tree - Descendents of Thomas Burton - Staffordshire (UK)
Descendants of Thomas Burton born about 1650 in the Parish of Croxden, Staffordshire, England
The Buyse & Buyze Familys
The Buyse & Buyze Familys - from the 15th century on. De families Buyse & Buyze - vanaf de 15de eeuw.
The Canova Family Tree
The family tree within these pages spans over 15 generations and is as wide as the world with relatives everywhere. If you are a Canova living in the USA, there is a good chance you and your immediate family can be found here.
The Carson Howe Jr. Family
History of the Carson Howe Jr. Family to the 1700s.
The Cary Family of Red River County Texas
This site provides the reader with a family tree that lists all known ancestors and descendants of Elisha Barnes, Will Pemberton, Benjamin Higgs, Martha Robbinett, Isaaic Cary and of course many members from my wife's family, The BURGS and their ancestors.
The Cashmans of Cork and Florence, Massachusetts
This site is dedicated to Cornelius Cashman and Bridget McGrath, who arrived in the US in 1882. Clark, Cleary, Clifford, Halloran, Foran, Miller
This is the Charles and Charlotte(Rose) family and descendants, listing all the related families.
The Charles O'Shea Sharkey, Jr. Family Home Page
Sharkey, Carroll and Kelly from Dundalk Ireland, O'Shea from Kenmare Tuosist Ireland, Michaelsen from Kutenholz Germany, Mertlich from Irlich Germany, Viebrock from Kutenholz, Holsten from Byhusen Germany
The Charles R. Collins Family Home Page
The Charles R. Collins Family Home Page
The Charles Whitlock Rockett and Allied Families Homepage
This site contains the genealogical reports of Rocketts,Whitlocks and Mowry's.It also furnishes numerous surnames the author has researched over the past 20 years.These names are predominently from NY,CT,NJ,PA,RI&MA.
The Chastain Family of California
History and Genealogy of the Chastain Family of California . . .
A brief history of my CHRISTIAN FAMILY. The originated from Charlottesville, Virginia. My great grandparents settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
The Cinnamon Family Tree
The Cinnamond Family known for its long limbs and abundance of nuts and a very proud Rootsweb sponsor!
The Clans of Couture, Kaiponen & Moilanen Home Page
This is a family tree page of -- The Clans of Couture, Kaiponen & Moilanen (French and Finnish families)
The Clayson Family Tree
The Clayson Family Tree. Visit the Claysons of Elham and Deal, Kent. Names include Arnold, Burvill, Clayson and Roussell. Additional Trees include the Waugh and Bell families of Dumfrieshire.
The coleman Family Website
The David Alfred Coleman Family Website
The Coskey Family Home Site
Descendants of Leopold Ferdinand Coskey, Francis (nee Kennedy) Cosky-Winters (1st wife) and Ethel Kate (nee Lovelock) Cosky. Surnames include, Cosky, Coskey, Ryan, Winters, Johnson, Cavallaro, Libertella, Davis, Lewitt, England, Howell, Slattery, Bove', Kemner, Berger, Mathews, Massi, Bello, Clifford, Fitzgerald, Perone, Velvardi, and many more.
The Cottle Chronicles
My family connections
The Cousins Family Tree Project
If you are researching the "COUSINS" family this site is a must
The Cressel Family Ancesty WebSIte
Family site for the Cressel, Cressell family. Showing our ancestry.
The Curry - Kronillis Family Cluster
This site is a compilation of my family (Curry) and my wifes family (Kronillis). Do not hesitate to contact me if you have some possible links for us or if you would like more details on individuals we have listed.
The CUST Families of Australia
The Czekay Research Home Page
Doing genealogical research on my grandparents: Joseph Czekaj, born 1860, Krakow, Poland. Emigrated to Mt. Pleasant, PA 1888. Frank Adamek, Born 1865, Liegnitz, Germany. Emigrated 1890 to Rib Lake, WI.
The Danish Larsen and Fløjborg families and their links to other countries.
The site deals with two families, The Larsen's and the Fløjborg's and their descendants. The Larsen family is Danish as far back as it can be traced. The Fløjborg family is Danish from 1699 forward, but descended from a Swedish Officer named Flyborg, who stayed in Denmark following the the peace treaty between Sweden and Denmark in 1660.
The David Harrison & Flora Caroline (Urban) Davis Family Page
12 + Generations of the descendants of David Davis & Caroline Davis
The David Webner Family
Following the Webner family from c. 1800 Cumberland Co., Pa. to Wayne Co., Ohio.
The Debra Harper-Westfall Family Tree Page
This site has the surnames: Randall, Harper, Ralls, Ragsdale, Davis, Morrison, Miller and many others some back to the 1400's.
The Dent Family by Rick Dent
This is about the West Virginia Dent family that came from Maryland
The Denzel Billy Joe Brewer Family Home Page
My Web Site consists of many years of research by myself and others and wish to exchange information with qnyone of the same lines.
The Descendants of John Goosic
Some descendants of JOHN GOOSIC born 1761 in Pennsylvania including biographical notes.
The descendants of Robert Bailey and Asenath Willson of Tioga County, Penn.
A compilation of internet descenancy lists for the children of Robert Bailey, Revolutionary War veteran from CT, and Asenath Willson (Powers?) of Tioga County, Pennsylvania.
The Descendants of William McLeaird and Elvey Rushing
The descendants of William McLeaird and Elvey Rushing are listed along with some history on various individuals. The known descendants since the 1700's through 2002 are recorded.
The Dix Family Tree
this is a collection of my family descendants from the youngest known to the oldest. If anyone has any additions please allow me the courtesy of reviewing them. Thanks
The Dolan Family Tree
Dolan genealogy, old photos.
The Don Suttles' Family Home Page
This is a family site with phtos and many charts of ancestors and decendants, of JoAnn McMullen Suttles and Donald Suttles.
The Donahues of Connecticut, Oklahoma and California
Family Tree Maker based site of the descendant of Michael and Mary (Shea) Donahue.
The Descendants of PATRICK DORGAN and MARY HARTNETT, including their siblings and all children from the early 1800s to 1897 in East County Cork, Ireland and from 1897 to the present in various parts of the USA, especially Rhode Island.
THE DORGAN Family Website: From East Cork to Rhode Island and Beyond
The descendants of PATRICK DARGAN (DORGAN) and ANN FLYNN of the townlands of East Cork, Ireland with an emphasis on the descendants of their last born son, PATRICK J. DORGAN of Ballybraher and Carrigkilter and his wife, MARY CATHERINE HARTNETT of Garryvoe: 1830s-Present. Townlands include: Ballycotton, Shanagarry, Churchtown South, Cloyne, Ballynamona, Ballyandreen, Ballymacoda, Kilmahon, Ladysbridge, etc.
The Dorhauer Odyssey
History of Dorhauer, Heinz, Ranger, Watson & branch families
The Dorland and Van Dorland genealogical website
A Dutch Genealogical page about the Dorland and Van Dorland family. The family book and its presentation. Contains both dutch and american genealogy. Site is in English as well as in Dutch.
The Downeys of Wallingford, CT
This site contains information on the family of the famous Irish Tenor, Morton Downey. You will also find information on Sean Morton Downey (aka Morton Downey, Jr.), the famous stage actors Lewis Morrison (aka Morris W. Morris), Adrienne Morrison (aka Mabel Adrienne Morrison), and Richard Bennett as well as the famous "Bennett Sisters" (Joan, Constance and Barbara). Also included is geneology information on the Botting Family of NY.
Researching THE HALL FAMILY of New Brunswick. This site offers photos, webring, message board and GED COM of the HALL family that settled in Nova Scotia in the 1700's later relocating to Kings County, New Brunswick.
The EARLES family page
descendants of John Washington Earles
A King is a King, not because he is rich and powerful, nor because he belongs to a particular creed or to a national group. He is a King because he is born.
The Emil S. Reinhardt Family Genealogy Pages
This site contains genealogical data about Emil S. and Wilhelmina Reinhardt of Buffalo, NY and their descendents. Also contains data regarding the Fagerli, Gadd, Wakefield, Gibson, Devigne, Cain, Kirby and Yuss surnames.
The Ernst - Lawrence Families Home Page
Lawrence, Lorenz, Lorentz, Sibley, Dunbar, Mason, Bourne, Nelson, Edwards, Stiles, Smith, Hanna(h), Buchanan, Moss, Day, Montgomery, Kilpatrick, and Root. Clark, Wade, Ferrin, Waterfield, Lavender, Cowles (Coles), Hickenlooper, McBride, Ernst, Hinton, Drown, Lee, Mueller, Baxter, Lee, Kent, Tupper, West, Cross, Green. Trolson, Barnett, Curtis, Cannon, Parks (Parker), Taylor, Anderson, Glenn, Benton, Miller, Brooks.
The Ever Growing Family of Sue Smith
gravessites of ancestrys
The EWEN's and MILLIGAN's From Scotland
In about 1902 - 1910 six EWEN siblings immigrated to Canada and the US, settling in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and North Dakota. Nearly every MILLIGAN on PEI, Canada today can trace their heritage back to John Milligan and his wife Margaret Sloan of Dumfriesshire, Scotland. These two families are featured here.
The Fairbanks and Piper People
Genealogy web-site with 4991 individuals in 1674 family groups. I am a D.A.R. member wanting to share my family with those who carry the same surnames. My desire is to connect with as many researchers as possible.
The Falzini Family Web Site
This site deals with The Falzini Ancestors Contigliano and Castelnuevo di Porto Italy upon arrival to America, up to present day. Also giving a brief synopsis of the Falzini Family.
Genealogy data on many Dane County families, including GEDCOMS for download.
The Family Garden
Surnames Graves, Clay, Farrington, Coggin, McCauley, Garrett, Simmons, Smart, Boatner, Karnes, Foster, Wooten, Hanson, Radford, Dodd, Babbitt, McDearman, Hurt, Wilson and many others.
The Family Genealogist
Compilation of family histories; Descendants of Frederick Yankle, Descendants of Jens Asmussen, Descendants of Jacob Jacobsen, Descendants of Zacharias Holler, Myun-Ho Lee
The Family History of: The Favata, Mulé, Sicurella, Cimeno, Nero, Trudgen,
Comprehensive family history
The Family of Carline Harp Doyle
The Family of Janet Graham Theberge
This site deals with the Graham/Hicks/Cloud families, and includes pictures.
The Family of Martin Sohlberg
Site contains surnames Hohe, Wangelien, Nicholas and Sohlberg. A work in progress!
The Family of Russell Riley Bacon
This is a family tree site dedicated to the Family of Russell Riley Bacon of New Jersey.
The Family of Vickie Hedgers Ringhouse
The families of Vickie Hedgers Ringhouse. Hedgers, Matthews, Fultz, Ringhouse, Smith, and more.
The Family Tree Of Bill CANNON
Ancesters and descendants of Elinor and Alan Clark
The Farley/Hass Genealogy Home Page
This web site tells about the Cooper, Farley, Jennings, Maher, McGuire, and O'Connor families who homesteaded in Union Co., SD and the Hass, Ranschau, and Wendell families who settled in Sioux Co., IA. A database is included.
The Fetherling-Gatlin Family Tree
The Gatlin line is traced back to 1524 when the name was spelled Gatland. The Fetherling line is traced back to 1800. Other names in the family tree include: Sweeney, Hollinger, Singer, Lovett, Baldy, McCool, Stewart, Campion
The Fisher Family Of Barren Co.,Kentucky
Fisher family and allied families. Bush, Barbour, Dunaway, Moss, Francis, McGinnis. Bios, documents, searchable database.
The Fishers
The site covers the genealogy of the Fishers from Pennsylvania to Fishertown, Oklahoma.
The Fogle's "Eagles Nest" of Links
Links to our genealogy pages. You can download our gedcom file. Surnames are: FOGLE, DUNBAR, RICHARDS, VOLMER, VURM, RUBIN, WEBER, MILLER.
The Foster's of Benton, Henry & St. Clair Counties in Missouri
All Foster's in this area pre-1950 will be researched
The Fourteen Sheets
The ‘Fourteen Sheets’ (also known as the Bankes Pedigree) is a large family tree that was published in 1924-5 in an edition of over 350 copies. The sheets also feature over 340 surnames, four portraits and 17 coats-of-arms. The earliest date mentioned is 1260 and the latest, 1924.
The Fox Den
My site contains both my our and my husbands ancestors and our decendants
The Fox's Den
Descendants of Christophel Fuchs as well as Shewmake and Alcorn Surnames.
The Fraser, Baillie, Dore families of Ontario, Canada
I have entered three major and many minor family trees from my ancestry to my great grandparents and beyond. Family names include Fraser, McMonagle, Christie, Baillie, Dore, Porter, and Barron.
The Gale Family
Families Gale, Gary, Heupel, Burrell, Brayton
The Gandel and Ermanski Families
This is a depiction of the Gandel - Ermanski families and their descendants from the time they came to America from Eastern Europe at the turn of the century to the present.
the garcia family
site for family members to be connected and a site to collect historical info. about our family tree.
The Gardner/Garner Family Tree
The Gardner Family of Cleveland County NC aka the KINGDOM OF MUTTS, established to defend, protect and categorize those ancestors who had neither the decency or foresight to document their time on earth and/or their royal connections but for whom we nonetheless hold a boundless and unconditional affection.
The Gary Rowe Thomas Family Home Page
My site traces my ancestors, surnames include Frande, Friend, Thomas, Ellisor/Eleazer, Park, Fowler, Simpson, McDonald, Jones, Kellett; and Ireland, England, SC,PA,DE,NY,CONN,TX,AL.
The Gay Family Web Site
This Web site is a Dedicated to Verlin Thomas Gay. A Man that took pride in his Family
The Gelwicks - Kershner Family Page
My family page, starting with my Gelwicks and Kershner ancestors, and branching out wildly to include over 25K names in my database. Includes link to downloadable gedcom.
The Genealogists
Site containing information about the Bobbitt, Bruce, Brown, Byers, Milliff, Zuber, Keusch, Land, Crabtree, Eakins families. Pictures, Biographies, Descendancy Charts, Pedigree Charts, Links, Updated Information.
The Genealogists Research Quarters
A site documenting research for the families of Bobbitt, Bruce, Byers, Milliff, Zuber, Eakins, Land, Crabtree, Brown, Gobel, and many others. We also have some of the most up to date information.
The Genealogy of Bobby Earl Wilkerson
We are researching the following: Wilkerson, Duke, Salie, Neal, Parks, Williams, Long and many more
The Genealogy of Patrick Hannaford
I want to use this site to share my family information & help others who are doing research, by allowing family members to share their heritage in the form of photographs, stories, and historical documents. Anyone interested in genealogy must start with his or her own beginnings and then work backwards. This Website belongs to Patrick Hannaford and descendants of the families included. I am posting the information that I have compiled with the hope that it will be of help to other researchers.
The Genealogy of the Seiple Family in America
A site for people interested in the Seiple surname and related spellings: Sabel, Sapels, Sappel, Saybel, Scipel, Sciple, Sabel, Seibel, Seible, Seipel, Seiple, Sepple, Seybel, Seypell, Sibel, Sible, Siple, and Sippel
The Genealogy of Trumer Daniel Buckelew
The Genealogy of Trumer Daniel Buckelew, born in Pike County, GA and includes his descendants
The Genealogy Web Site of Ed Bradford
This site contains books about the ancestors of Ed Bradford. The books cover the Bradford, Kelley, Dean, Homewood and Press families along with the collateral ancestors. Also posted on this web site are outlines and links to families of other reserchers who are reserching families with surnames like mine.
The George Family of Tregare
The george family and its conection to Tregare Monmouthshire
The Gettle Family
Gettle, Taylor, Lee, Johnson, Hightower, Fairchild, Meddles, Reedy, Ramsey and associated families.
The Glass Family Tree
I am looking for cousins or any information that will finish our tree until now.
The Godfrey & Patterson Family Genealogy Site
My ancestors in Kansas. Mid 1800's to present. Photo's and documents included.
The GOGGANS Family Tree
The GOGGANS family from England and Ireland into South Carolina and KY.
The Goins Family Web Site
Family history of Goins, Anderson, Walters, Baca, Wyatt, Miller, Jones, Gaines, Ball, and other surnames.
The Gooch Family w/ Todd
Researching the name Gooch and its several spellings. Member only site. Inquire to join. Cecil Daniels, Gooch desc and researcher.
The Goody Family Tree
This is a one name study, although it does show names linking to it ranging from Halstead, Essex to London which includes many boroughs within London.
The Grammes Home Page
Genealogy of the Grammes and related families in Lehigh and nearby counties in Pennsylvania, including history and records.
The Great Gideon Family Website
The Gideon, Duda, Micko and related family trees from Peter Gideon (1752-1844) are included, plus other old time photos and historical elements of the Gideon descendants of Peter Miller Gideon and the line of "Peter" including Ansel Peter, Lester Peter, Lester Peter,Jr., Jerome Peter, and Peter Daniel
The Greenwood Family
A brief description of the Greenwood family from the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire
The Griffiths Family of North Shropshire
Griffiths/Hughes/Tudor Families in N.Shropshire. Many maps, wills, church,census & tax records,local history and the influence of national events e.g. methodism,enclosures,emigration etc
The Hall Family
Hall, White, Rankin, Grimes, Warren, etc families
The Hamilton Family of Salt Spring Island
The ancestors of the Hamilton family, who immegrated from Ireland to BC Canada in 1891.
The Hannon Family
The Hannnon's of Georgia, Maryland, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Maryland and Virginia.
The Hersman Family
Genealogical history of Susan Hersman Coughlin family, Ohio
The Hill Family
Searchable family tree site for UK Hill family based on personal research. Last updated May 2008.
The Hills Home Page
The family history of the HILLS, AGG, CATTLEY and FREMLIN-KEY families in London, Gloucester, Kent, Yorkshire and Russia.
The Hilton Family
Our Hilton Family originated in England with a migration to the USA in 1686. Several branches of the family migrated to different parts of the USA including the following states, New York, Virginia, Ohio, and Nebraska.
The Hilton Family
Descendants of William Hilton who was the Senior Sergeant at La Martiniere, Lucknow, India, circa 1840's-1870 and his wife Jane.
The Himmelright Family
The Himmelright families of MN, NE, PA, Il, and IN and OH.
The Hischke Family from Pomerania
The Hischke Family comes from Muttrin in Pomerania, later settled in Kublitz near Stolp. Site gives information to family researchers.
The History of the Biggs, Shingleton, Pownall, and Broyles Families and oth
The History of the Biggs, Shingleton, Pownall, and Broyles Families and other West Virginia and Virginia Genealogies
The Home Page of David L. Moody
Descendants of Edmund Moody, Gent., ca 1495, Suffolk, England
The Home Page of the James Davis and Sarah Thatcher family
Following are the main family lines with hundreds of collateral lines. Main family names include: Allen, Armstrong, Austin, Bennett, Bowen, Bowers, Busby, Childress, Clowers, Cox, Cummings, Davis, Dingman, Ford, Franz, Hallman, Harlan, Heller, Hogan, Holston, Leffler, Like, Liming, Miller, More/Moore, Morgan, Muxlow, Neith, Patton, Protevenska, Ritter, Robinson, Scott, Sears, Smith, Stafford, Stejskal, Thatcher, Thompson, Trump, Vodraska, Wesco, Wetzel, Wolf, Zumwalt
The Homepage of Bob Turcott
This site when it is completed will show The Genealogy of Turcotte/Turcott, Lagace/Lagasse, Pelletier,Dube, Berube, Cyr, Soucy, Brillant,Plourde and many other families.
The Hoover Garrison Homepage
The Hoover/Garrison Homepage contains pedigree charts, descendants lists and photos of ancestors and living family. Researching Hoover, Grimes, Garrison, Kalk, Klessig, Fenn, Grimes, Loveland, Metcalf, Lothrop, Wilson, Fuller, Shaw, Cady, many more.
The Howard Ulph Smith Genealogy Pages
In the Howard Ulph Smith Web Site, the major Names are: Howard Ulph Smith Bishop Chesterman Stanger Armitage Booth Collard Denne Forbes Keep Brown Hardy Haber/Havers McColl Mitchell Nicolls Owens Pascoe Robinson Thane Woodroffe Whittem and, of course many more.
The Hugh Henry Brown Family
My homepage of the Hugh Henry Brown family from Ontario, Canada - Nassau County, Florida.
The story of ALEXANDER MCMILLAN who fought in the wars in New Zealand
The Jacobsen´s
Genealogical research, Denmark: Jacobsen (Randers amt) Severinsen (Hjorring amt), Frederiksen (Roskilde amt), Jochumsen (Holbaek amt), Jørgensen (Svendborg amt)
The James H Weaver Family of Houston TX
Research of the four main family branches of WEAVER, HOWARD, JAMES and LONG. Primary locations for these families. TX, ALA, VA, MS, VA, NY, MA and UK
The James Lightfoot Fleming Descendents Family Tree
Family tree researching the names Fleming, Huff, Howland, Howison, Lobb, Gordon, Bottom
The John Wheeler family
This site traces John Wheeler decendants from 1764 in maryland to every where today
The John Wheeler family
Searchable data base of decendants of John Wheeler And Susannah Tevis
The Johns Family Tree
Johns, Mugglin, Edwards, Sargent, Fellows, DeWolf, Truscott, Bush, Culey, Dunham, Eldridge, Grimes, Godemann, Goodman, Hefti, Jahn, Leonard, Maxfield, Moss, Pingel, Ruwolt, Stockwell, Stebbins, Seeman, Warner, Watson, and more. 408 individuals in 164 families.
The Johnsons: From New York to Nebraska and Beyond
This site contains family history information for the family lines: JOHNSON, VAN NESS, LANSING, WALKER, UPHAM, GRAY, and others. These lines originate in Connecticut, move to New York state, and on to Nebraska and beyond.
The Jounries of Eight Families
The Keele Family
Trace the Keele families and other families as they sailed from England and other countries and made they way throughtout America.
The Kelly/Kelley Family of Wentworth County, Ontario
Descendants of brother's Jonathan Philip Kelley b.1770 and John Peter Kelly b. 1774 who settled in Wentworth County, Ontario and also some of their Uncle John Bessy Kelley who brought them to Canada from New Jersey in 1788
The Kennett Family Tree
The Kennett's of Kent
The Kerby/Kirby and Whitton Clan
This is a family genealogy website that details the decendants of the Kirby/Kerby family and marriage related families.
The Kessingers of Rome, New York
Site is biographical for Peter Kessinger and genealogical for the Kessingers and McAdams residing in Rome, New York during the 1930s and before.
The Kielty Clan Association Official Website
The Kielty Clan Website looks at the Kielty surname and the American Experience of the Patrick Kielty Family from County Mayo Ireland to Allamakee County Iowa, USA
The Kotvis Family Tree
There is a website "The Kotvis family tree" under construction consisting the arising of the name,ancestors and coat of arms in the Netherlands and U.S.A. made by David Kotvis Major R.N.A. retired
The Kraft Family
This site has a picture of Lewis Kraft with his sons and his Grandchild Donald Kraft.
The Kremer Tree
The family genealogy tree, with names that include: Kremer, Kaplan, Hemed, Fanburg, Urofsky, Kaufman, Soll,...
The Lamberto & Sofia Connection
The Lamberto And Sofia Ancestry
The Lamberto-Sofia Connection
Heirs and Extended Families of Lamberto Hontiveros Tirol & Sofia Ner Gonzales vda. de Tirol
The Langston/Conerly Family Home Page
The Langston/Conerly/Massey/Courtney Families of Southern Mississippi.
The Lawrence-Sinclair genealogy pages
Family history information for David M. Lawrence and Alison M. Sinclair can be found here. David's European ancestors originally came to Colonial New England and Colonial Virginia, mostly before 1700. His Chinese ancestors came from Taishan, Guandong Province, China, probably in the 1880s or so. Alison's ancestors came to the United Sta
The Lee & Baker Family Genealogy Reference
The Levers family of Cornwall & Devon
The history of the Levers family that originated in the counties of Devon & Cornwall, England.
The Lewis ~ Philpott Clan
History of the Lewis' (dating back to 18th century Vermont) and Philpott's (dating back to 14th century England) containing 866 names. Includes resources, photos and articles.
The Lightfoot and Forkin Family Tree
I'm researching my family tree. Main names are Lightfoot, Jackson, Evans, Forkin and Paddock. I live in the USA, but was born and bred in North Wales, UK. My anscestors are from North Wales and Cheshire, England.
The Link Family of Newport, Virginia
Gasper Link wed Mary Nosler in 1787. They settle in the Plowscrew community of Newport. This website focuses on the descendants who remained in and around Newport. It contains pictures, court documents, and more.
The Linkes / Linkous Family History Homepage
Homepage for everyone of the Linkous / Linkes family to share and exchange information on the family. Has 3 generations of Henry Linkous, links to online info., reunion, other Linkous websites, free lookups on the 8,600 descendants. All information deals with the Linkous/Linkes family research. Come on in and learn & contribute to the family.
The Lloyd's of Nova Scotia
A work in progress of the Lloyd families in Nova Scotia
The Lord Familes Of The UK Genealogy Pages
Site dedicated to the Lord families of the United Kingdom
The Lumbee Indians, The Lost Colony and The Goins Family
The Lumbee Indians, the Lost Colony of Roanoke and the Goins Family. Other spelling variations include but are not limited to: Going, Goyne, Gowen, Gowing, Goen, Goans. Includes families from VA, NC, TN, AR, MO, KS, OK. Melungeon history article by Jack Goins.
The M.A. Rousseau Family Tree
This site is showing the descendancy of my first known Rousseau ancestor (Honore) from around 1600 France to my family and I in year 2003. This site also has numerous photos of our relatives and of close and very distant cousins.
The Macchia families from Canneto di Bari, Adelfia, Italy
The Macchia born in Canneto di Bari (now Adelfia) in Italy, from 1613 up to year 1900
The MacLochlainns of Inishowen: A Genealogical History
History and genealogy of the MacLochlainn / McLaughlin families of the Inishowen peninsula, Donegal, Ireland
The Mallinson Family Project
A genealogy data base for the Mallinson family that includes Family trees, Census records & church records.
The Manley - Sokol Family History & Genealogy
A Genealogy website on the Manley/Manly ~ Sokol and Allied Families. Over 700 years of history in Photos, Documents and Family Trees.
The Margaret Wasserman Genealogy Home Page
My family tree includes Wasserman, Smith, Stuart, Shuttleworth, Seethaler, Ratner, Woollett, McCumber, Branum, Edelstein, Eisenstadt, and many other lines in Austria, Lithuania, England, Canada and the US.
The Margaret Wasserman Genealogy Home Page
The Marx Family
My MARX ancestry can be traced back to 17th century Germany in a small village on the Mosel river named Treis. The area of my ancestors during the time of my great-grandfather's youth (emigrated in 1857) was made up of many 'independent' states governed and dominated by Prussia in a German Confederation. The homeland of my great-great-great-grandparents is today known as Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany.
The Matlock Family
The Matlock Family is a genealogy based website that features family pictures, family trees, and family documents of the Matlocks, Weddles, and related family lines.
The McAllasters of America
McALLASTER GENEALOGY - The Descendants of Richard & Ann (Miller)McAllaster, and other McAllaster - McAllister families
The Mead family homepage
This is a place where I am trying to get my information in one place, & hope that someone sees some names that are familiar. I hope you see some to make a match for you. steph
The Melchor Engle Family History and Genealogy From 1730 to the Present
This site is based on the Melchor Engle Family book published in 1940, But I'm looking to Add, update or correct any information.
The Metternich & Van Horn Story
Personal research of my Van Horn & Metternich roots in New Jersey, New York, German, Holland, Ireland, and England.
The Millar Family
The Millar Family history including other ancestors by the name of Wickham, Tarrant, Dowdeswell, Lane, Graham, Watkin. All english connections with a bit of welsh and dutch too!
The Mississippi Hendersons Family Tree
This is a Henderson family tree site at Tribal Pages.
The Moncrieff Family of Argenteuil County, Quebec
This website contains a history of the Moncrieff family, Ulster Scots who came from Northern Ireland in the mid 1800's and settled west of Montreal in the Chatham and Grenville Townships of Argenteuil County, Quebec. Later generations spread throughout western Canada and some to the U.S.
The Money Tree
Family Tree contains: Money, Smith, Ely, Billingsley, Faulkner, Goin, Maxson, Roller and many other names from Claiborne County, Tennessee and Lee County, Virginia.
The Moneymaker Family Tree | genealogy,civil war,family history,Virginia,surnames,Geldmacher
The Moneymaker Family Tree, Here you'll find all sorts of information pertaining to the Moneymakers and other families.
The Moore Family Website From Ramelton County Donegal
The Moyers Myers Simmons Lemley and Thomas Rootsweb Genealogy Research Home
The Murphys of Bedford
The Murphy family of Bedford Township, Frontenac County, Ontario. Descendants of Patrick Murphy born 1821, former resident of Bathurst township, Lanark County, Ontario and Ellen (Helenor) Hall born 1825 former resident of Sherbrooke township, Lanark County, Ontario
The Muscadine Vine
A genealogy website focusing on Chipman, Fuquay, Ray, Gibbs, Roseboom, Wauchope, Tappan, Ehlers, Van Ree, Koster, Kibler, Cherry and others.
The Musselman Cornfield
Musselman's & Connecting Names. Currently working on adding every known immigrant line for Musselman pre 1825 with an emphasis on Lancaster immigrants.
The NEU Family Tree
The NEU family from Germany into Brown County, Ohio. Other names in site are: HAAG, SELLERS and CAHALL.
The New England Dyer Connection
Researching all DYER surnames in New England from 17th century to present.
The Newcombe Family History
The research of The Newcombe Family, The Cove Family, The Burrows Family
The Nicholson Family of County Durham, England
Family tree of the Nicholsons of Willington, Co. Durham. Coalmining background in NE England; links to Mackie (Scotland), Craggs (Stanley and Crook), Hartley (Staindrop)
The NOE Family from the Meetjesland in Belgium
The NOE Family from the Meetjesland in Flanders, Belgium
The Noell Family History Project
Belgium, Holland, Essex & Bedford Co. Virginia Nowe Passchier, ~1560 & Stijntje Jaspers Halewign, Vlaanderen, Belgium m. 1582/83 Leiden, Netherlands to Thomas Edward Noell 1839 & Mildred Martha Turpin 1849 m. 22-Oct-1867 Bedford Co. VA Surnames: Peyton, Clayton, Turpin, Lowry, Nolan, Ryan, Beverly, Clere, De Clare, Gernon, Whiting
The Page / Pedigo Family Tree
A Small Collection of Page / Pedigo from Kentucky and Indiana.
The Patchwork of Our Family
Descendant charts for Ambrose Dudley(1760-1844) and Thomas Carr Waller(c1799-1872).
The Paul Beyer Family Home Page
Two Ahnentafel Genealogy Reports, "Ancestors of Paul E. Beyer" and "Ancestors of Patricia J.A. Young." A single name index is provided for both reports.
The Paul Cote Family Page
This site has information on the Cote family of New France and the Deir, Curtin, Gavin, Leeder, McDonald, McGuire and Doyle families and their marriage network, who settled, originally in Leeds Cty., Ontario, Canada, in the 1830's and 1840's and spread throughout North America.
The Peck Family
A work in progress
The Pennington Family Journal
A Genealogy of the Pennington Family with the decendants of Richard Pennington b. circa 1740, and Hannah Boone.
The Peter Graf Family
Descendents of the Peter Graf family from Bavaria Germany to Indiana and Illinois. Descendents lists, Pictures of the Peter (jr) Graff family and some obituaries.
The Peter Worden I Genealogy Web Site
Information about all the descendants and ancestors of Peter Worden I who died c1639 MA. Includes allied families, previously published errors, military records, and discussions of unplaced Wordens. It draws on all major Worden genealogists and resources to be as complete as possible.
The Powells Of Greenview,W.V.
The PROSSER Family Picture and Genealogy Database
This is more a pictoral layout of my PROSSER family. I am on a quest to find as many pictures as I can and incorporate them into the various branches of the family tree where they belong. Check it may find a face that looks like you!
The Queen Family Genealogy Website
The Queen Family Genealogy site. The Descendents of Charles MacQueen/Queen. This site features family trees, news, pictures, and much more!
The Radimer Family History Website
The results of my research on the names Radimer, Radimersky, Sheehan, Kasparek.
The Ramapuram Family
The Ramapuram Family Tree
The Raymond C. McMillans
Ancestors and descendants of James McMillan/Margaret White and Joseph Bautsch/Louise Kytle.
The Rex and Rosalie Dodson Family Home Page
This site deals with the ancestry, history and current membership of the Dodson and Jackson familes and all their associated families by marriage and kinship.
The Ricard of North America
The Ricard of North America came over from Europe.This site looks at how the families have grown and spread through North America.
The Robinson Family Web Site
The Roll Family Genealogy Windmill
The Roll Family Genealogy Windmill presents the genealogy and family history of the Roll, Van Woggelum, and related families. The Roll and Van Woggelum families came to New Netherland from Holland in the 1650s.
The Roots and Branches of Our Family Tree
Genealogy family records for, Clegg, Butler, Graves, Gaines, Pugh, Stuart, Tingley & Turner familis from Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, South Carolina & Georgia.
The Roots of My Raisin'
Family trees of surnames Winbush, Eaves, Fincher, Stevens/Stephens, Maness, Tarwater/Towater, Cannon, Reed, Todd, Lewis.
The Rose Tree
Ancestry:Rose,Argo,Cleveland,Josselyn,Sewall,& others.
The Rudy O. Cipres Family Tree
This is the Rudy O. Cipres Family tree, which includes the Pettit Family / The Ortiz Family / the Cipres Family / and the Frescas Family.
The Rundquist/Widergren/Olsen/Eye Homepage
This family genealogy site is for people who are researching the surnames Rundquist, Widergren, Johnson, Asklund, Holm, Olsen, Eye, Lind, Nisbeth, Bruce, Teigen, Hidemstraedet, Østensen, Bäfverfeldt, Storckenfeldt, and Eneman. The families range from Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Kansas in the U. S. A. to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, and England. If you think you might have a connection, check out our pedigree chart and index and let us know if you think our families are linked.
The Sancroft Bakers
We have just started in genealogy, by entering in FTM details of the Sancroft Bakers (descendants of William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury in 1678) of Norfolk,England, and the Hendersons of Northumberland, England (Ada Louise Henderson married Samuel Sancroft Baker, my great grandfather, in the early 1870's). Data is taken from family tree manuscripts compiled by my husbands grandfather Eric Sancroft Baker, who died in 1961. We have also entered details of the Swan family of Northumberland, England (one of whom invented the Tanker (ship) and founded Swan Hunters Shipyard on the river Tyne. My husbands grandmother was Mary Calvert Swan and his mother Norah Mary Lifford Plunket. We have also entered the Plunket family tree, this goes back to William the Conqueror. Any information would be appreciated, especially on the history of William Allen 1760-unknown and Mary Arabella Wharton (she was the niece of Sir Phillip Wharton), as a family story links him to the Drummonds of Culloden. One of his sons was Admiral William Allen 1792-1863 who fought at the battle of Trafalgar and explored the river Niger. We are also willing to share the information that we have.
The Savenije and Boekholt Genealogy
This site researched mainly the Catholic family Savenije and the Dutch reformed family Boekholt, but many others might find something interesting
The Savoie Family in Arizona
A family site which includes our Family tree, pictures,and some history. We also have some Useful links to other sites of interest to descendants of Acadian founding families.
The Sawyer Family of Smithville, Texas
A Family History of Sawyer,Rice,Miller,Ambrose,Shelton,Gillian,Dyer Surnames in Texas.
The Scarlett-Judd Family Tree
TN Scarlett & Judd Family records.
The SCHAFBUCH Family Heritage Site
Central collection and distribution center for any/all information on the SCHAFBUCH family lines and other related family connections.
The Schiavons and Other Allied Families
The Serendib Website
Genealogical information for TAYLOR, MEACOCK, WOODWARD, HARRIDGE, GILLAM
The Shannon Family of East Tennessee
The genealogy and history of the Scots-Irish Shannon Family who immigrated to America in the 18th century and settled in the Tennessee counties of Anderson and Morgan.
The Sherman Connection
I am researching my great-great-grandfather, Eleazer Sherman, who is descended from Roger Sherman. I am missing the information I need between Roger Sherman and Eleazer Sherman to make the link. Eleazer Sherman was born in Lafayette, NY in 1822.
The Sherring Family
The Sherrings of Somerset and Dorset
The Shipton Family Web Site
This site gives the state of our family tree researches for the Shipton, Scott, Pike and Turner families. The Shipton's originate in Wiltshire England the other families in London.
The Smith Family of Northumberland, County Durham & Lincolnshire.
Originally from the area around Hadrian's Wall The Smith Family re-settled in early 20th-Century Grimsby, with modern-day links to Australia and New Zealand.
The Spencer & Howell Family Genealogy
Genealogy, family pictures, cemetery listings, and histories of SPENCER, SPENCE, HOWELL, BUTT(S), HELQUIST, HALL & Ancestors
The Spencer Family Tree and Its' Branches
The research of the Spencer Family and their relations.
The Springer/Mannel Family Tree
Ancestry homepage of Karl Springer and Julia Mannel.
The Stanley-Mead(e) Family Connections
Descendants of John Mead and Mary Abrell, descendants of Alfred and Articia Stanley, Mead and Stanley surname resources.
the stewart family
Hello this is about my some of the people on this site are Duffy stewart,Ida marie adkins,wadie adkins,Abraham stewart,albert peck,Silas peck,Clarence F Peck,frances G Peck,Charles E Peck and many more!!!!! so if you have any of these people in your family then come and take a look at my site.
The STILES Family Tree
The STILES family, principally in North Carolina. Other names in site are: KELLY and JUSTICE.
The Stone Family
This Stone Family Website contains the descendants of Marble Stone born about 1725 and his wife Lucy Bostick. Included in this site are members of the Ladd family. This site is indexed for ease of use and has a search feature. Check it out!
The Stone Family of Brunswick Co., VA
A review of the Stone Family, from Thomas Stone, who came to Brunswick County, Virginia from London, England, in 1740.
The Strutt Family Tree Genealogy
The Strutt Family Tree starts in Essex, England in 1787 in Maldon, Essex. The Strutt Family emmigrated to Canada in approx. 1909 to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The tree expands from the Surnames; Strutt-Gates; Connolly-Keeling; Baker-Griffiths Families. There are English and Scottish Ancestors in the families.
The Sumner Family Tree
The Sumner Family of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.
The Sweet Family
Tracing the origins of the Sweet family from the Borders of Scotland to the west coast: 1700 onwards.
The Taylor & Lanza family trees of PA, W.Va., OH & Wis
Family tree branches and photos and reports and links to my other sites.
The Teel Family Webiste
The Home page of Our Family Website contains family photos, the history and geneology our the Teel/Raley family and a family blog
The Theisen Family Originating From Urmersbach and Dungenheim
Researching the Theisen family originating from Urmersbach and Dungenheim, Prussia, Rheinland/Germany..The family emigrated to Michigan in the 1840's and settled in the Springwells/Dearborn/Detroit/Wayne County area.Interested in hearing from others researching the family.
The Thomas Brown Family Tree
For many years I have been trying to locate my Brown family ancestors. Before my Father died I put on a family reunion of the relatives I knew and their children and spouses I had never met. This was a big help in getting information needed for our Brown family tree. Since that family reunion, regretfully, my Father joined his ancestor’s and with that took the last of his family and the knowledge and stories still to be written. Before he died he and I talked and I wrote his life story according to him, Thomas Robert Brown. I would like to share that story and find other family members and their stories.
The Thomas Pheland & Daniel McPeak Genealogy
We are researching the families of Thomas Pheland (Phelon) from CT; also the McPeak , Downey,Odor,Razy,Reed families.
The Thomas Pheland and Daniel McPeak Genealogy
Our site consists of families of Thomas Pheland and Daniel McPeak, as well as related families;Downey,Reed,Knopf,Odor,Nicolay.
The Thompson Branch
Researching Thompson and Halbert surnames
This page describes the ancestry of CARRINGTON AND THORPE surnames that originated in ENGLAND via BARBADOS in th WEST INDIES. The family history starts with PAUL CARRINGTON who came to BARBADOS from ENGLAND in 1650. Along the way many prominent people of the CARRINGTON and CODRINGTON surname developed. Members of both families became Us citizens.
I am researching my TILBE' Family tree, as well as other associated families and families on my wife's REDDING side . My TILBE ancestors lived in the Canterbury, Kent, England area, from the early 1600's. Family records show that the spelling of Tilbe in the 1700 and 1800's was, for a time, "Tilbe'" and "Tilbee'"
The Tim Sorby Genealogy Home Page
Tim Sorby Genealogy Home Page deals mainly with the Sorbys whose origins are from the British Isles. Check it out.
The Tin Type Shop
Extensive family information on Blagg and Eastwood. Also includes Allen, Carr, Douglas(s) Cravens, Eastwood, Evans, Foster, Jones, Keebler, Lay, Love, Miller, Murray, Osborn, Pegelow, Russell, Sherman, Schultz, Vaughn, Wilson and many others. Site contains the beginnings of an on-line library, history of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles and our current events and also a brief history of the formation of the states and their counties.
The Tomkiewicz and Wishman Genealogy
Gedcom files for surnames, Tomkiewicz, Wishman, Wichmann, Bornemann, Chmielewski, Podsada, Warczinsky, Morrill, Richardson, Hope, Dean, Rose, Doner, Lemke, Goldenbogen, Manchester, Buxton and many others. Also a page for Sanilac County, Michigan that includes microfilm numbers for various vital files.
The Tree Maker
The Tree Maker can display your family history on this beautiful 8-generation "Tree Fan".
The Trenbath Family History Site
Family History and Genealogies of the Trenbath, Fargus and Rahr Families, which are also registered as One-Name studies. Also included is my research on connected families, including the Gilletts and Bramleys.
The Tripolino Family Treehouse
The Tripolino site includes family genealogies of the Tripolino and Romano families of Contessa Entellina, Sicily. Site includes photos, and 214 person gedcom.
The True Genealogy of Johnny W. Clinton
The True Genealogy of Johnny W. Clinton
The Turner Family Tree, Roots, Branches and even the Twigs
Surnames: Turner, Slaughter, Barlow, Key, Profitt,Crowe, Fox, Jackson, Ford, Hume, Woods,Webb, Hood & others.Lots of photo's, info. and records.
The Turrisi Family History Website
The results of my research on the names Turrisi, Lupi, Cicerelli, Motta.
The Ultimate Family Tree Chart
The Ultimate Family Tree Chart is a decorative way to display all of your geneology research.It will display 13 generations of ancestrial roots and living branches. Our Living Branches tree chart will display 5 generations and out Ancestrial Roots chart will display 8 generations of family roots. Our site is shown in actual colors.
The Updated History of the TIMOTHY HOYT (3341) Families
This site contains the Direct Family Descendants & Ancestors of myself-John Edward Hoyt through John & Simon Hoyt, Hayt, Haight, Hoyte's.Most of which comes from Jonathan G. Hoyt (b. May 16, 1833 in Cayuga Co., NY) & George G. Hoyt (b.April 16, 1846 in Albany, NY) & Hugh Percival Hoyt (b. Nov. 27, 1872) Muir, MI.
The UPDATED History of the Timothy-Jonathan G-Hugh P-Paul M Hoyt
Welcome! This site contains almost all genealogical records for the TIMOTHY HOYT (3341) & Johnathan G Hoyt (4322)Descendants, their Viatl Records Documents , US Censuses, Digital Images of Photo's & Albums, letters , documents, maps, cities, deeds, mortgages in WinZip Zipfiles, and Registers of Descendants and family charts. Approx. 2000 Direct Linage persons, 432 fam ilies, and 2000+ image files, plus many other larger gedcoms. John E. Hoyt
The US Army Man's Homepage
Surnames: YAKEL/JECKEL/JACKEL, KILCHER, KETZER, SCHARFF, GOETZ, BUEHLER, COLLING. Declarations of Intent, Naturalization Records, Military History; Nov 2, 1847- May Flower manifest transcription with 203 German passengers from Antwerp to NY
The Vaden Family Research Center
The purpose of this website is to provide a centralized location for collecting and storing Vaden family history
The Valley Family
Descendants of Pierre LaVallee
The Vance Family Tree
This site contains my direct Vance ancestry. Norm Vance
The Wagner's
Family history of my line of Wagner's also includes Dingus (Dinges) Bowers, Miller and others All additions and corrections are welcomed!
The Wall Family
This is a short personal history coupled with family names and my current genealogical pursuits.
The Wall Family
Brief history of Lee family in the USA and Canada.
The Walls Family Site
This site combines the families of Thomas B. Walls and Shandy Csuzdi, The Eshelmans, Walls, Walshes, Palos and Chernetzes.
The Walsh and Martin Families
A site for following a Walsh family from Ireland to Illinois and beyond and the Martin clan from england to Ohio and beyond. Includes family tree.
The Walter "Mitchell" McGuire Family History
This is my McGuire family history as I found it over the last 15 years or so.
The Wandering Wittings
Pedigree/descendant charts of Jacob Witte(Witting)family who immigrated from Rehoff, Prussia in 1852.
The Waples - Gaudin Family Page
This site contains information on my WAPLES, GAUDIN (GODIN), HOWARD, SHANAHAN, and HALL families.
The Ward Family Tree
This is a web page for my Dad Family The Ward Family
The WARE Family Tree
The WARE family principally in KY. Other names in site are: BOURNE, STORMES or STORMS, HERRING and NEWCOMB.
The Ware Family ~ Their Tennessee and Arkansas Heritage
A detailed outline of the Ware family descended from Roland Ware and Temperance White who originated from McMinnville, TN. The main emphasis is on their son, Wiley Ware and his descendants who migrated from McMinville after the Civil War to Tuscaloosa, Alabama and then to Ponotoc, Mississippi. From Mississippi they migrated to Northeast Arkansas circa 1895.
The Warkentien Family
The Warkentien Family By Ashley Warkentien
The WATKINS Family Tree
The WATKINS family, principally in Whitley County, KY. Other names in site are: BERRY, KING, LAUGHLIN and SHARP.
the watsons
a family tree database with some interesting extra pages
The WebTree - Genealogy Fun & Resources
Family web site - surnames: Calloway, Campbell, Emmins, Foster, Marsee, Mullins, Percy, Piper and related lines.
The Wedgwood Family Worldwide Page - Have you been in touch?
Details of the whole Wedgwood Family - all of whom spring from the same line. GEDCOM, Charts, Biographies, Rootsweb Discussion List
The West's of Rackham, Sussex, England
This site is about the descendants of Henry West and Sarah Slaughter and their subsequent offspring after they married in 1800 in St Michael's, Amberley, Sussex, England.
The Whites of NC
William A White 3rd Family
The Wilbur & Susan (Mougey) Schlecht Home Page
Family lines include the names SCHLECHT, SPEIDEL, GUMKE, VOGEL, and GOEHNER, all Germans from Russia to the Dakotas and Canada; the MOUGEY, GOODMAN (GUTTMANN), GULLING,and BIDAL lines to Ohio, later to IN and ND; the NEI and LEISEN families, Luxemborg to MN, the MUSCHA and WOODWASKI lines from Prussia/Bohemia/Moravia/Austria to MI and ND.
The Williams Family of Australia
The site includes family information on the descendants of George Williams {1760 - 1838}Sydney Gazette printer, and all associated families.
The Williams Family Tree
Williams genealogy, old photos.
The Wilson Lineage
Primarily interested in Wilson, Fisher, Honea lines, although I have 79 different surnames listed. Please contact me with any new information!
The Wizard's Realm
The history of the BECKER, HARDER, GOMSRUD, and STYMIEST families beginning in the early 1100's
The Wonnacott Geneology Site
This website contains genealogy details and resources for the Wonnacott family .
The Worley Families USA
The four family line to be considered as the beganing of the Worley Families in America. 1. Francis and Henry Worley-PN 2. Mary and Edward Worley-VA 3. Esther and John Worley-VA 4. Esther(Blount) and John Worley-NC
The Worrall Family
My family tree, listing all details
The Worthingtons of Denford, Grafton Underwood etc.
Worthington descendants originating in the area of Northamptonshire around Kettering, Slipton, Thrapston, Deford, Lowick, Brigstock, Woodford, Warkton, Geddington, Grafton Underwood etc.
The Wright Family
Descendents of William Wright (1707-1776) of Augusta Co., VA
The Wright Family Page
The Wright Page
My site has research of the John Collin's Family who immigrated from Ireland. I also have Callaway County, Missouri, vital statistics such as marriages, cemeteries, obituaries etc.
The Wynn Family of North London
The Wynn, Raven, Stack and Grosch families of North London - Family trees and general information
The Yoho/Joho Family: Genealogy and History
The Genealogy and History of the Yoho/Joho Family from 1395 in Switzerland and Alsace to the present including the first US immigrants in 1738.
The Yule Family Pages
The Family History of the Yule and Hendley Families.
The Zopp Family In CyberSpace
Families originally from England, Ireland, Scotland & Germany who settled in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia. Surnames include; Amick, Black, Booker, Bolar, Callison, Cavendish, Crane, Downey, Evans, Greene, Hitt, Legg, Marshall, Symes, McClung, Moses, O'dell, Price, Shawver, Winings, Yoakum, Zopp. Archive has census data & family stories.
The Ritter website is histories and information of our Ritters from finding them in Germany to settling in Australia.
Thiel Family
Thiel ancestry of the Wendel (Windle) family of Frederick and Shenandoah Cos., Virginia
Thiévin Family web pages
This site is dedicated to heritage preservation and to the pride and genealogical enlightenment of Thievin descendents around the world.
This is a work in progress
This site contains my information of the FULLERS starting in Nova Scotia,and down to the present, along with associated surnames,COLVIN, YOUNG, PERHAM,and others.And many photos of my ancestors.
This is One-Name-Site Buiter
A site which shows all Buiter's in the world with their married kin.
thisisdk Genealogy Database
This site will be the homepage for the thisisdk family history (genealogy) database.The goal of the thisisdk database is to identify the immigrant ancestors for these families and to record and document the genealogy and history of these individuals. The database currently contains the genealogy of 10 immigrant ancestors and 27 earliest born in North America ancestors, 32 with surnames and 5 with one name.
Thomas Binder's Ancestors
Researching in: Austria-Hungary (1700-1950) Southern Germany (1500 - 1950) (May 2005)
Thomas C. Bryant Family
Thomas C. Bryant, Sr. Family from Jones Co., MS. Thomas C. Bryant, Sr. Born abt. 1811 in VA.
Thomas Family
Thomas family of Rowan (later Davie) Cos., North Carolina
This site contains 2 Thomas Family Files. One is for a William Caswell Thomas and the other is for a Hugh Thomas Sr. The site has over 5000 names and over 2000 Surnames and goes back beyond the Mayflower.
Thomas Family Homepage
Decendants Daniel P. THOMAS family of Ripley Co. Mo including associated names of TOWLES, POPE, and HARRINGTON.
Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas McClure Rice (1801-1842)
Thomas O. Collins
Looking for the parents of Thomas O. Collins. Whitley county, Kentucky.
Thomas Quint Descendants
Thomas Quint is the first person of record with the "Quint" surname in America (taxed 1684 Greenland, NH). This site lists some of his descendants. Persons, surnames and sources are indexed with pedigree charts.
Thomas S, Vassey (1811-19=892) of Cherokee Co., SC
Family of Thomas S. Vassey (1811-1892) of Cherokee Co., SC. Son of George Vasser (c1782-c1814) of Irdell Co., NC. M. Manerva Amos (1817-1907). Raised 12 or 13 children. Surname spelled numerous ways until about 1900. Today variations Vassey & Vassy reamin. 2,400 individual genealogy list, family newsletter, and family Web Sites are available. Researchers and family members can contact me for free info. Family members can join our online 'family gathering' VASSEY R US Web Site.
Thompson Hayward Snypes Moore
Family trees for the Thompson, Hayward, Snypes, or Moore surnames.
Thor Hegland Family Tree
Ancestors and descendants of Norwegian immigrant Thor Hegland (1858-1945) of Minnesota.
Thornhill/Weatherford Family Tree of Lousiana
Thornhill/Weatherford family legacy dating back to the 1700's to present day. Family data to collect as well as share.
Those Who Came Before
Descendancy charts on the author's direct ancestry, including; Robert Edwin Bain, James M Roach, Eliazer A Green, Jeremiah Green, John C Faught, John R Bolling, William Boyd, and David Benton.
Thrower Family Tree
Descendants of Henry Edwin Thrower b. 1842 St. Annes, Soho, Westminster, London, England.
Thunbergs familietræ
Thurlow Family Genealogy
Personnal genealogy of the Thurlow family. Other names in the database include: Haskill/Siford/Hufford/Morris/Strong/Dixon/Gaw.
Collection on information about the family Tillotson - submission of GED files for checking possible relationships
Tim Falkenberg af Trystorp Family Tree
This site lists ancestors of my grandparents - Falkenberg, Roy, Woody and Labossiere. There are also many photographs and other links.
Time Travelers Quest For The Ancient Light - Genealogy & World History
Family, Royal and Biblical Genealogy containing 7300 individuals spanning six thousand years. Semi-annual major updates scheduled for January and July.
Title: Sullivan Family Home Page
This site is set up to provide information that I have on my ancestors and related families. It will emphasize my Sullivan line and families in Anson County, N.C. It contains my Sullivan GEDCOM, Sullivan research and links to other Sullivan sites.
TN - The Watchers
The Watchers website provides the pedigrees and history of families in North Henderson County and Carroll County, Tennessee.
Tom and Delphia Phelan
History of Phelan, Cunningham, Youst, Dewsnap, Arnold, Terrell, Kittle, Fiegenbaum, Sexauer Families
Tom OConnors Page For Mass. and RI, USA and PEI, Canada
I have not kept this site up to date very well but have about 7000 names on my Family Tree Maker file for the Surnames: AHEARN aka HERON, DALTON, FARRELL, KINCH, MCCARTHY, MacDONALD, OCONNOR (3 lines) and WHELAN. All from Prince Edward Island, some there as early as 1750. Also: OCONNOR, CRAWFORD, FLAHERTY and MCAFFERTY from Massachusetts and Rhode Island from about 1850. And SCHULTZ, SCHMIDT AND STEINER from Lubienka, Zbaraz, Ukraine about 1890.
Tomasz Bobrzynski - GenoPro report
See my family tree.
flesher family history
Tonia's Roots
Tonia's Roots is about my genealogy research adventures and stories about the various roots and branches of my family tree. Surnames include: Kendrick, Hemphill, Butler, Ward, West, Whitener, Roberts, Johnson, Baxter, Lankford, Patterson, McEntire, Ellis, Forrester, Garrett, Lawson, Lowery, Cook, Bruer, Qualls, Lytle, Searcy, Davis, Alexander, Langston, Tucker, Carnes, Brookshire
Tor Kristian Zinows home page
My home pages content is mainly about my family and my genealogical research
TOSCANI - The surname Page
This site is devoted to all the people who carries the TOSANI surname either if they are family or not. Please Help me to contact them.
Tracing Our Heritage: The Zelek Family Home Page
This site features the earliest known ancestors of Mark Clarence Zelek and Cheryl Ann (Zebarah) Zelek. Dates of birth, death and marriage(s) are given for each individual as well as spouses if they are known. There are two linked pages for the Veit Family tree and teh Kirkman-Pollock Family Tree.
Tracks in the Snow
We are presently working on the surnames Biscoe, Brunner, Ellis, Foster, Gay, King, Mayhugh, Prentiss, Proctor, Strickler, Thomas and Whittaker, as well as any new information on Stephens. Also references to Lownsbery, Robinson, Feldman, and Eckhardt.
Tracy Lemkes Family Tree
Trapp, Crews, Stinchcombs and Cavenders of West Georgia
Family Tree of Trapps, Stinchcombs, Crews and Cavenders of West Georgia
Trapper's Family History Site
Genealogy pages of John Lancaster. Key family history lines are Lancaster, Rogers, Moss, and Haydon.
Travers of Newfoundland and Kildare Capes, PEI
Travers/Ruggles families from Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, Canada
Trees With Leaves
TreeTracer has links to family trees, containing over 6,000 names. Old photos, updated monthly. Professional research available.
Trehy Forum Web Site
A unique site dedicated to collecting information on any and all Trehy's around the world.
Trettel Family Home Page
Starting with one couple in 1810, this site charts all of their 1400 descendants (250 last names). All files downloadable from this site to your PC in a number of formats.
Trev's family May 2007
Ancestors of the Collins/Collens and Duncombe families.
Tribal Pages
Shows our descent from various sir-names,such as,Radford,Calvert,Smith,Thompson,Bennett,Hicks and more. We have over 2000 names,dates and other info.. Very easy to locate name and surf through. Our e-mailaddys are on the site, please feel free to contact us for adding your ancestry or to make corrections we have wrong.
Tribal Pages-Paquette Genealogy
This site contains ancestors from both of my parents. I don't have 50 words (as this site allows for me to describe my family tree), so just have fun and any comments are welcome!! Thanks. Margaret Ann Paquette
Tribal Pages: Eursley Jane Moore Singletary family tree
Teehee-Moore-Sessions-Adams-Willis began with just the above surnames because they were my own lines. It is now a website with biographies, sources of information on the families found and blossomed into anestral files on Native American Cherokees,Finland and lots of Germans
Family histories from IOW and Hampshire. Follows Pilcher, Blunden, Maynard, Sweetman,Bannister,Warder,wills, and others. Worth a look :)
my family tree
Tribute to Arthur Ames
short history of my father Arthur Ames also a direct line of Ames descendants from 1750 to 1911
This is the Trimble Family web site. Were from Ohio and I still looking for new family.
Trimmer Family Texas to Oklahoma
Obediah Trimmer and Elizabeth Mayfield Trimmer. Migration from Mississippi, Tennessee westward to Texas and on to Oklahoma.
Tromp - Pickering Family Tree
Tromp - Pickering Family Tree including other names such as: Groenewold, Van Keimpema, Goodman, Warren, Van Dellen, Potter, Cook, Reker, Saxon, Page, Veenkamp, Dijkstra, Morris, James, Moorhead, Broekema and others
Tromp - Pickering Family Tree
Family History including gedcoms and pedigree charts of the following family names: Tromp, Pickering, Groenewold, Veenkamp, Goodman, Van Dellen, Potter, Page, Van Keimpema, Cook, Warren, Saxon, Reker, Broekema, and others.
Trotter Clearing House
Trotter surname by any spelling. Many records, photos, wills, searchable gedcom. Please stop by you might just fine a connection
TUBBS Family Research Pages
Genealogical records for the TUBBS family, starting with William TUBBS, an English immigrant who settled in Duxbury, MA between 1628 and 1630.
Tucker Family
Tucker family of Frederick/Montgomery Cos., Maryland to Hampshire Co., (West) Virginia to Richland/Ashland/Crawford Cos., Ohio to Whitley Co., Indiana
Tucker Family
Tucker Family Tree, includes surnames: Tucker, Alexander, Fisher, Collins. Shippy, Muehmeyer, Groetsch, Ovenburg and Welch. This site has Message Boards, Photo Gallery as well as the full Tucker Family Tree.
Tucker Genealogy
In this site you can find all the of my genealogy work, including links and media.
Tucker2cole- homepage of Susan Cole
Genealogical information on the Tucker family of Bridport, Dorset, UK and the Cole family of Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, UK, including names Buncombe, Budden and Cleeves in Somerset, Dowsett, Brand Wisby and Gibson in Essex, Hutchings, Cole and Williams in Dorset
Tumbridge Genealogy
A family home page with discussion board and tips on how to start. With family tree
Turner-Thomas Genealogy
A site dedicated to the Thomas (Pro deo et Patria)Family emanating from Rock Farm, Begelly, Carmarthenshire.
Tuscarawas County, OH, Families
Most common surnames are Eash, Erb, Everhart, Fearon, Gonter, Horning, Lab, Reiger, Rieger, Roush, Slemmer, Snavely, Sterner, and Weigand.
Tuskey Genealogy & Adoption ©
Get Tuskey genealogy/adoption on the web.Looking for Bobby Tuskey,Robert Teske or Teskey or Tuski? Interested in the Tuskey genealogy/adoption; Robert (a.k.a Bobby),will guide your process.Bobby's listed.
Twig, Tree And Treasure A Genealogical Sojourn
A family site containg the following Major Branches as well as many, many Adjacent Branches. Be sure to look through the surname list. Bianchi, Crosby, Drawdy, Evans, Hooper, Francisco, Galloway, Grooms, Gerold, McBride, Monroe, Paoli, Popp, Richardson, Rodewald, Schucmann / Schuchmann, Segelhorst, Schneider, Worden
Twigs, Roots and Branches
The Lary and Sutton family from the early 1800's to present, migrating together to Texas and into Oklahoma (Indian Territory). See if you find any common links!
Tydings Family
Information on Richard TYDINGS of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland (MD). Also explored are allegations that his wife Charity was a SPARROW.
Ufford's in Michigan
This is my page with all the information I have collected on my family. Most of it is all from Michigan.
Ullstad, Ullestad, Ulstad, genealogy pages
Ullstad, Ullestad, Ulstad, genealogy pages. These pages contain relatives to Knut Magneson Ullestad who lived at the farm Ullestad, located outside Voss Norway, in the beginning of the 17th century.
Umfleet/Huey Genealogy
This is my ongoing research of the UMFLEET/HUEY Families.
Unfried's across America
Three hundred years of Unfried's in the USA up to the present with many photos, trees and documents. A dynamic and ever changing site.
Unfrieds 1600 to Present
Unfrieds from 1600s to present with many photos
Updated Simon Hoyte of Somerset County England with World Royalty Families
Hello, This is a WORLD Family History Family & Register Page Site on these surnames, and many more, as I have 116,000+ individuals, also I have many Cemeteries, towns, places, Expanded info, on HOYTE's in England, HOYT DNA, etc., many with Old World European descent, pharonic, Roman & Biblical connections. Some of the most populated and close family surnames are listed below: I have some pages of my own Families Towns/Village maps, etc on my HOYT's.. BARNES, BELT, BECKLEY, BERKEY, BRONSON, BUCHANAN, BUSH, CARTANO, CHICHESTER, CLARK, COLEGROVE, CRISSEY, CURTIS, DANE, DANIELSON, DONALDSON, DEAL, DUNLAP, EDWARDS, FELL, FORDHAM, FRY, GEROULD, GEROY, GOEHRINGER, GRINNELL, HAIT, HAIGHT, HIPSLEY, HOAG, HOIT, HOYT, HOYTE, HULL, HUMMER, KABAKOFF, LENZ, LUKACS, MEAD, MILLARD, MERICLE, MIILLER, MOE, NERRETER, OLMSTEAD, OLSON, PERCIVAL, PHETTEPLACE, ROSE, SAGHY, SCOFIELD, SPARLING, SPILLMAN, STONE, VAN WIE, WATKINS, WEBBER, WEED, WELLS, WEST with newest being, JENKINS, MASSEY, MARTIN, APPLEGATE. Also, My hundreds of pages sites Lineages go to the 13th Century, and beyond, to Emperor Charlemagne of 742, down to the -bce- years of -0- to -400. ENJOY and please contact me for any additional details, as well as, corrections. Thank You in Advance & Good Genea Hunting!! My 5 column Pedigree Tree has over 5,000 pages.. John E. Hoyt
family history as transcribed by my father garnet william vann re his ancestry
Valentine Flynn and the Flynn/Flinn Families of Fauquier Co Va
Valentine Flinn Flynn of Fauquier Co Va and His Family
Valerie's Rainbow Connections!
Van Patten Family
Van Patten Family and related families, including some american presidents
Van Patten Family
van patten and related families, with american presidents.
Van Tuil, Heij, Klavers, Heinen
Site with genealogical info about the Dutch families Van Tuil, Heij, Klavers, Heinen
Vance's Genealogy Quest
Welcome to my quest to document as much as my family as possible. Most sources are NOT verified! So use as reference only if no supporting evidence is indicated.
VanGampleare Family Tree
As a gift to my father, Albert VANGAMPLEARE, I've designed this web site. His father, Alphonse VANGAMPELAERE, the original spelling of our surname, came to America as a young man and began our story here in Iowa. This is just a small amount of the information I was able to discover on this journey.
VANY Genealogy Virginia & New York Surnames
Early Virginia & New York Surnames
Vanzo Ruder Family history
The Ancestory of Brittany Suzanne Vanzo
Various Examples of Genealogy Research Records and Photos
Various Examples of Genealogy Reports Records and Photos
Vaughn/Vaughan and related Families Web Site
Surnames: Bullington, Fort, Seidlit(s)z, Shaw, Vaughn, Vaughan and many others. Some area's are: Wales, England, Colonial US, VA, SC, TN, AL, MS, TX
VAUSE - Families are Forever
family histories of my ancestors ,including old photos, cemetery records, census and marriage indexes my resources, why I do genealogy.
Veale Family
Morris VEALE (VEAL) of Westmoreland Co., Virginia (VA) - The Site for All Things Veazie!
Genealogy connections to Barclay, Barkley, Bideler, Goble, Hathaway, Matteson, McGowan, Sanford, Seybolt, Stevens, VanGorder, VanKeuren, Veazie, Wales, Williamson
Vennard family trees over 4500 individuals dating back to 17th C
13 Family Trees, Family Histories, information on over 4500 individuals from the family Vennard, Venard, Vénard,Venart, Venert, Vienard, Vinnard.
Verl Mann and Dorothy Kussro Families
Names, birthdays, deathdays, and marriages of relatives of Verl Mann and Dorothy Kussro, Sterling, Michigan, USA.
Viands Family
Descendants of Thomas and Nancy (Day) Viands
Virginia's Descendants
Offers CD Rom of information about Virginia's immigrants, their descendants, and connecting families. Also, posts articles about families included on the CD Rom on the website.
Vogel Family Tree
Looking for decendents for Joseph Vogel & Margaret Schmidt
Vogel Web Page
My site is a family genealogy site with links to family genealogy reports and family pictures. I also listed resources that I have found useful.
Volkert, Roger pedigree
Contains families: Volkert, Myrtue, Grell and others of Iowa from Germany and Denmark.
a genelogical record of the Waldron family of Kentucky and Ohio
Descendents of Robert Walker (GA) m: Bernadina Smith. Their son, William Franklin Walker (b: 1856 GA, d: 1932 TX) m: Sophronia Barber and lived in Corpus Christi, TX. Their daughter, Frances Rebecca Walker (b: 1898 TX, d: 1993 TX).
Walker Family Genealogy
Family Information on Braga, Castle, Cathey, Crigler, Silva, Walbrecht, Walker, Vanderford. Also includes helpful research tips and links.
Walker/Terry connections.
Cooks,Cookes,Stennettes,Walkers,Milams,Webbs,Gunters,Deweese,Terrys,Plumleys,Stewarts,Canterburys,just to many to mention them all. Lots of old photos, including old photos of Crany Church homecomings,in Wyoming county WV.
Wall Family from Middlesex and Monmouth Cos, New Jersey (NJ)to Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania (PA)
This is a GEDCOM file for WALLs. It starts with John Wall and Elizabeth (?) in Hartlebury, Worcestershire, England in 1792, and continues for ten generations with 140+ names. Many members lived in London, both East and South. I'm hoping to contact other WALL researchers to fill in data and to take the line further back in time.
Researching all Wallaces and their descendants from Ayrshire, Scotland who immigated abroad to North America, Australia and New Zealand.
Waller / Jocelyn Ancestry: A Genealogical History of our Family
Pedogrees and historical data of Waller and Jocelyn ancestors that emigrated from England to Tipperary and Limerick, Ireland with Cromwell.
Wallingfords of New England
A genealogy of the descendants of Nicholas Wallingford who settled in Newbury, Mass. in the 1600s. All lines are followed except those from his son Benjamin who moved to Maryland.
Walsh and Wilson Family Trees - With Various Branches
Ancestors of Craig Walsh and Marjorie Wilson - Including a large Crumpler and Wyser Family Tree
Waltenburg Family History
Waltenburg, Waltenburger, Waltenburgh, Waltenbury, Waltenberry, Waltonbury families of USA and Canada
Walton J. Sullivan Home Page
I am researching SULLIVAN, GERRITY, WALTON, CUMMINGS, GORMAN, FEE and many more surnames in the Old Forge, Minooka, Taylor and Scranton areas of PA in the early 1800s
Wambaugh Family Homepage
We are researching the following surnames: Wood, Steuart, Wambaugh, McPherson, Hanson, Boswell, Green(e), Berger, Lentz, Kreiner, Loan(e), Liege and others.
Wanda's Family
Family trees of Cardwell, Hawk, Carter, Cox, Lyons, McLeod, Williford, Scarborough, McClusky and other related Lines. Extensive work in Alabama, Georga, Virgina, and Louisiana. Also have Cemetery Transcriptions, Court documents, Photographs, and other material.
Warnstams hemsida
Families in Sweden and USA. Ancestors and descendents.
Warren Ancestry Website
This site has over 2000 names who are tied to the George Warren family. Still searching for the parents of George Warren but have found many, many allied families.
Washington Family Genealogy Project
Our Washington family research project began some fifty-three years ago when the wife of W. W. Washington, Pauline Moore Washington, was told a story by family members Benjamin and Andrew (Andre) Washington. The story was about our ancestor, George Washington b. 1821, who was supposed to be born in Virginia, a cousin to President Washington and had lived down the street from his home.
Watkins Family of Wood and Wirt County Brewer Family of Pleasants and Hancock County
The New York branch of the Watkins Family which includes the Van Brunts of the early 1700's.
Watkins Famiy
Watkins family from Virginia to Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
Watmor Web
Descendants of two early Venango, Warren, and Crawford County, Pennsylvania, families: (1) Robert W. Watson (1780/90-1845) and Margaret (Henderson) Watson (1791-1870); and (2) Hugh Morrison (1760-1839) and Isabella (Wilson) Morrison (-1853).
Watson Ancestors
Contains the decedents and ancestors of Dr. Robert Hunter Watson and Myra Cook who lived in Butler County Alabama. Ancestors begin in Prinec Georges County Maryland in 1650. Numerous photos and maps included.
Watson Family tree
Desendants of Lawrence Watson,Family Tree with Photo Album and stories and a favourite links page
Wayne Chapter DAR
Website of the Wayne Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Wayne County, Indiana Connections
A surprising number of people's ancestors have had some kind of connection with Wayne Co., Indiana. There are names such as Slick, Stout, Shannon, Williams, Moore, Clark, Hinshaw, Moon, Graham, Droste, Ramey, and many more.
We are all cousins - we are all related
Filteau / Fecteau / Facteau descendants of Pierre Filteau and Gillette Savard (m. 1666 Quebec city); also Blegen Odegard families (immigrated to ND from Norway - ancestors back to 1200s); Walker-Malley family (Maine) ancestry back to Colonies, Mayflower, and Europe
WE ARE FAMILY Jone/Tincher/Skinner
Family Tree for Charles David Jones. Includes Jones, Ford, Tincher and Skinner surnames.
We're Coming To America
Early settlers of South Central Wisconsin and northern IL. Kopplin/Coplien, Zimmerman, Hartwich, Donker, Drafhal, Wiesenberg/Wesenberg, Malkow, Donker and more
Weatherford ~ Christmas ~ Walker ~ Cash
Family trees of the Weatherford and Christmas families of NC and VA, along with the Walker and Cash families of KY.
Weavil and Allied Families Genealogy Records
Providing factual information for Weavil Family Researchers and Allied Families.
Web Site of Forrest and Jean Ladd
Genealogy information and photograph albums on our families. They include Ladd, Stillwell, Richmond, Rockwell, Smith, Dawson, Canady, Karns, Mearkle
Webb family genealogy (including CLARK, CLUTE, COOK, CONN, FARRIS, FLINT, H
Websters of Cedar City, Utah
The ancesters and descendants of Francis and William Webster of Cedar City, Utah
Wecome to the Homepage of Stephen Fabiny
Genealogy search for Rusinko, Petlock, Fabiny, Oravec, Miller, Leffhalm, Jurgelowicz, Rejko, Sztandarska, Gorman, Moran, Lawrence, Thinhausen, and more.......
Wehmeyer Genealogy Plus
Family trees, photos, documents and extras.
Research on early families in Northern Neck, Virginia; New Brunwick,Canada; Kentucky; Worth County, Missouri. Some families include Masterson, Cadle, Weigart, Jadwin, Critcher, Warth, Hern and Hearn.
Welcome to Hugh Dohertys Home Page
Some Links to Sites of personal interest areas. Descendancy charts and information to connected families such as Brundrige, Cleveland, Davison, Davies, Fetters, Hayward, Hulbert, McLellan, McKitrick, Taggart, Wells, and anscestral Doherty lines. Links to URLs of sites relating to some of the names of interest.
Welcome To Our World
Descendant lists and anecdotal information on the Jowers, Lankford, Hadren, Lee, Barco, and Cozene families. Also, covered is research on related families.
Welcome to the Homepage of Stephen Fabiny
Our Family Genealogy-Updated.......
Weldon and related families(Nicholson)
researching Weldon of London England, and Nicholson from Greene Co GA
Weldon, Jonathan and Mary Hanks Descendants
This site contains history and genealogy of Jonathan Weldon's and Mary Hanks' descendants from Virginia 1700's to present.
Welkers from the past to the presentf
This page is my base Family tree from 1755 to present am looking for cousins
Welkom bij Aad Looije
Ik ben nog steeds opzoek naar mijn verre voorvaderen en inmiddels gevorderd tot plus minus 1550 in Ter Heijde bij Monster Nederland.
Wellcome to Austin Home Page
(Austin Family Web Site) John Austin 1775 to the Austin Gang Now!
Wells from Essex Eng. 1775 to London Ont.
Susannah Wells 1775-abt 1840, matriarch and amazing lady.
Welter Family Tree
Welter Family Tree website, with Jean Nicolas Welter of Luxembourg as patriarch. Also includes family members with surnames Gray and St.Arnold.
Wendel Family
Wendel (Windle) Family from Framersheim, Germany to Frederick (later) Shenandoah Cos., Virginia to Fayette Co., Ohio to Whitley Co., Indiana
wenyon family
Provides a list of family conections for primarily the wenyons and onions.
Were Coming To America
Emigrants to the Wisconsin and Illinois Stateline area. Zimmerman, Matzke, Coplien, Donker, Walters and more.
Werlen family
Family history and family tree.
Wermers Family Genealogy
Wesley Howell Home Page
Researching Howell, Roberts, Jones of Eastern Kentucky and Grandine, New York
Wesley Richard Bowen Harden's Home Page
Pictures and stories and family histories for Bowen, Somerville, Mansur, Haugen, Doble, Harden
My website gives an overview of the genealogy of various families in the Netherlands.
WGF Family Project
Tracing the migration of our family from Europe, through easter U.S. and Canada to the west. Over 800 names to date, covering more than 150 surnames and nearly 400 years.
Wheeler Family
Wheeler, Simmonds, Blackshaw
Simmonds, Wheeler, Pinnock and Perry genealogy in Pershore and Wick, Worcestershire, UK, Blackshaw genealogy in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire
Whipple, Cohen, Ryan and Allied Familes
Ancestry of the Whipple, Cohen and Ryan and other families, including Levy, Maxwell, Lavigne and Quint.
WHITE Family Tree
Whitelaw Genealogy
Whitelaw genealogy
Whitley Ancestry
We have the following surnames: Whitley, Hudson, Horton, Watkins, Rodgers, Lumpkin, and many more. Message board/forum, guestbook, live talk, chat room, genealogy links, and more!
Who i am!
Knowledge of your family history creates a bond that can help famlies stay united .
Whose Family is it Anyway?
Direct lines on both sides of my family with info on each family. Ames, Bea, Churchill, Clough, Hahn, Lynn, Randall, Smith just to name a few...
Wickham Family Website

Wideman Family
Wideman (Weidmann) family from Germany to Pennsylvania to Granville Co., North Carolina to Abbeville District, South Carolina to Jefferson Co., Missouri
Wield and Lefley family tree
Genealogy of our family names and related families.
Wiese / Fowler Family Tree
A listing of the Iowa Wiese family, the Illinois Fowlers and the Michigan Fowlers and Edding from 1841 to present.
Wilkey Ancestors and Descendants
Research on the Wilkey family lines.
Wilkin Family of New Jersey
I am researching my Wilkin family(NJ) and my husbands Pytlik(NJ) family. The other names that I have found connected to these families are: Carfagna or Carfano(Jersey City, NJ), Natola (NY), Salamac(NY), Lais(NY), Yankowski(Conn), Pytlik(NJ) and Turick(NJ).
Wilkinsons of Tyrone, Ireland
Covers the whole (Tyrone)Wilkinson family from mid 1800s to today. Plus Davis (Salop, 1500), Morrow (Antrim, 1830), Milne (Aberdeenshire, 1760)
William "Buck" Goodrum
William Brewster
This site contains information about William Brewster (my 10th great grandfather) and his descendents. The site also contains information about the following families: the Footes, the Denisons, and the Van Burens.
William Douglas Shakespeares Ancestors
My Shakespeare line plus Carmichael, Stout, Crow, Adams, among others, please check it out and we can build the past.WDS
William F & Isaac W Reynolds - Bedford, Westchester, NY & CT
This site is a genealogy of my mother's family. It's intent is to possibly find relatives and more information.
William J. Elenbaas' Home Page
I am looking for Elenbaas, Venema, Bekken, VandenBosch, Taylor and Meyering families with members born after 1950.
William Maroney
I am researching the MARONEY/CAFFEY/KEESLING/OFFICER familys from Webster County, Missouri.Other names ACKERSON/LARSON from Lawrence County,Missouri and GODSEY/EDWARDS Howell, Jasper,Counties in Missouri Any information would be appreciated. I am also willing to share the information that I have.
William Nuttall and Mary Langhorn
Ancestry and descendants of William Nuttall and Mary Langhorn. They emigrated from England to America abt 1850 along with three sons.
William Robertshaw Descendants
Descendants of William Robertshaw (1749)
Williams, Brown & Associated Families Genealogy
This website includes research on the following family names:Williams, Clarke, Harding, White, Peglar, Oxenham, Ward, Brown, Phillips,Bulley, Wilmott and Coomer. Research is primarily Australia, England and Ireland.
Williams, Thigpen, Long, Framer
This is about William Williams family from North Carolina, Tennessee, And Alabama. The William H. Long family from Alabama. John Farmer from South Carolina and Alabama. Thigpens from North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama
Willis-Wilkins Genealogy & History of Family Lines
Family History of Willis & Wilkins from 1670'S VA,NC,TN,AR,OK,TX,CA. This is a cousin's site welcome corrections or additions.
Willkommen auf der Homepage für Genealogie von Bernd Josef Jansen
private homepage (in German) with ancestors in Lower Saxony (Emsland), Westfalia and Hessen, aristocratic ancestry included
Willkommen bei Ohlenbostel-Genealogie
I am searching on the following names: Ohlenbostel,Rehberg,Werkmeister from Germany, immigrated to the US (Ohio?)in the course of 1800.
Wilson and Allied Families of Adair Co., KY.
Here you will find five family genealogy reports of Wilson, Wheeler, Coomer, Garmon, and Yearberry, Photos, Documents, News and other Adair County, KY. related info.
Wilson and Allied Family Tree "Coomer, Wheeler, Yarberry. Garmon"
Genealogy Reports for Wilson, Wheeler, Coomer, Garmon, Yarberry Families of Adair County KY. with Photos, Documents and more.
Wilson Family Tree
Wilson Family Tree History starting with SAMUEL WILSON SR. was born November 27, 1798 in Hazelhurst, England, and died June 02, 1882 in England. He married ANNA DODDS.
Winchcombe Family
Information on people with the name Winchcombe, including birth marriage and death info, census info and my own family tree
Winchester Genealogy
Descendants of Willoughby and Mary Wallace WINCHESTER of South Carolina (m 1794). Main surnames include GRAVELY/GRAVLEY, GILSTRAP, PORTER, SKELTON, HERRON, HYATT, HOLDER and DUNN. Other originating states North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, Wyoming and Oklahoma.
Winemiller Family of Southern Indiana/Southern Illinois
This will be a compilation of information regarding my family tree.
Winesett Circle
It attempts to list all persons with the name Wineset, Winesett and Winesette who are the descendants of Johnson Winesett born about 1776. It also explores the possible orgin of Johnson Winesett and the relationship to the Winsett, Wimsett and Wimsatt families.
Winfield's of Oklahoma
GEDCOM file with surnames of: Metsker, Nelson, Hamilton, Winfield, Ehler, Walton, Driskell, Williams, Mattley, Jones, Andrews, Gibson, Day, Farrell, House.
Winings Family
This site contains many census images, an updated Family History book, DAR & SAR applications
Winmill Family Home Page
The WINMILL family home page provides a shared resource for researching WINMILL and LAIRD family surnames in stoney stratford, northamptonshire, england and antrim, northern ireland. Other Surenames include: BARR , Brown , Coar , COARE CORE , CROELMAN , DODD , Eagle , Eliot , Glenn , Glin , Glinn , Harris , Hodgskin , HODGSKIN , HODGSKINS , Hutchins , Laird , Miles , Neal , RENNIE , RENNY OR RENNIE , Shuter , Shutor , Spencer , Sprigg , Sprigge , Spriggs , SPRIGGS , Spriggs , Stevenson , Steward , Thorpe , Walker , Winmill , Workworth
WISHON Genealogy, Larry Wishon's Page
This site is my own personal genealogy. I trace my ancestors back to Germany in the 17th century. There is a nice page dedicated to Wade Hampton Wishon, my great, great grandfather.
Wistoft-Cox Family Research center
This site is for the research of the Wistoft family in Denmark and United States
The website is on the Ultimate familly tree created by Mary C. Boyersmith. The title is Richard Witt. Dates back to 1665, with surnames of Witt, Boyersmith, Krause and many more.
Wolfe-Clagett Family: Geneology of the Wolfe and Clagget family
This web site provides the following: 1. a memory of the lives of my parents, Harry Howard Wolfe, Jr. & Mary Rose Clagett-Wolfe, 2. paternal/maternal genealogy primarily in Maryland as early 1670 & earlier ancestors from England and Germany, 3. early military service (Revolution to Civil War), 4. Obituaries/death notices, cemeteries, grave photos and early wills.
Wolfmeyer Family Tree
Descendants of Johann Leonhard Wolfmeyer, d.o.b. 1743, Freudenbach, Württemberg.
Wombat's Family Forest
Descendants of Richard Knight of Downton, ironmaster. Including Lascelles, Carless, Attwood, Spooner, Lillingston, Cavendish, Roughan, Marsh, Varnham, Cunyngham, Roberdeau, de Polignac, Humphries, Longobardi
Wondrheart's DNA
Wood Surname History and Family Tree UK
Please read my "Wood Surname History and Family Tree" Thank You.
WOOD, Hopewell
Genealogy: Descendants of Hopewell " Hopeful WOOD. Descendant surnames: ALLEN, DANTIC, DANTICE, CANTRELL, DIVINE and others. All of this data is NOT proven. Inquiries welcome.
Woodbury and Ober Family Genealogy
Descendants of John (1579) & William (1589) Woodbury and Richard Ober who m. Abigail Woodbury all originating in Beverly, Mass.
Family history WOODBY family from 1655 to present. Includes HONEYCUTT,PATELEDFORD,SNEYD,BURNS and more surnames
Woodcock and Daniells Family Tree of England and Australia
WOODCOCK: England,incl (Essex 1770-1900,London 1900-1980,y Kent1850-1900;Yorkshire, 1940-1957;South Australia 1850-present and NSW Aust 1957-present. ANDREWS (Essex) 1770-1850,FLIGHT (Essex 1700-1850)Fraine ,London 1800-1925 & Australia 1925-present;FRENCH (Gloucestershire & Kent 11700-1881)FARRANT(Suffolk,London 1700-1940& Oceanside USA 1900-1980) HUGHES (Cheshire and Lancashire) SENIOR ill Yorkshire,West Derby Lancashire &Cheshire) WRIGHT ( Machester & Liverpool England) DANIELLS/ DANIELS : England, incl Norfolk and Fife Scotland)Ipswich Queensland Australia) MATHER (Fife Scotland )MELDRUM (Fife) WALLACE ( Devon Eng,)JARVIS (Devon Eng ) Ipswich,Esk, Toowoombah Qld. Aust) BUSHNELL ( Oxfordshire and Ipswich, Qld., Aust)IMHOFF (Ernesthausen Germany and Maryborough, Ipswich Qld., Aust.) HORN(Prussia Germany) WILSON and GROUND(S) (Lincs Eng and Ipswich Qld., Aust Ringelstein (Hessen Germany,IpswichQld., Aust.) Wenzel (Wuettemburg Germany)
Woods - LeGear Home
Families of Woods, Cummings, Stinnetts and associated families from Eastern Tennessee and LeGear, Smith, Allen, Lowery, Williams, Howells from south Alabama and Mississippi
Woods - Painter Family
The Woods and Painter Family Histories
Woods of Shotts, Scotland
A history of the "Woods" family name associated with the town of Shotts in Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Harry WOOLFORD married Frances Pauline SARTAIN in Henry Illinois 26 December 1950. This is their anscestors and descendants.
Ancestors I have
World Genealogy
Includes over 7,000 individuals with links to many resources for Bell, Harlan and Knox Counties in Kentucky.
Worster / Gower Ancestors
The Ancestors of Worster & Gower
Wrench Family from Lincolnshire England
Wrench family from Lincolnshire England
Wrench Family from Lincolnshire England
Wrench family from Lincolnshire England
wright family history site
wright family history site surnames, baird, baldwin,howard marshall, drake, pitts,davidson,mclintock,edgley,pitts,barrass,harkin,deacon,gubby,lafferty,
Wrights of Southern Illinois
Every Family listed has a connection with the Wrights in Southern Illinois. Hope it is useful to you and if you have any info or suggestions please feel free to contact me.
WV Harger Family
Harger research of HARGERs in West Virginia. Primarily descendants of Robert Wallace Harger or his siblings. All help is appreciated. Some fractured lines my eventually tie together.
WV Harger Family
Research of HARGERs in West Virginia. Primary research is on the descendants of Robert Wallace Harger and his siblings. All help is appreciated. Some fractured family lines may eventually tie together.
I have a family tree on named: Walsh Baudoux Wikstrom Family Trees which includes the additional Surnames: Hounslea and Perkins
It is mainly a ongoing work in progress,it is a family site and is open to anybody that has a link to a Heavener no matter how or what way,it was started on the 27Jan02
Cragle, Crane, Hall, Kruger, Patten, Sorber, Swelgin Genealogy
This web site is about the branch of Verberne's originating from the Dutch island of Texel, located in the north-west of the Netherlands.
Wyborn/Weyburn Genealogy
Wyborn/Weyburn Genealogy Being a History and Pedigree of Thomas Wyborn of Boston and Scituate, Massachusetts and Samuel Weyburn of Pennsylvania , Learn how to make a GEDCOM file, download free pedigree charts and more !
Wyles & Company
My web site has family history, genealogy flow charts, cemetery page, will page, old picture page and contact me and post-it pages.
Wynnette Tucker Welch's Genealogy
This is a history of the Barwick, Davis, Dendy, Garner, Hopkins, Moye & Tucker families and how they are connected, from the time of the Virginia Famine of 1610 to the present day in South Central Alabama.
Wyrick Family & Relations
Connection center for locating ancestors of Wyrick, Wirick, Weirick. Last known ancestor name Daniel Wirick abt 1820. Could be Wyrick or other derivitive.
Wyvill Family Web Pages
The Wyvill family web. Family tree 1066 to present. UK, Australian, American, and Canadian branches with photographs if available.
Yakstis Family Genealogy
Researching the following surnames: Cernius Dagys Yakstis Slapelis Motiejunas Vilaniskis Walz Pursey Fuchs Bender and Christian. Over 250+ Lithuanian surnames can be found on my site. Yakstis Family Genealogy website Specializes in Lithuanian Genealogy.
Yance, Taylor, Webb, Whiddon, Braxton, Hodges, Williams
Yance, Taylor, Webb, Whiddon, Braxton, Hodges & Williams family research
Yates Family of Cabell County West Virginia
Yates family marriages, deaths, photos
Yorkshire Ancestors
Ancestry of Reginald ORTON, 1810 to 1862, a doctor of Sunderland, England. Mostly dealing with Yorkshire and Westmorland families. Includes photos. Other links.
YOUNG - BUNN of Texarkana
In search of where and from whom I came. In my search I have found 'new' cousins that I never knew existed. We are getting to know each other through exchanging information about our respective branches, twigs, etc. from the same roots.
Young and Skief Family
This is the Young and Skief web page
Young/Serson/Reaby/Gray/Charlton/Morrison/Emmerson Family
The ancestors of Levi Young and Ella Gray and their descendants. The Young, Serson, Reaby, Gray, Charlton, Scott, Morrison, and Emmerson families.
Free GEDcom hosting service for genealogists that wish to publish their research.
Your Roots
Your Roots creates and sells beautiful family Coats of Arms worldwide on the Internet.
history & genealogy
Zachary Family Tree
Zachary's from VA.>>TN.
Zappeij, Zappey Family
Genealogic research to my ancestors: Zappey and Zappeij
Zeiss Homestead
A collection of genealogy data on the surnames: Zeiss, Zeis, Zaiss, Ceis and related families. Also includes information on reunions, crests, online photo albums and more!
Zellhoefer Austria>Bavaria>USA
4300 kin to Ron Klotz Zellhoefer, most origins in Austria, Bavaria, old Prussia, England, pedigrees plus much research data.
Ziemer's Tree
Genealogy of the Ziemer-Heinrich-Radovan-Olson families, from Germany, Slovenia, and Sweden to Chicago and beyond.
Ziemiecki Family Tree Project
A unique blend of traditional genealogy and sophisticated Net technology, which adds up to a must bookmark site, filled with many utilities and user friendly projects. Written in English, this valuable reference work links Poland with the rest of the world in a clear and concise manner.
Zieske Extended Family Research in Prussia
Follow the Zieske Extended Family Research in Prussia project here. Research centers around Putzig, Putzighauland, Ascherbude and surrounds of Czarnikau district, Posen, Prussia. This is part of modern day Poland.
Zimmerman Family
Zimmerman (Zimmermann) family from Wattenwil, Canton Bern, Switzerland to Tuscarawas Co., Ohio to Whitley Co., Indiana to Colorado
Zinn Web
Descendants of John Frederick and Anna Sophia (Schneider) Zinn; Germany to York County, Pennsylvania, in 1738. Children were (1) Philip Jacob, (2) John Nicholas, (3) Ann Catherine (married Matthias Gansert and Frederick Lenhart), and (4) Marie Margaret (married Jacob Lambert).
Zoetique's Ancestry
auger brabant brebant briere cooley forbes forest forrest gariepy gascon godard hamel holmes johnson kelland lamb lapointe lescarbeau loomis marin merchant osier pierce pittman reed richards riquet stearns sprague verboncoeur allegan brimley chippewa kinross sault ste marie michigan newfoundland quebec canada mayflower pilgrims bridgewater jette drouin tanguay
`Chesebro' Genealogy
Extensive family history charts and GEDCOMs of Cagle, Chesebro (25 spelling var), Avery, Brown, Cleveland, Cobb, Coffey, Denison, Graves, Hinckley, Ingraham, Lathrop, McCollum, Minor, Nall, Noyes, Palmer, Rosebrough, Sanford, Standridge, Stanton and others.