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Court & funeral home records and indexes
Black Sheep Ancestors
Directory of Links for Prison & Convict Records, Court Records, Executions, Famous Outlaws, Bandits & Criminals in USA & Canada
Central Rappahannock Heritage Center
The Center provides a repository and research center for historical documents on the lives and work of the people of the Central Rappahannock Region of Virginia.
County Clerks is a directory of every single county clerk's office in the United States. There are over 3,000 county clerks offices that we have contact information for.
Court Reference
Access to trial court records varies from state to state, and many trial courts offer online access to court records or court case information through statewide judiciary or individual court websites.
Genealogical data from the Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh and listings include Deeds, Sasines, Service of Heirs and descendency information that they include of Alexander Mackenzie and Catherine Nicholson of Garafad, Stenscholl, Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK.
Habgood versus Habgood in Chancery
The history of the Habgoods of London and Latton (Wiltshire) 1750-1850, based mainly on court records
Hoops, a Documents Resource
Site for Hooper and Hopper information as contained in original documents.
Hukuk i Net Turkish Legal Service Mevzuat Kanun Tüzük Yönetmelik içtihat avukat ARAMA. Hukuki Forum program haber link.
Hukuk mevzuat kanun tüzük yönetmelik içtihat ARAMA Hukuki forum, hukuki programlar, güncel hukuk haberleri, hukuk testi ve bilgi yarışması. Makale link duyuru ilan anket dilekçe örneği site ekleme.
King County, WA Court Cases Index, 1881-1980
This database, compiled by the Seattle Genealogical Society, includes ALL divorces, probate cases, and guardianship cases in King County,1881-1980.
Family tree (Loosli, Losli, Loosle...) from 1570 to today...
More Taming The Tree
Court Cases Stories Old Forgotten Cemeteries for Christophel Whittaker Bradfute Baron Garcelon High Howe Kuntz Meyer Morris Norvell Porter Ringsby Ringlesby See Shields Families with Photos and Documents.
Old Bailey Proceedings
Formally known as the Central Criminal Court of London, the Old Bailey is arguably the world's most well-known criminal court. Serving the Commonwealth since the 17th century, the Old Bailey has seen hundreds of thousands of trials for every offense imaginable, along with serving as the setting for many important trials of the famous and infamous. Designed as a collaboration between the University of Sheffield and the University of Hertfordshire, this ambitious project aims to create a fully searchable digitized collection of the Old Bailey's entire proceedings from 1674 to 1834. Currently, visitors can browse through 22,000 trials, from December 1714 to December 1759. The Web site indicates that the entire proceedings should be online by spring of 2004, so interested persons should continue to check back frequently. From the main page, visitors can search the proceedings (and elect to read a transcription of each trial or view the original document), read about the nature of the proceedings, and read some engaging background essays on crime and punishment through the court's history. Searchable by name.
Online Searches is your gateway to public records. Use our free Public Records Directory to quickly find the public record sources you need. We provide thousands of links to free public record searches in every state and county in the United States.
Robertson County TN Circuit Court Records
The web site consists of transcribed circuit court records for the years 1832-1874 for Robertson County Tennessee.
Rogers and Lawson Cherokee Citizenship
Rogers Vs The Cherokee Citizenship Commission, filed 1888, denied, denial upheld in 1897.
USA - NC, Lenoir County - South Side of the Neuse River, Lenoir Co, NC
research in Lenoir and surrounding counties of North Carolina.